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Q INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS - prosecutors for the elite and their corrupt organisations?
Video WEFers Klaus Schwab, Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau etc - You'll own nothing and be UNHAPPY - 30th June 2022
Video 'Shackles around her ankles': Child trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to prison - 29th June 2022
Video Satan Responds To Roe v. Wade Overturn - boasts over 60 million babies murdered - 29th June 2022
Video Who Is Funding the Trans Movement? Big money to be made removing our children's genitalia - 28th June 2022
Video Roe v. Wade overturned | Impacts in Georgia and beyond - 25th June 2022
Video Biden wants to ban guns. Why are the Railroad Retirement Board & IRS stockpiling ammunition? - 22nd June 2022
Q Roe v Wade overturned by the Supreme Court - Many states now legislating to ban abortions / murder of babies - 24th June 2022
Video MSP mocks people for asking questions about vaccine injuries: Kelly Hatfield & Joe Ward react - 17th June 2022
Video John Mason MSP mocks people for asking questions about vaccine injuries | Mark Steyn - 17th June 2022
Q What We Learned From Hating the Unvaccinated - By Susan Dunham on [your]NEWS - 16th June 2022
Video 'Truly shocking': Antifa members indicted for alleged attack on Trump supporters - 13th June 2022
Video Who is Klaus Schwab, really? The (evil?) architect of The Great Reset and friend of Jacinda Ardern - 10th June 2022
Video Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is Glitching Again - 5th June 2022
Video Senator Rand Paul reacts to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This is the danger of a one-world government - 26th May 2022
Video Commander of the neo-Nazi Azov regiment, Denis Prokopenko surrendered in Azovstal, Ukraine. Domino effect on the rest of Ukrainian troops in Donbass also surrendering - 21st May 2022
Video Justin Trudeau is sanctioning 'medical violence' - Simply euthanize poor people - 12th May 2022
Video Jacinda Ardern's National Adaptation Plan for managed retreat from rising sea levels, as elites buy coastal areas - 7th May 2022
Video FLASHBACK 2008: Planned Parenthood willing to accept donations to abort black babies! #RoeVWade - 4th May 2022
Video 2000 Mules by Dinesh DSouza - Documentary on USA 2020 Elections - 2nd May 2022
Video Twitter Employees the Day After Elon Takes Over! - 27th April 2022
Video Minnesotans share horror stories of alleged COVID-19 vaccine injuries - 23rd April 2022
Video The Travel Mask Mandate is Over! - 21st April 2022
Video Judge Jeanine: Black Lives Matter never expected this. Patrisse Khan-Cullors mansion buying spree... - 16th April 2022
Q Mass Psychosis and the proliferation of Normies - My government loves me - I've got covid again - Get boosted now... - 12th April 2022
Video Protests, Looting, Pets Destroyed and Mass Suicides in Shanghai as People Starve During Lockdowns - 10th April 2022
Video Honest Government Ad | Carbon Credits & Offsets - 10th April 2022
Video Disney is Grooming Your Children?! - 7th April 2022
Video Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, buys mansions with donations - 6th April 2022
Video Dr DEATH aka Dr Ashley Bloomfield - announces shock resignation! To be tried for crimes against humanity... - 6th April 2022
Video Comedian Impersonating Politicians and the Mainstream Media: Don't Worry (But Also Yes Worry!) | Ben Gleib - 2nd April 2022
Q Well this is awkward! - '100 Per Cent Fully Vaccinated' 5G Cruise Ship Suffers COVID Outbreak! - 31st March 2022
Video THE RATS ARE FLEEING THE SHIP! - NZ Govt releases 'new' vaccine mandate guidance for businesses - 30th March 2022
Video Bidens U.S. Supreme Court left wing woke Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, cannot define "Woman" - 27th March 2022
Video 5 Minutes of Justin Trudeau Getting ROASTED by European Parliament - 25th March 2022
Video Lawyer Up - Businesses out on their own to decide whether to keep COVID-19 vaccine mandates - 24th March 2022
Q Donald Trump files lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and others for vilifying him during the 2016 election re colluding with the Russians - 24th March 2022
Video Joe Bidens DOJ Spied on Journalists' Emails Via Sealed Search Warrants & Non-Disclosure Orders - 22nd March 2022
Q Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - Free speech is be happy! <sarcasm> - 20th March 2022
Video Fake News Exposed - Hunter Biden story is a lesson on the 'corruption in journalism': NY Post columnist - 19th March 2022
Video Justin Trudeau the hypocrite, liar, mischief maker, enemy of righteousness and TRAITOR - 17th March 2022
Video Honest Australian Government Ad | The Floods - 17th March 2022
Video Fake News: Putin running out of bullets, losing war planes, tanks, 2 million Ukrainian refuges - ALL BULLSHIT! - 17th March 2022
Q We are all being played by the Government / Corporations / Media / Military / Police / YOU! - 17th March 2022
Video The US Has a Bioweapons Program in Ukraine | Wait, Is That True? - Is Vladimir Putin right on this? - 17th March 2022
Q "If you need a pass to be free - You are not really free!" - 16th March 2022
Video Where Has Dr. Fauci Gone??? - 16th March 2022
Video Rudy Giuliani reveals what Trump told Merkel at first NATO meeting | 'Wise Guys' with Johnny Tabacco - 14th March 2022
Video Facebook and Meta Platforms temporarily allows posts allowing 'hate speech' against Russian 'invaders' - 11th March 2022
Video COVID CRIMES - A WITNESS: DR. RICHARD FLEMING PHD, MD, JD - The Cat is Out of the Bag! - 9th March 2022
Video They mocked Trump for warning that instead of $2 / gallon gas, you'd pay $7, $8, $9 under Biden! - 8th March 2022
Video The Curtain Close on the COVID Theater in Florida - Physicians nationwide on ending COVID theater once and for all - 8th March 2022
Video Jacinda Ardern and her government continues in tyranny and ignores High Court Ruling - 7th March 2022
Video Lawyer up - South Australian Health admit they have no evidence to Support Jab - Mandates Dropped - 6th March 2022
Video Chris Hipkins: "We haven't said that anybody has to be vaccinated..." - Except when we said people have to be vaccinated! - 6th March 2022
Video QUEENSLAND CHIEF HEALTH OFFICER LETS THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG - The Cat is Out of the Bag! - 5th March 2022
Video Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World? - You will Own Nothing - He will Own Everything - 5th March 2022
Video A Letter to Dr Andrew Hill from Dr Tess Lawrie, rebuking him for downplaying Ivermectin - 4th March 2022
Video The Lost Generation Who Want Mask Mandates FOREVER... - 3rd March 2022
Video Riccardo Bosi says 'Ukraine is the head of the snake...' - 3rd March 2022
Video Ukraine and Russia: What the Media Wants You To Think! - 3rd March 2022
Video How the World Economic Forum Controls the World | Klaus Schwab and The Great Reset - 2nd March 2022
Video A huge truth bomb about Ukraine. Can you handle it? - 1st March 2022
Q Winston Peters asks 'Where is Clarke Gayford? Resign Jacinda' - 28th February 2022
Q Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - the regretable father of mRNA vaccines - 28th February 2022
Video Wellington High Court deemed Mandates unlawful for police and army - 28th February 2022
Video Riccardo Bosi at Canberra Protest - Explains White Hats, Black Hats, Yellow Hats etc - 26th February 2022
Video Anti-Mandate / Freedom March - Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand - 26th February 2022
Video Policeman Eye Gouges Protestor | New Zealand Anti-mandate Protest - 24th February 2022
Video Klaus Schwab's WEF & GREAT RESET Has INFILTRATED Cabinets Around The World With Young Leaders - 24th February 2022
Video Canada revokes Emergency Powers Act - 24th February 2022
Video Putin Speech about Ukraine Russia Actions and Tensions - 23rd February 2022
Video Brave woman at Canadian Freedom Convoy in Ottawa confronts police head on! - 23rd February 2022
Video Jacinda Ardern guilty of 'duplicity' in response to anti-vaccine mandate protests - 22nd February 2022
Q The Protestors Have Won at the Wellington Protest - PM Jacinda Ardern revealed as an incompetent and unkind tyrant - 22nd February 2022
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Video Day 11 of New Zealand Anti-Mandate Protest at Parliament | Conversations with Kiwis - 20th February 2022
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Video FDA Executive Officer Christopher Cole on Hidden Camera, Reveals FDA Receives Bribes to Inoculate As Many People As Possible - 15th January 2022
Video Archbishop Viganò's IMPORTANT MESSAGE To Canadian Truckers - Canadian Freedom Convoy - 15th February 2022
Video You lying wretch: Hilton to Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump was right again! - 14th February 2022
Video Australian Police deploy Sonic weapons against Women and Children at Parliament House! SHAME! - 13th February 2022

Groundswell NZ - Turning sprinklers on the protestors & playing loud music at night was final straw - 13th February 2022

Video Kari Lake gave another masterclass on how to handle fake news propagandists like Liam Bartlett - 12th February 2022
Video Canadian Freedom Convoy - Trudeau Says that "Mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions" - 12th February 2022
Video Justin Trudeau / Castro gets JEERED as he REFUSES to Answer this Question.... - 12th February 2022
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Q Join the NZ Police. Become a well paid thug & beat up defenceless citizens - Enforce GENCIDE for Jabcinda - 12th February 2022
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Q Wellington Update - Brutish Police / thugs at New Zealand Parliament look at innocent child through the barrier - 11th February 2022
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Video Freedom Dies On Parliament's Steps While Serving Andrew Little's Arrest Warrant - 9th February 2022
Video Ottawa Police - new secret weapon against Canadian Convoy - DISRESPECT THE LAW Smokey and the Bandit style! - 6th February 2022
Video Protesters Arriving In Ottawa, Canada on Horseback to Support Trucker's Convoy - 6th February 2022
Video Riccardo Bosi Speech - Australians Stand Up - Canberra, Australia - 5th February 2022 - 5th February 2022
Video FULL VIDEO: Police STORM 'Freedom Camp' in Canberra - Citizens unite to drive police back - 3rd February 2022
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Video Special Report: Kiwi Citizens Initiate Arrest of New Zealand Health Minister Andrew Little - 2nd February 2022
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Q Voices for Freedom Billboard - Creating Two Classes of People - "That is What it is so Yep Yep" Jacinda Ardern - 29th January 2022
Video Ottawa police fortify forces for truckers protest in Canada - 29th January 2022
Video Pandemic: The Simpsons knew all along - 28th January 2022
Video Canadian Freedom Convoy Arrive in Ottawa, Canada - 28th January 2022
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Q Food Magically Appears in the Grocery Stores - Meet the Magicians - 28th January 2022
Video Jacinda Ardern Then and Now - Sadistically smiling about SUICIDE - Legislates Apartheid and Segregation - 27th January 2022
Video 10 Times "Experts" LIED About COVID (And We Have RECEIPTS) - 26th January 2022
Video Freedom Convoy 2022 - We are ALL Canadians - With Convoy theme song - 26th January 2022
Video Canadian Truckers opposing vaccine mandate travel to protest in Ottawa for 'freedom rally' - 25th January 2022
Q Your friends are SHEEP - My friends are LIONS - 24th January 2022
Video Liz Lambert encourages employees to down tools with Section 83 of the Health & Safety at Work Act - 23rd January 2022
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Video SPECIAL REPORT: The Prince and the left hand of the devil - The paedophilia that is Prince Andrew - 21st January 2022
Video Murderer Undecided On Whether He'll Follow New Gun Laws - 20th January 2022
Video Large numbers of Aussie kids die after being vaxxed! - Public ready to kill all perpetrators - 20th January 2022
Video Woke Women in US Army Dance On TikTok While In Training - Elsewhere real soldiers... - 20th January 2022
Video Boris Johnson - The first domino has fallen - The U.K. is Ending its Pandemic Restrictions - 20th January 2022
Video UK drops COVID-19 restrictions and scraps mandatory face mask (face diaper) mandates - 20th January 2022
Video TRUCKERS Form Convoys in Canada to Protest Covid Mandates - 19th January 2022
Video Listen to What Psaki said "Prevent people from being able to exercise their fundamental rights" - 18th January 2022
Video Why Good People OBEY Harmful Mandates - 18th January 2022
Video The Narrative is Crumbling - 16 Reasons Why - 16th January 2022
Video URGENT - Jacinda Ardern - Stop Gene Jabbing our Children - 16th January 2022
Video Nancy Pelosi - Insider Trader of the Year! - 12th January 2022
Video The evil Blackrock International, Inc. FILES FOR BANKRUPTCY - Louisiana Western Bankruptcy Court - 11th January 2022
Video Water & Food Shortage 2022! Supply Shortages Designed & Global Food Crisis Plan Accelerated - 11th January 2022
Video Flurona is Here & Our Democracy is Burning - 7 Stories to Terrify You! - 6th January 2022
Video NO VAX NO JOB | Fonterra & Silver Fern Farms Speak Out | - 5th January 2022
Video New details emerge on Prince Andrews' alleged involvement with Epstein's Child Trafficking - 4th January 2022
Video Twitter bans prominent US vaccine scientists' account over alleged misinformation - WION | World News - 4th January 2022
Q Fonterra Protest - NO VAX NO JOB? - Segregation and Discrimination is not our Nation - 4th January 2022
Video Dr Death aka Dr Ashley Bloomfield A COVID-19 Public Service BRAINWASHING Announcement For Idiots - 3rd January 2021


IDEAL: Investigative journalism entails reporters deeply investigating a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. An investigative journalist may spend months or years researching and preparing a report.

They serve the public as "watchdog reporters" or "accountability reporters."

REALITY: Sadly, most journalists (sic) today act as prosecutors for the elite and their corrupt organisations / puppeteers. Reporters routinely lie, manipulate facts, misrepresent and even persecute innocent people. They will not let 'truth' get in the way of a good story! Examples: Tova O'Brien (NZ), Anderson Cooper (USA) etc.

We lie to you news

"If you don't read the newspaper, you're un-informed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed." (quote alledgedly by Mark Twain)

If you don't stop lying - you will grow up to be a reporter or a politician!


Following his stint as a freelancer, John Swinton took a permanent position as an editorial writer for the New York Sun in 1875. Before he left the Sun in 1883 to launch a newspaper of his own, he delivered at a press dinner the speech he is most famous for today:

John Swinton (1829 - 1901)
"There is no such a thing in America as an independent press, unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express an honest opinion. If you expressed it, you would know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150 for keeping honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should allow honest opinions to be printed in one issue of my paper, I would be like Othello before twenty-four hours: my occupation would be gone. The man who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street hunting for another job. The business of a New York journalist is to distort the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to villify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or for what is about the same - his salary. You know this, and I know it; and what foolery to be toasting an "Independent Press"! We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks. They pull the string and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives, our possibilities, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."
John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Download here: WEFers-Klaus-Schwab-Jacinda-Ardern-Justin-Trudeau-Youll-own-nothing-and-be-UNHAPPY-2022-06-30.mp4 - 1,756 kb
By: Carl Vernon - 30th June 2022
WEFers Klaus Schwab, Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau etc
You'll own nothing and be UNHAPPY

The World Economic Forum: "You'll own nothing and you will be happy" [Yeah right. Spoken by extremely wealthy hypocrites!]

David R
Just force everyone to "voluntarily" move into their own prison cells. This world has become something beyond a parody

Jake Curtis
Next, we show a bug-burger franchise where you can eat a genuine locust burger before going home to your pod.

6079 Smith W
Yeah it's not cool to have kids in cages at the border but it's totally cool for people to live in them permanently

Great Lake Blake
The weekly rate is $250. Did I hear that right? Even that is insanely overpriced to live in some tiny pod. That's $1000 a month.

The Imperialist
Whoever thinks this is a good idea needs a big slap of reality.

Unanimous Gamer
Ah yes, "short term solutions" "This is temporary". Where have we heard that before in the last 2 years?

So basically it's a high tech looking prison cell for these people.

Download here: Biden-wants-to-ban-guns-Why-are-the-Railroad-Retirement-Board-and-IRS-stockpiling-ammunition-2022-06-22.mp4 - 6,448 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 29th June 2022
'Shackles around her ankles': Child trafficker
Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to prison

CNN Reporter Jean Casarez says Ghislaine Maxwell had "shackles around her ankles" as she was sentenced to 20 years in prison over sex trafficking crimes.

"She was in a navy-blue prison jumpsuit, she had shackles around her ankles, US marshals would be by her side if she would walk at all," Ms Casarez told Sky News Australia.

Ms Casarez said there was emotion in the court as Ms Maxwell was sentenced.

"The judge also said what was significant to her was there was never really any acceptance of responsibility during the course of the pleadings at all."

Pumpkin King XXIII
The fact that the judge sealed the ledger says it all! Open up the evidence and show ya who are the offenders and prosecute them.

Lam My
How is she sentenced for selling children but the men who bought them won't be identified?

Sex trafficking to whom? SEX TRAFFICKING TO WHOM?!? In every other sex trafficking case, law enforcement is very interested in finding out who the "Johns" are. Here they only seem to be interested in the "pimps". They are completely disinterested in the "Johns". Why? Maybe George Carlin was onto something when he said "It's a big club and you ain't in it. You and I are not in the big club." Maybe the big club protects its own.

There can never be justice without at least revealing the names of all of those who were involved . Even if they are never charged . Our two tier justice system couldn't be any more obvious .

Bill Quantrill
How about the victims that never made it off Epstein Island? And yes, the client list must be made public and the multitude of evil doers brought to justice.

Canadian Patriot
If no one was buying these children, then there wouldn't be this huge network, obviously there are many many clients, as Mel Gibson said years ago, " it's like a form of currency for them", he tried to tell us.

Glinda Beaven
The list needs to be made public so these sick people can get what is coming to them

Download here: Satan-Responds-To-Roe-v-Wade-Overturn-boasts-over-60-million-babies-murdered-2022-06-29.mp4 - 12,133 kb
By: The Babylon Bee - 29th June 2022
Satan Responds To Roe v. Wade Overturn
Boasts over 60 million babies murdered

Satan held a press conference today responding to the big loss of Roe v. Wade. He's doing his best to keep his chin up.

Aborted fetal parts

Martin Wilson
This is simply the best satire team that has ever existed. You fine folks at The Bee have elevated sarcasm to new heights of hilarity. Your channel really helps me to digest the ridiculous reality that we have to endure every day. Many thanks!

Sore Thumbs
Satan blatantly telling you that he's making an appearance at the drag show is honestly the most commendable admission In this conference.

This was delightful. The script was pitch-perfect. The actor delivered beautifully. Bravo.

The Guitologist
I was waiting to hear from Moloch…. Just disappointed I didn't get to hear him comment on the late game turnover.

Gabe Pearl
I have to say you guys did yourself on this one. This is the best one yet

You guys are above & beyond SNL. It's not even a fair comparison. Outstanding.

This is absolutely ridiculous.... Nobody would have clapped that hard for an Amy Schumer comedy special.

Download here: Who-Is-Funding-the-Trans-Movement-Big-money-to-be-made-removing-our-childrens-genitalia-2022-06-28.mp4 - 5,381 kb
By: Mikhaila Peterson - 28th June 2022
Who Is Funding the Trans Movement?
Big money to be made
removing our children's genitalia

Kara Dansky is an attorney, writer, gender rights advocate, and President of the U.S. chapter of Women's Declaration International. Kara is committed to protecting the rights, privacy, and safety of women and girls on the basis of sex in law and throughout society. Kara and I discuss the well-funded industries that are promoting the transgender movement, fighting for sex-based rights of women and girls, the Equality Act, Public Accommodation Laws, and more.

Great clip!! This is the kind of conversations we need to have. The paper trail. I'm sick of people scratching theirs heads asking why things are 'woke' and having the same conversations over and over again. Thank you both!

Brian Coniguliaro
Mikhaila keeps getting more and more brilliant … what a beautiful soul

That trans dude from "What is a Woman?" hit the nail on the head: For the first time *ever*, a marginalized group has a big fat dollar sign on their heads.

hayat habbic
I knew it. Those lobbies supporting the movement are not doing it out of "good" intentions they are mostly trying to keep producing clients for themselves by the support of media and academics and government. But if this continued growing it will blow up in their faces soon or later

K Roberts
We ran across the same problem everytime we broached the subject of medicinalizing poppy in Afghanistan to build a licit economy and address the global shortage of medical morphine. Turns out a few major first world nations have the market cornered on synthetics.

Oh, Hey Mario
I love this woman , she's been through a lot, and is still here fighting. Been a while since I've been inspired

Desiree Green
A young mom told me that while in labor at Kaiser San Francisco she was called a "birthing person" and taught to "chest feed".

Yeah, I made that connection about the profit from putting children on hormones for a life time, but the surgeries as well…

oldn dayzd
I'm not surprised at all the Lust for money turns some people into zombies with no soul and knowingly or not end up doing the Devil's bidding

Brilliant conversation!! This is something I have puzzled about for a while now. Thanks for connecting the dots!

This is much alike tons of "grassroot" patient movements. Many campaigns about mental illness awareness for example are also heavily sponsored by pharma. The push for recognition of ADHD is probably the most obvious example of that, but also for example the recognition of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder among children, which 20 years ago every psychiatrist would have said simply does not exist.

Download here: Real-News-Roe-v-Wade-overturned-Impacts-in-Georgia-and-beyond-2022-06-25.mp4 - 51,643 kb
By: 11Alive - 25th June 2022
Roe v. Wade overturned
Impacts in Georgia and beyond
Groups gathered in Downtown Atlanta Friday evening after the Supreme Court decision was handed down, overturning Roe v. Wade.

Daniel and Rosalia
I'm so sad for society… no respect for life, people don't get that eventually is going to be them, when they are old an inconvenient to someone else.

RBG said for years the underpinnings of R v.W were a problem and would eventually be challenged. The SC shouldn't have had to decide this in the first place and she knew that.

Ronda Scorpio
Abortion is not a form of birth control people need to learn that

Download here: Biden-wants-to-ban-guns-Why-are-the-Railroad-Retirement-Board-and-IRS-stockpiling-ammunition-2022-06-22.mp4 - 9,918 kb
By: Fox News - 22nd June 2022
Biden wants to ban guns. Why are the Railroad
Retirement Board & IRS stockpiling ammunition?
Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., joins 'Jesse Watters Primetime' to sound off on the Internal Revenue Service reportedly buying ammunition despite President Biden's claims about firearms. #watters #foxnews

Hugh Jass
To all my fellow veterans, and to those still on active duty, remember the oath you took. Defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic .

Charles Balliet
Do not let people who surround themselves with barbed wire and armed soldiers tell you that you can not own a firearm to defend yourself.

J Dubbz
This is why it's imperative to get towns, sheriff departments, and community to work together.

Heidi Murphy
Bring it on we have the ability and right to defend ourselves from such a government!

A regime like the current one is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they drafted the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Christopher Weaver
When you start looking at what's going on in the world as being ran by some type of evil , things really start making a lot more sense

Roe v Wade overturned by the Supreme Court
Many states now legislating to ban abortions / murder of babies
24th June 2022

When an early draft of the Supreme Court decision was leaked to the press last month, there was rejoicing in one camp and screams in the other. Everyone knew what was coming, but no one could say precisely when the Supreme Court would make a final form official.

Well, they released their decision today.

The landmark decision on January 22, 1973 essentially legalized abortion in America, and this has now been overturned on the grounds that the federal government usurped powers that should have remained with the states.

In other words, the Supreme Court decision in 1973 allowed the federal government to usurp power for 49 years and 153 days.

It is significant that Roe v Wade was overturned in the 50th year. This makes it a Jubilee of sorts. Of course, this merely gives the decision back to the states to decide. The majority of the states have already determined to outlaw most abortions, but the states run by the Democratic Party are determined to let the murder continue.

Nonetheless, the majority of the states have chafed under the federal government's mandate to allow abortions within their borders. Now they are free to ban abortions. In fact, many states have already passed legislation to ban abortions, pending the outcome of today's Supreme Court decision.

All in all, it is a good day for the children of God.

By: Dr. Stephen E. Jones

Aborted fetal parts

"A clinic worker at A Woman’s Choice of Raleigh abortuary gave me this photo,” the pro-lifer told Live Action News. According to the activist, the Raleigh abortion worker had no issue with earlier abortions but said her “conscience was bothering her” when she learned the facility committing abortions later in pregnancy.

The abortion worker was aware that “they were not supposed to be murdering babies past 20 weeks,” according to the activist, and the worker “felt like if it was not legal, she did not want to be participating.”

In addition, the activist said the worker “told me that she was having nightmares. That her conscience was bothering her because she knew that babies — big babies — were being murdered where she was employed. She finally worked up the courage and took this photograph herself… and she wanted ‘us’ to do something about it,” the pro-lifer added.

The baby was named Lorne by pro-lifers, which “means forlorn or forsaken.”

The baby was named Lorne by pro-lifers, which means forlorn or forsaken.

A pro-lifer in Rio bathes and dresses aborted babies found discarded at an abortion clinic.

A pro-lifer in Rio bathes and dresses aborted babies found discarded at an abortion clinic.

Real-News-MSP-mocks-people-for-asking-questions-about-vaccine-injuries-Kelly-Hatfield-and-Joe-Ward-react-2022-06-17.mp4 - 6,903 kb
By: GBNews - 17th June 2022
MSP mocks people for asking questions about
vaccine injuries: Kelly Hatfield & Joe Ward react

Adds to what many of us feel about politicians. They are scummy, disrespectful and out of touch.

june smith
Wow. This is sickening
Mark Steyn for giving
these shattered humans airtime

Robert Elliott
The lack of coverage on the MSM of this is disgraceful.

Roberta Downs
It really is shocking that injured people, or those who have lost family are treated so badly!! Thanks Mark for speaking up for these devastated people.

Cris T
Unvaxxed Canadian here. Sorry for your loss of your parents, for both guests.

Mike Roecock
There's many people who are too embarrassed (or complete devotees of the jab) that won't report their health problems. And even if they did, the NHS would say something else was the cause.

Cosmic Jack
Brilliant Mark, we can never let this be forgotten.

Jonni the Dodger Hirst
After this shit show, I will never trust any governments again, nor will I obey them..

Gill PS
It's high time no one in the population can remain ignorant of the fact that these injections were experinental and that those submitting to them, with little idea of how scant the trials were for in-depth cross population use, have been abysnally abused.

Natasha Watson
This is Why in the Future people should Never Trust Government Guidelines.

Download here: Covid-John-Mason-MSP-mocks-people-for-asking-questions-about-vaccine-injuries-Mark-Steyn-2022-06-17.mp4 - 13,859 kb
By: GBNews - 17th June 2022
John Mason MSP mocks people for asking
questions about vaccine injuries | Mark Steyn

"..later, when someone replied to the people's representative in a sober and substantive way, John Mason MSP again played it for laugh with another three emojis. Look at them, there they are, that's six emojis. That's six times he's rolling on the floor weeping with laughter. Sure you've got myocarditis from the vaccines. You've got blood clots in the brain. You've got guillain-barre syndrome. You've got ramsay hunt syndrome. But he's lying on the carpet clutching his sides, because your injuries are death!

Uh, so bloody hilarious, that laughing is causing him pain..."

Coroner's report - cause of death

What We Learned
From Hating the Unvaccinated

By Susan Dunham on [your]NEWS - 16th June 2022

What We Learned From Hating the Unvaccinated

The battlefield is still warm, following Canada's war on the unvaccinated. The mandates have let up, and both sides stumble back into something that looks like the old normal - except that there is a fresh and present injury done to the people we tried to break. And no one wants to talk about it.

Only weeks ago, it was the admitted goal of our own leaders to make life unlivable for the unvaccinated. And as a deputized collective, we force-multiplied that pain, taking the fight into our families, friendships, and workplaces. Today, we face the hard truth that none of it was justified - and, in doing that, uncover a precious lesson.

What We Learned From Hating the Unvaccinated

It was a quick slide from righteousness to cruelty, and however much we might blame our leaders for the push, we're accountable for stepping into the trap despite better judgment.

We knew that waning immunity put vast numbers of the fully vaccinated on par with the shrinking minority of unvaccinated, yet we marked them for special persecution. We said they hadn't "done the right thing" by turning their bodies over to state care - even though we knew that principled opposition to such a thing is priceless in any circumstance. And we truly let ourselves believe that going into another ineffectual lockdown would be their fault, not the fault of toxic policy.

And so it was by the willful ignorance of science, civics, and politics that we squeezed the unvaccinated to the degree that we did.

We invented a new rubric for the good citizen and - failing to be one ourselves - took pleasure in scapegoating anyone who didn't measure up. After months of engineered lockdowns, having someone to blame and to burn simply felt good.

So we cannot hold our heads high, as if believing we had logic, love, or truth on our side while we viciously wished death upon the unvaccinated. The best we can do is sit in the awareness of our rabid inhumanity for having cast so many aside.

Most of us who pilloried the noncompliant did it because it seemed like certain victory, like the unvaccinated would never make it through unbroken. Indeed, the promised new normal looked unbeatable, so we sided with it and made punching bags out of the holdouts.

But betting against them has been a scathing embarrassment for many of us who've now learned that the mandates only had the power we gave them. It was not through quiet compliance that we avoided endless domination by pharmaceutical companies and medical checkpoints at every doorway. It was thanks to the people we tried to tear down.

What We Learned From Hating the Unvaccinated

So for those of us not among the hopeless few that pray for the return of mandates, we might find some inner gratitude for the unvaccinated. We took the bait by hating them, but their perseverance bought us the time to see we were wrong.

It seems right now like the mandates will return, but this time there's hope that more of us will see them for what they are: a rising authoritarianism that has no concern for our wellbeing. If there's an enemy, it's the confidence game of state power and the transparent attempt to tear us apart. Heeding that looks like our best shot at redemption.

Written by Susan Dunham.

Susan Dunham can be found on Instagram and at Susan Dunham on Medium (

Truly-shocking-Antifa-members-indicted-for-alleged-attack-on-Trump-supporters-2022-06-13.mp4 - 5,969 kb
By: Newsmax TV - 13th June 2022
'Truly shocking': Antifa members indicted
for alleged attack on Trump supporters

On Sunday's Wake Up America Weekend, journalist Andy Ngo reacted to the indictment of alleged members of Antifa.

savage daughter
It wasn't shocking to the people who already knew that antifa was a terrorist organization. It wasn't shocking to the people who paid attention.

Yes, Andy Ngo, appreciate his journalism.

Just Speaking Facts
Punks! Attacking children and the elderly. Lock them up and throw away the key!

John Thompson
Media takes the things what make us different and makes us focus on the differences while taking away the things we need the most.

E McGowan
Many blessings to Andy Ngo.

Christina Walke
Thank God they are finally going to be held accountable

jessica rodriguez
I have the greatest respect for Andy

Kevin Johnson
Indictments do not = convictions!! Sussman was indicted, a text proved him guilty, somehow he was found not guilty. Corruption abounds!

Download here: Real-News-Who-is-Klaus-Schwab-really-The-evil-architect-of-The-Great-Reset-2022-06-10.mp4 - 25,824 kb
By: Sorelle Amore Finance - 10th June 2022
Who is Klaus Schwab, really? The (evil?) architect
of The Great Reset and friend of Jacinda Ardern

Who is Klaus Schwab, really? I'll be trying to bring a more balanced perspective to the answer to that question. Because when it comes to the leader of the WEF, it seems like most of the information that's out there is pushing a very one-sided view.


Klaus Schwab founded the World Economic Forum in 1971, and it's since grown from a humble management conference, into a globe-spanning giant whose members include numerous world leaders, and the most profitable companies on the planet.

But a lot of people have questions about the motives of the WEF, as well as whether its leader Klaus really has the purest intentions for the world. Many people believe there's more to the story, and the WEF is operating more out of self-interest, rather than selflessness.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

0:00 - Who is Klaus Schwab?
0:46 - A quick refresher on the World Economic Forum
1:51 - Who can join the WEF?
3:05 - The WEF's financial activities
4:18 - How Schwab is getting richer
5:38 - FTX insert
6:42 - Klaus' controversial actions
9:41 - Some final thoughts

One Skill Point
Schwab is one of the most cunning real life villains we have. Straight out of a Bond movie. All while believing he's a hero.

The fact governments are so closely entangled with this organization is disgusting. It's a prime example of a select few attempting to control the populace via currency.

Davos is where billionaires go to tell millionaires how the plebs should live.

Ti Bo
Aldous Huxley wrote in 1931: "The perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of a democracy, but would basically be a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not even dream of escaping. It would essentially be a system of slavery where through consumption and entertainment, the slave would love their servitude." We have been conditioned to worship our sports figures, actors, musicians and even notorious criminals. We are conditioned to desire to own the next greatest thing. All this is a distraction so we pay no attention to the puppet masters of the shadow government.

The Frank Perspective
You are just not letting this go, and I LOVE IT! Keep fighting the good fight!

Klaus Schwab: "Everyone give up your stuff for a better society"
Also Klaus Schwab: "MINE MINE MINE!!!"

Scott and Terri Music
Frightening. And our Prime Minister here in Canada is absolutely enthralled with attending this shameful event every time.

Craig Robison
"Own nothing and you'll be happy" You go first Schwab and let us know how its working out for you.

Alex Ritter
I'd love to know how deep the WEF agenda has wormed its way into Australian govt. I barely recognise the nation we have become. Keep up the level headed approach in discussing this topic please Sorelle, you add credibility to the argument.

Download here: Covid-Pfizer-CEO-Albert-Bourla-is-Glitching-Again-2022-06-05.mp4 - 1,084 kb
By: Elusive Truths - 5th June 2022
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is Glitching Again

all it takes is a single fly and this guy is going full Bullfrog and blowing his cover

Zack Phillips
He's really struggling to keep his inner reptile contained inside of that human skin suit lol

I've notice for a while the aliens are caring less and less if the human suits are fitting right.

Uncle Bishoppe's Kitchen
I collected lizards as pets for a while, frogs and turtles too. They all did that with their throats. This guy is a lizard person.

Mike Hurtle
That's no glitch
He's most likely just telling the lizard reporter the only questions to ask.

Marcus Boswell
I wonder if it has enough awareness to realize that we ALL know it's not human.

Senator-Rand-Paul-reacts-to-the-World-Economic-Forum-in-Davos-Switzerland-This-is-the-danger-of-a-one-world-government-2022-05-26.mp4 - 19,193 kb
By: Fox News - 26th May 2022
Senator Rand Paul reacts to the
World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
This is the danger of a one-world government

Kentucky senator reacts to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on 'Jesse Watters.'

Linco M
Those people should be behind bars for their crimes against humanity.

Cristian Hueso
"Never trust a government that doesn't trust its own citizens with guns." - Benjamin Franklin.

Bernard Zamostny
"Some of the biggest cases of mistaken identity are among intellectuals having trouble remembering that they are not God."- Thomas Sowell

We need to stop referring to these people as the "ruling elite ". A better title would be the "rich bored and insane"

Fred Berger
Everyone that is invited to Davos should be tried for crimes against humanity and dealt with properly. These people are the super villains of all time

Kevin Talbot
These psychopaths need putting away for life

Bryan Hawn
Millions of people owe Alex Jones an apology!

Andy harpist
Two years from being laughed at for saying there is an elite trying to rule the world..... to seeing these billionaire leaders coming out into the light and saying, just that.

RuN KapBandit
I'm not a Alex Jones super fan but he's been warning us of these people for over 15 years now its coming true . Unbelievable

All animals are equal but some are more equal than others

Commander of the neo-Nazi Azov regiment, Denis Prokopenko surrendered in Azovstal, Ukraine. Domino effect on the rest of Ukrainian troops in Donbass also surrendering
21st May 2022

Commander of the neo-Nazi Azov regiment, Denis Prokopenko surrendered in Azovstal, Ukraine

While more than 2,400 Ukrainian troops in Azovstal have surrendered, this massive surrender has a domino effect on other Ukrainian troops still in the Donbass, prompting them to lay down their arms too.

Since 16 May 2022, the gradual surrender of Ukrainian soldiers who were surrounded in the Azovstal factory in Mariupol has continued.

See the video of the surrender of Ukrainian soldiers from Azovstal on 17 and 18 May:

Download: Real-News-Commander-of-the-neo-Nazi-Azov-regiment-Denis-Prokopenko-surrendered-in-Azovstal-Ukraine-2022-05-21.mp4 - 17,911 kb
By: Donbass Insider - 21st May 2022
Commander of the neo-Nazi Azov regiment, Denis Prokopenko surrendered in Azovstal, Ukraine. Domino effect on the rest of Ukrainian troops in Donbass also surrendering

A total of 2,439 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered, including the commander of the 36th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Sergei Volynski, nicknamed Volyn, who surrendered today, followed by the second-in-command of the neo-Nazi Azov regiment, Sviatoslav Palamar, nicknamed Kalyna, and finally the commander of the neo-Nazi Azov regiment, Denis Prokopenko. The surrender of the three commanders marked the liberation of the territory of the Azovstal factory, which is now fully under the control of the Russian army and the DPR people's militia.

The three commanders handed over their weapons to the Russian armed forces and the DPR people's militia, their belongings were searched, and they went through the standard procedure like all other Ukrainian soldiers in Azovstal before boarding the buses that took them to the Elenovka penitentiary centre.

This centre was visited by the Red Cross, which was able to verify that the prisoners are treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention. The Ukrainian soldiers confirmed to the Red Cross representatives and to a Ukrainian representative that they are being treated well, that they are being fed three times a day, that the food is good, and that they are receiving appropriate care for their condition. This is very different from the treatment given to Russian soldiers captured by the Ukrainian army.

It should also be noted that the profile and condition of the Ukrainian soldiers who left Azovstal to surrender was very different from day to day. While on the first day of the surrender the Ukrainian soldiers leaving the factory were emaciated and appeared to be in very poor condition, the next day they were relatively clean and well-fed soldiers who surrendered. The difference was in the unit to which these soldiers belonged. On the first day it was mainly FAU soldiers who surrendered, the next day it was mainly fighters from the Azov regiment.

When inspecting their luggage, Russian and DPR soldiers found a large quantity of canned food, suggesting that the Azov fighters had appropriated the food stocks, leaving the other Ukrainian soldiers to starve.

"The food situation was very different in the different bunkers in Azovstal," says Igor Kimakovski, an adviser to the DPR leader who participated in the negotiations. "In some places there were stocks of canned food, fresh water and medicine. And in other places, Ukrainian soldiers were given only 150 grams of porridge and a small piece of bacon a day. Water was taken from the central heating pipes."

And if this mass surrender of Ukrainian soldiers from Azovstal is still being (deliriously) called an "evacuation" by Zelensky and many in the Western media, it is because the Ukrainian authorities and the Western governments that actively support Ukraine understand that it will have and is already having an effect on the morale of the rest of the Ukrainian troops in Donbass.

For example, on 18 May 2022, a video of soldiers from the 115th brigade of the FAU stationed in Severodonetsk – currently almost completely surrounded and already taken over by the Russian army and the LPR (Lugansk People's Republic) people's militia – was published, in which the soldiers announced that they were refusing to fight because of a lack of reinforcements, command and appropriate military equipment. Clearly, the Ukrainian soldiers refuse to be used as cannon fodder and sent to certain death.

The defense of Severodonetsk is crumbling - another unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine refused to fight

In this video, these soldiers from the 3rd Battalion of the 115th Brigade refer to another video from another battalion of the same brigade who also refuse to fight. There are between 8,000 and 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers in the Severodonetsk region. This means a large number of potential surrenders of additional Ukrainian soldiers.

Massive surrenders of Ukrainian soldiers have already begun in the LPR.

There is a mass surrender of Ukrainian soldiers in the LNR. We want to live, says Ukrainian POW.

Especially since the abandonment of men at the front by their commanders seems to have become the rule. Thus, the wives of the soldiers of the 103rd Territorial Defense Battalion (the Volkssturm in Ukrainian) have discovered that while their husbands are dying on the front, their commander is safe in Lvov!

The wives of the soldiers of the 103rd brigade of the 65th Volkssturm battalion who are dying on the frontlines, at the rate as any cannon fodder should, were surprised to find the commander of this battalion not at the front, but already back in Lvov region.

If the surrender of the Ukrainian soldiers at Azovstal has such an effect on the rest of the Ukrainian troops, it is because the fighters of the neo-Nazi Azov regiment (who made up a good third of the soldiers present in the basement of the factory) are among the most fanatical. If even they surrender, why should the conscripts and other Ukrainian soldiers, who are far less fanatical, go to certain death, without adequate means to defend themselves, while their commanders are safe away from the front? It remains to be seen how big this domino effect will be, and whether it will be enough to seriously shake the Ukrainian defence in the Donbass.

Christelle Néant

Real-News-Justin-Trudeau-is-sanctioning-medical-violence-Simply-euthanize-poor-people-2022-05-12.mp4 - 7,842 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 12th May 2022
Justin Trudeau is sanctioning 'medical violence'
Simply euthanize poor people

Critics have argued Canada's euthanasia's laws are too broad, after a disabled woman who couldn't access affordable housing to ease her chronic health condition was allowed to end her life.

The case was first published by Canada's CTV News and has attracted condemnation from many Canadians.

Author and ethicist Charlie Camosy told Fox News Justin Trudeau's government is endorsing "medical violence."

Jacinda-Arderns-National-Adaptation-Plan-for-managed-retreat-from-rising-sea-levels-as-elites-buy-coastal-areas-2022-05-07.mp4 - 3,335 kb
By: Carl Vernon - 7th May 2022
Jacinda Ardern's National Adaptation Plan
for managed retreat from rising sea levels... elites buy coastal areas...
1 dot Jacinda Ardern

Eric Walsh
Remember climate change, medical mandates, rising costs of living and scarcity only affects you, not them.

Richard Marr
I've lived on an oceanfront property in Canada for my whole life. I've haven't seen the ocean rise yet. The only thing that makes the ocean rise is the full moon, not mine, but the actual moon.

I love your videos. These people are so ridiculous it's unbelievable.

Bobby Dobby
When they say decrease the carbon footprint, they're talking about decreasing YOU!

Her full embrace and celebration of lies, manipulations and distortions is so grotesque, yet one must marvel at her acceptance of being corrupt and doing her best to spread psychological disorientation and psychopathy.

willem feather
Jacinda is "the piece of work that needs to be done."

Morgan Sullivan
She's producing way too much CO2 by breathing and speaking...

simon bird
She managed to say nothing with a whole lot of words, that's incredible talent, I couldn't say nothing with that many words.

Real-News-FLASHBACK-2008-Planned-Parenthood-willing-to-accept-donations-to-abort-black-babies-Roe-V-Wade-2022-05-04.mp4 - 5,952 kb
By: ProjectVeritas - 4th May 2022
FLASHBACK 2008: Planned Parenthood willing
to accept donations to abort black babies!

This is what gets me the most. PPH was established to eradicate the black community in America. It is a racist organization from the very beginning but they were able to brainwash black Americans into believing their racist bullshit. Wake up people!

Margaret Sanger loved the Nazi Eugenics program!

Margaret Sanger was a eugenist. HER goal was to eliminate the "underclass" regardless of race. It just happens that blacks were many times considered as "underclass". Truly an evil person draping herself in the cloak "compassion". Sound familiar?

Aren't we as well. We are paying a government to destroy our country, to poison our food, water, air, and medical tyranny. And we have been for a lifetime.

Democrats are openly and fully behind PPH and most blacks fully support democrats. So what does that tell you! Blacks are supporting their own eradication because they are morons and drink the democrats agenda up.

Actually the NAZIS admired Margaret Sanger and modeled their eugenics programs after her and the progressive left. It was a sick mutual admiration society.

It wasn't created to completely eradicate the black community it was created to keep the black community from growing and becoming and equal part of society. That is an important difference. It is also important to know that they have got you believing in their definition of race. Race, when used to refer to humans, is a term that speaks to family lines, in other words: the human race, the race of Adam, a race of kings. All black and all white people do not come from the same parents, unless you trace it back to Adam, which would make us part of that same race. I'm not attacking you by saying this I'm simple expressing how far the programing goes. And the good guy team, like you and me, we are always fighting on a battlefield that exists under their conditions. It gets a bit old. I just want to get back to reality where humans exist to serve God.

Download here: USA-2020-Elections-2000-Mules-by-Dinesh-DSouza-Documentary-2022-05-02.mp4 - 187,423 kb
By: - 2nd May 2022
2000 Mules by Dinesh DSouza
Documentary on USA 2020 Elections

"Highly respected Dinesh D'Souza, working together with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, just released a trailer to their new movie, "2,000 Mules," that shows the world exactly how the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen. The movie exposes the lies of the Democrats, RINOs, and Fake News who say it was the "most secure election in history." It was, perhaps, the least secure in history. The ballot box was stuffed, and stuffed like never before—and it's all on video. Ballots were trafficked and sold in a massive operation in each Swing State. The evidence is so damning, what will the cowards who sat and did nothing about the stolen election say now? The way our votes were taken away is a disgrace to our Nation. It must be fixed."

2000 MULES - They thought we'd never find out. They were wrong.

Real-News-Twitter-Employees-the-Day-After-Elon-Takes-Over-2022-04-27.mp4 - 36,001 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 27th April 2022
Twitter Employees the Day After Elon Takes Over!

This is not parody. This is how these people actually are.

Viewer Online101
100% accurate. Actually, this was probably mild compared to how they really acted.

Tim Adams
When JP said: "Those are nouns." I busted out laughing. Fantastic joke that I will be using because of it's brilliance.

Rex Manning
It's kind of sad that there's so much truth in this. These people are the most pathetic form of weakness there is.

Eyan Oberdorfer
I laughed when it started, by the end of the skit I actually had a couple tears of joy. I really feel like the tides are turning and America might actually take itself back. I'm so proud, please don't disappoint me Elon musk.

So it turns out free speech is not actually free, but $44B. And that's actually probably about the worth and value of it, nearly priceless. Thank God we still have businessmen who are willing to invest in IDEAS and not just material wealth.

Gi joey
If the fact checkers are truly "independent" and "unbiased," it shouldn't matter who owns the company, right?

Download here: Covid-Minnesotans-share-horror-stories-of-alleged-COVID-19-vaccine-injuries-2022-04-23.mp4 - 7,789 kb
By: Alpha News - 23rd April 2022
Minnesotans share horror stories
of alleged COVID-19 vaccine injuries

Several Minnesotans opened up about the impacts and harms of COVID-19 mandates during a press conference this week at the Capitol.

Transcript: Multiple minnesotans are opening up about the harms and impacts against the Covid-19 mandates on Wednesday.

Minnesota GOP House Representatives explained an urgent bill to protect citizens from what they call unconstitutional and medically irresponsible Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

"On April 13 last year, my whole life changed within 30 hours. Within 30 hours, Susanna Noel says her body went from being athletic to constant debilitating pain. Unable to perform even the simplest tasks, my primary doctor filled out the Pfizer paperwork and said my symptoms are from the vaccine. I've yet to hear from Pfizer. This is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated - this is a pandemic of trauma."

After a year, noelle's symptoms have gotten worse.

Kate Zerby says she developed unexplained health conditions after receiving the jab. "I was later found to have heart enlargement and a trial fibrillation that I never had before. An abrupt change that my doctor felt, along with everything I had been dealing with, had to have come from the vaccine and she told me: 'Thank God you didn't get the second one!'"

As for six-year-old Milo Edberg, he hasn't been the same alert and walking child since developing Myocarditis from the Covid shot. Milo's story first featured in Alpha News in January, because the doctors kept pushing me: "Oh he's at high risk. He's at high risk. You need to get this and I wasn't really wanting to get it, because I felt like it came on too quickly. It was made too quickly. We didn't know side effects. But I went against my gut and I told the doctor 'let's do it' and unfortunately it didn't do well for him."

One by one Minnesotans shared the horrific results of doing what they were told was safe and effective. You know whether you're pro-vaxx or anti-vaxx or whatever, we're for health care freedom and we believe that mandates one size fits all should not be the agenda.

Representative Glenn Gruenhagen introduced a bill last month, which in part would protect Minnesotans from being coerced to take what he calls an 'experimental vaccine' and improve health care providers reporting to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Systems or their federal agency. Heads now admit that the vaccine mandates are not protecting Americans from Covid-19.

"According to Covid VAERS reports through April 8, there have been more than 17 thousand reports of adverse events from the jab. In Minnesota alone, I have talked to well over 500 nurses and respiratory therapists. I have three of those that I've talked to, one literally fell apart emotionally on the phone screaming, crying, swearing - (this guy never swears) - of how bad it is and what's going on in these hospitals; that many of these supposed Covid patients are actually Covid vaccine injured patients!"

Several Minnesotans have shared their vaccine injured stories to staff members at Governor Waz's office, but they say there has been no response. alpha news also did not hear back from the governor's office. 17,000 doctors are screaming from the rooftops "This thing, this program, has got to stop! And yet we press on..."

Paula Samec
These injuries are not only alleged, they are absolutely true!

rob mo
Never trusted this from the start. I'm still unvaxed and staying that way.

Thank you for reporting the true stories of the vaccine injured.

This is a crime against humanity.

Crimes against humanity. Those that have done this MUST be held accountable!

marlon brando
Im so sorry for all those affected by this vaccine. This is a crime against humanity

Mike Revendale
This is a crime against humanity. Anyone still pushing that poison should be labeled a public enemy.

Thank you for reporting, the censorship on issues like this has been shameful.

Thank you for reporting "real" news. I saw many of my elderly die AFTER receiving this concoction of evil shot at the independent living facility I work in. May God show no mercy on those involved in this evil plan.

First of all, why would anyone trust the government? 2nd of all, why would you trust ANYONE who is free of liability? 3rd of all why would you trust someone who has had to BRIBE you with food, weed, beer, money, doughnuts, etc? I mean, come on!!

Several Minnesotans opened up about the impacts and harms of COVID-19 mandates during a press conference this week at the Capitol.

Download here: Real-News-The-Travel-Mask-Mandate-is-Over-2022-04-21.mp4 - 12,392 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 21st April 2022
The Travel Mask Mandate is Over!

The federal mask mandate for travel has been overturned and deemed illegal! That means no more masks on planes or in airports. Here's everything you need to know.

Bright Insight
JP, I love you. NO ONE has ANY right to force ANYONE to wear ANYTHING on their face. Wear a mask if YOU want, and/or STAY HOME FOREVER if YOU choose. Never stop JP, we are all with you.

Stars and Stripes beat Hammer and Sickle Look it up
Now that we know the mask mandates were all unlawful, will airlines now offer public apologies and financial compensation to the people they harassed on planes?

Everywhere Biden looks he sees Klaus Schwab pulling his strings

I'm Your Wife's Big D Sidepiece
JP is the perfect comedian for today's lunatic woke culture

I was once the President of the United States. Unfortunately I didn't do as good a job as our current liar in chief

He was extending his hand to one of his deceased voters

Merryl Miziul
Everything they did was unlawful! They must be held accountable!

Download here: Real-News-Judge-Jeanine-BLM-never-expected-this-2022-04-16.mp4 - 12,392 kb
By: Fox News - 16th April 2022
Judge Jeanine: Black Lives Matter never expected this.
Patrisse Khan-Cullors mansion buying spree...

'The Five' co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro discusses BLM using donations for luxury purchases and NYC Mayor Adams saying 'all Black lives matter' #FoxNews

andy simpson
I don't see any other charity complaining about transparency, it's like they have something to hide and are offended that they have been caught.

Craig Campbell
The law firm they used that in itself explains everything thanks for keeping us informed ladies you're doing a wonderful job god bless and be safe

Mcl Black
"non profit" is just a fancy way of saying "we are lying"

Mr. J
Guess we need some equal justice here.

She is trying to twist what the law is to save her A_ _ . She knows what's Coming, wont lie Out of this one.

Ron Preece
This is a perfect trial case for the IRS if they don't deal with this properly we will know where they stand.

Bewild Erment
Two beautiful, smart, conservative and wonderful women right there folks.

Terminalogical Inexactitude
Thought that was a Chicago thing....Plates are wrong, speeding, evading police officer, crash, gun and drugs in stolen vehicle, dude claims laws being used against him unfairly. But I guess it's not just a Chicago thing.

Twobe Free
I'm struggling with a limited income on social security. Would love for BLM to have reached out to me bc my Black Life matters more than a Mansion! A lot of people could have been helped out with that money! All lives!

Mass Psychosis and the
Proliferation of Normies

12th April 2022

Mass Psychosis and the Proliferation of Normies

"My name is Lindsay Normie and I know that the government and media love me.

I've had 3 x experimental Covid Shots so far and I keep getting sick with Covid! But that's okay, as I'll keep getting Covid Shots - as I absolutely trust these strangers with my life - EVEN IF IT KILLS ME!"

Download: Protests-Looting-Pets-Destroyed-and-Mass-Suicides-in-Shanghai-as-People-Starve-During-Lockdowns-2022-04-10.mp4 - 15,413 kb
By: HealthImpactNews - 10th April 2022
Protests, Looting, Pets Destroyed & Mass Suicides
in Shanghai as People Starve During Lockdowns

As everyone watches the current show in the theater called "Ukraine" today, thousands of people are committing suicide in Shanghai, China, as its 25 million residents continue to be locked down and many of them reportedly starving because they cannot get food.

Protests and looting have reportedly started, and horrible images are appearing of people jumping to their deaths from buildings while others hang themselves. Dogs and cats are being murdered on the streets.

And this is Shanghai! I have spent time in Shanghai in the past, and it is the most modern city in China. It's financial and shopping district would rival Manhattan in New York, the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, or Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

If this can happen in Shanghai, it can happen anywhere.

Words cannot describe what I have watched today from reports coming out from people on the ground there, so I have created a short video montage that will communicate what is going on in Shanghai right now, better than anything I can write.

This is VERY GRAPHIC! It will disturb you. I cry like a baby every time I watch these clips.

But the Big Tech social media platforms are censoring much of this, and I am not seeing much of this at all in either the corporate media nor the alternative media.

But it should be headline news everywhere right now!

Full article and commenting available here:

Download here: Real-News-Honest-Government-Ad-Carbon-Credits-and-Offsets-2022-04-10.mp4 - 12,560 kb
By: thejuicemedia - 10th April 2022
Honest Government Ad | Carbon Credits & Offsets

The Australien Government has made an ad about its carbon-credits scheme, and it's surprisingly honest and informative.

Today Scott Morrison announced the date of the next election - May 21st. So I guess this might be the final installment in our Climate Shitfuckery series for this government. But carbon credits and offsets are going to be a crucial issue beyond the election - indeed for the decade to come. Both major parties are leaning heavily on carbon credits to achieve their net zero targets. But we all know carbon credits are not the answer to the climate crisis: stopping burning fossil fuels is. Offsets should be used only as a last resort. However, we do also need to offset some emissions on the way to eliminating all emissions (in hard to abate sectors). And that is why we can't just bin them: we actually need a carbon credit scheme we can trust. But they must be Offsets, not Fuckoffsets! Or they're part of the problem. Unfortunately most people don't understand how carbon credits and offsets work, let alone the way they're being rorted. And that is why I've dedicated this HGA to this topic on the eve of the election.

Of course, climate shitfuckery will continue - if not here, certainly around the world - so fear not, we'll continue making these HGAs about climate and energy policy into the future.

Thank you for the awesome response you've shown to our climate series - it has made all the hard work worthwhile.


Emily O'Mahoney
I'm going to be old enough to vote at the next election and I feel so lucky to have grown up watching these videos so I know what I'm actually doing with my vote, it should be mandatory to play these at all schools

Andrew Howard
Thanks guys. Really appreciate your work. Why is it that only "comedians" seem to talk truth publicly these days? I mean, this shit has more factual content than a cocky's cage worth of MSM.

LNP has to go! But Australian citizens want the BEST for our country - not just better!
Future governments need to deliver QUALITY research-based decisions and evaluation of all outcomes.

AWB Electricial
This is why when the biller asks if you would like to contribute to carbon offsets on your bill you should ALWAYS tick no! A concept that has been rorted since day one it was rolled out

Download here: Disney-is-Grooming-Your-Children-2022-04-07.mp4 - 26,674 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 7th April 2022

Disney is Grooming Your Children?!

Is Disney grooming your children? In this special report we look into the "Secret Gay Agenda" of Disney employees to indoctrinate your children. Also Governor Ron DeSantis is fighting back!

I've never seen so many people who aren't grooming children, upset they can't groom children.

I find it pretty creepy when a person who doesn't even have kids wants to teach my kids about their distorted views on sexuality.

Myles Platt
We went from Pink Floyd saying "Hey, teacher! Leave us kids alone!" to "I'm a teacher, so I MUST tell your 5 year old about sexual attraction, and that is NOT grooming!"

2008: "We want equality!"

2022: "We want your kids & everything else!"

Ronelle Fortune
I can't believe this is even an issue with people. I feel so sorry for parents with little kids. The predators can just do whatever they want since the biggest predators are in charge of everything.

Paula Mills
Laughed at "the road to hell is paved with child molester intentions and Disney is laying the asphalt and driving the steam roller." SO TRUE and so evil.

The anti grooming bill should be law everywhere !

Download: Real-News-Patrisse-Cullors-co-founder-of-Black-Lives-Matterb-buys-mansions-with-donations-2022-06-04.mp4 - 9,091 kb
By: Memology 101 - 6th April 2022
Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter,
buys mansions with donations

Buddha Belly
As a white man, I have never given money to BLM. I am not that stupid. To anyone who has: you got what you deserve.

Birdman Blizzard
Anyone who is genuinely surprised by this is supremely naiive

Who would have guessed that an undeserving group that's ran by grifters would misspend money?

"I have never taken a salary"

Spoilers - she considers the funds as 'director loans' or 'dividends' instead

People lost their entire lives as those riots burned their cities down. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some kind of retribution.

Patrisse is probably like: "Thank you Floyyyyd, for dying and giving me money and stuff!

Darth Silver Sith
She didn't take a "salary" because she considered all the money to be hers.

Download: Dr-DEATH-aka-Dr-Ashley-Bloomfield-announces-shock-resignation-To-be-tried-for-crimes-against-humanity-2022-04-06.mp4 - 17,572 kb
By: Newshub - 6th April 2022
Dr DEATH - aka Dr Ashley Bloomfield..
...announces shock resignation!
To be tried for crimes against humanity...

After becoming an icon in the face of COVID-19, Dr Ashley Bloomfield has announced he's resigning from his role as the Director-General of Health a year early. As Political Editor Jenna Lynch reports, the public is "absolutely shell-shocked."

Robert Bruce:

Dr Ashley Bloomfield (and Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins etc) are to be tried for crimes against humanity - including genocide.

Particulars include:

  1. Using coercion and deception to mass medicate almost an entire nation, via multiple experimental injections that have been FALSLY labelled as vaccines;
  2. This misadventure has resulted in the maiming and death of untold thousands of men, woman and children in New Zealand by facilitating genocide;
  3. And for actively promoting via threats and menace, a segregated society of 1st class citizens (multjabbed with experimental poisons); and 2nd class citizens (those who choose to not participate in the failed Global experimental vaccine programme) - in which many have been publicaly mocked, derided, persecuted, prosecuted, lost their jobs and even their lives via suicide and other.

Download here: Impersonating-Politicians-and-the-Media-Do-Not-Worry-But-Also-Yes-Worry-Ben-Gleib-2022-04-02.mp4 - 6,375 kb
By: Helium Comedy Studios - 2nd April 2022
Comedian Impersonating
Politicians& the Mainstream Media:

Don't Worry (But Also Yes Worry!) | Ben Gleib

Ben Gleib has all the information on exactly how to handle this pandemic.

Murphy's Law
This is a perfect example of how Fake Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau etc preach their insane Covid (covert) religion.

But what is worse than these treasonous scoundrels are all those idiots who fell for it all! Shame on you.

He raises an excellent point

I'm here from your appearance on Jimmy Dore! Great job! Kurt was right though

Well this is awkward!
'100 Per Cent Fully Vaccinated'
5G Cruise Ship Suffers COVID Outbreak!
31st March 2022

Well this is awkward! - '100 Per Cent Fully Vaccinated’ 5G Cruise Ship Suffers COVID Outbreak!

Cruise ship the Ruby Princess, which has a fully vaccinated only policy for both staff and passengers, suffered a COVID outbreak before docking in San Francisco.

"100 per cent safe and effective!"

According to its website, Princess Cruises requires people show both proof of full vaccination and evidence of a negative COVID test before boarding the ship.

The company did not say how many people tested positive but said those infected were "isolated and quarantined while monitored and cared for by our shipboard medical team."

"As with all Princess itineraries, this cruise is operated as a vaccinated cruise, as defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention," the company told the San Francisco Chronicle. "Guests and crew vaccination rates were at 100 percent."

The ship was on a 15-day cruise to the Panama Canal and had docked in San Francisco on Sunday before the outbreak.

Meanwhile, leftist comedian Kathy Griffin took to Twitter to boast about how she was given 8 free COVID tests by CVS after getting her 4th booster shot.

A vaccine so good, you get given 8 free COVID tests after taking a fourth dose of it.

Safe and effective!

NZ Gov't releases 'new'
vaccine mandate guidance for businesses

30th March 2022

[NOTE: all emphasis in red added by]
Govt releases new vaccine mandate guidance for businesses
Wed, Mar 30 - Source: 1News
The Government has released new guidelines for businesses and organisations ahead of the upcoming changes to vaccination mandates.
Vaccine pass (file photo). (Source: 1News)
Vaccine pass (file photo). (Source: 1News)

From April 4, Covid-19 vaccine mandates will be scrapped for many workers around NZ - including for those working in education, police and the NZ Defence Force.

However, they will remain in place for workers in health and disability, aged care, prison and border workforces.

The new guidance, published on the Employment NZ website on Wednesday, says employer vaccination requirements should be used carefully based on public health advice and aren't a suitable first response for managing Covid-19 in workplaces.


It also says employers should undertake a risk assessment to determine the need, or lack thereof, for vaccination requirements.

[Jabcinda Ardern is attempting to shift the legal onus
of her crimes against humanity - onto employers!]

It also offers advice around whether someone who lost their job due to a previous vaccination requirement, gets their job back after April 4.

The Prime Minster revealed the traffic light system will remain, however. (Source: 1News)

Download: Jacinda-THE-RATS-ARE-FLEEING-THE-SHIP-NZ-Govt-releases-new-vaccine-mandate-guidance-for-businesses-2022-03-30.mp4 - 42,383 kb
By: 1News - 30th March 2022
1 dot Jacinda Ardern


Jacinda Ardern: "There is one element of the Covid Protection Framework that I haven't talked about yet, and that is the future of vaccine passes.

Given the pandemic rollercoaster everyone has been through, it is easy to forget why we use them in the first place. They were first used by countries who were trying to move away from broad based restrictions, as vaccines became available. I remember NOT BEING IN FAVOUR OF THEIR USE; IN FACT I'M ON RECORD OF HAVING SAID THAT. But after several months of lockdown though Delta, it became clear that mandates were needed to achieve vaccination levels required for safe reopening - and that passes had a role to play too. It was a tough call, but, mandates and passes were undoubtedly one of the reasons that we reached 95% of the eligible population vaccinated, to achieve the near elimination of Delta over Summer.

But something has changed since we brought them in and that Something is Omicron...

[Jacinda knows that Vaccine Passes are NOT about HEALTH.
Vaccine Passes are all about CONTROL for her Globalist Agenda 2030!]
Jacinda Ardern - Show me your papers!

1News article continues...

"If someone's employment was terminated and this took effect while a government vaccination mandate or employer vaccination requirement was in place, that decision still stands," the website states.

"A former employee does not have a right to get their old job back, or any other role with their previous employer.

"In the current tight labour market, we expect that some employers, who no longer maintain a vaccination requirement, may want workers to return if they still have suitable vacancies."

READ MORE: What you need to know about the new Covid-19 rules

It reiterated there was no requirement for an employer to offer a former employee their job back, or for a former employee to accept an offer.

"Employees will still be able to bring a personal grievance if they feel they have been unjustifiably dismissed or disadvantaged as a result of a decision their employer has made about vaccination," Employment NZ said.

['Unjustifiably dismissed' or 'disadvantaged'!! Yes, that is

Vaccine mandates were introduced last year.

[Vaccine mandates were ILLEGALLY introduced last year!]

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the Government had always been cautious about their use, only applying them to certain workforces.

Download: Bidens-US-Supreme-Court-left-wing-woke-Nominee-Judge-Ketanji-Brown-Jackson-cannot-define-Woman-2022-03-27.mp4 - 76,241 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 27th March 2022
Bidens U.S. Supreme Court left wing woke
Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson,
cannot define "Woman"

President Joe Biden has nominated self cancelling Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. She was asked to define the term "woman", and was unable to produce a definition. Everything is fine!

Allen Bagby
If she can't define what a woman is then by what magic fairy dust does she know what a biologist is?

Laura Kinney
"they're not mathematicians, so they can't add things up."
Damn that was smooth.

Agatha Camilla D'cruz
"If you kill all the babies then there won't be any kids for the paedophiles....."
Outstanding, JP

Shawn Beeson
The fact that she cannot answer that question proves that she's an activist and it's not qualified to be judge.

Cool PapaJMagik
If our regime approves of her, we can pretty much assume she has the wrong stance on just about everything

Mr M
She should have asked her to define black too. "I can't. I'm not an artist"

She should have been asked "If you cannot define what it means to be a women, then how would you define women's rights? or any number or derivatives

Download here: Real-News-5-Minutes-of-Justin-Trudeau-Getting-ROASTED-by-European-Parliament-2022-03-25.mp4 - 9,289 kb
By: Viva CLIPS! - 25th March 2022
5 Minutes of Justin Trudeau
Getting ROASTED by European Parliament

For some reason, *cough* the Liberal-subsidized Canadian legacy media does not seem to be covering this.

Am I the only Canadian who cried in relief, that these people called him out so publicly? What's next?

KA Fleury
2 weeks ago
It's sad that this was needed. I've never in my 60 years heard a Canadian Prime Minister criticized by representatives of other nations, until now.

Isn't it strange that the World see's Trudeau for what he is but a substantial % of Canadians don't .

Tom Sawyer
This is exactly what he had coming to him. So glad people around the world see him for what he is.

As a Canadian, this video made my day .

Joe Blow
I fought for Canada and I am disgusted to say I did so. People like trudolph have destroyed this country we need to take it back.

Bill Murray
I'm so glad other leaders are calling him out for his hypocrisy. Good work!!

N Stratz
I feel somewhat relieved that globally other leaders are standing up and speaking out for what is simply right. Thank you

Download here: Law-News-Businesses-out-on-their-own-to-decide-whether-to-keep-COVID-19-vaccine-mandates-2022-03-24.mp4 - 25,009 kb
By: Newshub - 24th March 2022
Lawyer Up - Businesses out on their own to decide
whether to keep COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Watch political reporter Amelia Wade's report. Credits: Newshub.

"A bit of a mess." That's how one employment lawyer has described what's been left in the wake of COVID-19 vaccine mandates being lifted.

Employers are now out on their own to decide who does - and doesn't - have to be vaccinated. But there's still no official guidance and the COVID-19 Response Minister is even recommending bosses lawyer up before they make any decisions.

Down the stairs, buried below the streets of Wellington, bar owner Dominic Kelly has been scratching his head.

"It's a difficult problem, really," he told Newshub.

For the past 24 hours, he's been agonising over whether to remain a vaccine-only venue.

"When it becomes optional, we can realistically expect quite a lot of negative feedback if we continue to apply it but the problem is it's all we've got," he said.

It's the only protection he's got but people are already deleting the vaccine pass app.

"There's not a lot of guidance about what's at our disposal to protect ourselves."

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says there is time to plan, with the mandates still in place until April 4.

"Keep in mind of course this doesn't require an instant reaction for those workplaces," she said on Thursday.

To celebrate easing restrictions, the Prime Minister visited Auckland's Eden Park, which can hold all the events it likes without gathering limits from Friday.

But it's suddenly become very complicated for bosses thinking about whether to drop their own mandates.

"Each employer will have to make their own health and safety assessment and make their own decisions about how they keep their staff safe," employment lawyer Ethel Chey told Newshub.

But the official advice on Omicron health and safety assessments wasn't ready to go.

"That advice that we're wanting to make sure is prepared in a really timely way, we'll look to get it out there as soon as possible," Ardern said. "It may have already been provided."

It hasn't been.

The mandate rug is also ripped out from under schools.

"It's concerning that schools have to do that on an individual basis," says Whangarei Intermediate principal Hayley Read, who let two unvaccinated teachers go.

She wants to keep a vaccine mandate.

"I'll be asking my board to take a position of only hiring vaccinated staff."

But COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins told AM: "A board cant say we're just going to keep an across the board mandate in place."

He even told schools - and private bosses - to lawyer up if they want to keep their mandates.

"I'd suggest that they need to get good legal advice as they're making any such decision," Hipkins said.

Employment lawyer Ethel Chey said: "We have already been very busy."

Asked whether employers can ask new hires about their vaccination status, Chey said yes.

As for whether unvaccinated staff can be told to stop working from home, she said: "It is your right to require them to return to the office, however you also have a corresponding duty to keep them safe."

Ethel says what's tricky is not only is there no official advice yet, but no law.

So, to summarise it, she said: "It is a bit of a mess."

Donald Trump files lawsuit against Hillary Clinton
and others for vilifying him during the
2016 election re colluding with the Russians
24th March 2022

Donald Trump files lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and others for vilifying him during the 2016 election re colluding with Russians.


  • In the run-up to the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton and her cohorts orchestrated an unthinkable plot - one that shocks the conscience and is an affront to this nation's democracy. Acting in concert, the Defendants maliciously conspired to weave a false narrative that their Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, was colluding with a hostile foreign sovereignty. The actions taken in furtherance of their scheme - falsifying evidence, deceiving law enforcement, and exploiting access to highly-sensitive data sources - are so outrageous, subversive and incendiary that even the events of Watergate pale in comparison.
  • Under the guise of 'opposition research,' 'data analytics,' and other political stratagems, the Defendants nefariously sought to sway the public's trust. They worked together with a single, self-serving purpose: to vilify Donald J. Trump. Indeed, their far-reaching conspiracy was designed to cripple Trump's bid for presidency by fabricating a scandal that would be used to trigger an unfounded federal investigation and ignite a media frenzy.
  • The scheme was conceived, coordinated and carried out by top-level officials at the Clinton Campaign and the DNC - including 'the candidate' herself - who attempted to shield her involvement behind a wall of third parties...

Donald Trump files lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and others for vilifying him during the 2016 election re colluding with the Russians

Download here: Joe-Bidens-DOJ-Spied-on-Journalists-Emails-Via-Sealed-Search-Warrants-and-Non-Disclosure-Orders-2022-03-22.mp4 - 22,055 kb
By: ProjectVeritas - 22nd March 2022
Joe Bidens DOJ Spied on Journalists' Emails Via
Sealed Search Warrants & Non-Disclosure Orders
  • Microsoft Corporation legal documents obtained by Project Veritas show that after a U.S. District Court Judge rejected the DOJ's argument to ignore Project Veritas' "journalistic privileges," the DOJ went behind the judge's back to obtain an extension on two sealed non-disclosure orders from a magistrate judge to conceal the fact they already had unsupervised and unfettered access to privileged emails and contacts of eight Project Veritas journalists.
  • Judge Torres had ruled that prosecutors must operate under the supervision of a Special Master to ensure first amendment protections are upheld for Project Veritas journalists and their source material.
  • These documents reveal that the government not only ignored that order, but also attempted to hide the fact they had obtained emails for time periods far outside the scope of the investigation.
  • [NEW YORK – Mar. 22, 2022] Bombshell Microsoft Corporation legal documents released by Project Veritas reveal that President Biden's Department of Justice filed a series of secret warrants, orders, and a subpoena to surreptitiously collect privileged, and constitutionally protected, communications and contacts of eight Project Veritas journalists from Microsoft Corporation.

The Department of Justice then muzzled Microsoft from disclosing these orders via a series of secrecy orders signed by magistrates.

The documents further reveal the DOJ then went behind U.S. District Court Judge, Analisa Torres', back to obtain extensions on the gag-orders on Microsoft from magistrate judges after Judge Torres ruled Project Veritas was entitled to "journalistic privileges."

Despite multiple opportunities to do so, the DOJ has not publicly disclosed the orders, warrants, or subpoenas to Judge Torres or Special Master Judge Barbara Jones – who was appointed by Judge Torres to protect Veritas' "journalistic privileges" from potential DOJ overreach. Judge Torres ruled that the DOJ's investigation must be overseen by Judge Jones and ordered the DOJ not to review any materials seized from Project Veritas without Judge Jones' approval.

Paul Calli, an attorney for Project Veritas, fiercely opposed the actions from the DOJ which he called an act of "violence" to the First Amendment.

In a motion filed Tuesday, Calli argued, "By the time [Project Veritas] filed the Motion to Appoint a Special Master, the government already had the opportunity to review Project Veritas' journalistic and attorney-client privileged materials." Based on preliminary research data, the SDNY appears to be in possession of nearly 150K documents they should not have. In addition to the emails, the SDNY obtained over one thousand contacts from journalists that they also failed to disclose to Judge Torres or to the Special Master.

The surveillance culminated in a search warrant seeking every email sent to or from Project Veritas founder and CEO, James O'Keefe, for a three-month period, along with every contact he had ever saved.

According to an order the DOJ sought to keep secret, to justify obtaining access to journalists' emails, the Justice Department appears to have argued "there is probable cause to believe the email account(s), maintained at premises controlled by Microsoft Corporation, USA, contain evidence, fruits, and instrumentalities of crime."

Each order, warrant and subpoena were accompanied by a Non-Disclosure Orders (NDO) which barred Microsoft from disclosing the SDNY's surveillance for one year, claiming without evidence, that disclosure could lead to destruction of evidence by Project Veritas. Multiple NDOs were set to expire in January 2022.

On December 8, 2021, however, Judge Torres, over the opposition of the SDNY, granted Project Veritas' request to appoint a Special Master to supervise the SDNY's review of materials seized from journalists to protect the news organization's "journalistic privileges," among other things.

Although the SDNY began issuing nearly weekly reports to the Special Master only a few days after Judge Torres' order, the SDNY has never submitted any report disclosing its surveillance of Project Veritas' emails to the Special Master, let alone provided the seized emails to the Special Master.

The SDNY's final act of secrecy was seeking yet another round of renewals, prompting Microsoft to point out in a scathing unfiled motion that the government's claims that Project Veritas might destroy evidence if the surveillance were disclosed were unsupportable.

Microsoft pointed out that the DOJ's investigation was already public and no proof that Project Veritas would destroy evidence had been offered by the SDNY.

The SDNY's spying campaign represents seemingly politically motivated investigation by President Biden's Department of Justice into Project Veritas' news gathering activities surrounding allegations against then-candidate, Joe Biden, made by his daughter, Ashley Biden, in her diary.

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD
Free speech is be happy! 'sarcasm'
20th March 2022

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - 20th March 2022

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - 20th March 2022

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - 20th March 2022

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - 20th March 2022

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - 20th March 2022

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - 20th March 2022

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - 20th March 2022

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - 20th March 2022

Download: Fake-News-Exposed-Hunter-Biden-story-is-a-lesson-on-the-corruption-in-journalism-NY-Post-columnist-2022-03-19.mp4 - 15,735 kb
By: Fox Business - 19th March 2022
Fake News Exposed
Hunter Biden story is a lesson on the
'corruption in journalism': NY Post columnist

Miranda Devine claims the American establishment debunked Hunter Biden story to ensure Joe Biden won the 2020 election on 'The Evening Edit.'

The Queenz
I feel like there should be a class action lawsuit for people who had their accounts and social medias suspended or deleted for telling the TRUTH‼️

Rae Anker
And not one person will ever be held accountable for what amounts to treason.

Docsjeff 2020
This needs to be following up on EVERY DAY and NIGHT!

Laura Haertel
If they cover up this criminal stuff imagine how many other corrupt lies have been covered up!

Norman Wilson
This is a true journalist. She was right from the get go. I wish there were others but they are few.

Don P.
Everyone KNEW this at the time, but were called "conspiracy theorists"

Peek Aboo
It's a lesson about corruption, and betrayal of the people.

Download: Real-News-Justin-Trudeau-the-hypocrite-liar-mischief-maker-enemy-of-righteousness-and-TRAITOR-2022-03-17.mp4 - 2,253 kb
By: Memology 101 - 17th March 2022
Justin Trudeau the hypocrite, liar, mischief
maker, enemy of righteousness and TRAITOR

This is EXACTLY why channels like this are necessary. So we can archive our leaders just flipping back and forth on a whim like this.

Spike Shartell
This dude seriously said with a straight face that diversity of thought was important less than a year after going full 1984.

look how EASILY he lies about what he believes to a whole crowd of people. People like him are truly in a league of their own aren't they?

Matthew Bacque
Respect for each individual...
Unless you're:

  • Unvaxxed
  • Believe gender is biological
  • Conservative
  • White
  • Native
  • A trucker
  • A woman

anonymous Prime
I don't think I've ever hated a politician in my lifetime as much as this guy

Gabriel Bennett
The sign of a true narcissist: he thinks everyone has already forgotten what he did to people who actually exercised their individual and collective rights just a few weeks ago. Sorry, Justin, the internet never forgets and more often than not, doesn't easily forgive, either.

Jack A
Trudeau is the last person that should preach about dignity.

Robert Crist
It was pretty disgusting watching this guy give Zelinski a standing ovation yesterday after what he did to the Truckers. Freedom is Freedom....No matter who's fighting for it.

This guy takes phoney to levels that were once thought to be impossible.

Fairy Frequency
Imagine a world where these corrupt officials are held accountable for their crimes against humanity.
Stay strong and free good people.

Download: Real-News-Honest-Australian-Government-Ad-The-Floods-2022-03-17.mp4 - 9,460 kb
By: thejuicemedia - 17th March 2022
Honest Australian Government Ad | The Floods

The Australien Government has made an ad about this summer's floods and it's surprisingly honest and informative.

As one of the people who lost almost everything in these floods, this made me laugh cry way too hard.

Jeremy Siganga
I'm not even Australian but I can feel the pain behind the guys do an awesome job calling your leadership out, we need more people like you around the world

Herp Derp
Please never stop doing what you are doing Juice team, you are one of the few shining lights in these dark times.

Chris Searle
As a volunteer in Lismore at the evacuation centres, I've been proudly wearing your merch and spreading awareness of your brilliant content for the past couple of weeks. Representing the Department of Genuine Satire and hopefully bringing some to your content.

Thomas Dendtler
I've never wanted to laugh and cry so much over a youtube video before. Great work team!

Download here: Fake-News-says-Putin-running-out-of-bullets-losing-war-planes-tanks-2-million-Ukrainian-refuges-ALL-BULLSHIT.mp4 - 21,789 kb
By: Real Americas Voice - 17th March 2022
Fake News says Putin running out of bullets, losing
war planes, tanks, 2 million Ukrainian refuges

Free Your Mind
I'm surprised they didn't cut her off - "ooops sorry we lost Lara there"

Laura Logan hit the truth bombshell out of the park with history of the Ukraine and the world that the sheeple have never heard or have forgotten by New World Order/Nazi's/Deep State/Fallen Angels PROGRAMING! Amazing there's a JOURNALIST still left on the planet! No wonder that "they" want to take One American News off the air! Their time is short and they can't take the risk of the GREAT AWAKENING!

We are all being played!
17th March 2022

We are all being played by the Government / Corporations / Media / Military / Police / YOU!

Download here: Real-News-The-US-Has-a-Bioweapons-Program-in-Ukraine-Wait-Is-That-True-2022-03-17.mp4 - 84,853 kb
By: America Uncovered - 17th March 2022
The US Has a Bioweapons Program in Ukraine
Wait, Is That True? - Is Vladimir Putin right on this?
Russia is alleging that Ukraine has a secret bioweapons program and that the US is not only funding it, but also leading the bioweapons research. There does seem to be some truth to their claims, but there are also many reasons not to believe Russia. Watch this episode of America Uncovered for another episode of "Wait, is that true?"

Robert Bruce
The Mainstream Media have NOT reported truthfully on why Putin invaded the Ukraine.

Putin and other members of the Alliance has warned Klaus Schwab and the Cabalists / elitists in the Ukraine for many years, to shut down all their CIA funded / and Joe Biden / Hunter Biden / Justin Trudeau / Jacinda Ardern etc enabled - biological warfare laboratories; as well as other nefarious activities such as the elitists in Ukraine planning a red flag nuclear attack, which would result in WW3...

It appears that Putin has initiated a strategic strike upon those culpable in Crimes Against Humanity, and is not an assault on average Ukrainians.

So why is there a need for our State Department to lie about the labs? If the labs are so innocent, then why not admit to them and then explain why we have them?

God, our representing officials sound like damn high schoolers.

Jen Psaki: "Uh, no. ACTUALLY its Russia that has the bioweapons, not us!"

Thank you for your service, Matt. One question. When you close your eyes, do you still see the images of Hunter Biden from the tape they made you watch?

"If you need a pass to be free...
..You are not really free!"
16th March 2022

If you need a pass to be free - You are not really free!

Download: Real-News-Where-Has-Dr-Fauci-Gone-2022-03-16.mp4 - 59,442 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 16th March 2022
Where Has Dr. Fauci Gone???
Where has Dr. Fauci gone??? Here is the answer along with propaganda you can trust!

"When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals!" - Edward Snowden (Life in 2022)

Calling Fauci Science is like calling Joe Biden a legitimate President.

Jackie O
I met a guy last night who said that even though he's triple vaxed, he's still in hiding. Good to know so many men are so brave in this country.

Tyler Ward
The circadian rhythms joke was hard satire delivered fresh and fast. Well done sir!

Stars and Stripes beat Hammer and Sickle Look it up
Now "I stand with Ukraine" has knocked "I'm fully jabbed" off the number one spot in this week's virtue-signaling top 100 charts.

Richard Gerlach
Couldn't help but notice that Gil Bates was saying, "What's so hard about wearing a mask?", while not wearing a mask.

Cool PapaJMagik
"A government that is allowed to break the law during an emergency will create an emergency in order to break the law"

Download here: Rudy-Giuliani-reveals-what-Trump-told-Merkel-at-first-NATO-meeting-Wise-Guys-with-Johnny-Tabacco-2022-03-14.mp4 - 9,220 kb
By: Newsmax TV - 14th March 2022

Rudy Giuliani reveals what Trump
told Merkel at first NATO meeting
'Wise Guys' with Johnny Tabacco

Rudy Giuliani revealed what then-President Donald Trump said to then-German Chancellor Angela Merkel at his first NATO meeting, on Sunday's "Wise Guys" with Johnny Tabacco.

yanping ye
Trump is brutal, with the pushing and handshake. And I like it

Kim Canadian
GOD bless Rudy and President Trump!

Mike Reynolds
Rudy is 100% right, Trump is missed and was light years ahead of the dumb-o-crats

Dago Dave
We love the wise guys, they are the best when it comes to speaking the truth!!!

Mary JK RainsCloud
Brilliant to see not everyone has lost their marbles.

Mike Neumann
I miss Trump best president ever. Peace through strength, peace through strength, peace through strength. Liberals will never get it.

Zack Zimmer
"If he had Harris, he'd take all of Europe."
No doubt he would at least try.

Download here: Real-News-Facebook-temporarily-allows-posts-allowing-hate-speech-against-Russian-invaders-2022-03-11.mp4 - 11,375 kb
By: By: Oneindia News - 11th March 2022

Facebook and Meta Platforms temporarily allows
posts allowing 'hate speech' against Russian 'invaders'

According to a Reuters report, Meta Platforms will allow Facebook and Instagram users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion in a temporary change to its hate speech policy.

Stephen Housley
This should be a warning. Stay away from meta. A tree is known by its fruit. This evil hypocrisy is clearly bad fruit.
Matthew 7:19 - Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

Jim Court
Wow… but you still can't say anything bad about the Taliban

Mehrdad yektaparast
Uncalled for. Today is Russians, who will it be tomorrow???

Download here: Covid-Crimes-A-Witness-Dr-Richard-Fleming-2022-03-09.mp4 - 343,683 kb
By Galleries.Vidflow.Co - 9th March 2022
The Cat is Out of the Bag!

The Cat is Out of the Bag!!!Dr. Richard Fleming gives a sworn testimony and acknowledges that COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and the Vaccines are literally Bioweapons - and so much more...


  • 00:00 - Play from Beginning
  • 00:20 - Oath
  • 00:56 - Credentials -
  • 02:50 - Part 1: Is COVID-19 A Bioweapon?
  • 15:40 - Part 2: The Cover-Up
  • 21:50 - Part 3: Are the Vaccines Effective?
  • 30:13 - Part 4: Are the Vaccines Safe?
  • 37:46 - Part 5: Are the Vaccines Bioweapons?
  • 48:38 - Part 6: Action Plan

Download: Real-News-They-mocked-Trump-for-warning-that-instead-of-2-dollars-gallon-under-Trump-You-woud-pay-7-8-9-under-Biden.mp4 - 2,972 kb
By: MEME THE LEFT - 8th March 2022

They mocked Trump for warning that instead
of $2 / gallon gas under Trump,
you'd pay $7, $8, $9 / gallon under Biden!

MEME THE LEFT highlights the insanity that is the LEFT. The LEFT is a threat to a good functioning society. Please share memes that mock the LEFT, while we still can. Please also share the videos on this channel, to get around YouTube's censorship of this message.

Donald Trump then: "We have more oil than anybody okay and it's an incredible thing that have, it's happened over the last few years. A lot of great things and you're paying what $2 dollars a gallon for your gasoline? That's okay.

You know what that's like? That's like a tax cut. That's bigger than a tax cut!

If biden got in you'd be paying $7, $8, $9. Didn't they say get rid of your car?"

How's it going under Biden?

CBS News now: "Prices at some local gas stations, they're way above the average. Well across the street from the Beverly Center, one of the most expensive places in LA, drivers are paying this - nearly $7 dollars for regular unleaded. Nearly $8 dollars for premium. Drivers said they were surprised and not in a good way..."

"Drivers are shocked, not in a good way." Well, We were all warned...

The gas price is like a tax that hits poor people hardest. Way to go Brandon.

Double Doc
Best president we ever had, and he still has to deal with manufactured illegal allegations and daily lies. GOD I MISS TRUMP

Zephlos Kal'Shanor
Q: What's the difference between a insane conspiracy theory and factual reality?
A: About six months to a year.

The most painful part of this all by far, is talking to people I know on the other side, and trying to explain it to them....Constantly hearing...This isn't Biden's fault. It has nothing to do with the Keystone XL pipeline....We would have been in the same situation under Trump....At what point do we require a basic skills test to vote?

David Turney297
He hit the nail on the head, with everything he said in that clip

THERE it is. Whoever is making those Joe Biden "I did that" stickers need to make Kamala ones saying "We did it Joe" so we can stick next to Joes stickers when we see em

brian hopkins
He is the best president this country has had in a long time. We need him back to to fix Brandon's mess.

Download here: Covid-The-Curtain-Close-on-COVID-Theater-Florida-Governor-Ron-DeSantis-2022-03-08.mp4 - 193,996 kb
By: Governor Ron DeSantis - 8th March 2022
The Curtain Close on the COVID Theater in Florida

Florida Governor DeSantis hosts a roundtable with physicians nationwide on ending COVID theater once and for all.

Please watch the Florida Surgeon General's announcement about recommending against COVID-19 vaccines for children.

Time stamps
10:52: Introductions
38:10: Topic overview
44:10 Discussion begins

B Melis
My heart full thanks to the one doctor who apologized to the Barrington doctors. He has integrity and dignity.

Regina Lively
As St. Augustine said, Truth is like a lion. You don't need to defend it. Let it out and it will defend itself.
Thank you, Governor DeSantis, for letting the lion out!

Jeremy Rhodes
Time stamps
10:52: Introductions
38:10: Topic overview
44:10 Discussion begins

Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 Live
So many friends have recently come back from Florida saying things like: "Wow it was like life was back to normal!! It was beautiful." Thank you Florida for opening the eyes of the people still sleeping.

Bubba J
This panel should have happened two years ago. Those responsible for silencing medical professionals need to be dealt with!

Linda M
Big respect for the emergency doc for admitting he had been wrong about rejecting the Great Barrington Declaration.

Ginny Edmunds
The worst thing was the refusal to allow people to be a part of their own medical care

Jerilyn Bock
Thank you Gov. DeSantis! He's the only governor who's on the right side of history doing an excellent job getting the truth out about the covid debacle, not just for Floridians but for all of us.

Download here: Jacinda-Ardern-and-her-government-continues-in-tyranny-and-ignores-High-Court-Ruling-2022-03-07.mp4 - 15,445 kb
By: TalkTV New Zealand - 7th March 2022
Jacinda Ardern and her government continues
in tyranny and ignores High Court Ruling

The High Court said the Police armed forces mandate was illegal. The Court Decision is significant and sets a precent where thousands who have been dismissed can now sue their employer. All No Jab no job policies should be wiped out, yet the Govt persists.

Please tells us what you think. Please share this video.

Download: Lawyer-up-Australia-South-Australian-Health-Admit-They-Have-No-Evidence-to-Support-Jab-Mandates-Dropped-2022-03-06.mp4 - 2,936 kb
By: GTV - 6th March 2022
Lawyer up Australia
South Australian Health admit they have
no evidence to Support Jab - Mandates Dropped
The Cat is Out of the Bag!

24 hrs after South Australian Health finally disclosed they had *NO EVIDENCE* to support jab mandates, some mandates are being dropped.

The Cat is Out of the Bag!!!Brian Rundle
I wondered why the health officer for Queensland never seemed to cite any studies being done in Israel Japan, Denmark and other countries and never questioned the dogma coming out of the US CDC. They just made it up and millions of people have lost their businesses, being fired for not getting jabbed and now they are working on getting the kids all jabbed... The trust is gone...

The problem is businesses are following government orders. Need to sue the person that signed off on the public orders. In Victoria there are 3 persons that signed off the orders for mandatory vaccination. So all 3 health officers will need to be responsible for their actions under a civil lawsuit.

Julie Pet
God I hope the truth will hit everyone in the face!

Apparently the south Australian police are allowing unvax police back at work, with some not going to old folks homes etc. The plandemic. Great video again GTV

William Stanky
Lawyer up alright. Every single person, government or business that massaged Australia to tyranny in 2 years should face life imprisonment at a minimum.

Great to see that you still have focus Graham, and have not been distracted like so many of the so called awake alternative medias.
People need to maintain the rage against these criminals.

This was always part of the trap they laid, always the plan... many were saying the liability would eventually come back on small businesses and individuals... now begins the blame shifting game...

What about those who where forced to have jabs to keep their jobs ...they should sue as well

Armin Tamzarian
I lost my job for saying no to the jab, I eventually ended up getting it (I really didn't want to) when my life started falling apart. I feel I was coerced and bullied, and I want to take legal action, but I've got no idea where to start.

Download here: Chris-Hipkins-We-have-not-said-that-anybody-has-to-be-vaccinated-2022-03-06.mp4 - 9,220 kb
By: NZQandA TVNZ - 6th March 2022

Chris Hipkins: "We haven't said that
anybody has to be vaccinated..."

Except when we said people have to be vaccinated!

Chris Hipkins at Q+A 2022: "We haven't said that anybody has to be vaccinated. But we have said that to do some things, to expose yourself to some other people, you should have to be vaccinated in order to do those jobs..."

Family First New Zealand
Chris Hipkins said on Q&A yesterday, "We haven't said anybody has to be vaccinated."
How can he say this with a straight face?
And how can he not be challenged on that answer by the interviewer? (no need to answer that one!)
Coercion based on losing a job / career as a drainlayer, courier driver, vineyard worker, construction worker, volunteer firefighter, fruit picker, student worker, gardener, gasfitter, aircraft engineer, architect, electrician (and many many other examples) is absolutely "having to be vaccinated"

Download here: Real-News-Queensland-Chief-Health-Officer-Lets-the-Cat-Out-of-the-Bag-2022-03-05.mp4 - 9,220 kb
By: GTV - 5th March 2022


The Cat is Out of the Bag!!!Sudden deaths everywhere amongst the fully vaccinated!

Dr John Gerrard, QLD Chief Health Officer: " yes it does concern us when there are deaths at home, uh, what I've, from the few reports that I've been seeing, I can, we're seeing reports of, of people having an illness for a short period and then, and then, sudden deaths and we've reported about those earlier on. That's been reported um, elsewhere in Australia around the World that where it's myocarditis which, which I'm, which I think I've referred to on a previous occasion.

Um, but we are certainly keeping a close eye on though, particularly, when there are deaths we investigate those particularly if there's anyone who's died at home..."

Joy O
Chief Health Officer looks extremely uncomfortable making this statement. And so he should be. Exposure of the governments' lies and actions should be coming to get them.

Sharryn Jack
He knows what they have done to humanity, and yes, he is now scared, because he must know that exposure of his/their atrocities is close at hand. Mid year is my guess. This atrocity has been enacted with deliberate purpose and willingness. They thought they were untouchable. He obviously now knows their days are numbered. Thanks Graham for your channel.

Colleen In Prayer
He was struggling to play this down. These people need to face the full force of our constitutional laws which genocide against the Australian people.

He knows what they've done. Stats don't lie, people do.
He's seen the newly released documents too and thought "SH*T!!!!!"

They are conditioning everyone to accept this as the norm. It's not the details that matter but the way it is delivered. Most people succumb to this psychosis and no one can help them.

australia's always late to the party... meh... apparently last time i checked there was 650ish athletes that had passed out on the field roughly 300 that have died while at play or in training over the last 2 years... cheers for the update boss man...

Real-News-Is-Klaus-Schwab-the-Most-Dangerous-Man-in-the-World-You-Will-Own-Nothing-He-Will-Own-Everything-2022-03-05.mp4 - 47,017 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 5th March 2022
Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?
You will Own Nothing - He will Own Everything

Klaus Schwab is bringing you the great reset. And not only will it be great, it'll be a fantastic reset! The folks at the World Economic Forum are busy helping protect you from climate change and disease. Yet some people still ask, is Klaus Schwab the most dangerous man in the World? Get the full picture along with everything they DON'T want you to know in this video!

Paul Chek
Thank you for the real news that EVERYONE should see as the punchline before Schwab cracks his joke because when he does it AGAIN, it won't be funny!
You are a Blessing JP.
Big Hug,

Marcy T
When he said that humans are hackable animals and that free will is over, that chilled me to the bone. Nope!

Richard B
Everyone needs to see this.

JP is right. We are deep into this, wether you realize it or not.

Plain Jane
The evil arrogance of these people at the WEF is astounding.

Jay Kundalini
How anyone could watch this, and not have something quick in their head is extremely troubling. This video alone should be enough to convince every sentient Man woman and child. Sadly though, I think we're dealing with some sort of possession, or psychosis, and it might not even be possible.

Common Sense
I really hope the world wakes up and realizes what a huge threat this group is. We are seriously in trouble if everyone keeps ignoring what is really going on.

The power of sarcasm as a weapon for truth has never been more beautifully displayed. Just hitting all the nails on the head in one go. Love it!

Download: Real-News-A-Letter-to-Dr-Andrew-Hill-from-Dr-Tess-Lawrie-rebuking-him-for-downplaying-Ivermectin-2022-03-04.mp4 - 112.458 kb
By: Oracle Films - 4th March 2022
A Letter to Dr Andrew Hill from Dr Tess Lawrie,
rebuking him for downplaying Ivermectin

In October 2020 Dr Andrew Hill was tasked to report to the World Health Organisation on the dozens of new studies from around the world suggesting that Ivermectin could be a remarkably safe and effective treatment for COVID-19.

But on January 18th 2021, Dr Hill published his findings on a pre-print server. His methods lacked rigour, the review was low quality and the extremely positive findings on ivermectin were contradicted by the conclusion. In the end, Dr Hill advised that "Ivermectin should be validated in larger appropriately controlled randomized trials before the results are sufficient for review by regulatory authorities."

The researcher seeking a global recommendation on Ivermectin had instead recommended against it. A media onslaught against the medicine ensued. What were Dr Hill's reasons for doing so? Were his conclusions justified? Or were external forces influencing his about-face?

One year on, this film recalls exactly what happened from the perspective of somebody that experienced it first hand; Dr Tess Lawrie; also featuring contributions from Dr Pierre Kory and Dr Paul Marik who worked closely with Dr Hill during the same time frame.

⁣If you like what Oracle Films does, you can support us here:

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Download here: Real-News-The-Lost-Generation-Who-Want-To-Keep-Mask-Mandates-FOREVER-2022-03-03.mp4 - 2,608 kb
By: Memology 101 - 3rd March 2022

The Lost Generation Who Want
Mask Mandates FOREVER...

If they want to keep wearing masks so bad, they know they can just keep wearing them, right? Nobody cares.

Alexandria Occasional Cortex
A masked kid is like a vegan cat. We all know who's making the decisions.

Stars and Stripes beat Hammer and Sickle Look it up
All these people saying "I stand with Ukraine" couldn't even stand for their own personal rights for 2 years because they were scared to breathe.

Daddy #53
Wow. Nothing screams "I'm an adult, respect my well thought out and reasoned argument" like singing a kindergarten song.

Right here.
Is the reason these people will NEVER be taken seriously.

Alex Jackson
Of course they do, it's shown that people don't see others as human when their faces are covered. Much easier to hate/harm when someone is faceless.

poor kid. instead of taking care of him and moving on with life, his mother would rather desperately cling onto a narrative that destroyed the economy and the lives of so many people.

Download here: Real-News-Riccardo-Bosi-says-Ukraine-is-the-head-of-the-snake-2022-03-03.mp4 - 14,312 kb
By: Nicholas Franklin - 3rd March 2022
Riccardo Bosi says:
'Ukraine is the head of the snake...'

Aussie political candidate Riccardo Bosi says 'Ukraine is the head of the snake, and once it comes down there is no Globalist empire anymore, it's done'.

Download here: Real-News-Ukraine-and-Russia-What-the-Media-Wants-You-To-Think-2022-03-03.mp4 - 27,461 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 3rd March 2022

Ukraine and Russia:
What the Media Wants You To Think!

Ukraine and Russia, here's what the media wants you to think! As Putin and Russia unjustly invade Ukraine, why are they doing it? The brave Ukrainians are fighting Russian soldiers. Will they succeed? Should the US send military troops over to help protect Ukraine's democracy?

Trace Young
It is almost as if the whole world is a stage and we are all just playing a role.

Max R
"....HilLiary Clinton, who definitely is not a criminal" got me just rolling on the floor JP!!!!!

We can care about innocent lives on both sides without falling into the propaganda trap no matter what others might say. great video

corbett coburn
Anyone who doesn't think the defense contractors want war to boost profits, should read War is a Racket by MG Smedley Butler.

Mark Villano
During the Viet Nam war, "The most trusted man in news" Walter Cronkite informed us all that the Tet Offensive had been a military disaster for US troops, when in fact it had been a raging success. We were being gaslighted into believing that we were losing, even as we were winning. The Narrative is strong with these pathological liars.

Download here: Real-News-How-the-World-Economic-Forum-Controls-the-World-Klaus-Schwab-and-The-Great-Reset-2022-03-02.mp4 - 26,165 kb
By: America Uncovered - 2nd March 2022

How the World Economic Forum Controls the World
Klaus Schwab and The Great Reset

The World Economic Forum is an NGO with a lot of influence. Among the alumni of its Young Global Leaders program are leaders in tech, government, business, advocacy and other fields. Whether you agree with the goals and values of the WEF or not, is the power it has over governments, business and society at large a good thing? In this episode of America Uncovered, we look at some of the things WEF founder Klaus Schwab has said, how the WEF has handled critical questions in the past, and how Klaus Schwab talks about the "loyalty" of the Canadian constituency.

Klaus Schwab could easily pass as a James Bond villain.

phillip franco
I'm glad this is finally getting the exposure it deserves.

Jord The Canadian
It is so weird and creepy that YouTube adds a "context" disclaimer on any video directly addressing WEF/The Great Reset.

Good job, this needs to publicised as much as possible.

I've been waiting for this episode ever since I first discovered you guys! FINALLY, someone professional is saying what we've all been thinking! This is why I donate to you guys on Patreon!

Flappy McFlappington
"You'll own nothing and you'll be happy" sounds more like a threat than an economic prediction.

Download here: Real-News-A-huge-truth-bomb-about-Ukraine-Can-you-handle-it-2022-03-01.mp4 - 18,449 kb
By: Ilibertine - 1st March 2022

A huge truth bomb about Ukraine.
Can you handle it?

Whoa; I knew about the 8 year war. But you definitely dropped some info I had no idea about.
This needs far more views than it has.

Feo Koch
Well said , that's the truth .

Francis Drake
Well said! Bravo!

Jennie Collinge
Bravo - but only certain eyes can see and only certain ears can hear this truth!

Lee E.
Just like the 13 on snake island said to the Russian cruiser before it fired on thwm them...

Caleb Laurie
Truth to power

Diarisima J
sad truth!!

Winston Peters asks:
'Where is Clarke Gayford? Resign Jacinda'
28th February 2022

Winston Peters asks 'Where is Clarke Gayford? Resign Jacinda'

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD
the regretable father of mRNA vaccines
28th February 2022

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - the regretable father of mRNA vaccines

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - the regretable father of mRNA vaccines

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - the regretable father of mRNA vaccines

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - the regretable father of mRNA vaccines

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - the regretable father of mRNA vaccines

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - the regretable father of mRNA vaccines

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - the regretable father of mRNA vaccines

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - the regretable father of mRNA vaccines

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - the regretable father of mRNA vaccines

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - the regretable father of mRNA vaccines

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - the regretable father of mRNA vaccines

Memes of the Day - by Robert W Malone, MD - the regretable father of mRNA vaccines

Download: Law-Wellington-High-Court-deemed-Mandates-unlawful-for-police-and-army-2022-02-28.mp4 - 4,890 kb
By: The View In Wellington - 28th February 2022
Wellington High Court deemed
Mandates unlawful for police and army

mary poppins
ALL Mandates are unlawful to ALL, as well as ALL the illegal legislation that was made to enforce, coherce and discriminate!!!!!!

The real question is why the Attorny general let these mandates be imposed in the first place when they where clearly against the bill of rights ?

Richard M
Sounds like it should be applied to everyone and not just those who can be used to quash public protests

Jacquie Williams
Mandates need to removed completely for all not just the cops and military. This has been criminal and discriminating

Gosh that must have been hard for these reporters to spit out. Almost choking on their words.

f4q ebutuoy
"Whats good for one, is good for all". Why should any citizen in our country have their rights denied simply because of their choice of occupation?

Jasper Horace
It's all on Ardern. Wonder what excuses for this she will come up with now. Perhaps she now might have to stop the control, the daily stand ups where she constantly sings her own praise and accept that she isn't always right. Imagine that, if you can. Of course she will be protected by all her tame (bribed) lackeys in the news media.

Download here: Q-Riccardo-Bosi-at-Canberra-Protest-Explains-White-Hats-Black-Hats-Yellow-Hats-etc-2022-02-26.mp4 - 80,712 kb
By: Aussie Novax - 26th February 2022
Riccardo Bosi at Canberra Protest
Explains White Hats, Black Hats, Yellow Hats etc

Riccardo Bosi's speech in Canberra's Freedom Protest does an excellent job of explaining - in layman's terms, the differences between White Hats and Black Hats; as well as where the Red, Orange, Green and Blue Hats etc fit into the scheme of things.

Also why it is a GOOD thing that Putin is attacking certain targets in the Ukraine - where the Cabal is firmly embedded.

Download here: Real-News-Anti-Mandate-Freedom-March-Napier-Hawkes-Bay-New-Zealand-2022-02-26.mp4 - 28,309 kb
By: Paul Taylor Photography - 26th February 2022

Anti-Mandate / Freedom March
Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Anti-Mandate / Freedom March NZ
Organised by the Freedom and Rights Coalition
Hundreds marched through the centre of Napier in Hawke's Bay New Zealand

Joannei Hung
Happy to see so many freedom loving people standing up. We have been suffering so much under this dictator. Many thanks to Napier people here! We can see light & Hope now.
Thanks for sharing this video!

Buck Nasty
Great to see everyone! Keep up the hardwork!

Lis ette
We are with you New Zealand...sending strength, love and unity from Australia!

Dave Tolfree
What an excellent show of kiwi's freedom this week. Truth and commonsense winning over

Jeremy Firth
This makes me so proud, bloody awesome, every one of you!

Ros Rowe
Very moving, Paul. So wanted to be there.

Bill Inwood
Excellent. Bringing Kiwis together like nothing has before. Proud of all the protesters. Keep up the outstanding work.

Download here: Real-News-Policeman-Eye-Gouges-Protestor-New-Zealand-Anti-mandate-Protest-2022-02-24.mp4 - 14,378 kb
By: John Mills - 24th February 2022

Policeman Eye Gouges Protestor
New Zealand Anti-mandate Protest

More Brutality by the New Zealand Police

On the morning of Tuesday 22nd of February 2022, the police closed in on the protestors armed with riot shields. Video footage captured by Stuff shows a policeman targeting a protestor holding his phone while backed up against a portaloo. He proceeds to throw several punches to the face and then appears to gouge his eyes.

Video footage captured by individuals on Facebook retell the story in the protestor's own words.

The protestors oppose the vaccine mandates put in place by the prime minister Jacinda Ardern and her government.

More Info
The victim's name is Phil and his lawyer Sue Grey will be representing him in court.

Lingo Lewi has an excellent 14 minute video where Phil talks about the events leading up to his arrest. Check it out -

The original video on Stuff - Note, that they covered up the eye gouging with an end screen element. It was only possible to see the eye gouging by downloading the video and examining what was behind the end screen element.

It was only after myself and others disclosed what happened, that Stuff made their own video and article showing what happened to Phil. Although they didn't show the eye gouging in the same detail that we did.

blanket man
Disgusting targeted behavior and if that cop was that quick to behave like that, he will have a long history of violence against civilians.

Carlos Adolfo Lavados Monasterio
That's no policeman.... that's a power hungry criminal! Stay strong NZ from OZ

Emma Gibbs-Smith
That cop has been very active with his brutality. Have seen him in several videos.

Open Minded

Te Awhina
That's not standard operating procedure for restraint training. Eye gouging is not part of it, that was on the cops own volition. That should cost him his job.

Andie Hyde
They were mostly peaceful punches to the head followed up by a respectful thumb in the eye. Did anyone else notice the colleague using the stick to check on the welfare of the downed citizen to make sure he was safe from the deadly disease.

The Time is Now
This is absolutely disgusting & the Police Officers needs to be charged for using
EXCESSIVE FORCE & dismissed from his job.

There are us older New Zealanders and Veterans, out here who are watching this and not happy about the NZ Police behaviour to NZ citizens, who are not bad people, but who are just disagreeing with Government policy. I voted Labour all my life. 81yo.

Digger Candy
ALL RESPECT LOST FOR THE PATHETIC EXCUSE WE CALL POLICE AND GOVERNMENT THROUGHOUT THIS ORDEAL. It's going to take generations for people to start trusting these thugs again I hope he presses charges!!

Klaus-Schwabs-WEF-GREAT-RESET-Has-INFILTRATED-Cabinets-Around-The-World-With-Young-Leaders-Like-Trudeau-Ardern-2022-02-24.mp4 - 22,289 kb
By: The Hill - 24th February 2022

Klaus Schwab's WEF and the GREAT RESET
Has INFILTRATED Cabinets Around The World
With Young Leaders Like Trudeau, Ardern

Kim Iversen details the prestigious class of the Young Global Leaders program and speculates how their groupthink may have led to Covid-19 lockdowns.

[Klaus Schwab is the Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF)]

Partial Transcript:

Kim Iversen: "Well I want to talk about the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders.

We've talked about the World Economic Forum on the show before in regards to the Great Reset; a conspiracy theory that isn't a conspiracy theory, but an actual agenda to reshape how the world economy runs. You will own nothing - the elites will own and run it all - but don't worry - you'll be happy!

The idea seems to be to move towards a technocratic corporatism where every aspect of our lives is monitored and controlled by others. Klaus Schwab, the founder of the WEF, is particularly upfront and even proud of his great reset agenda. He's built websites and even wrote a book. Another thing he's particularly proud of is his ability to shape and influence world politics through the Econo World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders program...

..all of these world leaders will penetrate their cabinets with our young global leaders...

..Okay, so what exactly is this club of Young Global Leaders? It was formed by Klaus Schwab in 2004. The group is governed by a board of 12 influential people, which has ranged from royalty to CEOs of major tech companies. The group is liberal with a very liberal agenda, which maybe explains why we've seen countries with liberal leaders all behave similarly during this pandemic.

The current board has people like Prince Jaime from the Netherlands, who also is part of the Netherlands Climate Envoy. Eric Jing from The People's Republic of China. Eric is the CEO of Ant Group, one of Jack Ma's companies. Previous board members include people like Queen Rania of Jordan and Marissa Meyer from Yahoo.

Young leaders must be under 38 and are nominated by alumni and serve six-year terms, but what do they do and what does this leadership lead them to do? Who influences them, guides them, what, what incentives do they have to stay in the good graces of this elite club? That part we don't really know, but at minimum we know that there is such a thing as group think and my guess is these young leaders are thrilled and also intimidated to be nominated and end up going along with ideas - in order to not stand out. If everyone else is saying this is the thing, that's right and we all agree on it, even if they don't.

People go along just to not be the lone contrarian, so groupthink is at minimum a consequence of being in this club, but it's more likely more than that; it's more likely the leadership is shaping this group to think a certain way, so that when they ultimately infiltrate cabinets, they will likely tend to govern a certain way. That makes sense because that is the stated goal of the World Economic Forum and its GREAT RESET there is a stated agenda. And of course their Global Young Leaders Program is a grooming ground for getting leaders in positions of power, to usher in this agenda.

So who else is in this club now? You might be surprised to hear some of these names, but here are some of them: Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Sebastian Kurz, former chancellor of Austria. Zhu Zhao Juan from the Ministry of Science and Technology in the People's Republic of China. Pete Footage, the only other democratic presidential candidate besides Kamala Harris to get a cabinet position. Mark Zuckerberg, a man who has helped censor dissent. Tulsi Gabbard. I was actually surprised with how in line with lockdowns Tulsi was at the beginning of the pandemic. Dan crenshaw is also a Young Global Leader. People actually talked about a Tulsi Dan Crenshaw ticket. Alexander and Jonathan Soros, George Soros's sons and several of the Rothschilds.

Other names: Nile Ferguson, Van Jones, Jack Ma, Gavin Newsom, Stefan Bancell the ceo of Moderna. Sanjay Gupta, Nikki Haley, Chelsea Clinton, Amal Clooney, Ashton Kutcher, Leonardo Dicaprio and of course Dr Liana Wen.

Now a lot of these names guys, have a lot in common in that they, you know, these names have been on this list for a long time. This is not a recent list. The Young Global Leaders started in 2004. I went through the lists from 2004 up until last year and I was able to source these names. So these are not, you know, most of these people were on these lists well before the pandemic. Yet what we see is that a lot of these people were very prominent during the pandemic, um, and so this just kind of leads more you know, adds more fuel to the flames when it comes to these,... you know.

What is this World Economic Forum? What is their agenda? What are they doing and why are they getting so many influential people to shape and control our society; and not just here in the US, but all around the World? Yeah I mean it's an elite club and I think if you look at say the top ten percent of Harvard's graduating class, uh from, from that year, you'll find, you know, similar, similar overlaps between people who are now running the world. Or if you look at Oxford and Cambridge, like you know, well it's a very, it's a very small club - you're not in it. These people are - and they, they rise to the ranks and then they become global leaders.

These are strivers, uh, you know that when you named Pete Buddha a judge, like of course, of course Pete Buddha Judge managed to uh, you know, get himself into there. But the question of whether they're indoctrinating or, or whether they're selecting for people who will agree with them, I think is... in other words, yes there are, there is a, there is a ruling class and these are people in the ruling class; and these are kind of internships to become functionaries of that ruling class. But the way that they select for who's going to be in it is, who's willing to agree with our ideas. If Justin Trudeau himself, like the person of Justin Trudeau, decided that he doesn't believe in the things that are being spouted by the World Economic Forum, or the things that you're supposed to believe when you graduate from Harvard Law School, they'd find a different Justin Trudeau.

So it's not about indoctrinating an individual person, it's about creating a world view that you have to then buy into if you want to rise up to positions of power. That's a great point and I've always said that about media by the way, when people always say of the media, you know the establishment, they tell you what to say when you're a newscaster. I'm like no they don't - they just find people that they know will say what they want...'s unbelievably nepotistic right and it seems seemingly kind of incestuous in a way. Right where it's just like drawing from the same pool of people over and over and over again and that is maybe why we're seeing certain ideologies that then are spreading from you know, certain countries to certain countries. I mean New Zealand Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau and we know that uh, Austria and Germany and France have all ruled with much of an iron fist during this pandemic; and yet they all come from the same sort of core group; you know of people with this, with a similar ideology and so I think then, you know, and I agree with you Ryan, I do think that they likely are selecting people that are likely to have a similar viewpoint.

I don't think these people are controlled right by the World Economic Forum, or controlled by this global leaders or the 12, the board of twelve. I'm sure these people have individual choice, it's just they often don't exercise it. Often because you don't want to stand out. You don't want to be against the grain or against your friends..."

Download here: Real-News-Canada-revokes-Emergency-Powers-Act-2022-02-24.mp4 - 1,881 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 24th February 2022

Canada revokes Emergency Powers Act

Canada is now ending the use of the controversial Emergency Powers Act.

It was enacted 9 days ago to tackle the anti-mandate protests and it gave authorities greater powers.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the measures are no longer needed.

Jen Con
The people of Canada and the world have seen what Trudeau, his party, and the NDPs will do, when the people question their power over citizens.

Nickie Wilson
Don't give Trudeau credit for this insanity. We the people of Canada spoke up and protested.

Considering that the act was never ratified by the senate, does that mean it was never really in place? And does that mean that all of the actions by the police and banks were actually illegal?

Many thanks to people around the world for support of the Canadian Peaceful Demonstrations. Together we can make a difference!

John Smith
So if the emergency act is lifted, then do the trucker's get their bank accounts reinstated back as to before?

Benjamin Crom
I'm so ashamed of my government and my authorities. We were peaceful and this shows the duplicity of our corrupt "leaders".

Joy Hall
This political system will be scrutinized for a long time to come.
Absolutely unacceptable to have illegal acts against citizens!

Download here : Real-News-Putin-Speech-about-Ukraine-Russia-Actions-and-Tensions-2022-02-23.mp4 - 41,549 kb
By: RT - 23rd February 2022

Putin Speech about Ukraine,
Russia Actions and Tensions

Putin Speech Feb 23rd 2022 Ukraine Russia Actions and Tensions.

Download here: Real-News-Brave-woman-at-Canadian-Freedom-Convoy-in-Ottawa-confronts-police-head-on-2022-02-22.mp4 - 4,468 kb
By: Canadian Girl - 22nd February 2022

Brave woman at Canadian Freedom Convoy
in Ottawa confronts police head on!

"Are you guys going to advance on us more? Or do you just not want us to come past here? You can't answer that? Can you tell us?

Look, what do you want us to do? Can we peacefully protest here? Are we in danger of being run over? Run over because you guys have Wellington Street, moving the trucks, whatever party.

Okay, so you guys are gonna stay here right? You're just holding the line? You're not advancing on us? We can stay here? Like I'm sure you don't want us to be injured? We just want to know what, what, what's, what's gonna happen here? Are we able to just stand here and you guys just don't want us to cross this line? Or are we in danger? You can't tell us you want it to be a surprise so we are injured?"

When u see ur government dressed like this linning up like this then YES YOU ARE IN DANGER.

Ezekiel Brockmann
The West: "It's laughable when Putin calls us 'Fascists.'"

Joseph Davis
"I'm sure you dont want us to be injured" lol what?! Look at these dogs, theyve been training to bite

"You want it to be a surprise when we are injured?" - just look at how this statement hit that cop - he literally had to sway his head back.

T Bruce
They even look like villains straight out of a dystopian future movie.

Charley Weinhardt
looks like HalfLife
The sign in the back is funny, "I see you, looking at me..."

Download here: Jacinda-Ardern-guilty-of-duplicity-in-response-to-anti-vaccine-mandate-protests-2022-02-22.mp4 - 12,469 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 22nd February 2022
Jacinda Ardern guilty of 'duplicity' in
response to anti-vaccine mandate protests
1 dot Jacinda Ardern

Despite the media and New Zealand government attempting to portray anti-vaccine mandate protesters as "crackpots", they have "support in the wider community," according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.

"Led by a group calling itself the Freedom and Rights Coalition, the protesters are demanding among other things an end to vaccination mandates within two weeks," Ms Panahi said.

"As well as the government announcing an end date for all COVID-specific health response laws.

"Despite the image she projects of tolerance and … Ardern is guilty of hypocrisy and duplicity."

big ol john thompson
i never would of guessed this many authoritarian governments existed in 2022

Jeffrey Chongsathien
She's a trained loyalist of the World Economic Forum.

Have you noticed that in not one of the western countries where these protests are taking place have the governments actually come out to speak with the protestors or reason with them in any shape or form, Tell me if I am wrong!

Ian Fleischhacker
Her overt attempts to convey empathy through her facial expressions and use of her voice are amateurish. How the hell do people fall for her act?

Paal Kiwi
Ardern always talks at people in her condescending tone like she's addressing a primary school classroom; she's a real piece of work!

Elliott Johnson
so wierd hearing her say exaclty the same thing as trudeau on the other side of the world. Terrifying

Arron Goodwin
The mandates aren't temporary for those who have lost their jobs and homes

Holy cow, I can't believe she and Trudeau have the nerve to complain that 'people are being disrupted from their ability to move about the city and go about their daily lives'.

Canada Loves you New Zealand!! Here the government is painting it as political but we all know the truth. THIS IS ABOUT OUR FREEDOM!

Jaja Va
We need lots of wisdom nowadays to differentiate a lie from the truth.

Arden forgets she is a servant of the people, not their master.

Eusebio Thomas
This woman is the perfect picture of total woke derangement.

Dianne Penny
Oh my... Ardern just drips insincerity. It's excruciating to watch.

Phil Morton
If only politicians worried less about their reelection and more about the citizens they should be representing!

She wants to train her people to get into the habit of asking their government "may I please have my rights back?" And then she'll simply say "No."

She knows that as soon as an anti-narrative government gets in, she will be prosecuted for her actions. Her desperate double-down behaviour shows us that.

We see Trudeau, Macron and Ardern acting as though they are reading from the same hymn sheet. That's because they are.

The Protestors Have Won at the Wellington Protest
PM Jacinda Ardern revealed as an incompetent and unkind tyrant
22nd February 2022

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has told protesters at Parliament that they've "made their point", and it's now "time to go home."

The Prime Minister is clearly rattled. She doesn't understand that it is not for her to decide when the protesters go home (other than by her repealing the mandate orders.)

She also fails to appreciate that the protesters aren't outside her window to make a point: they are there to end the mandates.

In that one distinction we see the difference between the protesters and the Prime Minister. Everything the Prime Minister does is to make a point -- and only to make a point. She promises to build 100,000 houses or to plant a billion trees or to end child poverty. The promise serves only to make a point: that she cares. That's it. It is never her intention actually to build the houses or to plant the trees or to feed the kids.

She clearly doesn't know how to. She doesn't know how to swing a hammer or to wield the massive machinery of government to make houses. If she did know, she would have done so.

But for her it doesn't matter. She shows she cares by making her promise. She makes her point. And that for her is enough.

It's the same with modern day protests. They make their point. And then go home.

The protesters that I know outside Parliament aren't like that. They have gone to Wellington to end the mandates. They have a purpose. They have a job to do. And they will stay until it's done.

That's how they live. That's how they work. They live with purpose. And they do things. They build houses, plant trees, and feed people. They are very good at what they do. They have to be. They get paid for what they do, not for making a point. They don't survive with the hot air and endless meetings.

Rodney Hide
Rodney Hide

Their world and the Prime Minister's world normally don't collide. But the Prime Minister has used her world to turn their world upside down, and inside out, by a bewildering and constantly changing array of covid rules which don't make sense and which serve no purpose. The protesters I know have had enough. They are fed up. And so they have gone to Wellington to end the mandates.

They haven't sat at home to organise an online petition or write a Facebook post: they have gone to Parliament's front lawn, pitched tents and built a town. They are capable. They are committed. The Speaker turns the sprinklers on, they dig drainage trenches and spread straw. The next day more volunteers arrive with generators and dryers to dry their clothes.

They are practical people. They can feed and house an army in a hostile environment.

That's what's rattled the Prime Minister. These people are capable. They are capable in a way that she cannot imagine. Speaker Mallard thought it a great joke turning on the sprinklers. That would send them home. Nope. They can handle that. That's nothing.

They have proved themselves more determined, more capable and more organised than our Parliament and our Government.

The protesters have been brilliantly strategic. They have clearly followed Napoleon's dictum of never interrupting your enemy when he is making a mistake. The protesters have not interrupted the Prime Minister, the Speaker, Parliament, the Police and the Media as they have piled blunder upon blunder.

The battle has also spectacularly proved non-partisan: all political parties have sadly sided with the government making worthy statements and signing meaningless agreements. The best was the attempt to set conditions for negotiation: that totally misapprehended where the power lay. True to form, the media reported from the bunker believing something momentous had been decided. Oh and ODESC had a meeting.

That doesn't matter to the people I know camped on the lawn.

That's normal politics where the vast majority of citizens jog along not that happy with the government but not that unhappy that they would gather up a great swathe of New Zealand and camp indefinitely on the lawn of Parliament. That's a considerable disgruntlement. And when that happens, the government, and in this instance, Parliament loses.

The people win. Always.

They win because in a democracy the power lies with the people. Once a significant chunk defy the government, that's it. It doesn't take a majority, just a good chunk. And the mandates have mobilised a good chunk and then some.

The politicians can rant and rage and hold meetings. But that's all they can do.

Our police and army are quite correctly reluctant to do a Tiananmen Square. And so the protesters will win. They are not moving. They are not giving up. And there are plenty of them.

Get rid of a thousand, and there will be another thousand and more likely two thousand. There is a groundswell and they have coalesced around Camp Freedom and the call to dump the mandates.

I have little sympathy for the whinings of Wellingtonians dutifully reported in the media. Their complaints show them to be precious and out-of-touch. Their complaints pale beside the suffering the entire country has endured these past two years. And the disruption is not that much: it's just a little corner of the city. Plus the protest is right where it should be: outside the seat of power.

Besides, driving the protesters away with force would not make the problem go away. The people I know won't be cowered. They will set up elsewhere. The mandates just need to be dropped. Easy.

It's clear the Prime Minister is rattled. She accuses the protesters of bullying. That's rich from the Prime Minister who declares get vaxxed or lose your job. And become second class. We all enjoyed that irony and out-of-touchness.

And her telling us to go home? To our homes and to our businesses that have been shredded? Nope. It's more fun being amongst new and deep friends, being free and listening to the music, while all the while getting right up the noses of the dirty sods that have inflicted such pain and suffering on us, our families, our friends and our communities.

The protester's demand is simple and reasonable: dump the mandate. Greens and ACT supporters, Maori and Pakeha, have united in the simple request for one standard of citizenship. It has thrilled my heart to see kiwis side by side and united. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has united people -- but to her consternation they have united against her.

This is an older photo of the original 2 dot Jacinda Ardern
2 dot Jacinda Ardern

The mandates serve no epidemiological purpose. The Prime Minister need simply declare that in hindsight, and out of an abundance of caution, she went too far and that the mandates will end 11:59pm tonight.

The support for mandates would evaporate with her statement. Everyone would be happy. Oh there would be those rightly sheepish for their florid rhetoric against their fellow citizens but all would be forgiven. We would all move on a little freer, our politicians a little more circumspect, and our high and mighty slightly humbled.

We would all have learned that you can only push people so far. We will comply but only so far. There is a breaking point. And we are past that.

The Battle for Molesworth Street has been fought and won. We just have to wait for the Prime Minister to realise it.

It will happen. The only issue is whether it will be days or months. And whether it registers as a blip on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's leadership or its total destruction.

Download: Jacinda-Ardern-The-Distorter-of-Everything-Says-its-Time-for-Camp-Freedom-Protestors-in-Wellington-to-Go-Home-2022-02-20.mp4 - 20,034 kb
By: Coronavirus Plushie - 20th February 2022
Jacinda Ardern - the Distorter of Everything
Says it's Time for the Camp Freedom
Protestors in Wellington to Go Home
1 dot Jacinda Ardern

Hahahaha! The Lying woman who ruined everyone's jobs and businesses is all of a sudden concerned about Jobs and businesses. That's called Duplicitous Hypocrisy.

Does she not listen to her friend Bill Gates who said how sad it is that Omicron is doing a better job of immunity than his vaccines. Dumb ass.

Download: Real-News-Day-11-of-New-Zealand-Anti-mandate-Protest-at-Parliament-Conversations-with-Kiwis-2022-02-20.mp4 - 18,250 kb
By: John Mills - 20th February 2022

Day 11 of New Zealand Anti-Mandate Protest
at Parliament | Conversations with Kiwis

Day 11 of the New Zealand Anti-mandate Protest at Parliament in Wellington. It's Friday night and there is a party atmosphere. Many more kiwis have arrived from around the country and the occupation expands an increasing amount of lawn and road space in the streets surrounding parliament.

People sing and dance the night away.

The prime minister Jacinda Adern, her politicians from the government and those in the opposition still continue to ignore the people and do not speak with them.

Filmed between 8pm & 10pm on Friday, February 18, 2022.

0:00 - Outside Parliament
0:30 - Interview with Michael Crump
2:36 - Maori singing group
3:00 - Interview with Bella Wolfe
3:40 - Exploring the Parliament grounds
4:07 - Man with megaphone, encouraging people to talk to the governor
4:31 - Street band
4:38 - Signage
4:57 - Supplies
5:18 - Food

The Duke
All my support for the protesters. It has to be done to stop these unlawful idiotic mandates.

Geoff Mills
Nice interviews, music and night scenes. Thanks John for going out at night to see what's happening down there and sharing it. Well done.

sylvia alger
Thanks for letting the voices be heard.

Freedom finder
Stay strong NZ, love from Australia

Lion Prince Ashanti
These mandates are really exposing Politicians and their innermost desire and intention for the populace.

Stormy Turner
Beautiful speeches people. Thankyou for raising your voice for the ones who took and lost their lives to this. Much love to the Families. Keep fighting together keep standing for your Freedom and our children we are with you all the way x

Sylvia Tokics
WOW. What an excellent video! Keep doing what you are doing now. I love it. I wish I could be there.

New Zealand news channels have all cancelled "comments" after their You Tube slots leaving Spincinda's opinions unchallenged, in line with her muzzling tactics. Thanks for including comments so that Kiwis can have a say if they want to

Download: Real-News-Doctors-Nurses-NZ-needs-you-all-So-sorry-this-is-happening-Pavel-Gajdusek-2022-02-19.mp4 - 1,815 kb
By: Pastor Peter Mortlock - 19th February 2022

Doctors / Nurses - NZ needs you all!
So sorry this is happening! Dr. Pavel Gajdusek loses job

Melanie Wium
Yes this is so sad. I can't believe this and the comments of some people on the Herald page shows such cruelty I'm finding it hard to process

Tania Sobr-Star
Thank you for your compassionate heart, it is a big blessing and for showing us what truly is happening

Kay Harris

Graeme Robertson
I can hardly believe this is NZ. Jacinda says they are looking after the health of kiwis. Very obviously she couldn't care less. Her way or the highway?

Eve Lemm
Bless you young man you're a wonderful doctor. This will all be over soon when Jacinda's backside is kicked to the kerb. I'm sure her day's are numbered. You'll be back at your fabulous job soon. The people that love you in your community need you.

Jan Somers
So sorry to hear that…we need Doctors like you, where has all the kindness gone

Dilly Hofmans
We need them now to set up their own practices! Great start to do it without this governments consent! Go you!we support you ALL.

Olive Wilson
Yes We need qualified doctors and nurses for this pandemic

Lyndall Micka
Pastor Mortlock it would be a blessing if you could stand on stage and say a Pray over this Nation GOD NEEDS TO BE THE CENTER

Angela Formston
And midwives. I am no longer working after 19 years. I now sit on the sideline watching my poor colleagues absolutely slammed with understaffed and unsustainable workloads. And what about our poor Mum's and babies and families

Jennifer Sowersby
She decided think about that. Children unable to play sport she decided. Have to wear masks she decided. Not able to work she decided. Crippling the people. At every turn. If that acceptable for us? Time to go.

Scott Anthony Brennan
All these doctors and nurses should form their own company and network!

Dean Wright
You know ''you have all bean there now for three weeks . and you know no one has died or be rushed to hospital for covid So you have to think about that.

Download: Real-News-The-Arrests-in-Ottawa-are-not-Real-Catch-and-Release-out-of-Town-2022-02-19.mp4 - 1,826 kb
By: mistersunshinebaby - 19th February 2022

Catch and Release out of Town!!!

Joanne Vardakis
Was heartbreaking seeing our veterans were kicked and pushed down. Shame on them.

Bigfatdave Bigfatdave
I wonder how many truckers will be willing to deliver their loads to Ottawa going forward?

heavenly777 protector
Simple Logistics they CAN'T ARREST everyone! It's literally impossible.

Sounds like unlawful arrest, search and seizure as well as kidnapping charges need to be filed against the police by all who were handled by the government criminals.

So for those wondering what's going on basically the cops are trying to rattle you. They're hoping you do something that they can charge you with during the course of the arrest. Like one guy was getting punched in his vehicle after refusing to get out. Looks bad for the cops but they're gonna say he was resisting and they're gonna be able to hold him. You'll notice the organizers cooperated fully. For this type of protest that's the most frustrating thing you can do because it becomes very hard to pin something on you. It's important to note that they WILL still try if they think they can so watch out. Keep safe out their everyone.

Indy Jones
If this is true, then they are being kidnapped and these officers should be arrested and charged accordingly.

Download: Real-News-trudeauforjail-Calling-Canadian-convoys-violent-is-like-calling-BLM-protests-mostly-peaceful-2022-02-19.mp4 - 5,495 kb
By: mistersunshinebaby - 19th February 2022

#trudeauforjail - Calling Canadian convoys violent
is like calling BLM protests mostly peaceful.

Ryan Smith
The whole world is watching. Canadians are proving to be the shining city on a hill. Much love and respect for you all.

The Led Zeppelin
Calling Canadian convoys violent is like calling BLM protests mostly peaceful.

Nuthin Nobody
As a Canadian… I feel so sick tonight.
God bless our truckers and their supporters.
Those mounted police will have their reward
God save us all.

Legit Person
"When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty" - Thomas Jefferson

Jen N
They also arrested a newly retired police officer, and after they trampled the woman in the electric wheelchair / scooter - the police posted on their FB that someone had thrown a bicycle at the horse and spooked it. There was no bicycle. No one threw anything. They trampled a Native First Nations elderly woman in an electric wheelchair and an older gentlemen was knocked to the ground and trampled as well. Look at the videos and Ariel photos for yourself! So disheartening!

Freedom Convoy 2022!
Can't believe they arrested Veterans today. Disgusting.

Download here: Real-News-Judge-Jeanines-epic-takedown-of-Justin-Trudeau-with-unearthed-clip-on-The-Five-2022-02-18.mp4 - 3,056 kb
By: Fox News - 18th February 2022

Judge Jeanine's epic takedown of
Justin Trudeau with unearthed clip on 'The Five'

Jeremy Taylor
Thank you from Canada. The media up here will not criticize him.

crabby paddy
He should not represent any party in a Democratic Society

George Henderson
The dude literally praised China's dictatorship AND is Canada's PM. But I think not for much longer.
Canadians ( not the fringe minority, Justin ) have had enough!

Shawn B
He's the biggest embarrassment in Canada

Intel Kore
"I respect the freedom of our people but also I really don't" - Adolf Trudeau.

Franco Bonofiglio
Judge Jeanine that's one Smart Lady THANK YOU FOR HOLDING THE LINE.

Whiskey Tango
Trudeau did this BEFORE he was elected as Prime Minister. It shocks me that he was elected after making such a statement.

A Day at the Welington Protest
The Politicians / Police / Media are Lying to Us
18th February 2022
A Day at the Welington Protest. The Politicians / Police / Media are Lying to Us

By: CAM SLATER (via Dave Blyth)

Early yesterday three mates and I jumped in a private plane and flew to Wellington to attend the protest. It was a beautiful day for flying and we made very good time to Paraparaumu.

Another mate picked us up and drove us in to Wellington, where I was expecting traffic jams around parliament as the media have claimed. We took the Murphy Street off-ramp and cruised through every green light, then grabbed a car park outside the train station.

There wasn't and there isn't an issue with traffic.

Sure three streets are blocked with hundreds of cars and trucks, but there is no gridlock in Wellington. The media and the Police are lying to you.

After grabbing a bite to eat we headed up to the protest. I've never seen anything like it. The media and the politicians are lying to you.

There is no aggression, in fact, quite the opposite. There is more fun and laughter and Aroha than I've ever seen before. I was getting hugs from people I've never met before, of all races and political persuasion.

There are definitely no white supremacists. I tried very hard to find them, because I read an article from Simon Wilson in that dreadful rag the NZ Herald, that they were being infiltrated into the protest in disguise. I did look sideways at three grannies, one with a walker…they looked a bit suss to me.

Everywhere I went I was greeted with the Kiwi eyebrow wave, hugs, handshakes and people were just happy to have someone who would listen to them.

They are from all walks of life and they are just fed up. They saw the protest roll through the towns and cities on the way to parliament and they just decided that they'd had enough. They aren't angry but they are mad as hell.

And they aren't going away. I was privy to some very serious organisational resources and wherewithal. I won't say what precisely because the organisers are fearful that their operations will be shut down. But let me tell you this, they are staying and they aren't going anywhere. They are very, very, very well organised. This not some rabble that can be ignored.

The media lies about unsanitary conditions are just that, lies. There isn't a skerrick of rubbish to be seen, if someone drops something they are asked to pick it up. There are people sweeping paths. There are people picking up rubbish. The toilet facilities are amazingly clean despite the thousands on site. I've seen worse in restaurants.

The media lies about the disparate groups arguing with themselves simply aren't true. The Freedom & Rights Coalition and VFF and all the other groups are getting on like a house on fire. They are serious, they mean business and they aren't going away.

I spoke at one point, just before 4 pm. I was well-received, and afterwards, I nearly died of suffocation from a hug from the biggest Maori bloke I've ever seen.

These people just want to be listened to. It's organic, it's organised, and it is growing in power. This movement is going to change the face of politics. These people are fed up with being locked up, locked down, disrespected and ignored. They are simply enjoying being free.

The media and politicians and Police are lying to you all. Their goose is cooked. I've never seen anything like it.

Download here: Jacinda-Ardern-Camp-Freedom-Wellington-New-Zealand-The-Single-Source-of-Truth-just-keeps-on-lying-2022-02-18.mp4 - 16,128 kb
By: Coronavirus Plushie - 18th February 2022
Camp Freedom, Wellington, New Zealand.
Jacinda Ardern (The Single Source of Truth)
just keeps on lying!

Don't be fooled by the smiling kids, playdough, crayons, candy floss, sausage sizzle and international haka. Or the live music, massage, first aid and art & craft tents, non violence and so much love. Or even the glowing reports from the police.

While this might look like thousands of everyday kiwis and people from all races and nationalities, peacefully standing for freedom of choice, bodily autonomy and human rights, 'Camp Freedom' is not what it seems.

What we actually have in the grounds of Parliament is a foreign-funded, misinformation-fuelled occupation of far-right, white supremacist, neo-nazi, anti-semitic, anti-science, anti-vaccine, Trump flag-waving QAnonites, who use their children as human shields.

These people are a fringe minority. They are terrorists and bullies and they hold unacceptable, dangerous views. They do not represent New Zealand.

[..and yes, of course all of the above is sarcasm. But it is also the lying rantings of New Zealand's meglamanical Jacinda Ardern according to her "Single source of truth"]

Victoria B
Shared because the people of NZ are being lied to about what this protest stands for. Thank you for taking the time to make this.

Jeanette Fraser
Community at its best!! Displaying kiwi spirit, unity and standing for freedom and truth.

tom horne
This needs to be seen far and wide! If only we could show this on mainstream

Maree Reed
Has there ever been a government in New Zealand more out of touch with the people, more arrogant or more tyrannical? The answer is no. They underestimated us. They are underestimating our strength, our numbers and our love for our country and for our fellow kiwis. And WE WILL NEVER GIVE IN and WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!!!
Not until real freedom and democracy is restored.

Someone tell her that it's "purports to" not "preports to" - unless she's looking to change the dictionary like they did for the definition of "vaccine" when it no longer matched their ruse.

Anne Thomson
Good on the police for telling the truth. We all know who the bullies are ..

Thank you Plushie for this wonderful record - In the spirit of of the 1975 Hikoi, those citizens from all corners of our country will stay at Parliament until they are heard and their children's freedom is restored. Hands off our Children!

What a wonderful video record of all the normal, regular, everyday Kiwis, at this important time in NZ history. How many M.P.s have taken a pay cut; as we are all in this together? Oh, that's right none have. As these hypocrites criticise those who have suffered loss of jobs and careers, these hard hearted politicians daring to smear true Kiwi families who are just trying to peacefully make their point.
These children will have some of their greatest lessons in life, accompanying their parents at this difficult time. Get off your high horses M.Ps, get out there and talk to the people! Remove the mandates, roll back the disgusting new laws snuck in under the guise of a pandemic, and remember who you serve!! We pay you to do a thoughtful and competent job, not to spend your time social engineering NZ society.

Tiffany Walsh
Jacinda talks about the protesters bullying and harassing Wellingtonians who are trying to go to work. Actually, who is bullying and harassing people, with mandates to get a questionable jab, in order to work or study??? When you judge others, it is what you can't see in yourself (in my experience).

Download: Real-News-Truth-is-Terrorism-New-Update-from-US-Government-2022-02-16.mp4 - 24,881 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 16th February 2022

Truth is Terrorism! - New Update from US Government

Truth is terrorism! New update from US government and the department of homeland security. Spreaders of online misinformation are now considered domestic terrorists. You better start subscribing to the narrative before you go to jail!

Cool PapaJMagik
"A government that is willing to break the law during an emergency will create an emergency in order to break the law"

Super J - Man
I came, I laughed, I clicked the like button. Never Give Up, Never Surrender! Stay Free JP!

Thank you JP for all you do and your courage. Love

Marie Jacob
Apparently being called a "domestic terrorist" is more of an honor that a dis at this point.

"Science now shows the mid-terms are approaching ...."

Prolific Invention
"When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals"

FDA-Executive-Officer-Christopher-Cole-on-Hidden-Camera-Reveals-FDA-Receives-Bribes-to-Inoculate-As-Many-People-As-Possible-2022-02-15.mp4 - 12,578 kb
By: Project Veritas - 15th February 2022

FDA Executive Officer Christopher Cole on
Hidden Camera, Reveals FDA Receives Bribes
to Inoculate As Many People As Possible

Project Veritas FDA Executive Christopher Cole says Biden Wants to Inoculate As Many People as Possible with Annual Shot.

Project Veritas with James O'Keefe has a very controversial method of getting dumb officials to say all the things they "would never" admit to. It's similar to the way Russian KGB have been known to use beautiful female "honey pots" to solicit their adversary. I guess what worked for the KGB seems to work quite well for Project Veritas and this is another example.

Download: Real-News-Archbishop-Viganos-IMPORTANT-MESSAGE-To-Canadian-Truckers-Canadian-Freedom-Convoy-2022-02-15.mp4 - 26,136 kb
By: INSPIRED - 15th February 2022
Archbishop Vigano's IMPORTANT
MESSAGE To Canadian Truckers
Canadian Freedom Convoy
Carlo Maria Vigano is an archbishop of the Catholic Church who served as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 19 October 2011 to 12 April 2016. Archbishop Vigano has spoken out against The Great Reset and the Globalist Agenda 2030 publicly many times. He now gives his full support to the Canadian truckers and the worldwide Freedom movement.

Suzanne Cranny
I am not a member of any Church or religion, but this speech is amazing. Thank you for making it and for sharing it

Theresa Doyle
Archbishop Vigano is such a good man.. i hope anyone listening to him is blessed and motivated to get today's message

David Bryan
Make no mistake, these are incredible times to be alive and I say to you all reading this; have faith over fear because better times are coming.
And to those Canadian truckers making history I say this, history will be kind to you.

Rob H
Huge respect and love to every single person on this planet who has stood to oppose this global tyrany.
We will win because they underestimate the power of the human spirit.

Linda Badham
A man who is telling the truth at last .

James Nichols
Just wanted to say that this is one of the most beautiful speeches I have heard about the convoy. I am sad to say that I am Canadian and I see what has happened to my country . I feel in my heart that love will always win over fear. Please everyone share this message of love and this video.

I am not religious-----------but this is one of the greatest speeches I have ever heard !
----------------Spoken by a REAL MAN !!!!!...........much gratitude.

Kieron Knott
More people really need to start waking up and begin to understand just how perilous our future will become if we all don't stand up and say no.

Rosey K
This is OUR time! It was always written. We are not here accidentally, we have been chosen for this moment.

Amazing speech. Covered everything Govts don't want the average person to know or think about. It's not about being allowed into supermarkets nor vaccine mandates. It's about our fundamental rights to be free as living beings on our planet.

Download here: Real-News-You-lying-wretch-Hilton-to-Hillary-Clinton-Donald-Trump-was-right-again-2022-02-14.mp4 - 20,353 kb
By: Fox News - 14th February 2022
You lying wretch: Hilton to Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump was right again!

'The Next Revolution' host discusses a filing from Special Counsel John Durham alleging the Clinton campaign paid money to penetrate Trump's servers. #FoxNews #Hilton

Hillary Clinton HACKED the Whitehouse!!!!!!

Raven Dixon
She is a despicable human being and even the Dems know it. I know people that have met her in a professional capacity that do not have a good thing to say about her. I hope she gets what she deserves. Lock her up!

Janine Kreikemeier
We the people demand that EVERYONE involved in this are held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent. It is enough talking and time for action!
Not one person is above the law.

This is evidence to show how accurate Trump was calling Hillary "Crooked".

"American democracy is rotten to the core." Now lets hold law breakers accountable, all of them.

elaine velutis
"You hired the computer scientist you lying wretch . . ." Finally a journalist that is not hesitant to tell it as it is in the context it belongs.

Bill Madison
Being a Democrat shouldn't be a get out of jail free card but clearly it is.

Download: Real-News-Australian-Police-deploy-Sonic-weapons-against-Women-and-Children-at-Parliament-House-SHAME-2022-02-13.mp4 - 16,863 kb
By: Aussie Cossack - 13th February 2022

Australian Police deploy Sonic weapons against
Women and Children at Parliament House! SHAME!

Scott Morrison continues to commit crimes against the Australian people by deploying Sonic low frequency weapons against peaceful protesters! Shame on you SCOMO!

By: From.Sydney
"This technology is used for crowd-control purposes by emitting loud and painful levels of noise that may lead to significant harms to the ears, potentially causing hearing loss."

Its a moral disgrace what our government is doing to the Australian people

Absolutely disturbing and disgusting!!
How can the cops and politicians behave this way against women and CHILDREN??!!

Paolo Neri
That's disgusting and shameful by the police and whoever authorised above that. Those weapons can do damage to some people. They know there are children in the crowd. I guess we shouldn't expect anything less from the same mob who are mandating an experimental jab which is also harming adults and children. Finger on the pulse as always AC, keep going!

Enca Crosbie
Absolutely disgusting. Goes to show the government doesn't care about public health.

slavka gough
It's unbelievable! This is outrageous! They have to be held responsible!

Groundswell NZ - Turning sprinklers on the protestors
at night & playing loud music at night was final straw
Parliament House Wellington
13th February 2022
Groundswell NZ

Good evening

This is written by Bryce, and is a feeling the rest of us in Groundswell NZ share.

Groundswell NZs main focus continues to be on the unworkable regulations impacting the rural sector. Like increasing numbers of New Zealanders, farmers have felt badly maligned by this current government and its policies. Like the protestors in Wellington we also have been ignored by the Government and called denigrating names. We can empathize with their frustration.

Whether you agree or not with the people protesting on parliament grounds is not the debate anymore. What this government, that proclaimed it would govern for all New Zealanders, has done is turn its back on a good number of its people.

How hard can it be to at least front up and talk to the people assembled on parliament grounds?

The final straw for me and what prompted me to go public, is the way government is treating these people - turning the sprinklers on them knowing there was a storm coming, and playing loud music at night so as to not let them sleep and make them feel miserable, no farmer would treat animals like that!

Although this protest has a different focus to Groundswell NZ, we support their right to be heard and cannot understand or agree with the Governments actions. What is becoming of our once united and proud country?

Kind regards, Bryce & Laurie Groundswell NZ

New Zealand switches on sprinklers, and ‘Baby Shark,’ to deter ‘Freedom Convoy’ inspired protesters

Download here: Kari-Lake-gave-another-masterclass-on-how-to-handle-fake-news-propagandists-like-Liam-Bartlett-2022-02-12.mp4 - 15,614 kb
By: and Phenomenology - 12th February 2022
Kari Lake gave another masterclass
on how to handle fake news
propagandists like Liam Bartlett

60 Minutes reporter Liam Bartlett got into a fiery argument with Donald Trump-backed Republican candidate Kari Lake after their interview.

WATCH Kari Lake gave another masterclass on how to handle fake news propagandists from Australia.

"It's not your job as a journalist to tell me how to view the world….Are you a respectable journalist there, or are you considered a joke?… thank you for giving me a good laugh!"

Kari Lake
This might've been one of the most insane interviews I've ever been a part of.
It's worth watching the entire thing.
Liam Bartlett has a raging case of TDS.
He is unhinged.
@60Mins @LiamRBartlett

This is an excellent example of a journalist being an activist instead of what we expect them to be, unbiased, unopinionated and without an agenda. No such thing anymore, and she's right, people are tuning out of mainstream media for this very reason.

He just summed up perfectly the problem with corporate media without even knowing it.

As an Australian I can confirm this lady is spot on. I'm really sorry about how we come accross to the rest of the world, I promiss we're not all like this.

All Australians need to see this!!

"Days are numbered." My favorite part.

When you as a media correspondent delve into using Trump insults as a way to "get back" at someone you have lost ALL credibility in my book.

Liam is NOT kind of a joke here in Australia.
He's a complete joke here in Australia!

how is saying "Australians have no rights" xenophobic? Living in Australia through covid I can tell you this statement is 100% true.

Liam Bartlett is a hack. As an Aussie I'm embarrased by this guy. Kari you're awesome. Not all of us are like this!!!

As an Australian, I have not watched the M5M for years.

Wow. Liam is strait up a total liar. He totally agreed to the 15 minutes. She's right. It became comical with him keep brining up Trump. What a total fool.

You were right about What you said to him re Australia, too. Look how much worse the tyranny has gotten there. Dems are following suit.

Kari Lake just shined the light right in the eyes of the propagandist using his own words.

Why are you being so nice to these people, they don't deserve your courtesy @KariLake

Journalism is dead, because nobody will pay enough for people to actually do good investigative work, and so all they can do is give opinions. Which are no more thought out than any other random person on the internet.

The only way "journalists" can get paid is to be political operatives. Which would be fine if people understood that's ALL they are. Paid propagandists. The word "journalist" has no connection to these people. It's a hold up from the past.

Craig O, Gibbs
I love it when they think they have prey and become the hunted ones. Kari Lake was very respectful in the beat down of a snide little tick. Rock on KL with your bad self.

This is absolutely golden! @KariLake
should be the next press secretary.

Accidental Insurrectionist Fran
Liam isn't a journalist. He's a propagandist. A joke.

Goddamn, I love this woman.

I adore her.

These people aren't journalists, they're activists.

Download: Real-News-Canadian-Freedom-Convoy-Trudeau-Says-That-Mandates-Are-The-Way-To-Avoid-Further-Restrictions-2022-02-12.mp4 - 22,990 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 12th February 2022

Canadian Freedom Convoy - Trudeau Says that
"Mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions"

The truckers protesting the mandates in Canada have been at it and are making a difference. Beloved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is doing his best to shut down the dangerous trucker protests. Will Trudeau's government win, or will the Truckers For Freedom win? Let's find out in this video.

Larry Mitchell
As my friend said. "If Canadians are protesting, you know it's bad."

Merryl Miziul
"Mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions" - sounds like something out of the book 1984.

"Mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions" is another version of "The beatings will continue until morale improves."

Richard Marston
The Freedom truckers is probably the most inspiring protest I've ever seen.

Nicola Tainui
New zealanders have been having a freedom protest that has turned into a beautiful love festival on parliament grounds for over a week now. Parliament has turned on the sprinklers (in the middle of having water restrictions) to try drown them out but the protesters built trenches and farmers donated hay to soak up the water. Food trucks have turned up for free and kiwis from all ends of NZ have been sending resources. The best part about it is seeing how many people have been thinking the same but been afraid to because of the noise and propaganda about people that arn't going along with the main narrative being selfish entitled and not caring about vulnerable people. People are waking up and speaking up everywhere it is inspiring

B. Johnny
In Alberta, not only did the tow trucks refuse to tow, they joined the convoy!

Download: Real-News-Justin-Trudeau-Castro-gets-JEERED-as-he-REFUSES-to-Answer-this-Question-2022-02-13.mp4 - 2,367 kb
By: John Talks - 12th February 2022

Justin Trudeau / Castro gets JEERED as
he REFUSES to Answer this Question....

Young Archaeotech
I'm curious, does Justin honestly believe that once these protests are "ended" that all those people will just sit back down and be quiet? It's not like they will just cease to exist.

John Bruno
If you think it would end with 100 % "compliance".. You would be wrong.. Stay Strong! God bless

People all over the world are wondering if he's completely zombified.

Kervius Kuroshiba
He gave us his "answer." Stay Strong my Canadian brothers and to those who follow their lead! If Brandeau does not want to listen / answer / represent the people he sworn to represent then every citizen should follow the Freedom Convoy's example in peaceful protest until he steps down or comply to the people's will. Hell, if I were a leader of another nation, I would not do any business to a person like Justin for he does not represent the people at this time.

Zombie Cartman
This is why I can't watch Canadian Parliament. This "man" has consistently answered every question he has ever been asked like this. Here in America the idiots call it "speaking Presidential". Honest people know it is just carefully crafted lies and word diarrhea.

I keep hearing "I hope it doesn't get bloody this weekend in Ottawa". How the hell are we supposed to know when Trudeau starts menstruating!?

Download here: Real-News-Mandate-Protest-WOW-All-roads-lead-to-Parliament-House-2022-02-12.mp4 - 8,712 kb
By: Avi Yemini - 12th February 2022

Mandate Protest - WOW!!! All roads lead
to Parliament House, Canberra, Australia

basia mille
So proud of Australians standing for their freedom.
We are ALL in this fight together
Stay Strong.
Love and support from Canada

Frank Tee
We need more people to join in to protect us and our childrens against tyranny and absolute control of our lives..!!!...

Does that look like a people who is happy with their gov? TAKE THE POWER BACK.

Utah Get Me 2
More coming! Stay strong legends!

Tory Allan
And they will say only a few people showed up with footage from the other day... proof it was thousands, good job!!!

Download here: Real-News-Incredible-scenes-In-Canberra-As-Millions-March-We-Want-Our-Country-Back-2022-02-12.mp4 - 19,579 kb
By: UKACTION - 12th February 2022


Australians are gathering in the Australian capitol Canberra demanding those politicians running the scamdemic get out and give the country back to the people.

wow,if the people carry-on like this,they will surpass Muslim pilgrimage, and win a new record on Guinness Book Record.

Point is, on paper these people are already dead.. So, there is no room for ⁣negotiations... NO ROOM....

Absolutely fantastic!! Sends chills down my spine!!

Is Oz running low on XXXX?

Join the NZ Police now. Become a well
paid thug & beat up defenceless citizens
aka The Beehive, Wellington, Convoy NZ 2022
12th February 2022

Join the NZ Police now. Become a well paid thug & beat up defenceless citizens

Download: Real-News-Whistleblower-Canadian-Army-Major-Breaks-Ranks-and-Spills-the-Truth-on-Covid-19-Mandates-2022-02-11.mp4 - 14,411 kb
By: UKACTION - 11th February 2022

Whistleblower Canadian Army Major Breaks
Ranks and Spills the Truth on Covid-19 Mandates

Major Stephen Chledowski has served the Canadian Air Forces for 20+ years. He has held several army command positions.

He has an urgent message for all Canadians.

He noted that the government has been using "tactics of fear, intimidation, coercion and financial and physical violence" against the people to "gain compliance for certain repeated medical procedures."

"They have knowingly and repeatedly violated the highest laws of the land, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

Brutish Police / thugs at New Zealand Parliament
look at innocent child through the barrier

11th February 2022

WELLINGTON UPDATE - Brutish Police / thugs at New Zealand Parliament look at innocent child through the barrier

By: The Voices For Freedom

Hi Vicki,

Have you been watching?

Right now, all eyes are on Wellington (New Zealand), and the world is watching our politicians cower behind a wall of shamefully compromised police officers.

Their yellow bellies are on full display, and millions are witnessing their despicable actions. Regardless of what happens next, exposure of their deplorable behaviour will go down in history as a massive turning point in the battle for freedom.

Remember, it's level headed, focused, and considered action with integrity that will triumph in the end, not emotion-fuelled antics. We'll leave that to the police.

The lies and tyranny will collapse under the weight of truth piling up. Soon, someone will break ranks, and the dominoes will begin to fall.

We will keep pushing forward until it happens. Some politicians are even starting to make noises in this space as they recognise that this is not a fringe minority.

But, we must keep the pressure on..

Vax mandates divide our nation, impact New Zealanders' ability to work and provide for their families, and participate in life in general. It remains our goal to increase public awareness of these things.

By awakening enough of the people of New Zealand, the mandates will inevitably fall.

Whether it happens today, at the next demonstration, or the one after, it will happen; it is unstoppable.

And, until then, every single action makes a difference.

Here are some incredible wins to acknowledge so far with the Freedom Convoy and EVERYONE involved!

Kiwis in their tens of thousands have stood up and spoken out – they drove in cars, trucks, motorhomes, motorbikes and even push-bikes in the convoy. They stood on roadsides and over-bridges and shared on social media.

People have rallied around to supply food, water, necessities, and support to those dedicated to the cause. THIS is the New Zealand we all know and love.

Hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders have seen us. They have seen the heart of this peaceful movement. They are beginning to understand we are many, and we are standing for them.

The disgraceful behaviour of our politicians and police has been in full sight. The people have seen the refusal of the MPs to come outside Parliament and listen to legitimate democratic protest. They have witnessed the completely unnecessary police brutality in the face of a peaceful stand.

Even the mainstream media has been unable to ignore us any longer, with all newspapers and television channels covering the story (albeit facts often losing to their fiction).

National and Act have shown we have no true opposition in this Government. All are captured. However, they have at least had to move to demand a timeframe to the end of the mandates.

Finally, we have seen ex MPs speaking up - Rodney Hide, Matt King and Winston Peters have been forthright in their condemnation of the Government's treatment of New Zealanders making a peaceful stand.

Our voice and message are being heard. Now is not the time to give up - it is time to think and act strategically.

So, what next?

Those in Wellington are calling for support - and numbers matter!

People ARE legally permitted to gather on the streets surrounding the grounds, so if you are willing and able, let's wrap our support around Wellington.

We know that more people plan to convoy down to Wellington from other parts of the country. If this is your plan, please be mindful of the situation you will be entering and come prepared. Make sure you have somewhere to stay, food, water, and appropriate clothing.

And a reminder that Voices for Freedom stands for integrity, honour and respect. We do not condone aggressive, violent or unlawful behaviour. We encourage people to act calmly and respectfully, even when opposed or challenged, in line with our Code Of Conduct.

In The Meantime..

Let's continue to show the rest of the country, and indeed the world, that Kiwis are peaceful and dedicated in their stand for our freedoms! Let's get out on the streets to stand in solidarity throughout New Zealand.


Claire, Libby & Alia xo

Download here: Real-News-Today-New-Zealand-had-a-victory-against-tyranny-at-parliament-2022-02-10.mp4 - 6,950 kb
By: Lingo Lewi - 10th February 2022

Today, New Zealand had a
victory against tyranny at parliament

Ian Dalcourt
Canadians Stand with you New Zealand! Stay Strong!!!

blanket man
So proud of the peaceful strong Kiwis, standing up for freedom of choice

Tim Nissen
Stand strong brave and free NZ full support from Canada

jewel 123456789
Way to go! Freedom is sweet

This is absolutely great news but brave people of NZ let's make a big show of it! Stay strong NZ

Robert E. O'Hara
From Canada to our friends in New Zealand, let us Stand-Out, Stand-Up and Stand Together to resist tyranny and authoritarianism. We are NOT Dispensable or Insignificant people! Democracies are fragile and need to be attended to with truth and facts to defend against those who wish to dominate and control our Freedoms. Truth is an inconvenience (for leaders & governments) as they imply you can question their stories as told by their Messengers of Misery as they try to take away hope for the future with wars, climate, taliban, covid, corruption. Lockdown your mind and anchor you to fear.

Download here: Real-News-Thousands-of-ships-off-Chinas-coast-vanish-2022-02-09.mp4 - 4,046 kb
By: Stay Savvy Stay Smart - 9th February 2022

Thousands of ships off China's coast vanish
Q was right!

Thousands of ships off China's coast vanish.

Ships in Chinese waters have vanished from industry tracking systems, further complicating the global supply chain. China's increasing isolation from the rest of the world, as well as a growing sensitivity to foreign influence, may be to blame.

The decline in shipping traffic began at the end of October, according to analysts, as China prepared to implement data privacy rules.

Shipping data providers can frequently track ships all around the world since they are equipped with an Automatic Identification System, or AIS, transmitter.

This system employs high-frequency radio to allow ships to send information including position, speed, course, and name to coastal stations. If a ship is beyond of range of such stations, information can be exchanged by satellite.

However, China, the world's second-largest economy and a major player in global commerce, is not one of them. According to VesselsValue, a global maritime data service, the number of vessels transmitting signals from the country has decreased by about 90% in the last three weeks.

"Right now in China, we're seeing an industry-wide reduction in terrestrial AIS signals," said Charlotte Cook, VesselsValue's chief trade analyst.

However, China, the world's second-largest economy and a major player in global commerce, is not one of them.

According to VesselsValue, a global maritime data service, the number of vessels transmitting signals from the country has decreased by about 90% in the last three weeks.

"Right now in China, we're seeing an industry-wide reduction in terrestrial AIS signals," said Charlotte Cook, VesselsValue's chief trade analyst.

When asked about the situation, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs declined to comment. A request for comment from the State Council Information Office, which functions as the country's cabinet's press office, on why shipping businesses were losing data access was not immediately returned.

NOTE: Q said to: "Watch the water." -

Also think 'Evergreen' re the ship that was later to become stuck in the Suez Canal:

Q's comms literally are "Future proves past." (Yes it's all in military code / comms - as we are in a war.)

Watch the water. Q

Watch the water. Q. Future proves past.

Download here: Real-News-The-Go-Fund-Me-Crisis-for-Canadian-Freedom-Convoy-Its-Not-What-You-Think-2022-02-09.mp4 - 17,050 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 9th February 2022

The Go Fund Me Crisis for Canadian
Freedom Convoy - It's Not What You Think!

The Go Fund Me Crisis, it's not what you think. Go Fund Me decided against giving $9 million in donations to the Canadian trucker convoy. In this video you'll learn why Go Fund Me was right and is protecting Canadians by withholding funds from the truckers.

I was one of the people that donated to it. After GoFundMe exposing themselves to the world, I have tripled my donation through other means.

Benoit Bourque
If we don't all boycott Go Fund Me, they will not learn their lesson. Never forgive, never forget.

Daz Jo
Love this: "We're trying to save Canada from the people trying to save Canada."

Daniel Daniels
This is not the first time that GoFundMe has misdirected funds like this based on their political views. Why anyone keeps using them is beyond me.

s c
Would have been hilarious had they not backpedaled on this, would have been fraud in pretty much any country with laws and I still think GoFundme should probably be prosecuted and taken down anyways.

Mr. Proton
"We didn't steal $9 million... We TOOK $9 million!"

Download here: Real-News-Canada-Ottawa-Police-Dont-Bring-Gas-People-Bringing-Gas-Anyway-2022-02-09.mp4 - 6,130 kb
By: CBC News: The National - 9th February 2022

Ottawa Police: "Don't Bring Gas"
People Bringing Gas Anyway

Against police order, people of Ottawa bring gas cans in defiance of the police chiefs warning.

Kids in trucks complicate response to Ottawa protest, police say.

A large number of children in trucks at the Ottawa protest is complicating the response and police say they're working with Children's Aid to ensure their safety. Meanwhile, political division over the protests grows on Parliament Hill.

Kids in trucks complicate response to Ottawa protest, police say.

Download here: Real-News-Freedom-Dies-On-Parliaments-Steps-While Serving Andrew Little's Arrest Warrant-2022-02-09.mp4 - 63,637 kb
By: Is It Just Me NZ - 9th February 2022

Freedom Dies On Parliament's Steps While
Serving Andrew Little's Arrest Warrant

ANOTHER sad dark day in NZ history as the fruit of dictatorship once again makes a victim of the innocent desperately doing all they can to fight for the life of a country they love, a country that is now in the throat grasp of tyranny.

The arrest of Brett Power.

SHARE EVERYWHERE...For the Sake of New Zealand.

Youre right Carl its disgusting that people hate love and it doesnt evenmake any sense.
A complaint has been laid with Police Complaints and they have received it.
That BT Boy was obviously an arm of the police
He was a disgrace to humanity almost like he was trying to hypnotise the people into submission and he made me want to puke. What a punk that BT Boy with the mic is and he did that in front of Jesus. What a disgrace
Lord have mercy and God defend our free ee land
Cheer up Carl Gods already won this weve just gotta catch up

Diana Carlton
I am a kiwi living in Australia and both our countries are getting screwed over. It's good to see we're fighting back but we still need more to wake up. Keep fighting kiwi brothers and sisters.

The Police should change their shirts to Brown Shirts. Enough of " they're only doing their job ". Their job is to serve the people of New Zealand, not act on behalf of a corrupt, lying government. The Police need to take a right good look at themselves. Can't they see these policies will impact them and their families, especially the children? It's disgusting.
Thanks Carl.

Morgan Thunder
The Man is a hero, these Tyrants must be made accountable one day in a court of law.
Love from England Freedom

The illusion of democracy is not unlike the illusion that your vote makes a difference.

Ian Baker
All he wanted to do was serve papers, why did the police escalate a peaceful act? Sad day indeed. You're absolutely right about the loss of morals, integrity, honesty. It's all down hill from there.

Matt Y
7 hours ago
As someone who has family in New Zealand (South Island) and been 3 times pre covid days it shocks me to see what has become of that Beautiful country and it's beautiful people. Jacinda Ardern is just a smiling communist as far as I'm concerned. She has taken that country and turned it into a proxy North Korea or China now. Much love and support from your cousins in the U.K Carl, there's not much we can do other than spread the word as to what's happening to our blood brother and sister Kiwis. Keep the fire burning mate

Chris Rebar
"..... because the police are just doing their job ...." - Unfortunately you are WRONG there .... they certainly are NOT doing their job

Download: Real-News-Ottawa-Police-new-secret-weapon-against-truckers-DISRESPECT-THE-LAW-Smokey-and-the-Bandit-style-2022-02-06.mp4 - 25,452 kb
By: Renegade Show - 6th February 2022

New secret weapon against Truckers Convoy
Smokey and the Bandit style!

EXCLUSIVE!: The Ottawa Police Bureau has a new secret weapon against the Truckers!

You won't believe what they are doing taking out all of the stops to end the protest!

Gerald Scott
I totally 100% support the truckers and farmers. I just wish something like this would happen in the U.S.

I love the police and support them, but I'm ashamed of this man. He's a disgrace to his badge. Didn't his mama teach him not to help the bullies? To do what's right? It's time for every LEO to take a day off, walk away or otherwise say "enough." Hiding behind "just following orders" won't fly.

It's sickening listening to a man of law talking about using his authority to PROTECT CRIMINALS, instead of the rights, health, freedom , and livlihood of the people.

Karen Barnhart
I have never been so proud of a group of people as I am of our truckers and the farmers that have joined them! Thank you to all of you! You make so happy that I am Canadian! God bless you!

V Brown
Much respect to the Canadian Truckers; they have placed their livelihoods and their safety in second place because they know that without "freedom" everything else becomes worthless due to the inability to enjoy it. Blessings to you all!!!

It amazes me that this cop thinks fighting for freedom is "Unacceptable" He needs to be fired.


My dad and grandpa are retired truck drivers. Don't give up ladies and gentlemen keep up the good fight. You're doing it right and have more support than you know

Kassandra Kimbrell
Love from America!! STAND STRONG CANADIANS! The whole world is watching and supporting you as you stand up for the entire worlds rights!!! Thank you Truckers and Farmers!!!

Cowboy Shane
As a member of the Logistics Industry, here is my one piece of advice to the Canadian and American Freedom Convoys.

"If, any towing company attempts to tow the trucks. All Canadian and American trucking companies need to boycott that towing company from their call list for Road Services."

[Note: ALL Canadian truck towing companies
have been unable to assist the police - as they have Covid!]

Just like the treasonous Canadian Police, who would sell their children for 30 pieces of silver!
Just like the treasonous Canadian Police,
who would sell their children for 30 pieces of silver!

Download here: Real-News-Protesters-Arriving-In-Ottawa-On-Horseback-to-Support-Truckers-Convoy-2022-02-06.mp4 - 141,496 kb
By: nis Hendrickson - 6th February 2022

Protesters Arriving In Ottawa, Canada on
Horseback to Support Trucker's Convoy

Supporters of the truckers convoy joining the protest on horseback in Ottawa. The city is electric right now.

The John Magufuli Society
The real, authentic people are rising up. THIS IS THE MOMENT.

Open Minded

Luis Laplume
Wonderful! Not only truckers, but also tractors and and civilians on horseback! It is bigger than I thought.

This gets better all the time. God bless you and the horses and keep you safe and protected!

K Swensen
Go Canada, Go! The whole world is watching. Much respect from America!

Andy Sneddon
This just keeps getting better, every day there is something brilliant happening in Canada, it's like Christmas day after day. Wonderful!

Download here: Real-News-Riccardo-Bosi-Speech-Australians-Stand-Up-Canberra-Australia-2022-02-05.mp4 - 6,950 kb
By: The Elusive Rabbit - 5th February 2022

Riccardo Bosi Speech - Australians Stand Up
Canberra, Australia - 5th February 2022

Download here: Real-News-FULL-VIDEO-Police-STORM-Freedom-Camp-in-Canberra-2022-02-03.mp4 - 141,496 kb
By: Avi Yemini - 3rd February 2022

Police STORM 'Freedom Camp' in Canberra
Citizens unite to drive police back

What was a peaceful camp for freedom quickly turned violent when police came to issue infringement tickets for "illegally parked" vehicles.

Kathleen Ferguson
The way they pick on the weaker is just disgusting. I don't think the police in this country can actually ever live this down. Step back for a minute all police-these people are fighting for YOUR future freedom. Hold the line guys

Chucky Kruger
I know the cops would absolutely hate you having the ability to report the TRUTH Avi! You are an absolute gentleman and a real Aussie!! Thank you Avi!! HOLD THE LINE!! Hold the line!

When illegal actions take place: The government is literally breaking all the human rights laws and now they worry about illegally parked cars. STAY STRONG AUSTRALIANS

Timothy Owen
It's heartbreaking to see the divide in this once good country. Families torn apart, communities in ruin, civil unrest, police brutality, and I feel it just keeps getting worse. I am a proud Australian but I'm not proud of what Australia has become.

Avi Yemini is an inspiration for so many people. Putting himself in these situations constantly to bring awareness to what's happening in Australia.

Download here: Real-News-Tough-message-from-truckers-to-the-government-2022-02-02.mp4 - 5,796 kb
By: Freedom of Information - 2nd February 2022

Tough message from truckers
to the Canadian Government


He may not be joking but the majority of Canadians are still asleep believing the old rhetoric. Justin has no real opposition. The Conservatives have nothing to offer. They are just following in the same footsteps with no real message or agenda. The NDP are liberal lap dogs and the Greens are spineless. They all support mandatory measures for the pandemic. The ONLY party that seems to be going against the grain is the PPC - the People's Party of Canada for those of you who don't know. Their popularity seems to be growing but they are still near the bottom of the polls. I don't like all their policies (like their heavy support on oil industries and the pipelines and isolating all other forms of energy. I believe a balanced approach is better but that is another story..), but they have a lot of common sense when dealing with immigration and pandemic issues. They believe in our freedom to choose. And for that reason, they are worth supporting. At the very least, their growing popularity may send a message to the rest of the SNAKES as the Polish fella said so eloquently. They need your support!! Fight for Freedom!!! Check out their policies here. Some of them seem very optimistic but at least they're trying..

Belive me the polis guy not joking. Polak weiger zdwa bratanski

This man is NOT joking? Justin is so very scared of real men and real justice?
This will be a year in our lives that we will never forget. And Justin may not survive?

slaughter house canada coming soon

Mi Gongs
Love this and all you do!!!!

Download: Law-Special-Report-Kiwi-Citizens-Initiate-Arrest-of-Health-Minister-Andrew-Little-2022-02-02.mp4 - 79,212 kb
By: Counterspin New Zealand - 2nd February 2022
Special Report: Kiwi Citizens Initiate
Arrest of NZ Health Minister
Andrew Little

Plan to arrest the New Zealand Minister of Health

Brett Power, a Taranaki Engineer, has initiated the arrest of Health Minister Andrew Little, the charge – culpable murder.

A 30 page Statement of Claim has been accepted by the high court, charge sheet has been drawn up and will be presented at the New Plymouth police station on Friday, February 4.

The police will be given then opportunity to make the arrest, if they fail to carry out their duty, a citizens arrest will be made in accordance with the New Zealand crimes act where a citizen requires no warrant to make an arrest if someone is known to have caused harm.

Special Report: Kiwi Citizens Initiate Arrest of Health Minister Andrew Little

I have been informed that my Statement of Claim (submitted on 22 .12.2021) against the Minister of Health has been accepted by the High Court Registrar and the case outlining the details of the falsifying and suppression of millions of adverse effects upon those who were given the Pfizer serum, as is clearly shown in the lodged court documents accepted by the High Court Registrar is now currently being examined by a High Court Justice.

Given the urgency to this matter and the seriousness of the continuing crime causing continuing culpable murder to large numbers of the community this matter will now be presented in a formal written complaint to the New Plymouth Police station at 12.00 noon on the upcoming Friday 4 the Feb 2021.

A formal written request, asking for the police to immediately receive this written complaint and immediately respond in writing with the issue of a complaint number and a police action (investigation) will be made.

Myself and the accompanying members of the public will remain at the New Plymouth Police station until the complaint is formally responded in a written acknowledgement from the Police.

The official complaint in regarding the current on going criminal acts being perpetuated, needs to be acted on within 24 hours.

If no action is taken by the police within 24 hours then at 12 noon on the following day the people will assemble outside the Taranaki property address of the Minister of Health Andrew James Little, and make an arrest of the Minister of Health under s35 of the Crimes Act 1961, and declare that the Minister must accompany them to the police station in New Plymouth.

Crimes Act 1961

35 Arrest of persons found committing certain crimes

Every one is justified in arresting without warrant -

(a) any person whom he or she finds committing any offence against this Act for which the maximum punishment is not less than 3 years' imprisonment

Under s172 of the Crimes Act 1961,

(1) Every one who commits (culpable) murder is liable to imprisonment for life.

So in this case as murders have been committed such as upon Rory Wilson, a formally young and fit man, who died from a heart attack after taking the Pfizer serum and whose body was examined by a coroner, whose report stated the cause of death was from the Pfizer serum,then the Minister of Health is to be held accountable for culpable murder.

It is my hope that we can get hundreds and preferably thousands to turn up on Friday 4 Feb 2022 outside the New Plymouth Police station at 12 noon in support.

And then thousands to turn up to arrest the Minister of Health Andrew James Little at his place of residence in Taranaki or at any other place that he may be located

Time is of the essence

We must act now.

If you have any thoughts or can help

Please contact me asap

Regards Brett Power

Mobile 0284 365 145


Support Is Needed It's Time To Stand

4th February 2022 New Plymouth Police Station 11.30am


Kiwi Freedom Hunters NZ
Channel to share resources evidence and organise to serve legal documents and take down the criminal cabal in NZ.

Convoy 2022 NZ
Commences 6th February 2022
The real NZ Government will be driving and speaking
2nd February 2022

Convoy 2022 NZ - Commences 6th February 2022 - The real NZ Government will be driving and speaking

Download here: Real-News-Canadian-Farmers-Break-Through-Police-Blockade-2022-02-02.mp4 - 4,096 kb
By: Dennis Hendrickson - 2nd February 2022

Canadian Farmers Break Through Police Blockade

Canadian farmers break through police barricades to support Truckers who blocked the US CANADA highway. As Trudeau now uses authoritarianism to try and stop the inevitable, the farmers of Canada are having nothing of it. This video shows them just simply driving around the nit wit cops while they just stand around looking at each other.

Vitality Massage
I'm SO PROUD to be a human even though I'm not Canadian!

You know things are bad when things like this happen in Canada. I'm proud of you guys up north!

Randal Saul

Noel nicolier
I have NEVER been so proud to be Canadian till now ! RIGHT ON !!!

Ping Pong
Finally proud to be CANADIAN again.... Thank you FARMERS, THANK YOU TRUCKERS... LOVE YOU ALL!

As an American I'm seeing that the Canadians have bigger balls than the Americans. Go Canada

People are assuming that the cops are doing their utmost to stop it. I get the idea from some of the video's I've seen that an awful lot of them support the protest - but they aren't allowed to show it.

Download here: Real-News-The-Canadian-Truckers-Cant-Be-Stopped-2022-02-02.mp4 - 56,134 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 2nd February 2022

We Lie to You News
The Canadian Truckers CAN'T Be Stopped!

The Canadian truckers can't be stopped! A freedom convoy of over 50,000 truckers are protesting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's mandates. The truckers are crusading for their Nation's freedom. Will they succeed? Here is everything you need to know.

Download: Law-International-Tribunals-Start-Next-Week-Gates-Fauci-Tedros-etc-FACE-THE-DEATH-PENALTY-2022-02-01.mp4 - 179,002 kb
By: James Red Pills America - 1st February 2022
BREAKING! International Tribunals Start Next Week!
Gates, Fauci, Tedros etc FACE THE DEATH PENALTY!

Patriots, get ready for the LATEST BOMBSHELL UPDATE with Dr. Reiner Fullmich! This is a 3-PART COMPILATION, in which Dr. Reiner Fullmich confirmed that an INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL will be starting as early as next week. He goes on to say that SEVERAL LEGAL ACTIONS are also taking place in South Africa, India, Poland, and Canada. Bill Gates faces the death penalty in India, but you will NOT hear a word in the complicit mainstream media about that, let alone the fact that Anthony Fauci, Dr. Tedros, General Director of WHO and Mr. Christian Drosten (the lying idiot who pushed the useless PCR test to no end) ARE ALSO FACING THE DEATH PENALTY! This video also includes an interview of tremendous hope enhanced by a SPIRITUAL FORCE that will turn a seemingly IRREVERSIBLE and DEMONIC PLAN to DUST!

This interview BLOWS UP the fake news narratives and DROPS A MOAB on the EVIL DOERS of this DYSTOPIAN & NIGHTMARISH FARCE and was IMMEDIATELY CENSORED & REMOVED by YouTube and Facebook (also complicit in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY)! Dr. Fuellmich of the German Corona Investigative Committee, explains in FANTASTIC & VIVID detail what the Committee's first lawsuit will accomplish. He says many people call it Nuremberg 2.0.

In this MIND-BLOWING interview, Dr. Fuellmich also talks about spirituality, which he believes will play an important role in humanity's evolving and winning this case; in not giving up and in a future new society which Reiner believes will be based on local or regional societies, with local supplies, and regional trade. Dr. Fuellfeels that about 30% of the population are awake and can no longer be fooled, while another 40% are in the process of waking up – demonstrating throughout Europe, what has so far been mostly hidden by the mainstream media, and CAN NO LONGER BE SILENCED!

Canadian Freedom Convoy
Freedom is Closer than it Appears
1st February 2022

Canadian Freedom Convoy - Freedom is Closer than it Appears

F-E-A-R has two meanings
1st February 2022

F-E-A-R has two meanings

Download here: Real-News-This-is-real-democracy-Aussie-truckie-convoy-to-Canberra-2022-02-01.mp4 - 55,362 kb
By: Avi Yemini - 1st February 2022

This is real democracy
Aussie truckie convoy to Canberra

This is the moment a freedom convoy of truckies inspired by their Canadian counterparts rolled into Canberra. PLEASE SUPPORT:

Much love from Canada to my Australian brothers and sisters.

Way to go
God Bless you guys. World is watching. Avi keep it going.

stand up!!
So very proud of these Australians, willing to stand up for everyone's freedom

James Bolton
Every country around the world needs to stand up. Every inch we give they will take a mile

jonny Boyd
Love this . Freedom is spreading across the world and we all need to join this campaign.

Jodie Cascio
Good on those truckers that have joined this convoy. All of us Aussies standing together is the only way to go.

v o u l a
Go Aussies don't give in and don't give up. Follow us in canada. They can't do much without the truckers.
Grandma from canada

Download here: Real-News-Good-and-bad-news-from-Ottawa-Canadian-Truckers-Mandate-Protest-2022-02-01.mp4 - 14,662 kb
By: JustinCredibleTV - 1st February 2022

Good and bad news from Ottawa
Canadian Truckers Mandate Protest

A couple of pretty big developments have occurred:

  • Nail spiking on roads by terrorists to slow the convoys down;
  • Turns out the The Fund Me website was not shut down by the government, but rather, was lies from the Mainstream Media;
  • The truckers are organised to stay parked up from between 2-4 years;
  • A number of US / Canada borders are now blocked by miles of trucks coming up from the USA.

Duke Nukem
Putting nails in the road, could potentially kill people. That's attempted murder. Anyone caught doing this should be in prison.

Darlene Royce
Justin, the Canadian truckers and the Canadian people have tremendous support from here in the US. Be safe.

J Moore
Let's go truckers!! The Real Canadians and Americans are with you 100%

Lesco Brandon
Lots of Americans here are cheering Canada people who are fighting for freedom.

Thank you, Justin! Prayers for all the truckers and Canada.

Stephen Clark
America totally supports the Truckers for Freedom movement, we LOVE you guys!

Dana Lorraine Dodds
The people who has done this crime should be in prison right now. They could of caused many accidents…these people are criminals and then they will blame our truckers for this.

Karen Erickson
Keep us posted!! We are willing to go without goods in my home if it brings an end to tyranny. We all have to support each other….and I stocked up in hopes this would happen. Thank you truckers!!!! We stand with you.

Paula A Salvo

Download here: Real-News-Breaking-News-from-Ottawa-Freedom-Convoy-2022-02-01.mp4 - 33,251 kb
By: JustinCredibleTV - 1st February 2022

Breaking News from Ottawa Freedom Convoy
Day 9 - Ottawa Occupied

The only way to see the real news is by switching OFF your network news stations and switching ON your citizen journalists. #WeTheFringe #FreedomConvoy2022

Mike Richards
I just love the fact that JustinCredibleTV is almost as far away from Ottawa as he can be, and still be in Canada, and is still offering better coverage than CBC, GlobalTV, and CTV combined.

Johnny K
As Elon Musk Tweeted, "It would appear that the so-called 'fringe minority' is actually the government." We owe a debt of gratitude to the Canadian truck drivers. Let's all do whatever we can to help the freedom movement continue to gather steam!

Barbara McGreger
I just heard on another live feed that they are making the truckers separate to "give the appearance" that "most" have left (Vidstorm). Don't y'all believe it. Trucks are everywhere still downtown. Just letting you know. Keep your chins up and keep praying and keep rollin!!! Thanks for this update.

Ndn Princess
God Bless you Canada! Stand strong.

According to Trudeau, FREEDOM is an "unacceptable view" to be supporting.

Lovely Linda
The media blackout of this event has spoken louder than Justin Trudeau!!!!! The fact that the truckers did this for themselves and the rest of us is amazing!!!!!!

Truckers need diesel and jerrycans, help them out guys if you can and spread the message!

John Harrison
I am an American that LOVES what my Canadian friends are doing, I hope my American brothers will stand also.

Cindy Winer
Loving you guys, cin

Donald McCarthy
"Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing" ~ John Stewart Mill

Thank God for the people who started and executed this protest. This is an exemplary way to protest and the world will see our strength!

February 2022 Billboard Campaign
Voices for Freedom
1st February 2022

February 2022 Billboard Campaign

February 2022 Billboard Campaign

February 2022 Billboard Campaign

February 2022 Billboard Campaign

February 2022 Billboard Campaign

February 2022 Billboard Campaign

February 2022 Billboard Campaign

February 2022 Billboard Campaign

February 2022 Billboard Campaign

February 2022 Billboard Campaign - What an evil bitch! Yep Yep

Download: Real-News-It-is-a-very-surreal-situation-Pregnant-New-Zealand-reporter-who-had-to-turn-to-Taliban-for-help-2022-01-31.mp4 - 12,038 kb
By: Sky News - 31st February 2022

'It's a very surreal situation' - Pregnant New Zealand
reporter who had to turn to Taliban for help

A pregnant New Zealand journalist has said she had to turn to the Taliban for help after being locked out of her home country due to its strict COVID rules.

Charlotte Bellis, who worked for Al Jazeera, said it was "brutally ironic" that she had once questioned the Taliban about their treatment of women and girls and was now asking the same question of her own government.

She told Sky News it was a "very surreal situation."

S k
The least she can show is gratitude, and yet out of complete arrogance and ego in desperately trying not to show those who are currently hosting her as kind and empathetic to her situation, she cannot even muster a public thankyou otherwise it will go against the hate narrative of these men only being barbaric.

She's a complete narcissist!!!

Comes to something when the Taliban are offering her more help than the New Zealand government is for one of their own citizens.
Well at least they buckled under the spot light in the end and said she can come back and go into quarantine.

This is sick!

Deemah Al Sanonah
Insanity is this situation I don't know how she keeps calm and why didn't she stay with her partner in his country on partner visa seems like that man doesn't want to commit even in crisis to the mother of his unborn New Zealand gov lost its mind also

Download here: Real-News-Canadian-Freedom-Convoy-Justin-Trudeau-small-fringe-minority-holding-unacceptable-views-2022-01-31.mp4 - 2,605 kb
By: John Talks - 31st January 2022

Canadian Freedom Convoy
Justin Trudeau and the small fringe
minority holding unacceptable views

Proud member of the American contingent of the "small fringe minority" and equally proud of my "unacceptable views." Freedom is always unacceptable to tyrants.

the fact that hes hiding now instead of standing his ground and hiring addition security tells you everything you need to know about that man

Joe Bot
It's the biggest protest ever in Canada over two days all across the country. With a third of the population demonstrating at -20 to -30 degree temperatures. Imagine that

BOOM - Just like that we do not need Hollywood
or Sports - just Farmers and Truckers
30th January 2022

BOOM - Just like that we do not need Hollywood or Sports - just Farmers and Truckers

Download here: Real-News-The-Simpsons-Justin-Trudeau-Hides-from-Convoy-of-Truckers-2022-01-30.mp4 - 1,524 kb
By: Trent - 30th January 2022

The Simpsons:
Justin Trudeau Hides from Convoy of Truckers

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family move to secret location as Canadian 'Freedom Convoy' trucker protests spark security fears, report says. Thousands descend on Canada's capital (Ottawa, Ontario) to protest Canada's federal government's COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

"Justin Trudeau - Hide and Seek Champion of 2022"

Original Simpsons Episodes:

Maximum Homerdrive - Season 10, Episode 17 (1999)
D'oh Canada - Season 30, Episode 21 (2019)

Relative Vie
lol it's obviously two different episodes. But still genius !

Early Saskatchewan Gardener
A lie can't stand in the face of the truth.

Sean Cuthbert
Excellent work, it's true. That coincidental positive covid connection that he got the other day.... Has to run to his gopher hole.

Airfoil Engine
What man gives another man his own money, so he can be ridiculed, taxed into oblivion, lose his job if he doesn't submit, and get injected with God only knows what? Right.

Hired Goons?
Haha well made haha both episodes were great!

Honey j
Come out, come out wherever you are, JUSTIN ! We are waiting for you.

My Dixie Wrecked
I think Nelson just pointed his finger at Trudeau and laughed. Haha!

The People Don't Know Their True Power
The Power of One
30th January 2022

The People Don't Know Their True Power - The Power of One

Voices for Freedom Billboard
Creating Two Classes of People
"That is What it is - so, Yep, Yep" J. Ardern
29th January 2022

Voices for Freedom Billboard - Creating Two Classes of People - That is What it is - so, Yep, Yep - Satanist Jacinda Ardern

Download here: Real-News-Ottawa-police-fortify-forces-for-truckers-protest-in-Canada-2022-01-29.mp4 - 4,893 kb
By: Associated Press - 29th January 2022

Ottawa police fortify forces
for truckers protest in Canada

Police in Canada's capital have called in reinforcements as the first trucks in a convoy organized to protest the Canadian government's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for cross-border truck drivers arrive in the capital. (Jan. 28)

Classy 4Ever
The whole world is watching! We stand with the Truckers!

Glenn Sankey
This gets better each day. The support from everyone in the world is most awesome. The Truck drivers did what the government could not. CANADIANS , CANADA UNITED. We will Fight for our Freedoms, We will Fight our Rights. The Government will listen.

john kennedy
when politicians fear the people we have democracy . when the people fear the government we have tyranny . thank you truckers and freedom for all !!!!!

A fellow patriot
Leaders who have done no wrong by their people typically don't need to worry about meeting their populace face to face.

It's only when a leader has done a great disservice that they will hide from the populace, even when they demand council with the government.

It's becoming increasingly obvious where the federal government stands on this issue

Suzanne Burn
Respect Canadian truckers, let me be very clear , we support those standing for freedom

Duncan McCockiner
"These protests are massive in scope and massive in scale " , but just yesterday Trudeau called it a "Fringe minority"

Christa M
I am a mom. I am not a terrorist nor am I "fringe". I love, I am peace, I believe in freedom. That is what this country stands for. Do you not think the prime minister has incited hate or discrimination by what he has said about Canada's people? How could you not. His words are nothing short of disgusting. I pray for peace and that everyone remains peaceful, including our police. No brutality from either side. We are all Canada.

Download here: Pandemic-The-Simpsons-knew-all-along-2022-01-28.mp4 - 4,893 kb
By: Blizzard 13east - 28th January 2022

Pandemic: The Simpsons knew all along


A collection of Simpsons clips that explain what is happening through the 2020-2022 "pandemic"

Blizzard 13east
Canada has officially been declared a dictatorship. not sure what episode of South Park that is from but I will try to find it.

Dan Bushnell
If the Simpsons predictive programming is real I am worried about being enslaved by aliens. And I'm not joking

Glenn Sankey
Strange how the Simpsons know more about what's going to happen before it happens. I guess I will need to watch this .

The Simpson's was created to show everyone what was already planned out all

justin laporte
Wow I love the Simpsons! As a kid it was the only TV show I would never miss. Good luck out there everyone! And God bless freedom fighters, if you have not been responsible enough to do the sensemaking yourself yet... now is the time!

Martin Bauer
"Those who prevent a peaceful revolution make a violent revolution inevitable".-John F. Kennedy

Harris Del Monte
The Simpsons doesn't predict these ideas at random. The writers of The Simpsons have always been well educated on world news, politics and achievements of humankind. Things that are already common knowledge and easily predictable if you'd only do the research yourself. Germ warfare has been a concept as far back as World War 2. The idea of starting wars for the sake of population control and improving the economy has been theorized upon since the 1960s at least.

Peter Straub
"The Centre for Disease Misinformation" - spot on!

James R
Always interesting to see predictive programming the Freemasons have revealed to us. The Matrix also provides good insight on what they intend for us at the End.

thanosian the mad titanic
2:35 diseases obeying traffic laws sounds silly but if you think about it that's just a subtle hint to people taking off there mask to eat then putting it back on for remander of flight logic

Raven Xin
Oh The Simpsons... How I love you so even after all these decades and how you remind me that there are still highly intelligent people and creators among us.
Thank you for the post!

Jeff Heaton
They missed the masks, but pretty much spot on.

Download here: Real-News-Canadian-Freedom-Convoy-Arrive-in-Ottawa-2022-01-28.mp4 - 48,810 kb
By: Ottawa's Freelance Photography - 28th January 2022

Canadian Freedom Convoy
Arrive in Ottawa, Canada

not affiliated with anyone just covering it

Edward Schwenk
Every person, in every city, and small town worldwide needs to get doing this. We're all fed up with politicians, and their two weeks to flatten the curve bullshit.

Dar Gr
We , people of Russia, Ukraine, France, USA and Israel support you guys! Thank you for standing for all our human rights we deserve worldwide. Now the creators of the whole mess worldwide afraid of you!!!Thank you for bringing the hope and sound of freedom back!!!

Brian Zaborowski
Way to go people! Stand up together in EVERY country and fight no matter what!!!

We are the Astronomisses.
This is just amazing. I'm so proud of the truckers and everyone who is supporting them. Stay safe and warm from Westcliffe, Colorado!!!

Finally Canadians standing up for their rights - thanks to the courageous truckers - so proud of you - our heroes - you go!!!

Download: Real-News-Police-thrilled-and-honoured-to-welcome-the-FREEDOM-CONVOY-CANADA-Trudeau-in-hiding-2022-01-28.mp4 - 47,079 kb
By: Marcel Irnie - 28th January 2022

Police thrilled and honoured to welcome the
"Trudeau in hiding!"

Trucker Convoy / Freedom Convoy to Ottawa January 27, 2022 & Trudeau goes into hiding. Freedom Convoy Canada - World Wide Rally For Freedom

Take best care TRUCKERS, so sorry you have to do this trip but we are all forever grateful! Many blessings!!

Uli Hasenheit
You got to be aware, the whole world is watching ! The whole world is proud of you guys ! Support from Bavaria !

Brenready 2
I am part native American so listening to the Algonquin people sing was so uplifting for me and if I was there I'd be dancing with them!! So happy for All People's of Canada and so thankful for the truckers!! The USA and the entire world is with you!! NO MORE MANDATES! GO TEAM HUMANITY!!!

jimmy doucette

Maria Eksteen
After almost two years of not believing the dystopian world I was living in, I'm so so proud and elated with what you're doing. This is the world I believe in. United we stand! Thank you!

Nikki Diamond-Christudas
Bless our truckers and supporters. Love is stronger than fear.

Download here: Real-News-Canadian-Truckers-Protest-Day-five-and-a-huge-turn-of-events-2022-01-28.mp4 - 15,141 kb
By: JustinCredibleTV - 28th January 2022

Canadian Truckers Protest
Day five and a huge turn of events
Justin Trudeau flees

After making unbelievable remarks towards millions of Canadians, our "leader" is going to run away and hide for five days. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the huge sudden influx of tourists about to arrive in Ottawa.

It's going to be an interesting weekend in this country.

Moose Racks
By the end of this video, I was in tears...THANK YOU ALL

Scott James
Full on salute to Canada.
No one can stop what's coming
Rise, People

Lumberjackin' It!
God bless our brave truckers, bringing a huge load of hope across Canada and dropping a huge load of freedom for us all! We love you guys

Greg Wootton
History is being made. Fully support our Canadian truckers.

biz publisher
Had the unforgettable experience this afternoon of standing on an overpass waving a Canadian flag and saluting the brave truckers as they made their way through Pickering Ontario. It's something I'll never forget. Thank you to every one of you who is making the trip to Ottawa and all those providing additional support. True Canadians.

Birds Eye View
Canadian truckers are going to go down in history as the ones who led the charge in one of the greatest freedom movements against tyranny. Keep rolling with those Canadian flags held high! America salutes you!

Food Magically Appears in the Grocery Stores
Meet the Magicians
28th January 2022

Food Magically Appears in the Grocery Stores - Meet the Magicians

Download here: Jacinda-Ardern-Then-and-Now-Sadistically-smiling-about-SUICIDE-Legislates-Apartheid-and-Segregation-2022-01-27.mp4 - 48,152 kb
By: Robert Bruce - 27th January 2022
Jacinda Ardern Then and Now
Sadistically smiling about SUICIDE
Legislates Apartheid and Segregation
(Starring the 1 dot & 2 dot versions of Jacinda Ardern)

What's so damn funny about suicide?

23rd January 2019

Jacinda Ardern (2 neck mole version) at the World Economic Forum, Davos.

Smiling and ecstatic about suicide and wants to keep modelling KINDNESS.

26th October 2021

Jacinda Ardern (1 neck mole version) speaking to NZ Herald.

Jacinda Ardern legislated Apartheid and Segregation via a two-tier society

Comments on 27th January 2022:

It's not even just the smiling, it's the sound of joy in her voice.

Lorraine Brodie
As a kiwi, seeing the comments on here make me so hopeful. NZ's media has been hiding the size of the protests in the country, and I was worried the world might think we were on board with what's being done to us

Russell Hawkins
Being so urbane and smiling whilst talking about people killing themselves is a true sign of a sociopath / psychopath.

paul paul
You can tell she loves her job dearly. Like most of these tyrants.

She literally sounds like she's presenting something she's worked hard on and is proud to have achieved

She lost friends ...she knows people who lost friends.. and people are commiting suicide yet...she smiles

Eric Mortenson
She is so delighted by her power she can't help but get excited when talking.

martin mbokazi
She's talking about people dying and she loves it, she's smiling all the time.

Chris Barton
She often has that problem of barely being able to contain her glee when talking about things that people who aren't psychopaths tend not to find funny.

Steven Macdonald
I cannot believe my eyes and ears. She actually sat at the World Economic Forum, and quantified suicide. In my nearly 50yrs alive, I have never seen another human being reduce the value of other human beings in public like that, to a 5% loss of GDP.

My heart goes out to anyone in the world who has to live knowing that someone they loved decided to end their own life. Even more so, anyone in New Zealand living through the same, because they now know exactly what their loved one's life was worth to their government.

This pandemic is a sad display of the masses not being able to recognize psychopaths.

P Dizzle
It really is very peculiar to be smiling like that when talking about suicides. She truly is a horrible person.

Download here: Real-News-10-Times-Experts-LIED-About-COVID-And-We-Have-RECEIPTS-2022-01-26.mp4 - 14,847 kb
By: The Daily Signal - 26th January 2022

10 Times "Experts" LIED About COVID
(And We Have RECEIPTS)

Until just a few days ago saying some of these things could get you BANNED from Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube for spreading "COVID misinformation" - and now the experts are finally admitting many of the claims they originally dismissed as "conspiracy theories" were true all along.

0:00 Introduction
0:17 15 Days to Slow the Spread
0:51 Face Masks
1:38 Vaccine Mandates
2:22 The Lab Leak Theory
3:12 Kids Shouldn't Be in School
3:52 Vaccines Will End COVID
4:26 Vaccines Don't Impact Menstrual Health
5:06 No More Masks After Vaccines
5:35 Fauci And Gain-of-Function Research Fauci has repeatedly denied
6:27 Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

Download here: Real-News-Freedom-Convoy-2022-We-are-ALL-Canadians-2022-01-26.mp4 - 8,416 kb
By: 316Films - 26th January 2022
Freedom Convoy 2022 - We are ALL Canadians

John Toothman
This is what is needed " HEROS"!! People are standing up, stand up with them! Together we are unstoppable!

sandwich bar
Every clip I watch from the Freedom Convoy has me tearing up. It's such a beautiful sight! I am so proud of you all my Canadian Brothers and sisters - what you're doing is gonna be a game changer! Keep on truckin'! Following you all the way from the UK. Kick out Castro! Lol

Carole Baudion
Soutien total du coeur au peuple canadien, québécois. Bravo ,c'est magnifique !

Hats off to All our Truckers and the freedom fighters rolling with them. Together we hold the line.

Proud to be Canadian! LET'S GET OUR FREEDOM BACK!! I stand with the Truckers!!

Johnny B.better
For people,for kids,for FREEDOM,thank truckers from Montreal

Linda Lincoln
My husband was a trucker, he went home with Jesus in 2009. He would have stood with you men and , women. So proud to see. Bless you all.

dotherightthing jehovahsaves
My father was a soldier. This is worth putting Our foot down. Time to support our own soldiers out there

hotdog man
This makes me so happy, I'm proud to be this type of Canadian, this is true Canada. Me and my family were in that video too, so cool!

Download: Real-News-Canadian-Truckers-opposing-vaccine-mandate-travel-to-protest-in-Ottawa-for-freedom-rally-2022-01-25.mp4 - 9,568 kb
By: Inside The Story - 25th January 2022
Canadian Truckers opposing vaccine mandate
travel to protest in Ottawa for 'freedom rally'

Truckers and supporters depart on a cross-country convoy destined for Ottawa to protest a federal vaccine mandate for truckers. The federal government announced in November that all Canadian truckers looking to cross the border from the United States would need to be vaccinated in order to avoid a 14-day quarantine, a policy that came into effect January 15.

Crackerbox Palace
and all done in classic Canadian style, way to go, what a Godsend

These mandates never should have been imposed! I support our men and women who help keep this country alive, the truckers

Ruthless Productions
This is the proudest i've ever been to be Canadian. i've always been ashamed of this countries lack of a spine. But i think i found the Backbone of Canada and i found it in the freedom Convoy. These truckers are the most Canadian Canadians i've ever seen.

Heidi, Jon & Yeti dog R
I just haven't felt this Canadian and this proud in so long. I have tears in my eyes every time I watch this.

I'm 100% ok with not getting anything and everything I want ASAP if it means these awesome Canadian truckers are standing up to tyranny!

Shawn Koshan
I am going to travel and join them, everyone in and near Ottawa needs to support this and converge on Ottawa in mass, the governments delusion that the public supports them in this must be addressed HEAD ON !

Do your part head to Ottawa NOW !

Your friends are SHEEP
My friends are LIONS
24th January 2022

Your friends are SHEEP - My friends are LIONS

Download here: Real-News-Covid-Response-Is-Crushing-Small-Business- Lone-Star-NZ-2022-01-24.mp4 - 58,147 kb
By: BravooZulu17 - 24th January 2022

Lone Star restaurant in New Lynn, Auckland have just finished a press conference to rally support from the community.

Stefanie & Brendon have received $24,000 in fines & have been under the pump for two years and had to remortgage, like many small businesses.

The current mandates are not only killing small business but also seeing suicides go through the roof (which is being denied & recorded as accidental deaths.)

Lone Star must comply with government overreach otherwise the franchise owner will take away their right to trade.

The support has been overwhelming, however not enough to stop this couple from losing everything.

Download: Law-Liz-Lambert-encourages-employees-to-down-tools-with-Section-83-of-the-Health-and-Safety-at-Work-Act-2022-01-23.mp4 - 86,558 kb
By: Counterspin New Zealand - 23rd January 2022
Liz Lambert encourages employees
to down tools with Section 83
of the Health & Safety at Work Act

Ardern Cancels Her Wedding, Punishes Unjabbed with Red Alert to Cover Up Waitangi Shenanigans

Episode 52

New Zealand's "unvaccinated" are again being punished with more confusing rules and regulations as the globalists plunge NZ into the red light of the Traffic Light System.

After "omicron outbreak" detected, the jabbed continue to enjoy more privileges than the unjabbed.

We are joined by Liz Lambert, Employment Specialist and former lawyer, who encourages employees to down tools with Section 83 of the Health & Safety at Work Act.

Following that, Carlene Hereora updates us on the shenanigans going on up at Waitangi, where the Prime Minister and the Governor General were part of fake Waitangi Day celebration pre-record.

FB Group Section 83

Be sure to join Alex Jones and Infowars on GETTR! Save the future and join the next Renaissance by following these accounts for breaking news and exclusive information today!

Kelvyn Alp
Businesses destroyed, suicides up, vaccine is a weapon, there is no pandemic. Arrest Jacinda and all politicians / media etc who enabled these crimes against humanity and this genocide program. You have the right to self defence - use it.

There is everything awesome about a 'campervan studio'. It has a feel of being on the ground, mobile and up to the minute reporting. Love the commitment, God is good! Excellent Episode. Love the humour! Great calls to action. Appreciate the assumptions you are making about your intelligent and awake audience.

I wouldnt take the jab if my life depended on it. Im 65 and had the flu maybe 4 times in my life, not sure cos they were all when i was a kid and thats going back a few haircuts now. I can be in a 2 meter by 2 meter room with 6 people who have the flu, and we are smoking bud, AND STILL, I cant catch it, so why the hell would I listen to the Soros funded to power, NWO commie shill, the dems lick her arse whenever shes in the US, she obv believes what they say. Rumour is DAVOS gave her $200 million, anyone can confirm they have heard that too?
Lets Go Lucinda
Wellington NZ

that dumb whore still thinking about marriage when she helped kill all those kids with covid mandates?? what a sick disgusting whore from Babylon sick bitch!!! 2022

Did none of you get what Kelvyn was talking about with Section 83? Nothing to do with facebook! Section 83 is NZ legislation for Workers rights. It mentions that anyone can file it against their boss, to claim their workspace is no longer healthy due to vaccine mandates. So they legally have to continue to pay you at home or until the issue is resolved by persuading your boss to end the mandates. (NZ only). Crimes Act 1961 also can be used against mask mandates, as it states you cannot suphocate anyone for any reason. resistance is also key.

Download here: Real-News-Massive-Canadian-Truckers-Protest-Mandate-2022-01-23.mp4 - 9,416 kb
By: Uncensored Storm Publi - 23rd January 2022
Massive Canadian
Truckers Protest Against Mandate

Download here: Real-News-A1-An-Oath-to-Serve-Your-Country-A-Call-to-All-Veterans-2022-01-23.mp4 - 29,927 kb
By: AustraliaOne Party - 23rd January 2022
AustraliaOne Party (A1)
An Oath to Serve Your Country
A Call to All Veterans (Edited)

A Reese Report edit of Riccardo Bosi's recent address to all people sworn to defend their nation.

Download here: Real-News-Craig-Kelly-Freedom-Speech-Burwood-Park-Sydney-Australia-2022-01-22.mp4 - 40,455 kb
By: United Australia Party - 22nd January 2022

Craig Kelly's Freedom Speech
at Burwood Park, Sydney, Australia
United Australia Party Federal Leader

Thousands upon thousands of freedom protesters turned out last weekend to witness United Australia Party Federal Leader Craig Kelly deliver a rousing speech at Sydney's Burwood Park.

Addressing a sea of UAP yellow and black signs and shirts, Craig's description of the upcoming campaign as a "tidal wave of truth that will overwhelm the two major parties," received rapturous applause from the enthusiastic crowd.

Download here: Real-News-Special-Report-The-Prince-and-the-left-hand-of-the-devil-2022-01-21.mp4 - 20,576 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 21st January 2022
The Prince and the left hand of the devil
The paedophilia that is Prince Andrew

Sky News Australia investigates allegations against the British Royal embroiled in one of the biggest scandals in living memory.

Rick Roberson
We the people demand accountability The guilty ones must pay No one is above the LAW. Release all the names.

Rachel Kingsley
It is unbelievable that a criminal can "negotiate" a reduction of charges!

Justice shouldn't be negotiated. You can get a reduced sentence for admitting guilt or if found guilty pay the extra in making that determination. These deals is what separates those who have money and power and others who just try to get by.

Steveo the Painter Reeding
His media exposure is becoming more frequent lately. Hopefully showtime for him is approaching

Paintings, wall paper, and Jeffery Epstein: three things that don't hang themselves.

Download here: Real-News-Murderer-Undecided-On-Whether-He-Will-Follow-New-Gun-Laws-2022-01-20.mp4 - 8,364 kb
By: The Babylon Bee - 20th January 2022
Murderer Undecided On Whether
He'll Follow New Gun Laws

Gregory Ilinovich loves murdering people with illegal guns - so he's a bit concerned about all these new gun regulations. Luckily, he tends not to follow laws anyway.

It's just missing a "I'm Hillary Clinton and I endorse this message."

Liz Real Girl Beauty
The fact that they still won't make murder illegal is ridiculous. We all know that once something is illegal, everyone just stops doing it.

Pat Dry
Thoughts and positive vibes to Gregory and his family during these ever-changing times.

Jason Trimble
This isn't even satire, it's reality without the profanity.

So heartwarming
He's just misunderstood. At least he won't get much jailtime if caught.

Jim F
Greetings from Chicago, home of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation AND the highest number of gun victims of ANY US CITY! WOO-HOO! Who said 75 years of corrupt democrat control wouldn't lead to Utopia?

Wait, so are you saying criminals won't follow gun laws???? That's outrageous!!

It was some time ago, but I saw an interview with criminals behind bars talking about how they were not afraid of police with firearms, but of armed citizens. The criminals talked about how they would be in favor of gun control, as it didn't affect them, but would make it easier for them to commit their crimes.

Download here: Real-News-Large-numbers-of-Aussie-kids-die-after-being-vaxxed-Public-ready-to-kill-perpetrators-2022-01-20.mp4 - 29,135 kb
By: Angry Citizens - 20th January 2022

Large numbers of Aussie kids die after being
vaxxed! Public ready to kill all perpetrators

"We have to hold these people accountable..."

There is no such thing as 'informed consent' for children.

Terrible, terrible things are happening to vaccinated children in Australia. 18th January: 10 YO with pericarditis. 8 YO nervous system failure. 8-10 YO kids with myocarditis / seizures. Perth morgue with 8-10 deceased vaccinated children!

The public are increasingly furious and threatening to kill all of the perpetrators by: "Blowing their brains out - slit their throats - run them over..."

Those complicit with such heinous crimes against humanity (child murder) will stand trial for MURDER!

Download here: Woke-Women-in-US-Army-Dance-On-TikTok-While-In-Training-Elsewhere-real-soldiers-2022-01-20.mp4 - 16,286 kb
By: TheDC Shorts - 20th January 2022
Woke Women in US Army Dance On TikTok
While In Training - Elsewhere real soldiers...

Watch these videos made by women in training for the Army.

Nobody Important
You let a bunch of little girls play soldier it turns into a slumber party.

God's Will
As a Veteran myself I am disgusted by what has become of our "fighting" force

As a former US Navy combat veteran I can tell you that there are those who serve...and there are those who "serve". There IS a difference. As George Orwell pointed out, people sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

tyler lee
women in the Army dance while Western Society crumbles

Don Demarco
Yep, we're so ready for that dance off with China.

"Everything woke turns to SHIT!" President Donald J. Trump

Kurt Boulter
Right there, this why the US military, has become an open joke, a punchline, which now mocks, what used to be, the finest military in the world.

Jonathan Keith
Not too long ago, being in the military was an honor, and only tough people who wanted to fight for their country and live a life of discipline and betterment were involved. Now that honor seems to be diminishing, just like everything else that was once great about our nation.

Semper Fidelis
This is what we have raised as a society and it reflects on us so poorly. Embarrassing.

Boris Johnson - The First Domino has Fallen
The U.K. is Ending its Pandemic Restrictions
20th January 2022

Boris Johnson - The First Domino has Fallen - The U.K. is Ending its Pandemic Restrictions

Dear Reader,

The first domino has fallen…

Boris Johnson had the courage – or more like the desire for self-preservation – to announce yesterday that all COVID-19 restrictions in the U.K. will end on January 26.

That means everything.

Masks will no longer be required anywhere. Not in shops, not on public transport, not in schools, not outside. Better yet, the removal of masks in schools is effective today.

Even better, Johnson went so far as to make it clear that "we will trust the judgement of the British people and no longer criminalise anyone who chooses not to wear one."

Working remotely will no longer be advised and people are encouraged to return to work in person.

And COVID passports or passes to prove vaccination status will no longer be required anywhere.

What happened? Why the sudden reversal of policy in one of the countries that supported some of the most draconian pandemic policies?

On December 30, prestigious medical journal The Lancet published the results of a study that demonstrated that 89% of new U.K. COVID cases were among those fully vaccinated. 89%!

It went one step further to highlight the vaccinated population as a source of transmission of COVID-19.

The research went even further, and I quote:

  • "The COVID-19 case rate per 100,000 was higher among the subgroup of the vaccinated compared to the subgroup of the unvaccinated."

  • "Fourteen fully vaccinated patients became severely ill or died, the two unvaccinated patients developed mild disease."

  • "It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures."

And that is what happened.

The data was irrefutable. No matter what the U.K. tried over the last two years, absolutely nothing stopped the spread. Remote work didn't work, sanitizing our hands didn't work, masking didn't work, vaccine passports didn't work, and most certainly the COVID-19 "vaccines" didn't stop the spread.

Sadly, we knew this already. I've been sharing the scientific research with my readers for the last two years. I haven't been sharing my opinions on these matters, only the research, the data, and the facts.

It might be uncomfortable for some to hear, but it's the kind of information that I'd like to have to make decisions about my own health if our roles were reversed.

I'm sure that Boris Johnson and his cabinet will claim victory. It's all for show, of course; to continue down the path of more restrictions and criminalization would have been political suicide.

It's a smart move for self-preservation. But he really had no choice. In light of all the research and evidence, so many across the country realized the game was up. The truth is, for a highly transmissible airborne virus, we can run… but we can't hide.

And almost as if in coordination, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the U.S. released new research that demonstrated that people who had previously been infected with COVID-19 and recovered were better protected against the Delta variant than those who are vaccinated alone.

This was a big deal, as this is an explicit acknowledgement of the power and durability of natural immunity acquired from prior exposure to COVID-19.

But it gets better.

In a shocking admission from the epicenter of COVID fearmongering, The New York Times stated yesterday, "Unvaccinated people with a history of COVID also had lower rates of infection and hospitalization than those protected by vaccines alone." It went further, saying, "The data are consistent with trends observed in international studies."

The facts are not surprising. The fact that The New York Times printed them is…

The most ironic part is that we've always known these things. We've known that the COVID-19 vaccines don't "immunize" or provide immunity. They are not at all a vaccine in the traditional sense. I think of them more like experimental drugs for which we are still waiting on two-year safety data.

We've known that those vaccinated still catch and transmit COVID-19 to others. It's the spread of Omicron that has made this fact so obvious. We've experienced it in our own lives and networks of friends, family, and colleagues.

This is the reason that vaccine passports make no sense at all. What's the point? They provide a false sense of security and do absolutely nothing to keep anyone "safe." Those who are vaccinated transmit COVID-19 like anyone else.

So there we have it… the beginning of the end.

The U.K. now joins Sweden, which was the stalwart of logic in successfully employing evidence-based policy decisions based on scientific research, not political narratives. Sweden has proven to be an incredible model throughout the pandemic. Thankfully, at least one country got it right. I hope other countries will learn from it.

Who will throw the towel in next? I suspect several European countries will do the same. I have to believe that there has been some coordination amongst E.U. member countries on this new policy position.

There have been so many massive and peaceful demonstrations against the COVID restrictions across Europe over the last six months, most of which went grossly underreported by the media. The groundswell was unmistakable and deeply encouraging.

And the U.S. is about to fall as well. For the same reasons as Johnson in the U.K. We're all exhausted with this nonsense, and we can all see that the interventions haven't stopped the spread.

And we look to states like Florida and Texas that have been living a normal life for more than a year. None of the dire predictions levied by The New York Times or The Atlantic came true. And we all know it.

It's time to get back to life… to breathe freely… to let our children and grandchildren see each other's faces and smile. It's time to treat each other with kindness and respect.

It's time to be free.


Jeff Brown
Editor, The Bleeding Edge

Download: Real-News-UK-Boris-Johnson-drops-COVID-19-restrictions-scraps-mandatory-face-masks-diaper-mandates-2022-01-20.mp4 - 10,941 kb
By: Global News - 20th January 2022
UK Boris Johnson drops COVID-19
restrictions and scraps mandatory
face mask (face diaper) mandates

Face masks will no longer be mandatory in public places and schools in England and COVID-19 passports will be dropped in large parts of the country starting next Thursday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in parliament on Wednesday.

Johnson told lawmakers that the restrictions were being eased because of the "extraordinary booster campaign" as well as because government scientists believed it was likely that the surge of Omicron infections "has now peaked nationally."

"We will trust the judgment of the British people and no longer criminalize anyone who chooses not to wear one," Johnson said on masks.

The government will no longer advise people to work from home and beginning next Thursday, mandatory COVID-19 passes will not be required to gain entry to large-scale events.

Londoners shared mixed views about the easing of restrictions.

By: Nonvaxer420: In The U.K. - Flip Flop BORIS JOHNSON Is Trying To Save Himself Now That International Criminal Charges Have Been Filed For Crimes Against Humanity! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN CITIZENS STAND UP!

Health Canada Data: Covid Cases By "Vaccination" Status 4 Provinces Jan.2022 Undeniable PROOF- We Are In A Pandemic Of The "Vaccinated"

Every new "JAB" Creates a new "Variant"
Incase you haven't figured it out yet..
It's something called spiked proteins and SHEDDING.
It never shuts off with these MrNa Gene/DNA Manipulation "JABS" Not A "Vaccine" @ all!!
Providing No Imunity Or "Protection" Whatsover!
Everyone Needs To really do some research and stop believing everything the Media Keeps Telling You!!
90% Of The Media's Incomes Comes From The Same People Making These "JABS" so Called "Vaccines"........Brought To You By PFIZER!
Feel Free to look @ health Canada's own Covid active cases By DOSES #'s & you will see that The 2 times "Jabbed" are always the highest cases Count In Hospitals This Has Been a Daily Trend For Over 4 months so far!

Download here: Real-News-TRUCKERS-Form-Convoys-in-Canada-to-Protest-Covid-Mandates-2022-01-19.mp4 - 2,435 kb
By: Carl Vernon - 19th January 2022
TRUCKERS Form Convoys
in Canada to Protest Covid Mandates

Patrick Noel
I hope our Canadian truckers will not fall for this illegal mandate, i'm ready to lose weight to support you guys.

Wendy Devereaux
Canadian government just p'd off the wrong group. So PROUD of our Canadian truckers! God Bless you guys and gals

As a Canadian I support the truckers. NO MANDATES! ONLY FREEDOM!

They should do this every single day!!! Don't give up boys!!!!

I am a proud Canadian today seeing our truckers fighting back. BRAVO!!!! 100% approve and support. God Bless

Joyce Gifford
The trucks were NOT blocking the road. They were moving. Safety and emergency vehicles had safe passage along with every day citizens. They also were REGISTERED with authorities.

Thoroughly Unimpressive
NHS nurse here standing in solidarity with my trucking brothers and sisters. NO to forced mandates, no to coercion and blackmail as a condition of employment. Follow NHS100K please!

Deb R
Proud of truckers. Stay strong. Respect from this Canadian

Ali Jordan
THIS is the only way to show we WILL NOT be controlled by liars and cheats!! Our very way of life freedoms and all hang vicariously in the balance!! As a fellow Canadian I salute and support you 200%!!!

Download here: Real-News-White-House-Psaki-Prevent-people-from-being-able-to-exercise-their-fundamental-rights-2022-01-18.mp4 - 589 kb
By: SisterInChrist - 18th January 2022

Listen to What Psaki said "Prevent people from
being able to exercise their fundamental rights"

Jen Psaki - White House Press Secretary and traitor: "Look I think that uh everyone is going to have to take a hard look at where they want to be uh at this moment in history, as we're looking at efforts across the country to uh to prevent people from being able to exercise their fundamental rights."

Kari B
"Prevent people from being able to exercise their fundamental rights" Lord Jesus help us all

Finally the truth comes out. Sometimes they're so lost in their lies, they actually tell the truth by accident.

Luis Vila
Sometimes you can't hide what you really are feeling and she just proved it she may have not even noticed it but now we know who she is and what she's thinking.

morningstaR x
If civil disobedience isn't a part of your everyday life at this point, just remember this comment when you're sitting in a covid camp because Alexa picked up a soundbyte of you sneezing.

One of the greatest Freudian slips in history.

Nadeem Baig
Does anyone even understand the gravity of what's happening? Better be ready to defend your freedoms folks, I am.

Download here: Real-News-Why-Good-People-OBEY-Harmful-Mandates-2022-01-18.mp4 - 11,233 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 18th January 2022
Why Good People OBEY Harmful Mandates

Why good people OBEY harmful mandates! In this video learn the science of what makes people comply with mandates that even they feel are wrong. Learning about the Milgram experiment explains a lot.

Take a stand against censorship. Join my Awakened Warriors Email List -

Taylor Raine
One of the worst crimes of this pandemic has been the forced masking of children.
So glad my daughter knows to stand up to anyone who tells her to wear a mask.

Scott O
In a letter to James Madison, Thomas Jefferson wrote, "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery." Hopefully, we all will find courage to fight for truth, justice, and the American way!

Big Koala
Despite me being a quiet person, I stood up and spoke out against the vaccine mandate at my job. Afterwards, I got a lot of compliments about how I seemed like a "lawyer" or and "attorney" for the people. The vaccine mandate was shut down the same day due to the Supreme Court's decision. When I asked the questions that others were afraid to ask, not only did I feel American, but I could almost feel my courage rubbing off on others who dared to ask their own questions.

We can do this. Every generation has it's fights for liberty. We must never grow blind and complacent. The enemy is here, and so are we.

Im Part of the unvaccinated personnel being separated from the military for not complying. I'm in a good position to where it's not going to affect me too much but this video cleared up a lot of curiosities I had about others, I appreciate it man thank you!

Mike Luna
If I recall, in that study, people were led to believe the victim had heart issues, and they still chose to shock him... It goes to show most people's brains shut down when pressed by authority...

Download here: Real-News-The-Narrative-is-Crumbling-16-Reasons-Why-2022-01-16.mp4 - 47,170 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 16th January 2022
The Narrative is Crumbling - 16 Reasons Why

The narrative is crumbling! Here are 16 reasons why. The main stream media narrative is falling apart with the public losing trust. Here are 16 reasons why.

At this point it seems most people are waking up to the lies, or just doubling down in their stupidity.

Lambo Rambo
That woman calling out Trudeau needs to publicly announce that she is not suicidal too...

Neal B.
This was a landmark episode JP. Not joking, truly historic. You've really got your finger on the pulse of the common folk.

If only the inventor of the test was still alive, so he could explain to the world that the test was never intended to be used as a diagnostic tool. Unfortunately he was removed from the picture a few months before the scam.

This is pure gold...truth seeker gold, and comedy gold. It's nice to maintain a sense of humor even when facing genocide. Thanks for the laughs, JP!

Some1else2 Baby
Every "fact checker" should have to attach their name to every fact they check.

Download here: Jacinda-Ardern-Stop-Gene-Jabbing-our-Children-2022-01-16.mp4 - 151,258 kb
By: Counterspin New Zealand - 16th January 2022
URGENT - Jacinda Ardern
Stop Gene Jabbing our Children!!!

NZ children aged 5-11 will be vaccinated from Monday 17, January.

William Bisset, from the Brilin Functional Medicine Center talks to Ross Hebblethwaite, Health Researcher & Educator, about the nonsensical science surrounding the jab roll out for children aged five to 11, commencing Monday January 17.

This is both a warning & a push, to stand up for the children, whether they are yours or not.

Please share far and wide & consider donating:

Also, check out Brilin Functional Medicine Center for all your health inquiries:

Follow Us on Gettr!

Children are safe from COVID!
A vaccin MUST protect the person, NOT just attempt to protect others!
STOP complying!

Giving the jab to young people to protect older people doesn't make sense. If most of the population has been jabbed.

Ivermectin not only cures Covid/Flu like symptoms but recently researchers found that Ivermectin inhibits Esophageal Cancer! Search "Ivermectin induces apoptosis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma via mitochondrial pathway" on googl. This is great news. No wonder they say wonder drug. Buy Ivermectin while you still can! ivmcures/com (Looks like I can't post links, replace / with .)

Children can be infected but the chance for them to get sick or die is close to zero.
Only the sick can spread the disease.

There is no scientific fact that shows any need to vaccinate Children against COVID.
This is pure Eugenics and the worst crime possible.

Download here: Nancy-Pelosi-Insider-Trader-of-the-Year-2022-01-12.mp4 - 28,910 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 12th January 2022
Nancy Pelosi - Insider Trader of the Year!

Nancy Pelosi is the new insider trader of the year! She has put up record numbers picking stocks and has no boundaries when it comes to what she will buy based on her insider knowledge. Let's congratulate her in this special report!

G Milla
I literally burn with indignation hearing about corrupt politicians.....I cannot believe we put up with this

At this point, it's clear that JP has hit a critical threshold and is now accelerating upward towards novel content. Every video he makes is cutting deeper into the truth while maintaining hilarious satire. Well done to him and the team

This is crazy. Keep spreading TRUTH, JP!!

This dude does invaluable work! And he's single handedly keeping comedy alive.

Saul to Paul
Absolutely nailed it!!! Time to put them "on blast", "front street".

You are my hero JP. Keep it up

The evil Blackrock International, Inc.
Louisiana Western Bankruptcy Court
11th January 2022

The evil Blackrock International, Inc. FILES FOR BANKRUPTCY - Louisiana Western Bankruptcy Court

The evil Blackrock International, Inc. FILES FOR BANKRUPTCY - Louisiana Western Bankruptcy Court

Download: Real-News-Water-Food-Supply-Shortages-Designed-Global-Food-Crisis-Plan-Accelerated-2022-01-11.mp4 - 49,723 kb
By: financial argument - 11th January 2022
Water & Food Shortage 2022! Supply Shortages
Designed & Global Food Crisis Plan Accelerated

It is not difficult to predict that 2022 will be a year of serious water and food shortages that will cause economic and social disasters on a scale never before seen in human history.

What spurred the global food crisis, which I often discuss in my videos where I continue to urge you to be prepared, is not just natural disasters. It goes much deeper than that and is as if it's part of a series of plans designed by someone to control people in a new system of their own design.

Based on the latest news about food shortages in this first month of 2022, leads me to believe that the plan for the global food crisis is accelerating. It's coming quicker than we expected.

Moreover, the plan is not only a food shortage, it is also a supply shortage. I'm not referring to the supply chain problems we've seen since the health crisis began. This is much greater. I'm not just referring to some foods, toilet paper, microchips, lumber, plastic and other items with shortages in recent months. I'm talking about basic items we take for granted that we need to go about our day to day lives. This will be very difficult for those who are not ready.

Some people will never understand what is going on until it's staring them in the face, and by then there won't be much they can do, if at all. Unfortunately, some of them may even be close friends or family. If you do not wish to follow the same fate, please watch this video until the end. Never forget that food shortages don't always happen for natural reasons, but are sometimes engineered.

Increased prices and shortages of energy resources are the most important factors affecting supply chains, which is why they are so connected to the upcoming food crisis.

I invite you again to stock up on food and water for the upcoming everything shortage, folks! Do this before it's too late. You can find many videos online that explain how. They may think you're exaggerating, crazy, and believe conspiracy theories. Do it anyway.

The system has turned the masses into sleeping sheep who believe that preparation is unnecessary.

If they are still with you, please go and ask your grandparents about these preparations. Up until a few generations ago, stocking up on food for a few months was par for the course, and deemed a very necessary practice. Today, things have changed so much that people have become addicted to supermarkets, and see common sense preparations as something out of the ordinary.

What makes these people so brave is their ignorance and their sleepiness. They think they can go to the supermarket at any moment and find what they want. But when they come across empty shelves, it will be too late.

The latest news and signs regarding serious food shortage in this video:

00:00 | 2022 will be a year of serious water and food shortages
00:36 | The plan for the global food crisis is accelerating
02:07 | Energy Crisis: Increased prices and shortages of energy resources
02:25 | Kazakhstan: rising food and energy prices
04:00 | Turkmenistan food shortage
05:13 | Russia and China take measures against the impending global food crisis
05:40 | The UK food shortage, fuel shortage and food crisis
06:11 | Australia food shortage
06:50 | Increase commodity prices, damage the supply chain and make it difficult to access food
07:30 | How an engineered global food crisis works
08:00 | The rising prices are hitting everything from eggs to flour to steak
09:17 | Hunger is a very sensitive issue
10:25 | The final stages of the global food crisis plan
12:46 | Food & energy prices have skyrocketed to almost all-time highs
13:05 | Truck drivers shortages, fertilizer prices and food prices
13:32 | China stock up on water and food for the winter
14:00 | Chicken and egg shortages
14:20 | Forest fires
14:42 | Lumber prices 2022
15:16 | A solar storm is also expected this year
15:37 | Stock up on food and water
16:00 | Build Your Prepper Pantry - Emergency Stockpile

Download here: Real-News-Flurona-Is-Here-And-Our-Democracy-Is-Burning-7-Stories-To-Terrify-You-2022-01-06.mp4 - 31,179 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 6th January 2022
Flurona is Here & Our Democracy is
Burning - 7 Stories to Terrify You!

The most honest reporting around.

Axle K
Tell us a major threat to national security:
"That pesky constitution. If we can just get rid of that, we will be good."

karen straughan
Actually, respiratory virus co-infections are surprisingly common. They may account for up to 30% of all respiratory infections.

AND, this is literally what they were doing in that lab. They'd stick one very contagious but mild coronavirus in a human respiratory cell culture with another very virulent but not very transmissible one, then test all the various chimeric offspring on humanized mice.

Kind of like setting a couple of people up on a blind date hoping they'll get it on and produce a particularly ugly, nasty, psychotic, evil baby who'll grow up to be a Democrat operative.

In fact, some doctors/scientists have suggested that omicron, with it's virtually unrecognizable spike protein (more than 30 amino acids not common to other variants) might be a chimera of SARS-CoV-2 and the common cold.

That is, it might not have mutated just through replication error (the typical way), but may have exchanged genetic material with a different coronavirus through a co-infection.

Used to be, if you got very sick and they wanted to figure out exactly what you had, they'd do a broad spectrum assay to determine what virus you were infected with. That would have picked up co-infections (which is how we know they exist). But since COVID, if you test + for COVID, the testing generally stops then and there.

It's probably also why the flu has "disappeared" since the pandemic started. It's still around, but nobody's looking for it.

Spirit and Truth
Saw this in someone's comment section.
Patient: Does the shot grant immunity?
Doctor: Yes, but only for the pharmaceutical company.

Travis Miller
17 hours ago
JP always telling it lilke it is. We appreciate you, brother.

Marco Dash
Cough, fever, fatigue, runny nose, the Winter. Did we forget that these symptoms have always been common during cold weather months?

Download here: Real-News-NO-VAX-NO-JOB-Fonterra-and-Silver-Fern-Farms-2022-01-05.mp4 - 21,484 kb
By: Asha Media - 5th January 2022
Fonterra & Silver Fern Farms Speak Out

On the 5th and 6th of January 2022, there will be nationwide protests at 10 Fonterra milk processing plants and several Silver Fern Farms meat processing factories across New Zealand. These primary sector industries are in the process of passing employee policy that ALL workers MUST be fully vccnatd with C V nineteen in order to retain their jobs.

FONTERRA nationwide protests held on the 5th of January 2022, between 3.30pm - 5.30pm
SILVER FERN FARMS nationwide protests held on the 6th of January 2022, between 3.30pm - 5pm
The views expressed in this video by John McKenzie and Alex Mc Laughin are their own opinions, and are not those of Silver Fern Farms.
Please LIKE this video, and SUBSCRIBE to this channel for more impactful videos covering a broad range of issues affecting New Zealand under the current Political climate.


Zac Bowley
Thanks guys. I am already being affected by both of these company's mandates . I haven't been allowed to deliver stock to any freezing works since the 6th of Dec. Now, in our peak works season, I am having the next two days off due to being short of work.

Kiwi Di
I was terminated from work November 15th for the same reasons you are talking about. Unfortunately my Employer did not want to fight for their workers, so based on that, I salute you for standing up against this BS draconian regime. I agree, the only way it is going to stop is if the people say NO. I truly wish you the best of luck!!

My workplace hasn't been mandated yet!!But I stand with all the workers whose workplace are mandated!!Hold the line

Fight all the way. This should not be going on. As a former employee of silver fen farms Pareora I am disgusted by this draconian step. Wake up Silver Fern Farms. You can't staff your workplaces as it is.

I feel there needs to be strikes happening now before the January 17 deadline for silver fern farms especially being the busiest season of the year.

Jesse Webby
It is wrong and I hope u get the numbers to stand up and say no, especially the higher ups that are even more needed than the common workers. Even if u do have the vax u shud stand up and say no mandate, this needs to stop being forced

Falco Sorensen
No job nor money is worth your health/life, as hard as it may be to face uncertainty, dont be coerced

john sutcliffe
I hope the workers who are already jabbed for whatever reason stand against this as well. The segregation. Its evil. These people are probably predominantly labour voters and are used to uniting. Please support. These mandates are aweful.

donkey butt
Fonterra staff out today protesting the vaccine mandate.

WOW well done!

Jason Mathieson

Kerri Bell
Well said. I didn't want to play Russian roulette but did unwillingly..
Hold the line people. We need to speak out.

Irene Peterson

Wendy Grant
Wake up nz only the numbers can stop this corrupt govt .please stand up we are strong in numbers.

15th nov I lost my job as an Anaesthetic Tech.

Murray Scott
Farmers, SHUT YOUR GATES! No product, no business!

Download: New-details-emerge-on-Prince-Andrews-alleged-involvement-with-Epsteins-Child-Trafficking-2022-01-04.mp4 - 11,015 kb
By: Fox Business - 4th January 2022
New details emerge on Prince Andrews' alleged
involvement with Epstein's Child Trafficking

Former prosecutor Mark Eiglarsh discusses Jeffrey Epstein's $500,000 settlement agreement with accuser Virginia Giuffre released in civil lawsuit against Prince Andrew on 'Kennedy.' #FoxNews #Kennedy

Download here: Fake-News-Twitter-bans-prominent-US-vaccine-scientists-account-over-alleged-misinformation-2022-01-04.mp4 - 7,993 kb
By: WION - 4th January 2022
Twitter bans prominent US vaccine scientists'
account over alleged misinformation
Dr. Robert Malone warns about the harmful effects from the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

When it comes to social media platforms, free speech and the spread of misinformation and fake news are divided, by a thin line. Many fail to understand the difference, and sometimes even the social media platforms themselves have no clue as to what are facts and what are essentially fake news. This is a controversy in which Twitter now seems to be mired.

Dr. Robert Malone on Wikipedia
The Chief Architect of mRNA platform technology is blowing the whistle on the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. And if he is correct, we are all in grave danger – and 16,000 of his fellow scientists agree with him.

"I think I may be the only one that has been involved deeply in the development of this tech that doesn't have a financial stake in it..." explained Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with podcast personality Joe Rogan. "(I'm speaking out) because what's happening is not right. It's destroying my profession; it's destroying the practice of medicine worldwide; it's destroying public health in medicine. I am a vaccinologist. I spent 30 years developing vaccines... I am personally offended by watching my discipline get destroyed for no good reason at all..."

You know something is seriously wrong when experts are being silenced.

Adeimous Ragnarok
Imagine being a legitimate Scientist and being silenced by ppl.who are literally not Scientists

Irma Auret
This means he told the truth!

Dustin Neely
In a sea of lies telling the truth is a revolutionary act! God bless Dr. Malone.

joe 360
Well done WION. This is how news should be reported.

Anthony Mirabile
People should boycott all social media platforms in 2022.

b kay
Cancel Twitter! Disgusting censorship.

4th January 2022

Fonterra Protest - NO VAX NO JOB? - Segregation and Discrimination is not our Nation

Download: Dr-Death-Ashley-Bloomfield-A-COVID-19-Public-Service-BRAINWASHING-Announcement-For-Idiots-2021-01-03.mp4 - 10,929 kb
By: Treasonous NZ Government - 3rd January 2021
Dr Death aka Dr Ashley Bloomfield
A COVID-19 Public Service
BRAINWASHING Announcement For Idiots

Dr Ashley Bloomfield using brainwashing to convince everyone to wash and sanitise their hands, scan QR codes, and turn on Bluetooth tracing in the NZ COVID Tracer app. This plus take multiple injections of 'gain of function' - bio weapon - SARS-CoV-2, which is laden with toxins, is not in the interests of health, but rather, for CONTROLLING the masses and for facilitating GENOCIDE.

Hypnosis brainwashing

Dr Death aka Dr Ashley Bloomfield - A COVID-19 Public Service BRAINWASHING Announcement For Idiots

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Some people wouldn't know tyranny if it bit them on the ass!

Doctors - Putting Profit and their Job Before People!
Doctors - Putting Profit and their Job Before People!

This is a question that stupid
people & traitors cannot answer:
Q: Where did Influenza go in 2020 & 2021?
This is a question that stupid people & traitors cannot answer: Q: Where did Influenza go in 2020 & 2021?

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
WHO leader, Liar and Genocidist!
30th June 2023
Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO leader, Liar and Genocidist!

Being awake isn't cool. It means having to dumb down 98% of your conversations every day, so you don't sound like a lunatic.

Attitude to monsters after putting up with their shit since late 2019...

Plan F - The Fuck Off plan!

When people you don't even know hate you, That's when you know you're the best.

mRNA jabs are doing the job
slowly and quietly. Hardly anyone knows it is a holocaust!
30th June 2023
mRNA jabs are doing the job slowly and quietly. Hardly anyone knows it is a holocaust!

20 - 10 - 5 - 1 Minute Cities
It's called GENOCIDE!
13th June 2023
20 - 10 - 5 - 1 Minute Cities - It's called GENOCIDE!

"A Social Contract to Transform Our World by 2030"
It's called GENOCIDE!
12th May 2023
A Social Contract to Transform Our World by 2030 - It's called GENOCIDE!

World Economic Forum - Committed to Enslaving the Whole World

Nothing says "Trust the Science"
like asking for the data
to be hidden for 75 years!
18th March 2023
Nothing says Trust the Science like asking for the data to be hidden for 75 years! Shhhhh....

Superheroes bow down to the
Big Pharma / Businessmen / Doctors
11th February 2023
It is a lot easier to tell yourself that you are a hero, than it is to realize that you have been complicit in the biggest fraud in history! MEDICAL APARTHEID and GENOCIDE!

It is a lot easier to tell yourself that you are a hero, than it is to realize that you have been complicit in the biggest fraud in history! MEDICAL APARTHEID and GENOCIDE!

Break free of all the WEF / Political /Media BULLSHIT
26th November 2022
Break free of all the WEF / Political /Media BULLSHIT

The jabbed telling the unjabbed to get
jabbed is like sending a post card from
the Titanic saying: "Wish you were here!"
20th November 2022
The jabbed telling the unjabbed to get jabbed is like sending a post card from the Titanic saying: Wish you were here!

Ten Stages of Genocide
As taught by WEFers Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau etc - August 2022

Ten Stages of Genocide

The Good Reset
Not Satan's, Klaus Schwab's, Jacinda Ardern's,
Justin Trudeau's etc Great Reset

28th July 2022
The Good Reset - Not Satan's, Klaus Schwab's, Jacinda Ardern's, Justin Trudeau's etc Great Reset

Covid Variant / Booster
The Merry Go Round From Hell
22nd December 2021

Covid Variant / Booster - Merry Go Round From Hell

Experimental Injections
Multiple Dose Infinite Carousel
13th November 2021

Experimental Injections - Multiple Dose Infinite Carousel

Death is coming for you stupid!

I am fully Vaccinated and Boostered, and just tested positive for Covid-19. I am grateful for the protection my vaccines continue to provide.

The 5-Step COVID 'Vaccine' RISK / BENEFIT ANALYSIS - September 2021

Trump's swamp draining service

When the population understands this picture, it will change everything.

"You can fool all the people some of the time.
You can fool some of the people all the time.
But you cannot fool all the people all the time!"

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Attributed to Edmund Burke. Also by John F. Kennedy in a speech in 1961.

The Great Cow Analogy

Donald J. Trump - They should never have touched the children!
'They should never have touched the children!'
Donald J. Trump - President of the United States of America

'They should never have touched the children!!' President Donald J. Trump

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Abortion: Modern Day Child Sacrifice
Psalms 106:37 Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils
Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Freedom of Information Alternatives to YouTube
Banned Videos - Education instead of Indoctrination - Better than Google
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