The Punisher treason: noun: the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government
White Hats
Embrace the sometimes painful truth of reality
Remain in the blissful ignorance of illusion
If there is no such thing as a CONSPIRACY - why is the word CONSPIRACY in the dictionary?
Without 'Justice' - there is 'JUST US'   Without 'Justice' - there is 'JUST US'
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell
Click here... Stockholm Syndrome is also a result of Governmental / Pharmaceutical / Media Propaganda
MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL and Embraces GENOCIDE

'Reporting with Integrity'
Real News - Ephesians 4:25  Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another.

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Q INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS - prosecutors for the elite and their corrupt organisations?
Video Sex Trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell prepares for life behind bars - 31st December 2021
Video Old Parliament House Burns Down In Canberra, Australia - 31st December 2021
Video Joe Rogan - "You WON'T Believe WHAT'S NEXT! |This Is WHERE IT LEADS" - 31st December 2021
Video Biden Agrees With 'Let's Go Brandon'! (FUCK JOE BIDEN) - Liberals Take Notice - 31st December 2021
Video Child trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell could name names to reduce lengthy prison sentence - 31st December 2021
Video Is Government the New God? - The Religion of Totalitarianism - 29th December 2021
Video Farmers, Truckers STOPPED as Food Supply Collapses - 28th December 2021
Video 'Secrecy and lies': Vic Supreme Court finding reveals govt 'not upfront' on QR code data - 28th December 2021
Video Advice for the Authoritarians - 9 Helpful Suggestions - 22nd December 2021
Video MILITARY TRIBUNALS COMING! Nuremberg 2.0 & 'The October Horse' - THIS Is How Their Story Ends! - 18th December 2021
Video Riccardo Bosi speaking at the Taree Freedom Rally - Important Insight into the Next Few Months - 14th December 2021
Video Hackers Destroy All of Brazil's Covid Digital Passports - 13th December 2021
Video Jacinda Ardern Declares War on: Maori, Children & all New Zealanders - There Will Be NO END to Vaccinations - 6th December 2021
Video 'Stick Your Poison Vaccine Mandate Up Your ARSE' Anthem Spreads - 4th December 2021
Video Judge Orders Pfizer, FDA to Release Documents - First Doc Dump Says Thousands Killed by Shot in First Month! - 2nd December 2021
Video Melbourne Pandemic Bill Protest, Massive Crowds of Freedom Fighters in the Streets - 27th November 2021
Video New Zealand church leaders to be jabbed with poison, or face a $15k fine! - 27th November 2021
Video "The government has betrayed you and sold you to China" – Riccardo Bosi, leader A1 party - 25th November 2021
Video Riccardo Bose Answering the Big Question About When the Tyranny Will All End - Sydney Ralley - 20th November 2021
Video Former Special Forces Commander Riccardo Bosi Speaks Cold Hard Truths At The Sydney Ralley - 20th November 2021
Video A Statement from Groundswell NZ on the disgusting comments made in Parliament by Stuart Nash - 20th November 2021
Video Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted of all charges - 20th November 2021
Video Feminist Husband Fights Patriarchy By Letting Wife Change Car Tire - 18th November 2021
Video COVID-19: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joins "Green Pass" protest in Italy - 14th November 2021
Video The Big Christchurch Freedom Protest - New Zealand - 13th November 2021
Video More protests kick off in Melbourne over vaccine mandate - 13th November 2021
Video Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Vacination Misinformation - Bern, Switzerland - 12th November 2021
Video Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk: - "Do It - Or Else You Suffer" - 11th November 2021
Video This Pivotal Moment - Episode 1 - The proposed global rollout of Vaccine Passports has nothing to do with your health - 10th November 2021
Video Russian collusion theory now seems to be Hillary Clinton's hoax of the century! - Trump Innocent? - 9th November 2021
Video Covid-19: Noisy anti-vaccine mandate protest (including bikies) heads to Parliament, Wellington | - 9th Nov 2021
Video NZ Army Military Exercise - Exercise Foxhound - 8th-11th November - same time the Alliance are to clear 'the swamp' - 4th Nov 2021
Video Trash accumulates on NY streets as workers protest vaccine mandate - 31st October 2021
Video Freedom protest held today in Tauranga New Zealand - 31st October 2021
Video Vaxxed people dropping like flies in Auckland, New Zealand - Are 5G signals activating the vaxx ingredients? - 31st October 2021
Video NEW ZEALAND - Huge Haka for Freedom in Wellington, New Zealand In Protest Against Mandates - 31st October 2021
Video Melbourne is Alive! Maskless People Standing Up against Government Tyranny - 30th October 2021
Video Vaccine Passport Protest In Switzerland Features Yokes. Also Italy, Paris, Seattle, New York City - 28th October 2021
Video Ryan Bridge from The AM Show Questioning Ashley Bloomfield re Meaningless 90% vaccination rate - 27th October 2021
Video Free New Zealand - Jacinda Ardern Now Looks Mad - Liz Gunn's love letter to Real Kiwis - 22nd October 2021
Video Old Man Cruz Refuses Safety man's Mandate to get the Jab - and Wins - 14th October 2021
Video Tacoma Port - Ships are not being unloaded, the shortages are deliberate - 14th October 2021
Video Kim Iversen: VIOLENT Protests Show The World Is OVER Covid Mandates - 14th October 2021
Video Paris Protesters Shut Down Country..... !!!!! Elites are Scared Now ....... - 13th October 2021
Video Covid-19: Anti-vax protesters take over Rome targeting Draghi's office - 11th October 2021
Video Covid Police - Australia Has Completely Lost Its Mind - 9th October 2021
Video David Icke's Final Warning - "Everyone Needs to Pay Attention to this, It's Happening!!!" - 8th October 2021
Video 100 Protesters ARRESTED against Mandatory Vaccinations in Melbourne - 8th October 2021
Video If Cryptocurrency Was Honest - (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Stellar and Binance Parody) - 7th October 2021
Video Anti-vaccine mandate protesters attack COVID testing unit in NYC - 5th October 2021
Video Australia is a Terrifying Look at the "New World Order" Police State - 3rd October 2021
Video India govt' declares most populated state officially COVID free - after widespread use of Ivermectin - 2nd October 2021
Video Clive Palmer speaks out about NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian's Resignation - 2nd October 2021
Video Tucker shreds Australia's tough COVID restrictions - 1st October 2021
Video Woman Tears Up Woke Ads On Subway Train - 30th September 2021
Video Tucker Carlson: The cult of coronavirus has become its own religion - 28th September 2021
Video Doctor Vernon Coleman blows the whistle on the COVID-19 "VACCINE" - 25th September 2021
Video South Africa Zulu people against mandatory vaccinations - 25th September 2021
Video Covid Police State - "It's scary": Police swarm shopping centre with helicopters, drones and horses - 24th September 2021
Video The Rule of Law is Gone in Australia. It is Now Under the Rule of Thuggery - 22nd September 2021
Video Why does Jen Psaki constantly taste the air? - 20th September 2021
Video 72 year old Australian man telling it how it is! - 18th September 2021
Video Vaccinated South African Doctor Murders Her 3 Children in Timaru, New Zealand - 17th September 2021 Experimental Injections
Video World leaders are complicit in GLOBAL GENOCIDE:
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) WARN that Pfizer Vaccines KILL 5 People to Save 1 Life!!! - 17th Sept 2021
Video ZOMBIES on the Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Ave. What happened today... - 15th September 2021
Video Riccardo Bosi - AustraliaOne Party - Where We Go One, We Go All - Important message for all Australians - 15th September 2021
Video Hateful Joe Rogan Is Spreading Misinformation about Covid-19 / Ivermectin & Must Be Stopped! - 8th September 2021
Video Fathers Day in FASCIST Australia - Closed borders dividing families - 5th September 2021
Video What does Democratic life look like without Donald Trump? It looks like Portland, Oregon in 2021 - an absolute shithole! - 1st September 2021
Video Gladys Berejiklian Takes Over The World - 31st August 2021
Video AUSSIE TRUCKIES BLOCKADE: Shut down M1 highway - with support from Pauline Hanson - 30th August 2021
Video News Presenter Barbara Dreaver Stutters and Shakes in Interview with Pasifika in Bay of Plenty - 29th August 2021
Video Australia painted as a 'dystopian nightmare' as footage goes viral - police brutality and rioting - 24th August 2021
Video Why Pauline Hanson Stands with Truckies and Slams Sneering Labor Snob - Sky News Australia - 24th August 2021
Video Truck drivers revolt against fallen Australian Government - will this historic blockade be broadcast on Mainstream Media? - 22nd August 2021
Video Kids Dead after Covid-19 Jab in Australian Stadium. Eye-Popping Interview with Aussie Veteran - 20th August 2021
Video Unhinged teacher caught on video going on left-wing political rant - Fox News - Woke Utah teacher sacked - 20th August 2021
Video Political Tyranny in Australia... - New South Wales Premier & Tyrant Gladys Berejiklian - 17th August 2021
Video Fox News - Donald Trump to be reinstated on 22nd August 2021 - 15th August 2021
Video Transgender Person Vs Vietnam Veteran Store Owner - 7th August 2021
Video Silent protests...what do you think? - 3rd August 2021
Video Freedom Day Rally in Sydney - You won't see this video in the mainstream media - 30th July 2021
Video MASSIVE Global Protests Against Illegal Covid Restrictions - 29th July 2021
Video When the White House Censors Your Phone Texts… - 28th July 2021
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Video This Week's Propaganda! Everything You Need to Be Terrified Of - 14th July 2021
Video Facebook's New Extremism Warning! (For Your Protection) - 11th July 2021
Video BLM PROVES they Want To DESTROY America With New Declaration - 10th July 2021
Video Trump announces lawsuit against Facebook, Google and Twitter - 8th July 2021
Video Ann Vandersteel Tells ALL & REVEALS Why POTUS Trump Pushes the Killer Jabs! - MUST Stew Peters Video! - 7th July 2021
Video NZ Health Minister Chris Hipkins Issues Chilling Threat to Unvaccinated Citizens - June 2021
Video Kamala's Border Visit: Success or Failure? - 30th June 2021
Video NJ gym owner has defied state orders for over a year, sounds off on government 'bullies and liars' - 28th June 2021
Video The Antifa Academy - 27th June 2021
Video It's time you wake up - Football player refuses to wear mask | STINCHFIELD - 23rd June 2021
Video John McAfee re Laptops - Murdered for Exposing the Deep State - 23rd June 2021
Video This Is Why North Koreans Don't Know What Is Happening in the World | Yeonmi Park - 22nd June 2021
Video Tucker obtains 'demented' emails from Lori Lightfoot, America's Worst Mayor - 17th June 2021
Video Top 22 Hot Women on TikTok Destroying Feminism [Part 3] - 15th June 2021
Q G7 Summit and their fake Climate Change - Sea levels in 1925 and now - keeping the bastards honest - 14th June 2021
Video THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL - part 14 / 17 - The Era of Depopulation. Man made wars, flooding, drought, diseases - 12th June 2021
Video How Woke People Evolved To Be Superior - 12th June 2021
Q Greta Thunberg is starting a revolution - with no answers, substance or stamina - and is easily and always offended - 13th June 2021
Video Conspiracy theories no more! Donald Trump Vindicated - 12th June 2021
Video Anthony Fauci Is Innocent! Joe Biden Isn't Creepy - Breaking News! - 11th June 2021
Video This will give you chills! "What scares Liberals Most" ..A SELF-SUFFICIENT Man | Buddy Brown - 10th June 2021
Video Explosive, profanity-laced call involving Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot & Chicago's aldermen - Leaked report - 10th June 2021
Video Judge Overturns California Assault Weapons Ban - 10th June 2021
Video Q: Do you have any plans to visit the border? A. Kamala: I don't understand the point you're making - 9th June 2021
Video California federal judge overturns assault weapons ban - 7th June 2021
Video Candace Owens: 'Firing Dr. Anthony Fauci does not go far enough, he needs to be put in prison' - 14th June 2021
Video Adolf Hitler learns that the New World Order / Covid Passports / Fake News Media Failed - Going to GITMO - May 2021
Video Why we Should Defund The Police and Ban all Food - 16th May 2021
Video Lidia Thorpe mistakes identity of NT attorney-general as a 'man' and 'white' - 13th May 2021
Video Racists make a Comeback with all New Ways to be Racist! - the KKK are confused - 11th May 2021
Video The Medical Mafia and Trump! - A Week in News - 9th May 2021
Video Tucker Carlson from Fox News: How Many People Have Died After COVID Vax No Questions Allowed - 6th May 2021
Video DOCUMENTED CHILD DEATHS! 'Vaccine' Related Deaths Climb as Media and Big Tech Silence Truth - 5th May 2021
Video WATCH: College Professors Admit their Secret Liberal Agenda for College Students - 5th May 2021
Video Pastor arrested after citing Biblical marriage definition a 'vile attack' on freedom of religion - 3rd May 2021
Video Aussie workers are taxed by the ATO on their income, spending, savings & sometimes taxed on their taxes - 30th April 2021
Video "Have Faith. Have Courage. Keep Fighting. It's Going to Happen. They've Gone Too Far." - Donald J. Trump - 30th April 2021
Video Marines, Seals, Head Rescue of Millions of Tortured Children - While Trump Implodes Fiat Dollar for a Global Currency Reset - 22nd April 2021
Video Join the Round Table with Mel K, David Nino Rodreguz, Simon Parkes & Charlie Ward - dismantling the NWO - 22nd April 2021
Video Shocking Truth About Adrenochrome And Child Trafficking "Sound Of Freedom" Jim Caviezel - 16th April 2021
Video Cancel Culture comes for 'mum' and 'dad' - One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson has "had a gutful" of LGBTQIA+ agendas - 13th April 2021
Video Chinese Police Rip People from Motorcycles and Steal Scooters - Chinese thugs - friends of Jacinda Adern - 13th April 2021
Video Diners Chant 'Get Out' at Covid Health Officials - 10th April 2021
Video Jacinda Ardern promoting AGENDA 2030 with mass poisoning, tracking, genocide programme - April 2021
Video The Incredible Genius Of President Donald Trump - The Art of War Tactics - 5th April 2021
Video Lightbulb manufacturerers conspire to make low-life lightbulbs - This is why we can't have nice things - 27th March 2021
Video The Three Little Pigs Learn About Gun Control (Book Reading) - The Art of War Tactics - 16th March 2021
Q 3,964 Dead in Europe & 162,610 Injuries Following Experimental Covid-19 Injections - Total Media Blackout - 13th March 2021
Video Nancy Mace responds to AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) LIES - about the fake attack at Capitol Hill - 10th February 2021
Video China's Most Corrupt Official Sentenced to Death | Lai Xiaomin and China Huarong - 26th January 2021
Video Joe Biden is a national disgrace - quit clowning around - Biden is a hypocrite - Trump is a national hero - 24th January 2021
Video Handcuffed Man Walks into the Whitehouse During the Fake Inauguration - 21st January 2021
Video Why the Bidens Were Locked Out of the White House - 21st January 2021
Video President Donald Trump accuses reporter of being a criminal - for not reporting Joe Biden as a known criminal - 21st January 2021
Video The National Guard Turn Their Back on the Traitor Joe Biden - While Thousands Gather to See Donald Trump - 21st January 2021
Video BOOM! President Trump Sets TRAP For Joe Biden and it Triggers Two Days Into His Administration - 20th January 2021
Video President Trump formally declassifies Russia documents over objections of FBI - 20th January 2021
Video President Trump delivers Farewell Address, issues FINAL WARNING to the American People - 20th January 2021
Video General Flynn - Message to America - 10th January 2021
Video The Ingraham Angle - FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS - Facebook, Twitter & Google Ban Trump and His Followers for Life - 8th January 2021


IDEAL: Investigative journalism entails reporters deeply investigating a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. An investigative journalist may spend months or years researching and preparing a report.

They serve the public as "watchdog reporters" or "accountability reporters."

REALITY: Sadly, most journalists (sic) today act as prosecutors for the elite and their corrupt organisations / puppeteers. Reporters routinely lie, manipulate facts, misrepresent and even persecute innocent people. They will not let 'truth' get in the way of a good story! Examples: Tova O'Brien (NZ), Anderson Cooper (USA) etc.

We lie to you news

"If you don't read the newspaper, you're un-informed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed." (quote alledgedly by Mark Twain)

If you don't stop lying - you will grow up to be a reporter or a politician!


Following his stint as a freelancer, John Swinton took a permanent position as an editorial writer for the New York Sun in 1875. Before he left the Sun in 1883 to launch a newspaper of his own, he delivered at a press dinner the speech he is most famous for today:

John Swinton (1829 - 1901)
"There is no such a thing in America as an independent press, unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express an honest opinion. If you expressed it, you would know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150 for keeping honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should allow honest opinions to be printed in one issue of my paper, I would be like Othello before twenty-four hours: my occupation would be gone. The man who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street hunting for another job. The business of a New York journalist is to distort the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to villify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or for what is about the same - his salary. You know this, and I know it; and what foolery to be toasting an "Independent Press"! We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks. They pull the string and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives, our possibilities, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."
John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Download here: Real-News-Sex-Trafficker-Ghislaine-Maxwell-prepares-for-life-behind-bars-2021-12-31.mp4 - 10,176 kb
By: Sky News - 31st December 2021
Sex Trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell
prepares for life behind bars

Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted of recruiting underage girls to be sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein and now faces up to 65 years in prison in the United States.

Download here: Real-News-Old-Parliament-House-Burns-Down-In-Canberra-Australia-2021-12-31.mp4 - 2,465 kb
By: 504Cut - 31st December 2021
Old Parliament House Burns
Down In Canberra, Australia

"Where the fuck is the Fire Brigade?"

By: 504Cut
Salute To Aussie Cossack

This helps to explain why all Aussie news channels turned off their comments. Many other Aus channels have gone silent. The world is still watching.

Daniel Larsson
The Australian people have had enough!! The result of stupid politicians
Support from Sweden!!

Ronnie Whittaker
This is what every country needs to do now

I stand with the nation of Australia , never with their government ! POWER to the PEOPLE ! RISE NOW !

Fresh Tendril
We never picked the fight in the 1st place we only throw back in their face

K. M.
We stand together.Greetings from Poland.

harry smith
I do not blame you guys a real strong message is being sent to those Dictators in Australia enough is enough the revolution is coming

Download here: Real-News-Joe-Rogan-You-WONT-Believe-WHATS-NEXT-This-Is-WHERE-IT-LEADS-2021-12-31.mp4 - 24,974 kb
By: Forever Inspired - 31st December 2021
Joe Rogan - "You WON'T Believe

In today's video we look at Joe Rogan - "You WON'T Believe WHAT'S NEXT! |This Is WHERE IT LEADS"

It amazes me that a comedian and mma commentator has far more intelligence, integrity and insight as to what is happening to us than 80% of the population

Marjorie Gillespie
Bottom line. It starts with being a real parent and having conversations daily with your children and teaching them that bad actions have consequences. Most parents let the schools , television and nanny's raise their children. Raising a child with a good moral compass and the ability to think for themselves is a full time job. Putting a good human into society should be number one. Not keeping up with the Jones. Kids today learn everything unsupervised on the Internet and we wonder why society has gone sideways.

Tameisha Baxter
So glad Joe is sharing information like this! This is what will make a difference in our world!

Pamela Jones
Life was much better before social media. I despise it. There was a very old Star Trek episode that foreshadowed this and it was a weapon that was snuck in as a game.

"The obedient always think about themselves as virtuous, rather than cowardly"

Jumbo 71
every conspiracy theorist is just sitting back eating popcorn laughing at fools who still think it'll be back to normal soon ....L)

Download here: Real-News-Biden-Agrees-With-Lets-Go-Brandon-FUCK-JOE-BIDEN-Liberals-Take-Notice-2021-12-31.mp4 - 44,389 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 31st December 2021
Biden Agrees With 'Let's Go Brandon'!
(FUCK JOE BIDEN) - Liberals Take Notice

Biden Agrees With 'Let's Go Brandon'! - Liberals Take Notice. An Oregonian father called into the NORAD Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve and and ended the call with "Let's Go Brandon!"

Let's all agree Let's go Brandon!

Jackie R
Biden's New Year's Resolution: "Let's go Brandon!"

The Real Charlemagne
To be clear...
"Let's go Brandon!" is still official White House policy, as per Joe Biden.

Frank the NOOB
If the President agrees with "Let's Go Brandon" does that mean it's no longer a "right wing" topic?

Liz's Happy Place
"Let's Go Brandon" is the first thing Biden has said that I can fully agree on

"Let's go Brandon, I agree."
Joe Biden, 2021.
This one is truly historic.

Download here: Satanists-Ghislaine-Maxwell-could-name-names-to-reduce-lengthy-prison-sentence-2021-12-31.mp4 - 6,603 kb
By: 9 News Australia - 31st December 2021
Child trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell
could name names to
reduce lengthy prison sentence

Convicted of five charges of recruiting and grooming teenage girls to be sexually abused, former British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell could start naming powerful names (note: Ghislaine has been singing like a canary since her arrest) in an attempt to shorten her lengthy prison sentence.

Download here: Real-News-Is-Government-the-New-God-The-Religion-of-Totalitarianism-2021-12-29.mp4 - 20,082 kb
By: Academy of Ideas - 29th December 2021
Is Government the New God?
The Religion of Totalitarianism

After Skool
It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone. Thank you for another important presentation.

hello well
This channel is so incredibly essential... Especially, given the current state of the Western world.

Brent Gilbert
One cannot make their friends, family, or neighbors free, one can only make themselves free and hope that it inspires the others.

Peter Santenello
Fantastic video! Keep up the amazing work.

It's never the tyrants who commit atrocities, it's those who comply.

I remember saying so much of this months ago at uni. People called me crazy and uneducated. Thank you so much for this video.
I genuinely feel vilified. I know I am not the only one who sees this.

As Lazaris said: "You are already free. You just have to realize it. Every dictator promises to give you freedom but it is their concept of freedom and we have to give up our dreams."

Daniel Hoffman
It is peculiar how religion is viewed through the modern totalitarian state as subversive, obviously false, and wishful thinking, yet this same level of skepticism is not applied to governments. In the end we all need something to cling to when we are weak and self-conscious whether it is religion or government. It is okay to be weak, but also learn to be strong, conscious, and positive as we all need to pull together to resist what happened in the 20th century.

Deb M
this is why critical thinking is so important and no "free passes" given out to any ideology

Download here: Real-News-Farmers-Truckers-STOPPED-as-Food-Supply-Collapses-2021-12-28.mp4 - 20,835 kb
By: Ice Age Farmer - 28th December 2021
Farmers, Truckers STOPPED
as Food Supply Collapses

As the unv'd are locked out of farmers markets and grocery stores, so too are unv'd farmers precluded from selling their grains. Ministers who warn of impending food shortages are promptly removed from office. The mainstream food supply is now in full collapse, and we must be creating ALTERNATIVE food supplies.

Download here: Real-News-Secrecy-and-lies-Vic-Supreme-Court-finding-reveals-govt-not-upfront-on-QR-code-data-2021-12-28.mp4 - 10,542 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 28th December 2021
'Secrecy and lies': Vic Supreme Court finding
reveals govt 'not upfront' on QR code data

Sky News host Caleb Bond says it's "secrecy and lies at every single turn" amid revelations the Victorian government tried to cover up a Supreme Court ruling which found contract tracing data could be accessed by third parties.

It comes as a secret Supreme Court ruling confirmed personal information shared with Victorian contract tracers does not have absolute protection.

The new ruling means third-party companies, crime-fighting agencies and other authorities like WorkCover can apply to access the data.

The finding – discovered by the Herald Sun newspaper – revealed Victoria's COVID-19 Commander Jeroen Weimar launched a legal bid to have the court case suppressed for five years.

Since the start of the pandemic contract tracers have maintained any details shared would only be used for public health purposes.

"The Victorian COVID Response Commander Jeroen Weimar told the court that revealing the truth that our contact tracing data was at risk would undermine confidence in the system – you're not kidding," Mr Bond said.

"If our data isn't being used in the way we were told it will be – if we're being lied to by the government – why would we tell them everything about ourselves?"

Larry Rudedude
The good news is we can now bring criminal proceedings against every single Premier and cabinet minister in the country.

This is exactly why we need to ask our federal politicians to Stop the Australian Digital Identification Bill...

Larry Rudedude
Imagine Watergate multiplied by about 6 million, and then imprint it onto Australia. I tire of this Government's games and corruption.

kirstie penn
Do not use QR codes and stop getting tested.

stenka rasin
While Victoria may be the culprit in this case, this would be the same in all the states.

Imagine that they have lied about everything in the last two years, and that is the reality.

Download here: Real-News-Advice-for-the-Authoritarians-9-Helpful-Suggestions-2021-12-22.mp4 - 54,576 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 22nd December 2021
Advice for the Authoritarians
9 Helpful Suggestions

Advice for the authoritarians. In this video you'll learn about nine helpful suggestions that would make the authoritarians agenda more successful. Fortunately too many people have woken up to what they're doing. But in this video we get to help the underdog out a little bit.

Download here: Q-Military-Tribunals-Coming-Nuremberg-2-and-The-October-Horse-This-is-How-Their-Story-Ends-2021-12-18.mp4 - 215,714 kb
By: James Red Pills America - 18th December 2021
Nuremberg 2.0 & 'The October Horse'
THIS Is How Their Story Ends!

ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE YOU TO PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO YOU'LL EVER WATCH THIS YEAR, PACKED WITH THE MOST COMPELLING VIDEO CLIPS YOU WILL EVER SEE TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE, ALL WOVEN INTO AN EYE-BULGING, HEART-POUNDING EXPERIENCE YOU'LL NOT SOON FORGET! Have you heard of the date?! October 15th, 2021 was the date chosen by the Evil Elites to mark the dawn of a new IRON CURTAIN. All around the world the POLITICAL, CORPORATE and RELIGIOUS ELITES have SYNCHRONIZED THE ENFORCEMENT of employment mandates and health passport systems under the guise of public health. It doesn't matter that the narrative for these measures have been thoroughly debunked. The EVIL ELITES will push forward because they're committed now, BUT THIS WILL BE THEIR FINAL UNDOING! NUREMBERG 2.0 IS FAST APPROACHING! This date was not chosen at random. The full significance of this symbolic act can only be understood in the context of the ancient Roman tradition of the 'OCTOBER HORSE'.

I want to be very clear and unequivocal about one thing right up front: THOSE BEHIND THIS GENOCIDAL SCHEME ARE EVIL TO THE CORE and MOST PEOPLE still haven't realized just how evil these SATANIC BEASTS REALLY ARE! But when finally open their brainwashed eyes, IT'S GOING TO BLOW THEIR MINDS! I'm going to describe how this ends in BRUTAL TERMS! I'm not going to pander to the delusional, and I'm not about to sugar coat it for the masses. THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR THE 'COMPLIANT'; the sheep who line up willingly in the final hour, because their propensity for self delusion seals their fate sooner than they could imagine. But, for those with EYES TO SEE, this will come as a MESSAGE OF HOPE! The elites' timing is off and THIS WILL NOT END WELL FOR THEM because they are creating the precise conditions that will give rise to the MILITARY TRIBUNALS THAT LAY AHEAD!

The elites HAVE DECLARED WAR on the entire population of Earth and they marked it symbolically by choosing October 15th — THE SACRIFICE OF THE OCTOBER HORSE! But in their arrogance they have committed many grievous errors. Their invocations are corrupt and profane. They have transgressed Common Law, International Law and Spiritual law. THE FORCES THEY HAVE AWAKENED CANNOT BE BENT TO THEIR WILL! They will reap no benefit by invoking the Red Horse. Nor will the black horse ride down the path they have planned, the scales do not find in their favor. Rather than gain power, THEY WILL LOSE EVERYTHING, and this EPIC VIDEO Lays out just how it will all fall into place - FOR US! Get ready for one HELL of a ride down this BOTTOMLESS RABBIT HOLE, Patriots, this is one video that you MUST WATCH & SHARE EVERYWHERE, as it reveals the EPIC TAKEDOWN OF SATAN'S ARMY!

Download here: Real-News-Riccardo-Bosi-speaking-at-the-Taree-Freedom-Rally-Important-Insight-Into-Next-Few-Months-2021-12-14.mp4 - 72,590 kb
By: Anton Visser - 14th December 2021
Riccardo Bosi speaking at Taree Freedom Rally
Important Insight into the Next Few Months

Partial Transcript:

"...yeah it's a horrifying feeling, when your kids aren't safe. Nothing else matters...

..if our kids aren't safe nothing else matters. And the loathsome individuals that run this country for the time being and often much longer, have persuaded too many of us - that we have to kill our kids. That's the depth of depravity that we face at the moment ladies and gentlemen...

..Now the sad truth is, about 40% of Australians have been taking the jab. The good news is that means 60% haven't. So whenever you read the numbers that it's 70, 80 percent double vaxxed - complete bullshit!

60% of us have said 'no way, we're not doing it - it's not going to happen' and we are in the ascendancy and we know
this because their demands are becoming even more ridiculous every day goes by. In Western Australia, $20,000 fine if you don't get vaxxed and turn up to work. In Northern Territory, $5,000 a day if you don't get vaxxed and turn up to work. It's insane
and if they are in charge, then good for nothing Gladys Berejiklian would still be the premier, but she's not. And Mick Fuller, that piece of crap that was our commissioner for police, who received two pay rises in two years totalling two hundred thousand dollars, if they were in charge, he would still be the commissioner - but he's not.

We've got commissioner Karen. Now commissioner Karen, she's a lovely lady. She actually is. She's a lovely lady, but do you really think the assistant commissioners around her are letting her call the shots? Absolutely not.

Stop looking for the saviours. I want you to look in the mirror and see that person staring back at you. That's the source of every solution you've got to every problem. Every one of us has to save ourselves. We have to save our families, our children, our town, our region, our state and our country. These are the people that are going to save Australia, right here. And it's going to happen sooner than you think. It's going to happen sooner than you think; because this has now come to its logical conclusion. They've run out of ideas. Enough of the bad guys have already been arrested.

I don't know if you've been noticing, apart from the Australian politicians and police and the rest, are all falling off the perch: good for nothing Gladys / Mick Fuller / Dan Andrews has lost three of his MPs. If these people are in charge, they'd still be there, but they're not. Look Internationally: the head of Twitter - gone. NBC - gone. CFO - gone. They're all disappearing, one by one.

The dominoes are falling. We are in the ascendancy, but your crooked media won't tell you that. So turn them off and when you turn off the ABC and the commercials, because they're all the same, you don't pay for the commercial - so you just ignore them. But what you can do is, you ring up Ita Buttrose at the ABC and give her a mouthful and tell her what you really think about the Australian Bolshevik Collective, that won't tell the Australian people that they're being poisoned by the politicians; that won't tell the Australian people that the paedophiles are running the show; and the ABC has never once done an expose on paedophilia in this country. Now why is that I wonder?

They're all in on it - bingo! And so this is what we've got to do. We take the power that is ours, every one of you; and now you guys get it, but too many don't. But we're getting there slowly.

Sovereignty is born with you. Each one of you is sovereign in this nation. I don't care if we've been here 40,000 years or 40 minutes, you're born here, you're an Australian, you have a right to this land and you have the right to exercise that right. Every one of us.

Now I look forward to the day and when I do rallies in Sydney and things like that, where we have a lot of different backgrounds; and it's wonderful, you see Italian flags and Greek flags and all these flags along with the Australian flags; and that's our past and that's important. But I'm looking forward to the day we see one country and one people and one flag. That'll be the day when we have come together as one and we become - undefeatable. Nothing and nobody will be able to touch us ever again, because when every Australian realizes that sovereignty lies in your heart and your soul; and nobody has to right to tell you how to live your life. As long as you leave everyone alone and don't break the law, then you have the right to live the way you choose.

More importantly, you have the right to determine by whom and how you are governed. And if they, to quote the American Declaration of Independence, become destructive to your needs, you have the right to alter or abolish that government. Now how would you like the right, now, to sack any MP that wasn't doing what it was told? Who would love that? Well that's what we're going to introduce to Australian electoral system. Recall elections. So instead of having this fuss where some buffoon is presented by a party, you vote for this idiot, ignores you for three years, and then comes back three years later 'Aw look sorry we couldn't do anything so, but vote for me again, we'll try again next year...'

How would you like this system? You vote this idiot in and the moment they displease you, you have a recall election. You get to sack them! Now with that sort of damocles hanging over the head of the MP, to whom do you think they're going to be responsive? The party machine, or the people that put them in their place? That's what power to the people actually means in a practical sense. That's what we're going to be introducing to Australia. Recall elections at all levels. And so, the elect, the elected representatives were responsive to you 24/7, 365, for the duration of their time in parliament. That's what power in your hands means. You get to sack them and they respond to your needs. This is what Australia should be. This is the promise that we should have had and has been taken from us, but we're going to take it back.

Now, as I said, the next few weeks, some things will be happening. Watch International news if you can, see who's being arrested; and watch the dominos start to watch what we call in the military 'combat indicators.' Watch the ebb and flow of the war to see who's winning who's losing. Now next year's, the first three months next year is going to be a little tough. Easiest way I can say this is, that the uh, the poison that runs through this country is so pervasive, it's not like a cancer we can cut out, a section of skin or a section of muscle. The whole body is rancid. The Australian body politic every aspect is rotten. The polity, the bureaucracy, the judiciary, the military, media, academia, business, unions, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples. You name it, there isn't one organ of state, not one institution in this country, that hasn't been penetrated by corruption.

They get into the leadership level and then they pit us against each other at the, at the base level. That's how they work. And so it's not a matter of just cutting out this group, or cutting out that group, because they all run, they're all run by the same people.

What's going to happen is a very slow removal. One by one by one we start to remove them. Now to do this we're going to, there are going to be a series of lockdowns next year, but - run by white hats - not by black hats! So January to March next year, just be aware what you need to do is this: stock up on food and water; and make sure you can get through that period, just to stay off the streets, because things will be going on that won't be pleasant, and you want to, you won't want to be there. And if you thought it was embarrassing watching them elbow each other for a roll of Sorbent toilet paper in the in the uh, isles of Woolies, wait till people start killing each other over a tin of baked beans. So stock up food and water as best you can. Be smart, be a good Samaritan, put some aside for that idiot neighbour that doesn't think for himself yet, because he's going to turn up with his wife and starving kids, and you'll do the right thing and you'll look after him. You've got to band together as a community and look after each other and, and, and your friends.

It won't last long, but it will be unpleasant, unfortunately. But there's nothing we can do about that, this is the way it has to be done."

Person in audience: "What about cash?"

"Hang on to cash as much as you can. What they do with it, is beyond our understanding, at this stage. Hang on to cash as much as you can. For those of you who are into metals buy the metal, silver, small denomination ingots. Don't buy the certificates. Certificates aren't worth the paper they're written on. Okay, but stock up in food and water.

The system is going to be replaced, repaired, redesigned and re-liberated, with as minimal disruption as possible. But you've got to get through that first three months. After that, there's probably going to be an election about April / May. My guess closer to May, and by then we will have cleaned up the system enough, so you get the chance to have the first clean election in probably 50, 60, 70 years!

Huge Applaud!!!!

Now whether you join Australia One or not, that's, that's, that's neither here nor there. What's important is that you elect somebody that you know, like and trust. Now the way that we organize ourselves is that if you want an Australian One candidate in your seat, you have to form the branches, you've got to select your potential candidates, you have to run the presidential style primary, and then you select them. All we do at the head office is to vet them to make sure they're not crooks and spiffs and paedophiles or whatever. But that's of primary importance. You hire them - you fire them! And the sort of good decent A1 candidate we're looking for knows, first of all they know nothing about politics, that's a real advantage. I get a lot of calls from people saying I've been in politics for 30 years and you need to know what I know. And I politely reply 'If you've been in politics for 30 years, you're the problem mate - click!'

But what we're looking for is just decent people, who have a history of service in the community; and I don't care if you're the head chef at the local cafe, or a cocky out in the land. Someone who has deep roots in the community, is known, liked and respected already. The sort of person who has a history of serving the community. They get involved. They're down at Bunnings running the sausage sizzle to raise money for the cancer kids; whatever it might be. it's in their blood. It's in their dna to serve. That's what you want as an MP. It's a bit like jury, duty a pain in the arse, but somebody's got to do it. No more snouts in the trough.

But if you want an A1 candidate, form a branch, select and when the word goes out, pick the best candidate you can and then get behind them and we'll help you. We'll train you up. We'll back you. We'll do what's got to be done, because come the election, we want such an overwhelming result, it never even gets to preferences. The average electorate's got about 100,000 electors in it and we want the results when the Australian Bolshevik Collective, decides to call the election, they go 'Oh my god, Australia won, Australia won!' Damn right Australia one.

All right ladies and gentlemen. The news is mostly good and there's it is a bit of bad news. But it's bad news for Scott Morrison, the State Premiers, the banks - all those rotten sods that have been making our life miserable. They're going to have a very, very, very bad 2022. But we're not - we're going to have a great 2022. This time next year you won't believe the difference in the country. You'll be happy, freer, healthier, you'll be in charge of your lives; and never ever, ever again is someone coming to your door and terrifying you. They're going to be very polite, and if you don't like what they say, you just shut the door and send them on their way.

This is your country, this is your life, this is your land. We're gonna make sure you get it back - thank you very much."

Host: "Thank you Ricardo. I'm seeing more and more faces I know and I'm just absolutely thrilled that Taree's standing for what's right for all of us.

So everyone's saying words you all want to hear to encourage you; and one of the things with so many people from this community here today, we need you to START THE STOP - stop wearing masks. Stop wearing your exemptions. Stop signing in and stop everything.

Do you know, you probably all know, just tell them this is unlawful, and you all know we can access the information, the Biosecurity Acts are not lawful. The word 'mandate' does not even mean lawful. It means unlawful. You have to submit to it and that's why people are submitting. For the few people that we've had locally, who've stood up for what they believe and have been fined and had rides in paddy wagons, most of it is being thrown out of court.

So a lot of you joined the rally last week to the Singleton um pub, the Caledonian pub, his has been fully dismissed, and they started with a $100,000 and a $1,000 each (fines). It's all been dismissed. So it's just a matter of standing your ground and knowing what the law is. All Federal law outweighs anything State. So please stand your ground and let's on mass, where we've come from, from Port, from Newcastle, from Foster and Taree today, stand your ground and start walking into shops and supermarkets and I think the fine for asking you to prove your health status, on a federal level, is something like $63,000?

So yeah, start, start saying you know, we'll threaten you.

But anyway, without further ado, we have to get the Bosis out of their accommodation before 11 o'clock people..."

Download here: Real-News-Hackers-Destroy-All-of-Brazils-Covid-Digital-Passports-2021-12-13.mp4 - 14,153 kb
By: Salty Cracker - 13nd December 2021
Hackers Destroy All of
Brazil's Covid Digital Passports

This is to be rolled out the the whole World.

Download here: Jacinda-Ardern-Declares-War-on-NZ-Maori-Children-and-all-Unvaxxed-No-End-to-Vaccinations-2021-12-06.mp4 - 47,250 kb
By: Newshub - 6th December 2021
Jacinda Ardern Declares War on:
Maori, Children and all New Zealanders
- There Will Be NO END to Vaccinations -

Socialist Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand (many believe Jacinda was elected via a fraudulent electoral system)

Video Transcript:

"..As Aotearoa begins the transition into the traffic light system, I spoke to [fake] Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Well thanks for joining us today. I noted it was 12 months at the moment since the government announced a resolution with Ihu Matol. What is the resolution?"

Jabcinda: "So, the next steps, are for, all parties, to build, represent, a representative body that's able to take us - through the decision making, over what will be the the future land use. Um, Covid has delayed some of that work, our hope is early in the New Year, that in earnest - will see those groups coming together to, to work on that future plan for, for the Whenua."

"Okay, turning to Covid. 18 deaths in the latest outbreak. Of those, 8 were Maori. So that's about 44% of the Maori representation of deaths. Just 16% of the population. What does this tell you about the, the government's plan for Maori, when it comes to Covid?"

Jabcinda: "It certainly tells us that, what, we always feared with Covid, and that was that it would, uh, reach into our uh, potentially into our Maori and Pacific communities and, and that has proven to be the case. However, we have two really important ways that we can continue to protect our people, one is the vaccine; and so there's been a huge focus on, making sure that we are reaching everyone, um, wherever they are in the country, and ensuring that we're overcoming those barriers.

There's not going to be an end point to this vaccination program...Uh we're now up to 83% first doses for Maori, um, and and obviously, chasing with those second doses; but in my mind, so long as these people who are eligible, who haven't been vaccinated - we've got work to do."

"What are your high hopes for vaccination for Maori?"

Jabcinda: "Well you know I don't think I'll ever be satisfied, so long as there's someone who chooses, you know, who, who is eligible and hasn't been... and that's why I've said this, there's not going to be an end point to this vaccination program.

Jabcinda: Uh once we've, obviously we're rolling out boosters now. So we've got a another, you know, wave of people that we need to make sure that we're protecting again, so um, those who were vaccinated six months ago, we really need them to come back - or we need to go to them."

"We have absolutely amazing rates with our Komatsu. Some up to about 94%, 93%. But how important is it looking offshore now, to some of those fourth waves, um how important is it for Kaumatua to get the booster?"

Jabcinda: "Oh incredibly important. When you see those countries that are experiencing those, those fourth waves, you can see that in many cases, they either haven't started a booster campaign, or they're only just starting and it does seem to be the thing that's making a difference for those countries that are experiencing another tough time. The, the advantage New Zealand has, is that we can watch them a season ahead, so they're coming into the Winter and doing it tough. We've got the opportunity now, in the the safety of Summer, to make sure that we are reaching uh, uh, all of our our older citizens and making sure they have their booster.

It's really, really critical. It brings your immunity back up, to where it was when you were first vaccinated!"

"You haven't got a crystal ball obviously, but you know we're looking ahead now, in the near future to five to 11 year olds for vaccination. Maori having such a, a large young population. What are you hearing from your Maori ministers and Maori health experts about just the uptake, or is there any concern that we, we might have low vaccination in that cohort?"

Jabcinda: "What's most important I think, for us is making sure as a first step people have confidence in the decision and that's why leaving it to the experts, Medsafe and then our expert advisory group to, to make the call, when they are comfortable with all of the data that they have."

"Is it possible that we might see vaccination centres set up in Kura and Farikura?"

Jabcinda: "Kura and Farikura are wanting that. Let's, let's work together on making that possible. So we haven't taken a blanket approach, but we've really, we've really worked locally and I think you'll continue to see us take that kind of approach in the future."

"Reflecting on the year and looking forward to 2022, what's going to be good for Maori next year?"

Jabcinda: "One of the things that really stands out for me, is, the strength of our holder - providers across the country and you know the additional, out of necessity, um growth that we've seen in those providers; and how do we now, carry that forward, into the new health reforms; and I'm really optimistic about the possibility here."

"I guess you couldn't have asked for a better pilot project, than this forced Covid rollout plan, so in terms of devolving resources into the Maori Health Authority, are you confident that you'll have the support?"

Jabcinda: "Yes and look you only need to see the, the jump in rates that we've had in vaccinations since you've seen that additional support go into those providers; and as I say, these you know, already when I'm out talking, uh with providers though, they're excited about what it means for, you know cervical screening, what it means for measles, and what it means for rheumatic fever and all of those issues that we know have devastating impacts on our community, but we now have the facilities and the people, to really, reach into communities that we have done a poor job, serving in the past."

"Teo maori is meant to be available to every child in 2025. How are we tracking for that?"

Jabcinda: "So I'm really confident about, um, our ability to embed within curriculum. It's making sure that we've got, um, the the workforce and that's been something that Minister Davis in particular has been really focused on. Uh, how do, we uh not just bring through uh more teachers and uh proficient in Tiramari Maori, but how do we empower our existing workforce to feel confident in the classroom, to use um, to use Tiramari in every day, in everyday teaching; and so the training that's been happening there, has been excellent, um but, yeah obviously just that's an area we need to continue that focus."

"Iwi leaders around the country are asking people in the red traffic light zones, to stay home this Christmas, to not come into the Rohi, um to respect, you know the vulnerability of their communities. So with that, I guess, you know, where are you going this Christmas with your whanau?"

Jabcinda: "Actually the point that I've continually made is, you know, we've actually created a system, to protect people, with movement, so the first, the first point to make is that many of the places where you do tend to see a bit of movement, like Auckland, you know of course we know Aucklanders tend to move over the Summer period, so, they haven't moved for four months, and for the month that we expect they will, there's a requirement on them - that they cannot do so unless they are double vaccinated, or, they have been tested before they depart. Um, so that's one thing we've done to make sure that, that movement is, is safer."

"Although it would be safer, if someone from, from Tamaki Makoro, did not go to Tiara, to a community that's vulnerable and has a lower immunisation."

Jabcinda's weapon of choice for GENOCIDE...

Jabcinda: "Actually if someone is vaccinated though, you know they do pose lower risk to other people, uh, and so what we're doing there..."

"They still pose a risk?"

Jabcinda: "Yeah, well, of, of course we know though that, we are in an environment now where, if, if we're doing, you know everything that we can to make sure that we are, vaccinating, that we're testing all our symptomatic individuals, we are still contact tracing around cases. We still see that even in Auckland, that actually, a large portion of our cases are still household and contacts are still linked, you know all of that bodes really well for us to slow the spread and to continue to keep people safe..."

"Do you hear those Iwi leaders though in those remote communities?"

Jabcinda: "I've had um conversation with them, and with ewe leaders on this issue; and again the, the reminder I have is actually for the highest risk area we have put in those extra, those extra protections."

Download here: Treasonous-Politicians-Commiting-GENOCIDE-Extreme-Malfeasance-2021-10.mp4 - 8,865 kb
By: Unknown - October 2021
Treasonous Politicians Committing GENOCIDE
- Extreme Malfeasance -

"We can show 45,000 deaths - in 72 hours of this vaccine!"

Download here: Real-News-Stick-Your-Poison-Vaccine-Mandate-Up-Your-ARSE-Anthem-Spreads-2021-12-04.mp4 - 10,627 kb
By: TheDC Shorts - 4th December 2021
'Stick Your Poison Vaccine Mandate
Up Your ARSE'
Anthem Spreads
A man sings a song to a police officer that has spread as an anthem against vaccine mandates.

Captain Nemo
As an unvaxxed police officer, I'd be singing with this guy.

Payton Webb
Honestly this shit is heartwarming I hope more people start doing this

Olivia Braccio
This made me feel like laughing and crying at the same time. What a strange and sad time. May the human race prevail over tyranny.

We need to coordinate a world wide group singing at every government institution on the planet.

Jacob Becklehimer
This is what the MSM doesn't want you to see, they want you to feel like you are alone in your defiance against authoritarianism. Knowing we are all still fighting brings a smile to my heart.

Damn, the one with the NZ authoritarian was perfect!

I cannot express in mere words how this makes me have hope for the human race.

Download here: Judge-Orders-Pfizer-FDA-to-Release-Documents-First-Doc-Dump-Says-Thousands-Killed-by-Shot-in-1st-Month-2021-12-02.mp4 - 16,966 kb
By: The Alex Jones Show - 2nd December 2021
Judge Orders Pfizer, FDA to Release Documents
First Doc Dump Says Thousands
Killed by Shot in First Month!

Read & Share These Uncensored Documents:


Download here: Real-News-Melbourne-Pandemic-Bill-Protest-Massive-Crowds-of-Freedom-Fighters-in-the-Streets-2021-11-27.mp4 - 47,041 kb
By: Life in Australia - 27th November 2021
Melbourne Pandemic Bill Protest, Massive
Crowds of Freedom Fighters in the Streets

Another week and an unprecedented number of protesters from all ages, races and genders altogether were asking for freedom and ending the laws to monitor and control people's lives and privacy.

The Location of the protest was the Parliament Building and the people marched in a circle from Burke Street to Flinders Street Station, holding banners and raising awareness of what this new law will bring. Some protesters were comparing Dan Andrews to Hitler and Nazis, some other were comparing him and the Victorian Government to be supported or harbingers of Communism.

As an immigrant who just moved to Australia in about 2.5 years ago I am proud to live alongside people who fight for democracy and don't just accept anything the government says. I am vaccinated, and I scan QR codes, but I am proud of you and I believe you are right, if we're +90% vaccinated and immune, why are we still being asked to scan QR codes?

#Melbourne #Protests #KillTheBill #SackDan

Download here: Covid-New-Zealand-church-leaders-to-be-jabbed-with-poison-or-face-a-15k-fine-2021-11-27.mp4 - 6,779 kb
By: Is It Just Me NZ - 27th November 2021
New Zealand church leaders to be jabbed
with poison, or face a $15k fine!

"As most you know, I'm a pastor of a wee baptist church here and had some interesting news in the New Zealand Herald (2021-11-24) this morning that directly impacts me and other church leaders.

According to the NZ Herald that says churches are being caught by surprise by this new legislation from the government, all church leaders are supposed to receive the mRNA experimental jab by the 3rd December 2021, otherwise they face a fifteen thousand dollar fine!

Did you hear that?...

..Well i've got a message for Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, Ashley Bloomfield, Andrew Little and any other of their cronies. Get your nose out of God's business! God has a message for them from his Word that says: "God is not mocked. I shall repay says the Lord."..."

Download here: Real-News-The-government-has-betrayed-you-and-sold-you-to-China-Riccardo-Bosi-leader-A1-party-2021-11-25.mp4 - 60,148 kb
By: Kalkine Media - 25th November 2021
"The government has betrayed you and sold you
to China" – Riccardo Bosi, leader A1 party

Riccardo Bosi is the leader of the Australia One party, a party formed to fight against globalism and with a goal of removing an "unconstitutional government." The party has come to prominence in the backdrop of the pandemic and in this wide ranging chat [see below time stamps], Mr. Bosi discusses COVID, vaccine mandates, government responses, the threat of China and Australia's housing crisis with Kalkine TV host James Preston (Insta: @jppretzel, Twitter: @jppresto.) Questions:

#A1partyleader #riccardobosi #threatofchina #australiahousingcrisis #kalkinemedia

00:00 Unconstitutional government
00:12 Monologue Introduction
00:52 What is A1's position to COVID the virus and the governments reaction
02:19 Why is the media reporting very different numbers attending freedom rallies
03:39 Mike Carlton's claims of sedition
06:23 Illegitimate Governments
08:10 Investigating the origins of COVID-19
10:45 Why does Riccardo believe governments are "killing their people"
15:58 China as a threat to Australia and the rest of the world
19:20 Should Australia boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics
20:33 Preventing foreign ownership of Australian property
22:42 What is the solution to the housing crisis, what policies would A1 employ?
27:35 Is A1 officially a registered party?
32:28 Riccardo's final thoughts
33:06 Outro

Download here: Real-News-Riccardo-Bose-Answering-the-Big-Question-About-When-The-Tyranny-Will-All-End-Sydney-Ralley-2021-11-20.mp4 - 5,360 kb
By: DNA12 - 20th November 2021
Riccardo Bose Answering the Big Question About
When the Tyranny Will All End - Sydney Ralley

AUSTRALIA - Riccardo Bosi - former Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel

Download here: Real-News-Former-Special-Forces-Commander-Riccardo-Bosi-Speaks-Cold-Hard-Truths-At-Sydney-Ralley-2021-11-20.mp4 - 38,776 kb
By: PerthObserver - 20th November 2021
Former Special Forces Commander Riccardo Bosi
Speaks Cold Hard Truths At The Sydney Ralley


Download here: Real-News-Disgusting-comments-made-in-Parliament-today-by-Stuart-Nash-about-Groundswell-NZ-2021-11-20.mp4 - 14,067 kb
By: Groundswell NZ - 20th November 2021
A Statement from Groundswell NZ
on the disgusting comments and lies
made in Parliament today by Stuart Nash

Janice Shaw
What a disgusting statement Stuart Nash
Farmers are making a stand on some of your stupid policies
Enough is Enough

Steve Limmer
You could see this coming from a mile away. The media called Groundswell misogynistic and racist last time and they have been trying their best to tie the Groundswell and Freedom Protests together over the past month or so. It's intriguing how this has come up in Parliament this way just days before the next one. Just coincidence?

Michelle Harris
TRUE COLOURS FROM A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT!!! Kiwis together will rise and show them the true meaning to be a PROUD KIWI

Jamie Howie
God this govt is so childish no wonder nothing has been achieved in the last four years, not a grown up professional business brain between them

Jude Flintoft
An outrageous comment from Nash. A government representative for rural communities. Good grief. Stand proud with added resolve New Zealand citizens.

Nicola Culver
The half wit may have done you a favour he's creating free publicity for groundswell and promoting your website. Keep pushing back.

Maureen Stewart
Stick to your plan Groundswell...don't be intimidated or distracted by Gnash...he is a complete fool. Labour are looking for any distraction they can find

Groundswell NZ - Farmers and ute owners anti Jacinda protest - Timaru Port - 16th July 2021
Groundswell NZ - Farmers and ute owners anti Jacinda protest - Timaru Port - 16th July 2021

Download here: Real-News-Kyle-Rittenhouse-has-been-acquitted-of-all-charges-2021-11-20.mp4 - 37,103 kb
By: Newsmax TV - 20th November 2021
Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted of all charges

Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted of all charges after pleading self-defense in the deadly Kenosha, Wisconsin, shootings - Via Newsmax.


"Has the jury reached the verdict as to each account of the information?


One verdict and one verdict only?


Would you hand all the paperwork to the bailiffs please?

This is the ones that you didn't know.

Yeah everything, yeah, thanks. May I see that too please? This is, sorry, thank you.

The defendant will rise and face the jury and harken to its verdicts.

State of Wisconsin versus Kyle Rittenhouse. As the first count of the information, Joseph Rosenbaum, we the jury find the defendant Kyle H. Rittenhouse not guilty. As to the second count of the information, Richard Mcginnis, we the jury find the defendant Kyle H. Riddenhouse not guilty. As to the third count of the information, unknown male, we the jury find the defendant Kyle H. Rittenhouse not guilty. As to the fourth count of the information, Anthony Huber, we the jury find the defendant Kyle H. Rittenhouse not guilty. As to the fifth count of the information, Gage Rose Croix, we the jury find the defendant Kyle H. Rittenhouse not guilty.

Members of the jury, are these your unanimous verdicts? Is there anyone who does not agree with the verdict says red? Would you wish the jury pulled? Yeah okay, uh okay folks your job is done and uh we started, just about three weeks ago, and I uh I told you it could last two weeks and two days. This is three weeks. Uh you were a wonderful jury to work with. You were punctual, you were attentive, um and the forgotten six over here who had a very difficult job of uh keeping from discussing the case during the time that they were sequestered as well.

All of you, you just, I couldn't have - and uh - it has truly been my pleasure uh. You, I think uh, without commenting on your verdict, the verdicts themselves, just in terms of your um, the attentiveness and the cooperation that you gave to us, this justifies the confidence that the founders of our country placed in you.

So I dismiss you at this time. You're never under any obligation to discuss any aspect of this case with anyone. You're welcome to do so as little or as much as you want. Uh the media have requested, a number of media sources have requested the ability to talk to you and they have been allowed to present presentations to you that you'll get in writing, and it's entirely up to you whether you want content, contact them, they are not to contact you. If anyone does contact you and just, you tell them you're not interested in discussing it, if that's the case; and if anyone persists in doing so, uh report that to us and it will be addressed, I assure you.

Uh, at the beginning of the trial, there was some concern about uh information and uh and your safety, and I assure you that we will take every measure to ensure that, that is, your concerns are addressed and respected. Um and um Ii'm going to talk to you for just a minute, not about anything to do with the case, but just about that sole issue and um, um, you, as I say, you're welcome to discuss the case as little or as much as you want and any questions anybody?

Thank you so much and you're, you're, after four years you're eligible for service again. It would be my pleasure to work with you. Thank you.

Yeah please. Or in the link in the library. It's not going to be more than a minute or maybe.

It will be.

Yeah, take them upstairs, that's fine, that's fine."

HotSprings MediaGroup
A real American hero...hope he Sue's the media...shows how stupid the media is...

Lisgo Brandon
He's a hero. He never should have been tortured with this racist witch hunt.

Justice prevails over pure evil. The fact that this case even took this long should scare anyone who isn't in the cult

Teacher Daphne
Lord, give Your Angel's charge over him and keep him in all his way.

J Lee
Kyle is a true American hero, and we should all be proud of him!

Jeremy Brah
This gives me hope that America is not completely doomed.

Tim Halstead
Awesome, he should of never been charged with a crime, a patriot shouldn't have to worry about being charged with any crime when defending his or herself

Download here: Real-News-Feminist-Husband-Fights-Patriarchy-By-Letting-Wife-Change-Car-Tire-2021-11-18.mp4 - 8,688 kb
By: The Babylon Bee - 18th November 2021
Feminist Husband Fights Patriarchy
By Letting Wife Change Car Tire

If you are male, you are toxic. So fight the patriarchy! Watch and learn how to get rid of your toxic masculinity from this feminist husband.

What responsibility will you let your wife take over to smash the patriarchy?

Austin Krieger
I can't believe how sexist this guy is. He held open the garbage can lid for 'his' wife, as if she isn't strong enough to do it herself. smh

LOVE this lol. My sister is one of those, she's equal if not better than a man at everything, according to her. Yesterday we got 20cm of snow overnight, she called me about a hour ago asking if I would come shovel her drive and walk. Told her this was the PERFECT time for her to show how better than a man she is at some actual work. She didn't think it was too funny, but tough. Shovel your own walk oh queen of equality.

This is basically what I explain to my crazy 3rd wave feminist friends. Like girl you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You guys crack me up!!

Maicho Laa
Feminists: It's not THAT kind of feminism we demand!
Also feminists: The kind we demand is when ever it suits US, not YOU!

People don't like it when they're forced to ride their own crazy train to its ultimate destination. It's never going where they think it's going.

John Smith
Feminists: Women deserve more power! We deserve to be at the top!
Men: Power comes with responsibility and being at the top means risk and hard work.
Feminists: Nope. Just the power! Thanks!

Download here: Real-News-Robert-F-Kennedy-Jr-Joins-Green-Pass-protest-in-Italy-2021-11-13.mp4 - 7,077 kb
By: Global News - 14th November 2021
COVID-19: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
joins "Green Pass" protest in Italy

Prominent COVID-19 anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Saturday joined Italians protesting the "Green Pass," as Italy reported 53 coronavirus deaths and 8,544 new cases.

"They are taking those rights and they will never give them back unless we make them," the leader of the organization Children's Health Defence and nephew of former U.S. president John F. Kennedy told some 7,000 protesters gathered in Milan.

Waving Italian flags and chanting slogans like "hands off the children," the demonstrators expressed their opposition to the Green Pass, a mandatory certificate for all workers in the country.

"It's clearly an instrument for controlling the money supply, controlling individual movements, controlling our kind of new digitalized economy," Kennedy told Reuters.

The measure was approved by the Italian government in September, making it obligatory from Oct. 15 for all workers to show proof of either vaccination, a negative test or recent recovery from infection.

About 65 per cent of the population of the European Economic Area (EEA) — which includes the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway - have received two doses, according to EU data, but the pace has slowed in recent months.

Italy will also offer the third dose to people over 40 beginning Dec. 1.

Most Italians support the mandatory Green Pass, opinion polls show, but protests continued.

Download here: Real-News-The-Big-Christchurch-Freedom-Protest-2021-11-13.mp4 - 135,282 kb
By: Right To Truth - 13th November 2021
The Big Christchurch Freedom Protest
- New Zealand -

Filmed by William Bisset, the big anti-Mandates anti-Tyranny march through the city of Christchurch, New Zealand

Proud to have been there. Amazing to see just how many people there are standing up to the mandates.
Thanks for posting!

Download here: Real-News-More-protests-kick-off-in-Melbourne-over-vaccine-mandate-2021-11-13.mp4 - 6,964 kb
By: - 13th November 2021
More Protests Kick Off in
Melbourne over Vaccine Mandate

A protest has erupted in the Melbourne CBD as a new jab mandate comes into effect.

Josly Rockslide
Andrews will attempt to fake his end at some point.

6 Demon Bag
Who would've thought that a Protest would breathe more life back into the city than Myer and some Pubs re opening....

Priscilla Solanki
Stand strong together in unity not divisions! Freedoms for all humanity! United we stand divided we fall

cancel cancel culture
More and more people are seeing the truth ..

President Xi Jinping's pox doctor
Put Andrews in prison

Hidden Globe
The politicians need to start listening to the people or it will get ugly.

Jenn Merkabah

Download here: Real-News-Robert-F-Kennedy-Jr-on-Vacination-Misinformation-Bern-Switzerland-2021-11-12.mp4 - 10,174 kb
By: chd.europe - 12th November 2021
Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Vacination
Misinformation - Bern, Switzerland

Catherine Austin Fitts and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - Press Conference, Bern, Switzerland, Nov 12.

Go to 19 minutes into video to see where the 2 minute clip came from:

Transcript of 2 minute clip:

"You think about this. I got expelled from Instagram, because of Axiom misinformation. Instagram and Facebook cannot point to one single erroneous statement I ever made. Everything we post, is vetted, it is sourced, incited to government databases or peer reviewed publications.

When they use the term vaccine misinformation, they are using it as a euphemism, or any statement that departs from official government policies, and pharmaceutical industry profit taking. It has nothing to do whether it's true or false. It only has with what the political implications are. And who is doing this censorship? It's government officials, in league with Bill Gates, with Larry Ellison, with Mark Zuckerberg, with Sergei Brin from Google - and all of these internet Titans.

There, they have engineered not only the destruction of our democracy and our civil rights, they have engineered the biggest shift of wealth in human history. $3.8 trillion dollars! From working people to these handful of billionaires, many of them from Silicon Valley.

This pandemic, has impoverished the world, and created 500 New billionaires. And those are the people who are strip mining our economies and making themselves rich. And is it a coincidence? At these, the same people who are censoring criticism of the government policies, that are bringing them trillions of dollars?

People aren't stupid. We can see what's happening. We can ask the question Cui bono. And the answer is - the people who are benefiting - are the people who are squeezing away our constitutional rights and engineering the destruction of democracy worldwide." - Robert F. Kennedy

Download here: Real-News-This-Pivotal-Moment-Episode-1-2021-10-15.mp4 - 102,717 kb
By: ThisPivotalMoment - 10th November 2021
This Pivotal Moment - Episode 1

The proposed global rollout of Vaccine Passports has nothing to do with your health. Vaccine Passports are a Trojan horse being used to create a completely new type of controlled and surveilled society in which the freedom we enjoy today will be a distant memory. It's time to stop this plan in its tracks.

This Pivotal Moment - Episode 1 - The proposed global rollout of Vaccine Passports has nothing to do with your health

Download here: Real-News-Russian-collusion-theory-now-seems-to-be-Hillary-Clintons-hoax-of-the-century-Trump-Innocent-2021-11-09.mp4 - 23,656 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 9th November 2021
Russian collusion theory now seems to be
Hillary Clinton's hoax of the century!
- Trump Innocent? -

The Russian collusion theory now seems to be the "hoax of the century," according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

In 2016, former MI6 agent Christopher Steele produced a dossier outlining sensational allegations against Donald Trump, including, among other things, criminal links with Russia.

Mr Bolt said American media was "obsessed" with the "hoax" for three years.

"But then a year-long investigation by a former FBI boss concluded there was no collusion, and now a special counsel, John Durham, is investigating how the material behind these collusion claims was put together," he said.

"The results are dynamite."

Mr Bolt discussed the issue with Sky News Washington correspondent Annelise Nielsen.

Download here: Real-News-Queensland-Premier-Annastacia-Palaszczuk-Do-It-Or-Else-You-Suffer-2021-11-09.mp4 - 10,257 kb
By: GTV - 9th November 2021
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk:
"Do It - Or Else You Suffer"

No more carrot, it's time for the stick.

Trina's Aussie Garden
And so many still think this is about health. Astounding.

Jon Who
This is fucking madness.

chris georgallis
This is the Beast System.

Steve G
Nothing but respect for you, was great to hear those words. This is a spiritual battle and I know I'm on the right side.
Everybody stay strong you are all doing well.

Col Dunn
We the veterans fought to allow these co called leaders to treat us with Insanity

Aaron Carter
It's hard not to get angry at friends and family that are going along with this shit.
I asked a group of friends what they thought of this segregation. One said, ' Well if it keeps my kids a little bit safer while we're out and about that's OK with me.
The vaccine campaign has deeply ingrained into a lot of people that it's the only way to fix this situation.
I hope eventually there is unquestionable evidence that can convince these people to think more deeply about this as it seems this is unlikely the last time we'll see something like this.

The Cafe and bakery worry me. I live in my car (have for years) but I have a bakery where I get most of my food from (salad bowls/rolls). I prayed the other night about this and the Lord put it upon my heart that it's going to get hard for the unvaxxed, we're all going to end up fully homeless. That's when they'll round us up for the Well Camps. Sheeple don't seem to see it (history's not taught anymore) but this is 1930s Germany all over again but on a global scale.

Download here: Real-News-Noisy-anti-vaccine-mandate-protest-heads-to-Parliament-Wellington-2021-11-13.mp4 - 15,965 kb
By: Stuff - 9th November 2021
Covid-19: Noisy Anti-Vaccine Mandate
Protest (including bikies) Heads to
Parliament, Wellington |

A large contingent of motorcycles blocked Willis St in Wellington behind those protesting restrictions and Covid vaccine mandates.

(Stuff have turned off the Comments section on YouTube, inline with their anti free speech stance.)

NZ Army Military Exercise
Exercise Foxhound - 8th-11th November
The same time as the Alliance are to clear 'the swamp' in NZ
4th November 2021

NZ Army Military Exercise - Exercise Foxhound - 8th-11th November - The same time as the Alliance are to clear 'the swamp' in NZ

Download here: Real-News-Trash-accumulates-on-NY-streets-as-workers-protest-vaccine-mandate-2021-10-31.mp4 - 13,705 kb
By: RT - 31st October 2021
Trash accumulates on NY streets
as workers protest vaccine mandate

Piles of rubbish are growing in some New York districts after workers skipped their collection rounds to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Lancer X
De Blasio is Garbage

Excuse me, I don't remember voting for the World Health Organisation!

Luis Ponce
Governor sounds like a deranged manager that is doubling down on treating their employees like trash. Quitting is inevitable.

Tricia B
I would not mind paying my taxes directly to a fund to pay first responders. Politicians can go broke.

layne levins
Trash on the mayor's lawn , that's brilliant!

Col. Cotton Hill
Making sanitation workers get the shot is just evil.they never cared what those guys are exposed to

Download here: Real-News-Freedom-protest-held-today-in-Tauranga-New-Zealand-2021-10-31.mp4 - 1,491 kb
By: Live World - 31st October 2021
Freedom protest held today
in Tauranga New Zealand

Download here: Covid-Vaxxed-people-dropping-like-flies-in-Auckland-NZ-after-5G-signals-activate-vaxx-ingredients-2021-10-31.mp4 - 3,013 kb
By: Kiwi Driver - 31st October 2021
Vaxxed people dropping like
flies in Auckland, NZ
Are 5G signals activating the vaxx ingredients?

Many healthy, non Covid Experimental Injected people in Auckland, New Zealand, have recently been reporting various symptoms such as: hearing strange high pitch ringing in their ears / difficulty sleeping / difficulty staying awake / nausea / shortness of breathe.

At the same time, there have been many reports of Covid Injected people collapsing to the ground, in several areas of Auckland.

Be kind - quote from Jacinda Ardern, (fake New Zealand Prime Minister)

Download here: Real-News-NEW-ZEALAND-Huge-Haka-for-Freedom-in-Wellington-New-Zealand-In-Protest-Against-Mandates-2021-10-31.mp4 - 7,793 kb
By: Citizen Ascendant - 31st October 2021
NEW ZEALAND - Huge Haka for Freedom in
Wellington, NZ. In Protest Against Mandates

Huge Haka for Freedom in Wellington, New Zealand In Protest Against Mandates

New Zealand is rising in protest against mandates by Jacinda Ardern who seeks to give the government and corporations control over the bodies of its citizens, even to control what substances enter into the bodies of its citizens. This haka was done for the freedom in New Zealand in opposition to the mandates that seek to give the government and control over the bodies of its citizens.

Download here: Real-News-Melbourne-is-Alive-Maskless-People-Standing-Up-against-Government-Tyranny-2021-10-30.mp4 - 19,836 kb
By: BRASS MONKEY - 30th October 2021
Melbourne is Alive! Maskless People
Standing Up against Government Tyranny

Melbourne, Australia protests today. Maskless crowds marching through the city to the parliament.

Media silence on the peaceful protests today.

#australia #danandrews #protests #letsgobrandon

We will not comply!

Josh Higgs
The media silence is utterly disgraceful

Amazing how peaceful a demonstration can be when VicPol don't stick their beaks in!

Lydia Rowe
Be there to give Dan a message from us the people to say NO TO MANDATES NO TO THE BILL NO TO POLICE VIOLENCE...

God bless each person that came out in this peaceful protest against those trying to take our freedom.

Wyatt Family
Victorian citizens AT LAST standing up for themselves. Remember, "The freedoms you surrender today are freedoms your grandchildren will never know existed."

Download here: Real-News-Vaccine-Passport-Protest-In-Switzerland-Features-Yokes-Also-Italy-Paris-Seattle-New-York-City-2021-10-28.mp4 - 15,738 kb
By: TheDC Shorts - 28th October 2021
Vaccine Passport Protest In Switzerland Features Yokes
Also Italy, Paris, Seattle, New York City

As protests continue to spread across Europe, a protest in Switzerland features people wearing yokes, a tool typically meant for oxen and other animals to pull farming equipment.

Download here: Real-News-Ryan-Bridge-The-AM-Show-Questioning-Ashley-Bloomfield-re-90-percent-vaccination-rate-2021-10-27.mp4 - 1,232 kb
By: The AM Show - 27th October 2021
Ryan Bridge from The AM Show
Questioning Ashley Bloomfield re
New Zealand's Meaningless 90% Vaccination Rate

New Zealand's 90% vaccination rate is meaningless?

Has the government been lying to us?


Satanic reptilian Queen is exposed once and for all!!!
Visuals cut out at the 34 minutes due to technical issues but the audio still runs!!!
Link to full live stream

This has now been published in a well known Canadian newspaper!!!

The US GOVERNMENT is also involved with this horrific stuff. Clinton foundation, Bush Foundation, Obama Foundation, Oprah most Senators and Congress , Police and CIA

Reptilians are the fallen angels the bible talks about, and probably are members of the freemason's. Their god is satan.

Thank you for exposing this. I had heard this to be true years ago...but as she said it is
so hard to comprehend this depth of evil. Just shows how dark a human can become without
the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ. Thank you God for sending your Son to save us from
this pit of a world that we live in.

You wonder why no one would stand up against these satanic agenda. These people would rather save their own life. Jesus said those who save their own life will lose it and those who lose it for my sake will find it. It won't be long until judgement pour out on the entire world.

Recently my bible app start playing Revelation 19 all by itself. It was God telling all of us to rejoice and sing Hallelujah because God is about to judge the wicked.

Princess Di also said they are reptilians and she was so afraid of them!!

Pray for the babies. Pray for this woman for speaking the truth. God bless you Jeanette Archer for exposing and shattering the darkness of these EVIL fallen ones!!!


The citizens of England need to rise up and abolish the monarchy

Download here: Jacinda-Ardern/Videos/1/Jacinda-Ardern-Now-Looks-Mad-Liz-Gunns-love-letter-to-Real-Kiwis-2021-10-22.mp4 - 73,716 kb
By: Lizalwaysfree - 22nd October 2021
Free New Zealand
Jacinda Ardern Now Looks Mad
Liz Gunn's love letter to Real Kiwis

Love your passion and vision. Like you I see only darkness in New Zealand but the lights are starting to shine. Your vision for a transforming political party is right on the money!! Can I suggest you contact Sue Grey of the Outdoors Party, she has the same passion as you for our nation and the same vision. She's already fighting in court against the jab and has made giant steps towards halting the insanity of this government. If we stand together we can beat this and truth will win. Stay strong and many will follow.

Love to you Liz, fellow heart crusader. Sue Grey in her High Court Case yesterday told the Judge that 203 people have died as a result of the injection.
Covid - Vaccine - Graphene Oxide - variants/Delta (Severe side effects) -
No early intervention - Hospitalisation - Death

Thank you Liz, from the bottom of my heart. This is exactly what we need. Those of us who are awake and aware, are so concerned! And you're right, it is evil - and so divisive. I'm in my 70's, and so saddened that my own children do not understand. They think I'm 'pushing my anti-vx views' onto them when I try to bring things to their attention. Everyone in the family (and extended family) is jabbed... I have 5 young grandchildren. If the worse happens at some time in the future, as a result of the job, I'll need to take care of them (which is fine but my health is compromised lately). Plus, 3 of them live in Europe. I've been so very worried for my beautiful family. It's heartbreaking. ps: I'm not generally 'anti-vx', but I am against this experimental concoction.

Download here: Real-News-Old-Man-Cruz-Refuses-Safety-Man-Mandate-to-get-the-Jab-and-Wins-2021-10-14.mp4 - 2,386 kb
By: Mimetic Delirium - 14th October 2021
Old Man Cruz Refuses Safety Man's
Mandate to get the Jab - and Wins

This guy deserves a 100 thousand thumbs up!

tom reid
Being in construction, Ive known plenty of older MEN like this. Pay attention kids, this is how a FREE man lives his life.

Me, myself and I Nameless
This guy rules.

Posi Tano
God Bless you and your crew, Cruz. Love from Kentucky.

Jeannette Peters
Hells yeah BROTHER!! I love me some good old fashioned, walking, talking, ass kicking, straight shooting, no-nonsense commentary like that. I could not say it any better myself!!

L. Patrick
Places and people also need to be prepared to shut places down if their employers start mandating the jabs for new hires. Don't just stand up for yourselves! Stand up for the future Americans, too!


Download here: Real-News-Tacoma-Port-Ships-are-not-being-unloaded-the-shortages-are-deliberate-2021-10-14.mp4 - 20,273 kb
By: Dr. Stephen E. Jones - 14th October 2021
Tacoma Port - Ships are not being unloaded,
the shortages are deliberate

Ships are not being unloaded, the shortages are deliberate

Shortages are being mandated by the government in order to bring the country to its knees. While ships outside Los Angeles and Seattle are piled up, there are NO SHIPS BEING UNLOADED. It's not that there are no truck drivers. The drivers are waiting to be loaded.

This is a problem with your government officials, bribed by China, to weaken us militarily and economically. This is a "soft war," an attempt to defeat a nation without having to fight a battle.

I saw a short video on Telegram showing empty trucks and their drivers waiting to be loaded at the port in Seattle. One of the truck drivers sent it out on Tik Toc.

Download here: Real-News-Kim-Iversen-VIOLENT-Protests-Show-The-World-Is-OVER-Covid-Mandates-2021-10-14.mp4 - 56,583 kb
By: The Hill - 14th October 2021
Kim Iversen: VIOLENT Protests Show
The World Is OVER Covid Mandates

Kim Iversen details the protests against vaccine mandates taking place worldwide.

About Rising:
Rising is a weekday morning show with bipartisan hosts that breaks the mold of morning TV by taking viewers inside the halls of Washington power like never before. The show leans into the day's political cycle with cutting edge analysis from DC insiders who can predict what is going to happen. It also sets the day's political agenda by breaking exclusive news with a team of scoop-driven reporters and demanding answers during interviews with the country's most important political newsmakers.

Finally a report on what is actually happening all around the world!
Bravo to a rare and brave journalist:

aily hoang
At last, a major news outlet that actually provides some "news" - raw, real information.

Adina Haun
Another example of comprehensive coverage by Kim-good job!!

What the people that crave security don't realise, is that their protector creates the crisis they want to feel protected from.

Download here: Real-News-Paris-Protesters-Shut-Down-Country-Elites-are-Scared-Now-2021-10-13.mp4 - 1,775 kb
By: 504Cut - 13th October 2021
Paris Protesters Shut Down Country..... !!!!!
Elites are Scared Now .......

Looks like Freedom to me, they should come and teach America a few things!

B. R. Supreme-Constitution
So many individuals in France value their rights, freedoms, and civil liberties. Inspirational.

I have no words to describe how amazing the French people are standing firm against their government. I would love to have THEM teach this to Canadians as well as Americans.

Peter.A. Langan
Every country has something they are very good at and the French have shown time and again a healthy disrespect for the authorities when they overstep the mark. They are the bench mark when it comes to protesting.

Mike Hawk
I love seeing people standing up for what they believe - if we allow the ruling parties to take our freedoms we will never get them back. Inaction on our part is the same as compliance or support of their actions. I will not comply!

Malcolm Henaughan
Absolutely fantastic, the people are the masters, politicians are our servants, they need to get the message...Bravo..

Download here: Real-News-Anti-vax-protesters-take-over-Rome-targeting-Draghis-office-2021-10-11.mp4 - 18,783 kb
By: Daily Mail - 11th October 2021
Covid-19: Anti-vax protesters take
over Rome targeting Draghi's office

Protesters gathered in Rome to protest against Covid-19 vaccine passports but were blasted with water cannons as they clashed with police officers during the 'No Green Pass' on Saturday. The groups were protesting a government rule requiring Covid-19 vaccines or negative tests to access workplaces next week. Elsewhere, demonstrators gathered in Basel (left), Switzerland, to protest against the Covid-19 vaccine and civil restrictions after the Government made it mandatory to have a Covid certificate for vaccination or negative test to enter some public places.

Download here: Real-News-Covid-Police-Australia-Has-Completely-Lost-Its-Mind-2021-10-09.mp4 - 22,754 kb
By: The Daily Wire - 9th October 2021
Covid Police
Australia Has Completely Lost Its Mind

Australia has implemented some of the strictest COVID lockdowns in the world, with police arresting citizens for not wearing masks and attending protests.

I can't believe the policemen don't have enough conscience to say "This is wrong, I quit."

Uncle Doug
Sometimes the price for "feeling safe" becomes too high. Apparently the public acceptance of disarmament emboldened the leadership to curtail the freedom of their "subjects" even further.

ndn ndn
The fact that no western MSM or governments are speaking up about this speaks volumes.

One hour of exercise outside per day... It's nice of them to give their prisoners some yard time.

The government will NEVER hold itself responsible for harming its citizens.

All this so an 85 year old, obese diabetic might not die from covid a month earlier than their predictable life span.

Samuel R
This is what will happen in America if they ever get our guns.

Download here: Real-News-David-Ickes-Final-Warning-Everyone-Needs-to-Pay-Attention-to-This-Its-Happening-2021-10-08.mp4 - 43,877 kb
By: MotivHolic - 8th October 2021
David Ickes' Final Warning: "Everyone Needs
to Pay Attention to this - It's Happening!"

Borrowed Truths
"If you have to be persuaded, reminded pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized ... If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance -- you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest." - Ian Watson

Kathy Miller
I'm 66 years old and I've see a lot! This world is crazy !!! I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees! Raising my granddaughter! We are Rebels!!!

"If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." - a fortune cookie I never forgot

james jones
I encourage everyone to scroll the comments on these videos. Your not as alone you may feel at times. When they call us the silent majority that's an accurate description. I truly believe we are the majority and we should act like it

Joanne Harrison
I nearly gave up but I looked in my kids eyes and realised what I was fighting for.

Our county in Pennsylvania is only 37% vaccinated - more people where I live know what's really going on. I am proud of them!

Download here: Real-News-100-Protesters-ARRESTED-against-Mandatory-Vaccinations-in-Melbourne-2021-10-08.mp4 - 6,201 kb
By: Mali Hawke - 8th October 2021
100 Protesters ARRESTED against
Mandatory Vaccinations in Melbourne

Over 100 Protesters have been arrested in Melbourne. The protests throughout the city were against the mandatory vaccination policy.

Protest outside the courts if the arrested people get prosecuted!

"And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you'd be cracking the skull of a cutthroat.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

dze zonja
Funny how this exact thing is happening in many countries around the world, yet very little is shown.

Download here: Real-News-If-Cryptocurrency-Was-Honest-Bitcoin-Dogecoin-Ethereum-Stellar-and-Binance-Parody-2021-10-07.mp4 - 13,915 kb
By: Cracked - 7th October 2021
If Cryptocurrency Was Honest - (Bitcoin,
Dogecoin, Ethereum, Stellar and Binance Parody)

Everybody is familiar with money, but thanks to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Stellar and Binance, we can now exchange those boring green presidential napkins, for sexy computer cash that's easier to lose, far more volatile, slaughters the environment, and can't be exchanged for the vast majority of goods and services! Honest!

Download here: Real-News-Anti-vaccine-mandate-protesters-attack-COVID-testing-unit-in-NYC-2021-10-05.mp4 - 6,543 kb
By: Ruptly - 5th October 2021
Anti-vaccine mandate protesters
attack COVID testing unit in NYC

A group of anti-vaccine mandate protesters attacked a COVID-19 testing station in Union Square, NYC.

Teachers and other school workers rallied from the Department of Education's headquarters in Brooklyn uptown to denounce mandatory vaccines.

New York City authorities say they introduced the measure to curb the spread of the virus and encourage people to get inoculated.

The mandate allows for medical and religious exemptions, but the protesters believe it infringes their freedoms.

Thousands of unvaccinated school employees are being placed on unpaid leave with plans for substitutes to stand in for them.

In a press conference Mayor Bill de Blasio justified the mandate saying it was 'the right thing to do' as parents 'need to know their kids will be safe'.

Download here: Real-News-Australia-Is-a-Terrifying-Look-at-the-New-World-Order-Police-State-2021-10-03.mp4 - 17,657 kb
By: Young Americans for Liberty - 3rd October 2021
Australia Is a Terrifying Look
at the "New World Order" Police State

1996: Australia gives up their guns…

Download here: - 112,885 kb
By: One America News Network - 2nd October 2021
India govt' declares most populated
state officially COVID free
after widespread use of Ivermectin

India's most populated state, with 241 million people, has been declared covid-free after widespread use of Ivermectin. Meanwhile, in American news, pharmaceutical stocks are up sharply, as profits dramatically increase…

While the mainstream media condemns the use of ivermectin, the most populated state in India just declared they are officially COVID free after promoting widespread use of the safe, proven medicine. One America's Pearson Sharp has more.

Download here: Real-News-Clive-Palmer-speaks-out-about-NSW-Premier-Gladys-Berejiklian-Resignation-2021-10-02.mp4 - 1,434 kb
By: - 2nd October 2021
Clive Palmer speaks out about NSW
Premier Gladys Berejiklian's Resignation

Gladys Berejiklian - Premier of NSW - first one to fall - how many more...

Gladys Berejiklian received tens of millions of $$ from big Pharma to plug Covid-19 Injections

All NWO plants give this code on their way out to show Mission Accomplished

Download here: Covid-Tucker-shreds-Australias-tough-COVID-restrictions-2021-10-01.mp4 - 29,877 kb
By: Fox News - 1st October 2021
Tucker shreds Australia's
tough COVID restrictions

Fox News host gives his take on Australian government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the protests that have ensued because of it on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' #FoxNews #Tucker

Mike Hayden
So, apparently it's NOT just America - the whole world has turned into Clown World...!!!

Timothy O'Brien
"The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie" - Alexander solzhenitsyn

dee bee
The horrors going on in the world right now are almost unbearable. Prayers to everyone, vaxxed or not, American or Australian. We need to fight for our freedom before there's nothing left to fight for.

Jojo's ASMR
i've been living in sydney australia and have been in lockdown for 4 months. all of my friends and family are literally going insane. bruh

Astto Scott
When the unlawful becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

Richard Mueller
Looks like Australia turned back into a prison colony...

Download here: Real-News-Woman-Tears-Up-Woke-Ads-On-Subway-Train-2021-09-30.mp4 - 9,834 kb
By: TheDC Shorts - 30th September 2021
Woman Tears Up Woke Ads On Subway Train

A woman was captured on camera ripping up ads from OKCupid, a popular dating site, while riding on the subway train in New York.

Mike Hayden
So, apparently it's NOT just America - the whole world has turned into Clown World...!!!

Timothy O'Brien
"The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie" - Alexander solzhenitsyn

dee bee
The horrors going on in the world right now are almost unbearable. Prayers to everyone, vaxxed or not, American or Australian. We need to fight for our freedom before there's nothing left to fight for.

Jojo's ASMR
i've been living in sydney australia and have been in lockdown for 4 months. all of my friends and family are literally going insane. bruh

Astto Scott
When the unlawful becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

Richard Mueller
Looks like Australia turned back into a prison colony...

Download here: Real-News-Tucker-Carlson-The-cult-of-coronavirus-has-become-its-own-religion-2021-09-28.mp4 - 21,845 kb
By: Fox News - 28th September 2021
Tucker Carlson: The cult of
coronavirus has become its own religion

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host reveals how American leaders have become obsessed with worshipping Dr. Fauci.

Download here: Covid-Doctor-Vernon-Coleman-blows-the-whistle-on-the-COVID-19-VACCINE-2021-09-25.mp4 - 194,978 kb
By: StoneFaithPatriot - 25th September 2021
Doctor Vernon Coleman blows the whistle
on the COVID-19 "VACCINE"


Truthbomber, 6 weeks ago
I'm afraid that at this point everyone that's pushing the vac is aware of How deadly the vac is and they are part of the cabal and are helping them push agenda 21

God bless us all.

Doctors attend annual and semi-annual seminars to keep themselves up to date on the latest medications, treatments, procedures, illnesses, and viruses. I suspect that doctors and their staff have been unwittingly brainwashed unbeknownst to them. I believe that something similar to MK Ultra has been used on the majority a vast majority of doctors, nurses, and other medical specialists in that manner, so they have no idea as to what ti is that they doing.

One highly touted doctor who is recognized and respected by his peers worldwide for the books and journals he has authored, and for his innovations in medicine and various groundbreaking procedures in various fields of medicine. He recently stated in an interview that many doctors that he knows personally and highly respects them for the work that they do in their field of medicine, these doctors have been and ARE doing things to treat COVID patients that they would NEVER do in a million years, and their actions are killing their patients - ALL of their patients. He has seen them and spoken to them and describes their behavior thusly; "It's like they are in a trance. They are functioning almost as if they were machinery." THAT raises questions of MK Ultra brainwashing techniques. The CIA used (and possibly STILL uses) these techniques to program people to carry out various actions that they would normally NEVER do.

Consider for a moment the shooters in the majority of the many mass shootings that have happened in the U.S.A. over the years. They all seem to be in a trance, as if they are brainwashed. Something triggers them to do what they do. Now that our public education system is KNOWN to be programming children with a hatred of capitalism and the U.S.A., and a strong affinity for socialism, how much of a stretch is it to believe that a majority of them were programmed right in their school classrooms to become deeply involved in BLM, ANTIFA, and other similar organizations, then riot in the streets. Possible.

Download here: Real-News-South-Africa-Zulu-people-against-mandatory-vaccinations-2021-09-25.mp4 - 13,222 kb
By: Live World - 25th September 2021
South Africa Zulu People
Against Mandatory Vaccinations

Download here: Real-News-Police-State-Its-scary-Police-swarm-shopping-centre-with-helicopters-drones-and-horses-2021-09-24.mp4 - 46,116 kb
By: Rebel News - 24th September 2021
"It's scary": Police swarm shopping centre
with helicopters, drones and horses.

Local residents are baffled as the police show up en masse to patrol shopping centers.

Rebel News: Telling the other side of the story. for more great Rebel content.

Dom Pepz
They aren't police, they're prison guards......

Simon Church
How the entire population doesn't rise up to this is shocking…

Doesn't matter what crazy government mandate there is, you'll always find a police officer ready to enforce it. That should tell you everything right there

Bob Saget
Imagine being an Australian police officer and legitimately thinking you're doing the right thing

YouNoWhy ThatIs
But....we are all in this together.god,I'm sick off hearing that.

Jake Richards
Australia is a trial run for the world.

Download here: Real-News-The-Rule-of-Law-is-Gone-in-Australia-it-is-Now-Under-The-Rule-of-Thuggery-2021-09-22.mp4 - 128,520 kb
By: TheCrowhouse - 22nd September 2021
The Rule of Law is Gone in Australia
It is Now Under the Rule of Thuggery

"We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force." - Ayn Rand

"The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, then they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater." - Frank Zappa

"The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth." - George Orwell

"There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life." - Frank Zappa

"Their stupidity does not amaze me, its when they're smart that amazes me. It's baffling whenever you find someone who's smart - incredible. Soon you'll have zoos for such things." - Frank Zappa

"A single person who stops lying can bring down a tyranny" Alexandr Solzhenitsyn


Download here: Real-News-Why-does-Jen-Psaki-constantly-taste-the-air-2021-09-20.mp4 - 1,802 kb
By: Epoch US News - 20th September 2021
Why does Jen Psaki Constantly Taste the Air?
Why does Psaki constantly do this?

David Trusty
OMG. She is tasting the air. Lizards and snakes do this when they are looking for food. I am thoroughly creeped out now.

Jammy Gitt
Maybe David Icke's theories about the Lizard People were not so crazy after all :) I can tell you after a hard day's work of deceiving and obfuscating Jen does like to unwind by wearing her favorite cloak and pointy hat and taking the old broom out for a spin.

Thomas Benton
She's Pendar's wife. Queen, kinda looks like the queen in Aliens, of a race known as the Reptilians which inhabit Inner Earth

Therra LéPissed
This facial expression is the first way we learn how to express distaste for something. It is formed in very early childhood because babies push food out of their mouths if they don't like how it tastes. It's an unconscious movement that means we don't like whatever is going on

Psychological reaction when she receives a hostile question akin to a Little girl sticking her tongue out at the bully.
Watch for the pattern associated to who is asking the questions. IE fox, AON, real journalist.
It's very predictable.

Reptiles often flick their tongues to collect odors that are present in tiny particles of moisture in the air. This is how they get a better sense of their surroundings (food, water, possible threats, prey, etc.)

Download here: Real-News-72-year-old-Australian-man-telling-it-how-it-is-2021-09-18.mp4 - 3,395 kb
By: joey dunlop - 18th September 2021

72 year old Australian man telling it how it is!

yes over regulation is a big problem.
the more rules, the more shit.

Australia must have a civil war. It went from prison colony, to a semblance of auto-determination, right back to a prison colony.

joey dunlop
Van dieman's land is a hell for a man.

Download here: Covid-19-Vaccinated-South-African-doctor-murders-her-3-children-in-Timaru-NZ-2021-09-17.mp4 - 5,066 kb
By: - 17th September 2021
Fully Vaccinated South African Doctor
Murders Her 3 Children in Timaru, New Zealand

Dr. Graham and Dr. Lauren Dickason with their 3 beautiful children - before their vaccinated mother murdered them in their Queen Street home in Timaru, New Zealand
Dr. Graham and Dr. Lauren Dickason with their 3 beautiful children -
before their fully vaccinated mother murdered them in their Queen Street home in Timaru, New Zealand

The (fully vaccinated with Experimental Covid-19 injections) mother of three young girls found dead at a Timaru house has been charged with their murder.

Police allege Lauren Dickason killed her twin daughters Maya and Karla, 2, and their older sister Liane, 6, at the property in Queen St, Parkside, on Thursday.

The 40-year-old was charged with their murder late on Friday and will appear in the Timaru District Court on Saturday morning.

Graham and Lauren Dickason and their three children Liane, 6, and twins Maya, and Karla, 2, moved to New Zealand from South Africa in late August. On Thursday the children were found dead at a home in Timaru.

"Police would like to reassure the community that this was a tragic isolated incident and we are not seeking anyone else," Detective Inspector Scott Anderson said in a statement.

Dickason’s husband Graham Dickason returned home shortly before 10pm on Thursday and found the girls’ bodies.

He called for help, and neighbours overheard him screaming and yelling, saying: “Is this really happening?”

Emergency services were quickly on the scene, but the girls could not be saved.

Lauren Dickason was taken to the nearby Timaru Hospital for treatment, and remained there on Friday afternoon in a stable condition.

The family had recently arrived in New Zealand and had been in Timaru for just a week after moving from South Africa and leaving managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ).

The family – Graham, an orthopaedic surgeon, Lauren, a doctor, and their three girls – arrived in New Zealand in late August, a photograph online showing the girls happily clutching little kiwis and with beaming smiles as they embarked on their new life.

Speaking to Stuff on Friday from South Africa, Lauren Dickason’s parents Wendy and Malcolm Fawkes said they were “devastated” to hear of the tragedy.

“The extended families are in a state of shock as we try to understand what happened. We ask for your prayers and support during this very difficult time.

“We would also request privacy as we battle to come to terms with what has happened.

“We would like to thank the staff of Timaru Hospital for their support at this difficult time ... and the New Zealand police for their attention to this matter.”

An interim order suppressing publication of the names was briefly put in place by Coroner Marcus Elliott to allow police to contact relatives, but was lifted on Friday evening.

Anderson earlier said police were speaking with people from the Queen St home and no-one else was wanted in connection with the incident. The property involved is believed to be used as housing for staff at the hospital, which is about 200 metres away. The children's bodies were removed from the scene late on Friday afternoon. Flowers were left in tribute nearby, along with a soft toy. Police spent the day examining the home and would return on Saturday.

The couple had recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. In a social media post, Lauren Dickason thanked her husband saying: “What an adventure. We have truly created a beautiful family and had many good times together.”

Neighbours Karen and Brad Cowper said they called police just after 10pm on Thursday when they heard a man screaming and crying.

“We asked him if he was OK. He did not respond to us and was screaming and crying hysterically,” Karen Cowper told Stuff.

She said they heard the man saying, “Is this really happening?”

It is unclear where the man had been before he returned home...


Fully Vaccinated South African Doctor Murders Her 3 Children in Timaru, New Zealand
Three-year-old twin sisters and a 7-year-old girl have been killed in a triple homicide in Timaru

World leaders are complicit in Global Genocide!

Download here: Covid-19-US-FDA-Warn-That-Pfizer-Vaccine-Kills-5-people-to-Save-1-Life-2021-09-17.mp4 - 6,391 kb
By: U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - 17th September 2021

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
WARN that Pfizer Vaccines
Kill 5 People to Save 1 Life!!!

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee - 9/17/2021

Join us for a Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meeting to discuss Pfizer-BioNTech's supplemental Biologics License Application for administration of a third dose, or "booster" dose, of the COVID-19 vaccine, Comirnaty, in individuals 16 years of age and older.

[Note: The above section of the 8:09:40 long Virtual Meeting video, was taken from the 4:20:23 mark and onwards.]

At 4:20:31 on the original FDA Virtual Meeting video, FDA member Steve Kirsch (the Executive Director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund) said: "Pfizer vaccine kills more people than it saves."

FDA member Steve Kirsch, Executive Director COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund said: 'Pfizer vaccine kills more people than it saves.'

Traitors such as: Presidents / Prime Ministers / Health Officials (*see below) are FULLY AWARE that these EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS are KILLING more people than the original heavily patented biological warfare weapon, which is falsely called the SARS-COV-2 virus. This is why the SARS-COV-2 virus has never been isolated by any laboratory Globally; for if it was isolated, they will find that this is actually a heavily patented biological warfare weapon - that was 'designed' to KILL PEOPLE. Further, the ownership of the patents traces back to Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci etc.

* Traitors complicit in this GENOCIDE are: Anthony Fauci - Nancy Pelosi - Joe Biden - Barack Obama - Bill Gates - Hillary Clinton - George H. W. Bush - Bill Clinton - George Soros - George W. Bush - Robert Mueller - John McCain USA - World Health Organisation - United Nations - Queen Elizabeth II - Prince Charles - Prince Andrew - John Howard - Bob Hawk - Paul Keating - Jacinda Ardern - Ashley Bloomfield - John Key - Helen Clark etc

Transcript from FDA Virtual Meeting @ 4:20:23 onwards:
(original video:

"Thank you Dr. Freeman. The next speaker is Mr Steve Kirsch."

"Hi, I'm Steve Kersh. I'm Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund.

I have no conflicts.

Uh, advance to slide number four with the elephant. I'm going to focus my remarks today on the elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about - that the vaccines kill more people than they save.

Today we focus almost exclusively on Covid death saves and vaccine efficacy, because we were led to believe that the vaccines are perfectly safe. But this is simply not true. For example there were four times as many heart attacks in the treatment group in the Pfizer six-month trial report; that wasn't bad luck. The error shows heart attacks happened 71 times more often following these vaccines, compared to any other vaccine. In all, 20 people died who got the drug, 14 died who got the placebo. Few people noticed that. If the net all caused mortality from the vaccines is negative, vaccines boosters and mandates are all nonsensical. This is the case today.

Death rates, um, let's slide number seven, advance uh to the number seven, in lower, a part. This shows that the all cause death light rate in three cases, only the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) numbers are statistically significant; but the other numbers are troubling. Even if the vaccines have 100 protection, it still means we killed two people to save one life.

Four experts did analyses using completely different non US data sources and all of them came up with approximately the same number of excess vaccine related deaths. About 411 deaths per million doses. That translates into 150,000 people have died!

The next slide would be slide number 11. Uh, the nursing home. Now the real numbers confirm that we kill more than we save and I will, uh, I would love everyone to look at the Israel Ministry of Health data on the 90-plus year olds, where we went to, we went from a 94.4% vaccinated group to 82.9% vaccinated in the last four months. In the most optimistic scenario it means that 50% of the vaccinated people died and 0% of unvaccinated people died. Unless you can explain that to the American public, you cannot approve the boosters.

Slide number 16 please. Myocarditis. Uh, the paper just posted yesterday on Med Archive entitled mRNA Covid-19 Vaccination Development of CMR confirmed Myocarditis, shows that the Myocarditis risk was one in a thousand and that's an overall age range from 16, uh, 18 to 65 mean age of 33. It is not inconsistent with what the VAERS shows.

Next slide would be slide number 18 - gaming of the trial. It's pretty clear that the Pfizer trial results were gained. It's statistically impossible for protocol violation to be five times higher in the treatment group. Why hasn't this been investigated?

Slide number 19. Um, Maddie de Gray was, was 12 when she enrolled in the Pfizer phase 3 trial for kids. Now she's paralyzed for life. It wasn't recorded by - in the Pfizer results. I told Janet Woodcock there was no investigation. Please tell us why this was not - why this fraud was not investigated?

And finally, um, slide number 20 please. Um, early treatments are much better alternative to boosters. The proof is that in Israel - cases are at an all time high. In India, Uttar Pradesh is now Covid-19 free, as of today! Almost NOBODY there is vaccinated.

Thank you."

"Okay, thank you, uh..."

Download here: Satanism-ZOMBIES-on-Streets-of-Philadelphia-Kensington-Ave-What-happened-today-2021-09-19.mp4 - 39,801 kb
By: kimgary - 15th September 2021
ZOMBIES on the Streets of Philadelphia,
Kensington Ave. What happened today...

Most dangerous street in Philadelphia
Kensington Philadelphia Drug & Crime Problems
Violent crime and drug abuse in Philadelphia as a whole is a major problem. The city's violent crime rate is higher than the national average and other similarly sized metropolitan areas. Also alarming is Philadelphia's drug overdose rate. The number of drug overdose deaths in the city increased by 50% from 2013 to 2015, with more than twice as many deaths from drug overdoses as deaths from homicides in 2015.2 A big part of Philadelphia's problems stem from the crime rate and drug abuse in Kensington.

Because of the high number of drugs in Kensington, the neighborhood has a drug crime rate of 3.57, the third-highest rate by neighborhood in Philadelphia. Like a lot of the country, a big part of this issue is a result of the opioid epidemic. Opioid abuse has skyrocketed over the last two decades in the United States and Philadelphia is no exception. Along with having a high rate of drug overdose deaths, 80% percent of Philadelphia's overdose deaths involved opioids and Kensington is a big contributor to this number. This Philly neighborhood is purportedly the largest open-air narcotics market for heroin on the East Coast with many neighboring residents flocking to the area for heroin and other opioids. With such a high number of drugs in Kensington, many state and local officials have zoned in on this area to try and tackle Philadelphia's problem.

Robert Bruce
This is the result of a country that has rejected their Creator God and instead worship: religion, government, evolution, materialism, sex, self etc. Proverbs 16:25 There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

My heart absolutely breaks to see people who are created in the image of God, so devoid of Him spiritually.

Misfit Reborn Gamma
I watch this and my heart breaks. This is someone's daughter, son, uncle, sister, mother, dad, cousin. This is awful.

shane smith
Kids all around the world need to see this in school. This will scare the hell out of them

L@dy Fever
Sad reality, it is depressing to see so many young people immersed in wrong decisions, but it is also good to raise awareness. Thanks for sharing.

Philipp S26
While watching this and similar videos, I'm lying in my bed and can't believe my luck for having such a good life!! I'm so glad for it! It's so hard to see these people!!

Your videos are compelling and depressing, they awaken disgust and empathy at the same time, there has to be a solution to the epidemic of drug abuse on the streets.

David Briggs
Unbelievable seeing so many wasted and vulnerable people. Cannot begin to imagine how tough it is in winter.

Download here: Real-News-Riccardo-Bosi-AustraliaOne-Party-Where-We-Go-One-We-Go-All-2021-09-15.mp4 - 7,857 kb
By: AustraliaOne Party - 15th September 2021
Riccardo Bosi - AustraliaOne Party
- Where We Go One, We Go All -
Important Message for all Australians

Riccardo Bosi has an important message for all Australians:

Ladies and gentlemen of Australia. My name is Ricardo Bosi and I am the national lead of Australia One.

In the coming days weeks and months, disturbing rumours, concerning the governance of our country, will begin to circulate. These rumours will appear to be so incredible, so unlikely and even so ludicrous, that the only sensible response would appear to be to dismiss them out of hand. Some of these rumours will in time indeed prove to be false. Unfortunately, some will be true and be prima facie evidence, of the despicable crimes of treason and sedition; and some even morally worse, by those at the highest levels of power, in Australia.

During this time, it is imperative you monitor closely, the responses of those who comprise the polity, the judiciary, the bureaucracy, the military, the constabulary, the corporations, the media, academia and religious organizations. The case can already be made, that many of these people are already attainted of treason. But if any remain silent, in the face of an obvious attack on Australian sovereignty, they will have signed their own death warrants.

Remember them, from the governor general and state governors, through parliament, through all the courts including the high court, through the public service, the defence force, the police forces, the boardrooms, the unions, the charities, the mainstream media, schools and universities and finally even the churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and lodges. Remember their names and who they are. Remember what they said and what they did not say. Remember what they did and what they did not do.

Why and how has it come to this? Simply put for decades now, we have been deceived by those whom we trusted. Slowly the truth has been revealed by the tireless efforts of a few, and this has been a most difficult task. Some of you will have heard it said, sometimes you can't tell people, you just have to show them. And to put that in the Australian vernacular, some people just need to piss on the electric fence for themselves! Thankfully enough of us are now awake to the lies and our numbers continue to grow - faster every day.

So what should we do? Firstly be calm. Know that we can and will win this war. Secondly be united, no matter how many they send against us, they cannot defeat 25 million Australians, who stand together as one; and simply say, in a clear strong and unconquerable voice, "No consent! No consent! No consent!"

Thirdly be brave. Some of us might be hurt and some of us might die. But if we truly seek liberty, we must win it for ourselves. Nothing worth winning is won cheaply. Fourthly, be good. We the people must win this war with non-violent, noncooperation. Because the manner of our victory, is of foundational importance, to the future of Australia as a nation state.

We must win this war with such moral authority, that we are able to win the peace that follows. Finally, when all is done, the guilty will be punished. We will deal with the traitors in a lawful manner, which after the reprehensible, coordinated malfeasance and violence, that they have visited upon us, that would be more than they deserve. And we will do this because we, the common people of Australia, are, and have always been so much more than the elites. We are better than they are. We have not and we will not sacrifice our decency and our humanity to win this war as they have done.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to enter a period of history without precedent. A war for the world and we, you and I are on the front line. Be calm, be united, be brave and be good. And finally remember, that we fight, as G.K. Chesterton wrote: "Not because we hate what is in front of us, but because we love what is behind us."

Thank you.

About Riccardo Bosi:
Riccardo Bosi is a much sought after speaker and consultant in leadership, strategy and innovation. He works with private industry, the public sector as well as the military, by drawing on his over 40 years of experience in all three.

He is a former Australian Army Special Forces lieutenant colonel who served in the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific; as well as a long-term adviser to the United Arab Emirates Special Operations Command. Riccardo's experience in industry spans international corporations to small to medium enterprises.

Download here: Real-News-Covid-19-Hateful-Joe-Rogan-Is-Spreading-Misinformation-and-Must-Be-Stopped-2021-09-08.mp4 - 52,130 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 8th September 2021

Hateful Joe Rogan Is Spreading Misinformation
about Covid-19 / Ivermectin & Must Be Stopped!

Hateful Joe Rogan Is Spreading Misinformation and Must Be Stopped! You'll learn everything you need to know about the recent Joe Rogan controversy. Joe's COVID Experience, CNN's Ivermectin Claims.

emf 303
Calling ivermectin a horse dewormer is like calling penicillin a chicken antibiotic.

High Intensity Health
How dare he share the 'unproven' solutions he took to kick the crap out of C*19 in just four days, what an a-hole?!? If only he could still be hospitalized like Oscar De La Hoya

The thing is ivermectin has won Nobel prizes because of how good it is. It was called a miracle drug. Lol. It wasn't originally made to be used for horses. It just works.

Matt H
If there was no such thing as tv, internet, would anyone seriously be able to tell there was a pandemic?

AverageCountryGirl Nikki
"Getting over a sickness with treatments we don't profit off of, is PROBABLY also causing climate change"

Download here: Real-News-Fathers-Day-in-FASCIST-Australia-2021-09-05.mp4 - 4,824 kb
By: GTV - 5th September 2021

Fathers Day in FASCIST Australia

NSW QLD Border
Father's Day in 2021. Families split by the border meet at plastic barriers to celebrate. Hundreds of people lined up along the road, some have tables and chairs

Glenda Richardson
This is disgusting how a government can stop family's getting together for Father's Day or ant day.

Jackleen Toop
This made me cry, I fn hate Australia at the moment. To all of you who gave the biggest thumbs up to both sides of the border, I thank you. The most important thing in all of this is family. It's the only thing that we have that is true and life giving. All the rest is bullshit, lies and propaganda.

Yorak Hunte - the Resurrection
I'm actually surprised Anastasia is allowing this to happen. Surprised she hasn't unleashed the Queensland goons on them.

Mandy Nixon
what makes it worse is the public conforming , the nazis were never defeated, they just went away for a while

Brian McDonald
Can only cross over if your a footballer family or someone who has the money, I hope people remember this come election time, about time we change this country for good

So sad thinking of all the families and the Kids. This is bull crap having the border closed.

Harold Flite
25 minutes ago
Fascist countries have never done this....Communist countries do.

Download: What-does-Democratic-life-look-like-without-Donald-Trump-It-looks-like-Portland-Oregon-in-2021-an-absolute-shithole-2021-09-01.mp4 - 19,352 kb
By: mamaloochy_24v - 1st September 2021
What does Democratic life look
like without Donald Trump?
It looks like Portland, Oregon in 2021... absolute shithole!

4 months of video I have collected here in Portland. This town has gone to shit and needs fixed.

Samuel Adams
So many of you hated Trump because the whores in the Mainstream Media told you too! The oozing cesspools in democratic cities across the USA are simply the result of exchanging good leaders with corrupt, tyrannical and megalomaniacal idiots.

Peter Johnstone
Portlanders, Seattleites and all the other Democrat-run formerly great cities voted for all of this. Enjoy!

being a progressive liberal is amazing isnt it

Merrill Lewis
30 years ago as a trucker driving past our great city's I felt a sense of awe at how great we are as a nation. Today, I don't dare venture out past the border of my rural town . There is no Americana as I knew it.

This is what not being able to admit you're wrong looks like

Part of the reason I truly believe COVID was bullshit was seeing how virtually unaffected the homeless population was during the entire pandemic.

All the politicians who allowed this to happen need to be put in jail!

Not Dave
Don't worry. I'm sure if you keep voting for the same people and policies, they'll eventually fix the problem.

Ned Surf
Nice montage of the fruits of compassionate, liberal social policy.

Do a compilation of all the liberal cities and states. They're all the same cesspools of inhumanity. Democrat dystopia.

As a foreigner who travelled cross country back in 2019, most of the US cities looked like this to me. I was shocked. Minus a few - Denver, DC, New York - cities were filled with homeless/drug addicts and I just wanted to get the hell out.

Richard Webster
Portland worked very hard to get this screwed up. Congratulations!

Rachel Preston
These insane people and the policies that allow them to behave so abhorrently are ruining our country! This is awful!

jan williams
To the democrat Party, this is success.

Pierceye G
So brave, diverse and inclusive! Stunning! Just stunning!

MO Fishing
I'm sure this is going to lead to a better future for everyone.

That's the life they choose with every vote they cast.

Download here: Real-News-Gladys-Berejiklian-Takes-Over-The-World-2021-08-31.mp4 - 5,527 kb
By: Remix Matrix - 31st August 2021

Gladys Berejiklian Takes Over The World

Resentful and bitter after being criticised over her leadership during the latest lockdown, Gladys decides it's time to take things to the next level and declare herself the eternal leader of NSW.

And just in case it isn't obvious, this is a work of satire, and falls under the umbrella of Fair dealing for parody or satire.

Remix Matrix
Can I just say, if I go missing, please know that it was probably Gladys..

This is the funniest bloody thing I've seen all year

Christian Dimitris
I've watched this 10-15 times . This editing deserves a bloody Oscar.

Jelly Bean
The fact when she laughed when she said "In the face" made it so much better

Duncan Fox
I've watched this over a dozen times and still can't stop laughing this is the best video I've seen all decade. You should make a patreon and capitalize on the overnight fame

Mitchell KENNEDY
"This is the 4th Reich" that got me laughing on the ground. As a person who loves history this cracked me up. Keep it up:)

"every day at 11 oclock every citizen in this state MUST LISTEN TO ME" this is so funny, on a technical level it's also the best sentence mixing I've heard of any of these types of videos

Download here: Real-News-Aussie-Truckies-Blockade-Shut-down-M1-Highway-with-Support-from-Pauline-Hanson-2021-08-30.mp4 - 16,542 kb
By: GTV - 30th August 2021

M1 highway - with support from Pauline Hanson

One truckie said they want an end to the lockdowns.

"(We want) people to go back to work, kids go back to school ... we've had enough of it," the driver, known only as Brock, said.

"It's all about choice at the end of the day," he said.

"If you don't want to get the Vaxcine, don't. If you do want it to get it, get it. But don't keep locking up people."

A separate group of truckies are planning a protest for tomorrow.

So there's 126 people in intensive care in nsw?? How many hospitals are there? how many people are healthy in Australia?? Bens a media shill. Respect to the truckies and all those who oppose this tyranny.

Steven Walker
I love how these " journalists" ask a question and don't even try to hide their utter dis- interest in even listening to the answer , still better than their usual immature behaviour , huge respect for the truck drivers for putting these vaccine extremists in their place.

Snapper head
Ben Fordham (journalist) and his cohorts ARE THE PROBLEM, it's time to start turning up and protesting media outlets!!

Glenn Davis
Ben Fordham confusing people with statistics of people in ICU's regardless of being jabbed or not the fact is the reason they are in there is unknown and it might be the case that it's not because of covid but because their immune system is compromised to start with through bad health or age. Lets hope the other truckers around Australia this week actually disable their airbrakes and that way they wont be able to tow them away...It's time to totally bring Australia to a halt and not by half arsed measures.

Jono G
Pauline is a hero she gets my vote. She stuck to her word said she'd be there.

Dan Brit
It's crazy how ausis are fighting for rights more then those in the USA...stay strong stand up

Dennis Tregellis
Go the Truckies, we're behind you fella's, no one else has the power.

Robert Stojcevski
This is nothing short of extortion, cant force someone to get the jab!!! Its got to be your choice, you can still get covid even with jab

Truckies. Real men and women of Australia. God Bless!

Download here: News-Presenter-Barbara-Dreaver-Stutters-and-Shakes-in-Interview-with-Pasifika-in-Bay-of-Plenty-2021-08-29.mp4 - 15,474 kb
By: 1NEWS - 29th August 2020
News Presenter Barbara Dreaver Stutters and
Shakes in Interview with Pasifika in Bay of Plenty

Pasifika in Bay of Plenty forced to present passports to get Covid jabs.

In a scene reminiscent of the dawn raids, a big group of Pasifika families in Tauranga were told they couldn't be vaccinated unless they presented their passports first.

1 NEWS Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver audibly stuttering and visibly shaking, while she discusses New Zealand Governmental abuse of Pasifika in New Zealand...

Is Barbara's extreme nervousness a result of:

  1. ..learning how all mainstream media staff are currently being investigated by the Nuremburg 2 trials - for being complicit in treason? Much like how so many other media staff Globally who have already suddenly resigned / mysteriously disappeared / committed suicide etc?
  2. or is this simply another physical symptom of the Depopulation Injection, which has been falsely called the 'Covid Vaccine'?
  3. Other?

Download here: Real-News-Breaking-Justin-Trudeau-Chased-Out-Of-Neighbourhood-By-Angry-Crowd-2021-08-25.mp4 - 13,637 kb
By: Bright Light News - 25th August 2021


Man that makes me smile. Thank you.

Damn I wish I had been there.

sooo good! makes me proud to be from Vancouver!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

In Alberta, we ALL Hate Justin Trudope !

Well done Surrey!!

HUMEandRUMBLE, 17 hours ago
Me Too ! Trudope gets Heckled everywhere he goes !

So glad to see. Need to push the psychopath out before he finishes his global agenda. Post nation state, my ass.

Download here: Real-News-Australia-painted-as-a-dystopian-nightmare-as-footage-goes-viral-2021-08-24.mp4 - 17,363 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 24th August 2021

Australia Painted as a 'Dystopian Nightmare'
as Footage Goes Viral
- Police Brutality and Rioting -

More footage from Australia is going viral and painting our country as a "dystopian nightmare" where individual rights are not protected and a scared populace submits to a police state, according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.

"To us, a bunch of teenagers being handcuffed in the middle of the night and fined $1,000 each for the crime of meeting at a Sydney beach has become normal," she said.

"But the rest of the world looks in abject horror."

Ms Panahi said people around the world are "marvelling" at what's happening in Australia, noting Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has taken aim at how Australian police are treating protesters.

"There is similar commentary and discussions I've seen from the UK," Ms Panahi said.

"Is this how we want to be perceived as a country?"

Download here: Real-News-Why-Pauline-Hanson-Stands-With-Truckies-and-Slams-Sneering-Labor-Snob- 2021-08-24.mp4 - 12,562 kb
By: Pauline Hanson's Please Explain - 24th August 2021

Why Pauline Hanson Stands with Truckies and
Slams Sneering Labor Snob - Sky News Australia

I Want Australia Back
Pauline you're Australia's fair dinkum honest Aussie politician. You say what the others avoid

Truckies have my 100% support. Do what you gotta do, however long it takes. Thanks Pauline, you're a Legend!

Chris Deason
Labor is dead in the eyes of the working class.

Gerardo Cantu
I'm a US trucker and stand with my fellow Aussie truckies. Godspeed and teach those government tyrants a lesson!

Jason York
I stand with the truckies

I Want Australia Back
Shows how out of touch Joel is. Labor was once for the worker. Now Labor supports dole bludger leftys and university student's who do 1 class a week for 10 years to become a professional climate protester.

T West
That's the spirit Pauline, refusing to let smug Joel get away with talking like that for a second longer about a worker voicing his concerns about his job,
Thank you once again.

Johnny Cashish
Good on ya Pauline. Generations to come will remember you as the only politician with guts and glory.

David Seamans
Well said, Rowan. "You cannot use the police to increase the suffering". Well said, mate.

Gods Elect At Lan t IS RA EL
It's about forced vaccination 100% and Truckers are not down with it !!!

Tanya Burraston
Good on you Pauline, that smartarse was trying to belittle that truckie. If we can tell that he is a truckie. Why did not four eyes know that.

Download here: Real-News-Truck-drivers-revolt-against-fallen-Australian-Government-2021-08-22.mp4 - 7,774 kb
By: Mood Tube - 22nd August 2021

Truck drivers revolt against
fallen Australian Government

Australian truckers are planning a nationwide strike in protest of the government vaccine mandates.

Australian truckers are planning a nationwide strike in protest of the government vaccine mandates.

Will this historic blockade be broadcast on Mainstream Media?

The demand for border vaccines in Queensland motivates truckers who are already in hostile blockade mode.

A threat made by QLD Premier Palasczcuk to require truck drivers and other key workers to be vaccinated before entering the state, will backfire on her corrupt dictatorship. Truckers have had enough of state governments abusing them and will initiate a Queensland border blockade - that will be expanded to ports and other states.

Truckie "Bluey Festa" is incensed by the state government's efforts to compel vaccination of truck drivers and school kids.

South Australia is already facing a delivery prohibition, and another blockade of Victoria is being considered.

Truck drivers have been venting their frustrations on social media, and their blockade plans have garnered support from as far away as the United States, where the transportation industry is likewise suffering under the jackboot COVID governments' lies.

Palaszczuk declared last Tuesday that, beginning Friday, critical personnel who live in New South Wales - but work in Queensland "will be turned away unless they can demonstrate they have received at least one dose of a vaccination." She falsely stated that the immunizations were Queensland's "final line of defense."

Last year, the same Queensland government criminalized the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID treatment, despite the fact that clinicians in the United States were requesting additional supplies following effective treatment.

Truckie responses to Palasczcuk's extortion attempt were succinct: "This woman who thinks we have to get vaccinated to enter or exit Queensland has got to be kidding. Enough is sufficient. We must all come to a halt. Don't go out and get the vaccine like a f.... moron – it's unproven, and no one knows what the long-term effects will be," a truck driver remarked in a TikTok video shot on the road and shared on Bitchute.

"Because we drive trucks and sit for extended periods of time, there is a high probability that we will get clots," the driver explained. "There is no reason for us to acquire this shite (vaccines). Every day, we are put to the test. At the end of the day, man, enough is enough... observe how well Queensland functions with no freight entering or exiting."

Another enraged truck driver posing as Bluey Festa on YouTube suggested the idea of port blockades. "As truckers, we will shut down all of your highways, we will shut down all of your ports, and we will even shut down anything we need to shut down. There is nothing you can do. You withdraw. These are our roads; this is our country, and we will govern it in the manner in which we see fit.

"This is our homeland. You and your immunizations are a load of nonsense. You are free to f... off. You will not mandate anything. And what you're doing is repulsive to children. What you've done in New South Wales in rounding them up is revolting.

"This country is going to be ruled by us. We are reclaiming it. We truck drivers are going to be the front line, and whoever follows us is going to help us reclaim this country. I'm sick of you politicians. You guys are disgusting, and you do not reflect us as a nation or this country."

Covid-19-Exclusive-Footage-Kids-Dead-After-Jab-in-Australia-Interview-With-Aussie-Veteran-2021-08-20.mp4 - 181,755 kb
By: Stew Peters Show - 20th August 2021

Kids Dead After Covid Jab in Australian Stadium
Eye-Popping Interview With Aussie Veteran

Rumble — EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE! - Stew Peters spoke with Royal Australian Air Force Veteran, Alan Hennessy, who bravely came forward to paint the picture of what's really going on in the land down under.

Alan confirmed that several children are dead after being inoculated, when 24,000 kids were ushered into a sports arena to take the jab in the absence of any adults.

The horrific Nazi-like ushering of masses of helpless youths is the furtherance of proof that Australia is the prototype for the New World Order.

Australian Doctors are not allowed to say anything against the "best available evidence" i.e. the official Government line of vaccinations and lockdowns, as deemed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. If a Doctor goes outside this (in any way e.g. social media) e.g. questioning vaccinations or lockdowns, they could be open to "investigation and possible regulatory action":

Then they all need to down tools and get out there in numbers to protest, they cant arrest everyone at once if sufficient numbers partake! It has now reached the stage where drastic action must be taken, or live with this prison like life/tyrrany for the rest of your days, yours and your children, childrens children!! What are we leaving for them to have to face once wer'e gone?

Yes. Many here have been de-registered or suspended if someone doubts them in going against the government narrative.

They are ONLY allowed to promote what the government says. It's messed up!

That is sad. I live somewhere where they were voluntarily doing that at school and kept my kid home.

To hell with these murderers. They won't be killing my kids.

When the Biden administration openly admits to working with social media to ban comments made by should have sent chills through every American! This is communist tyranny! The brazen way they admitted it, shows their contempt for our constitutional rights! It it wasn't enough to wake Americans up...I don't know what will! The conspiracy "theories" are now fact!

we all have to fight this it will only get worse and worse until it gets to be too late to do anything . I would rather die fighting than die like a zombie after they trigger what ever is in that injection

Download here: Real-News-Unhinged-teacher-caught-on-video-going-on-left-wing-political-rant-2021-08-20.mp4 - 11,465 kb
By: Fox News - 20th August 2021

Unhinged teacher caught on video going
on left-wing political rant - Fox News

Woke anti Donald J. Trump Utah chemistry teacher sacked after she was captured on camera by a student.

Fox News host Jesse Watters reacts to Utah teacher calling parents dumb on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

GMan Baz
If she cares so much about the "variants" like "delta" why isn't she wearing a mask?

Jade M
She's a CHEMISTRY teacher, spewing out her radical woke hate propaganda, intimidating and threatening her students. And this is in Utah. Welcome to the destruction of America.

Communication Coach Alex Lyon
We should start a "Mandatory Body Cameras for Teachers" movement. When people talk about bullying in our schools, this is a great illustration of what it looks like.

Tampa John
She actually has a melt down over the kids that she cannot brainwash. How pathetic.

Jason Brown
"You're a JERK!" Takes one to know one, lass.

Up for an Adventure
When your indoctrination skills aren't subtle enough.

Rob The A10 Warthog
"Grown adults berate children to make themselves feel better"

What's scary is that they actually think they're good people.

Tactical Ministries
Remember when it was a teacher's job to teach students the subject matter and not their own beliefs?

Download here: Real-News-Political-Tyranny-in-Australia-2021-08-17.mp4 - 1,155 kb
By: John Talks - 17th August 2021

Political Tyranny in Australia...
New South Wales Premier & Tyrant Gladys Berejiklian

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

D Show
Civilian gun ownership is the only thing stopping this level of fuckery in the US

Jason Wilson
This is what tyranny looks like.

This is unreal. Just imagine, America, this could be us right now if we didn't have our weapons. Never, ever give up our weapons like these idiots did.

She doesn't talk like an elected official who feels an obligation to the people.

Hector Heathcote
In case you all were wondering why the globalists disarmed Australia....THIS IS WHY!

What cool new stimulus package for the VIPs will they announce within the next week do you reckon?

Ark Tactical Gaming
It's beginning to look a lot like tyranny.

Download here: USA-2020-Elections-Fox-News-Trump-to-be-reinstated-on-22nd-August-2021-08-15.mp4 - 13,907 kb
By: Fox News - 15th August 2021
Fox News - Donald Trump
to be reinstated on 22nd August 2021

Fox News - Donald Trump to be reinstated on 22nd August 2021

Download here: Real-News-Transgender-Person-Vs-Vietnam-Veteran-Store-Owner-2021-08-07.mp4 - 19,654 kb
By: TheDC Shorts - 7th August 2021

Transgender Person Vs Vietnam Veteran Store Owner

When a transgender person took offense to a sign a veteran store owner had on display, the two traded insults with each other.

The sign read: Just out Dr. Seuss's new book, "If you are born with a dick you're not a chick."

J Fronz
Is there an online store for this guy? I'll buy whatever he's selling!

Mike Nahass
Why is it the Trans' feelings are inevitable but the Veterans are not? Everybody thinks their ethics are self evident especially when, as this elderly gentleman so aptly points out, you're nuts.

Dan Sawicki
"Do you think I care about some assholes feelings"?

Lmfao that's gold!

Gotta make a special trip and buy out whatever this vet is selling at his store. Love his straight talk.

Anyone with a fully functional set of eyeballs can see that the sign he put up is true

Sheryle Hunter
Did anyone ask about the veteran's feelings, when they shipped him off to Vietnam? Eighteen year olds were drafted to fight and die in a bloody war. So many came home without legs and/or arms, permanently brain damaged, with PTSD, and some did not come home at all.

Download here: Real-News-Silent-protests-what-do-you-think-2021-08-03.mp4 - 8,255 kb
By: Reignite Democracy Australia - 3rd August 2021

Silent protests...what do you think?

What do you think of this idea??? Do you think it's impactful and worth the effort?

Happy Mac
This protest is so quiet that it is literally deafening. Live free or die! Well done!

This protest is very very effective. It actually grabs your attention without heightened emotions an makes you THINK, which sadly is a rare occurrence for most these days. I like it.

david temple
Right now this is probably the best kind of protest.
It is social distancing
It's is in ppe.
It is not hurting any one.
It's not speaking to anyone, as in approach, telling someone who doesn't want to talk to you.

This is great and if the police or the government crack down on people that are obeying the set rules they say we should follow. Well then...

FYI Australia
This is a brilliant form of protest. Non-violent passive resistance! 100% legal.

Aristotle Olympiada
Absolutely brilliant. Simple and incredibly effective. I would gladly do this anytime.

Download here: Real-News-Freedom-Day-Rally-in-Sydney-You-wont-see-this-video-in-the-mainstream-media-2021-07-30.mp4 - 59,409 kb
By: Avi Yemini - 30th July 2021

Freedom Day Rally in Sydney
You won't see this video in the mainstream media

This is the most beautiful video you will watch today. It's from the Freedom Day Rally in Sydney. You'll want to watch it more than once. Full report:

Are you based in Sydney and have what it takes to be a Rebel? Let us know at

Harsha Subasinghe
"When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty" – Thomas Jefferson

August Janke
It's great to see Australians showing the world (especially America) what it looks like to protest and fight for your rights and freedom! I was extremely impressed with the people they interviewed!!!! They articulated their points in a very LOGICAL way

Cheryl Kringelbach
Way to go Australia, we are right behind you in America.

Download here: Real-News-Covid-19-MASSIVE-Global-Protests-Against-Covid-Restrictions-2021-07-29.mp4 - 38,926 kb
By: America Uncovered - 29th July 2021

MASSIVE Global Protests
Against Illegal Covid Restrictions

Protests against policies related to the coronavirus pandemic are happening all over the world, and for all different reasons. It turns out that it's not just Americans who like their freedom! Some say these protests are counterproductive, while others see it as their last resort.

America Uncovered
There's a good chance YouTube might delete this episode. We need your help! Share this video and support our work on!

Karl Hulme
Last Saturday there were 175 freedom rallies throughout the world, mostly not covered by MSM.

Libertas - Goddess of Liberty

2020: Anyone who says that vaccine passes are coming is a conspiracy theorist!

2021: Anyone who opposes vaccine passes is a conspiracy theorist!

Suddenly all these politicians around the world care about our health... They doing it for us, they saving lives!

William Holmes
When a politician tells you you're selfish, listen up, they know what selfishness is

Download here: Real-News-When-the-White-House-Censors-Your-Phone-Text-2021-07-28.mp4 - 21,118 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 28th July 2021

When the White House Censors Your Phone Texts…

Here's what it will look like when the White House starts censoring your texts. After the Biden administration announced it wants to work with SMS carriers to censor miss information from text messages, this is what the world will look like with increased thought police protecting you from freedom of speech on your own phone.

Skoll Memes
At this point if you're a US citizen and not angry you aren't paying attention.

Janine Kennedy
Canada trying to pass these censoring laws. Just outrageous! Communist Canada.

Jenn S
Damn. We really are living in the "Black Mirror" universe.

Reality is that they will probably just "fail to deliver" the messages. Or, they'll make it seem like it was sent and nothing will be recieved.

Steve Gregory
I don't care how many "lists" they put me on, I REFUSE to censor myself!!

Ethan Iler
After five years of calling Trump, conservatives, and anyone remotely patriotic "fascists," it sure is crazy how quickly the Left ticked every box on that list.

Download here: Real-News-The-White-House-is-Censoring-You-Now-2021-07-21.mp4 - 64,818 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 21st July 2021

The White House is Censoring You Now!

The White House is censoring you now! After the Biden ministration admitted they are flagging post for Facebook to sensor, you can rest assured that your erosion of freedom of speech is for your protection. If there's one thing the world needs more of, it's censorship. Especially by the government.

Download here: Real-News-Socialism-Always-Leads-to-Violence-2021-07-21.mp4 - 11,909 kb
By: John Stossel - 17th July 2021

Socialism Always Leads to Violence

Socialist violence rears its ugly head again in #Cuba.

Some Americans must find it odd to see Cubans protesting. Aren't they thrilled with their "excellent free health care and education?"

The Cuban people, like all people, deserve liberty.
So you don't miss the weekly video from Stossel TV, sign up here:
Unfortunately Socialism is now cool in some circles. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praises "Democratic Socialism" and told comedian Stephen Colbert, "in a modern, moral and wealthy society, no person in America should be too poor to live."

Colbert ate it up. "Seems pretty simple!" he replied, to cheers from his audience.

But socialism shouldn't be cool, Gloria Alvarez reported recently, noting that it wrecks economies. In this video she points out that it also leads to government using force against its own citizens.

Regimes that call themselves socialist have killed millions of people. Tens of millions were killed in the USSR. Same in China. Millions also died in Cambodia and North Korea, which claimed to follow socialist ideals.

Download here: Real-News-This-Weeks-Propaganda-Everything-You-Need-to-Be-Terrified-Of-2021-07-14.mp4 - 62.921 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 14th July 2021

This Week's Propaganda!
Everything You Need to Be Terrified Of

This week's propaganda! Everything you need to be terrified of. Please let the news do your thinking for you! Trust us because you're not safe unless you do.

Phillip Kimpton
Biden is the worst President the USA has ever been told they had "elected"

scott fulton
The president with the highest vote total in American history, can't even draw a small crowd at the ice cream parlor.

John Smith
Funny how the surrounding buildings weren't affected by climate change.

Martin Hewlett's Calming Anxiety
its sad, as a medic I would be taking this patient into a care home if I met them in the street.

Jade Rose
It's elderly abuse truly. What's awful to me is that people aren't even denying what they see. They know Biden is not in good shape. They just know he's not Trump. If Trump was so bad, why was it so difficult to find someone better?

Place For Faith
It's ironic when JP is the best place for real news.

S. Ayala
The worst part of Biden is that he is in fact a terrible President and yet he's better than Kamala, imagine that crazy woman on the chair, and something telling me we will see it there soon, what a dark future.

Download here: Real-News-Facebooks-New-Extremism-Warning-For-Your-Protection-2021-07-11.mp4 - 15,908 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 11th July 2021

Facebook's New Extremism Warning!
(For Your Protection)

Facebook's new extremism warning is obviously for your protection! Learn all about Mark Zuckerberg's new warning to try to save you from heat groups on the far right while pushing you into hate groups on the far left. A super helpful way they have big tech control your life even more!

Extreme Lube
Zuckerberg is probably buying millions and millions of dollars of Hunter Biden's paintings.

Heather Far
its just crazy how the censorship is SO obvious and yet people still claim its not happening.

The Last Brobo
An extremist is anyone that disagrees with them.

Dark times. Never give up.

Suzanne Flowers
Don't forget all Zuckerberg did to "fortify" the election.

Michelle Ciociano
Yea I'm concerned that someone is becoming an extremist and his name is Mark Zuckerberg.

Download here: Real-News-BLM-PROVES-they-Want-To-DESTROY-America-With-New-Declaration-2021-07-10.mp4 - 11,729 kb
By: abc4utah - 10th July 2021

BLM PROVES they Want To
DESTROY America With New Declaration

Black Lives Matter Utah says people who fly the American flag are racist.

robert sanders
That flag helped free slaves in America ... So helping free slaves is a bad thing ... Personally I would be thankful.. hmmm

Kris B
Folks , checkout Grace Alley . USA flags made in the good ole USA .

Linda Wellinghoff
We definitely need Trump now!!

Kenny Richard
I am offended by BLM calling them selves Americans because Americans would be proud of the flag

Shiniqua Jones
America is so awesome even the people that hate it won't leave.

People who find the American Flag offensive, can go to another country. We (Americans) will provide your one way ticket

K C 1776
I fly the American flag in the rear window of my car.
The American flag is for all races, if you choose to be an American.
Only Marxist call the American flag racist, for they don't like America.
Trust in God, love your neighbor.

Download here: Real-News-Trump-announces-lawsuit-against-Facebook-Google-and-Twitter-2021-07-08.mp4 - 7,411 kb
By: Newsmax TV - 8th July 2021

Trump announces lawsuit against
Facebook, Google and Twitter

Former President Donald J. Trump announces he is filing a class action lawsuit against big tech giants Facebook, Google and Twitter for what he calls a violation of the First Amendment - Via Newsmax.

About time, take them to the cleaners, and lock up all those traitors.

Kenneth Englehart

Glenn Evans
God bless…let's turn the tables..they are pundits for the democrats..enough is enough

Jenny Duranceau
The man doesn't stop and that's why he is still our President!!

Part of me used to think "if you don't like getting censored on a website, go to another one" yet, where else can you go? This is so far beyond that now. This is legitimate censorship since this tech giants are basically unstoppable, even if you wanted to make another "platform"

Download here: Real-News-Ann-Vandersteel-Tells-ALL-and-REVEALS-Why-POTUS-Trump-Pushes-the-Killer-Jabs-2021-07-07.mp4 - 76,977 kb
By: James Red Pills America - 7th July 2021

Ann Vandersteel Tells ALL & REVEALS Why
POTUS Trump Pushes the Killer Jabs!
MUST Stew Peters Video!

WHY DOES POTUS TRUMP SEEMINGLY CONTINUE TO PUSH THE KILLER JAB..?! Ann Vandersteel of Steel Truth did NOT pull ANY PUNCHES in this EXTREMELY candid, one-on-one interview with the Conservative Beast, Stew Peters. Ann will leave your head spinning as she reveals just WHY it is POTUS Trump has, in the past, and even still now, seemingly continued to push the Killer Jab. The reason, as she explains, is not what you may think - AT ALL - but her crisply described points are well thought out, and most, if not all, of the TRUE PATRIOTS watching this edge-of-your-seat interview will agree with her breakdown of the facts. But Ann doesn't stop there! The SMOKES OUT the RINOs and the DEMONIC DEMOCRATS, all complicit actors in the 'Deep Rig' of the 2020 Presidential Election and THEN she LAYS BARE the SORDID DETAILS that have seemingly slipped by much of the masses regarding the Election Theft of the Century! This, my Patriot Brothers and Sisters, is JUST THE BEGINNING! Just you wait and hear this EPIC DAMNING of the Deep State Derelicts, then share it EVERYWHERE!

Download here: Real-News-NZ-Health-Minister-Chris-Hipkins-Issues-Chilling-Threat-to-Unvaccinated-Citizens-June-2021.mp4 - 817 kb
By: Young Americans for Liberty - June 2021
NZ Health Minister Chris Hipkins Issues
Chilling Threat to Unvaccinated Citizens

New Zealand Health Minister says the government will spend the next year "chasing out" any citizens who have refused to get vaccinated.

These tyrants are legitimately psychotic.

Download here: True-News-Kamalas-Border-Visit-Success-or-Failure-2021-06-30.mp4 - 55,813 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 30th June 2021

Kamala's Border Visit: Success or Failure?

Was Kamala Harris's border visit a success or failure? After trying to dodge the visit for many months due to the Biden border crisis, the beloved vice president finally visited the border. Success or failure? You be the judge, here's all the details you need to know.

Download: Real-News-New-Jersey-gym-owner-has-defied-state-orders-for-over-a-year-sounds-off-on-government-bullies-and-liars-2021-06-28.mp4 - 25,428 kb
By: Newsmax TV - 28th June 2021

NJ gym owner has defied state orders for over a
year, sounds off on government 'bullies and liars'

New Jersey gym owner Ian Smith defied original lockdown orders in the Garden State and remained in operation throughout the pandemic, and now reveals the latest in his continued legal battles against the Governor and the local authorities, and describes the feeling of being a leader and taking the first step in speaking out against 'bullies and liars' in the government. - with Newsmax's Carl Higbie on Saturday Report

Download here: Real-News-The-Antifa-Academy-2021-06-27.mp4 - 14,197 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 27th June 2021

The Antifa Academy

Ever wonder what it would be like to learn to become a member of antifa? Well now you can at The Antifa Academy. The anti-fascists are excepting new students now!

Download here: Real-News-Its-time-you-wake-up-Football-Player-refuses-to-wear-mask-STINCHFIELD-2021-06-23.mp4 - 35,938 kb
By: Newsmax TV - 23rd June 2021

It's time you wake up - Football player
refuses to wear mask | STINCHFIELD

WAKE UP: Americans are pushing back against liberal tyranny and it's working, says Grant Stinchfield via 'STINCHFIELD' on Newsmax.

Download here: Real-News-John-McAfee-re-Laptops-murdered-for-exposing-the-Deep-State-2021-06-23.mp4 - 12,248 kb
By: Unknown - 23rd June 2021

John McAfee re Laptops
- Murdered for Exposing the Deep State -

Download here: Real-News-This-Is-Why-North-Koreans-Dont-Know-What-Is-Happening-in-the-World-Yeonmi-Park-2021-06-22.mp4 - 3,947 kb
By: Jordan B Peterson Clips - 22nd June 2021

This Is Why North Koreans Don't Know
What Is Happening in the World | Yeonmi Park

Sudharshan Joseph
The west have used the word "oppressed" so much, the real meaning of the word has faded.

Lynn Hexler-Haan
This girl was so courageous after escaping North Korea with her mother, she suffered, good to see her doing so well now !

Justin Cavinder
One of the best interviews I've seen. It's just crazy that there is many people still living in situations like this. And that there is MANY Americans being indoctrinated into bringing this kind of authoritarianism to the USA.. when will we learn?

I was stationed at Camp Casey in South Korea, and I can tell you first hand how eerie the North Korean propaganda machine is and I can't even imagine what it would be like to live there. Some of the things I saw and heard were so far out of touch with the rest of the world it was actually fascinating

Download here: Real-News-Tucker-obtains-demented-emails-from-Lori-Lightfoot-Americas-Worst-Mayor-2021-06-17.mp4 - 13,233 kb
By: Fox News - 17th June 2021

Tucker obtains 'demented' emails from
Lori Lightfoot, America's Worst Mayor

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host evaluates the Chicago mayor's priorities amid crime spike.

Rob Scott
Do not forget President Trump offered federal help, she said no.

Carolyn Lampton
They are trying to divide this country by stirring up hate.

Any Frazier
This woman looks miserable, the look in her face is pure hate

kevin clark
She wouldn't take trumps help when he tried.demacracks are soooooo sad.

Download here: Real-News-Top-22-Hot-Women-on-TikTok-Destroying-Feminism-Part-3-2021-06-15.mp4 - 23,702 kb
By: 21 Studios - 15th June 2021

Top 22 Hot Women on TikTok
Destroying Feminism [Part 3]

G7 Summit and their fake Climate Change
Sea levels in 1925 and now
- keeping the bastards honest -
14th June 2021

G7 Summit and their fake Climate Change - Sea levels in 1925 and now - keeping the bastards honest

Download here: Airlines-Open-Talks-On-Banning-Vaccinated-From-Flying-150000-Vaccine-Deaths-Hidden-From-Public-20221-06-13.mp4 - 31,504 kb
By: wil paranormal - 13th June 2021

For those of you taking the vaccine in order for you to travel, you had better think twice about that.
Airlines have now begun talks on banning the vaccinated from flying at high altitudes due to blood clots forming at high altitudes.
Doctors are being told to SHUT UP from speaking the TRUTH or their medical license will be revoked.
In other words.the oath they took "TO DO NO HARM" doesn't exist any more and patients are being lied to and are dying needlessly from the covid jab.
Huge mega companies around the world are worried about how they will replace their workers in 2-3 years when they begin dying from the lethal injection.

#airlinesbanningvaccinated #cdchidingvaccinedeaths #fakepandemic

The dog being left alone was the saddest part for me. Can we please stop this horror?

You're sick you're more worried about a fucking animal than another human being fu

but didn't these companies require their employees get the shot

Risk of death from covid 1 in 300,000, around 12 minutes. And that person who died was probably old, fat and ugly, frankly. So you are all safe if we're gonna be real.

It is those who comply that are making life hard for the rest. Sooner or later we have to run society without them. From what is publicly available it looks like most who have had a reaction will be dead in 3 years. There are rumours that maybe 80% got a placebo but as more injections are being forced all the time it is likely their luck will run out as the elite depopulationists gain in confidence.

Great post, I thought so too. None of it makes sense, which means it's not true. Glad you young people are finally waking up. Stay safe!

It's been 3 years almost. Pureblood working elderly person on ss retirement. Keep working, I'm almost 65.


You'll be lucky to live to my age sadly. I'm elderly I still feel bad for the young people though. Thing will never be normal again. Very sad.

Download here: THE-SEQUEL-TO-THE-FALL-OF-THE-CABAL-PART-14-of-17-2021-06-12.mp4 - 60,503 kb
By: FallCabal - Janet Ossebaard - 12th June 2021

The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal videos
Part 14 /17: NWO and the Era of Depopulation...

Part 14: The New World Order and the Era of Depopulation… What does that look like in our daily lives?

About man made: wars, disasters, famine & drought, plagues & diseases. The true story behind HIV/AIDS and the Spanish Flu; Dr. Anthony Fauci's engineered bio-warfare weapon Covid-19 and so much more.

Featuring megalomaniacs and murderers (especially babies) such as: Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, George Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jacinda Ardern, Anthony Fauci...

By Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter

Music: Alexander Nakarada, Chopin, Keys of Moon, Punch Deck

Greta Thunberg is starting a revolution - with no answers,
substance or stamina - and is easily and always offended
12th June 2021

Greta Thunberg is starting a revolution - with no answers, substance or stamina - and is easily and always offended

Download here: Real-News-How-Woke-People-Evolved-To-Be-Superior-2021-06-13.mp4 - 21,250 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 13th June 2021

How Woke People Evolved To Be Superior

Learn how Woke people evolved to be superior. I love revolutionary biology! Finally the science is in explaining the Woke.

Download here: Real-News-Conspiracy-theories-no-more-Trump-Vindicated-2021-06-12.mp4 - 17,209 kb
By: Newsmax TV - 12th June 2021

Conspiracy theories no more!
Donald Trump Vindicated.

Grant Stinchfield uncovers the truth revealed before our eyes.

Download here: Real-News-Anthony-Fauci-Is-Innocent-Joe-Biden-Is-Not-Creepy-Breaking-News-2021-06-11.mp4 - 60,348 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 11th June 2021

Anthony Fauci Is Innocent! Joe Biden Isn't Creepy
- Breaking News! -

Fauci is Innocent! Biden isn't creepy and other breaking news that'll baffle you over human stupidity!

Download here: Real-News-This-will-give-you-chills-What-scares-Liberals-Most-A-SELF-SUFFICIENT-Man-Buddy-Brown-2021-06-10.mp4 - 18,418 kb
By: Buddy Brown - 10th June 2021

This will give you chills!
"What scares Liberals Most"
..A SELF-SUFFICIENT Man | Buddy Brown

Lucas Watts
"Eat bacon not be bacon."

Brock Harrison
Buddy Brown came to Vernal Utah last week and played a full concert for about 2,000 people and it was incredible. After the show, I wanted to know if he was the same off camera so I went to meet him. Buddy probably had 700 people in line NO JOKE waiting to meet him. he stayed, talked, shook hands took pictures and signed stuff for fans for like 2 hours after the show and was one of the most genuine guys I've ever met. In a world where most artists get back on their bus and leave town, Buddy Brown stayed and proved why he's where he is!

Bar Gerver
I agree 100%. I see socialism as the biggest threat to freedom oriented men and women. Hello from Switzerland

Vanessa Kammerer
My dad served in the military he made us learn about our God first and country, never bow to Satan's devices, we will never surrender the God given rights that was bestowed upon us all.

Doug Cultra
This was such a perfect of an analogy to what is happening in our country today. Be self sufficient people.

Carl Land
I worked hard at teaching my boys how to be self sufficient MEN. (Often contentious lessons) Now that they are adults, one is a COP and the other a US Marine. They both wrote me letters in their first year away thanking me for ALL of those hard lessons.

Download here: Real-News-Explosive-profanity-laced-call-involving-Chicago-mayor-Lori-Lightfoot-and-Chicagos-aldermen-leaked-2021-06-10.mp4 - 10,345 kb
By: Fox News - 10th June 2021

Explosive, profanity-laced call involving Chicago
mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago's aldermen
- Leaked Report -

Trace Gallagher reports on panicked meeting between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago's aldermen.

Download here: Real-News-Judge-Overturns-California-Assault-Weapons-Ban-2021-06-10.mp4 - 23,187 kb
By: America Uncovered - 10th June 2021

Judge Overturns California Assault Weapons Ban

A California Judge, has overturned an assault weapons ban. It's sparking another debate about gun laws and gun control, after Judge Roger Benitez compared an AR 15 to a Swiss Army Knife. And it's very likely this case will make its way up to the Supreme Court, changing gun laws throughout the entire country.

Download here: Real-News-Q-Do-you-have-any-plans-to-visit-the-border-Kamala-Harris-I-dont-understand-the-point-youre-making-2021-06-09.mp4 - 1,932 kb
By: The News Junkie's Archives - 9th June 2021

Q: "Do you have any plans to visit the border?"
A: Kamala Harris: "I don't
understand the point you're making."

Download here: Real-News-California-federal-judge-overturns-assault-weapons-ban-2021-06-07.mp4 - 10,043 kb
By: Fox News - 7th June 2021
California federal judge
overturns assault weapons ban

San Diego County Gun Owners CEO Wendy Hauffen and attorney James Miller react to assault weapons being legal again in California.

Randy Flamethrower
Newsom must be fuming that the rights of the little people have been respected

Most Dems/lefries don't know a damned thing about guns - they just hate them.

Dustin Price
This argument should have been over at UNCONSTITUTIONAL. End of story.

Micah Van Wagoner
Good! Sadly Governor Newsome has no idea what he's talking about as less than 0.02% of firearm deaths are caused by "assault rifles".

Now, we need go go after "assault politicians" and demand term limits on all of them!

The 'Bill of Rights' doesn't need to be re-written……it needs to be re-READ!

Wayne Stewart
I think in Israel, everyone is required to carry as a part of the IDF.

Gin Sakata
"California federal judge overturns assault weapons ban"

Demonrats : "Time to pay someone again to shoot a bunch of innocent people.."

Jeremy Merritt
I wish they would over turn the communist state of NY

Download here: Real-News-Anthony-Fauci-Candace-Owens-Firing-Fauci-does-not-go-far-enough-he-needs-to-be-put-in-prison-2021-06-04.mp4 - 7,755 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 4th June 2021
Candace Owens: 'Firing Fauci does not
go far enough, he needs to be put in prison'

Candace Owens has taken a swipe at Dr Anthony Fauci's latest scandal by taking to Twitter to urge that firing the diseases expert "does not go far enough" and that ne needs to be "put in federal prison."

"Firing Fauci does not go far enough," Candace tweeted.

"Anthony Fauci needs to be tried and put into federal prison.

"He ruined millions of lives via depression, bankruptcy, suicide, & preyed on children via school. He and many others have taken part in the crime of the century.

"We all knew it."

Dr Anthony Fauci is the chief medical adviser to the president and has been in the firing line the last few days after his bombshell emails were published by BuzzFeed.

The emails span from January to June of last year and show Dr Fauci dismissing emails from a virologist concerned that COVID-19 likely originated from a lab leak.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been calling for an investigation into the Wuhan Institute of Virology for months and has slammed Dr Fauci.

"There's a lot of questions to be answered," Mr Pompeo told Fox News.

"I think Dr Fauci has a lot of questions to answer.

"That lab is still operating. That work is still going on there today and we could have something like this happen again."

Download here: Real-News-Hitler-learns-that-the-New-World-Order-Covid-Passports-Failed-Going-To-GITMO-2021-05.mp4 - 18,034 kb
By: Hitler Rants Parodies - May 2021

Adolf Hitler learns that the New World Order
/ Covid Passports / Fake News Media Failed
- Going to GITMO -

Download here: Real-News-Why-We-Should-Defund-The-Police-and-ban-food-2021-05-16.mp4 - 25,434 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 16th May 2021
Why we Should Defund
The Police and Ban all Food

In this video you'll learn why we should defund the police! BLM and antifa are out to help protect all of us from the police. We need to listen and comply. Defund the police!

Download here: Real-News-Lidia-Thorpe-mistakes-identity-of-NT-attorney-general-as-a-man-and-white-2021-05-13.mp4 - 5,230 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 13th May 2021
Lidia Thorpe mistakes identity of NT
attorney-general as a 'man' and 'white'

Sky News host Paul Murray says Victorian Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe saw an opportunity to "unload" on the NT government's changes to their bail laws - but mistook the identity of the NT attorney-general.

"Lidia Thorpe decided to see an opportunity here to point and scream - and she did so in the past couple of days unloading on the territory government," Mr Murray said.

Mr Murray pointed to a video grab of Senator Thorpe criticising the NT government's changes to its bail laws for youth - where the senator appeared to mistake the NT attorney-general for being both a man and white.

"First things first, a woman is the attorney-general of the Northern Territory and she is not a white man," Mr Murray said.

Download here: Real-News-Racists-Make-A-Comeback-With-All-New-Ways-To-Be-Racist-KKK-confused-2021-05-13.mp4 - 7,349 kb
By: The Babylon Bee - 11th May 2021
Racists make a Comeback with all New
Ways to be Racist! - the KKK are Confused

Download here: Real-News-The-Medical-Mafia-and-Trump-A-Week-in-News-2021-05-09.mp4 - 29,782 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 9th May 2021
The Medical Mafia and Trump!
- A Week in News -

Learn all about the medical mafia, breaking news with Donald Trump, the latest with a Biden administration, and everything else you need to be fully brainwashed by the media!

Download here: Real-News-Firing-Squads-Are-Back-They-Just-Voted-2021-05-07.mp4 - 13,048 kb
By: The Next News Network - 7th May 2021

Martin Walsh from Conservative Brief reports, The South Carolina House voted Wednesday to add a firing squad to the state's execution methods amid a lack of lethal injection drugs - a measure meant to jump-start executions in a state that once had one of the busiest death chambers in the nation.

Download: Real-News-Covid-19-Fox-News-Tucker-Carlson-How-Many-People-Have-Died-After-COVID-Vax-No-Questions-Allowed-2021-05-06.mp4 - 30,420 kb
By: Mikey088-COVID - 6th May 2021
Tucker Carlson How Many People Have Died
After COVID Vax No Questions Allowed

Carlson cited recent data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System - a database run by the FDA and CDC - showing more than 3,300 reports of deaths after coronavirus shots were administered, a sum Carlson called "not even close to normal."

Carlson acknowledged some of these deaths may have been coincidences, and concluded it's unclear how many fatalities are actually linked to the vaccines.

More deaths by far than any other vaccine, no comparison.

Download here: Covid-19-Documented-Child-Deaths-Vaccine-Related-Deaths-Climb-as-Media-and-Big-Tech-Silence-Truth-2021-06-05.mp4 - 47,662 kb
By Red Voice Media - 5th May 2021
'Vaccine' Related Deaths Climb
as Media and Big Tech Silence Truth

Let's talk about the real reason big tech and the communist oligarchs of Silicon Valley are so desperately trying to silence people like Dr. Jane Ruby and I. It's because they don't want it coming to light that their plan for depopulation has been exposed. These kidnappers are on the run, and we know their identity. The only defence against the indefensible is deletion of words and silencing of speech. You can get rid of the evidence, but not before we expose it, and Americans will find us wherever we land. I will not bow to any of you cowards, and I'll protect my fellow Americans and their kids by any means necessary. The truth is gospel, and you cannot deny the truth.

What Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Fauci, Biden, Soros, Obama, Gates and the rest of these snakes don't want you to know is the real data about the MRNA injection being falsely referred to as a 'vaccine'. They want you to give it to your kids, so that the world's population will continue to decrease, your sons and daughters will bleed unexpectedly and become tragically infertile if they make it. If they don't die after getting injected. They don't want you to know that, and that's why they hide real data. Real verifiable and scary information that will harm or kill your children if it's not shared with the world.

Documented cases that prove that we aren't conspiracy theorists losing our mind, ingesting drugs or wearing tinfoil hats, but that we are onto them and we care about our fellow Americans, even if we can only identify them as:

VAERS ID: 1166062-1; 5 months old: Patient received second dose of Pfizer vaccine on March 17, 2020 while at work. March 18, 2020 her 5 month old breast-fed infant developed a rash and within 24 hours was inconsolable, refusing to eat, and developed a fever. Patient brought baby to local ER where assessments were performed, blood analysis revealed elevated liver enzymes. Infant was hospitalized but continued to decline and passed away. Diagnosis of TTP. No known allergies. No new exposures aside from the mother's vaccination the previous day.

VAERS ID: 1199455-1; 17 years old: Patient reported difficulty breathing and chest pain; suffered cardiac arrest and death.

VAERS ID: 1218081-1; 17 years old: From Post mortem report from Hospital: when on 4/10/21, she was in the process of self catheterization and began experiencing difficulty breathing and chest pain. Shortly after she collapsed and was not breathing. EMS arrived and found her apneic and in pulseless electrical activity. Resuscitation began and continued upon arrival to the ED. Aside from a short period of returned pulses, she remained in PEA despite an estimated 45-50 minutes of resuscitation. She died at 11:20am on 4/10/21. – Directly from Pathology report 4.12.21.

VAERS ID: 1225942-1; 16 years old: Patient was a 16yr female who received Pfizer vaccine 3/19/21 at vaccine clinic and presented with ongoing CPR to the ED 3/28/21 after cardiac arrest at home. Patient placed on ECMO and imaging revealed bilateral large pulmonary embolism as likely etiology of arrest. Risk factors included oral contraceptive use. Labs have since confirmed absence of Factor V leiden or prothrombin gene mutation. Patient declared dead by neurologic criteria 3/30/21.

VAERS ID: 1242573-1; 15 years old: Vaccinated with Pfizer/Biontech, died 04/20/2021, 2 days after vaccination.

VAERS ID: 1243516-1; 16 years old: Hemodynamic collapse at home. Persistent cardiac arrest requiring ECMO. Event believed secondary to pulmonary embolism. Death by neurologic criteria.

Download: Real-News-WATCH-College-Professors-Admit-their-Secret-Liberal-Agenda-for-College-Students-2021-05-05.mp4 - 19,311 kb
By: The Next News Network - 5th May 2021

WATCH: College Professors Admit their
Secret Liberal Agenda for College Students

Jonathan Davis from Trending Politics reports, One by one, the American Marxist left has, over the course of a half-century, taken over all American institutions and have turned them into little mind-altering propaganda mills aimed at overthrowing the old order for good.

Download here: True-News-Pastor-arrested-after-citing-Biblical-marriage-definition-a-vile-attack-on-freedom-of-religion-2021-05-03.mp4 - 8,657 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 3rd May 2021
Pastor arrested after citing Biblical marriage
definition a 'vile attack' on freedom of religion

Spiked Online Editor Brendan O'Neill says the recent arrest of a 71-year-old pastor in the UK for alleged hate speech is a "vile assault on freedom of religion."

The pastor in Britain was handcuffed and arrested by police for alleged hate speech after talking about the Biblical definition of marriage - that marriage is between a man and a woman.

"It's a grotesque situation," Mr O'Neill told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

"He was just reading from the Bible; he was citing the Bible's definition … some people reported him for hate speech and then he was arrested in a pretty violent way.

"This is a vile assault on freedom of religion and a vile assault on freedom of speech."

Download: Real-News-Aussie-workers-are-taxed-by-the-ATO-on-their-income-spending-savings-and-sometimes-taxed-on-their-taxes-2021-04-30.mp4 - 19,439 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 30th April 2021

Aussie workers are taxed by the ATO
on their income, spending, savings
and sometimes taxed on their taxes

>> Please note that the Australian Taxation Office is a PRIVATE FOREIGN owned business! <<

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says the "list of opportunities" that governments have seized "to keep you broke" goes on and on after the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance crunched the numbers on how much Australians lose in tax every year.

"As the report points out, calculating income tax is as easy as visiting the ATO website. But Aussie workers are not only taxed on their income but they are also taxed on their spending, their savings, and sometimes even taxed on their taxes," he said.

"A Victorian worker earning the 2019 average income of $63,440 costs their employer an additional $10,000 or so in superannuation, payroll tax, and other benefits.

"If you build that into the bundle, the total government grab of the $73,000 is more than $40,000 - that's a whopping 55 per cent tax rate.

"You only need to work until the end of July before you stop paying the government.

"The average smoker coughs up another $5200. If you insure your home you'll pay tax in the form of stamp duties and then pay GST on the stamp duty tax; a tax on a tax.

"Don't get me started on alcohol taxes, defacto wealth taxes built into water and council rates, land tax and levies."

Mr Bernardi spoke to the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance's Emilie Dye about the report.

Download here: Have-Faith-Have-Courage-Keep-Fighting-Its-Going-to-Happen-They-Have-Gone-Too-Far-Donald-J-Trump-2021-04-30.mp4 - 5,850 kb
By: Nicholas Franklin - 30th April 2021

"Have Faith. Have Courage.
Keep Fighting. It's Going to Happen.
They've Gone Too Far." - DJT

Trump: I'm 'committed' to this country like 'never before'

President Trump's Interview with Maria Bartiromo this morning!

Apr. 29, 2021 - 57:49 - Former President Trump, in a wide-ranging exclusive interview with FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo, discusses the border crisis, President Biden's tax policies, and a potential run for president in 2024.

Download: Real-News-Marines-Seals-Head-Rescue-of-Millions-of-Tortured-Children-While-Trump-Implodes-Fiat-Dollar-for-a-Global-Currency-Reset-2021-04-22.mp4
By: BEFORE IT'S NEWS - 13,240 kb - 22nd April 2021

Marines, Seals, Head Rescue of Millions of Tortured Children
- While Trump Implodes Fiat Dollar for a Global Currency Reset -

US Special Ops Military forces numbering over 10,000 began training in July 2018 for the rescue of children from the Illuminate's DUMBS – deep underground military bases – an extensive tunnel system that ran beneath every major US city as well as every major capitol throughout the globe.

Since then the tunnels were found to contain millions of tortured children, whole cities and human experiment laboratories that included organ and Adrenochrome harvesting of traumatized childrens' blood.

Child rescue efforts were under direction of the US Military and President Trump – our still duly elected US President. You see, during the Nov. 2020 Election tabulation the US Military ran programs in tandem with the fraudulent Dominion machines that proved President Trump had won the 2020 Presidential Election by an over 80% vote.

President Trump then instigated the Insurrection Act and turned over control of the country to the US Military. An Interim Military US Government has been running our country ever since.

The two US governments: (1) a legitimate Interim Military US Government empowered by the Constitution and the Department of Defense under Military Code 11.3, and (2) an illegal, fraudulent foreign paid-for, foreign controlled (on the foreign ground of the District of Columbia) Biden Administration. US Under Military Law, Congress Arrested, War With CCP Won and No One Knows It.

By July 2019 US Marines had combined with Navy Seals to rescue 2,100 caged children found in underground tunnels beneath China Lake Naval facility in southern California. These Special Forces have since rescued millions of children from underground tunnels across the globe. As of this writing they were actively discovering even more - while blowing up the tunnel system and causing minor earthquakes.

On 20 Dec. 2020 President Trump was informed of tunnels buried two miles beneath Capitol Hill. Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his sidekick Maxwell had given up maps of the global tunnel system – a major income producer for the Cabal Illuminati.

Between 12-16 April 2021 the Special Op forces were blowing up and using the Potomac River to flood the DUMBS beneath Capitol Hill. Over a thousand children were rescued, with even more found deceased. Congress, Biden Arrested as Military Rescues Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill.

On Tues. 23 March 2021 an international force called the Alliance* took over controls and deliberately ran an Evergreen Corp. ship into a bank of the Suez Canal. US Navy Seals magically appeared to find 1,366 dead children, while rescuing 1,267 still barely alive in the 18,000+ containers. That next week even more tortured and abused children were discovered in 29 other container ships caught in the Canal.

The Seals also found chemicals to create climate change that would wipe out all mammals on earth, a Nuclear Weapon, plus Weapons of Mass Destruction on the 29 container ships and six story high Evergreen vessel – all of which were believed destined to start a war between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Trafficked Children, Bodies, Weapons Found on Evergreen Ship Blocking Suez Canal.

Capture of the vessels pretty much wiped out funds for the Cabal and Chinese Communist Party, owner of Evergreen Corporation – that connected to the Clinton Foundation and their international child trafficking ring.

Capitol Hill was full of Child Trafficking perpetrators. Since right before Biden's 20 Jan. 2021 Presidential Inauguration and to today, Capitol Hill has been surrounded with eight foot high barbed wire fencing guarded from the inside by 30,000 National Guard troops – some of whom had been authorized to make arrests.

On Jan. 24, 25 2021 "President" Biden, 355 Congressmen and 109 Senators were said to have been arrested – for a total of 465 elected, some retired, officials who would soon face Military Tribunals. Most of their charges surrounded pedophilia. Congress, Biden Arrested as Military Rescues Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill

In 2016 the first official act of President Trump the morning he took office was to pay a visit to CIA Headquarters, where he declared a war on Child Trafficking. Then he formed the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. The Underground War Happening Now Part 2 – YouTube

Due to the child rescue efforts the Illuminati financial system was now facing a financial implosion. Since at least the so-called Mortgage crisis of 2008 the Alliance had well planned for the financial crisis: they would discard the fiat Illuminati US Dollar and back with gold a new US note through a Global Currency Reset of currencies of 209 countries.

In March 2020 an international military force repatriated to the US Treasury and other nations, 650 plane loads of gold and cash from the Vatican, according to Charlie Ward, Ph. D, whose team secured the gold and valuables. "The Military also arrested 13-demon-bloodline families, Mafia heads, the Pope and 350 personnel in the Vatican. Then they cleared out the Vatican of cash, gold and valuables in 650 plane loads and flew it to Fort Knox and other US Treasury locations" Ward continued.

By Sat 17 April the Military RV Security teams and Quantum Financial System tech personnel had revamped the London financial and Forex system.

On Sun. 18 April Crypto Currencies and Bitcoin Markets crashed. Bitcoin was headquartered, along with an international Child Trafficking Ring run by the Vatican, under the Chinese Communist Party's Three Gorges Dam.

On Mon. 19 April scores of US Treasury employees serving the Cabal were arrested, "As many as 100 and likely more were caught red-handed in a scheme to fund the next CV-19 Stimulus, stop the Global Currency Reset and keep on printing fiat dollars."

Since Mon. 19 April Market opening all international markets, including the US Stock Market and Dollar Index, were in the red and imploding, although at times the figures snuck up to green.

As of Wed. 21 April 2021 the Illuminati / Cabal-owned FED, IRS and World Bank have been deprived of accessing their pass codes, couldn't transfer funds through their online system and thus were considered broke. The Federal Reserve, IRS and World Bank have been locked out of their accounts, with the passwords changed. They can no longer transfer monies.

Despite a Trump Executive Order that made it unlawful for any more printing of the fiat US Dollar, the Biden Administration continued the practice at the defunct Federal Reserve Bank so they could continue their Covid-19 fake agenda. Just a few days ago the US Interim Military Government took charge and arrested over 100 members of the Cabal.

* The Alliance or White Hats was composed of President Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, White Hats in the Department of Defense headed by Secty of Defense Chris Miller, Undersecty of Defense Intel Ezra Cohen Watnick and Gen. Michael T Flynn, Q force (composed of around 800 special ops who advise President Trump including Pentagon Generals Chairman Joint Chief Mark Milley, Vice Chief John Hyten, Gen. James McConville, Adm. Michael Gilday, Gen. C.Q. Brown, Gen. Paul Nakasone and Gen. Jay Raymond), QAnons (volunteer Patriots headed by Ezra Cohen-Watnick, General Flynn and JF Kennedy Jr, who is Q), the National Security Agency headed by our present Acting US President Richard Grenell who, with the US under Martial Law, was running military operations in Washington DC and various militaries across the globe, including the international force authorized to make arrests in any country, Interpol.

Download here: Real-News-Join-The-Round-Table-With-Mel-K-David-Nino-Rodreguz-Simon-Parkes-Charlie-Ward-2021-04-22.mp4 - 92,798 kb
By: Dr. Charlie ward - 22nd April 2021
Join the Round Table with Mel K,
David Nino Rodreguz, Simon Parkes
& Charlie Ward - Dismantling the NWO

A summary of current events including the Evergreen Shipping Line's massive container ship Ever Given that was remotely commandeered and purposely crashed into the Suez Canal; to the military operation that uncovered child trafficking on the Ever Given (& other Evergreen ships), including Weapons of Mass Destruction that were to be used to create WW3.

That we are in the final mop up stages of 'draining the swamp' and taking down the Deep State. How most New World Operatives / Satanists have already been arrested / detained (like fake Queen Elizabeth 2), are plea bargaining and singing like canaries as they dob in their coconspirators, are imprisoned or already executed.

The corrupt media is one of the last weapons of the NWO left that is currently being dismantled.

The main hold up for ending Global treason and tyranny is that there is still a small percentage of the general public who are completely brainwashed by the extreme left and Socialist / Communist / Satanist propaganda - and yet to WAKE UP to the reality of what is happening, and be freed from years of propaganda through e.g. George Soro's fake news outlets and NWO puppets such as: Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Jacinda Ardern etc. Many from the 'Millennial' generation have been fed so much Socialist / Marxist / Communist propaganda, that they are completely brainwashed and devoid of moral turpitude; and blinded to the realities of real history and proper government.

Also exposing Climate Change propaganda and how it is being used as a weapon against humanity; and how all housewives who helped the extreme left at polling stations to illegally change votes from Trump to Biden - are eligible for the death sentence for treason; to poisoning and killing millions via the fake Covid-19 vaccinations and much more...

Download here: Satanism-Shocking-Truth-About-Adrenochrome-And-Child-Trafficking-Sound-Of-Freedom-Jim-Caviezel-2021-04-16.mp4 - 39,801 kb
By: ProjectClarity - 16th April 2021
Shocking Truth About
Adrenochrome & Child Trafficking
"Sound Of Freedom" Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel bursts into tears while explaining the background of his new film "Sound Of Freedom." He talks about the horror of adrenochrome and child trafficking. Over 10 million kids are sex trafficked each year around the world by many of the most famous people in Hollywood, big business, and politics. They are slaughtered and tortured like animals according to Caviezel.

Download here: Real-Cancel-Culture-comes-for-mum-and-dad-2021-04-13.mp4 - 7,911 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 13th April 2021
Cancel Culture comes for 'mum' and 'dad'

One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson says she's "had a gutful" of the push for non-gendered language and practices, saying we are destroying society by pushing these agendas in the main.

It comes as schools and sporting teams have been instructed to restrict language such as "mum", "dad", "girlfriend", and "boyfriend."

Furthermore, schools and sporting teams have been urged to fly the LGBTQIA+ flag, introduce unisex bathrooms, and form non-gendered teams to be more "inclusive."

Download here: Chinese-Police-Rip-People-from-Motorcycles-and-Steal-Scooters-2021-04-13.mp4 - 44,283 kb
By: China Uncensored - 13th April 2021
Chinese Police Rip People
from Motorcycles and Steal Scooters
Chinese thugs - friends of Jacinda Ardern

Chinese roads have a reputation for being a dangerous place. But the Chinese Communist Party has launched a new mass campaign to crack down on bad driving and accidents. It involves stealing people's motorcycles and scooters and making a buck off them. Find out more on this China Uncensored.

Download here: Real-News-Diners-Chant-Get-Out-At-Covid-Health-Officials-2021-04-10.mp4 - 11,095 kb
By: TheDC Shorts - 10th April 2021
Diners Chant 'Get Out' at Covid Health Officials

A restaurant in Vancouver that was violating local COVID-19 guidelines got a visit from health officials. Instead of closing, the people in the restaurant chanted at them to "get out."

President NotSure
The backlash towards these officials is going to nothing short of biblical and I'm just going to sit back and laugh as the masses chase them down the street.

Arch Angel
A room full of healthy people that refuse to be afraid of the Boogieman

Kevin Wells
Wake up! Stand up, this is AMERICA! BE FREE! I couldn't of said it better myself Sir! GODSPEED!!!

Mike Potrero
seriously, that is the most satisfying thing I have seen in a while

Don DeBomm
"Wake up! Stand up! This is America. Be free!" .. Well said

Everyone's gangster until a whole restaurant turns on you

Download here: The-Incredible-Genius-Of-President-Donald-Trump-The-Art-Of-War-Tactics-2021-04-05.mp4 - 13,223 kb
By: Rev1776 - 5th April 2021
The Incredible Genius Of President Donald Trump
- The Art of War Tactics -

The Art of War tactics used by President Donald Trump to defeat evil explained.

Yesterday President Trump and his loving family received a standing ovation from guests at his Mar-a-Lago estate - after which then saw President Trump sending out an hilarious Easter greeting saying: "Happy Easter to ALL, including the Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our Country!" - that was then followed by the release of an astonishing video that's now sweeping across the entire world (Posted Below) - wherein it describes how everything in the world being seen today is part of a strategy to defeat evil being masterminded for decades by President Trump using "The Art Of War" tactics - and says that even though many may be despaired at what they're seeing, President Trump has already won this war against darkness - and with his new media system freeing the minds of people in Europe today, one hopes this victory for truth will be followed by many others.

Real-News-Lightbulb-manufacturerers-conspire-to-make-low-life-lightbulbs-This-is-why-we-cannot-have-nice-things-2021-03-27.mp4 - 60,970 kb
By: Veritasium - 27th March 2021

Lightbulb manufacturerers conspire
to make low-life lightbulbs
This is why we can't have nice things

This video is about stuff: light bulbs, printers, phones and why they aren't better.

Louis Rossmann
8.5 million people watch you, and you planted a seed today in their mind about right to repair. Thank you.

I would love to see a estimate of the money and human time utterly wasted by planned obsolescence, and how many years it's put us behind. I can scarcely imagine a more nefarious business practice.

people thought: "in a hundred years, we'll have flying cars." what really happens in a hundred years is, "we'll focus on making tires break in a safe way."

Sir Tiddlesworth
When I was an engineering student in university, our professors - especially the ones who taught DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly), would sneak in planned obsolescence everywhere like in our lectures, homework and examination questions. Still remember them clearly because I got slightly lower marks for disagreeing with the practice during one research project and the finals for DFMA.

Academia and education systems everywhere really need to be reformed to or replaced by something else that is not heavily influenced by corporate workforce demands and trends.

Bobby Kinstle
Judging by how many "20 year" LED bulbs I've already replaced, I'd say there's some intentional quality degradations in that field as well. But the worst part is they constantly change the style and slightly vary the color. So when one bulb in a fixture burns out, I can't buy a matching bulb anymore and I have to replace all of them anway.

Alfy C
As a musician, I'm so happy that instrument companies tend not to do this. I play the bass guitar and I am confident I'll never have to fully replace any of my bass guitars. Everything on it that could break it fully replaceable and I can do the repairs myself.

The thing I hate most about planned obsolescence is that it assumes we have endless resources. It's terrible for our planet.

Download here: Real-News-The-Three-Little-Pigs-Learn-About-Gun-Control-Book-Reading-2021-03-16.mp4 - 8.721 kb
By: Firearms Unknown - 16th March 2021

The Three Little Pigs Learn
About Gun Control (Book Reading)

The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf on the Road
ISBN: 978-0-578-82653-0

In this story the pigs learn why internet activism doesn't work and the best way to protect themselves from wolves.

3,964 Dead in Europe & 162,610 Injuries
Following Experimental Covid-19 Injections
Total Media Blackout:
13th March 2021

European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports - Search

The complete media blackout of adverse effects and deaths following experimental COVID-19 injections is absolutely outrageous. Yet, they continue to peddle the fraudulent, unproved claim that they are safe and effective. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to the European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 'Vaccines,' 3,964 people have died and 162,610 have been injured, and these are only the ones reported - which are a very small percentage of the total.

Their report through March 13, 2021 lists 3,964 deaths and 162,610 injuries following injections of three experimental COVID-19 shots:


Total reactions for the experimental mRNA vaccine Tozinameran (code BNT162b2, Comirnaty) from BioNTech / Pfizer: 2,540 deaths and 102,100 injuries to 13/03/2021:

Total reactions for the experimental mRNA vaccine Tozinameran (code BNT162b2, Comirnaty) from BioNTech / Pfizer


  • 7,604 Blood and lymphatic system disorders incl. 15 deaths
  • 4,636 Cardiac disorders incl. 276 deaths
  • 22 Congenital, familial and genetic disorders incl. 2 deaths
  • 2,683 Ear and labyrinth disorders
  • 52 Endocrine disorders
  • 2,941 Eye disorders incl. 2 deaths
  • 23,074 Gastrointestinal disorders incl. 125 deaths
  • 72,072 General disorders and administration site conditions incl. 957 deaths
  • 102 Hepatobiliary disorders incl. 12 deaths
  • 1,928 Immune system disorders incl. 11 deaths
  • 6,020 Infections and infestations incl. 275 deaths
  • 2,198 Injury, poisoning and procedural complications incl. 32 deaths
  • 4,565 Investigations incl. 111 deaths
  • 1,567 Metabolism and nutrition disorders incl. 49 deaths
  • 37,365 Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders incl. 22 deaths
  • 55 Neoplasms benign, malignant and unspecified (incl cysts and polyps) incl. 3 deaths
  • 44,993 Nervous system disorders incl. 185 deaths
  • 81 Pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal conditions incl. 2 deaths
  • 57 Product issues
  • 3,742 Psychiatric disorders incl. 28 deaths
  • 525 Renal and urinary disorders incl. 37 deaths
  • 545 Reproductive system and breast disorders
  • 8,788 Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders incl. 294 deaths
  • 10,808 Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders incl. 18 deaths
  • 229 Social circumstances incl. 6 deaths
  • 69 Surgical and medical procedures incl. 4 deaths
  • 4,820 Vascular disorders incl. 74 deaths

Total reactions for the experimental mRNA vaccine mRNA-1273 (CX-024414) from Moderna: 973 deaths and 5,939 injuries to 13/03/2021
Total reactions for the experimental mRNA vaccine mRNA-1273 (CX-024414) from Moderna


  • 330 Blood and lymphatic system disorders incl. 9 deaths
  • 501 Cardiac disorders incl. 96 deaths
  • 1 Congenital, familial and genetic disorders
  • 116 Ear and labyrinth disorders
  • 6 Endocrine disorders
  • 181 Eye disorders incl. 2 deaths
  • 1,283 Gastrointestinal disorders incl. 40 deaths
  • 4,198 General disorders and administration site conditions incl. 393 deaths
  • 21 Hepatobiliary disorders
  • 219 Immune system disorders incl. 1 death
  • 515 Infections and infestations incl. 57 deaths
  • 236 Injury, poisoning and procedural complications incl. 16 deaths
  • 411 Investigations incl. 36 deaths
  • 165 Metabolism and nutrition disorders incl. 18 deaths
  • 1,727 Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders incl. 23 deaths
  • 12 Neoplasms benign, malignant and unspecified (incl cysts and polyps) incl. 3 deaths
  • 2,324 Nervous system disorders incl. 111 deaths
  • 15 Pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal conditions
  • 4 Product issues
  • 271 Psychiatric disorders incl. 14 deaths
  • 93 Renal and urinary disorders incl. 10 deaths
  • 34 Reproductive system and breast disorders incl. 1 death
  • 817 Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders incl. 93 deaths
  • 740 Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders incl. 11 deaths
  • 48 Social circumstances incl. 3 deaths
  • 40 Surgical and medical procedures incl. 4 deaths
  • 368 Vascular disorders incl. 32 deaths

Total reactions for the experimental vaccine AZD1222 (CHADOX1 NCOV-19) from Oxford/ AstraZeneca: 451 deaths and 54,571 injuries to 13/03/2021
Total reactions for the experimental vaccine AZD1222 (CHADOX1 NCOV-19) from Oxford/ AstraZeneca


  • 1,180 Blood and lymphatic system disorders incl. 11 deaths
  • 2,080 Cardiac disorders incl. 63 deaths
  • 17 Congenital, familial and genetic disorders
  • 1,237 Ear and labyrinth disorders
  • 41 Endocrine disorders
  • 1,977 Eye disorders incl. 1 death
  • 17,491 Gastrointestinal disorders incl. 15 deaths
  • 42,367 General disorders and administration site conditions incl. 198 deaths
  • 32 Hepatobiliary disorders incl. 1 death
  • 578 Immune system disorders
  • 3,340 Infections and infestations incl. 46 deaths
  • 853 Injury, poisoning and procedural complications incl. 2 deaths
  • 2,384 Investigations incl. 3 deaths
  • 2,676 Metabolism and nutrition disorders incl. 5 deaths
  • 22,858 Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders incl. 4 deaths
  • 19 Neoplasms benign, malignant and unspecified (incl cysts and polyps) incl. 2 deaths
  • 32,490 Nervous system disorders incl. 41 deaths
  • 22 Pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal conditions
  • 11 Product issues
  • 3,105 Psychiatric disorders incl. 3 deaths
  • 560 Renal and urinary disorders incl. 4 deaths
  • 266 Reproductive system and breast disorders
  • 4,293 Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders incl. 33 deaths
  • 6,815 Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders incl. 2 deaths
  • 99 Social circumstances incl. 2 deaths
  • 138 Surgical and medical procedures incl. 4 deaths
  • 1,656 Vascular disorders incl. 11 deaths


This is public information funded by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), but it is obviously being censored by the corporate media.

According to doctors I've interviewed with knowledge of how these mRNA injections function, we are going to see deaths in the millions due to an experimental injection for an unproven virus that allegedly has a survivability rate of nearly 100%!

It's time to call this what it is: genocide, and those engaging in it should be held accountable.

Download here: Real-News-Nancy-Mace-responds-to-AOC-Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez-LIES-about-Capitol-Hill-fake-attack-2021-02-10.mp4 - 28,689 kb
By: Newsmax TV - 10th February 2021
Nancy Mace responds to AOC
(Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) LIES
about the Fake Attack at Capitol Hill

Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina comments on her recent social media feud with New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez resulting from comments made about the dangerous situation which took place at the Capitol building in early January 2021, whether Ocasio-Cortez 'has her story straight' or not, and more. - with Newsmax TV's Rob Finnerty

Real-News-Communism-Imploding-Chinas-Most-Corrupt-Official-Sentenced-to-Death-Lai-Xiaomin-and-China-Huarong-2021-01-26.mp4 - 17,623 kb
By: China Uncensored - 26th January 2021
China's Most Corrupt Official Sentenced to
Death | Lai Xiaomin and China Huarong

This dude had 100 mistress living together! Lai Xiaomin was board chairman and Party chief of the state-owned asset management company China Huarong. But he's been given the death penalty for being the most corrupt man in China. Investigators literally found 3 tons of bribe money in his home. Everyone in the Chinese Communist Party is corrupt. Not everyone gets punished for it.

Download here: Joe-Biden-national-disgrace-quit-clowning-around-Biden-Hypocrite-Trump-a-hero-NewsmaxTV-2021-01-24.mp4 - 64,710 kb
By: Newsmax TV - 24th January 2021
Joe Biden is a national disgrace
- quit clowning around -

Biden is 100% against walls / fences; yet he is happy having a great wall / fence put right around the whitehouse!

Biden is a hypocrite - Trump is a national hero.

'NATIONAL DISGRACE': Benny Johnson examines President Biden's disrespect towards the National Guard and why we shouldn't be surprised by the behavior from the former Vice President. - watch The Benny Report, Saturdays at 7:30PM ET on Newsmax TV.

Download here: Inauguration-Handcuffed-Man-Walks-into-the-Whitehouse-2021-01-21.mp4 - 1,113 kb
By: unknown - 21st January 2021
Handcuffed Man Walks into the
Whitehouse During the Fake Inauguration

Download here: Why-the-Bidens-Were-Locked-Out-of-the-White-House-truck-outside-Fake-Oval-office-2021-01-23.mp4 - 8,363 kb
By: Inside Edition - 20th January 2021
Why the Bidens Were
Locked Out of the White House

The Bidens were standing out in the cold, waiting to be let into their new home, the White House, as everyone wondered why the doors were shut. Turns out, the chief usher who had been hired by Trump in 2017 was fired just hours before the Bidens arrived. The new first family reportedly wanted a chief usher with no ties to Trump. A chilling tweet from an Iranian account threatened former President Trump while he golfed. Dr. Jill Biden is already back at her teaching job.

Download: President-Donald-Trump-accuses-reporter-of-being-a-criminal-for-not-reporting-Joe-Biden-as-a-known-criminal-2021-01-21.mp4 - 2,713 kb
By: Unknown - 21st January 2021
President Donald Trump accuses reporter
of being a criminal - for not reporting
Joe Biden as a known criminal

Inaugeration-National-Guard-Turn-Their-Back-on-the-Traitor-Joe-Biden-While-Thousands-Gather-to-See-Donald-Trump-2021-01-22.mp4 - 46,596 kb
By: The Next News Network - 21st January 2021
The National Guard Turn Their Back
on the Traitor Joe Biden
While Thousands Gather to See Donald Trump

Everyone Noticed What Biden did To HIDE the Truth, seconds later Trump publicly Humiliates Him

Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, President Trump landed in Florida yesterday and thousands of his supporters lined the streets of the five mile journey from the Palm Beach Airport to his home at Mar-a-Lago.

Download here: Real-News-BOOM-Trump-Sets-TRAP-For-Joe-Biden-and-it-Triggers-Two-Days-Into-His-Administration-2021-01-20.mp4 - 51,561 kb
By: The Next News Network - 20th January 2021
BOOM! Trump Sets TRAP For Joe Biden
and it Triggers Two Days Into His Administration
Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, President Trump issued another Executive Order today but this one is scheduled for two days after Joe Biden's planned for Inauguration. The EO is proclaiming the sanctity of life.

Download here: Inaugeration-Donald-Trump-formally-declassifies-Russia-documents-over-objections-of-FBI-2021-01-20.mp4 - 6,952 kb
By: Just The News - 20th January 2021
President Trump formally declassifies
Russia documents over objections of FBI

Trump says he approved materials in a foot-tall binder of FBI documents "be declassified to the maximum extent possible."

Download: Donald-Trump-President-Trump-delivers-Farewell-Address-issues-FINAL-WARNING-to-the-American-People-2021-01-20.mp4 - 59,590 kb
By: The Next News Network - 20th January 2021
President Trump delivers Farewell Address, issues FINAL WARNING to the American People
BREAKING: President Trump delivers Farewell Address to the American People

Download here: EMERGENCY-ALERT-INFORMATION-The-Inauguration-that-will-never-be-Insurrection-Act-2021-01-17.mp4 - 56,838 kb
By: GodWins74 - 17th January 2021
USA Capitol Under Siege - NOT

The inauguration that will never be! Insurrection act, Executive Order 13848 In full effect. God Wins!

Download here: Real-News-General-Flynn-Message-to-America-2020-01-10.mp4 - 14,776 kb
By: ScienceSplat - 10th January 2021
General Flynn - Message to America

Simple Jack
Americans had better be prepared for anything, the full scale communist style censorship has arrived. If America falls the world falls.

Yona Horn
Lets go America. I never give up. We are ready

Susan Mclain

Rachel k
YES... we are patriots that love our country deeply and we will never ever bow down to anybody but God I love my country and I will fight until the end....

Jason Leee
They're not going to just give it back, we have to take it back


Annie Lankford
God Bless General Flynn and our President Trump!!

Download here: Real-News-The-Ingraham-Angle-Fox-News-Facebook-Twitter-Google-ban-Trump-and-followers-for-life-2021-01-08.mp4 - 171,384 kb
By: Fox News - 8th January 2021
The Ingraham Angle
Facebook, Twitter & Google
Ban Trump and His Followers for Life

The Ingraham Angle 1/8/2021 | Laura Ingraham Fox News January 8, 2021
Laura Ingraham

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Some people wouldn't know tyranny if it bit them on the ass!

Doctors - Putting Profit and their Job Before People!
Doctors - Putting Profit and their Job Before People!

This is a question that stupid
people & traitors cannot answer:
Q: Where did Influenza go in 2020 & 2021?
This is a question that stupid people & traitors cannot answer: Q: Where did Influenza go in 2020 & 2021?

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
WHO leader, Liar and Genocidist!
30th June 2023
Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO leader, Liar and Genocidist!

Being awake isn't cool. It means having to dumb down 98% of your conversations every day, so you don't sound like a lunatic.

Attitude to monsters after putting up with their shit since late 2019...

Plan F - The Fuck Off plan!

When people you don't even know hate you, That's when you know you're the best.

mRNA jabs are doing the job
slowly and quietly. Hardly anyone knows it is a holocaust!
30th June 2023
mRNA jabs are doing the job slowly and quietly. Hardly anyone knows it is a holocaust!

20 - 10 - 5 - 1 Minute Cities
It's called GENOCIDE!
13th June 2023
20 - 10 - 5 - 1 Minute Cities - It's called GENOCIDE!

"A Social Contract to Transform Our World by 2030"
It's called GENOCIDE!
12th May 2023
A Social Contract to Transform Our World by 2030 - It's called GENOCIDE!

World Economic Forum - Committed to Enslaving the Whole World

Nothing says "Trust the Science"
like asking for the data
to be hidden for 75 years!
18th March 2023
Nothing says Trust the Science like asking for the data to be hidden for 75 years! Shhhhh....

Superheroes bow down to the
Big Pharma / Businessmen / Doctors
11th February 2023
It is a lot easier to tell yourself that you are a hero, than it is to realize that you have been complicit in the biggest fraud in history! MEDICAL APARTHEID and GENOCIDE!

It is a lot easier to tell yourself that you are a hero, than it is to realize that you have been complicit in the biggest fraud in history! MEDICAL APARTHEID and GENOCIDE!

Break free of all the WEF / Political /Media BULLSHIT
26th November 2022
Break free of all the WEF / Political /Media BULLSHIT

The jabbed telling the unjabbed to get
jabbed is like sending a post card from
the Titanic saying: "Wish you were here!"
20th November 2022
The jabbed telling the unjabbed to get jabbed is like sending a post card from the Titanic saying: Wish you were here!

Ten Stages of Genocide
As taught by WEFers Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau etc - August 2022

Ten Stages of Genocide

The Good Reset
Not Satan's, Klaus Schwab's, Jacinda Ardern's,
Justin Trudeau's etc Great Reset

28th July 2022
The Good Reset - Not Satan's, Klaus Schwab's, Jacinda Ardern's, Justin Trudeau's etc Great Reset

Covid Variant / Booster
The Merry Go Round From Hell
22nd December 2021

Covid Variant / Booster - Merry Go Round From Hell

Experimental Injections
Multiple Dose Infinite Carousel
13th November 2021

Experimental Injections - Multiple Dose Infinite Carousel

Death is coming for you stupid!

I am fully Vaccinated and Boostered, and just tested positive for Covid-19. I am grateful for the protection my vaccines continue to provide.

The 5-Step COVID 'Vaccine' RISK / BENEFIT ANALYSIS - September 2021

Trump's swamp draining service

When the population understands this picture, it will change everything.

"You can fool all the people some of the time.
You can fool some of the people all the time.
But you cannot fool all the people all the time!"

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Attributed to Edmund Burke. Also by John F. Kennedy in a speech in 1961.

The Great Cow Analogy

Donald J. Trump - They should never have touched the children!
'They should never have touched the children!'
Donald J. Trump - President of the United States of America

'They should never have touched the children!!' President Donald J. Trump

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Abortion: Modern Day Child Sacrifice
Psalms 106:37 Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils
Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

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