The Punisher treason: noun: the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government
White Hats
Embrace the sometimes painful truth of reality
Remain in the blissful ignorance of illusion
If there is no such thing as a CONSPIRACY - why is the word CONSPIRACY in the dictionary?
Without 'Justice' - there is 'JUST US'   Without 'Justice' - there is 'JUST US'
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell
Click here... Stockholm Syndrome is also a result of Governmental / Pharmaceutical / Media Propaganda
MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL and Embraces GENOCIDE

'Reporting with Integrity'
Real News - Ephesians 4:25  Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another.

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Q INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS - prosecutors for the elite and their corrupt organisations?
Video Andrew Bridgen the Mighty for UK Prime Minister - Campaign Song and Video! - 30th June 2024
Video Supreme Court FREES HUNDREDS of January 6th Political Prisoners | Nukes TRUMP Charges - 29th June 2024
Video Tucker Carlson Loses Cool On Australian Journalist Who Called Him Putin's 'Useful Idiot' - 28th June 2024
Video Tucker Carlson makes Australian journalist look like an 'absolute fool' - 28th June 2024
Video "Liars, Cheats, and Crooks" by Five Times August (Official Lyric Video) 2024 - 28th June 2024
Video Michael Laws Exposes the Irony in Jacinda Ardern's Kindness & Empathy Mission! - 18th June 2024
Video Like Lady Diana, Kate Middleton Caught Sending SOS to World: 'They're Going To Kill Me' - 15th June 2024
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Video Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: "I don't worship Donald Trump - I worship God! Democrats are still worshiping Convicted Felon George Floyd!" - 4th June 2024
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Video Pascal Najadi - TRUTH Special - Ascension Day - With Comrade Lt. Colonel Riccardo Bosi #WWG1WGA - 9th May 2024
Video Cincinnati's First Black Female Judge Arrested, Dragged Out Of Court & Disbarred - 28th April 2024
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Video Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski Stands Up to the Illegal and Disgusting NZ Government Censorship Demands | Clip - 24th April 2024
Video Flight to GITMO Where all Swiss Government NAZIS & Traitors, Zionist Jews, rogue Bankers, Pedo Criminals, Satanists, Top Freemasons et al get Executed - 22nd April 2024
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Video The fraud trial/s against President DONALD TRUMP is an ongoing 'witch hunt' from the White House / Deep State / Satanists - 17th April 2024
Video Employment Relations Authority threatening Liz Gunn & NZ Loyal with fines and prison, if Barry Young's COVID VACCINE DEATHS data is not removed. - 17th April 2024
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Video Is Reality Check Radio going under? Sean Plunket sceptical | Q+A 2024 - 14th April 2024
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Video Pro Covid Vaccination Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza, is called a MURDERER everywhere he goes - 13th April 2024
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Video Cashless Society! Australian / NZ banks getting too nosy! - Avi Yemini trys to withdraw cash from ANZ to buy tits for his wife! - 4th April 2024
Video WEF Declares Pedophilia 'Sexual Orientation' Must Be Added To LGBTQ+ - 5 years to life jail for insulting a pedophile! - 31st March 2024
Video I Dream of Cindy - parody - short version - Jacinda Ardern admits to Virtual Signalling, DEMOCIDE, Satanism and promotes as the Real Source of Truth- 31st March 2024
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Video Bill Clinton spotted feigning illness before release of the Jeffrey Epstein's list of visitors / pedophiles to Epstein Island - 3rd January 2024


IDEAL: Investigative journalism entails reporters deeply investigating a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. An investigative journalist may spend months or years researching and preparing a report.

They serve the public as "watchdog reporters" or "accountability reporters."

REALITY: Sadly, most journalists (sic) today act as prosecutors for the elite and their corrupt organisations / puppeteers. Reporters routinely lie, manipulate facts, misrepresent and even persecute innocent people. They will not let 'truth' get in the way of a good story! Examples: Tova O'Brien (NZ), Anderson Cooper (USA) etc.

We lie to you news

"If you don't read the newspaper, you're un-informed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed." (quote alledgedly by Mark Twain)

If you don't stop lying - you will grow up to be a reporter or a politician!


Following his stint as a freelancer, John Swinton took a permanent position as an editorial writer for the New York Sun in 1875. Before he left the Sun in 1883 to launch a newspaper of his own, he delivered at a press dinner the speech he is most famous for today:

John Swinton (1829 - 1901)
"There is no such a thing in America as an independent press, unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express an honest opinion. If you expressed it, you would know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150 for keeping honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should allow honest opinions to be printed in one issue of my paper, I would be like Othello before twenty-four hours: my occupation would be gone. The man who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street hunting for another job. The business of a New York journalist is to distort the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to villify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or for what is about the same - his salary. You know this, and I know it; and what foolery to be toasting an "Independent Press"! We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks. They pull the string and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives, our possibilities, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."
John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Download here: Andrew-Bridgen-the-Mighty-for-UK-Prime-Minister-Campaign-Song-and-Video-2024-06-30.mp4 - 23,434 kb
By: Andrew Bridgen - 30th June 2024
Andrew Bridgen the Mighty
for UK Prime Minister
Campaign Song and Video!

"NOW YOU MUST BE THE LION'S ROAR!" Who knew AI generated lyrics could be so spot on? We have a campaign song!

Unofficial - very kindly arranged on spec by one of our foot soldiers - and I'd like to take this chance to thank all those who have come from all over the country to help me campaign in North West Leicestershire.

You ARE the Lion's roar.

Please share!! We must get out the vote - apathy only helps tyrants.

Good luck Mr Bridgen, you are needed back in parliament.

If you live in North West Leicestshire. Please vote for this honourable man, in a wider context he represents the interests of every English man and Woman.

Oh I would love him to be our PM

Good luck, Andrew on being elected in your constituency. Your efforts are much appreciated by many of us. We need more honourable men and women like you in office to stop the rot in our once great nation

Andrew Bridgen for PM!!!
We need rid of the Lib/Lab/Con artists & WEF traitors once & for all, support all independents

God Bless & Protect Andrew. GEEZER FIRST CLASS.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!! He truly is A RIGHT HONOURABLE MEMBER'. He is the only MP I know of who has stood for all those principles mentioned. He stood his ground when he was in the conservative party, and would not let them silence him when they expelled him. He truly is a servant to his constituents and the country as a whole. We desperately need more like him.

Download here: Supreme-Court-FREES-HUNDREDS-of-January-6th-Political-Prisoners-Nukes-TRUMP-Charges-2024-06-29.mp4 - 24,044 kb
By: Benny Johnson - 29th June 2024
of January 6th Political Prisoners
Nukes TRUMP Charges

Huge Victory for J6 political prisoners!

Now all the J6 hostages need to turn around and SUE SUE SUE!!!

Did Trump kick BIDENS ass? Thumb up if you think he did

Prison for the officer who murdered Ashley Babbitt.

The Greatest action Trump did as President was to nominate good Supreme Court Justices!

Arrest Merrick Garland!

Sue Nancy Pelosi and the January 6 committee personally. FJB! TRUMP 2024

the fact that so many were wrongly imprisoned for so long, a lawsuit is required. YEARS of their lives stolen.

Put j6 committee in jail

The whole J6 committee should go to jail. All J6 political prisoners should receive a big compensation for the losses they suffer for 3 years.

All J6'ers should get massive monetary compensation now.

They need compensation directly from the folks who illegally ordered their arrests!

Good. Now I hope all those prisoners turn around and SUE THE HELL out of the J6 Committee and the DOJ!!!

I hope every one sues the democrats and sue them PERSONALLY!

Only the democrats should pay the J6 prisoners.

J6 committee should pay the restitution out of their own pockets of the wrongful imprisonment of J6 prisoners

When elected Trump needs to deal with the garbage and clean out several crooked offices !

The REAL Criminals ruining people's lives with Political lies should be held accountable ?

Download here: Tucker-Carlson-Loses-Cool-On-Australian-Journalist-Who-Called-Him-Putins-Useful-Idiot-2024-06-28.mp4 - 9,292 kb
By: The Free Press Journal - 28th June 2024
Tucker Carlson Loses Cool On
Australian Journalist Who Called
Him Putin's 'Useful Idiot'

#PoliticalDebate #TuckerCarlson #BreakingNews

Tucker Carlson, during a visit to Australia, was confronted by Sydney Morning Herald journalist Paul Sakkal, who labeled him a "useful idiot" for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Carlson reacted defensively, mocking the media and dismissing COVID-19 vaccines, before deflecting the conversation to criticize figures like Boris Johnson and Western policies on Ukraine. Sakkal's subsequent article criticized Carlson's evasive and theatrical responses.

#TuckerCarlson #PaulSakkal #AustraliaVisit #PutinPropaganda #MediaConfrontation #Journalism #PoliticalDebate #MediaEthics #UkraineCrisis #VaccinesDebate

Tucker destroyed that lying Journalist.

Yes calling out lying journalists is such a meltdown.

Meltdown? It was a take down of far left propagandists. lol

We need more Tucker and less bullshit activists.

Tucker Carlson effen RULES

They are not journalists they are activists

Looks like Tucker is having fun, not "losing his cool".

Tucker is awesome.

Paul Sakkat is the epitome of what's wrong with main stream media the world over.

Tucker handled those fools perfectly. Ridiculed them and treated them as the amateur jokes that they are.

Download here: Tucker-Carlson-makes-Australian-journalist-look-like-an-absolute-fool-2024-06-28.mp4 - 8,224 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 28th June 2024
Tucker Carlson makes Australian
journalist look like an 'absolute fool'

Sky News host Rita Panahi reacts to a video of Tucker Carlson dismantling an Australian journalist's question.

"If you are going to show up and make outrageous claims and try to connect Tucker Carlson to mass killers, then I don't know, perhaps go to the trouble of citing a source, have a direct quote from the man," Ms Panahi said.

"Otherwise, you are going to look like an absolute fool."

I'm sick of activists being called "journalists".

JOURNALIST made HERSELF look like an 'absolute fool'! Tucker just facilitated the exposure.

Please show a picture of this ACTIVIST posing as journalist.

Not to take anything away from Tucker's takedown of this idiot, but "absolute fool" is the default setting for the vast majority of "journalists" these days and they don't need much help being exposed as such.

The liberal media can't help themselves

Tucker please always stay as true as you are.

Tucker Carlson is awesome!

She just proved you can't fix stupid.

Tucker for Vice President!

"I dont mean to call you stupid. Maybe you're just pretending to be".

Same as don't bring a knife to a gun fight....lady don't bring stupidity to a Tucker fight

Download here: Liars-Cheats-and-Crooks-by-Five-Times-August-Official-Lyric-Video-2024-06-28.mp4 - 33,920 kb
By: FiveTimesAugust - 28th June 2024
"Liars, Cheats, and Crooks"
by Five Times August
(Official Lyric Video) 2024


You want me scared,
You want me weak
You want me brain dead and asleep
You want us trapped while you all laugh behind the scenes

You want us sick
You think we're dumb
You want us blind and you want us drugged
You want us poor while you get more of everything

But you don't get to tell me what to think and what to do
No, you don't get to tell me what is true

'Cause you're just liars, cheats, and crooks
You change the rules and you burn the books
And so I don't believe a single word you say

You're all liars, fakes, and cons
We want you out and we want you gone
So don't believe this time you'll get away

You want us tricked
You want us numb
You want us scared and you want us stung
You want us shot and you want us bought in every way

You want our minds
You want our time
You want us framed up in your crimes
I hope you know that it's time to go and we're taking names

'Cause you don't get to tell us what to think and what to do
No, you don't get to tell us what is true

'Cause you're just liars, cheats, and crooks
You change the rules and you burn the books
And so we don't believe a single word you say

You're all liars, fakes, and cons
We want you out and we want you gone
So don't believe this time you'll get away

'Cause we see la la la la la la la la la all your lies
La la la la la all your lies

You don't get to tell us what to think and what to do
You don't get to tell us what to think and what to do
You don't get to tell us what to think and what to do

'Cause you're just liars, cheats, and crooks
You change the rules and you burn the books
And so we don't believe a single word you say

You're all liars, fakes, and cons
And we want you out and we want you gone
So don't believe this time you'll get away

'Cause we see la la la la la la la la la all your lies
We see la la la la la all your lies
we see la la la la la la la la la all your lies
We see la la la la la all your lies

You're just liars, cheats, and crooks
You change the rules and you burn the books
And so we don't believe a single word you say

You're all liars, fakes, and cons
We want you out and we want you gone
So don't believe this time you'll get away

'Cause we see la la la la la la la la la all your lies
La la la la la all your lies

'Cause we see la la la la la la la la la all your lies
La la la la la all your lies

'Cause we see la la la la la la la la la all your lies
La la la la la all your lies

'Cause we see la la la la la la la la la all your lies
La la la la la all your lies

#FiveTimesAugust #LiarsCheatsAndCrooks #newmusic

REAL protest music!

Respect to Five Times August.

Protest music we can all sing along to! Thank you.

Time to water that tree of Liberty, it's mighty parched.

"Anarchy is no guarantee that some people won't kill, injure, kidnap, defraud,or steal from others.

Government is a guarantee that some will."

Gustave de Molinari

Well done! You've been creating the perfect soundtrack for this Wake-Up! Era.


Truth being told here!
Love the video.
Keep up the good work.
We love You

Download: Michael-Laws-Exposes-the-Irony-in-Jacinda-Arderns-Kindness-and-Empathy-Mission-2024-06-18.mp4 - 34,643 kb
By: The Platform NZ - 18th June 2024
Michael Laws Exposes the Irony
in Jacinda Ardern's
Kindness & Empathy Mission!


Michael Laws exposes the irony in Jacinda Ardern's kindness & empathy mission.


Yesterday, in terms of hypocrisy, hysteria, histrionics, dreadful acting, that the Greens, performance yesterday related to Marama Davidson, and, taking some leave, to go and have a relatively sane, simple, and it has to be said early operation to deal with her breast cancer and the lumps in her breast. That there's nothing that could have possibly eclipsed that this week. But and I said that to you at the start of this program, and I said that to you yesterday. I'm wrong. I'm a 100% incorrect.

That has been eclipsed by an old politician who has lurched and stumbled out of our recent past history, who has, in actual fact, atom-ized anything that you could consider to be slightly censorious or critical yesterday of the Greens by comparison. In terms of hypocrisy and in terms of just sheer lack of self awareness, a complete disregard for fact, history, or the concerns or compares of literally 100 of 1000 of people.

Exhibit A. she rides back into our lives, former Prime Minister Dame Jacinda Ardern, who has announced a new job, a new venture for herself, a new vocation where she'll be working, and I quote, with global political leaders on a program about leading with kindness and empathy.

The former prime minister has taken to Instagram to announce a 12 month program named Field, saying she hadn't quite managed that cup of tea in a lie down just yet, and that Field is hosted by some group called Global Progress.

And they're gonna create a network of like minded political leaders who use pragmatic idealism and speak to people with hope and optimism rather than fear or blame and want to unite rather than divide as we look to solve the challenges ahead.

Field, she says, is an incredibly humbling and exciting project to be leading. It's all part of my ongoing mission to help rehumanize leadership and just be useful. More updates to come. Jane Jacinda Dame Jacinda Ardern on Instagram, just announcing, that she is going to be putting kindness and empathy and gathering like minded superior moral individuals together. Who are going to unite humanity, humanize politics and eschew division and dissension because she is going to be leading that particular group.

This from a woman, who rendered tens of thousands of New Zealanders second class citizens by direct policy. Who lied categorically about the effects of medication that were available. Who demanded that doctors, teachers, scientists, policemen lose their jobs. Gym managers, for God's sake. Hairdressers.

Because they happened to demur on whether or not they wanted a medication that they decided that they didn't. This from a person who presided over a totalitarian system that shut down a country, that denied New Zealanders the opportunity to come home because they weren't here. That separated dying families.

That said you can't go and visit your dying son or daughter or mother or father because I say so. This is the kind of person who now says that this was all kindness and empathy.

I mean, seriously. If it wasn't so lacking in self awareness, self understanding, an understanding of the pain and the division that this woman has caused, which eventually forced her to resign from the position of prime minister at the start of last year. It would be funny but it's not.

She still thinks that she's special having inflicted enormous dissension, enormous pain upon individuals and families and ordinary citizens of this country. And now she's going out into the world saying, look at me, I'm going to lead all my like minded leaders to the promised land where I, the saint Jacinda, will in actual fact walk amongst the healed, the the blind, the sick, the lame, and the ill, and cast my leadership skills upon you so that you will walk, see, hear and be healed for the first time.

This woman is a stunning example of hypocrisy, of, of a kind of hate for fact, a level of self awareness that simply doesn't exist. And for her to join Field Global Progress and teaching the world about kindness and empathy when she has wreaked damage to 100 of 1000 of lives that have been left behind.

There are no words that can possibly, in any way, describe the hypocrisy. The sheer hyperbolic lack of awareness, of self respect, of the damage that this woman has caused in her trail. That woman should have her damehood stripped from her.

Not so much for the damage that she has caused to this country, but for the continual misrepresentation of who she is, what she's done, and what she stands for. She is a liability to this country. And at a time when she should be going around and apologizing to the people that she damaged and damaged forever and their career prospects and a whole series of other interactions that she stopped people from exhibiting the most human of reactions, which is, can we please just all be together when someone in our family is dying?

"No, you can't. I've decreed it!"

Or, yes, you take that and you'll get well. No one will die. Lady, you don't deserve respect. You're not a human individual. You're not leading with kindness and empathy.

You're just another totalitarian despot. And the idea that you can form this kind of initiative is an offence to common sense and decency in this country.

- M.L

Melinda French Gates pledges $1.5 billion to women, $30m to Jacinda Ardern.

Yesterday Michael Laws went viral (in NZ anyway) for calling for Ardern to be stripped of her Damehood for the damage she did to this country and our people. She wrecked lives and is now heading up a leftist globalist "kindness" Cadetship to manufacture more shit head Marxist leaders like her.

The transcript is in the thread above.
Listen to it and read it. Bravo Laws, bravo.

We should petition for Arderns Damehood to be revoked.

Jacinda should be arrested and charged for crimes against humanity

Ardern was by FAR NZ's WORST PM !!!!

Ardern should be in prison

I'll NEVER forget or forgive the damage this woman has done to us and NZ as a whole!

Thank you Michael Laws.

Top three issues that need to be immediately address in New Zealand:

  1. The New Zealand government must reestablish sovereignty as a nation by immediately and permanently severing all connections with the WEF, UN, WHO and all such One World Order organisations;
  2. Everyone (politicians / media / doctors / nurses / police / employers etc) who were / are complicit in coercion / bullying / forcing New Zealanders into receiving injections from the Global Covid-19 mRNA medical experiment vaccination programme, must be immediately tried for Treason and Crimes Against Humanity - and judged accordingly;
  3. All proven health products and technologies must be made freely available to all those who wish to reverse the dreadful harm caused by the patented mRNA bioweapons; including providing financial compensation to everyone who has suffered loss due to being marginalised in society / treated as 2nd class citizens etc.

I absolutely can't stand her. Apart from her political incompetence and narcissistic personality, I can't forgive her that when our son died, we couldn't be present when he was buried due to her "Covid rules".

Her talking about compassion is the biggest irony ever.

She is not about kindness and empathy…she's about emotional manipulation

Sacked from my job as a registered nurse. Mandate truly evil, diabolical mendacious act.

My blood is boiling I absolutely despise that woman...good on you Michael

The hypocrisy and narcissism from JA is breathtaking. The very nerve of her!

How can she talk about kindness and unity when she as PM of NZ divided our country

She needs to be put in jail for life

In Australia there is a petition to have Dan Andrews' knighthood stripped from him. Why don't we start another petition here for Jabcinda?

Download here: Like-Lady-Diana-Kate-Middleton-Caught-Sending-SOS-to-World-They-Are-Going-To-Kill-Me-2024-06-15.mp4 - 89,766 kb
By: The People's Voice - 15th June 2024
Like Lady Diana, Kate Middleton
Caught Sending SOS to World:
'They're Going To Kill Me'

Get Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and Fenbendazole here: - use coupon code 'peoplesvoice' for 15% off.

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Bombshell new evidence has emerged proving Kate Middleton was fearing for her life late last year, as investigators, palace insiders and those who had chance encounters with Middleton come forward to expose the truth behind her disappearance and the dark occult traditions that continue to guide the rituals of the elite.

Investigators have uncovered evidence that the Princess of Wales was begging for help from anybody who would listen late last year.

Just like her predecessor the Lady Diana, Middleton became convinced in late 2023 that she had served her purpose and the Royals were planning to murder her.

It constantly amazes me how there are still some beetle browed knuckle draggers that still look up to the sexually demeanted, orgy focused, blood drinking, cannibalistic family and attribute 'royalty' and virtue to these monsters!

I still think Thomas Kingston knew too much and died for that. The thing must've been a unplanned thing otherwise the PR team would have organised realistic Photoshop pictures instead of those failed things.
The AI video with birds on loop and a garden with no movement was like gaslighting or a touring test for the "sheeple". Like in the movie "wag the dog" they controlled the narrative there was shadow banned search results and spamming of the narrative like the NYPOST uploaded every 12 minutes identical videos with different thumbnails, to bury al search results on Rumble.
They started using 4 year old pictures for articles in the end for knowing this was pure gaslighting.

The cancer was obviously a lie as the new "Kate" is looking even younger and healthier than before her "treatment".
Did they switch her with a body double?

Or did they reconstructed her jaw after domestic violence?

This all feels so creepy and honestly i don't know if Biden has doubles that have different earlobes and Putin has several ones, i couldn't even recognise the real one if they stand next to each other, so it is possible they swapped her out. The creepy thing is we never thought this was possible but it seems the majority wouldn't recognise anything.

Kate is a very popular person with the British Public and tbh has served her purpose helping to water down the Royal bloodline.
Prince William has certainly changed this past year and had a meeting at MI6 ....alone and no one really knows why?

She's been cloned!!

That new portrait of King Charles is painted in such a lovely shade of Kate Middleton blood red.

I believe it - where is Kate? why is a woman who was in the news every day is suddenly completely Gone?

And that video they sent out was Not Kate but a lookalike she was younger than Kate and had long hair so if you had chemo would you have long flowing hair ? No you d be bald

Download here: The-blanket-criticisms-of-Donald-Trumps-handling-of-Covid-are-short-sighted-and-lack-nuance-2024-06-10.mp4 - 5,485 kb
By: Clandestine - 10th June 2024
The blanket criticisms of
Donald Trump's handling of Covid
are short-sighted and lack nuance.
NOTE: The above video is a flashback to Reuters report from 10/06/2020:

Trump hits bullseye despite impossible odds...

Trump has received lots of criticism for his handling of Covid and his unwillingness to fire Fauci - but what exactly could he have done?

At the time, the public and MSM literally worshipped Fauci like a god.

If Trump fired the most senior US Health Official, during a pandemic, the Dems / MSM would have lost their minds, and it would have severely negatively impacted Trump's support, just months out from the 2020 election.

Many of Trump's critics have forgotten just how tense it was back in the summer of 2020. If Trump fired Fauci during that time, the Left would have endless headlines / narratives to blame Trump for the million+ "deaths" of US citizens, and he would have lost reelection for sure.

The Deep State had Trump cornered. He was unable to remove anyone like Fauci or Collins during this period, due to optics. It was truly a genius plan on their part.

And then we look at masks, lockdowns and vaccines. Trump was notoriously anti-mask [ and pro ivermectin / hydroxychloroquine etc] and received loads of hate from the media for it; he was anti-lockdown and left it up to the States; and he was vehemently anti-vaccine mandate. Trump was all about individual choice the entire time, and never wanted to force anything on anyone.

As for vaccine production, what was Trump supposed to do? Trump is a savvy business man and diplomat, but he is not a doctor or scientist. How was Trump, or anyone in his administration, supposed to know better than the highest ranking officials in the US and global health organizations? How are they supposed to know if the vaccines are good or not?

They had no choice but to trust their health officials. Is it Trump's fault that the WHO, CDC, NIH, USAID, etc., are all corrupt?

The majority of the world didn't even know these entities were corrupt until AFTER Covid ended and their lies became apparent. Was Trump supposed to arrest all the corrupt actors of these health organizations, while the public are locked down and severely brainwashed to worship these health organizations? It would have been absolute chaos.

In retrospect, Trump fared very well given the predicament he was in. He was trying to navigate the many layers of this global psyop campaign, in additional to nationwide Soros-funded BLM riots; all while trying to win reelection, immediately after he just got done fending off the 3 year "Russian collusion" psyop…

The blanket criticisms of Trump's handling of Covid are short-sighted and lack nuance.

One Bad Dude
They must all be exposed for the world to understand just how badly the swamp needs to be drained

Erin Brophy - don't forget to laugh..
One of President Trumps first acts during covid was to order emergency stockpiles of hydroxychloroquine to states to treat covid patients... the entire establishment rose up in shrieks to prevent it's distribution, use, and prescription... blue states refused to open monoclonal antibody treatment centers, also ordered by Trump, to treat patients for free, without prescription, and outside of hospital settings... only a few States opened monoclonal centers, Florida being one of them. The first thing Biden did was close the monoclonal centers, and mandate the vaccine. The vaccine rollout happened on Biden's watch, not Trump... the death and injury numbers from the vax were cooked by the CDC and FDA on Biden's watch...

They knew if hydroxychloroquine was used there would be no need for the bioweapon vaccine.

They lied to Trump. He's not a microbiologist… this is a prime example of technocratic corruption.

The ULTRA Craftsman
This is an excellent post because theirs a lot of so called conservatives on here blaming Trump and accusing him of being responsible for all the tyranny, lockdowns, caving to the globalists and being the father of the vaccine which neither is true.

The Democrat governors where the most tyrannical off all and responsible for most of the mandates and lockdowns for the longest period of time

Trump was against it overall

LiseLaSalle@The Trouble With Justice
He was not allowed to fire Fauci. He could simply sideline him. He hired Dr. Atlas and they went after him like gangbangers.

Yup, Trump couldn't have arrested any of the culprits for the simple fact that the DOJ, FBI, CIA media machine and all the #SpiesWhoLie had constructed a control grid around him & his Presidency! Steele Dossier, GOF/case demic, & election interference protected & installed Biden.

Marjorie-Taylor-Greene-I-do-not-worship-Donald-Trump-I-worship-God-Democrats-are-still-worshiping-Convicted-Felon-George-Floyd-2024-06-04.mp4 - 5,263 kb
By: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene - 4th June 2024
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene:
"I don't worship Donald Trump...
..I worship God!
Democrats are still worshiping
Convicted Felon George Floyd!"

I'm tired of Democrat antics claiming Republicans worship Donald Trump.

I worship God!

Democrats are still worshiping Convicted Felon George Floyd!

Download here: WHATS-WRONG-WITH-JOE-BIDENS-HEAD-Is-his-mask-coming-loose-again-2024-05-30.mp4 - 5,286 kb
By: Ovation Eddie 2 - 30th May 2024
Is his mask coming loose again?

Anyone have a guess of what all that wrinkled up skin is on Joe's head here?

I've never seen that before on him!


You ask whats wrong with FJBs head. where do we start???

Has no clue what he's actually doing, like his voters, clueless

As a black man its troubling to see how much he try's to keep random black people around him for optics.

This dude sucks

I didn't know they could pile SHI# THAT HIGH!!!! FJB!!!! MAGA TRUMP 2024!!!

It's a claw mark from the Devil he worships.

Scratch marks from the little girl he tried to smell.

He's decomposing.

You mean you can normally understand what Biden is saying? For me it's like trying to solve one of The Riddler's riddle on his best day

They didn't secure his mask properly !!!!


This gives new meaning to the term, "being 2 faced"
...but I'd like to know what all those supporters standing with him REALLY think

Download here: WEF-Orders-Govts-To-Burn-Millions-of-Bees-To-Usher-In-Global-Famine-Healthy-hives-in-NZ-and-AU-destroyed-2024-05-25.mp4 - 109,972 kb
By: The People's Voice - 25th May 2024
WEF Orders Govt's To Burn Millions
of Bees
To Usher In 'Global Famine'
Healthy hives in NZ & AU destroyed

Trending News
food shortages
world economic forum
bill gates
food crisis
global famine

World governments have been ordered to crack down on honey bees as the globalist elite escalate the war on farmers and prepare the groundwork for the devastating global famine that insiders have warned us about.

Beekeepers around the world are reporting that government officials are visiting farms and destroying healthy bee colonies without cause and without testing for the diseases they claim they are restricting.

This blatant assault on our food system is the strongest indication yet of the elite's resolve to intentionally design a worldwide famine, enabling them to seize tyrannical control over humanity.

Healthy hives in NZ & AU destroyed

The bees said, 'If we die, we're taking you with us'.

No such THING as Bird Flu pre 1996 !! It's an invention of the Deep State Globalists !

fuck this clown hang his whole crew

Your gov are terrorists!

that's about as evil as it comes we need Trump back immediately and these people all need to go straight to GITMO

Albert Einstein allegedly warned that if honey bees were to disappear from the Earth, humanity would only have four years left to live.

Anyone with HALF a functioning brain KNOWS that BEES are necessary not only for pollination of flowers & crops, but also for their potent, naturally medicinal, honey called: MANUKA.

Although The Anti Christ has not yet openly identified itself as such the incarnate demonic anti Christ is already actively giving orders AND BEING OBEYED
the cruel and irresponsible Agenda 2030 could not even have been WRITTEN (and POLITICALLY ACCEPTED by those in power) let alone IMPLEMENTED by them!!!

Let's continue our resistance with Prayer and Fortitude!!!
Christ Jesus is still King of Kings - now & forever!!!

Hummm...if this is true, then I'm going out to buy a queen and start a colony and encourage all my friends and relatives to do the same. Evil bastards!

If anal schwbb isn't dead he's on the run now, wanted for crimes against humility along with Billie gate's, Anthony fauci, tedro/ who, CDC and most polyticks and media. #genocidevaccine

This enrages me! Just like they do to chickens, one positive PCR fake test and they destroy thousands of birds. Trying to starve us. We cannot comply with this evil bullshit

Download here: ENRAGED-Pedo-Sympathizing-Commies-Attack-EXTREME-Accountability-Event-2024-05-24.mp4 - 14,868 kb
By: Stew Peters Complete Shows - 24th May 2024
ENRAGED Pedo-Sympathizing Commies
Attack EXTREME Accountability Event


Adam Zajac is here to talk about how the LGBT/Pedophile movement is an attack against masculinity and traditional America.

Stew reacts to pedo-sympathizing communists and how they have attacked the Extreme Accountability Event.

Also, Chad Prather is here to talk about how the 2024 election fix is in and why Joe Biden will likely not appear on the Ohio ballot.

Download here: The-Moneys-GONE-Euthanasia-is-the-goal-of-NWO-WEF-Satan-Dr-Vernon-Coleman-2024-05-23.mp4 - 14,707 kb
By: Vernon Coleman - 23rd May 2024
The Money's GONE!
Euthanasia is the goal of NWO / WEF / Satan
Dr Vernon Coleman

#covid #genocide #vaccine

Dr Vernon Coleman explains the shocking truth behind everything that has changed our lives in recent years.

Confederate Red
Dr. Vernon Coleman has been exposing truths about drug companies and the medical establishment and governments for over 50 years, which is why he is the most banned doctor in the world.

Download here: Woman-Explains-Why-Jesus-is-God-and-the-Bible-is-True-2024-05-17.mp4 - 4,387 kb
By: @CliffBuell - 17th May 2024
Woman Explains Why Jesus
is God & the Bible is True

#christian #bible #truth #shorts

Men wrote The Bible, but God moved their hands.

The Holy Spirit dropped in on that conversation ! Beautiful

Jesus is Lord. Every knee shall bow, every tongue will confess.

The world needs more women like her

I have never heard anyone explain the reliability of Christianity better than that.

2500 biblical prophecies fulfilled in scripture over 1500 years, by 40 different people on 3 continents. There's a museum in Washington DC called the "museum of the book" it's all about the Bible, and how Jesus is the fulfillment of that text

Brought a tear to my eye man, spiritual stuff has really been affecting me lately

I pray this message resonates in the minds of all who listen, this young woman is not only a believer, with wonderful wisdom from God, but extremely intelligent and well educated. I pray that every person gets an overwhelming dose of this TRUTH! Jesus is Lord! I just want to speak the name of JESUS

Christ is king!

That woman had those numbers on deck!! Beautiful. Amen, Jesus Christ is King, Lord and God of all nations. This world we live in is His creation

AMEN!! Praise GOD in the highest!!
Our GOD reigns!!

Jesus is my God and Master ?

Jesus is the Son of God, the lamb, and the one that sits on God's right side.

A righteous, beautiful and smart young woman. Praise Jesus

Praise Jesus Christ our Lord

Amen! May we allow Jesus to rule and all will be well!

She been doing research and has been waiting for this moment. God bless her.

Three weeks of church and my apartment is looking much cleaner. Yes, there's POWER in the blood of Jesus.

Jesus is God! I believe this and left Islam not only because the Bible says so but I had encounters with the living Jesus and learned things of the Bible before I ever read the Bible and while in His presence every fibre of my being knew He is God. No one had to tell me. I found myself shoring you are God over and over and repenting with out ever knowing that the Bible states " Every knee will bow and every tongue with confess Jesus is Lord.
Jesus Christ is Lord and I can't scream loud enough how real He is and how very beautiful and holy and perfect. Nothing else matters. He is all we need ?

Download here: Fireman-reveals-that-911-was-a-demolition-2024-05-17.MP4 - 13,272 kb
By: Tucker Carlson - 17th May 2024
Fireman reveals that 911 was a demolition

Download here: Naomi-Wolf-An-Evil-Spiritual-Force-Is-Attacking-Humanity-Covid-Bioweapons-destroying-mankind-2024-05-14.mp4 - 49,880 kb
By: Alex Jones - 14th May 2024
Naomi Wolf: An Evil Spiritual
Force Is Attacking Humanity
Covid Bioweapons destroying mankind

Dale Richardson
Yes and spiritual attacks need a spiritual solution.

Time to turn to God for answers.

This has always been true
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

Medicore Thoughts
Naomi Wolf is a modern-day hero. She knew she would lose every friend she had, and she spoke out anyway.

Download here: Evil-governments-complicit-in-Crimes-Against-Humanity-forcing-soldiers-to-be-injected-with-bioweapons-2024-05-09.mp4 - 11,364 kb
By: Edward Snoden - 9th May 2024
Evil governments complicit in
Crimes Against Humanity forcing
soldiers to be injected
with bioweapons
Big Pharma's biggest customer?

Download here: Pascal-Najadi-TRUTH-Special-Ascension-Day-With-Comrade-Lt-Colonel-Riccardo-Bosi-WWG1WGA-2024-05-09.mp4 - 140,228 kb
By: neutralswiss - 9th May 2024
Pascal Najadi - TRUTH Special
Ascension Day - With Comrade Lt.
Colonel Riccardo Bosi #WWG1WGA

Trending News
JFK jr.
President Trump
General Flynn
Riccardo Bosi
Space Force
Pascal Najadi

TRUTH Special May 9th 2024 Ascension Day Number 9 God's Number : With Comrade Lt. Colonel Riccardo Bosi, Australian former Special Forces Commander #WWG1WGA

Pascal Najadi and Ricardo Bosi I can't thank you both enough for coming and bringing truth to those who choose to hear it. People have been screaming for more information and so you have brought much of it.

Of course with some it will never be enough. But let us leave them behind for no amount will satisfy them and you are not at liberty to bring more.

One billion and counting who were murdered by the evil that controlled this planet and if wasn't for Q and 'The Plan' carried out by President Donald J. Trump, Space Force and the Worldwide Military there would have been far more almost making the agenda of the Georgia Guidestones our bitter reality.

Thank you again for coming to us and trying to assure us all that we have indeed won and there is nothing to fear at all. The rest is just to show the masses that the letter of the law is being followed by setting precedents and because they went after President Trump they can now legally go after the actors presenting as the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas and Bidens for their crimes against humanity, the fact they have already been taken out doesn't matter. One day the masses might accept that it had to be done this way but most are too indoctrinated to understand and accept it now.

God knew we needed you men, Warriors really and He sent you to earth at this time to be the heroes that were badly needed. Let me tell you I am forever grateful to all of you Warriors and I know there are many more.

God bless you and yours always.

I have felt 0 fear in 8 years of being awake. I'm a grandma.

I love Col. Bosi & the Aussies!

I love you Pascal.. you are a true messenger from God. I love you and I Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have shared this video and many many more on my Twitter/X God bless you Pascal and you are in my thoughts and my prayers Avril xx

Awesome!!!!!! Abuse a child, get a bullet no hearing! Wonderful! Finally!!!

Happy to say I'm up to speed with much that has happened over the past 4 years and world history having read extensively about Zionists nazis ET's space force etc. prior to Covid it was obvious government was doing much wrong but it was much worse as I discovered thanks to help from God who guided my investigations. Long live Riccardo Bosi and all those who support him and his fight for our country.

Sincerest thanks from my heart to yours! Love and Light to you and Ricardo!!

This has been a wonderful video, thank you so much for sharing with us. Thank you both for your service.

God bless you both.

Mr. Najadi and Col. Bosi—the best of the best! God Bless you both and all our military who are brilliant, brave people. Love and respect to all!

I agree we have many evil entities here in Australia....maybe second to Switzerland...and America.

Thankyou both and bless our military and President Trump and all honest people in our beautiful world.

By: SampsonRockman - Let's Go Brandon - 141,689 kb - 29th April 2024

Hillary Clinton, Elon Musk Executed...

#execution #clinton #musk

Pascal Najadi who's father founded WEF says Hillary Clinton, Elon Musk and many more were executed at Guantanamo Bay during Trump's presidency...

Download here: Cincinnatis-First-Black-Female-Judge-Arrested-Dragged-Out-Of-Court-and-Disbarred-2024-04-26.mp4 - 38,868 kb
By: Nate The Lawyer - 26th April 2024
Cincinnati's First Black
Female Judge Arrested,

Dragged Out Of Court & Disbarred

She should never get her license back. She's a criminal.

This is a massive disgrace. The cultish behavior of her supporters is downright creepy.

It's a serious problem that judges think they're in a position to make ANY kind of changes. They're not legislators. All this activism from the bench has to stop.

The fact that people think she shouldn't be charged or convicted because they don't wanna "bring another black person down" is just stupid. White, black, whoever it is, if you're gonna be enforcing the law onto regular people, you should be held to the same standard of law if not a higher standard.

Elect me purely because I am the first black female in this position, but don't hold me accountable to the law or expect me to be competent.

The "judge" had to be dragged like a toddler from a playground. She made decisions that affected people lives more multiple years, and she was dragged out. Let that sink in.

Wow, so hiring someone based on the colour of their skin rather than their qualifications or experience can backfire!? Who would have known!

"I've never been in detention, I have never been in trouble". IN other words she has never been held responsible for her actions. Why the hell would someone who is charged with 8 felonies for crimes on the job have suspension "with pay". That is the REAL CRIME. 6 months is not NEARLY ENOUGH, when a judge does this kind of thing the need to do the maximum allowed under law.. IN this case that should be about 5 years. The other issue is that "indefinitely" should have been Fully REVOKED. If she was in finance or insurance and did this she would never be allowed in finance or insurance again.

JAG Pulls Plug on Klaus Schwab
then his dead body was put on ice
By: Michael Baxter, Real Raw News - 26th April 2024

JAG Pulls Plug on Klaus Schwab then his dead body was put on ice

The saga of globalist kingpin Klaus Schwab culminated in his death Wednesday afternoon, after President Donald J. Trump reportedly ordered Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall to "pull the plug," a GITMO source told Real Raw News.

Schwab, suffering from organ failure and acute Adrenochrome withdrawal, had been on life support since arriving at Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay on April 19, and staff had questioned whether he would recover to be deemed fit to stand trial, a prospect that diminished with each passing hour.

Schwab's all too merciful death came two days after a supposed Red Hat tried to assassinate him in his hospital room. As a brief aside, JAG was critical of RRN's "sensationalist headline" asserting that Red Hats had "infiltrated" GITMO, for the claim lacks substantive proof. Currently, only the would-be assassin's dubious admission links him to the Red Hats, whom he could be trying to implicate for reasons unknown.

"If he's really a Red Hat, we'll find out, but he could be a lone wolf or a clever Deep State plant. The title of your article suggests that GITMO was invaded by an army of Red Hats, but that's not the case. Please do better," JAG told us. We will do better going forward.

I digress.

Wednesday evening President Trump telephoned Adm. Crandall to inquire about Schwab's condition and whether the 86-year-old death-bringer would ever be healthy enough to face a military tribunal for his myriad crimes against humanity. The admiral, our source said, informed Trump that Schwab's prognosis was bleak and that GITMO's finest physicians put his odds of recovery at less than 1:150,000.

"Mr. President, if he regains consciousness, it's unlikely he'll know who or where he is or what's going on.

He's a vegetable, Mr. President. A specialist here did suggest a radical therapy that could stimulate him awake, but it's unethical, immoral, and not something we'd try - at least not without your approval," the admiral said.

"What is it?" President Trump asked.

"Well, Mr. President, it would mean acquiring and administering Adrenochrome," the admiral said.

"That's not happening," said President Trump authoritatively. "Schwab's a loser and deserves a tremendous hanging, but no point dragging this out. Pull the plug. It's my call."

An hour later, our source said, physicians removed Schwab's breathing tube; his heart stopped beating, and he flatlined shortly thereafter.

"He'll be kept on ice like the rest of them," our source said.

Asked if President Trump and Adm. Crandall discussed the orderly who wanted to liquefy Schwab's innards with acid, our source said, "They did not. We will figure out his allegiances, then decide where to go from there."

Robert James
Biden is an imposter! Please Michael Baxter, compare his ears and the wrinkles on his fore head with Biden's photos before the 2020 election!

They say you can't see evil intent just based on appearances. That's not quite true, is it? Have y'all seen ole Klauschen in his fishnets and cock sock? On the beach in Europe somewhere? And a top hat. All white of course. Buh bye pedo eugenicist freak. How many kids do you think this man has diddled? Diddled, past tense, sorry.

The acid was the spiritually correct method. WHs fuxk it up again with their human processes when someone was Divinely inspired to avenge humanity and balance the books to aid our ascension without being held back by anger and frustration as we are now.

WHs could easily use SSP or Alliance med bed tech to recover Klaus to stand trial, or to kill him and revive him multiple times painfully for every person he helped kill or maim or suffer.

Cabal used mega death on some victims so do it back to them. The rabbit hole and depths of suffering to humanity is way deeper than this WH tribunal have ideas about it seems else they'd have at least allowed the acid.

Sure wish he had suffered a very painful existence, chained to a bed or in a cage with rats feasting off him, in front of a giant mirror… and then died on his own without any medication.

Reply to Rikki
I like that! Great Minds think alike!
I will add to that fantasy, the rats would First start eating his shriveled up dick & balls, optimizing the Severe pain factor!
That SCUMBAG POS Could NOT Experience enough pain & suffering, as far as I'm concerned!!! Hope he enjoys HELL!!!

Reply to Rikki
He should have gone like my dad did from the Moderna vaccine. Lots of pain and suffering.

Good riddance! Looks like a real life General Aldo from Planet of the Apes in that outfit. Such a purely evil "human being," with a God complex who turned out to be mortal after all. His rightful place in hell has been reserved for quite sometime.

Stinky Perfume
I just heard Benjamin Fulford say the whole Trump court case now is a fake show, and the entire MarALago is also a show. Also that the Trump body double there works for Leo Zagami.

Reply to Stinky Perfume
i'm pretty sure all we see is the body double, who is excellent. I am sure DJT is at Cheyenne or sequestered away. Especially with so many attempts on his life.

Brigid Bardont
I remember a Q post from several years ago stating "You'll never guess how we're keeping [Ruthless Bladder Ginsberg] alive" (paraphrasing). This was before I knew about adrenochrome. My guess at the time was heroin. Supposedly, they used animals (horses?) for her supply. If they kept that cunt alive, they better have her confession on video.

[Quote] "he'll be kept on ice like the rest if them" [end of quote]

Does this mean every single one that's been taken down at GITMO is being kept on ice? Gee…

P. E. Hunter
Finally! Actually, Schwab got an easy out of what he should have faced with so many crimes against humanity. A horrible unaware person.

Reply to P. E. Hunter
Never call a shitbag like Klaus Schwab unaware. He was fully and knowingly aware of what he did to us to our sons and daughters and to humanity. Now he is also aware of his burning in hell and all its glories from lucifer, whom he adored so much.

Download here: Australian-PM-Anthony-Albanese-MP-Peter-Dutton-and-the-eSafety-Commissioner-Julie-Inman-Grant-2024-04-26.mp4 - 6,584 kb
By: Pauline Hanson's Please Explain - 26th April 2024
Australian PM Anthony Albanese,
MP Peter Dutton and the eSafety
Commissioner Julie Inman Grant

eSafety Commissioner | Pauline Hanson's Please Explain

Everything you need to know about Australia's eSafety Commissioner and the clowns who gave her the power to control what you see online.

They are not only going to be remembered as clowns but traitors to their own country .

I never voted One Nation.
That's my vote from now on.

Vote one nation and save Australia

The inmates are running the asylum

Im sending this to Elon.

Aussie gold - Pauline for PM. Send these globalist sock puppets packing.

Pauline for PM ? Vote One Nation

I'm sick of having two major parties switching every 3 years, to only get the some outcomes - more Antiwhiteism. Pauline Hanson would be a great difference!

When was the last time we had a government that actually served the best interests of the founding stock of the country, instead of Antiwhiteism?

Aussie Gold, Hanson for PM

Vote for Pauline.

One Nation all the way. The major parties dont have Aussie interests at heart.

The 2 party preferred system needs to be removed.

The 'e-safety commissioner' is called mum or dad, and they should stop children up to 18 from dangerous materials everywhere. But adults should NOT be censored, fact checked, ever. WE DECIDE ... not the platform or any politician.

Download here: Rumble-CEO-Chris-Pavlovski-Stands-Up-to-the-Illegal-and-Disgusting-NZ-Government-Censorship-Demands-Clip-2024-04-24.mp4 - 37,718 kb
By: FreeNZ Media - 24th April 2024
Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski
Stands Up to the Illegal & Disgusting
NZ Government Censorship Demands

Chris Pavlovski
New Zealand

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski spoke with Matt Kim yesterday in a live stream to specifically disclose the fact that the New Zealand Govt has tried to get our FreeNZ Rumble channel totally removed!!! Thank you to Chris and Matt for bringing this to the public.

Full stream -

FCK THE NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT And if you are reading know this every single one of you MPs , high level lackeys and the NZ media will be tried for treason , crimes against humanity and hung ! Its coming !!

NZ govern(control)ment(minds) has been exposed by whistle blower Barry Young. The anonyms data shows the connection between the experimental injections and multiple sudden deaths. 23 April 2024 the NZ judicial delayed his next court date till April 2025 because they cant prove their weak charges. Barry Young worked as a data analyst for NZ ministry of health. When Barry exposed them, he was fired.

Obviously, they are panicking. Good job.

This attempt at censorship is tyrant Jacinda Aderns legacy.

Bloody good one! The truth must come out and the corruption must end.

Thank you all, for standing up for those who can not and are to scared to. There are many and soon to be

ONE. GOD bless and many prayers.

Yep this absolutely does need to be pushed up the chain in NZ and see where the buck stops and prosecute them.
Can you give NZers the name that signed that takedown letter please - so we can get it sorted here in NZ.

We need the name that signed the takedown notice.

The repugnant legal letter heading is:


Partner Reference:
Jania Baigent

Writers details:

Signed off as:

Yours faithfully,
Jania Baigent

Thank you to Rumble for telling them to jam it. The NZ govt has no authority in other countries and it's great to see them refuse to censor this.

Thank you Rumble for being the face of reason. This data is so important and not only for New Zealand.

This data is a window into what is happening world wide.

c mon guys, the deep state, w.h.o and the w.e.f all driving this nonsense? they even have the agenda written up for all to see?? govts all just puppets to the globalist, fact. covid just a rung in there evil ladder?? all by design for power and control. simple. hence the divide?? divide is to conquer?? fact? yes and ridding free speech all part of crumbling the democracy. ten things you need start communist society. dearm population, crush small business, divide the people, control food, water, health, control media, indoctrinate the children create more poverty?? all sound familiar. wake up masses and stand up

Wait a moment.....which country is Pfizer from.....USA! They are the ones who have been shipping this poison to us!

The truth always finds a way

The WORLD is watching - your Aussie sisters and brothers

Absolutely brilliant, well done Rumble.
Liz Gunn , Free NZ Media is the leading force in the Truth Movement!! Liz supports Whisleblowers & exposes the best Truth for the NZ public!
Thank you so much Rumble for your support. God Bless Your Soul

Hope you guys stay strong we love rumble please fight it. Xx


By: neutralswiss - 43,166 kb - 22nd April 2024
Flight to GITMO Where all Swiss
Government NAZIS & Traitors, Zionist Jews,
rogue Bankers, Pedo Criminals, Satanists,
Top Freemasons et al get Executed

GITMO: Flight to GITMO - Where all Swiss Government NAZIS & Traitors, Zionist Jews, rogue Bankers, Pedo Criminals, Satanists, Top Freemasons et al get Executed-Spring '24 #STORM

News, Trending News, JFK, JFKjr, President Trump, Space Force, General Flynn, Pascal Najadi, STORM, GITMO, Swiss, NAZIS

John F. Kennedy 'Q'
John F. Kennedy jr.
Wartime President Donald J. Trump
General Flynn
Derek Johnson
Space Force
Pascal Najadi
Gulfstream C37 Flight to GITMO
18 USC 2381
50 USC 1550

We made this for all rogue Swiss NAZI Politicians, rogue Bankers, Top Degree Freemasons, rogue CEO's, rogue Media House Owners, Editors and Journalists, Pedo Criminals and many others in the Swiss Territory that have already and or will face the bullets of the US Military Justice System that is now globally in full force, with special cleansing Ops. 'Operation Delete' in the Swiss Territory by 50 USC 1550.

There are some nice beaches too, but not for those who take their last flight into their final eternal darkness for the abhorrent Covid PsyOp crimes and Treason 18 USC 2381 they have committed against Humanity and the United States during wartime.

I do not Confirm or Deny whether I have been on this Gulfstream, I learned how to fly this wonderful time machine, but that is not the issue. Because during wartime we are all under US Military Secrecy in active duty. We are at an ongoing, still covert, deadly war for your liberation.

Enjoy the sight of a rare landing on runway 10 at the Guantanamo US Naval Base, the final eternal Hell for all criminals that have been caught by EO 13818, 13848 and 9 other Presidential Executive Orders that are enacted by my Commander-in-Chief and Current Wartime President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. All of them are continued into 2024 by Central Casting Actor, Arthur Roberts, aka Sleepy Crooked Joe (this, because the real former VP under Traitor Obama, Joe Biden, has already been duly executed on January 17th 2021)

"We are the Guardians of Humanity and our Light Obliterates the darkness of evil and treason, Always"

We encourage you to repost this video high and wide, all day long. Perform your contribution to our Global Defence War (current and ongoing) and make it also your personal message to the Swiss NAZIS, Zionist Jews and Satanic Freemasons out there who have not yet been Executed. - REPOST and make it VIRAL.

#SemperSupra P.N.

Pascal I just watched Alex and yours interview, I can't believe how awful he treated you! I used to follow him but not anymore! He must be a psyop

Pascaly you know alex jones had you on his show in order to do a hit job but we know it was to wake people up to bad players.Thank you for your great work....

Finally, some truth. Now can we have justice? Vengeance is mine said the Lord!

pascal, why, oh why, at the 4:20 time stamp does the film depict DJT disintegrating alongside the pope ? i must say, that was highly disconcerting !; however, GLAD to see 'The Donald' RE-materialize later in the video . . . PHEW !! anyhow, pascal, if you could explain the significance of this depiction ( death / re-birth of The Donald ), i would appreciate it. thank you for your time & effort to bring this mind-blowing information to the peeps. cheers & best regards !!

It was of course not possible otherwise (AI did the effect andits automatic feature, we could not solve this in time) and we had to show his smile next to Pope Francis after President Trump told him he will be executed after this Photo. No harm, Current Wartime President and CIC Trump understands this as well.

No Worries, all is fine.

Pascal please block the trolls.
They are voting down all positive, supportive comments to you.

WEF Klaus Schwab's Health
Deteriorating After Arrest - To stand
trial for Crimes Against Humanity
By: Michael Baxter, Real Raw News - 19th April 2024

WEF Klaus Schwab’s Health Deteriorating After Arrest - To stand trial for Crimes Against Humanity

World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab is hospitalized in critical condition at Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay, and doctors question whether the maniacal megalomaniac will live long enough to stand trial for Crimes Against Humanity.

As reported previously, Delta Force raided Schwab's Switzerland fortress last Friday, killing 21 heavily armed private security guards before finding Schwab tethered to an Adrenochrome pump beside his bed.

Sources would not tell Real Raw News how White Hats exfiltrated Schwab from Switzerland, citing operational security, but Real Raw News' ongoing investigation suggests that members of the Swiss Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) who despise Schwab played a part in the extraction.

Regardless of the method, Schwab arrived at GITMO Wednesday afternoon and was at once brought by ambulance to the hospital, a GITMO source told RRN.

Schwab's health, he said, started worsening halfway through the flight; handcuffed to his airplane seat, he shivered and coughed uncontrollably, violently, and begged for his "medicine." By the time the flight was co-latitude with South Carolina, Schwab was sweating profusely, pissing himself, and hacking up bloody mucus, sounding as if his throat were filled with crushed glass.

A physician aboard the flight recommended diverting to Raleigh-Duram in North Carolina, but the pilots rejected the suggestion, as they had immutable orders to get Schwab to GITMO without delay. The doctor said he couldn't guarantee Schwab would live long enough to reach Guantanamo Bay.

Although Schwab survived the trip, medics had to stretcher him off the plane because he had lost all mobility, as well as the ability to speak coherent sentences.

At the hospital, doctors diagnosed him with acute renal failure and put him on dialysis. Bloodwork revealed Schwab was unvaccinated and that his white blood cell count was markedly high. Moreover, they determined Schwab was suffering from acute Adrenochrome withdrawal.

Side effects of Adrenochrome withdrawal vary from patient to patient but mimic opioid and ethanal withdrawal, primarily because the Deep State's drug of choice - siphoned from the adrenal glands of terrified children - is an amalgamation of adrenal fluid and synthetic opiates. Previously examined batches of confiscated Adrenochrome were found to contain either oxycodone or fentanyl. Even one dose can induce an incapacitating form of dependence in users - overall health, duration of drug use, and the purity of refined Adrenochrome dictate an addict's side effects, which can occur within hours of abrupt cessation.

Systemic organ failure is a rare and fatal reaction.

"It's unclear how long Schwab was on Adrenochrome, but it could've been decades. It wouldn't surprise me if he wore a portable pump, like those concealable insulin pumps, so that he could self-administer in public. His condition is critical but stable, and he's being kept unconscious for the time being. If his other organs start failing, well, he might not live to see his tribunal. Needless to say, no one here's donating a kidney to that evil bastard," our source said.

Download: The-fraud-trials-against-President-DONALD-TRUMP-is-an-ongoing-witch-hunt-from-the-White-House-Deep-State-Satanists-2024-04-17.mp4 - 12,413 kb
By: Donald J Trump - 17th April 2024
The fraud trial/s against President
DONALD TRUMP is an ongoing
'witch hunt' from the White House /
Deep State / Satanists...

Donald Trump: "WITCH HUNT!"

Trump2024 is who I will be voting for

I moved out of NYC after living there for 22 years, and it's my goal to never set foot in that corrupt, crime ridden cesspool full of hypocrites ever again in my life. The way they treat Trump sickens me.

Nothing will stop me from voting for my president! Voted 2016, 2020 and he has my vote in 2024 AND BEYOND!

Bragg needs to be on trial for treason

Sad what our country has become. Trump 2024

God Bless Trump!

I will be voting for Donald J Trump for the 3rd time, proudly, in November 2024

Nothing will stop me from voting for President Trump in 2024

Trump 2024 or there is no more America

When Trump states it's a witch hunt, he's 100% correct.

Polish Patriots support Donald Trump

The patriots from UK stand with President Trump

God Bless our True President Trump!

God bless President Donald Trump and all of the Trump family.

Trump 2024, there is nobody else !!!!

I have said MANY times, even if they find a way to put Trump in jail, I will STILL vote for him! Trump 2024!

Download here: Employment-Relations-Authority-threatening-Liz-Gunn-with-fines-prison-if-Barry-Youngs-data-not-removed-2024-04-17.mp4 - 35,096 kb
By: FreeNZ Media - 17th April 2024
Employment Relations Authority threatening Liz Gunn & NZ Loyal
with fines & prison, if Barry Young's
is not removed.

New Zealand
Liz Gunn

They Are Censoring & Silencing Us.

The employment relations authority demand the takedown of all of Barry Young's content on our platform, otherwise they are threatening Liz Gunn, FreeNZ & NZ Loyal with 3 months in prison, huge fines and losing all of our equipment!

Censorship and Tyranny is alive and well in NZ . .

This was recorded, Wednesday the 17th April. We are being forced to remove the Barry Young content from our platform. We have no choice in the matter. I thank the FreeNZ team and the NZ Loyal candidates for your support in our discussions about the right path forward. Your support of truth means everything to me.

Write to Christopher Luxon:

*For those that are wanting to donate or support in some way, thank you. It will likely go towards legal costs for Liz's upcoming trial against the NZ police from her assault in Feb 2023. We have the following donation options. We don't have a bank option currently:


Liz, it's easy for me to say keep on fighting when I'm not facing the onslaught you are. The government is clearly in the wrong. The sheeps clothing has been pulled. They are showing NZ and the world who they are. Whatever your decision is we will support you and NZL.

If you choose to fight I'd say get as many overseas media interviews on this ASAP. Humiliate thisfauxservative, 3rd term Labour government in the world's eyes. Get on Tucker Carlson, get on Infowars,CSM, the Gateway Pundit...etc show the world who they really are hiding behind Blue, Yellow & Black / White ties.
Nothing but Labour / WEF 2.0

If you choose to comply, there is no shame. This would be a tactical retreat, nothing more. You wouldn't be quiting, just keeping your powder dry for the next fight. The information is already out. There is nothing they can do. You are still the victor.

We are behind you and NZL no matter what and yes I will be sending Mr Magoo, aka Luxon an email demanding he stop the attacks.

BOANERGES - the sons of thunder
Sadly, some people simply have NO HONOR!!

(AKA: NZ Health, Luxon, Ardern, Bloomfield, Hipkins, Gower, McRoberts, Baker, NZ Courts, NZ Police, NZ Parliament, many doctors and nurses...)

My advice to anyone reading this, download and back up all videos on Barry Young and the data leak from the FreeNZ portals / Twitter. The governments Nazi sympathisers want the evidence scrubbed. Search "YouTube downloader", "Rumble downloader", Twitter downloader"

It seems that Liz Gunn is now under the spotlight of our corrupt government and their minions. Sad to say that Liz is getting hammered on more than one front by the system. We now have quite a line-up of people who have been targeted in this way. Don't be intimidated NZ, this is bad but expected.

The Beehive is at war with the people of New Zealand. They have yet again attacked us and those we hold dear, using 'law-fare' in this case.

to the most beautiful soul there is, I'm simply lost for words, yup tears also, deep down as blessed with intuition to burn I just knew it was coming. this evil runs so deep and tens of years in the making. All I can say liz is I thank you from the bottom of my heart rite to the absolute divine. knowledge and intelligence to burn and delivery second to none, always fact and with we the people's best interest first and foremost. I will pray so so deep for your health and protection. words just not enough for wat you've done for all of us. I will stand with you until the day I die and even in my beautiful after life you won't be forgotten. may God always bless your beautiful soul

Shame on Simpson Grierson! yet again another New Zealand Business putting money before truth and health of people, just like the MSM. Breaks my heart how our Politicians, our Judges and especially our Police Force are so brain washed they happily or ignorantly are ushering in Communism/Fabian Socialism which only ends in dictatorship, all doing the bidding of the maniac criminals running the WEF and UN, and WHO <- who all love CCP!! Or are they just simply still loyal to comrade Jacinda! Either way to bully and silence those speaking out is their only tool in the sandpit as they can't have a mature, debate, conversation when the truth is not on their side. So ashamed of these people, none of them are what I class as brothers in arms - they are all traitors to a failed ideology and greed!!! Anzac in a week - they have no right to show their weakling faces at any dawn parade!!!


NZ has gone, I cannot recognize our country anymore. Free speech, democracy...

You are our real New Zealand Leader Liz! To hell with Simpson Greer, they are not representing justice or law, only acting criminally for The Mafia in our beehive today.
Luxon is yet another conman and disgrace to New Zealanders.
Do what you have to and stay free, we don't want you jailed you're too precious to us all!
Love from Southland!

This is a worldwide depopulation event, created and brought to us by our corrupted/bought-off/blackmailed governments. No truth, No investigation will be allowed. Please Wake Up - Please REACT appropriately

hold fast liz - we are with you all the way

In the past, communist have had no issues murdering us by the tens of millions - usually by starvation, an event that is currently unfolding around the world as I speak, not withstanding the kill shot that they have mandated on billions of people.

You need to understand this is rampant in the USA. That is where its coming from and Europe, UK.

How do we get cash donations to you Liz?

Hi Liz! So angry hearing this when so much truth is out re the damage of this rollout and tyranny on us! You may feel a bit happy to hear that Japan has just had its -first in the world- mainstream media conference with the harms of the vaccines being spoken to them! I will try to post a small clip from that onto here…and I will try to send it to Liz flakes! I'm sure that if it's coming out in the world on msm that it could make a huge difference! Meanwhile, like the others have said…this data is all overseas now…they can't stop it…just keep yourself safe by having a break from "the data" until we can somehow get this shot show stopped.

We are forever grateful for your hard work and bravery- don't know how I would have got through this time without you! That's for sure!'

This is awful - nz you need to stand up for your wonderful country.

Delta Force strike team arrested 86yo
World Economic Forum (WEF)
founder Klaus Schwab in Switzerland
By: Michael Baxter, Real Raw News - 15th April 2024

Delta Force strike team arrested 86-year-old World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab in Switzerland

A Delta Force strike team arrested 86-year-old World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab Friday following a deadly firefight that started at the fortified gate at his 7,770-square-foot, six-acre compound in Switzerland and ended in his bed-chamber, where the death-bringing geezer lay in bed hooked up to a self-dispensing Adrenochrome infusion machine, a source in General Eric M. Smith's office told Real Raw News.

The overdue arrest came after White Hats formally labeled Schwab an international war criminal based on undisclosed evidence showing that he helped orchestrate the Covid plandemic and the Great Reset - the dismantlement of capitalism, the dissolution of private property rights, and the enslavement or eradication of all resistance, globally.

According to our source, White Hats also had a grudge against Schwab. After the WEF spent 32 hours discussing Disease X-a deadly, emerging, manufactured contagion for which COVID-19 was a practice run-at January's "rebuilding trust" (the irony) conference in Davos, White Hats obtained credible intelligence suggesting that a shipment of a Disease X "component" would arrive at the Port of San Francisco, aboard an Iberian-flagged freighter, on February 6. When the vessel arrived, White Hats were waiting. They raided the ship and found in the hold coolers of a glassy, viscous liquid stored in beakers and flasks. Suspended in the liquid were shimmering silver flecks no larger than a piece of dandruff. The ship's crew claimed ignorance, saying they were merely transporting "engine lubricant," per the ship's manifest. A White Hat Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) team seized the shipment, rushing it to Fort Leonard Wood for chemical analysis. The liquid turned out to be soapy water, and the flecks were micro-fine cosmetic glitter used by women to accentuate their eyes. One cooler held a typewritten note: "Fooled you."

The duping, our source admitted, enraged General Smith, for it consumed time and resources, but was only a tertiary reason for pursuing "one of the most prolific criminals in human history."

"On April 5 the general and his allies at Army Special Operations Command planned Schwab's capture. Intelligence, and we hoped it was more solid than the boat intel, said Schwab was pretty much bedridden but protected by a massive security force. There was no sneaking in - the general had blueprints to his home-fortress - and a gunfight seemed certain, and reaching Schwab before his people hustled him into his panic room," our source said.

He wouldn't say how or when Delta arrived in Switzerland or whether Swiss authorities participated in the operation, as fusillades of gunfire would certainly alert local authorities and, perhaps, the federal police.

"We knew it would be a run-and-gun op. And the decision was to do it this weekend," he said. "I'm not going to bullet point our tech, but we can, from a distance, temporarily disable pretty much any alarm system on the planet, and his was no exception."

The operation commenced in the predawn hours, the window of circadian low, defined as the hours of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., when physiological sleepiness is greatest and performance capabilities - such as reacting to an armed incursion - are lowest. Delta hoped to find some guards asleep or drowsily unvigilant.

Delta snipers with suppressor-equipped rifles shot three gate and five perimeter guards in the head. Eight shots, eight confirmed kills. Meanwhile, more Delta scaled the stone wall surrounding Schwab's fortress and engaged a gaggle of armed goons, killing seven and grievously wounding five more. One Delta was shot in the arm and leg but kept fighting. Another got zipped by a ribbon of submachine gun fire and died.

The phalanx of gunfire continued as Delta fought their way to the front door; two soldiers set charges while six others covered them, rippling off lethal controlled bursts that dropped four more approaching guards.

The door splintered into countless shards of hardwood and twisted metal - the explosion disemboweled three interior guards who were standing behind it. Delta stepped over their guts and pressed forward, clearing the house room by room and shooting dead all opposition. Four guards came wheeling around a spiral staircase face-first into a Delta barrage of bullets.

Delta's precisely placed shots eviscerated a pair of sentries guarding the master bedroom and perforated two more standing at the foot of Schwab's bed.

Schwab had fear in his watery eyes and an IV line running from his wrist to what looked like a morphine pump. When a soldier tore the line from his wrist, Schwab murmured, "No, I need it. Help me."

"If it were up to me, I'd help put you out of your misery right now," the Delta operator told him, per a debriefing report.

Delta heaved Schwab from his bed and hurriedly ushered him downstairs and outside. As Delta Force was exfiltrating the property, four guards wielding AR-15-style rifles met them at the gate, lowering their weapons at seeing Schwab in Delta's clutches.

"Don't shoot, we might hit the boss," one had said.

Delta hosed them down. No survivors.

"We have four wounded and one KIA. They retrieved their fallen brother's body. He died a hero. I won't say where we have Schwab right now, but I will say where he's going - GITMO. Unfortunately, ending Schwab doesn't end WEF. We still have a lot of work to do. And we confirmed he was taking Adrenochrome - that's what was in the machine next to his bed," our source said.

He added that President Trump was informed about the operation and that the hospitalization trope is a Deep State cover story.

Download here: Is-Reality-Check-Radio-going-under-Sean-Plunket-sceptical-Q+A-2024-04-14.mp4 - 17,156 kb
By: Q+A with Jack Tame, TVNZ - 14th April 2024
Is Reality Check Radio going under?
Sean Plunket sceptical | Q+A 2024

Alternative media platform Reality Check Radio has gone off air, saying it needs donations to keep broadcasting. They say it's not a stunt, while the Platform's editor Sean Plunket wonders if it's all a marketing ploy.

Join Jack Tame and the Q+A team and find the answers to the questions that matter. Made with the support of NZ on Air.

It's been one week to the day since RCR went off air, and what a week it's been..

Since the second broadcasting stopped there has been an outpouring of messages offering encouragement and support in the hope that RCR can find a way to return, many thousands already.

We want that too!

Hang in there, we'll have more to update you with in the coming days on the developing situation, so keep an eye out in your email inbox for that.

In the meantime..

Did you see the TV spot covering RCR on TV1's Q&A (above), over the weekend?

With so few people tuning in to the telly these days, it could easily have been missed.

Check it out and let us know in the comments what you think. We think it wasn't half-bad ;)

Speak soon,

P.S. If you've been thinking about donating but haven't gotten around to it yet, please consider giving generously to help RCR return to the air stronger than ever. Because if we can, we've got big plans.

What a fantastic advertisement for RCR! I am so proud to support Reality Check Radio (and Counterspin Media to) in New Zealand.

Their passion for truth, integrity and freedom is such a breathe of fresh air, compared to listening to soulless shills such as Patrick Gower, Mike McRoberts, Tova O'Brien, Sean Plunket etc!

Rock on RCR
The People need the Truth!
My donation is on its way.

I was so hopeful when The Platform started up.....and just as quickly disappointed when "Open" and "Tolerant" proved to be nothing more than lip service. When RCR was born a year ago, they very quickly lived up to their principles of Freedom and open conversation. It is my humble opinion that this little radio station changed the course of the last election, and the defeat of the Therapeutics Products Bill. With trust in legacy media dead (and rightfully so), and as a freedom lover and truth seeker, I will happily contribute monthly to RCR to support the cause. There's a reason RCR was the No 1 news app in the country when it launched. Long Live RCR.

RCR gets my support. Only ones to stand for the people who got discriminated against.
And have the values and morals NZ once was known for. We need this station more than ever bringing perspective and truth back to our society.

I hope RCR keep going, we need to have honest media in this country. I'd rather listen to Peter Williams than Sean Plunket so i'm happy to support RCR.

Happy to support real journalism. RCR gets my support.

Out of all these stations, which one is truly only funded by the people?

Thank you for the reminder to donate to RCR.

The cost of a cheap cup of coffee a week! or return to the covid years and go back to being in the Dark.

Love Reality Check Radio and the Announcers who bring a fresh perspective to the news, top notch honest broadcasters with years of experience covering a range of topics that are of interest to New Zealanders.

RCR is the only media that presents critically important issues the mainstream is paid not to talk about.

it wasn't an occupation of parliament grounds.. its a public place.

the platform is decent but i disagree with plunkets view on the covid protests

RCR all the way - have listened since day 1 - can't wait for them to come back on air.

Also the wright family take millions off the government so is he private funded or public?

Love RCR !

Interesting that Q&A have done this story, albeit a half hearted attempt….

Stopped listening to rude plunket and state owned and big corp propaganda and never looked back. RCR will be back.


Was that Paddy Gower begging to go on the Platform for an interview??? OMG how quickly times have changed ... hilarious

Awesome interview, really enjoyed hearing from some of the Reality Check Radio presenters, co-founder and some ordinary kiwis ... and what is needed to get RCR back on air. Hopefully VERY soon!

RCR speaks for all to different views than MSM...a refreshing change..thank you, RCR, you have my support!

I like the Platform and switched to them when it came out, but when RCR came along I was hooked, finally some real journalism. I think the interviews are fantastic, you can choose the time length of what you want to listen to, but knowing it is true stuff is the big thing for me! I am so over listening to the BS the main news spout out, not that I listen, just do a quick catch up on stuff online, that is bad enough! Please RCR come back! I have donated what I could...

Love RCR!!! They'll be back! Let's back these guys, get in there and donate.

The founders and supporters of RCR radio are people committed to seeking the truth. We will battle through this and pay for broadcasting too.The likes of Sean Plunkett piss me off

I think we need both RCR & the Platform, they both put a different 'spin' on things & talk about issues that legacy media are too scared to or for ideological reasons won't address

rabbit hole radio a Sean????
it like calling your platform PLATFORM
HERE and no further radio just like all other mainstream manure broadcasters

Great free advertising !!!! Thanks tv 1..

This is hilarious some of your comments are the very reason why MSM is going Tits up thanks for the Publicity and Plunkett is a total Plonker

Q and A didn't care to mention who funds them...

Bring back RCR!

Don't be fooled! They'll be back

Download here: Canadian-Prime-Minister-Justin-Trudeau-Facing-Life-Behind-Bars-on-Child-Rape-Charges-2024-04-14.mp4 - 66,704 kb
By: The People's Voice - 14th April 2024
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau
Facing Life Behind Bars
on Child Rape Charges

Canada's beleaguered Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is fighting for more than just his political life in the lead up to the national election, he's fighting to avoid spending the rest of his life behind bars on child sex charges.

Trudeau has already lost his marriage due to his sordid history as a sex offender, but he is about to lose a whole lot more according to investigators who revealed the globalist leader is about to be thrown under the bus and prosecuted on child rape charges if he loses the next election.

According to investigators, Trudeau isn't the only world leader or senior politician facing charges. A whole host of household names, including members of the US House and Senate, are sweating as the walls close in on them.

Trending News
Elite pedophilia
Young Global Leaders
World Economic Forum
John Podesta
Jacinda Ardern

Same with all the others in the west. They all are installed by the WEF, which is a Rothschild's organisation

he should be put to death for treason

I hope this is really happening . ..cause it's about time these criminals pay for there crimes.

Now we know why his wife divorced him. Bastard

Yeah fact's just type into Rumble search Kate Middleton and see more than 500 identical videos uploaded by NYPost they uploading every 10 minutes the same 45 seconds long video with different thumbnails.

Things that are censored and buried. Make you go hmm
Fall of the Cabal shows why and how...

Every one of these CHILD TRAFFICKERS AND RAPISTS even associated with one another need to be indicted and tried for TREASON WITHOUT BAIL while investigators research their pasts and social connections...Birds of a Feather Do Flock Together and these Child Rapists, Tormentors and Murderers must be eradicted from the face of the planet.

jacinda has a bigger wiener than big Mike Obama.

Canada's most punchable face.

And How did Mike Pence, known in Indiana as a boy rapist, become the selected VP before Trump even waa offered the GOP nomination!?

Klaus Schwab is reportedly in the hospital in grave condition !

Download here: Pro-Covid-Vaccination-Italian-Health-Minister-Roberto-Speranza-is-called-a-MURDERER-everywhere-he-goes-2024-04-13.mp4 - 1,870 kb
By: Concerned Citizen - 13th April 2024

Pro Covid Vaccination Italian Health
Minister Roberto Speranza, is called a
MURDERER everywhere he goes

Bologna, Italy.

The Italians have awakened !!


Watch how the Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza during Covid, is received by the public everywhere he goes.

Thousands upon thousands of lives ruined through the coercion of the experimental mRNA injections which weren't ever required.

They didn't really think they were going to get away with it did they?

Download here: Help-REALITY-CHECK-RADIO-Get-Back-On-Air-so-they-can-continue-to-eradicate-evil-tyrants-2024-04-11.mp4 - 8,803 kb
By: The Redbaiter - 11th April 2024
Get Back On Air - so they can
continue to eradicate evil tyrants

Made this video because I think Reality Check Radio is an invaluable and highly necessary part of the NZ media scene. The video explains why I think this.

I have no connection with RCR, financial or otherwise. I made the video because I like them and I admire the people who got the station up and running and work there today.

If you want to help them, please consider a donation or sign up for one of their plans. At the least please retweet this video to help get the message out.

Unlike most of the legacy media, RCR get not one dollar from the taxpayer. They run on the smell of an oily rag, plus whatever donations they receive from the public.

I know times are hard, but they're special. Please help them out if you can.

@NZNationalParty @actparty @nzfirst @RCR_NZ @voices_nz

Coronavirus Plushie
This is really well done, as are all your videos. Shared.

The Gantt Guy
Great work, my friend!

The Redbaiter
Have to keep these guys on the air. NZ is starved for truth from media. Many NZers wouldn't even know about the overseas protests because local media refuses to report on them.

By: WatchmanFT - 11th April 2024


Mirrored source: WorldOrdersReview Bitchute channel

can NO longer MOVE WITHOUT (HEAVY) POLICE protection (word is out in Italy, they killed knowingly...)
The Italians are waiting for him everywhere and shouting "Murderer". Former Health Minister Roberto Speranza, who enforced vaccinations can no longer move without police protection.

#ItalianHealthMinister #robertosperanza #covidvaccines

Download here: GOOD-NEWS-as-Newshub-closure-confirmed-nearly-300-jobs-to-go-2024-04-10.mp4 - 15,481 kb
By: 1News - 10th April 2024
[Good News as]
Newshub closure confirmed,
nearly 300 jobs to go
| 1News

Newshub will end programming and shutter its newsroom by July, Warner Bros Discovery has confirmed, with close to 300 jobs to go.

Staff could be seen walking to an event venue for the meeting just before 11am, alongside high-profile news presenters Mike McRoberts, Samantha Hayes, Patrick Gower, Rebecca Wright, and others.

Newshub's final day will be July 5. The closure would involve shuttering the publisher's flagship 6pm bulletin and online news website.

After 35 years on air, the cancellation of news on TV3 would likely leave television viewers with only one choice for local news - state-owned TVNZ.

GET STUFFED! Paddy Gower hits out at Facebook keyboard warriors


IDEAL: Investigative journalism entails reporters deeply investigating a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. An investigative journalist may spend months or years researching and preparing a report.

They serve the public as "watchdog reporters" or "accountability reporters."

REALITY: Sadly, most journalists (sic) today act as prosecutors for the elite and their corrupt organizations / puppeteers. Reporters routinely lie, manipulate facts, misrepresent and even persecute innocent people.

They will not let 'truth' get in the way of a good story! Examples: Tova O'Brien (NZ), Anderson Cooper (USA) etc.

Unfortunately New Zealand's Newshub have been peddlers of Fake News for a very long time. With the closure of yet another podium of lies, we rejoice to see what has become a conveyor belt of victories for the White Hats!

I have recorded a collection of their crimes. We should all do so for their trials

NZ and the MRNA
I would love to receive that collection if that is possible? Not sure how you would send it but my email is thank you

Journos are not people

NZ and the MRNA
they are people....this lot unfortunately were groomed people who fed from the Govt trough and refused to step outside the narrative

So good - we will never forget what they said & did

James Russell
I'd say let this be a reminder that you're not above the common public. The reason why you're taking it so hard is because you've never had one thing ever not go your way. We are all only a twist of fate away from losing EVERYTHING. You are no different.

James Russell
Do good things, good things happen. Do bad things and it'll come back to haunt you.

Try to present news facts, not opinions, without wearing a supercilious smug smirk on you biased left faces.

ideNZcity politics
Immature bias reporters

LynLyn NZ
If I could pinpoint the time where I turned them off it was their uncritical reporting of government talking points during Covid. Completely unacceptable. Our human rights were being violated yet not a peep from Newshub.* They created their own demise in these moments.

The Urban Hermit
They didn't produce news, they produced propaganda. Moreover, they took the side of corrupt and nasty politicians over that of the suffering and disenfranchised. Then they had the gall to gaslight us.
And now they're crying into their lattes and claiming victimhood.

Norris Cole - The Kabin Coronation Street
The NZ public watched you sign away your independence in favour of promoting govt talking points, TOW & maori bollox. You turned your back on Kiwi's & goose stepped away from us with your govt funding & orders.

Self inflicted, thats what this is, nothing more, nothing less.

Dot Dot
The problem is not even this will humble them...the arrogance is the problem

Feral plague rat v2
I switched TV news off 10 years ago when they insulted my intelligence by airing an advertorial for Kmart on the six o'clock news.

I started despising them after they lied and smeared ordinary kiwis at the parliament protests.

Antonia del la Varis
They would still be on air if they had just once done their actual job which we pay them for; fair and balanced reporting of facts.

There is a major need still for proper journalists to cover local affairs such as WEF/globalist puppets' penetration into our local govts and NGOs.


Download here: Former-Italian-Health-Minister-Roberto-Speranza-needs-police-protection-from-vaxx-victims-for-killing-people-2024-04-07.mp4 - 8,608 kb
By: Reese Report - 7th April 2024
Former Italian Health Minister
Roberto Speranza, needs police
protection from vaxx victims...
..for killing people!

Former Italian health minister, Roberto Speranza is under investigation for homicide after emails revealed that he knew the COVID #Vaccine was killing people

He also told local health authorities to conceal deaths and serious injuries in order to keep the vaccination program going.

Roberto Speranza can no longer walk in the streets by himself in Italy. He is permanently accompanied by police / security and a crowd screaming "Assassino!" (Murderer!)

GROK: it appears that Roberto Speranza, the former Italian health minister, is under investigation for allegations of covering up vaccine deaths and injuries during the COVID-19 pandemic. This information comes from various sources, including social media posts and news articles, which suggest that Speranza has been accused of enforcing vaccinations and then covering up the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. The allegations include that he can no longer move without police protection due to angry Italians shouting "murderer" at him. However, it's important to note that these are claims and allegations, and as of now, there is no official confirmation that Speranza has been formally charged with any crimes related to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Viorel Caza
Why is this happening only in Italy? What about the corrupt officials who created all of these?

Manlio Delogu
Unfortunatly the "Tribunale dei Ministri" has dismiss the case, sying he didn't do anything wrong. They protect themselves through the immunity. This is going to end very badly because everybody is really pissed

1) asset forfeiture
2) death penalties

Rubin McLeod
Let's keep this going in more countries.

Bradley Dean
We want justice now.

Download here: Cashless-Society-Australian-NZ-banks-getting-too-nosy-2024-04-04.mp4 - 2,869 kb
By: Avi Yemini, Rebel News - 4th April 2024
Cashless Society!
Australian / NZ banks getting too nosy!
Avi Yemini trys to withdraw cash
from ANZ to buy tits for his wife!

"why are you taking your money out"
"to deposit them in another bank"

If you have to tell the bank why you need your money, it's not actually your money.

"I'm not really confident in my package. I'm sure you'd know." Gets the prize right there! LOL

This happened to my son about two years ago! We live in Quebec, Canada not in Australia. My son needed to withdraw a large amount of money on three occasions every couple days. The first time they asked why he needed the money. He was taken aback and looked at me, I was as surprised as he was.

He made up an excuse and the teller went to get her colleague and we heard her give my son's reason for the withdrawal. They both looked at us and said OK!!! Second time my son was nervous to go back but he was prepared. Same scenario different employees. My son gave a bogus reason. Third time they made a comment that he had been withdrawing a lot of money lately and wanted to know why!!! My son said he was buying a car (he wasn't). They asked why he didn't just transfer the money electronically. He stared at them and said "I don't want to, I'd like my money". He's a very calm young man but he was getting angry. This kind of control will clearly be spreading around the world. We thought it was just something that happened to my son ….

"Really, I've changed my mind, instead of withdrawing $500 I want to close my account and withdraw everything in it, the reason being so I don't have to explain every purchase I make to someone that has no business asking or knowing what I do with my money!" is the right answer.

"I'm running for government office and need bribe money"
Teller "we have discrete envelopes disguised as a newspaper would you like one"

They ask what I do for a living, I tell them I make antiques.

I've never had the bank ATM ask why I'm taking my money out

This should be done to the government. They are getting too nosy

"I'm sure you'd know"

Bruhhh slithered that in real smooth

I had a bank tell me "you can't do that" when I went to make an in person withdrawal. After making sure my transactions were current and cleared I closed said account right then and there and went to another bank!

Download here: WEF-Declares-Pedophilia-Sexual-Orientation-Must-Be-Added-To-LGBTQ-Plus-2024-03-31.mp4 - 83,108 kb
By: The People's Voice - 31st March 2024
WEF Declares
Pedophilia 'Sexual Orientation'
Must Be Added To LGBTQ+
5 years to life jail for insulting a pedophile!

The LGBTQ+ rainbow community must add a P according to the World Economic Forum in Davos which has declared that pedophilia is an acceptable sexual orientation that deserves respect.

According to Klaus Schwab and his globalist cronies, pedophiles must be added to the protected class of citizens in Western countries who identify as LGBTQ and enjoy the benefits of hate crime protection.

Under Schwab's directive in countries including Trudeau's Canada, anybody found guilty of insulting a pedophile could face five years to life in prison.

Trending News
elite pedophiles
World Economic Forum
young global leaders
Klaus Schwab

I refuse to upvote such parasitic trash as Klaus Schwab, or anyone on his side in all of this! If any of them ever were human they left their humanity in the shitter. Now they are merely demonic trash, soulless inhuman beasts! Like all the enemies of humanity and their ilk, they project their own faults, thoughts, and actions onto the people who oppose them and their demonic agenda!
They apparently believe that if they show us what they are planning to do to us (in a movie, song, book, TV show, etc.) and do not say anything (why would we say anything, we thought those showings were pure fiction, entertaining, perhaps scary, but fiction nevertheless) that our silence is consent. Well I am informing them and the whole world right here and now, that:

Pedophilia should be a capital crime.

no, we need to strengthen laws against these sick bastards..pedos need to be put 6 feet down.

WEF you and your Idiotic Meatsack Mentality offends me, and millions of others; So I suggest you take your Idiotic Meatsack Mentality and stuff it up your A@@.. You have been judged and found to be deficient of Critical Thinking Skills and should just STFU.. or be SUFTNLP; a reference made by George Bush Sr..

1992 that if the American people ever find out what we have been doing.. Well we found out.. and SUFTNLP is comin'..

Oh, now we are talking "biology" but when it comes "gender" biology isn't important anymore

The wef can f right off. What gets me is the women speaking out for these sickos. A victim of these c**ts need to speak up and introduce these to the real world!

Interesting how the White House is celebrating Transgender Visibility Day with rainbow flags.

I never voted for these WEF so exterminate them all. Call in the Daleks.

Pedophiles should be castrated.

Hahaha why stop there, what about the necrophiliacs ! another stripe on that flag i think, green or brown?

Im sorry but we need Jehovah God come and sort this world out ...

It's all about corruption of the soul innocence. Most teenage stars are satanic and they play act innocent there music is satanic from day one like Bieber or Billie Eilish or Katy Perry they take their fanbase to different stages "spiritual" and they go to "wiccan" and satanism. All those piercings and tattoos are gateways for negative energy and demonic things. I don't understand why people think that pedophilia has anything to do with "love" those people are just psychopathic with zero empathy, they don't care about their victims or if they suffering a life time, all they see is their own pleasure having the dominance over a minor.

It's disgusting power play and if you physically harm someone to do sex it's not good. The animals don't mate with their immature offspring and parents abusing their own children is just wrong and there's no way of claiming it's fine if a old disgusting person abuses children to pleasure themselves sexually.

Download: Jacinda-Ardern-admits-to-Virtual-Signalling-DEMOCIDE-Satanism-and-promotes-COUNTERSPINMEDIA-SHORT-2024-03-31.mp4 - 13,652 kb
By: COUNTERSPINMEDIA.COM - 31st March 2024
I Dream of Cindy - parody - short version
Jacinda Ardern admits to Virtual Signalling, DEMOCIDE, Satanism and promotes
as the Real Source of Truth

“Tyranny expands to fill the amount of passivity available for its implementation." Beagle's First Law of Governance

“Tyranny is neither created nor destroyed, it just changes suits." Beagle's Second Law of Governance

"The result of an irresistible freedom force meeting an immovable tyrannical object is, well, revolution." Beagle's Third Law of Governance

When the population understands this picture, it will change everything.

Download: Jacinda-Ardern-admits-to-Virtual-Signalling-DEMOCIDE-Satanism-and-promotes-COUNTERSPINMEDIA-as-Real-Source-of-Truth-2024-03-30.mp4 - 18,676 kb
By: COUNTERSPINMEDIA.COM - 30th March 2024

Jacinda Ardern admits to Virtual
Signalling, DEMOCIDE, Satanism &
as the Real Source of Truth

Comments from

Note: The above advert was extracted from:

Although this advert is a 'parody' of the extremely nefarious WEF puppet Jacinda Ardern, the reality is that it is much more like an extremely concise autobiography of Jacinda Ardern's reign and destruction of New Zealand.

This is possibly one of the best short movies ever made, as a fitting tribute to Jacinda Ardern and her evil reign of terror.

Accomplices to Jabcinda's Crimes Against Humanity also include, but are not limited to:

  • Chris Hipkins
  • Christopher Luxon
  • Ashley Bloomfield
  • Michael Baker
  • Siouxsie Wiles
  • etc

Oh that advertisement featuring Jacinda is gold!

You're awesome Coubterspin team. Thank you.

Evil and righteousness coexist for a reason. Choice propels us towards one, or the other, but many need to take the wrong road in order to learn

Download here: Sam-Bankman-Fried-sentenced-to-25-years-in-prison-for-conspiracy-and-FTX-cryptocurrency-fraud-2024-03-29.mp4 - 26.977 kb
By: Yahoo Finance - 29th March 2024
Sam Bankman-Fried sentenced
to 25 years in prison for conspiracy
and FTX cryptocurrency fraud

FTX founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Thursday.

He faced up 110 years, with prosecutors wanting him to serve 40 to 50 years. Bankman-Fried's lawyers requested no more than six and a half years. Bankman-Fried was convicted in November of seven counts of fraud and conspiracy after being accused of using FTX customer funds to cover losses at his hedge fund.

Yahoo Finance's Jennifer Schonberger reports the breaking details. For more expert insight and the latest market action, click here to watch this full episode of Wealth! Editor's note: This article was written by Stephanie Mikulich.

#sambankmanfried #yahoofinance #prison
#sbf #ftx #prison #sambankmanfried #yahoofinance #crypto

He is the biggest scammer in our countries history and Only 25year????? He should be in jail for 50years.

So looking forward to seeing other criminals tried for Fraud, Crimes Against Humanity, Treason etc such as: Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau, Klaus Schwab, Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Helen Clark, Jacinda ardern, John Key, Daniel Andrews...

25 years is nothing compared with the amount of people that he scam. I'm one of them.

Our country is sooooo corrupt.

SBF should have been imprisoned for the rest of his natural life. He lied to people and they committed self deletion when they realized the extent they were swindled. Little or no accountability is the standard for white collar crime. That needs to change. Ruined lives in the aftermath.

A slap in the hand! Feds sentence 30yr. Olds to 300 yrs!

He'll serve 10 years in a cushy rich person jail. Good job America!

Who else thinks that that sentence will be adjusted to something much shorter?

He's apologized to the court "I'm sorry I got caught." Let's move on.

Only 25 years and no remorse. This is insane

Where... he will go to white collar prison to wait to be released on good behavior after a few years.

Dude stole over 30bill and only got 25yrs

I'm so glad to see this ruling. Although, I think the jail time should be longer............ A bank man like this should never be freed :D

Download here: Donald-Trump-Religion-And-Christianity-Are-The-Biggest-Things-Missing-From-This-Country-2024-03-27.mp4 - 5,741 kb
By: Forbes Breaking News - 27th March 2024
Donald Trump: 'Religion And
Christianity Are The Biggest Things
Missing From This Country'

In a video promoting Lee Greenwood's 'God Bless The USA' Bible released to social media, former President Trump said that Christianity was "under siege" in the U.S. and that religion needed to make a comeback.

Thank you for standing and fighting for us all President Trump. WWG1WGA.

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn."
— Proverbs 29:2 (KJV)

No Democrat would ever make a speech like this.

At first , "Let's Make America Great Again, Now Let's Make America Pray Again"

Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, as those sent from God.

This country definitely needs Jesus. Son of God

Christ is King

USA needs JESUS!! I need JESUS.

Pray for US . Bring it back . GOD Will save US .

He is right. Return to God. Return to love. Return to a great country

the biggest thing missing from this country is a real justice system

"He who can keep his mouth, may keep his life." (Proverbs)

No Christianity (No Bible) = No Glory

Download here: Brandon-Biggs-prophecy-Donald-Trump-assassination-attempt-Bullet-by-his-ear-2024-03-15.mp4 - 65,354 kb
By: Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries - 15th March 2024
Brandon Biggs' prophecy about the
Donald Trump assassination attempt,
that a bullet would go by his ear!

The prophecy about the assassination attempt on
President Donald Trump's life is at the 3 minute mark onwards.

#solareclipse #sign #April8

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti is joined by Bradon Biggs and Amanda Grae to share unusual prophetic insights relating to the #sign of the American #solareclipse on #April8.

* Watch the premier of the Mike Flynn movie as the General tours the USA: https://www.DiscoverChurch.Online/Flynn

Brandon Biggs' prophecy about the Donald Trump assassination attempt, that a bullet would go by his ear!
NOTE: The above photo/s were taken on 13th July 2024 - 4 months 'after' Brandon Biggs'
prophecy about the Donald Trump assassination attempt, that a bullet would go by his ear!

Brandon Biggs' prophecy about the Donald Trump assassination attempt, that a bullet would go by his ear!
NOTE: The above photo was taken on 13th July 2024 - 4 months 'after' Brandon Biggs'
prophecy about the Donald Trump assassination attempt, that a bullet would go by his ear!

Take the opportunity to support the new Flynn Movie. Book your seats to watch the premier and meet Gen Mike Flynn live on tour: https://www.DiscoverChurch.Online/Flynn

John 20:29 Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

@TheCrviera - 13th July 2024
Who's here bc of Brother Brandon's prophecy on the ear of Trump being grazed by bullet?! And it came to pass today!

@izaquielcarvallho - 13th July 2024
Wow! To all Americans: God does not give up America. Take this opportunity and do the right thing!

@llllllllllllllIIlIllIIllIIIIll - 13th July 2024
Jesus appeared to me in a radical way and changed my life forever. I have encountered people like this in my life, its legit.

@abebe7017 - 13th July 2024
Anyone here because of what happened to Trump today and this video circulating on X?

@vanyou2269 - 13th July 2024
Who:s here to find out this prophecy came through. They tried to kill him just as this guy saw in the Spirit.

Absolute Wow!

@leolibertad7190 - 13th July 2024
Who is here 3 months after ? (13th July 2024 May god bless you pastor , thank you God for protecting President Trump.

@meyersonfire - 13th July 2024
I've been through the meat grinder of the corrupt judicial system, too--once with a psychopath abuser and another with a woman who defrauded me of my life savings when I was trying to buy a house. I have a strong relationship with the Lord and was prayerful the whole time. This did not spare me from this evil--when it was all over I asked God how depleting me of all my resources helps me to build the Kingdom.

His answer: if you'd not experienced this yourself, you would have had a hard time believing how evil our court systems are. And this was 16 years ago. Now I can be more compassionate and a wise friend to those it happens to ever since I had my experience.

@77Asiris - 13th July 2024
I was an atheist before the attempt on President Trumps life and then saw this video from three months ago. I always said there wasn't evidence for the existence of God, but I am now writing this as a believer.

@Ken18990 - 13th July 2024
Anyone else here because we have an AMAZING God?? Praise Jesus!!

@PrasadCPerera - 13th July 2024
Who is here because of a random clip on X?

God bless you all.

Forgive us, forgive our nation for the murder of the innocent, for perversion for theft, have mercy on us, remember your tender Mercy Father. Save us Lord Please save us... Father Please turn the children heart back to the Father and the Father heart back to the children.... forgive Lord Please fill our land with your Glory, Mercy Mercy Mercy. We cry Mercy

Satan has been defeated at the cross

I remember this! I prayed even more for him. THIS is what our prayers do!!!

I pray that Jesus protects you and your family Amen.

Trump being saved is such a lovely thing! Many have prayed for him and he has tried hard to help us!

I just made my kid listen to this and he was in shock. I'm trying to get them right with God but with young people they are so enveloped with all these social media and the filth along with demonic stuff on there it's ridiculous.

Amazing! 100% correct. Pray for everyone and pray for the aggression on both sides to end!

May God have mercy on America. May God save us!

Download here: SIMON-PARKES-WHITE-HATS-STATE-OF-PLAY-Trump-will-win-2024-Election-2024-03-24.mp4 - 108,234 kb
By: projectcamelot - 14th March 2024
Trump will win 2024 Election! for more info
Simon Parkes is a white hat, well known broadcaster and Founder of Connecting Consciousness a worldwide organization dedicated to raising awareness. This is a wide ranging conversation about where we are in the revolution to take back our Planet and reveal Trump as the CIC and President of America. We cover possible scenarios for the year and how Trump might return to office officially with the help of the white hats.

Trump double - Averting another Civil War - Clones - Many vagrants on streets of San Francisco are people thrown out of Deep State programs - Fourth Reich in Antarctica - Buzz Aldrin's heart attack in Antarctica - UFOs and Alien Technology...

#white hats #trump

The mRNA is not a vax
It's gene therapy. PERIOD.
The vax Trump is talking about is ivermectin. He talks in code, until he's back in office.
The Gene Therapy was a genocide plan, to reduce the population. Listen to Bill G-ates on Ted talk. He outs himself in that talk, because the evil demons think if they tell you what they are doing and you do nothing, then they are free from karmic debt.
We The People of the world
are taking our power back!!!
It's a process and it's worth it. Everyone will be blessed and the evil will pay for there actions. IMO

Very good interview however I have a few comments: Forget about looking into the future, it is always changing. Just do what's right, tell the truth, uncover the truth to the whole world. We can take it. What would Jesus Christ do? Tell us lies? I don't think so. Just do what is right and see where the cards fall. The people can handle it. Let's put an end to this bad move. Get rid of Biden and get the Med beds out. With every passing day people are suffering.

I'm so happy Simon is back on the interview circuit. His intelligence, experience, level head, kindness, and wisdom make for a fantastic package. This is one interview that I'll replay more than once. Thank you both so much.

No one knew about Ivermectin until the Vax came out, dont you think thats what Trump is talking about?

Ivermectin cures cancer which is parasitic. Without that no cure.

"That" is called God's protection, angels guarding you why don't you call it what it is? There's no magical force! YOU are protected by GOD.

People can agree or disagree.. no one knows what is really in the plan and plans change with events just like Simon stated. It is also a military operation so there are things done on purpose to throw us off.. so we throw off the bad guys also. So do not get defensive if it is not the outcome you want to hear because we do not even know what the outcome is

Download here: Nick-and-Dylan-with-Simon-Parkes-Elections-White-Hats-Custodians-of-Humanity-Military-in-Background-2024-03-12.mp4 - 158,382 kb
By: The Bridge with Nick and Dylan - 12th March 2024
Nick and Dylan with Simon Parkes: Elections - White Hats are
Custodians of Humanity
Military in Background - Long Game

Topics discussed by Nick and Dylan with Simon Parkes:

Elections - White Hats are Custodians of Humanity - Military in Background - Long Game - M15 - Neutron Bombs for DUMBs - Full Disclosure and RV After Trump Officially Re-installed - MedBeds 5 Years...

Hey Guys N Gals

Thank you for joining us on this fine day on Planet Earth!! Today we are thrilled to be joined by Simon Parkes, Simon has come to spend some time with us to offer his deep understandings about the climate we face as a collective humanity, and how we are currently dealing with the Shift in Consciousness.

The Topics in which we discuss we feel are some of the single handed most important topics in which we need to be addressing as a whole, No more distractions, just awareness evolving to a higher state of being!

We really hope you enjoyed this show as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

If you would like to learn more about Simon and his servitude toward Humanity, Feel free to visit

Thank you so much for blessing us with your Prescence today,

we love you all

Nick and Dylan, and just for today, Simon too!!!

Hey guys so nice to see Simon here :)
I am also a member of CC in the seeing you all together
Sending love and light

Simon is the only one I trust now

I love Simon and you guys are awesome too.
Thank you.

Just awesome, loved every minute of this wonderfully wide spectrum of discussion. Thank you so much for this. Gods blessing on us all.

I did miss the times Simon talked much more about spiritual topics, but this time it was a very interesting and spiritual talk. Thanks a lot!

Dear Nick and Dylan, my congratulations to your attitude and consciousness to ask excellent questions to Simon. And thank you Simon to get back online and share your knowledge and values to make us aware of where we are heading to.
So many statements make sense and support us to really start feeling and thinking on a deeper level.

I hope we get more of those dialogues in these challenging times, especially for the Anons that are coming to a level of fatigue that is hard to bear.

But the spiritual focus will help us in our personal empowerment for the cultural change that is ahead of us.

Love this. Thank you. So much information. I'm definitely on board and excited for this to happen.

Why don't the WHs take control of the MSM for the world to see? It's not something that has to be completed in a month, but begin to put more and more positive, truthful news out in front of the masses.

They have planted a few small seeds but if a large percentage of people are negatively brainwashed because of the current MSM, why isn't this being used as a tool for the good of all humanity in a positive manner? It shouldn't be THAT difficult, in my opinion.

I grasp all the things & reasons he's saying but, there's a serious problem with the keeping of the secrecy of all this if it's truly all going on...If the history books don't include the facts of it and the corrections of it.

When truth & history are suppressed, future generations forget...and forget quickly!...And, inevitably, fall back into the patterns and susceptibility of the mistakes of the past. The idea that all these things and the people at large are going to be kept in the dark of all this is very troublesome impo.

Download here: 96-UK-MPs-are-permanently-stepping-down-WHY-Because-people-are-dropping-dead-everywhere-2024-03-11.mp4 - 42,397 kb
By: Richard Vobes - 11th March 2024
96 UK MPs are permanently
stepping down! WHY?
Because people are
dropping dead everywhere?

Running scared? They should be. We the people are on to them and we know exactly what they did to us back in 2020.

#mps #endtimes #governement

96 UK MPs are permanently stepping down! WHY? Because people are dropping dead everywhere?

Never forgive, never forget the damage they have done. Premature deaths, a generation of children's education ruined and the economy destroyed.

Crimes of treason and genocide never have a time limit and no country can hide you under the laws of war.. these MP's will be held accountable with full penalties

They should all stand down and do jail time for their treason

We should petition so that they cannot leave the country for at least 5 years as a precaution for any illegal activities.

Stepping down does not cancel accountability!!
ALL these criminals must be held fully accountable...

After opening the door to Islam and handing them the keys to the country, they know they will have hell to pay if they remain in public. The worst parliament in 400 years!

15 years as MP gives them a full pension, they want us to work till 79.

They should be prosecuted and charged with treason and crimes against humanity!

'Conservative' is the wrong word to describe 99% of MP's in Britain

They took all the money & are running away before the numb skulls wake up!

Download here: Michelle-Obama-Beat-Shit-Out-of-Barack-After-Trans-Rumors-Forced-Her-Out-of-2024-Race-2024-03-09.mp4 - 62,653 kb
By: The People's Voice - 9th March 2024
Michelle Obama 'Beat Shit Out
of Barack'
After Trans Rumors
Forced Her Out of 2024 Race

Michelle Obama flew into a violent fit of rage at Barack and senior staff members when it became apparent she could not run for president in 2024, according to a staffer who blames the transgender rumors for ruining her political ambitions.

Drunk Michelle became physically violent, overpowered Barack, and needed to be restrained during a campaign meeting when it became clear that her dream of winning the White House would not be realized.

According to the staffer, it was after this meeting, in which she was told she simply has too many skeletons in her closet, that she fronted up to the media and announced she would not be officially entering the race at this time.

Unfortunately for the Obamas, they are not going to get off that lightly. The people are waking up, they are tired of the deception and lies, and they are determined to expose the Obamas to the entire world for the frauds they really are.

Trending News
Michelle Obama
Big Mike
Barack Obama
Malik Obama
Michelle Obama man
Michelle Obama tranny
2024 election

skeletons in the closet or one too many penises in the pants?

WHY are you calling a man SHE ?

We all know youre a TRANNY!

she's a man, man!!

... Big MIke... hahahaha that information has been around for a LOOONG time, ask Barrack...LOL cause when it swings like that during a dance routine....well hey what can one say

Sean, keep exposing these liars and demons. They are unnatural. In no way should the unnatural be ruling over the natural. Our leaders should be the strong wise and powerful, not the corrupt, weak and sick.

He's terrified cuz they gonna hang...

SASQUATCH gotta' Dick!

It is less important that she has a dick, than that she is a horrible person who hates our country and would only take the baton from Biden and continue to keep an open border, continue to bankrupt us, continue the war machine and support the indoctrination of kids. Basically doing all possible to sell out our country to globalists.

It may be too late for the US. They are repeating every mistake that the Roman Empire made including preparing to have illegals fight for our military, then return to this country trained to kill, with no respect for the citizenry. Amazing.

Can't stand either of these homosexual MALES

Download here: Supreme-Court-Trump-to-stay-on-primary-ballot-on-all-states-as-he-is-not-an-insurrectionist-2024-03-05.mp4 - 2,878 kb
By: ABC10 - 5th March 2024
Supreme Court: Trump to stay on
primary ballot on all states
~ as he is not an insurrectionist! ~
The U.S. Supreme Court said former President Donald Trump is staying on the primary ballot.

I remember watching an interview with Alan Dershowitz telling why he was representing Trump. He stated that he has never voted for Trump. And he was defending him so he could exercise his constitutional right to not vote for him again.

Let people decide.

The fact that this even had to be a Supreme Court ruling in the first place is a shame

ABC is owned by the Walt Disney Company. FYI.

The amount of anti american conduct from these outlets and others who clearly dont like the facts, extend to everyone makes me want to vote for the guy and make sure Democrats can never be a threat to democracy again

News didn't mention it is a 9-0 ruling.

I'm afraid of what they will try next. It's gonna be an interesting year.

Some people seem to forget the whole innocent until proven guilty thing. Kinda how our system works.

Does this ruling mean that people can vote for the candidates of their choice?
But isn't that a threat to democracy?

To all democrats- that's democracy. You'd expect the same thing if it were you. Due process. Charged and convicted.

The Great Purge:
$980 Trillion of the CABAL
Money Removed From BANKS!
By: Medeea Greere, AMERICAN MEDIA GROUP - 4th March 2024

The Great Purge: $980 Trillion of the CABAL Money Removed From BANKS!


Breaking News: $980 Trillion of Cabal Money Purged from Banks Unleashes Global Financial Turmoil.

In a monumental upheaval that has rocked the very foundations of global finance, an astounding $980 trillion of CABAL funds has been forcibly extracted from the clandestine depths of off-ledger banks. This extraordinary revelation is more than just a financial transaction; it is a thunderous declaration of war against the shadowy forces that have long manipulated the world's economies for their own nefarious ends.

As the dust settles and the magnitude of this seismic event becomes clear, the world braces itself for a reckoning unlike any other.

The world is ablaze with whispers of an unprecedented upheaval – a seismic shift in the balance of power that threatens to shatter the illusion of stability carefully crafted by the global elite. At the heart of this maelstrom lies the audacious extraction of a staggering $980 trillion from the dark recesses of off-ledger banks, a move that has sent shockwaves reverberating through the highest echelons of power.

For decades, the CABAL has operated with impunity, wielding its vast wealth and influence like a sword of Damocles over the heads of the masses. But today, a line has been drawn in the sand, and the forces of righteousness have risen to challenge the status quo with unprecedented ferocity.

At the epicenter of this cataclysmic event is the universal trust – a shadowy entity shrouded in secrecy, yet wielding untold power over the global financial system. With the extraction of $980 trillion from its coffers, the CABAL's stranglehold on the world's economies has been dealt a crippling blow, leaving its once-mighty empire teetering on the brink of collapse.

But make no mistake – this is no mere financial transaction. This is a declaration of war against the forces of darkness that have long held humanity in bondage. As the tendrils of corruption and deceit are laid bare for all to see, the people of the world stand united in their resolve to dismantle the pillars of oppression and usher in a new era of freedom and prosperity.

The fallout from this audacious move is already being felt across the globe, as the CABAL scrambles to contain the damage and salvage what remains of its crumbling empire. From the halls of power to the darkest corners of the underworld, whispers of panic and desperation abound as the elite struggle to come to terms with the magnitude of their defeat.

But amidst the chaos and uncertainty, there is hope. Hope for a world free from the shackles of tyranny and oppression. Hope for a future where justice reigns supreme and the rights of all are upheld without prejudice or favor. The road ahead will be long and fraught with peril, but the flame of freedom burns bright in the hearts of all who dare to dream of a better world.

As we stand on the precipice of history, let us remember the sacrifices of those who have come before us – the brave souls who fought and died for the cause of liberty. Their legacy is our inspiration, their courage our guiding light. Together, we will march boldly into the future, hand in hand, as we strive to build a world worthy of their sacrifice.

In the annals of human history, there are moments that define generations – moments when the very fabric of reality is torn asunder, revealing the true nature of the world in all its beauty and brutality. Today, we stand at such a moment. The extraction of $980 trillion from the clutches of the CABAL is more than just a financial transaction; it is a declaration of war against the forces of darkness that seek to enslave us all.

But this is not a battle that can be won with swords and spears alone. It is a battle of hearts and minds, a battle for the very soul of humanity itself. As we gaze into the abyss, let us remember that the power to change the world lies not in the hands of the few, but in the hearts of the many. Together, we can overcome any obstacle, defy any tyranny, and forge a future worthy of the dreams of all who have come before us.

So let us stand together, united in purpose and resolve, as we embark on this great journey into the unknown. The road ahead will be fraught with danger and uncertainty, but we will not falter, we will not waver. For we are the architects of our own destiny, and together, we will build a world where freedom reigns eternal and justice knows no bounds.

Dr. Stephen Jones
Comment: We read here that "funds have been forcibly extracted from … off-ledger banks." This is creating a huge liquidity shortage. But such funds are never destroyed. They simply move from one account to another - "forcibly" in this case. In other words, someone has taken the instruments of credit from the banking system.

980 trillion dollars is three times the amount it would take to pay off all national debts of the entire world. Most people do not think there is that much money in the world. But credit is not the same as money. Credit has to be monetized in order to be spent as money. Hence, the source of government borrowing has dried up, sending "shockwaves through the highest echelons of power."

Is this the long-awaited "wealth transfer" that people have been expecting? It depends on whose account(s) this liquidity has been transferred to. The article above says that the liquidity left the "cabal" banks, which implies that it went to non-cabal accounts, i.e., the good guys. But they don't know where it went or who did it.

One thing is clear, however. We are about to enter into tumultuous times.

Download here: Hollywood-Elite-Panic-As-P-Diddy-Victim-Vows-To-Name-VIP-Pedophiles-2024-03-01.mp4 - 65,184 kb
By: The People's Voice - 1st March 2024
Hollywood Elite Panic
As P Diddy Victim
Vows To Name VIP Pedophiles

Recent sex abuse lawsuits against Sean "Diddy" Combs have damaged the reputation and career of one of the music industry's most successful and wealthy men. But a new suit from music producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones makes new, explosive claims about Combs' activities in disturbing detail, naming a host of celebrities and industry executives – and the implications are enormous.

It appears Diddy was running a Jeffrey Epstein-style blackmail operation, with his houses set up with secret cameras in every room – in exactly the same manner as Epstein – collecting meticulously documented material on dozens of the biggest players in the music and entertainment industry.

We are talking about underage girls and boys. Child sex trafficking. Forced sexual encounters. Drugs, guns, and murder.

Trending News
P Diddy
Diddy lawsuit
Sean Combs
Rodney Jones
Lil Rod
Elite pedophiles
child trafficking
Justin Bieber

Not a single paedo criminal on Epstein's list has been arrested. Bring down the child traffickers and paedos and the whole cabal collapses. Gates who was an Epstein regular is now bringing in policies via our governments to control us. He's spraying our skies, killing our good industries, and planning the next Plandemic. Until we see a huge arrest these scum will continue their crimes

One of four of Hillary's snuff videos torturing and murdering a 15 year old child.

Liberals are by far the most evil people on the planet.

We have an infestation of paedophiles here in Australia...VIP's, politicians both sitting and retired, judges, top military brass and cops. Australia is in the top 5 for this shit, it's so bad and widespread. Australia is a cesspit. Absolutely sickening.

True story...
If anyone is interested in delving deeper into this Satanic rabbit hole, Mouthy Buddha Productions has a shit ton of these testimonies from Hollywood insiders. There's also a channel called Don't Obey on Rumble with a ton of these videos as well. The level of depravity is beyond human and moral comprehension. These people are beyond doubt there's a special place in Hell for these pagans.

What do you expect from a guy that calls himself P Diddy? More like P Piddler.

The only good pedo is a DEAD one. These fuckers need to be picked off one by one.

Bieber and the rest all were complicit and made big money from being one of them. His parents must have been crap as well. Look at Taylor Swift all of a sudden because she joined the Satan camp too. Always wondered how most of them made a dime because they can't act or sing, but now we know.

Cause Bieber was anal raped all the time. How do you think he got so big. he was sick of putting out. Whether he wanted to or not

Download here: US-soldier-We-must-stop-sacrificing-lives-for-defense-contractors-Soldiers-right-to-say-NO-2024-02-29.mp4 - 19,355 kb
By: Fridayeveryday - 29th February 2024
US soldier: We must stop sacrificing
lives for defense contractors
Soldiers right to say "NO!"
In 2010, a young soldier named Mike Prysner became a legend for a spontaneous speech saying that the US military fights wars not out of principle, but for Wall St and defense contractors. Today, the truth he spoke is widely known.

FINALLY an American who sees what's actually going on!!! I stand with you !!!!!!

At last a true Amercan speaks
The country needs such brave men and women

We are with you as American public stand with you

Bravo, this the brave American soldiers, well done.
Wake up America.

THE WHOLE WORLD NEED TO TAKE NOTE OF WHAT THIS MAN IS SAYING !!!! i have been saying this exact thing for years !!!

Now that is an American soldier.

This soldier is AMAZING!!! Everything he said is true!!! Please keep spreading the truth!!!

People like this are the TRUE leaders here & EVERYWHERE..

This man is so very correct. I support what he is saying. As a former Marine I know he speaks the truth.

Evil is upon us.

I agree. I stand with this man and our family fights with you! NO, we say NO to tyranny!!!
A homeschooling, homesteading mom in Nova Scotia
God bless

I know him! He's an independent Journalist now and works with Abby Martin on the Empire Files, a show that exposes American war crimes. He's one of the best. I had no idea he was ever a soldier. But it makes sense.

By: Ovation Eddie 2 - 28th February 2024

BIDEN ROBOT: "What are we talking about here?"

Man, these batteries in this robot barely hold a charge anymore!

This Robot runs out of juice faster than an EV!

Joe Biden was being Interviewed by late night comic Seth Meyers.

America is a nation that can be defined in a single word: ASUFUTIMAEHAEHFUTBW
Joe Biden: "America is a nation that can be defined in a single word: ASUFUTIMAEHAEHFUTBW"

Even "dial up" is faster than this idiot by a long shot! WHAT an embarrassment for the country and for the world!

BoarNote that the 45th / 46th President Donald Trump always has an entourage providing him security!

On the other hand the fake Joe Biden impersonator/s are doing their darnedest to reveal that the US Corporation is gone. It's GAME OVER for the Deep State.

This is the Great Reveal!

Our country deserves a president who can complete a sentence and more.


It's Jill's fault. Her desire for power prevents her from telling Joe he's become a vegetable.

He is just pathetic. His supporters are too. It didn't take a magic 8 ball to see what was going to happen.

TRUMP 2024

No wonder the World is fallang apart. This is ridiculous.

'Anyway' is always his safe word

He can't finish a sentence, and he wants us to think he can finish Jill????

Download here: Devastating-Newshub-set-to-close-in-June-after-34-years-1News-2024-02-28.mp4 - 39,895 kb
By: 1News - 28th February 2024

'Devastating': Newshub set to
close in June after 34 years | 1News

Newshub is set to close at the end of June, staff have been told, as Warner Bros. Discovery announced a major downsizing of its local operations.

Newshub: Should the government deny free medical treatment to unvaccinated Covid patients?

Patrick Gower conducted a cowardly undercover operation and exposed the good doctor Dr Girouard for issuing unapproved vaccine exemptions. As a result of Gowers ratting out - Dr Girouard was deregistered by the NZ Medical Council.

Mainstream Media shoving LGBTQ+ down the throats of normies

What wonderful news to see yet another legacy media network disband.

There are so many high quality reporting options available now, that contain relevant facts and integrity, which has been severely lacking in mainstream media for many years now.

Patrick Gower - [6th December 2023]
"Now, This Is The Fucking News!"

The Redbaiter
So Paddy Gower & his "progressive" ilk have succeeded in destroying another NZ news outlet. Its always sad to see people lose their jobs, but Gower & his mates didn't give a damn for Dr Jonie Girouard's job.

They conducted a cowardly "undercover" operation and exposed the good doctor for issuing unapproved vaccine exemptions. As a result of Gower's ratting out Dr Girouard was deregistered by the NZ Medical Council.

Also Newshub's owners, the US based Discovery (Warner Bros) recently joined woke corporatists Apple, Disney, IBM, Lionsgate, NBC, and Paramount in pulling their advertising from Elon Musk's platform.

They simultaneously tried to hurt Musk and attacked freedom of expression. So some karma there.

Gower's show was funded by the taxpayer anyway, (roughly $500,000 per year) as are so many other shows on this bogus "news" organisation.

Legacy media in NZ are largely soldiers for the left/ progressive faction of politics. Often funded by the subversive govt organisation NZ on Air.

They are deliberately hollowing out our society on our dollar and are to a large extent responsible for the parlous state of NZ today.

Sad to see people lose their jobs, but they brought it on themselves by choosing progressive politics over objective reporting.


Newshub set to close at
end of June, Warner Bros.
Discovery staff devastated
By:, Shayne Currie - 28th February 2024
Newshub set to close at end of June, Warner Bros. Discovery staff devastated

Up to 300 jobs are expected to be lost as one of our biggest commercial media company's newsrooms - Newshub - is set to close at the end of June, with dozens of high-profile presenters and journalists out of roles.

Dozens of high-profile presenters and journalists such as 6pm news presenters Mike McRoberts and Samantha Hayes and new 7pm show host Ryan Bridge are among the hundreds about to lose their jobs.

Up to 350 people work at Warner Bros. Discovery in New Zealand with about 200 understood to be devoted to news. A slimmed-down company might see only 50 staff remain, one source has suggested.

Warner Bros. Discovery laid out the plans to close Newshub at an all-staff meeting at 11am today.

Newshub has announced it will close in June

  • High-profile talent such as 6pm news presenters Mike McRoberts and Samantha Hayes and new 7pm show host Ryan Bridge are set to lose their jobs.
  • Up to 350 people work at Warner Bros. Discovery in New Zealand with about 200 understood to be devoted to news.
  • Warner Bros. Discovery laid out the plans to close Newshub at an all-staff meeting at 11am today. Security guards were placed outside the company's premises in Auckland and Wellington.
  • Who owns Newshub: TV3′s troubled ownership tale
  • 'Folks, this is awful': The full transcripts of what devastated staff were told today

02:20 pm

Luxon was asked what role politicians had in ensuring trust in media and was provided an example of Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters using the phrase "woke media" in the House.

Luxon replied by saying media companies were grappling with a "trust challenge" at the moment with the public and they needed to question how they engaged with consumers.

"There are outlets that are actually working really hard at that and have got different approaches."

He said no politician would appreciate the coverage they get all the time. On Peters, Luxon said he was able to express his opinion freely.

Luxon said it was "highly unlikely" the Government would make any specific intervention off the back of Newshub's closure, citing the obligation on media companies to innovate.

He reiterated his view that it was important to have a well-functioning media in New Zealand.

02:11 pm

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon said it was really "shocking and saddening" news that Newshub was closing. He acknowledged it was a "pretty tough day" for the more than 250 families of those working at Newshub.

Luxon said the reality was consumers were choosing to get their news through all sorts of outlets. He said there was a "plurality of voices" in New Zealand and that would continue.

Luxon had spoken to Newshub bosses before the announcement was made. He said he had wanted to talk with the chief executive to understand why the decision was made and "check out" what that meant for staff.

"What was quite obvious to me is that Warner Bros Discovery is one of the largest global media companies in the world, $20 billion I think, is what it's worth, and as a result, they couldn't make that business model work and so they're having to face up to declining advertising revenues, also changing consumer habits, and that's why they've come to the decision they have."

Newshub set to close at end of June, Warner Bros. Discovery staff devastated

01:32 pm

Two of Newshub's youngest employees said they have only been at the company for a year.

Melania Watson said she started as an intern and has been at Newshub for coming up on a year.

While Layla Bailey Mcdowell said she is an intern and has only been working there for six weeks

"We're new to journalism and this is a great place to work, learning alongside some of the goats," Bailey-McDowell said.

Watson said, because of how young we are, the people they work with are their role models.

"You aspire to be like these people," she said.

"We're not just sad for ourselves but for the whole company".

Watson said the feeling in the whole room was silent and awkward.

"Some people had packed tissues, so they were prepared," she said.

"When we went into the meeting, we didn't know the whole newsroom would be gone."

01:22 pm

From FAME to the WALK OF SHAME...
A fitting tribute to participants in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY e.g. democide.
Newshub set to close at end of June, Warner Bros. Discovery staff devastated
Patrick Gower, Karen Rutherford (centre), and Charlotte Foster leaving Warner Bros Discovery

01:21 pm

Labour leader Chris Hipkins has commented on Newshub's closure, calling it a "dramatic change" and "a sad day for news media and a sad day for democracy in New Zealand".

"Democracy in New Zealand does rely on informed debate and having a diversity of media sources is actually really important to that," Hipkins added.

"Newshub is a very large player in the New Zealand media sector and in the New Zealand journalism space. This is bad news for the overall heart and health of our democracy."

Hipkins says it is "problematic" that this means New Zealand will now only have one television broadcast news producer, with TVNZ.

"I think it is problematic that we will effectively now only have one television broadcast news producer, and you know that is that is a real tragedy."

01:07 pm

It is understood Paddy Gower's show, Paddy Gower Has Issues, will close under the proposal but that his documentaries would survive with any approved NZ on Air funding.

01:04 pm

Patrick Gower's morale-boosting speech

Camera Operator Jenna Gotlieb said she was supposed to start work at 12 but her more senior boss told her to come in for an important 11am meeting.

"I asked if you have any more information and he said 'just attend' ".

She said Paddy Gower gave a morale-boosting speech at the end of the meeting. He ended his speech with 'keep calm and we will carry on', she said.

"He is, of all the people in the newsroom, someone who can bring us all together."

01:03 pm

From FAME to the WALK OF SHAME...
A fitting tribute to participants in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY e.g. democide.
Newshub set to close at end of June, Warner Bros. Discovery staff devastated
Melissa Chan-Green walking out of Warner Bros DiscoveryDean Purcell

12:56 pm

A Newshub worker told the Herald several young newsroom staffers may be feeling uncertain about their futures.

"It's a very shaky time for news media and this must feel like a bit of a bad omen coming into the workforce and being greeted with an announcement like this."

They said the young journalists have rent to pay but not a lot of experience."They're also probably going to be looking for new jobs in an already tight job market and I feel for them.

"It's just really disappointing. That's all there is to it, we're all just very disappointed."

They said there was an expectation that staff would work through the consultation period.

12:51 pm

Who own's Newshub?

From private equity to global media hands, the TV channel has been through it all.

12:48 pm

RNZ's chief executive Paul Thompson said he was "deeply saddened by the news of the potential closure of the Warner Brothers Discovery Newshub newsroom".

"Any reduction in New Zealand media is devastating, both for those hardworking journalists and content creators who will be directly impacted, but also for New Zealand society as a whole," he said.

"The role that a diverse media plays in a healthy functioning society and democracy should not be underestimated. We all benefit from having a local media that is strong, telling the stories of New Zealanders."

12:47 pm

The sudden closure of Newshub has already come up in the courts.

At a case review hearing in the Auckland District Court on Wednesday afternoon relating to a perjury prosecution, the first matter on the agenda was an application by Newshub to film and record the hearing.

There were no personnel from the TV station in court.

Staff had just come out of a meeting regarding the shock closure.

The defence lawyer told the judge he had just seen the news about Newshub's closure and believed it would be unlikely they would be attending.

The judge declined the application.

Note from

The extremely lengthy article goes on and on about how sad it is that these criminals are losing their jobs. But at the end of the day, they have all been complicit in Crimes Against Humanity via Covid Vaccine Democide and knowingly and willingly omitting the excess deaths and adverse reactions from the Covid vaccinations; as well as their active support of coercing an entire population to participate in a massive and illegal medical experiment, wherein the average person was not able to make an INFORMED DECISION.

Below are some pictures of morally compromised rats fleeing their sinking ship...

From FAME to the WALK OF SHAME...
A fitting tribute to participants in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY e.g. democide.
Newshub set to close at end of June, Warner Bros. Discovery staff devastated

From FAME to the WALK OF SHAME...
A fitting tribute to participants in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY e.g. democide.
Newshub set to close at end of June, Warner Bros. Discovery staff devastated

From FAME to the WALK OF SHAME...
A fitting tribute to participants in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY e.g. democide.
Newshub set to close at end of June, Warner Bros. Discovery staff devastated

From FAME to the WALK OF SHAME...
A fitting tribute to participants in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY e.g. democide.
Newshub set to close at end of June, Warner Bros. Discovery staff devastated

From FAME to the WALK OF SHAME...
A fitting tribute to participants in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY e.g. democide.
Newshub set to close at end of June, Warner Bros. Discovery staff devastated

From FAME to the WALK OF SHAME...
A fitting tribute to participants in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY e.g. democide.
Newshub set to close at end of June, Warner Bros. Discovery staff devastated

Reality G
This is great news

Ben X
One down

Penny Marie
MSM is dead, long live it's replacement... truth, integrity and fact-based reporting, that isn't funded to produce a pre-written narrative.

Stay sane
What happens when you follow your paymasters agenda instead of reporting the truth. Excellent news imo

They lie, go woke & we stop watching them…simple.

Bring Back Plastic Straws
Alarmed to learn they had 57 journalists. What on earth were they reporting?

This has all been predicted. Go woke, go broke. And spreading propaganda about covid and the vaccines instead of unbiased journalism, there's no coming back from that.

Lane Roberts
If lying was a talent….. maybe they thought it was.
Obviously the lies lost their shine
Or they don't want to have to report on the excess deaths subject raising its head

Saying I Told You So Since 2020
Excellent news. Maybe if they hadn't spouted propaganda 24/7 for the last few years they'd still have an audience. Good riddance.

Download here: US-Airman-sets-himself-on-FIRE-to-protest-the-ruling-class-colonization-of-Gaza-2024-02-26.mp4 - 23,159 kb
By: WatchmanForTruth - 26th February 2024

US Airman sets himself on FIRE
to protest the ruling class'
colonization of Gaza

US Airman Aaron Bushnell sets himself on FIRE to protest the ruling class colonization of Gaza.

US Airman Aaron Bushnell sets himself on FIRE to protest the ruling class colonization of Gaza.

#US #Israel #Gaza #AaronBushnell #USAirman #setshimselfonfire #extremeprotest #DC #Israeliembassy

US Airman sets himself on FIRE to protest the ruling class' colonization of Gaza.

?? US soldier sets himself on fire outside Israel's embassy in DC in protest for Palestine - Both US and Israel, cold blooded mass murderers. God will soon judge the guilty of their ongoing heinous crimes against all the innocent. RIP brave soul...

US airman sets himself on fire outside Israel embassy to protest 'genocide'

Active duty airman reportedly said he did not want to be 'complicit in genocide' as he lit himself on fire.

US air man shouts 'Free Palestine' as he sets himself on fire outside Israel embassy
Aaron Bushnell died from his injuries after live streaming an 'extreme act of protest' in Washington

By MEE staff
Published date: 26 February 2024 10:51 GMT

A US air force member has died after setting himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in Washington on Sunday, in protest against Israel's war on Gaza.

The man, identified by US media as Aaron Bushnell, was rushed to hospital with life threatening injuries but later succumbed to his wounds.

An official at Washington's Metropolitan Police Department confirmed to Middle East Eye that the 25-year-old from San Antonio, Texas, had died.

In a video that he live streamed on Twitch, Bushnell is seen walking down the street, stating: "I'm about to engage in an extreme act of protest, but compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonisers, it's not extreme at all. This is what our ruling class has decided will be normal."

He then placed his phone down to film outside the driveway of the Israeli embassy in the US capital, and proceeded to pour liquid on himself.

Heartbreakingly sad and so tragic to see such a young brave soul commit such an extreme act of self sacrifice for the endless suffering people of Gaza, Palestine. God bless and rest his eternal soul.

What a misguided demon possessed moron.

He was killed by weaponized social media and psychological manipulation. dont kid yourself hamas is the only one committing genocide in that war.

If I were Putin, I would have wiped these arrogant, demon possessed, egoistic Jew Nazis off the face of the earth a long time ago. I really hope they're working on a final solution with the Islamic nations and China to annihilate and eradicate these barbaric demonic evil snakes from hell. #HitlerWasRight
So many innocent people, children, babies, US personnel and innocents worldwide in every country have died by these parasites and their endless love of fake money and resources.

COVID-19: Get the latest WOKE information from the CDC about COVID-19. See more WOKE resources on Google
Download here: Woke-Man-In-Critical-Condition-After-Hearing-Slightly-Different-Viewpoint-Truth-2024-02-24.mp4 - 14,066 kb
By: The Babylon Bee - 24th February 2024
Woke Man In Critical Condition
After Hearing Slightly
Different Viewpoint - Truth

It's a serious medical emergency: you're minding your own business when you hear an opinion you slightly disagree with. Will the doctors be able to save this man's life?

The government told you Social Distancing worked. They also told you the COVID-19 jab would spare you from getting Covid. iCan said the opposite. Support their efforts:

#comedy #conservative #babylonbee

Get him to an echo chamber!
Nailed it 110%

I'm in pain just thinking about someone not agreeing with everything I think.

"Get this man to an Echo Chamber, STAT!"
"We don't have anymore-we lent them all to Harvard!"

YT made this even funnier adding the covid-19 information banner

Ban assault adjectives.

The problem with suing the government is the Taxpayer still pays the bill

Parents, talk to your children about slightly different opinions, before somebody else does.

As a male nurse sitting on the toilet getting ready to go to work, this really hurts

So good to see that YouTube is protecting me by adding the note that I can get proper Information from my Government's website….. so relieved that they are doing their best to protect me from alternative viewpoints.

Could have saved some energy and just turned on CNN in the room.

Download here: Look-at-the-sort-of-hate-the-Khazarian-Mafia-KM-Zionist-Satanists-are-spewing-on-Israeli-TV-2024-02-24.mp4 - 8,930 kb
By: Prepare For Change - 24th February 2024

Look at the sort of hate the
Khazarian Mafia Zionist Satanists
are spewing on Israeli TV

"If it's on Israeli TV, it's not extremism, right? This is what these Khazarian Mafia [KM] Satanic Zionists think. This needs to go viral," a Mossad source comments.

The people of the planet are also sick and tired of the KM looting their resources.

Download here: Child-Sex-Workers-Fully-Booked-at-Davos-for-Pedophile-Cult-WEF-Insider-Says-2024-01-22.mp4 - 63,908 kb
By: The People's Voice - 22nd February 2024

Child Sex Workers 'Fully Booked'
at Davos for Pedophile Cult
WEF Insider Says

Thousands of children have been flown into the World Economic Forum under cover of darkness for the global elite's annual summit in the Swiss alpine report of Davos, according to World Economic Forum insiders who reveal the horrific scale of the elite's chosen vice.

Dozens of private jets have been turned into child escort carriers to traffic the children across borders and into the vipers' den, according to sources familiar with the matter.

None of these children have passports and the majority of them do not have any form of identification.

Their past is unknown and their future does not bear thinking about.

We have been warning the world about the child sex trafficking industry for years. During this time, the elite have been hiding in plain sight and furthering their plan to normalize and finally legalize pedophilia.

This evil cannot be allowed to continue. We need your help dismantling a 9,000-year-old Satan-worshipping pedophile cult.

Trending News
World Economic Forum
Davos 2024
rebuilding trust
elite pedophiles
elite pedophile ring

How much longer are we gonna allow these sick freaks to keep breathing?

There's no such thing as a child sex worker. They are called rape victims

Well with 100 thousand children missing since Biden took office and nothing being done about it what did we think would happen...

Millstones will be handed out like candy at halloween.

God IS watching EVERYTHING.

F the Satanic Left!

If this is true... THAT HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN WITHOUT PASSPORTS HAVE BEEN USHERED INTO DAVO... then, we need to remove the townspeople and use Direct Energy Weapons to do a 'Maui' on Davos, Switzerland. Dust to dust….ans NEVER ALLOW ANOTHER HUMAN BEING ONTO THIS EVIL PART OF THE EARTH.


There above the law, Klaus didn't mention that little part...

They are NOT child sex workers!!! Why put that Horrible label on them when they are stolen and raped!!!???

These psychopaths have fooled us long enough. They are not elite. They are the lowest, most repugnant form of life on the planet. Rather than depopulate the general population, we need to eradicate the 1%.

Most of our problems would vanish, just by taking this one step. This includes Hollywood, Old World

Royalty, the UN, the WEF, Heads of state who sell out their own countries and citizens and go along with them, government bureaucrats, many religious leaders, heads of corporations, etc. None of them do good for the world, ever. They need to be removed, all their assets taken. Now.

What a sick cult of satanist

The pendulum is swinging back! At dead center currently, by the time it reaches its APEX, Klaus and friends and most of Hollywood will be destroyed and/or INCARCERATED.

Download here: NYC-Shut-Down-TRUMP-Wins-NY-IS-A-LOSER-STATE-Shark-Tanks-Kevin-Truckers-for-Trump-2024-02-21.mp4 - 42,502 kb
By: US Immigration - 21st February 2024
NYC Shut Down! / TRUMP Wins!!
Shark Tank's Kevin. Truckers for Trump

NYC Shutdown: TRUCKERS HIT NEW YORK CITY After TRUMP Fraud Blow! No-Go Zone Declared Trump Truckers NYC Crisis 2024.

NYC faces complete shutdown as truckers threaten to paralyze state, 'New Yorkers must stock up'.

Why are US truckers boycotting New York City and will they be able to paralyse the city?

Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank says New York IS A LOSER STATE and he will no longer invest in 'loser' New York.

#NYCShutdown #LoserState #NyTruckers #TruckersforTrump #TexasVsBiden #TrumpVsNyc #nycmigrantcrisis

Support the truckers!

Support to Truckers 100%. Make America Great Again 2024.

As a retired trucker of 32 years, I'm proud of my fellow truckers.

The states definitely need reminders of WHOS really in charge . WE THE PEOPLE



The guy who said New Yorkers don't have anything to worry about is a FOOL!

Let's take the crooks out of Congress,, I'm with President Trump and the American people. Stand tall AMERICA..

People need to stick together. That's the only way we can get our country back.
United we stand, divided we fall.

Prayers for our American people! This government has gone Rouge!!

THANK YOU, TRUCKERS for helping our voices be heard!!! Let the idiot attorneys, judges, politicians , and academics figure out how to eat.

Hallelujah!!!! The daily Jesus devotional has been a huge part of my transformation, God is good, after years of addiction to drugs and sins God chased me down as I earn $112,500 monthly. My life and family has changed, Thank you Jesus!!!

Download here: EU-Legalizes-Child-Porn-and-Bestiality-as-WEF-Agenda-to-Normalize-Pedophilia-Accelerates-2024-02-15.mp4 - 65,313 kb
By: The People's Voice - 15th February 2024

EU Legalizes Child Porn and
Bestiality, as WEF Agenda to
Normalize Pedophilia Accelerates

Trending News
World Economic Forum
elite pedophiles
Great Reset

Germany has decriminalized bestiality and child pornography, Spain now encourages pedophiles to parade their naked victims around the streets, and France does not have an age of consent law anymore.

That's right – Europe has fallen under the influence of Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum and the shameless campaign to normalize pedophilia and other perversions in the western world.

According to Schwab, the EU's push to normalize pedophilia and legalize sexual relations with children must now be adopted with the same enthusiasm in the US.

There is just one problem for Schwab and the other reprobates who crawl the halls of his globalist headquarters in Davos. We will never allow his sick agenda to infiltrate our culture. This is a hill we are willing to die on.

Calling evil good and good evil. There is nothing new under the sun, what was is and what is was. As iniquity abounds the love of many will wax cold. God help us all.

This is sick, pure evil. They hate us, they hate humanity. Absolutely disgusting.

This hurts me so much and makes me so f*cking angry :( I just want to kill the entire WEF and UN

The World is getting darker and crazier! Even non believers in prophecy and bible are seeing clearly that something is happening to our world and people! It's called spiritual warfare.

Jesus is our saviour and coming back soon on the clouds of heaven.

The German Shepherd at the end looked very freaked out, poor dog. I'm pretty sure that dogs don't want to be mounted by a man. For one thing, it's an aggressive form of dominance. Animal Rights! Where's the ASPCA on this issue? What a sick f—king guy.

Charles Schwab another inbred demonic parasite.

Evil perverted scum

"Why are drag queens so determined to read books to young children. If it's all so innocent, why don't they read to seniors in care homes?"

Great question.

I live in SA - this is a daily event here. Life is cheap they'll kill you for your cell phone, or less!

These people are evil and sick. We don't need the UN or the WEF. Totally disgusting sick people, and we will have to fight for what is right - post everywhere

Download here: Israel-Uncovers-Hamas-Tunnel-Below-UN-Agency-HQ-in-Gaza-IDF-War-Israel-Defence-Forces-2024-02-14.mp4 - 74,241 kb
By: Firstpost - 14th February 2024

Israel Uncovers Hamas Tunnel
Below UN Agency HQ in Gaza
IDF War | Israel Defence Forces

Israeli military engineers have unveiled a tunnel network extending hundreds of meters, partially beneath the headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza. This discovery is cited by the IDF as further proof of Hamas's misuse of civilian and UN facilities for military purposes.

The revelation comes amid a challenging period for UNRWA, which is currently conducting an internal investigation and facing a halt in donations from several countries. These actions follow Israel's allegations that some UNRWA staff members were also serving as operatives for Hamas, a group designated as a terrorist organization by multiple countries.

Hamas Command Tunnel | Israel War | Gaza | United Nations | Headquarters | UNRWA | Firstpost | World News | Latest News | Global News | International News | Trending News

The computer server transmits all information linked to UN's global network about the UN operations, Human Resources and recruitments etc. This is a very serious security bleach.

UNRWA must be closed immediately - forever. Lazzarini and the UNRWA executives must be brought to justice on charges of supporting terrorism and embezzling aid funds. Guterres must lay down his mandate due to inability.

Will UN answer these?

May The Almighty God protect and preserve IDF in JESUS Mighty Name Amen

ALJAZEERA will never report this, as usual they will say it's a lie.

Wonder if this is what Americans have in mind when they pay their taxes

Shame on UN no funds for these bastards

UN appointing locals as members then those locals activity not known to UN .UN not even bother about to study where they are using UN money

Download here: Scary-Counterfeit-Foods-In-China-Fake-Beef-and-Lamb-Chops-Rice-Made-from-Plastic-Aluminum-Dumplings-2024-02-11.mp4 - 66,751 kb
By: China Observer - 11th February 2024
Scary Counterfeit Foods In China
Fake Beef & Lamb Chops. Rice Made
from Plastic. Aluminum Dumplings

This is actual footage of fake beef's production process in the factory. Would you eat such meat?

Would You Eat These Inflamable Noodles?


Plastic rice, formaldehyde noodles, artificial meat, aluminum tofu, fake eggs.. so a Chinese food buffet is basically eating out of a recycling bin... OK got it...

What kind of government allows this to happen openly with no consequences while poisoning its own citizens?

It's like they ensure people don't reach old age so as to not pay pensions.

That's just evil. Poisoning fast food and heavily processed foods is one crime, but doing that to even supposedly natural foods is a crime against humanity.

The fact that is cheaper to hand craft an egg - shell and all - than feed a hen and let her lay one is insane

In short, bring your own food when you visit China and leave as soon as you run out.

Not a nation that should be able to internationally trade food.

I promise you these workers don't eat what they make. I wouldn't

Goddam! The amount of time effort and energy they put into making fake shit is crazy! I think it would be easier to just do it right.

I just remember that, years ago Chinese in Germany bought lots of packed German brand Baby milk powder to send home to China, because domestic Chinese products were considered not to be save for babies. Shops had to restrict the purchase to only few packages per customer to prevent empty shelves...

Download here: This-Is-HUGE-Vladimir-Putin-Exposes-The-CIA-2024-02-10.mp4 - 68,213 kb
By: Candace Owens Podcast - 10th February 2024

This Is HUGE!
Vladimir Putin Exposes The CIA

In his interview with Tucker Carlon, Vladimir Putin alleges that the CIA controls our Presidents. We already knew that due to the deep state's reaction to Trump, who they didn't expect. But now, Putin is confirming it.

They are dumbing down and drugging Americans en masse while overthrowing governments worldwide.

But to what end?

Putin should have called out Operation Mockingbird. Heads would have expIoded.

I lived in Ukraine and everything she said about the Azov nazis is correct, and how the war started, I saw it.

I've been telling friends but they're so brainwashed they don't believe me!

Thank you! Everyone must see this.

We "non Americans" have known for decades everything Putin said about USA

The question is elementry: War makes money and it consolidates power.

when Putin came to power, the country was in a worse situation, we had no food in the stores, salaries were not paid for several months, the rampant crime was terrible, and now look at the stores are simply bursting with food and the price is affordable for everyone, and if prices rise then salaries, pensions and benefits for children also increase; at the birth of a child, the state pays the mother from 5 to 10 thousand dollars. He is an excellent president for the people of Russia, even if there is no one in the world who doesn't love him

Western politics is so influential? I'm from South Africa and I can't believe how much we've been indoctrinated and controlled so much by the media propagandists that we forget to apply our logic to some things. Thank you Candiace for your podcast, the points you make force us to think critically about everything. I never was interested in politics but watching you has made me want to know more, firstly because I'm a mother, I think about what kind of world I want my children to grow up in. Thank you

Sad when you have to come to youtube for real news today

By: FULL SEND MMA - 9th February 2024


The fans were not happy to see The Rock onstage at the Wrestlemania press conference in Las Vegas.


Oooh you can feel the tides are finally starting to turn & ppl are waking up to the true Hollywood.. feelsgoodman

How can something be so funny and embarrassing at the same time?

I would boo him for selling his soul and his close relationship with Oprah Winfrey. If you know you know...

Hes been getting cheered for so long as being this nice genuine gentleman a wonderful person giving and all this good stuff now people are booing him and he doesn't t know what to do hes confused

Real life bad guy....he should hangout with Oprah

The only way "The Rock" and Oprah can redeem themselves is to be tag team partners and all earnings will go to Maui!

People tired of his nice guy persona, can see straight through him.

Was waiting for him to say " it doesn't matter what you think!"


It sounds like real Rock hate. I love it.

Everybody needs to take that same energy and fight our government about all the inequality and demonic activity going on within our actual lives

I thought the rock was going to ask the fans for more money and donations to the Feed Oprah Fund.

Fans don't want him there anymore since he friend with Oprah

Download here: You-wont-see-this-on-the-news-French-farmers-fighting-back-against-their-tyrannical-government-2024-02-09.mp4 - 9,734 kb
By: Genenguy HHN - 9th February 2024

You won't see this on the news!
French farmers fighting back
against their tyrannical government

To keep things in perspective, the farmers are simply RESISTING TREASON from tyrannical people from within the government / WEF / WHO etc, as is their God given right and moral DUTY!

I will pick the side that grows the common people FOOD!

We love you farmers! Farmers in America care!


Excellent ! Congratulations to these brave farmers !

Soros $$$$$$$ is everywhere.


Awesome! Go, farmers.

And what are we doing in North America? Fuck all.

Power to the PEOPLE!

Go farmers!!

WOW, the farmers have my respect for standing up to the bullies.

The picture that is presented to the UK is that everything is perfect in the EU. There is a very vocal and influential group that includes the media and most politicians that openly blame every problem and difficulty on BREXIT and pretend that none of these difficulties exist in the EU which enjoys a life of perfection, prosperity, peace, and harmony.

I choose the people's side!

Genenguy you the best. Thanks for all you do.

No farmers no food

We are living in the short time of the deceiver, and it's the end
Love Truth
Seek Peace
Praise Jesus

Download here: Farmers-Storm-The-EU-Parliament-When-they-storm-this-chamber-they-will-hang-you-and-they-will-be-right-2024-02-07.mp4 - 5,496 kb
By: Godfrey Bloom Official - 7th February 2024

Farmers Storm The EU Parliament
When they storm this chamber, THEY
and they'll be right!!

Godfrey Bloom rebukes the EU Parliament:

"..and I can tell you worse, as the people get your number, it won't be long before they storm this chamber and THEY HANG YOU and they'll be right!!"

"Uh well Mr President uh, I'm uh, minded actually to quote the Great American philosopher Mari Rothbard here, that the state, the state is an institution of theft, large! Tax is just about a system where politicians and bureaucrats steal money from their citizens, to squander in the most disgraceful manner.

This place is no exception. Fascinatingly and I really don't know how you manage to keep a straight face when you're talking about tax evasion. The whole commission and the commission bureaucracy, avoid their taxes. You don't pay taxes like citizens pay taxes. You have all sorts of special deals, composite tax rates, High tax thresholds, non-contributive pension schemes.

You are the biggest tax avoiders in Europe and here you sit pontificating! Well the message is getting home to the people of the European Union. You're going to find that Euroscepticisms are coming back in June in ever greater numbers. In ever greater numbers and I can tell you worse, as the people get your number, it won't be long before they storm this chamber and they hang you and they'll be right!!"

I sat next to Godfrey Bloom at lunch at the English Democrats conference last October, and it was my privilege to hear him speak on the nonsense that the BBC and the Government is peddling about Ukraine.

We need more of this, and more men and women like him. Thundering stuff.

Finally. An honest politician! Hopefully this man will be on the right side of history?

Damn all the cowardly men who put profit and fear before morality.

Yet there is still hope for the weak men (and women) amongst us: "Ecclesiastes 9:4 For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion."

Stand up for Right before it is too late. Satan and his kin are absolute losers.

Godfrey Bloom is one of the few that I truly trust

The EU is finished .

Why oh why are there not more men like Godfrey Bloom in positions of power? Straight talking & to the point. Well said Mr Bloom.

Attacking the very people that feed them , shamefull

Well said mr Bloom .we need the farmers.

God bless Godfrey, people are finally starting to smell the coffee.

Those farmers need some help, i hope more of the public turn up

I wish you were our PM Mr bloom. You have the hallmarks of a strong leader, something which is lacking in the UK.

The greed of the elites knows no bounds but the stupidity of the people surpasses that.

Heaven help us all. All we ever needed was a practical education, and an honest days pay for an honest days work. Greed has ruined all of us in one way or another.

God bless the farmers!

Godfrey is always on the button.

Thank you Godfrey for your courage and moral fiber in speaking out for the people

Download here: Pope-Francis-Orders-Christians-To-Pray-to-Satan-for-Real-Enlightenment-2024-02-07.mp4 - 62,081 kb
By: The People's Voice - 7th February 2024

Pope Francis Orders Christians to
for 'Real Enlightenment'

If you thought Pope Francis couldn't possibly make it any clearer that he is a false prophet who worships the Devil, you would be wrong.

If you thought the pontiff who replaced the conservative Pope Benedict in a globalist coup orchestrated by Obama, Clinton and Soros couldn't find an even more disgraceful way to betray his followers than he has in the past, you would be wrong again.

Pope Francis has outdone himself this time, putting his Satanic cards on the table in the most shameless and blasphemous manner possible. That's right, he announced the coming of Lucifer and told his followers to get down on their knees and pay their respects.

Trending News
Pope Francis
World Economic Forum

Pope Francis: Relationships with Jesus are dangerous and harmful.

Bill Clinton and Pope Francis call for urgent depopulation to save the planet.

Pope: Marxists and Christians have a common mission.

Pope Francis declares Klaus Schwab is more important than Jesus Christ.

I worship Christ, not Pope Francis. Don't really care what he says.

I will never understand how anyone of good conscience can still call themselves a Catholic.


I'm not sure about the Latin thing, but this pope definitely seems to be pushing apostate teachings and acceptance of false gods and immorality.

Jesus said this would happen

The demons are crawling out of their holes We can see them now. Put on your Armor of God. These are their final days & they will not go willingly. God wins.

Imma just let God handle this one.

I've always not followed the pope. he always looked like satan to me

Satan's representatives on earth. Blasphemous!


He gives me the creeps.

i pray to Jesus Christ only pope Francis is the false prophet

It is against Canon law for a Jesuit to be Pope.

Just wait until you hear how the Vatican has ACTIVELY faicilitated child trafficking for decades, if not centuries.
That will be the death blow to the Papacy.
The Catholic chuch needs a good "decentralising"!!

Download here: The-beginning-of-the-end-King-Charles-and-Queen-Camilla-quietly-shuffled-off-to-the-next-domain-2024-02-06.mp4 - 18,148 kb
By: Richard Vobes - 6th February 2024
The beginning of the end
King Charles and Queen Camilla
quietly shuffled off to the next domain...

#royals #king #theend

How much do we believe the official narrative is true?

Queen Elizabeth's official date of death was 8th September, 2022. However, evidence heavily suggests that her real expiry date was 8th September 2019, when she was executed for treason, human trafficking and cannibalism.

I lost interest once the Queen passed. They can all go as far as I am concerned. Charles's Climate scam stand has always angered me, he tossed the British people under the bus.

As soon as the Queen died did you notice how quickly the King and his WEF mates suddenly speeded up their agenda ???

The alarm bells were ringing as soon as the Pharmaceutical companies got indemnity "If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, forced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized ... If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance -- you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest " - Ian Watson

Why do I always get the feeling we are being lied to ALL THE TIME

Royals have extensive health checks regularly. No way cancer would have be discovered like he's just a pleb on the NHS conveyer belt.

I lost faith in the royals when I found out the royal houses were made exempt from climate change legislation.

I hope they don't insult public intelligence and announce that Charlie had a miracle recovery with some new Cancer vaccine…

It all has a Boris Johnson in intensive care notion about it all.

Not sure if he does have the big C. It might be a story to make him more sympathetic to the public or to use as a distraction. Wouldn't put anything past the corrupted establishment.

Once Lady Di got wiped out I completely lost interest in the Royals....

Download here: Exclusive-Tucker-Carlson-Interviews-Vladimir-Putin-in-Moscow-on-6th-February 2024-02-06.mp4 - 310,954 kb
By: Tucker Carlson - 6th February 2024

Exclusive: Tucker Carlson
Interviews Vladimir Putin
in Moscow on 6th February 2024

Tucker interviews Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia. February 6th, 2024.

Watch Tucker's immediate reaction to the interview here:

Follow Tucker on X:

Text "TUCKER" to 44055 for exclusive updates.

#TuckerCarlson #journalism #VladimirPutin #Russia #Ukraine #JoeBiden #VolodymyrZelenskyy #freespeech #interview #news #politics #USA #Moscow #war #globalnews

Imagine Biden giving an uninterrupted history of America for 30 minutes.

This is a huge moment for Independent Media

The world needed to hear this

The media meltdown started before the interview even dropped. I can't image how they'll react now that it's here! haha

Tucker has the best interview of 2024 and will go down in history. Never thought I'd see the day.

Imagine a Russian reporter being allowed to take a 2-hour interview with Biden

This might be the craziest and most compelling thing I've ever seen on YouTube

Mind boggling!! Thank you Tucker and Vlad! This is one for the books!

Getting fired by FOX News, might be the best thing that happened to Tucker.

This was amazing! Thank you, Mr. Putin & thank you, Tucker!

What i learned: Russia and China are not the enemy.

Thank you for doing this Mr. Carlson!

That was Fucking amazing! We just witnessed HISTORY! Tucker.... YOU ROCK!


Tucker is performing an important service, for the world.

The entire world is currently

By: Jack Straw - @JackStr42679640 - 5th February 2024

Hi Guys, quick update, if I understood correctly.. according to Ground Command, the entire world is currently under international or global martial law (n.b. NOT national martial law) - individual governments have zero control and are in the process of renegotiating for sovereignty.

In other words, the governments and/or government Incs are currently not recognized as sovereign and need to register with the Archivists and Hall of Records via Ground Command and/or revised Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) structure/s.

Also, all countries are currently declared bankrupt and the IME, UN, World Bank, WEF, etc. are also defunct corporations without any sovereignty. These will be replaced by a revised GIA and entity known as CARE.

The IRS is being restructured and may be replaced completely. Janet Yellen has been fired (not public yet) and the US Federal Reserve + Treasury is on notice till 30 June, i.e. if they cannot pay the Global Repository back the quadrillions owed, it will be handing over ALL its assets including property, commercial property, land, business assets, etc.

We are about to see the real truth and the real news unfold before our eyes. Brace yourselves for short-term volatility, medium-term change, and long-term prosperity...

The entire world is currently under INTERNATIONAL or GLOBAL MARTIAL LAW. Individual governments have zero control and are in the process of renegotiating for sovereignty.

W.R. Schock, QBD
"Entire World Under International Global Martial Law"
Yes, see Trump's Capitulation Tours in "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH" for the big picture explained.

Download here: King-Charles-and-Close-Friends-Raped-Hundreds-of-Children-Explosive-New-Testimony-2024-02-05.mp4 - 51,251 kb
By: The People's Voice - 5th February 2024

King Charles and Close Friends
Raped 'Hundreds of Children'
- Explosive New Testimony -

King Charles has been implicated in a massive decades-old pedophile ring at an "elite" British boarding school, according to revelations by a former student and whistleblower who has blown the lid off the horrific scale of the elite's chosen vice.

According to an award-winning journalist who attended the school as a boy, children at the elite school are routinely beaten, harassed, raped and driven to suicide.

Inevitably with pedophilia, all roads lead to Rome. In this case Rome's latest incarnation: the British 'royal' family, who, in the words of Stevens, regularly visit Aldenham School to "feed" on children.

Trending News
King Charles
King Charles cancer
Charles pedophile
Prince Andrew
Royal Family
Pedophile ring
Prince Charles
Prince William
Aldenham School

If Charles' genealogy is directly linked to Vlad Tepes, then he (and in turn the Saxe Coburg line) is

Which in turn means that the Saxe-Coburg clan are imposters both culturally and genetically.

What an astonishing fraud foisted upon the Britons...

Can't stand any royalty. They are all pedos. Period.

I don't think King Charles has cancer I think he's been rounded up and executed

He's absolutely DISGUSTING along with his demon friends!

DC, EU, UK, are Satanic Child Sacrifice Capitols!

past 200 years:
The Luciferian Rothschild Central Bankers who
founded the WEF, the Octagon Group, the U.N.
who control the WHO, NATO
And who created Marxism.....among other deeds....

King Charles and The Cabal seek to foment a World War Three among nations. That would be a tidy way to divert attention away from these crimes against children and other crimes by The Cabal.

The nations need to say NO to a nation-against-nation WWIII.

If there is going to be a WWIII, it needs to be a worldwide war by the sovereign nations against the sick and twisted Globalist Cabal and its minions.

Ugh, that poor traumatized kid at 0:14. He can't face the world anymore for what the King did to him. SMH.

That evil big-ear monster!

Charles comes from a long line of LIZARDS! Real Charles is dead

These people of royalty are evil. Twisted minds.

The exterior of that ugly family is only matched by their inside of these inhuman reptilian monsters. Creepy inside out as with most all who prey on innocents as they believe they have stolen all the wealth and the innocence. ONLY THE VENGEANCE OF OUR FATHER CREATOR can and will match and overcome their wickedness, they have had their days on this earth. They will have their eternity just as they have done unto others a million fold they will face their judgement. AMEN!!!

down with the monarch
the news about chuck having cancer is probably a red herring

Download here: LAND-GRAB-and-FOOD-SUPPLY-CONTROL-Farmer-Protests-Erupt-Across-Europe-Against-Net-Zero-Agenda-2024-02-05.mp4 - 33,157 kb
By: Lena Petrova, CPA - Finance, Economics & Tax - 5th February 2024

Farmer Protests Erupt Across
Europe Against Net Zero Agenda

LAND GRAB & FOOD SUPPLY CONTROL: Farmer Protests Erupt Across Europe Against Net Zero Agenda

Dr. Stephen Jones
John Kerry says that agriculture contributes about 33 percent to global warming, and by 2050 climate change will mean that many will starve. His solution is to reduce agriculture today so that people can starve now.

This is the policy that is behind the persecution of farmers in Europe, as they attempt to drive them out of business.

Of course, then they have to import their food, which is grown elsewhere and contributes to the same global warming that Kerry was talking about.

At the same time, Russia is increasing its agriculture production. So Europe will soon have to import food from Russia as well as its energy. Europe is destroying itself and helping Russia to establish its booming economy. If I didn’t know better, I would say that the EU governments are run by the Russians and that the Russians invented western Russophobia.

Since the start of the Ukraine war, the EU sanctions have only served to make Russia more self-sufficient and to de-industrialize Europe. Eventually, Europe will either collapse entirely or they will be dependent upon Russia for its food supply. Meanwhile, someone is going to grow food, because food will be in demand. If the EU does not do so, Russia will. The net effect is that the Green policy of destroying farmers in the EU will not achieve Kerry’s goal and instead is going cause a disaster.

Unless, of course, the farmer protest achieves success and the bullies of Brussels are run out of town.

"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world." Henry this what is going on everywhere?

When I was 3 years old I believed in Santa, at sixteen I believed that the biggest criminals were in jail, now I am over 50 and I know the biggest criminals are in Governments.

Hi from Sweden. I am glad the european farmers have more balls than us swedes.

The EU is sending 50 BILLION Euros to Ukraine while ignoring these hard working farmers

Kirby needs to keep his ass off planes and start walking. He causes more damage than all the farmers.

No farms, no food = depopulation. WEF #1 goal.

Iam eu citisen from Finland.

Power to the farmers. The governments are totally insane.

Net Zero Politicians
No farmers=no food
No politicians=more peace, greater prosperity and better health

We have been conditioned to think that only politicians can solve our problems. Maybe at some point we'll wake up and recognise that it is our belief in politicians and authority which is the problem.

The war against farmers is a crime against humanity. They feed us and they need support, respect and attention.

It is impossible to restrict farmers and still produce the amount food required to feed the world. There is no intention to reduce the amount of farming. The objective is to control who OWNS the farms.

Download here: American-Leaders-Illegally-Sign-WEF-Treaty-To-Ration-Meat-Electricity-and-Gas-2024-02-04.mp4 - 55,715 kb
By: The People's Voice - 4th February 2024

American Leaders Illegally Sign
WEF Treaty To Ration
Meat, Electricity and Gas

Want to hear a Communist era joke from the Soviet Union? "Do you know what a Polish sandwich looks like?" the joke went. "Two slices of bread and a ration card for the meat in between."

Unfortunately, the Polish people were not laughing at the time. And we won't be laughing either, in the near future - if the global elite are allowed to continue destroying our rights and freedoms and replacing them with their techno-communist vision of total technocratic control.

This evil plot against humanity has been in the works for years, and now we are seeing the first signs play out before our very eyes.

The global elite have successfully penetrated the cabinets of western democracies, ushering in an era of disastrous policies that are destroying the economy from the inside out and stoking unprecedented division in society.

The next phase of the global elite's plan involves penetrating the universities and the high earners and it appears the highest earners in our society have already taken their thirty pieces of silver and sold their souls to the devil.

According to a report from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity (CUP), America's wealthiest citizens fully support the WEF's plan to ration gas, electricity, and meat and dairy products for the general public in order to allegedly "fight climate change."

Trending News
ration meat
ration electricity
ration gas
Klaus Schwab
World Economic Forum
Great reset

The World Economic Forum is a non-governmental organization (NGO) elected by no one. They have acquired governmental power by using their vast wealth to install corrupt politicians with election fraud. The corrupt officials give governmental power to the non-governmental organization through both bribery and blackmail (think Epstein and the Mossad). This is how a group of very wealthy individuals elected by no one have become rulers of the world. It's happening right before your eyes. Are you going to continue allowing it?

They'll get their depopulation. Starting with them ! Notice how they'r all a bunch of old fucktards. Deluded with their ideas that they'r somehow going to live forever in a cyber body.

American leaders is a joke. they're bolsheviks and will hang

I can't help but to think that there's thousands of middle aged men with children that are on the brink of not waiting for the government to do something to "stop" this globalist depopulation agenda.
I'm predicting a sudden uptick in unsolved crimes against those who are pushing the agenda.

People can only take so much, and when it comes to fathers protecting their children..
That limit is less than these WEF idiots seem to be able to understand.

Time will tell... I guess.

WEF/EU were prepared to destroy Hungary's economy, in other words, a declaration of war.

Treason is what that's called!

You have no idea how vast the empire of the WEF and elites is .They control everything, the only way to stop their march is mass civil uprising in the NATO countries , and the destruction of the "old money" needs to be total . The alternative is slavery . As far as population control is concerned you cannot beat a good war , which is why they want to start a war with Russia , but they will not be fighting it , the working man and his children will be the ones sent out to die . Wake up and get ready people .

Download here: World-Economic-Forum-PANICS-as-Protestors-STORM-the-EU-Building-in-Brussels-2024-02-02.mp4 - 30,703 kb
By: Dr. Steve Turley - 2nd February 2024

World Economic Forum
PANICS as Protestors STORM
the EU Building
in Brussels!!!

Dr. Stephen Jones
Brussels and EU under siege by farmers

I as an American totally support these Farmers....these climate terrorists need to be stopped.....there is no such thing as a climate crisis

The WEF/WHO/UN should be held accountable for what they have done

The ENTIRE WORLD Stands with the Farmers from all around the World!!!

I am 100% with the farmers and 100%against the WEF.

Kudos to all European farmers. Stop the woke EU and WEF!

The whole world needs to condemn WEF

They need to arrest Klause Schwab and charge him with crimes against humanity

Pray for our farmers worldwide! We can't let the WEF win!

Protect our farmers and truckers everywhere. We need them. We don't need politicians and illegal immigrants/invaders.

Klaus Schwab needs to be dealt with in the people's way and not by the court.

WEF globalists are hated all over the world!!!
We support these brave farmers.

Who else thinks restricted coverage of this in the USA by msm is disgraceful?

I never needed a politician, I've always needed a farmer.

Well done those farmers, the world is sick off being told by these unelected bureaucrats what we can and can not do.

Download here: Taylor-Swift-Murdered-a-Fan-In-Satanic-Blood-Ritual-To-Join-Illuminati-Insider-Claims-2024-02-01.mp4 - 108,884 kb
By: The People's Voice - 1st February 2024

Taylor Swift 'Murdered a Fan'
In Satanic Blood Ritual
To Join Illuminati, Insider Claims

Taylor Swift murdered a young fan in a Satanic blood sacrifice ritual, according to production staff from Swift's concert movie who allege the pop superstar was also forced by music industry Illuminati to drink the young boy's blood.

'Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour' is a live portrait of the pop superstar at the top of her game - or at least it appears to be, with 10 acts spanning 169 minutes, countless hits, and seemingly endless wardrobe changes, the movie has grossed more than $260 million so far, making it the most lucrative concert film in history.

But in reality Swift was operating at close to breaking point, experiencing extreme pressure from the industry, and after breaking down she shared what she described as an "evil story" with staff, shocking those in attendance, including industry veterans who thought they had heard it all before.

It has long been claimed Hollywood stars and entertainment industry celebrities need to join the Illuminati to make it to the top of the industry, but few people outside of the Illuminati inner-circle truly understand what this means.

Trending News
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Psy Op
New World Order
MK Ultra

I give Ricky Shroder credit for speaking up for the evils of Hollywood.

Even Shirley Temple told what happened to her in 30's and 40's Hollywood has ALWAYS BEEN EVIL!

She is a HE. THEY ARE ALL INVERTED. It's a big backwards club and you ain't in it...

she's a HE!

every movie tv show is normalizing trans, pedophilia and cheating, nudity and gay shit disgusting to see this in our society

Hey Taylor
Adam wants his Apple back!!

How, how can this planet have sooooooo many beyond evil beings?

God please, please, please come soon??

Nothing would surprise me!

Nothing's what it seems - nothing.

Great job Sean. Your work to expose the evil people of this world is angelic. Keep it up. Your great actions and work is recorded in the universe and you will be blessed eternally.

She is clearly a witch

none of the elite will do jail time and yet no one sees it..get involved people

She didn't have to kill did she? She should be in jail for life and psychiatric help for behaving like that

You are all missing the point. There is more than ONE Taylor. No alters needed. Clones and look alikes.

Download here: It-Begins-Florida-sending-troops-to-Texas-States-Unite-Fake-Biden-Vs-Texas-Migrant-Crisis-2024-02-02.mp4 - 33,157 kb
By: US Immigration - 2nd February 2024
It Begins... Florida sending
troops to Texas, States Unite.
Fake Biden Vs Texas Migrant Crisis

DeSantis sending Florida State Guard, National Guard members to Texas border.

Texas Border Battle. Texas prepared in 'unlikely event' Biden federalizes National Guard.

Border standoff between Texas, feds intensifies as governor defies Supreme Court ruling. Texas arresting Migrants. "This is not over," Texas Governor Abbott said in a social media post.

Despite the U.S. Supreme Court siding with the Department of Homeland Security to allow federal border officials to cut state-installed razor wire along the Rio Grande, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and state Attorney General Ken Paxton said the larger legal battle between Texas and the Biden administration is far from settled. Texas keeps adding Razor wires.

Texas state Law Passes Allowing State Police to Arrest Immigrants.

The Texas House passed legislation earlier making it a state crime to illegally cross the southern border, empowering state and local police to arrest and in some cases deport illegal immigrants, in what the bill's supporters claim is a response to federal inaction.

Senate Bill 4 gives local and state government the authority to arrest illegal immigrants who enter Texas from Mexico between official ports of entry. Under SB 4, those who unlawfully cross the border can be charged with a state misdemeanor and face up to one year in prison. A felony charge, carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years, can be leveled if illegal immigrants are charged with additional crimes or don't comply with a judge's orders.

The bill also authorizes state judges to deport illegal aliens to Mexico rather than pursue prosecution under federal law. After getting approval from the Texas senate last week, the latest version of SB 4 now heads to Republican governor Greg Abbott's desk, where he is expected to sign it into law.

#USImmigration #TexasBorderBattle #FloridaTroopsToTexas #FloridaNationalGuardsToTexas #ImmigrationArrest #TexasVsSupermeCourt #TexasMigrantCrisis #EntryBan #USCitizenship #Undocumented #USVisa #Deportation #SB4 #TexasMigrantArrest #FederafederalizingNationalGuard

Thank you, Governor DeSantis for helping Texas save our country!

Thank God for all the Governor's who are standing with Texas.

We need more governor's like DeSantis and gov. Abbott. And the other states standing up against the Biden administration. Governor's who will stand up for their state's .

TEXAS & FLORIDA thank you for standing strong for OUR United States of America!!! Let's CLOSE & SECURE OUR BORDERS


Thank You Gov. DeSantis!!!

So PROUD to see AMERICA UNITE!!!! Billions of dollars to protect Ukrainian BORDERS. While we have NO BORDER???? INSANE!!!

God bless everyone who is standing by Texas. Prayers for all

Download here: US-Representative-Ilhan-Omar-Caught-on-Tape-Saying-Who-She-Thinks-Her-Real-President-Is-2024-02-01.mp4 - 7,302 kb
By: The Rubin Report - 1st February 2024
U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar
Caught on Tape Saying Who She
Thinks Her 'Real' President Is

Dave Rubin of "The Rubin Report" shares a DM clip of Ilhan Omar claiming that Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is her president.

#RubinReport #IlhanOmar #theSquad

In the Valley of Death: Somaliland's Forgotten Genocide - October 22, 2018
In the Valley of Death: Somaliland's Forgotten Genocide - October 22, 2018

Just proving she isn't here for the betterment of the US, but to use the US to enrich a foreign nation. How that is not treason is beyond me

This is why we said the "Pledge of Allegiance" when I was a kid in school. You pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States and not any other country.

She's preaching to the choir. The wokeness must be incredibly intense in the non-Somalia voters in order to vote for her.

I am an immigrant (refugee, escaped from communist regime and earned the freedom pass by America) and I love this country so much, I have no hesitate to die to protection this beloved country. This woman makes me sick, she is a traitor. she should be deported or take away her position in the HOUSE.

As the descendant of both Irish and Italian immigrants, I'm familiar with immigrants who still talk about the "old country". But, while there might be some ties on the heart strings to the old country, every American of Italian or Irish descent I've ever talked to or heard about is very clear that America is "our home" and not the old country. My people on both sides came to America because of opportunity, not to convert America into the"old country". Honor the culture and the traditions of the ancestors. But, assimilate and make America your home. Biden isn't really anyone's president since he stole the election, but the American President is Omar's President, and not some Somali.

The fact that there is no law to take this traitor out of our Congress is a huge weakness of our country!

Why do non-somali people in Minnesota keep voting for her?

The problem is the places she represents all think like her. What she's doing would be unthinkable in any other country but United States.

Would love to hear her outrage if a sitting Congress person refered to Israel that way!!! Her and rashida talib need to be tried as enemies of the state...what have they done for their states?

The problem is, her district in Minnesota is predominantly Somali. So she isn't going anywhere unless she's charged with treason.

Download here: 5-Reasons-Why-Trump-is-Not-Guilty-of-Raping-E-Jean-Carroll-2024-01-30.mp4 - 8,900 kb
By: KAHEVA Universe - 30th January 2024

5 Reasons Why Donald Trump is
Not Guilty of Raping E. Jean Carroll

Pig with pearls. E. Jean Carroll paid handsomely for lying and committing fraud!

She won't get a dime. She's spending money before she has it

Very well explained. great video these corrupt judges need to be jailed

I share your hope for Trump and the USA. Sending you love from South Africa.

Thumbs up from Geelong Australia for the Trump

Well said kaheva. I have had the opportunity in 1999 to work with Donald Trump's ( Miss universe company) . He was very charismatic and respectful to everyone " especially to women. I was chosen to be the personal representative and caretaker for both Trump and Jack Wagner. Donald Trump was the only person who tipped me at the ending of the show that night. He even suggested that I would be a guest confidante for owning my own business in personal care for high ranking officials. The cash tip helped me with starting up my own small business. Thanks to Donald Trump He is a genuine human being that wants the best for his country and all of humanity. Have a great day kaheva

Exactly!!! Why did she NOW just bring it up??? This is another witch HUNT!!!

Jean Carroll is the democrats new Anita Hill. Why didn't she come out with this in 2016? Anyone with at least average intelligence can see the intent.


Thank you for your continued concern over Trump and America!

Trump 2024
Thank you Kaheva.

Carroll got her idea from a Law and Order episode. I personally saw the clip. She also made a tweet at one point, that her favorite show is the Apprentice. Would a woman that was sexually assaulted want to watch his show? No, she would not. This whole ordeal is rigged. This is a prime example of how much the establishment will go to get rid of him. This case should have been dismissed on the spot.

I agree with KAHEVA 1000%, this is a corrupt system and a corrupt and disgusting judge! But President Trump will overcome this bad experience!

I think she's lying to. For the money. Looking good Kaheva


Thank you Lord, please help America great again, THE LORD OUR GOD ALWAYS BLESS YOU ALL AND KEEP YOU ALL

Thank you Kaheva. I hope America becomes sensible again.

None of this is about what President Trump actually did, It has to do with who he is and the threat he poses to a certain group of politically motivated bullies.

What a sweet, intelligent and compassionate person you are Kaheva!!

Download here: Texas-doubles-down-in-unprecedented-border-dispute-with-federal-government-2024-01-28.mp4 - 7,302 kb
By: CBS TEXAS - 28th January 2024
Texas doubles down in
unprecedented border dispute
with federal government

"We are a very critical issue right now because we're testing, really, the essence of the Republic of the United States and whether or not the Supreme Court has authority," said Haim Vasquez, an immigration attorney.

Thank you Texas for protecting our "democracy" constitutional REPUBLIC.

I'm so proud of these other states that are stepping up and helping Texas combat the problem.

Im irish, i live in Ireland, an island, and we still can't stop an unprecedented invasion of immigrants, 20% of our population in a decade and more and more undocumented arrive daily. Native irish are now at risk of becoming becoming a minority in their own country. I wholeheartedly stand with Texas and their right to secure their own borders.

Sad that the states have to protect us from our own federal government

Please keep protecting our country. I support Texas's governor.

The federal government is full of bull.

I think we are way past this being a political issue. I personally would rather Texas secure the border while congress spends the next 30 years trying to decide how to fix this mess.

Stand your ground Governor Abbott.

Constitutional law should be taught in every school.
Starting in junior high. Not knowing you're rights means that they can be taken Away. That's why they're Rewriting history.

Gov. Abbott is doing Sleepy Joe's job. It's about time someone has the guts to stop this madness.

Daily reminder that States are not administrative districts and the federal government does not have the authority to override them at will.

Download here: Tyrant-Justin-Trudeau-Called-On-To-RESIGN-IMMEDIATELY-Over-Abuse-Of-Power-2024-01-27.mp4 - 14,323 kb
By: TalkTV - 27th January 2024
"Tyrant" Justin Trudeau Called
Over 'Abuse' Of Power

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing criticism and calls for his resignation after a federal court ruled that his decision to invoke the Emergencies Act in February 2022 was unreasonable and a violation of Canadians' rights.

The decision to use these powers came after truckers protested for a month against the government's coronavirus vaccine mandate when crossing into the United States. The court ruling stated that the government's decision to declare a public order emergency and the associated regulations were not justified and violated the charter right to freedom of expression and protection against unreasonable search or seizure.

Trudeau's government has expressed its intention to appeal the court ruling, further fuelling the controversy. The decision to invoke the Emergencies Act was met with severe backlash when it was first announced, as the act had never been used before and was reserved for extreme cases of anarchy. The protests caused chaos in downtown Ottawa for a month, with hundreds of vehicles blocking the streets in opposition to the vaccine mandate. Trudeau defended his decision at the time, citing major supply chain issues and the need to maintain order.

However, the use of the Emergencies Act not only granted increased power to the police to remove and arrest protesters but also allowed the government to seize the assets and bank accounts of those who refused to comply. This use of power led to accusations of tyranny and an abuse of authority against Trudeau. The court ruling, albeit late, has given some Canadians solace, as it validates their concerns about the government's actions.

We Canadians need more platforms to make Trudeau step down. It's time to fight for our rights

We Canadians want accountability!

Emergency/war act against Canadian citizens, will never be forgotten or forgiven .

As a Canadian, I have serious concerns about how this man has ruled this country. He should be arrested and put in jail for crimes that he's committed against his own people. His entire political progress is based on vote bank politics, and dividing Canadians. He has zero concerns about the welfare of all Canadians or any Canad for that matter. All he wants to do is stay in power and he goes to any length to do this. I haven't seen any other political person go this insane and hungry over power.

A Prime Minister, unapologetic, smug and not the kind of person to answer hard questions and take ownership of mistakes.

There should be mass protests demanding his resignation. Don't allow this violation to be ignored or forgotten.

His whole party needs booting out of Canada!! Shocking awful traitors.

Download here: Europeans-Farmers-RISE-UP-Against-the-EU-and-the-WEF-2024-01-27.mp4 - 22,151 kb
By: Dr. Steve Turley - 27th January 2024
Europeans Farmers RISE UP
Against the EU and the WEF!!!

Some videos from the farmer's protests in Europe. Mainly German and French.

WATCH NEXT: Trucker Convoy Joins Texas BORDER CONTROL in DEFIANCE of Supreme Court!!!

We must support truck drivers, farmers and the nationalist populist movements in all countries.

110% support for all those standing up and fighting against the globalist.

Stand with the farmers people they are our food makers

I unconditionally support our farmers, they are essential to life not to mention incredibly hard working

We need the farmers. We don't need the WEF.

WE DON'T NEED THE WEF!! WE NEED FARMERS!!! We need to do this in the U.S.A.!!!!

Bless the farmers, theirs and ours!!!

Glad to see someone doing something against these globalists

We need that in the usa We need our farms back from crazy Bill

GOOD FOR THE FARMERS. Taking a stand to fight the fight against EU .

Download here: EUROPE-IS-GOING-OFF-Farmers-are-FIGHTING-back-against-Governmental-Tyranny-2024-01-27.mp4 - 26,519 kb
By: True Arrow - 27th January 2024
Farmers are FIGHTING back
against Governmental Tyranny

Some videos from the farmer's protests in Europe. Mainly German and French.

Most of my friends look blanked eyed when I tell them about the farmers protest in Europe. First thing they say "We haven't seen it on the media channels". In their minds if the media isn't showing this then it isn't true. Sad. I am with the farmers. You have my support and deep respect. Italian farmers have now joined in. Bravo Italia.

We can do without politicians, we can't do without farmers. With you 100% . No farmers = no food = no future.

I am Canadian and I stand with farmers

People need to wake up and support all our farmers across the world. We'll done Germany, Netherlands, and Romania for rising up. No farmers, no food.

Ladies and gentlemen. I strongly believe that there needs to be a global farmers union created. Farmers from every nation need to talk to each other. Respect...

Thank you farmers for putting food on my table, you're valued and should be treated as such.

All farmers worldwide should protest. Get the message out there. No farmers, no food.
Strangely, some people don't understand that supermarket food actually comes from FARMING. So shelves will be empty if you don't support the farmers

Dear Farmers, We food eaters of the world, depend on you! I support farmers and truckers.

Download here: Biden-Has-Warned-Texas-to-Allow-Illegal-Invasion-to-Continue-Are-We-Heading-to-CIVIL-WAR-2-2024-01-27.mp4 - 26,860 kb
By: Practical Preparedness - 27th January 2024
Biden Has Warned Texas to Allow
Illegal Invasion to Continue - Are
We Heading to CIVIL WAR 2.0?

Texas has defied a direct order. 25 states are defending them. What is going on at the Southern border?

I stand with TEXAS!

Abbot cannot back down now. And don't see Biden doing it either. Hang on to your hats, it may be a bumpy ride !!

New Englander living in Texas here. I absolutely stand with Abbott on this one. I will absolutely fight the feds with Texas.

I stand with Texas!

Texans will NOT back down! Eg. the Alamo. Always remember that the governments #1 responsibility is the safety of the citizens. This responsibility has NOT been met.

6 million in 3 years is an inaccurately low number.

Governor Abbott don't back down as Texans, we support you 100%

The states that agree with the state of Texas need to send their national guard troops to assist governor Abbott --- show us by what you do!

I'm a Kentuckian and I support Texas. Hope our Govt does too.

They are paying the consequences of their illegal actions.

If the administration can disregard the law, Texas can uphold the Constitution.

We need to stand up and protect our country from terrorism foriegn and domestic!!

NG needs to remember that they took a oath to the defend the Constitution and not defend the presidents orders especially if they are UnConstitutional. Remember your oath ladies and gents.

Remember, we stood up against the largest army and navy (England) and won. Corruption has come to it's tipping point. Something has to be done. If this corrupt federal government does not stand down, then we know what we will be forced to do. Regardless of the costs.

It's about damn time Texas enforces what they've been preaching for years!

Download here: Standoff-between-treasonous-federal-government-and-Texas-escalates-Texas-upholding-constitutional-law-2024-01-27.mp4 - 7,634 kb
By: NewsNation - 27th January 2024
Standoff between treasonous federal
government and Texas escalates.
Texas upholding constitutional law

The Supreme Court ruled federal agents can cut down razor wire placed at Eagle Pass, Texas, by state officials to stem migration. However, Texas is doubling down on its effort to keep the wire up arguing it's a constitutional right.

#Texas #SupremeCourt #EaglePass

Who knew trying to stop trafficking kids, drugs and humans would shine a light on this Administration's true colors.

Kudos to all the governors supporting governor Abbott... that Democrat governor is ridiculous.

Governor Abbott absolutely has the right to protect his State. It is the Biden administration that needs to face the consequences for their actions.

Texas is within their constituational right.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State You know the thing man.

Title should be "standoff between corrupt federal government , and the sovereign state of Texas."

What if everyone just ignores the failing federal government?
They can't do anything if everyone just stops listening...

Texas stand your ground. This will be the single most important point in our history in 265 years

Americans stand with Abbott is secure the Texas border. It is Gov. Abbott's legal right to keep our borders safe!


Dear Lord let NO action be taken against the Good Governor of Texas. in any way shape or form , for doing the will of the people of Texas and the will of the American people.

Tx has the largest National Guard and should be able to handle it but I do think it's a huge statement to the public and government that other states are sending help. This is the United States problem not just TX.

What a time to be alive!! So proud of Texas and Gov. Greg Abbott

Download: Most-Disturbing-Leaked-Footage-On-Epstein-Island-Bill-Clinton-Prince-Andrew-and-Child-Trafficking-2024-01-27.mp4 - 58,265 kb
By: Deadly Quest - 27th January 2024

Most Disturbing Leaked Footage
On Epstein Island - Bill Clinton,
Prince Andrew & Child Trafficking

Innocent people do not hang out with convicted child predators

If all this was witnessed and concerns were had, no one seemed to do anything.

it interesting how the tax payer funded FBI, CIA, ATF, IRS, FEMA etc focus their energies on criminalizing the average person for: growing their own food and medicine, homeschooling etc; erstwhile allowing blatant child trafficking / Pedophilia / organ harvesting / Adrenochrome production / cannibalism etc to proliferate!

I feel like the male reporter was lying, because when the female teporter asked "you didn't see anything suspicious," he looked off to the side before answering "no!" That delay tells me he was lying. I mean, if other people said they seen girls running around the island… how is it that he didn't see anything suspicious? Plus, he did a terrible job putting out the story. Just disgusting

Why these people haven't been investigated and questioned shows how far up the perversion and corruption goes.

DO NOT LET THIS STORY DIE. All co-conspirators need to go in front of a jury.

There are real child victims that have been threatened and intimidated for years.

Why is Banks studdering a lot? hmmmm Did he participate????? Everyone is SICK of the "alleged" being used when there is PROOF!

Fed up watching the same stories ,when non is convicted,or found guilty.

RIP to all the unknown young ladies who committed suicide or were terminated.

The way that the "temple" could only be locked from the outside should tell you what's happening inside of that place!!!

I don't believe for one second that parents, families, & staff didn't know what was going on there. Rumors were rampant for a number of years.

My brother worked on the island. He lived on the main island, and his crew would walk down to the beach.

They were to look over at Epstien island, and if the huge flag was raised, that meant their was no work that day. It was a big deal when the news broke

They're all in on it. Above the law. Change is coming. Boom!!

I don't even believe that the guy is dead.

Every video taken on Epstein Island should be available on the internet, and should be reviewed by law enforcement in every country.

Anyone who knows what REALLY happened to children and young adults on the island would feel disturbed (to say the very least).

Download here: Kari-Lake-Reveals-NEW-Details-About-Leaked-Phone-Call-When-She-Was-Bribed-to-Leave-Political-Life-2024-01-26.mp4 - 18,759 kb
By: Megyn Kelly - 26th January 2024
Kari Lake Reveals NEW Details
About Leaked Phone Call When She
Was Bribed to Leave Political Life

Megyn Kelly is joined by Kari Lake, U.S. Senate candidate for Arizona, to discuss the leaked audio conversation about an attempted bribe to get her to leave political life, who the "people back East" that are behind the bribe might be, new details about the circumstances, and more.

This is truly the swamp. Trump you have to shut this down please. I hate about 99% of politicians.

Bribery, election interference... shouldn't someone be looking into who these "powerful people" might be?
We support Kari Lake 100%. Voted for her in her race for Congress. She was and is the winner.

I'll be hoping and praying for the safety of Kari Lake, Donald Trump, and all the other true patriots that this country needs.

Keep going Kari Lake, you will be the next Senator for Arizona.!!!!!!!

Corruption in our country is beyond anything you can imagine. I'm amazed how many people still choose not to see the truth of the level of corruption.

Wow! Thank you, Megyn and Kari for your values, your bravery, your commitment to our country!

I worked as a volunteer on her 2022 Governor campaign. Kari doesn't talk any differently in private than she does in public. She is fearless, a believer and a solid conservative voice. Her voice needs to be heard.

Kari Lake just set the bar for integrity for 2024. Well done, ma'am! I absolutely LOVE that this was made public. God save America!

To me, this moves Kari Lake to the top of Trump's VP pick. She has principles, just what we need!

Thank you Megyn. Kari Lake is a true patriot. MAGA 2024

What's sad is that this goes on all the time with both sides. Kari is the only one I've ever heard standing up for what's right and allowing the millions of Americans to know exactly what goes on. Ty.

Kari Lake is a National Treasure that must be protected at all costs.

Download here: WEF-Tells-Americans-Your-God-Given-Rights-Are-a-Fiction-You-Will-Be-Happier-as-Slaves-2024-01-25.mp4 - 72,793 kb
By: The People's Voice - 25th January 2024

WEF Tells Americans 'Your God
Given Rights Are a Fiction
You Will Be Happier as Slaves'

Citizens of the United States and other western countries who believe they have "god given rights" are in for a rude awakening according to the World Economic Forum which has declared that human beings have the same rights as "jellyfish."

Human beings must prepare to be enslaved, according Klaus Schwab's right-hand-man, Yuval Noah Harari, because everything that humans believe about God, their nations, and themselves is fake news.

Harari's disturbing speech represents the most devastating attack by the WEF on humanity to date and signals that the elite are shifting their mission to enslave the masses into high gear.

But we've got news for the prophet of Davos and his cronies at the World Economic Forum. We the people are waking up and we are not going to be gaslit by globalist psychopaths spewing lies and falsehoods.

Trending News
World Economic Forum
Yuval Noah Harari
Great Reset
New World Order
US Constitution
bill of rights
declaration of independence

Who gave this bald cuck the decision making for all our lives. I would love to spend 5 minutes in a closed room with this tool as smash to a bloody dead pulp

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the "gas of life". It is literally food for plants. CO2 is good and there is no evidence that it causes global warming. Instead, the sun causes global warming. Climate change is natural. The demons at Davos want you dead so they can frolic around the planet without having to deal with useless eater persons like you and me.

We are all slaves to the system. We need to change this. After all the Globalists are tiny in numbers compared to us

.04% of the atmosphere is not destroying the planet! utter nonsense!

Hee hee hahahah HAHA!

The mother WEFfers are Losing Their Sh*t.

When these evildoers are face to face with God, they'll all be singing a different tune.
Psalm 37 clarifies it with an awesome promise to do away with all the wicked ones.

Theres a rude awakening coming to these Pompous Psychopaths as Humanity wakes up to their Luciferian Ideologies

Does he also mean he has no right to money - wealth - status and a private jet?

Their day's are numbered, and they don't even know it.

I laugh at these village idiots i kneel before God i fear God i stand with Jesus Christ God didn't give any of us the spirit of fear

Satan's talking heads.

Download here: DISCLOSURE-The-US-USSF-Global-Military-Operation-STORM-Surfacing-2024-also-in-Switzerland-2024-01-25.mp4 - 82,161 kb
By: neutralswiss - 25th January 2024
Global Military Operation #STORM
Surfacing 2024, also in Switzerland

Currently over 20,000,000 people have already been murdered via the Covid-19 vaccines - these are only the first fruits, as the deaths will soon escalate to over 1,000,000,000 over the next few years!

The real Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and so many others have already been tried, judged and executed by military tribunals under the Law of War Manual for Crimes Against Humanity. Likewise many politicians have also been tried and executed / or are awaiting execution / under house arrest, hence so many doubles seen in public.

Millions of doctors will also be executed for their participation in crimes against humanity. Likewise many news anchors, reporters, teachers, police etc have / will also be tried and executed for their knowingly and willingly participating in Crimes Against Humanity.

Be of good cheer, we are entering an entirely new World and a Great reset, but it is not Klaus Schwab's nor Satan's great reset!

Telegram: @PascalNajadiNEWS

Trending News
Pascal Najadi

Might sound elitist to some but during the pandemic, they made me and my family sit outside ALL ski restaurants in Switzerland (most in -8C and wind....Saas Fee, Villars, Les Diablerets, Grimentz, etc.) weather just to eat. Our 11yr old had to buy food for us. Masks were mandated for everyone even though we were skiing in the middle of the fucking alps!!!
Crazy times. Go figure.

Thank you Pascal and AJ, men with cahoonas!

Thank you for this intel, your dedication to humanity is much appreciated.

EXCELLENT! Thank You both, Pascal and AJ. Great Affirmation of My 4 year Journey.

Pascal please get with Dr. Peter A. McCullough for Your condition. He testified in Congress recently and has been working on helping the Jabbed.

Stay Positive, NEVER give up. God wins!!!

The United States of America is NOT, and NEVER WAS, a 'democracy'!


Thank you Pascal

For a perspective on Switzerland here is an earlier video.

My heart goes out to all of you

Thank you Pascal, I hope you're feeling better. I'm sorry you didn't know about the covert covid jab before you took it. My prayers and apprecitation to you.

Thank you for this video with AJ. I've heard elsewhere that we are in fact on a tipping point. It sounds like some are getting really peed off with waiting for something to happen. It's really hard but we just have to have faith that it will happen at the right time as none of us realise how big a mission it has been. I hope that you are able to get the help you need.

MR. PASCAL NAJADI--- In regard to your case in New YORK. I support you and i hope you win and they hang. i wanted to mention to you the name of KAREN KINGSTON who is a bio tech analyst and has worked for medical companys in the past. She has been on MANY talk shows on rumble , bitchute and brighton speaking on the vaccines and Pfizer and Moderna PATENTS. Karen is BRILLIANT at what she does and she may be able to help you with your case. I remember her being on many talk shows but the two shows that come to my mind at the moment are The Stew Peters Network on Rumble or Bitchute and also on Mike Adams Show on rumble or Brighton.

I wanted to mention to you the Quantum Med Beds that are coming as soon as Trump announces NESARA. These beds can do many things and these beds will be able to REMOVE ALL of the poison from the vaccines OUT OF your body.

This link will tell you all that the quantum med beds will heal.

This link mId way the article will show you the pictures of the quantum med beds.

You can also find more info on the quantum med beds on youtube

Good Luck to you and God Bless.

By: COUNTERSPIN MEDIA NZ - 25th January 2024

'ONE HOWL OF A PROTEST' commencing 16 July 2021, promised to be the start of something special as New Zealand Farmers collectively stood against the apparatus focused on destroying their industry.

Counterspin Media covered the protest that saw New Zealanders across the country rally in support.

Speeches were given by the organizers to enthusiastic crowds and promising that if their demands were not met, they would return in an even bigger way. A meaningful follow-up failed to materialize.

We ask the question, where are you now Groundswell? At a time when the farmers of the world are rising up, you remain silent. No push-back beyond lip service and emails. Do you still believe National have your back just because some of them are your mates?

Either you, the Federated Farmers and Farmers Union lame ducks step up or step aside because this agenda to wipe out farming across the world, is a fact, it is happening now and unless you too make the 'CALL TO TRACTORS', you will be responsible for the loss and destruction of many businesses and lives.

The excuse that many farmers are busy farming is a poor excuse because soon there won't be any farms to work.

Unfortunately, a number of prominent Groundswell members and others are National Party stalwarts and placed their hopes on a National Government delivering them from the agenda set to wipe them out through unworkable regulations, costs and adherence to the climate cult narratives.

National Party Leader Christopher Luxon clearly stated before the election he was a believer in 'climate change' and stated they would work towards the sustainable development goals.

The problem? In order to achieve that, farming and a large chunk of agriculture would have to go.

Choose your side!

@james_freeman__ @UnitedFreePres @_FreeNZ @dailyexaminernz @GroundswellNZ @FedFarmers

40,000 farmers on tractors block Berlin in protest at new agricultural policy


We are so in the shit.
NZ has been a leader in selling off our own country.
There are very few owner/farmers in our region.
Management can't risk their jobs .
Trucking the same, big business took them over.
Kiwi made will be a mere story for our children.

BOANERGES - the sons of thunder
Great article. Totally agree. As watchmen, Groundswell's voice is as effective as flatulence in a storm!

"The farmers are busy working" is no excuse, as Groundswell NZ have shown the SAME PATTERN of political puppetry for years now, no matter the season!

Their true colors were revealed by not supporting V4F & the multitudes of Kiwis who fought against the Govt's Genocide Program.

Yes! Too right, where are they, ?? Luxon and Seymour are WEF through and through, I fear the farmers have relaxed too much after the national win, my mate is getting a job in Marsden point, doing what you ask....the decommissioning !! Have we been lied to again ??

And not just GS. Rural News and Farmers Weekly live off the farmer efforts but are silent on the worldwide protests as well. Sad.

He is a WEF puppet like Ardern in a different disguise. First keeping her on in the Christchurch call role and now the question is what next? Will he come after farmers????

Download: Justin-Trudeau-Roasted-by-Canada-Court-Using-emergency-powers-to-quell-freedom-convoy-unjustified-and-disproportionate-2024-01-25.mp4 - 15,710 kb
By: Times Of India - 25th January 2024
Justin Trudeau Roasted by Canada Court
Using emergency powers to quell
"freedom convoy" in 2022 deemed
unjustified and disproportionate!

Justin Trudeau Roasted, This Time by Canada Court | 'PM Trudeau has Double Standards' | Canada News

The Federal Court of Canada strongly criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's administration for using emergency powers to quell the "freedom convoy" protests in 2022, deeming the action unjustified and disproportionate. Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley, in a Tuesday decision, asserted that the use of the Emergencies Act was unreasonable and beyond the government's powers, as there was no national emergency that warranted such measures. Mosley emphasized that the urgent situation surrounding the protests could have been effectively managed using existing laws, casting doubt on the necessity of invoking the Emergencies Act.

#justintrudeau #canada #englishnews #internationalnews #geopolitics #politics #federalcourt #law

As a Canadian, I like to thank India for exposing this corrupt tyrant to all over the world. You guys are doing awesome job.

Trudeau should be charged with misuse of the law, also citizens affected by his actions should be compensated.

I don't understand why so many Canadians are so happy about this rule. There's no justice until he pays for his crimes. It doesn't look like he's going to pay for his crimes.

There wasn't one single thing that Trudeau did to Canadians during the truckers rally that was warranted. He showed the world exactly what he is.

They don't agree with the guilty verdict- well, criminals never believe they're guilty

As much as I hope for justice, recent history has shown that guilty people in power escape all accountability while innocent people are beaten in the street by the very people they pay to protect them.

The WEF will protect their poster child, it's a big club and you ain't in it.

Canadians MUST remember this come the next election.

Plain and Simple. His government's Invocation of the Emergencies Act was Unreasonable and UNCONSTITUTIONAL! A win for Canada's TRUCKERS FREEDOM CONVOY!

I am Canadian. I can easily say that we are a weak and pathetic people, since Trudeau hasnt been ripped out of office yet. That is who we really are.

Good to see a judge that has integrity unlike the criminister and the entire fiberal party. Thank you sir

Once again, Justin gets schooled that he just can't do as he pleases. How dare Canadians stand up for themselves..

The reason they didn't/WOULDN'T talk with the truckers is their thinking that, no one demands an audience with us. Nobody tells US what to do. It boils down to their arrogance. And yet, they are supposed to be public servants; 'honourable' public servants. We know the truth about this man.

The crime minister of Canada needs a long jail sentence.

What is going through
NZ PM Chris Luxon's head?
Kiwis voted him in to get rid of
Jacinda Ardern and her evil legacy!
By: Stuff NZ - 23rd January 2024

PM Chris Luxon has managed to convince Ms. Ardern to stay in her role in a recent meeting!

Chris Luxon meets Jacinda Ardern over special envoy job

Aaron Dahmen, Stuff, January 23, 2024:

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has met with former political rival Dame Jacinda Ardern to discuss her rare special envoy role with the Christchurch Call.

But Luxon's office won't provide any definitive update on the future of her position, only saying that he is awaiting the guidance of officials.

Stuff's daily news podcast, Newsable, can reveal Luxon sat down with Ardern before the summer break to talk over her position as New Zealand's senior representative to the global initiative tackling violent extremist content online.

A spokesperson for the prime minister confirmed: "Christopher Luxon met with special envoy Dame Jacinda Ardern just before Christmas to discuss her work.

"Decisions have not yet been made as the prime minister is waiting for advice from officials," they said.

Asked to clarify when that advice is expected to come back and decisions made around the role, the spokesperson said on Monday they "don't have anything to add to the statement at this stage".

Representatives for Ardern did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publishing.

Both National and the Act Party have previously demonstrated little enthusiasm about the Christchurch Call.

Ardern launched the initiative with French President Emmanuel Macron to international acclaim in 2019, when she was still prime minister.

The stated aim was to combat the spread of terrorist activity and propaganda online by seeking global cooperation from other nations, along with social media and tech giants.

It followed the March 15, 2019, mosque terror attacks in Christchurch, which claimed 51 lives and was live-streamed on Facebook.

Ardern was appointed as New Zealand's special envoy last March, two months after revealing her shock resignation from politics, saying she "no longer had enough left in the tank".

When announcing the role, her successor as prime minister, Chris Hipkins, said her "commitment to stopping violent extremist content like we saw that day [March 15] is key to why she should carry on this work".

"The special envoy will serve as New Zealand's senior representative on Christchurch Call-related matters, working closely with France as co-leaders," Hipkins said.

At the time, Ardern said she had asked Hipkins, when he became prime minister, if she could continue to work on the initiative.

Her role was always set down for review at the end of 2023.

The meeting between Luxon and Ardern follows a highly-charged election campaign, in which she appeared in a video on the Labour Party's Facebook page close to polling day, telling followers to "vote for what you believe in ... and I believe in Labour".

Documents released under the Official Information Act show Ardern declined any remuneration for her work as special envoy, but associated costs for "actual and reasonable expenses" were estimated to sit between $450,000 and $500,000 per year, pro-rated over the term of the appointment.

That would cover provision for an extra full-time employee, domestic and international travel, and security support.

They also reveal a busy few months for Ardern, including a call with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, a roundtable with US Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff and the fifth Christchurch Call Leaders' Summit in Paris.

William Wallace
Let me get this right: New Zealanders voted Chris Luxon (a WEFer) in - to get rid of Jacinda Ardern (another WEFer) for Crimes Against Humanity and for being a: dictator, tyrant, terrorist, established Medical Apartheid, genocist and propagandist etc!

Despite Jacinda's horrendous sedition and End Game of having all New Zealanders owing nothing / eating bugs / police state / living in 5 minute cities, Chris Luxon is actively working to put this evil, narcistic bitch back in an active role of making sure that she - Jacinda Ardern - continues to be the single source of truth!

Like hell!!!

SHE IS BACK!!! What is going through NZ PM Chris Luxons head? Kiwis voted him in to get rid of Jacinda Ardern and her evil legacy!
Jacinda Ardern and Christopher Luxon pictured in 2018.

Jacinda will continue to be your single source of truth!

William McGimpsey
PM Christopher Luxon has met with Jacinda Ardern to discuss her role as "Special Envoy to the Christchurch Call".

The Call has morphed into a global anti-free speech jihad aiming to censor those with political views Ardern disagrees with off the internet under the pretext of fighting mis/disinformation.

The New Zealand government should cease all support for it.

This was always going to happen, Luxton loyalty is to his globalist bosses not NZ.
The treacherous Italian Prime Minister is an example of this get in on immigration reform and then change tack as per her globalist masters orders.

BOANERGES - the sons of thunder
WEF puppet, traitor & self professed imposter Damn Jacinda Ardern, has great plans for NZ, via her new $500K salaried role in the Christchurch Call, as facilitated via Chris Luxon.

Jacinda's modus operandi is to: "Preserve freedom of speech by REMOVING freedom of speech!"

The answer for everyone is to just say "NO!"

Is there some kind of blackmail or leverage being used here? It's seems very weird for the political opposition to come back after a loss and demand cash and power...

Gandolf the Grey
Didn't she mandate the unaIi\/ing of 21% of the population and she's still in power?!? Dang, there was a time when I wanted to visit NZ, this woman serves pharma so thoroughly that I would never be able to even visit.

She is sort of gone. Just the bad smell part hanging around.

Oldie Shirley Cramer
Fight against extremism and yet ok for the activists to make up misinformation. Wht a joke and Luxon has let himself down badly

It must be very frustrating to realise free speech exists.

Luxon obviously supports the suppression of free speech.

Luxton is as left as the Labour Party. People are still blind to facts

The ChristChurch Call is a smokescreen for her and her BFF's ongoing work on the suppression of free speech. We deserve an explanation as to why Luxon agreed to continue to fund this @ChrisLuxonPM

the system is broken
Luxon was always part of it. He was up next. If New Zealand wasnt given a xhange from labour to national human productivity would have gone down. Psychological warfare. They know eelxactly how to play this game they have been doing it for a long time now

Download here: Tucker-leaves-a-message-to-Trudeau-We-are-coming-to-liberate-Canada-We-will-be-there-soon-2024-01-23.mp4 - 1,435 kb
By: Truth Army - 23rd January 2024
Tucker leaves a message to Trudeau
"We are coming to liberate Canada.
We will be there soon."

Tucker is coming to Calgary, Alberta, January 24th and will be talking with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.
Our Alberta Premier Danielle Smith is on the 'right' side Tucker will see that very soon :)
AND Trudy can go pound cake.

Tara L Rollins
It's going to be good!! @TuckerCarlson
being fired from @FoxNews
was an absolute GIFT to America! What @FoxNews
meant for evil God used for good!!

Matt Maddock
Tucker is transforming into an Anti-Communist!!!!

Team Humanity
I love tucker. Through all this…he's the only person I have no doubt about. This man's heart is pure.



please hurry

God bless you Tucker Carlson!
God bless you Danielle Smith!
Let's Make Canada great again!!


Download here: Trump-Towing-vs-Biden-Harris-Towing-This-is-Absolutely-Priceless-2024-01-21.mp4 - 2,687 kb
By: Epoch US News - 21st January 2024
Trump Towing
Biden / Harris Towing

This is Absolutely Priceless!

I laughed because it's funny, but I cry because it's true

When I listen to Biden speak, sometimes I feel it necessary to take a second language class . Half the time you can't understand what he is saying, or talking about. I'm not sure Biden even knows what he is saying or talking about. I need to take a language class in "mumble". Vote President Trump 2024

Cooler would have been towing his Corvette with boxes of national secrets piled high

Hilarious. Our current reality is so sad and tragic only comedy can help relieve the the bad ju ju from this administration.

Is there a patriot out there with enough balls to actually tow Joe's Corvette?


Everyone knows at some point they are going to pull Brandon out of the race and replace him with a live person. The question is, who and when ?


laughed until tears came to my eyes !!!! GENIUS !!!!!

Download here: UFC-Champ-PUMMELS-Woke-Reporter-YOU-ARE-AN-INFECTION-2024-01-19.mp4 - 17,190 kb
By: TheDC Shorts & Rebel News - 19th January 2024
UFC Champ PUMMELS Woke Reporter

Watch as UFC Champ Sean Strickland Blasts this Woke Reporter!

#woke #democrat #compilation

I am Canadian, and I also proudly support this message.

As a Canadian, I completely agree with Strickland

I am Canadian and I support Sean Strickland

This dude is 100% right about Trudeau. That was criminal what they did to those CAN truckers and the people supporting them.

As a Canadian I support everything Sean has said.

Even someone who's possibly dealing with concussive brain damage is smarter than the average Canadian voter. Good job Canada!!!

I am a Canadian and I support Sean. Canada is a Banana Republic and the people demand freedom.

Of course he voted for Trudeau lol

Well done! The Canadian media is so subsidized by Trudeau that they've become unbearably woke and cringeworthy. Who the heck goes to a UFC presser and asks those types of questions? Pray for Canada.

This reporter is the norm here.

Exposing fake news for what it is - FAKE NEWS!

Well done Sean. Thank you for speaking such truth and wisdom.

As a Canadian, I am so ashamed of 98% of the country. Good news though is the few of us who aren't brainwashed agree very strongly with you Strickland!

About time someone stands up and calls this crap out. The world is a mess.

People have had enough. So glad to see people with a platform speaking out about it. Everyone needs to do so. And if you get called a "transphobe" , dont worry. Youre in good company.

I didn't know Sean Strickland before today, but now I'm a huge fan!!! Any man with balls to tell the truth is a REAL man!

As a Canadian, this is exactly how a lot of us feel.

1000% correct. Strickland says it how it is and more people need to.

It is so much pleasure to see a personality like this. People are tired of such BS and we need more like him!

In times where speaking truth and standing for what is right is a thought crime, I can call this young man my hero. Thank you

100% agree with this dude from the UFC

The language may be crude, but Strickland is 100% right.

He's the definition of never judge a book by it's cover. Sean Strickland is as strong in his beliefs as he is in the octagon. And 100% correct on all of it.

Download here: APOLOGY-to-WEF-for-saying-FUCK-you-Klaus-Schwab-and-FUCK-your-New-World-Order-2024-01-19.mp4 - 1,931 kb
By: STARK II REALITY - 19th January 2024
Davos 2024
APOLOGY to WEF for saying
"FUCK you Klaus Schwab &
FUCK your New World Order!"
HE didn't apologize did he?? With a black eye?

Download here: Davos-2024-FUCK-you-Klaus-Schwab-and-FUCK-your-New-World-Order-2024-01-18.mp4 - 831 kb
By: STARK II REALITY - 18th January 2024
Davos 2024
FUCK you Klaus Schwab &
FUCK your New World Order!

Transcript: "..fuck you Klaus Schwab and fuck your New World Order.

We the people were born free, we will stay free, and you and all of your globalist friends, including everyone in this room, can go FUCK yourself!"

That never gets old. It should be a ring tone.

I don't care if it's fake or not. The guy has said exactly how millions of us all over the world feel about those demons


This guy is gold, I haven't laughed this much in a long time.

I don't know if this is real, but I hope it is. Because it is message we in America want to send to Klaus and all of the WEF.

Love that guy telling these WEF clowns off

Finally someone who is brave enough to tell, what most of us think!!!

You do realise this video is satire and didn't happen.

God bless you Damon ! Love from Canada.

Let's spread this like wild fire. Holly sh t. This is awsome

They definitely shadow banding this brother is the mannnnnn

This HERO has a higher possibility of stepping his head on the ground 7 times any day...Somebody SAVE him!!

Download here: Hillary-Clinton-Named-Person-of-Interest-by-FBI-in-Child-Sex-Trafficking-Investigation-2024-01-18.mp4 - 60,935 kb
By: The People's Voice - 18th January 2024
Hillary Clinton Named
'Person of Interest' by FBI in
Child Sex Trafficking Investigation

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been named a "person of interest" in a child sex trafficking investigation according to FBI sources who allege her crimes have been well-known inside the bureau for years.

While former President Bill Clinton is facing unwanted media attention due to revelations in newly released court documents about his close friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Esptein, it's actually Hillary Clinton who is closer to facing justice, according to the FBI.

Trending News
Hillary Clinton
elite pedophilia
John Podesta
pedophile code words
Bill Clinton
Clinton Foundation
Jewish tunnel

Disgusting bitch .

This cunt needs to hang for crimes against humanity and treason

Although disingenuous monsters like Hillary Clinton treat the average person with utter contempt, keep in mind that the people usually get the government they deserve.

For decades the average person has been programmed to teach each generation the following mantra:

"There's 2 things we do not discuss in this house - POLITICS and RELIGION!" Usually this manipulative brainwashing was delivered with some impressive table thumping, for a more dramatic effect.

WARNING: If you do not discuss politics and religion, someone else will do it for you, and it is usually NOT in your best interests.

This conditioning has resulted in many generations of ignorant minions, mostly dependent upon a corrupt system whose sole purpose is to have us all being: exploited, eating bugs, owing nothing, human / organ / sex trafficking and genocide.

Meanwhile Anthony weiners lap top with all types of evidence still floating around with nothing

Some officers who saw the Weiner laptop said it was sickening. They are "no longer with us."

It's just a drip of info, we need the whole disgusting truth out now. They still need to release all the names

on Epstein Island, names from Necker Island Sir Richard Branson's playground and many more. These so

called elites have been trafficking children for decades. It is time to punish them for their crimes.

i have the medical documents to prove the hampstead children did not lie......coming soon to a channel

near you

"Person of Interest" is a brilliant series! Must see. It gets better and better episode by episode! Brilliant

actors, so much truth in it! AI is very dangerous!

They are a little late per usual.
That sick bitch is already in hell.

Kathy O'Brien mentioned Hillary in her book Transformation of America.She's truly evil.

Killing her and the others involved, isn't good enough. Such sickness in this "elite" club. Confiscate all

their assets, daily torture, make them watch Trump videos all day long, don't let them sleep, let them

suffer all day and night until the devil takes the rest of what's left. Still wouldn't be justification for the

innocent souls they took so horribly.

Grandma Caligula, an ambassador to the true nature of her satanic Khazarian brethren...

They've known she's evil. They all knew. 2 tiered justice = Game Over !

She is a devil. Send her down to earth's poop deck.

HILLARY IS EVIL, and will never be prosecuted, GOVT PROTECTS HER !

Hope they nail the witch.

Download here: You-could-not-make-it-up-ICEs-Internal-Combustion-Engines-like-diesel-generators-charging-EVs-everywhere-2024-01-17.mp4 - 2,268 kb
By: Clown Planet - 17th January 2024

You couldn't make it up
ICEs (Internal Combustion Engines) like diesel
generators charging EVs everywhere!

If farmers are forced to use electric farming vehicles, we will 100% starve.

The sad fact is that most people who support EVs think that electricity just appears magically from the socket.

You could put the generator in the vehicle. It's called a combustion engine

When people, years ago, started claiming that electric vehicles are emissions-free, I pointed out that they most definitely are NOT. They simply emit the pollutants remotely, at some other location.

The entire point of the scam here is to make it deliberately inconvenient for you to use the roads because they do not want you driving at all.

Breathtaking how many people have fallen for the green scam. Frankly it's scary. Don't just walk!

Charging a bus for 8 hours so it can do less work than it would've if it just used that 8-hours worth of diesel to run an engine.
How to turn 1 unit of energy into 1/2 unit of energy so the bus can do like 1/4 of the work of a regular bus.
It's like scooping dirt onto a shovel by hand, then dumping the shovel of dirt in a wheelbarrow, so you can then carry the wheelbarrow on your back.

once you realise that almost every single thing they push is a money making grift then it all makes sense

This needs to be played for everyone everywhere. People are so stupid!

When you consider all the compounding inefficiencies, it's absolutely the worst thing you can do for the environment.

It would be so much more efficient to just keep the ICE style. This was never about the environment, this was about control.

Download: Oprah-Winfrey-Facing-Life-Behind-Bars-On-Child-Sex-Trafficking-Charges-like-her-pedophile-friend-John-of-God-2024-01-14.mp4 - 67,514 kb
By: The People's Voice - 27th January 2024

Oprah Winfrey Facing Life Behind Bars
On Child Sex Trafficking Charges,
like her pedophile friend John of God!

Oprah Winfrey's reputation has taken a hit due to her close friendships with numerous high-profile rapists and pedophiles, but she is about to lose a whole lot more, according to investigators who revealed the billionaire media tycoon is about to be thrown under the bus and prosecuted on child trafficking charges.

Oprah isn't the only member of the VIP global elite facing charges. A whole host of household names, including Bill Gates, mainstream media figures, and members of the US House and Senate are currently sweating as the walls close in on them.

Trending News
Oprah Winfrey
elite pedophilia
Child trafficking
New World Order
Bill Gates
Harvey Weinstein
John of God

Oprah Winfrey Facing Life Behind Bars On Child Sex Trafficking Charges, like her pedophile friend John of God!

Oprah: you sick Fu€k; NO, every child who has been molested (even just touching, not rape) REMEMBERS THEY KNEW IT WAS WRONG, IT DAMAGED THEM FOR LIFE! They were sickened & knew that they weren't being protected! No child has EVER SAID "oh! I LIKED IT WHEN GRANDPA KEPT TOUCHING MY PENIS! YOU SICK PIECE OF SATAN CRAP!

I just remembered about that law Trump signed in about ALL assets of those convicted of trafficking is to be seized. (Maybe distributed to victims or "the people" I don't remember exactly)

But a few of these peoples BILLIONS could do a lot of good.

This is the absolute best News of 2024 so far. She is one of the BIGGEST Anti American Hollywood PEDOPHILES who are part of the Satanic Democratic Organized Crime Family who wants to sexualy abuse every American Child to satisfy their SICK, DERANGED, DEMONIC desires. No wonder This NO GOOD PEICE OF SHIT was the one who introduced, praised, and Pushed the political career of the Gay, Lying, Crackhead, Muslim Husein Obama who started the DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA

Over 2000 children went missing because of the Maui fires. This monster knows what happened to them.

It's no secret she has tunnels under her mansion on the island.

hang that bitch

Sean- LOOK INTO MAUI , she's prolly got blood on her hands out there too

South African School for Girls sex abuse charges and dead newborn.

Look at all her minions just sitting there, nodding their heads.

That is-if she doesn't escape underground to her bunker in stolen land in Hawaii

Complete pedoperv. Oprah is a disgrace to herself. Hang that wigged head in shame. Wonder what went on in that girls school she opened in Africa. Lord, pray for all persons who came in contact with this monster

I've been calling this pedophile bitch out on her fan pages since the Maui fires.

What she's saying is evil.. I can't believe she says this in front of cameras.

Download here: BlackRock-FAILS-to-control-Rebel-News-in-Davos-Greta-Thunberg-is-a-fake-actress-WEF-are-termites-of-society-2024-01-14.mp4 - 60,421 kb
By: Rebel News - 14th January 2024
BlackRock FAILS to control
Rebel News in Davos

Greta Thunberg is a fake actress
WEF are termites of society

BlackRock FAILS to control Rebel News in Davos

The World Economic Forum's annual summit hasn't even officially begun, and already the world's largest hedge fund is trying to tell us what to do. | Follow all of our coverage from this year's WEF summit Ezra Levant and Avi Yemini report from outside the BlackRock pavilion in Davos, Switzerland, ahead of the World Economic Forum's annual summit. BlackRock might control more than $9 trillion in assets, but they can't control Rebel News.

We're here in Davos, Switzerland, to cover the annual gathering of globalist billionaires at the World Economic Forum.

Today we were reporting outside of the BlackRock pavilion when, out of the blue, they sent some press flack to interrupt us and tell us to get off the sidewalk. Yeah, sorry - we don't do what BlackRock says.

BlackRock might be one the most powerful companies in the world, with more than $9 trillion in assets under their control. The company's CEO, Larry Fink, even sits on the WEF's board of directors. But unlike the bought-and-paid for media here in Davos, we're not going to take orders from one of Fink's stooges.

We tried to get some answers about what BlackRock was doing here last year, but they didn't want to talk to independent journalists.

The day I do what BlackRock tells me what to do is the day I vote for Justin Trudeau. It's never going to happen, not in a million years.

They use their money to bully the companies they invest in, pressuring them to bring in woke corporate policies like Environmental, Social and Governance scores (ESG). But people are catching on to this scam, with Fink saying he's backed away from using the term.

"I don't use the word ESG any more, because it's been entirely weaponised ... by the far left and weaponised by the far right," Fink said last year, Reuters reported last summer.

But, as that report notes: "the world's largest asset manager hasn't changed its stance on ESG issues."

BlackRock is undemocratic, they think they own everything and everyone. Well they don't own us.

The World Economic Forum's summit hasn't even officially begun, and they're already trying to interfere with our reporting. Rebel News won't bend the knee to BlackRock or anyone else.

We've got six journalists here in Davos all week, and we're going to put tough questions to any of the big names we can track down. To see all of our work, and to help us crowdfund our economy-class airfare from Canada to Switzerland, visit

Check that page often, we'll have a lot to report over the next week!

Trending News
rebel news
ezra levant
avi yemini
world economic forum
wef reports

Mother WEFfers, what an evil bunch of flotsom....

Dear Vladimir Putin,
please nuke Brussels, Davos and Kiev off the face of the Earth.

Go RebelNews!!!

WEF Agenda Topic: Release of virus or disease X by WEF/WHO. Preparing for Disease X: "With fresh warnings from the World Health Organization that an unknown "Disease X" could result in 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic, what novel efforts are needed to prepare healthcare systems for the multiple challenges ahead?" January 17, 202411:30–12:15CET

What, the fink is not dead?

Keep exposing

pepper spray if u touch me biach

Download: Horrific-Child-Adrenochrome-Market-Found-in-NYC-Jewish-Tunnels-Media-Blackout-2024-01-12.mp4 - 161,793 kb
By: The People's Voice - 12th January 2024

'Horrific' Child Adrenochrome Market
Found in NYC Jewish Tunnels
Media Blackout

We have been warning about secret tunnel systems involving prominent members of the global elite for years. Now evidence is emerging linking the illegal tunnel system found beneath Crown Heights in Brooklyn with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and the Clinton Foundation.

Disturbing video footage from New York City went viral earlier this week, revealing a small stained mattress being pulled from the tunnel that was discovered beneath a Crown Heights synagogue, where photographs show that, among other things, children's mattresses and high chairs were located in the underground lair.

A riot broke out and a dozen men were arrested at the New York City synagogue that serves as the headquarters of the Orthodox Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch movement when men tried to stop the NYPD and a team of construction workers from sealing off the illegal tunnel system dug beneath the building.

While the media reported on elements of the story, they conveniently left out the parts that connect key members of the global elite to the ritual child abuse taking place.

Trending News
Jewish tunnels
nyc tunnels
Crown Heights synagogue
elite pedophilia
child abuse

Google Graphic processor is named "Adreno" and their web browser is named "Chrome".

These nonhumans are sick, and they shove it right in our faces.

Some sick fucks walking around. Our mistake: idolizing these Devil-worshippers. They're the scum of the earth instead!

We will only have justice when the people stop believing the controlled opposition of trump and the white hats and stop waiting for others to stand up and stand up for themselves and wake up to the mass deception!!!! We the people have the power and we've been deceived into believing we're powerless!!!!

Find your true power in Jesus Christ and stop allowing your family to be deceived by the minions of lucifer!!!! There's no man to be worshipped!!!! Only worship your true Heavenly Father and let go of your worldly deceivers!!!! No man can help you!!!!!

Terrifying......Luciferian practices....
and the Mainstream Media is paid to cover for such horror?

"If anyone causes one of the least of these who believes in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone will hung around his neck and he be cast into the depths of the sea"!

Only proof necessary is the fact of victims left alone to suffer
and there's no accountability or punishment to fit the crime
even when the predators are caught. Wonder if the
Justice System has ever been actually just anywhere
in the world.

This psychopaths need to be arrested and jailed for life

Cannanite, Moloch, Baal worshiping Zionazi inbred scum.

God the world is very rotten this is shocking stuff

This is so heart breaking so hard to picture how these sick minds can do this to children. The ones doing this need Karma done on them.

Pekkar? Can't make this sick stuff up!

Where's Weiners laptop?

These Satan worshippers are world wide. This disgusting, horrific blood drinking of children is from the depths of hell! I want to know more about these tunnels found beneath this Jewish synagogue. Who all was involved with this and why has it disappeared from the MSM?

Israel's response conveniently co ordinated and put together at such short notice. Hmmm? What was Israel's assessment on this situation prior to UN's Palestine border reassignment in 1946? How can it be explained that since 1946, to 2010 Palestine has lost 3/4 of its land to "Israel" due to border reassignment by the UN?

Download here: NZ-Green-MP-Golriz-Ghahraman-stood-down-amid-shoplifting-allegations-2024-01-11.mp4 - 2,862 kb
By: 1News - 11th January 2024
NZ Green MP Golriz Ghahraman
stood down amid shoplifting allegations

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman has been stood down from her portfolios amid allegations she shoplifted from an Auckland boutique store.

[Comments are turned off in-line with our anti free speech policy.]

The following comments are from staff and not 1News...

Abuse faced by Golriz Ghahraman indicative of a cultural problem

Mere man: "I robbed the store because a white heterosexual looking man glanced at me today!!!"

Golriz Ghahraman is friends with Ilhan Omar, who is an evil woman who married her brother to get into the USA - amid other sinister persuits.

Show me your company and I will show you your character!

Golriz Ghahraman is friends with Ilhan Omar, who is an evil woman who married her brother to get into the USA - amid other sinister persuits.

Download here: Millions-of-Germans-Rise-Up-Against-Fascist-WEF-Agenda-Media-Blackout-2024-01-11.mp4 - 53,871 kb
By: The People's Voice - 11th January 2024
Millions of Germans Rise Up
Against Fascist WEF Agenda

Media Blackout

German farmers have taken over the streets of Munich and Berlin, demanding their country's WEF-infiltrated government grow a spine and stop catering to Klaus Schwab's every demand.

Tens of thousands of German farmers are now bringing the fight directly to the socialist government, railing against the new policies designed to drive farmers out of business in favor of meeting the WEF's Net Zero goals.

According to the farmers, if the government doesn't drop its war against farmers, they are going to take their protests all the way to Davos where they will personally hold Schwab and his cronies to account.

This is no ordinary protest. More and more people from outside the farming industry are joining the protests. That's right, ordinary people, fed up with the globalist agenda, are rising up against the global elite. And second, the mainstream media has been ordered to downplay what is happening out of fear of a contagion effect.

At this point we have to ask, why are they so scared? And what is really happening in Germany? We've got the inside scoop coming right up.

Trending News
German farmers
Germany protests
Net Zero
farmer protests
World Economic Forum
globalist elite
Klaus Schwab
John Kerry

The KLAUS SCHWAB Sustainable Cookbook

all wef members should be publicly executed

Not only Farmers. Normal people are protesting too. trucker, biker, rocker, the normal working class. We are all involved!

I am praying they go to Davos where they are all rounded up and give them all a Mussolini necktie. It's the ONLY answer. They will not stop killing humanity.

Bill Gates should be excluded from buying any property he is a pedophile and should be tossed into the sea with a millstone around his neck. He is responsible for deaths in Africa. He is a murderer. His assets should be confiscated for his crimes against humanity.

No one escapes God in Jesus' name. No One

WEF = World Evil Forum. Wicked Evil Forum. These satanic groups need to be stopped.

YAY GO TO DAVOS and block them all there GO GERMANY GO fabulous thank you

Media blackout, that's because the media has been owned by the Zionist communists for decades. Watch our American media for a great big dose of lies!!

Past time to put it to these eleteist POS

Nuremberg 2.0 is needed
The vax is purposely poison

NO WORRIES, when they are all hung for treason the land will be forfeit

these are very evil people if you can call them that they are more likely demons, America has the very very evil POS a. h. kerry that has been groomed from the poison ivy league scull/bones yale's Satan U, which has produced 100's of evil demons sent out in the demonic lying media, banking, cia, fbi and all the other place to keep wars and dumb down people with crisis management to create chaos so the masses don't know what to believe

Go to Davos and spray shit all over the place like the French.

The globalists and their minions occupy a self hypnotic state whereby they enter the kingdom of unreality.

That is why they hate so much when confronted by the reality of the truth as this exposes the total absence of any foundation to their self hypnotic fantasies.

The Black Nobility; THE CITY OF LONDON'S CENTRAL BANKER FAMILY CARTEL, THE IMPERIAL NAZI'S INCLUDING THE U.N., W.H.O., CEPI, WEF, The Royal Institute for International Affairs and The Council For Foreign Relations, THE PHILANTHROPATHS WITH THEIR NGO'S INCLUDING CATHOLIC/LUTHERAN SOCIAL SERVICES...ALL OFFICIALS need to be indicted, tried fairly and suffer removal of all family wealth before Execution.

Download: Why-are-UNVACCINATED-ILLEGAL-MIGRANTS-ALLOWED-INTO-THE-COUNTRY-Peter-Doocy-ATTACKS-Karine-Jean-Pierre-2024-01-10.mp4 - 16,471 kb
By: WINGERS - 10th January 2024

Peter Doocy ATTACKS...
..Karine Jean-Pierre


There's always a regulation WHEN IT'S CONVENIENT to prevent an answer.

She acts like she doesn't know who the tennis player is but she has notes to read from

She can't even look peter in the eyes and tell the truth. She is such a liar.

Love Peter Doocey.

Under US law there is a standard to enter this country

There ought to be a red button in front of each reporter so that when they hear a lie, they can press the button and a buzzer goes off. Now just imagine what those press briefings would sound like.

Peter is the best

How can she stand there and say it was left from the previous president.

This administration is TRASH

There is a strain of Flu outbreak in Massachusetts that is going unreported. My 68 year old roommate caught it and her heart stopped. The hospitals are full of non English speaking immigrants.

She's doing a horrible job "AT COVERING FOR "little joey" and HIS BOSSES!

Wow - she is the most clueless and Really it's hard to believe who speaks for our country - so embarrassing

Download here: Riot-breaks-out-in-New-York-City-synagogue-over-secret-tunnel-Hasidic-Jews-arrested-2024-01-10.mp4 - 6,320 kb
By: The Telegraph - 10th January 2024
Riot breaks out in New York City
synagogue over secret tunnel
Hasidic Jews arrested

A group of Hasidic Jewish worshippers were arrested amid a dispute over a tunnel secretly dug into the side of a historic Brooklyn synagogue, setting off a brawl between police and those who tried to defend the makeshift passageway.

The discovery of the tunnel at the Chabad-Lubavitch world headquarters in Crown Heights prompted an emergency structural inspection from the city Tuesday.

The building at 770 Eastern Parkway was once home to the movement's leader, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and draws thousands of visitors each year. Its Gothic Revival facade is immediately recognizable to adherents of the Chabad movement and replicas of the revered building have been constructed all over the world.

#newyork #synagogue #riot

I don't think I've ever been left so thoroughly confused by a news report. I feel like 90% of information and context has been completely ommited. What the hell is going on?

It's not safe to live in locations where people are tunneling under your home.

Don't think I have ever seen NYC police be so nice and professional to individuals who have broken the law and attempted to obstruct their investigating and even riot!

They're clearly doing illegal activities in those tunnels and need time to remove and hide evidence which explains them blocking the construction workers. Also, the fact that the city moved to 'fix' the tunnels immediately without first investigating them thoroughly and releasing a statement is extremely suspicious...and worrying. They are truly be above the law.

i nearly died when homie popped out of the ground like a gopher and skittered away

The fact that they rioted to keep the tunnels open is so bizarre to me. They actually thought that they had the right to keep illegal tunnels open

The police officer was 100% correct when he said, "We don't do that in America."

Why would anyone think they are entitled to do something of this nature? It's very strange …

There is a reason why they are being this combative over those tunnels. Those tunnels need to be investigated. There is no telling what or WHO are down there.

Download here: PART-TWO-RUBBERSTAMP-the-Secret-Abortions-Planned-Parenthood-Works-in-Tandem-with-Courts-2024-01-10.mp4 - 19,004 kb
By: Project Veritas - 10th January 2024
Part 2
the #SecretAbortions
Planned Parenthood Works in Tandem with Courts

In Part Two of our investigation into the nation's largest abortion provider, undercover camera has further revealed Planned Parenthood's nationwide scheme to traffic minors across state lines for secret abortions.

Abby Johnson, a former eight-year employee and Managing Director for Planned Parenthood in Texas, reviewed our footage and further elaborated on how Planned Parenthood works in tandem with the court systems to "rubber stamp" abortions for minors.


Imagine this:

A school nurse takes a young girl out of school and drives her to the abortion clinic.

She's 13, scared and confused.

She lays on the operating table. The pregnancy is terminated.

Hopefully she makes it through.

She gets up and goes into recovery. The nurse takes the young girl back to school.

At 3pm, mom picks her up. The girl gets in the car, she goes home.

Mom has no idea what's happened.


Former Managing Director of Planned Parenthood, Abby Johnson, sat down with Project Veritas to further reveal how Planned Parenthood works in tandem with public schools and friendly judges to "rubber stamp" abortions for minor girls - despite parent's having no clue!

Johnson walked away from a lucrative eight-year career with the abortion giant because she could no longer stomach what she was seeing and what she was being told to do by the higher-ups.

"They [Planned Parenthood] would coach them. They would give the girls a script that she would need to read to the judge... They knew every judge and they had a relationship with every judge that would rubber stamp the consent for this minor to get an abortion."

Today, undercover camera in Texas has further revealed Planned Parenthood's nationwide transport scheme to traffic minors across state lines for secret abortions.

Just how many minor girls have been trafficked by Planned Parenthood?

Watch our video, and please share far and wide.

In Truth,

Project Veritas Team

P.S. Part One is gaining the attention of Missouri politicians – stay tuned for big news.

Whoever this spy is, he rocks. He learned to talk like an expressive beta male progressive, fooling these monsters.

This specifically targets kids who have parents they would be scared to say that they are pregnant. This is usually the kind of parents that are the last on the list to be told about any problems.

Also, this is the "reproductive retardation" culture that has convinced people that having children at the age that people used to have children for tens of thousands of years is for some reason bad for you and them.

They still end up pregnant occasionally, but the entire society is organized in a way that does not allow for family building at that age.

This is sick and sad to travel even over state lines to murder babies!?!?

Still standing in prayer that all judges encouraging/condoning abortion and or planned parenthood be exposed...
Thank you Father, have mercy and protect the innocent and the babies..make a way of escape..

Trafficking children out of state to have abortions. That's what that sounds like. That's messed up.

This is a disgrace and absolutely sickening to think these monsters abuse these girls, their positions of power and trust, and the trust of the parents. Everyone of these people should be charged and dealt with in the harshest manner possible!

Do these judges or p.p not care whether these kids are being abused? All these nurses have no problem telling a random older guy how to get an abortion for a 13yo without parents knowledge. And the logic of getting abortions secretly because the parents kicking the kid out to be homeless if she doesnt get one makes no sense, why wouldnt the parents give permission?

We were all teens, hid stuff we knew we werent supposed to do, I think its more about the shame of being pregnant in grade 8 thats makes kids avoid their parents because they were taught differently and made bad decisions.

Your kids belong to the state, not you. That is what this is telling me.

God help you all, have Mercy on those babies and mothers....

Is Planned Parenthood still selling infant body parts?

Excellent work.

Abortion will never be truly abolished as long as society continues to tolerate any form of artificial contraception and the contraceptive mentality in general. After all, abortion is the inevitable backup when those fail.

Down with incrementalism! Screw 14A / substantive due process jurisprudence! Subsidiarity, 10A, and Dobbs v. Jackson FTW.

American tax dollars at work. Now you have to homeschool just so as a parent your kid doesn't go across state lines for an abortion not just indoctrination now.

Who is/are these disgusting criminal judges. NAME THEM!

This is sick! Jesus 2024!

When the fuq is law enforcement actually going to do something? .... or do us parents have to go to work on these things???

God have mercy on us. this is so sick, as evil as it can get

Keep your children close. There is nothing nothing nothing more important. This world is sick.

So from what I gather you can get planed parent hood will help you cover up a crime.

Great work P.V.

Download here: We-are-NOT-right-wing-extremists-German-farmers-fight-back-demand-government-action-2024-01-09.mp4 - 54,765 kb
By: Redacted - 9th January 2024
"We are NOT right-wing extremists!"
German farmers fight back,
demand government action

German farmers are braving the January weather to show the government that they are not willing to fill budget deficits. They announced today a "week of action" and Redacted showed up in person to see for ourselves! Clayton Morris is freezing his butt off alongside the farmers to find out what they want and what the government will do about it!

#claytonmorris #redacted #natalimorris

I'm a Canadian, I stood with the truckers in Ottawa, and I stand with the farmers in Germany, stay strong Germany.

I am Austrian, I stand with the farmers in Germany and everywhere!

Thank you for covering this protest!
I live in Germany, and my kids and ex-husband are Germans, I am tired of this government, I think is not democratic anymore, is more of a dictatorship!
Every time someone criticized them you are labeled as a right extremist.
So tired of it

German farmers are not alone. Farmers and truckers from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Poland an Hungary crossed the borders to join them in their protests. It's time people stand up together - way to go!

Great journalism, Clayton. I stand with German farmers! I stand with patriotic Americans! Stop funding wars!

We can live without politicians but we can't live without farmers

It's disgusting how farmers have been treated!

Stand strong Germany!! The sane thinking people of the world are with you!!!

As a Canadian this makes me proud to see other countries having their own truckers convoy and standing up to these woke tyrants.

Download here: Full-of-Comms-President-Donald-J-Trump-posted-this-video-on-Truth-Social-2024-01-05.mp4 - 15,833 kb
By: SENSE QUEST - 7th January 2024
: Full of Comms :
President Donald J Trump
posted this video on Truth Social
on 5th January 2024

President Donald J Trump posted this video on Truth Social 5 Jan 2024

Original TRUTH Social Link:

ZIONIST-Uni-Party-To-Ban-Israel-Criticism-Pagan-Star-OF-REMPHAN-Is-The-Star-Of-David-Jews-are-NOT-Gods-chosen-people-2024-01-05.mp4 - 359,116 kb
By: Complete Shows - Stew Peters - 5th January 2024

ZIONIST Uni-Party To Ban Israel Criticism
Pagan Star OF REMPHAN Is The Star Of David
Jews are NOT God's chosen people

Bobby Piton is here to talk about the bogus House resolution that equates anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism and how it could result in a ban on any criticism of the secular nation state of Israel.

Pastor Steve Anderson is back with Stew to talk more about the satanic history of the star of Remphan also known as the star of David.

Well Stew .. like the great libtard Zionist hero fake Christian crypto Jew FDR said: "Sure I suppose not all Japs are spies and traitors but why take the chance, we're at war so round em up". This is why 109 older, wiser countries, other than ours booted the fukn Jews out. The goy now know. And we are not tolerant of their reprobate horseshit tactics. Leave voluntarily or be shunned till you do. Just 1 opinion in 80 million.

I understand that he's trying to connect a numeric "calling card" however, his time consumed to arrange numbers and dates is a waste of time. The obvious evidence that has been in our faces condemns the entire body of all American government, the elite, and many others. Starting with those who occupy our government. We must remove them all, prosecute them and punish them with extreme prejudice. While I'm at it, as a Christian I don't appreciate his use of bad language. It's not representative of Jesus and the Father.

Although I agree with the general idea, this guy was all over the place. If he had been more concise and clear with his points it would've made for a better interview.

Finally... someone who knows the true history of WWII and the alleged Holocaust. Great to see!

Love this show,you get it straight to your face here

Download here: Bill-Clinton-spotted-feigning-illness-before-release-of-the-Jeffrey-Epsteins-list-of-visitors-pedophile-to-Epstein-Island-2024-01-04.mp4 - 15,986 kb
By: Matt Wallace - 3rd January 2024

Bill Clinton spotted feigning illness
before release of the Jeffrey Epstein's list
of visitors / pedophiles to Epstein Island

Looks like Bill Clinton has mysteriously gotten very ill just before the release of the Epstein list. Share this clip before it gets taken down:


I'm investing a lot in gold & silver before it's too late! You are welcome to use my GoldCo link to get up to 10k in free silver: HTTPS://

Or call 855-717-8786

They don't want him talking. His time may be up soon.

Does a thief rejoice when caught? Hell no!

People don't know what they're waiting for? THEY WILL NEVER RELEASE IT.

Of course he's a frail old man all of a sudden

Pretty comfortable coincidence

The Deep State: "Bill your life is a matter of National Security, we are going to need it now."

Well ain't that a surprise……

The clouds are gathering


Gold and silver? Food and guns if you really think something is going down. Also if you do think something is going down you have to have the gold and silver in your possession, in hopes someone wants your rocks.

It's already taken down as video won't play.

They all pull the I'll act for sympathy when it's their last hope. Put him in General Population when he arrives there.

This was ruined when you tried to sell somethin.

Don't know why people do things like this regarding serious matters.

You look like you're reaching now.

He's pulling a Harvey Weinstein move for sympathy

They will get "sicker and sicker". Just like the old Dons in the Godfather. Or like that Harvey Weinstein. Walkers, Canes, Nurses, wheelchairs. Just wait to see the antics to prevent jail. NCSWC

Damage control

Page Footer...
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Some people wouldn't know tyranny if it bit them on the ass!

Doctors - Putting Profit and their Job Before People!
Doctors - Putting Profit and their Job Before People!

This is a question that stupid
people & traitors cannot answer:
Q: Where did Influenza go in 2020 & 2021?
This is a question that stupid people & traitors cannot answer: Q: Where did Influenza go in 2020 & 2021?

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
WHO leader, Liar and Genocidist!
30th June 2023
Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO leader, Liar and Genocidist!

Being awake isn't cool. It means having to dumb down 98% of your conversations every day, so you don't sound like a lunatic.

Attitude to monsters after putting up with their shit since late 2019...

Plan F - The Fuck Off plan!

When people you don't even know hate you, That's when you know you're the best.

mRNA jabs are doing the job
slowly and quietly. Hardly anyone knows it is a holocaust!
30th June 2023
mRNA jabs are doing the job slowly and quietly. Hardly anyone knows it is a holocaust!

20 - 10 - 5 - 1 Minute Cities
It's called GENOCIDE!
13th June 2023
20 - 10 - 5 - 1 Minute Cities - It's called GENOCIDE!

"A Social Contract to Transform Our World by 2030"
It's called GENOCIDE!
12th May 2023
A Social Contract to Transform Our World by 2030 - It's called GENOCIDE!

World Economic Forum - Committed to Enslaving the Whole World

Nothing says "Trust the Science"
like asking for the data
to be hidden for 75 years!
18th March 2023
Nothing says Trust the Science like asking for the data to be hidden for 75 years! Shhhhh....

Superheroes bow down to the
Big Pharma / Businessmen / Doctors
11th February 2023
It is a lot easier to tell yourself that you are a hero, than it is to realize that you have been complicit in the biggest fraud in history! MEDICAL APARTHEID and GENOCIDE!

It is a lot easier to tell yourself that you are a hero, than it is to realize that you have been complicit in the biggest fraud in history! MEDICAL APARTHEID and GENOCIDE!

Break free of all the WEF / Political /Media BULLSHIT
26th November 2022
Break free of all the WEF / Political /Media BULLSHIT

The jabbed telling the unjabbed to get
jabbed is like sending a post card from
the Titanic saying: "Wish you were here!"
20th November 2022
The jabbed telling the unjabbed to get jabbed is like sending a post card from the Titanic saying: Wish you were here!

Ten Stages of Genocide
As taught by WEFers Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau etc - August 2022

Ten Stages of Genocide

The Good Reset
Not Satan's, Klaus Schwab's, Jacinda Ardern's,
Justin Trudeau's etc Great Reset

28th July 2022
The Good Reset - Not Satan's, Klaus Schwab's, Jacinda Ardern's, Justin Trudeau's etc Great Reset

Covid Variant / Booster
The Merry Go Round From Hell
22nd December 2021

Covid Variant / Booster - Merry Go Round From Hell

Experimental Injections
Multiple Dose Infinite Carousel
13th November 2021

Experimental Injections - Multiple Dose Infinite Carousel

Death is coming for you stupid!

I am fully Vaccinated and Boostered, and just tested positive for Covid-19. I am grateful for the protection my vaccines continue to provide.

The 5-Step COVID 'Vaccine' RISK / BENEFIT ANALYSIS - September 2021

Trump's swamp draining service

When the population understands this picture, it will change everything.

"You can fool all the people some of the time.
You can fool some of the people all the time.
But you cannot fool all the people all the time!"

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Attributed to Edmund Burke. Also by John F. Kennedy in a speech in 1961.

The Great Cow Analogy

Donald J. Trump - They should never have touched the children!
'They should never have touched the children!'
Donald J. Trump - President of the United States of America

'They should never have touched the children!!' President Donald J. Trump

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Abortion: Modern Day Child Sacrifice
Psalms 106:37 Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils
Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Freedom of Information Alternatives to YouTube
Banned Videos - Education instead of Indoctrination - Better than Google
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If someone accuses you of wearing a tinfoil hat...,
remind them that it's better than wearing a blindfold!

Q - Apr 17 2020 - We are ready. [Set 1] Mission good. Q Q
"Where We Go One, We Go All"
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