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"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell
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MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL and Embraces GENOCIDE

The Pandemic is just a DECOY...
Covid Passports, Kill Shots & Depopulation are the goals
DEMOCIDE - one injection at a time! C/o Bill Gates, the WEF, CIA, WHO and your: politicians / doctors / nurses etc...
DEMOCIDE - one injection at a time!
[C/o Bill Gates, the WEF, WHO, UN, CIA, FBI and
your: politicians / doctors / nurses, police etc...]

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Video BOMBSHELL: New Investigation Finds 1-in-3 Pfizer Vaccine Doses May Have Been a Placebo (Saline) - 28th June 2023
Video LT Mark Charles Bashaw unlawfully discharged after 17 years service, for not getting Covid Kill Shots - 26th June 2023
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Document Number of Covid-19 deaths, by age and vaccination status (within 28 days of being reported as a case) - Note: the following charts and data does not include all the vaccinated deaths that are reported as: Cause Unknown, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Phenomena, AIDS, Cancer, Aborted Foetuses etc - 21st February 2023
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Traitors Bill Gates - the traitor behind 5G / Covid-19; and his ultimate plan to vaccinate the World with his 5G / Covid-19 vaccination and AI tracking technology

Certified IDIOT! Imagine A Vaccine So Safe You Have To Be
To Take It! For A Disease So Deadly
You Have To Be Tested To Know You Have It!
Satanic Pharmaceutical System

WARNING re Covid mRNA Injections

You simply CANNOT unvaccinate yourself of these Kill Shots!So you have participated in the GENOCIDE PROGRAMME and injected yourself for your: work / partner / or to 'fit in' socially etc; despite the hundreds of thousands of medical professionals who have been warning the whole World about the dangers of: modifying your RNA / DNA and shutting down your God given immune system!

Now you are filled with Covid 'Vaccination Remorse' (aka Jabber's Remorse) and are totally concerned about suffering extreme 'serious adverse reactions', so you have decided to find a 'wonder pill' as a cure. The reality is, unless you received a 'saline solution' (like many politicians and other key players in this Genocide Programme, or a miracle healing from your Creator God), or have access to a Med Bed, you simply CANNOT UNVACCINATE yourself of these Kill Shots!

[Note: At this stage, scientific studies from the UK and Israel show that the life expectancy for many 'fully vaccinated' recipients is just 3-5 years!]

How Bad is My Batch
Check out your batch code (lot number) for: Moderna - Pfizer - Janssen etc here:

Remedies and protocols (see here) that you take to reduce side effects / pain etc from the injections / shedding / spike proteins etc, will possibly be for the remainder of your life - as all you will be doing is alleviating the symptoms of the inevitable - VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) and eventual DEATH (yes, the Covid injections include the A.I.D.S virus and nano / graphene technology (all patented) - that turns many surviving recipients into patented 5g routers / transhumans / human 2.0.)

So please, take this opportunity to seek the Lord God (Creator of the Heavens and Earth) and make peace with Him. [Note: Globalists, politicians, scientists, doctors and merchants created this mess - so stop blaming the Purebloods and your Creator God!]

No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.

"I have met many people who regretted GETTING the Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine - but I have never met anyone who regretted NOT GETTING the Vaccine!"

Download here: New-Investigation-Finds-1-in-3-Pfizer-Vaccine-Doses-May-Have-Been-a-Placebo-Saline-2023-06-28.mp4 - 365,914 kb
By: Kim Iversen - 28th June 2023
BOMBSHELL: New Investigation Finds
1-in-3 Pfizer Vaccine Doses
May Have Been a Placebo
(e.g. Saline)

"They were experimenting on people. There's no other way to slice it. The only other thing that's possible is that they were covering up for the massive number of side effects...And the only way to mitigate it, to keep the public calm and to keep taking our injection, is to give a chunk of them a placebo."

Kim Iversen
It's important for people to understand that they KNEW 1/3 of the shots were placebo. They quality tested nearly every batch except the placebo batches because they knew they didn't need to test saline. Why did they knowingly administer placebo to the public?
If you wanted plausible deniability that your shots aren't hurting people, make sure 1/3 can't hurt people (placebo) and point to that cohort as proof the product causes no harm. Everything about "covid" is a carefully crafted deception.

The flip side is just as bad - if we permit (1) that there was actually a deadly pandemic so dangerous that it required a global emergency response, and that (2) in response the government/pharma knowingly shipped 1/3 placebo to the people, then (3) this too is tantamount to premeditated murder as the response to the deadly pandemic would be 1/3 purposely ineffective. Does that make sense, or am I missing something important?

ha! the people who got the placebo were the lucky ones.

Makes a lot of sense otherwise more people would be dropping suddenly

Pfizer got top dollar for saline shots

sadly my sister wasn't so fortunate. she died 3 months after one jab. millions of others have as well.

The placebo ones went to the politicians and friends.

I predict the next fake pandemic will occur over this coming winter, just in time for the 2024 election.

maybe RFK Jr isn't as crazy as the MSM .awesome him out to be!!

NUREMBERG 2.0!!!!!! Time for holding them accountable.

My neighbor had 4 Covid shots then got Covid and now her heart is all messed up!!

Told yah so. People who got that saline are the only reason other people think it's safe. And they think it's safe too.

The US has a long history of experimenting on groups of people. Hardly a surprise here, perhaps the scale is the real bombshell.

If I had taken it, I would now be praying that I received the placebo.

Thank God If They Were !!!!!!!!
Never Take Any Of Their Poison Shit Again! Their Have Been 154,000,000 Adverse Reactions

That mean they knew it was a placebo

yes, it was an experiment.. they always include placebos in experiments. those that took the jab participated in the experiment. it also fits with the 2/3 depopulation agenda. "control" group would be all of us who didn't jab at all. the placebo group is just called the placebo group.
those of us who did not jab survived the biggest psyop in human history.
some of this we already knew based on alternative media and there was a whistle blower nurse who said that there were 3 batches one for short term serious affects, one for long term effects and one placebo.
so according to this data blue is probably the short term bad side effects, like Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, myocarditis etc.
green is probably long term bad side effects.. like cancer
They can't have everybody dying all at once or else people would have gotten suspicious
i can't even tell you how many times now that i've heard: "Well nothing happened to me, so it can't be from the jab"
independent people were keeping track of the batches. there was a website called "how bad is my batch" . it's nice to feel vindicated, but sad that so many people were lied to and are suffering.

It's good that you got your own show now. Your one of the few who see what's going on.

I hope I got the placebo!
I will NEVER TRUST our government again! Never!!!

No! it did not help seniors. I live in a senior building. cancers took off. heartattacks and strokes happened. We lost 18 people ( out of 96) after the jabs rolled out. look, it destroys the human immune system. Vulnerable seniords need protected more. I have witnessed negative adverse advents in my two friends. One got pnuemonia after getting 3rd covid shot and a pneumonia shot last fall. He has a lingering pneumonia and recurring bacterial infections as well as the agressive ling cancer! losing my friend. this is criminal.. thanks for all that you do


The nazis and the Japanese did this kind of thing too 80 years ago. Unfortunately, some things never change...

Kim, there are no bad jab batches. However, there are many types of batches. The purpose for the various batches was to make sure that NOT everyone would die, or suffer severe adverse events, all at the same time. So, what they did was make roughly 10% of the bio-weapons (jabs) with the full strength solution while another approx. 10% would have a weaken solution. The rest would be placebos.

In doing the jabs in this manner, they was room for deniability regarding the safety of the jabs. However, with the boosters being administered in the same manner, it was only a manner of time before those that initially received jabs would get the "real mc coy," unfortunately. That's what is taking place right now, Kim. The systematic killing of our complacent population. The 1/3rd of us that are not complacent are going to be spared.

They're trying to infect everyone by putting jab solutions in the air, water, and food but that's not going to work. Our bodies have a very resilient defense. The infection (mRNA), as of right now, can only be done with the jabs. What we need to do is eat healthy, maintain an active lifestyle, and be optimistic because our state of mind is as important as our physical body.

Download here: LT-Mark-Charles-Bashaw-unlawfully-discharged-after-17-years-service-for-not-getting-Covid-Kill-Shots-2023-06-26.mp4 - 4,254 kb
By: LT Mark Charles Bashaw - 26th June 2023
LT Mark Charles Bashaw unlawfully
discharged after 17 years service,
for not getting Covid Kill Shots

Help support the legal fight for Mark Charles Bashaw after being unlawfully discharged from service after 17 years active duty.

First Lieutenant MARK C. BASHAW, U.S. Army

First Lieutenant Mark C. Bashaw served as a Public Health Officer and a Company Commander at the Army Public Health Center from January 2020 to June 2023. In November 2021, he became a whistleblower against the Medical Military Industrial Complex, regarding the experimental COVID-19 products (masks, tests, and injections), propagandized risk communication strategies, psychological operations, discrimination, and unlawful orders that were weaponized against service members and humanity, during the COVID-19 plandemic (Visit for more info.)

Ultimately, due to his whistleblower communications and disobedience to unlawful orders, Lieutenant Bashaw faced ongoing retaliation for 573 days with the following tactics: court-martial, threats of imprisonment, weaponized behavioral health appointment, withheld promotion, adverse military records, banned from all Army Public Health Center facilities (413 days), weaponized CPS/military family advocacy program against his family, labeled an "insider threat," and, on June 26th, 2023, after 17 years of active duty service, he received an unlawful general discharge from service with a statement of "unacceptable conduct," authorized by the Secretary of the Army, CHRISTINE WORMOUTH.

LT Bashaw exhausted all petitions for redress to no avail. Similarly, these unlawful discharges were issued to 9,000 Service Members over the past three years. Many of them are struggling to find work due to their unlawful discharge characterizations. They also struggle to get their discharge characterizations upgraded. He stands among those who have honored their oaths to the Constitution and held the line in defense of our nation against enemies foreign and domestic.

Mark enlisted in U.S. Air Force back on January 17th, 2006. He's served active duty since and on 26 June has received a General Discharge for "unacceptable conduct" while honoring his Oath to the Constitution for the United States of America.

"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you." - Isaiah 43:2"

Patrick Byrne
17 year medic being discharged, because he had refused the vaccine, even though it is no longer mandatory and it's dangers are much more clearly understood.

Welcome to totalitarianism.

Patriot Carol
Good for you. You are a real man and a real soldier. Bravo !!! God will bless you and you also will live to be a father to those adorable children. That shot is a killer. Military can pound salt. Sue them. !!

Jesse Roney
The VAX addicts keep saying nobody was forced to take the vaccine, but they are kicking military members out of the military with a bad conduct discharge for disobeying "ORDERS" to take the jab.

Sounds to me like they are forcing people to take the jab to me.

Barbara Gause
I am very proud of you for standing up for what you believe

Leonard Jay Siebert
It's a travesty and a great loss to the military. You have the Right to refuse unlawful order, it is your duty, and you did just that Sir. Best of fortune to you and yours.

Anti-Woke Millennial
They're replacing these stand up guys w a bunch of pronoun lunos w swollen hearts from jab, what can go wrong

Download here: Covid-Is-Genocide-A-Biological-Warfare-Crime-Dr-David-Martin-Speaks-To-The-European-Parliament-2023-06-24.mp4 - 40,640 kb
By: London Real - 24th June 2023 [originally aired 25th May 2023]
Covid Is Genocide
A Biological Warfare Crime
Dr. David Martin Speaks To The European Parliament
"Vaccines do not work on Coronavirus..."

"..isn't it fascinating, that we were, we were told that 'well the spike protein is a new thing, we just found out that that's the problem!' - No! As a matter of fact we didn't just find out it was not just now, now the problem, we found that out in 1990 and filed the first patents on vaccines in 1990, for the spike protein of Coronavirus!

And who would have thought, Pfizer, clearly the innocent organization that does nothing but promote human health. Clearly Pfizer, the organization that has not bought the votes in this chamber and at every chamber of every government around the world. Not that Pfizer! Certainly they wouldn't have had anything to do with this.

But oh yes they did! And in 1990 they found out that there was a problem with vaccines - they didn't work! You know why they didn't work? It turns out the coronavirus is a very malleable model, it transforms and it changes and it mutates over time. As a matter of fact, every publication on vaccines for Coronavirus, from 1990 until 2018, every single publication concluded that coronavirus escapes the vaccine impulse, because it modifies and mutates too quickly for vaccines to be effective. And since 1990 to 2018, that is the published science ladies and gentlemen. That's following the science.

Following the science is their own indictment of their own programs, that said it doesn't work! And there are thousands of Publications to that effect, not a few hundred, and not paid for by pharmaceutical companies. These are publications that are independent scientific research that shows unequivocally, including efforts of the Chimera modifications made by Ralph Barrick in the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. All of them show vaccines - do - not - work - on Coronavirus. That's the science and that science has never been disputed!

But then we had an interesting development in 2002, and this date is most important, because in 2002 the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill patented and I quote 'an infectious replication defective clone of Coronavirus.' Listen to those words 'infectious - replication - defective.' What does that phrase actually mean? For those of you not familiar with language, let me unpack it for you: 'Infectious - replication - defective' means a weapon! It means something meant to Target an individual, but not have collateral damage to other individuals. That's what 'infectious - replication - defective' means. And that patent was filed in 2002, on work funded by NIAID's Anthony Fauci from 1999 to 2002. And that work patented at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, mysteriously preceded SARS 1.0, by a year.

Oh, Dave, are you suggesting that SARS 1.0 wasn't from a wet Market in Wuhan? Are you suggesting it might have come from a laboratory in the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill? No I'm not suggesting it, I'm telling you that's the facts!

We engineered SARS! SARS is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. The naturally occurring phenomenon is called the common cold. It's called influenza-like illness. It's called gastroenteritis. That's the naturally occurring Coronavirus! SARS is the research developed by humans, weaponizing a life system model, to actually attack human beings and they patented it in 2002.

And in 2003, giant surprise, the CDC filed the patent on Coronavirus isolated fromhumans, in violation once again of biological and chemical weapons treaties and laws that we have in the United States; and I'm very, very precise on this. The United States likes to talk about its rights and everything else and the rule of law and all the nonsense that we like to talk about. But we don't ratify treaties about, I don't know, defending humans. We conspicuously avoid that. We actually have a great track record of advocating for human rights and then denying them when it comes to actually being part of the International Community, which is a
slightly problematic thing.

But let's get something very clear, when the CDC in April of 2003 filed the patent on SARS coronavirus isolated from humans, what did they do? They downloaded a sequence from China and filed a patent on it in the United States! Any of you familiar with biological and chemical weapons treaties knows that's a violation. That's a crime. That's not an innocent oops. That's a crime and the United States patent office went as far as to reject that patent application on two occasions, until the CDC decided to bribe the patent office, to override the patent examiner, to ultimately issue the patent in 2007, on SARS coronavirus.

But let's not let that get away from us, because it turns out that the RPTCR, which was the test that we allegedly were going to use to identify the risks associated with Coronavirus, was actually identified as a bioterrorism threat by me, in the European union-sponsored events in 2002 and 2003. 20 years ago! That happened, here in Brussels and across Europe.

In 2005 this particular pathogen was specifically labeled as a bio terrorism and bioweapon platform technology, described as such, that's not my terminology that I'm applying to it. It was actually described as a bioweapons platform technology in 2005. And from 2005 onwards, it was actually a bio Warfare enabling agent, its official classification from 2005 forward. I don't know if that sounds like public health to you? Does it? Biological warfare enabling technology. That feels like not Public Health. That feels like not medicine. That feels like a weapon designed to take out Humanity - that's what it feels like; and it feels like that because that's exactly what it is.

We have been lured into believing that Eco Health Alliance and DARPA and all of these organizations are what we should be pointing to, but we've been specifically requested to ignore the facts, that over 10 billion dollars have been funneled through Black Operations, through the check of Anthony Fauci and a side-by-side Ledger, where NIAID has a balance sheet and next to it is a biodefense balance sheet equivalent dollar for dollar matching, that no one in the media talks about. And it's been going on since 2005.

Our gain of function moratorium, the moratorium that was supposed to freeze any efforts to do gain a function research, conveniently in the fall of 2014, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill received a letter from NIAID saying that while the gain of function moratorium on coronavirus in Vivo should be suspended, because their grants had already been funded, they received an exemption! Did you hear what I just said? A biological weapons lab facility at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, received an exemption from the gain of function moratorium, so that by 2016, we could publish the the journal article that said SARS coronavirus is poised for human emergence..."

#LondonRealTV #LondonReal #BrianRose

People involved with this Genocide must be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity

Here we have someone who knows his area of expertise and is willing to speak up for the good of humanity. The courage this person has is to stand up to the establishment is amazing !


Our leaders in governments around the world should also be held responsible for these crimes against humanity and all the other the craziness that's happening in our societies.

We need all of our "vaccines" brought to trial and questioned for safety, efficacy, and harm.

Finally someone has the balls to say the truth! Hopefully someone will be held accountable to crimes against humanity....

Thank you Dr.Martin for exposing these people.

My prayers for this gentleman. May the good lord protect and hide him and his family from these political demons out there.

This needs to be shared with everyone worldwide. The people who did this did this to ALL of us and need to be held accountable and punished for their crimes against humanity. Another Nuremburg trials would seem to be in order....

You are fighting for the rights and safety of all of humanity Dr. Martin! Thank you!!

Thank god a doctor who isn't paid off and speaks the truth.

This gentleman is incredibly brave. His fluent, powerful and intelligent delivery makes it very easy to listen to him. He backs up all his claims and exposes the corruption, carelessness and dangers attached to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. I've always thought it was abhorrent that gain of function research is permitted and rewarded by governments. Obviously the evil people from history are still among us, just bearing different names and using different methods to reach their sinister goals.
This really needs to be shown on mainstream, but of course that will not happen. I hope Dr Martin takes all precautions to protect his safety. So many people don't like the truth being exposed.

"The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense." ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

This needs to be broadcast on every station (tv, radio, internet) in every country for 24hrs straight

Dr David Martin is a rare gem of truth, braveness, knowledge and deep concern for humanity. The only real way to reward Dr Martin is to never stop sharing the gift of his integrity and honesty wherever and whenever we can ... this information must permeate the globe !!

Jail everyone responsible for life. Including every media outlet and every employer that pushed this onto society.

Download here: Secret-memo-exposes-Canadian-plan-to-mislead-public-about-the-Covid-vaccines-2023-06-16.mp4 - 31,091 kb
By: True North - 16th June 2023
Secret memo exposes Canadian plan
to mislead public about the Covid vaccines

Thanks to an unredacted memo from the Privy Council uncovered by Blacklock's Reporter, we now know that the federal government, as early as May of 2021, instructed public health officials to downplay and skew data relating to adverse reactions and injuries from the Covid-19 vaccine in order to maintain confidence in the public health regime in Canada.

This is a bombshell story that confirms what most people knew all along – the government intentionally misled the public about adverse reactions to the shot in order to increase uptake.

Further, Pfizer and other Big Pharma companies worked with the government to block access to the vaccine contracts from being made public.

The public health narrative that Canadians were told by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam and the rest of the government is crumbling.

Watch the latest episode of Ratio'd with Harrison Faulkner.

Never Ever Vote Liberal/ NDP !

I am amazed how many people still believe what the government tells them.

I've been feeling "lied to" for the past 60 years, but when I tried to tell people what our government was really doing, I was called "crazy."

Excellent reporting Harrison. I knew in my heart that our PM was being untruthful in early April 2020. Some of us are wide awake in this dystopian nightmare.

Absolutely want this government and pharma cult held accountable for the deceit and harm it has willingly imposed on Canadians.

I had to get vaccinated to keep my job - and I do feel lied to! I never wanted this medical procedure put into my body. While some may argue I had a choice (keep my job or lose my job) - like any other Canadian I need to eat and pay to live. It's about time this is coming to light.

All the people involved in forcing everybody to take the vaccine needs to be held accountable

Every time a liberal politician speaks I feel lied to.

I will raise my children and grandchildren to never trust the Canadian government.

Yes, I feel lied to. Luckily, I knew I was being lied to, so I was saved from making any mistakes no matter the government's push and bs. I just feel so terrible and angry for those who didn't know and who trusted the health officials and government... which they SHOULD be able to do. This is beyond disgraceful!!! We need a government overhaul.

Hi Harrison. I don't FEEL lied to, I am fully aware that we were all lied to. Don't forget the horrific name calling from Justin Trudeau towards the independent thinkers in all this.

From day one I knew I was being lied to. Harrison, you did a great job pulling all this information together.

They lied and called all those that were telling the truth , liars.

Download here: 38-YEAR-OLD-TV-STAR-Kerri-Anne-Donaldson-DIES-Killed-by-Vax-Poison-Injections-2023-06-08.mp4 - 6,603 kb
By: bootcamp - 8th June 2023
Kerri-Anne Donaldson DIES!
Killed by Vax Poison Injections?

"Now is a good time to add, I am double jabbed and I do want to believe our government guides us well, but……I AM open minded and willing to plunge myself into the unknown world of possibilities."


Britain's Got Talent star Kerri-Anne Donaldson dies aged 38.

Kerri-Anne Donaldson reached the semi-final of Britain's Got Talent in 2014, performing in the dance troupe Kings and Queens alongside Neil and Katya Jones. Well-known faces from Strictly Come Dancing have paid tribute to her. Britain's Got Talent star Kerri-Anne Donaldson has died aged 38.

Her death was announced by her older sister, Cara, who posted a selection of pictures of the dancer on Facebook. She wrote: "My heart hurts and my world has just collapsed around me. My beautiful baby sister is no longer with us and I don't know how to process it.

"I love you Kerri, you're my best friend, we were inseparable and right now I don't know how to fill the void. Be peaceful and hold Nan tight."

Donaldson had been part of the dance troupe Kings and Queens, who reached the semi-finals of series 8 of Britain's Got Talent in 2014.

During the group's audition, they danced to a medley of Latin tracks, with Simon Cowell commenting: "We've had some great dance groups on this show over the years... I think it was incredible."

While fellow judge Alesha Dixon said at the time: "If you don't make it to the final, I'll eat my arm."


#kerri-anne-donaldson #strictly-come #britains-got-talent

38 is the new 83, so she died of old age, obviously! Nothing to do with any slow-kill poison death jabs taken a couple of years ago, leading to a global epidemic of sudden death, for all ages, for "unknown" reasons! Correlation is not necessarily causation! Unless it is!

today i interviewed a chinese man for job of computer programmer. he has a masters degree. THREE times jabbed. TWO times according to his word got covid. did not know what is PENTAGON and DARPA (he said: "is it an app?")
certainly did not know virus is scam and does not exist. did not know they murdered by jab, 2 million in usa and 1 million in china (so far).
of course he does not get the job. i do not need an INFECTING creature in my office, that will waste a ton of training time, then will die next year.

not really a star was she. i believe they used to call them hoofers.

"TV star killed by Believing the TV"...big dose of irony in there...

Notice she capatalized "I AM"

We iDeNTiFY aS CoNSPiRaCY THeoRiSTS. OuR PRoNouNS aRe ToLD/You/So....SaW a SHiRT LiKe THaT, SeeMS aPPRoPRiaTe.

another industry narcissist.

This pill-popping needle- injecting culture has made the world easy prey.
And if we all don't die, no problem! The majority fools will vote to give their killers one more try.

KUDO's to her ~ she did take the plunge = double plunge or Plunge & Plummet X's TWO(2)

ifitmaypleasethequeenplease omg. i mean with the song... it's like a parody. only. it's not.

the music. lol. what she "plunged" was a needle full of poison into her arm repeatedly.

Lisa Maliga
When someone says they're open minded they can usually be persuaded to do things, you know, like taking experimental jabs.

2020 Pilot Survey Data Comparison Chart
Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated
By: Steve Kirsch - 7th June 2023
2020 Pilot Survey Data Comparison Chart - Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated

Every single study comparing the fully vaxxed vs. fully unvaxxed shows that the fully unvaxxed do better in EVERY category. No exceptions. The pro-vaxxers hate the fact that they can't come up with a counter-example. It drives them crazy!

Download here: Doctors-Feel-Silenced-in-Relation-to-the-Covid-Vaccine-Deaths-and-Being-Neither-Safe-Nor-Effective-2023-06-05.mp4 - 6,521 kb
By: Senator Alex Antic - 5th June 2023
Doctors Feel Silenced in Relation to the
Covid Vaccine Deaths
and Being Neither Safe Nor Effective

Over the last two years, I have spoken to more doctors and nurses than I can recall about their fear of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency.

Recently, AHPRA told me that clinicians had no reason to fear them.

Watch as I question AHPRA during Senate estimates last week.

Download here: Pfizer-Caught-Funnelling-10-Million-to-Anderson-Cooper-To-Promote-mRNA-Jabs-to-Americans-2023-06-05.mp4 - 6,603 kb
By: TheLibertyDaily - 5th June 2023
Pfizer Caught Funnelling
$10 Million to Anderson Cooper
to Promote mRNA Jabs to Americans

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: $10 Million Out of Anderson Cooper's $12 Million Salary Is Paid by PFIZER!

Pfizer has funnelled a whopping $10 million dollars into the bank account of CNN host Anderson Cooper as part of a deal to promote the company's toxic mRNA jabs to the American public.

According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., very few people are aware of the fact that Cooper gets the majority of his CNN pay-check from Pfizer.

80 percent of Cooper's $12 million annual salary, roughly $10 million, comes directly from Pfizer, according to RFK. Jr.

"Anderson Cooper has a $12 million a year annual salary," Kennedy revealed during the segment. "Well, $10 million of that is coming from Pfizer."

"So, his boss is not CNN. His boss is Pfizer. And they're unashamed about it. They're unabashed about it. They say on his program 'brought to you by Pfizer.' Of course, he's not going to tell you the truth about Pfizer's product. He's going to try to sell it to you. He's going to try to scare the hell out of you saying 'if you don't take this, you're going to die.'" reports: To be fair, Cooper is hardly the only mainstream media whore peddling drugs on his viewers in exchange for cash. Most of the corporate media are beholden to Big Pharma as a financial lifeline, hence why the bulk of media commercial breaks these days are advertisements promoting the latest drugs.

For many years, CNN competitor Fox News has been pushing the latest pharmaceutical drugs in between media segments. Even though Fox tends to lean more conservative -, - or at least used to - it is still paid by the same people that run CNN to report the "news."

What this means, of course, is that there really is no left versus right, or Republican versus conservative, when the likes of Pfizer is controlling what gets said. Whether right-leaning or left-leaning, all it really is behind the smokescreen is one single uniparty pushing dangerous drugs on viewers.

"The media in our country is an extension of the pharmaceutical industry," Kennedy said. "Seventy-five percent of advertising revenues now on the mainstream media are now coming from pharma, and that ratio is even higher for the evening news because the evening news is where you see pharmaceuticals advertised."

One of the reasons Tucker Carlson was kicked off of Fox News is because he started to break the script. Carlson started to raise suspicions about COVID injections, for instance, which is a big no-no when the companies that make COVID injections are paying your salary and keeping your network on the air.

The minute someone on a corporate news channel dares to start telling the truth, chances are that he or she will be encouraged to stop - or else get fired. Carlson learned this the hard way, but Cooper is still raking in the cash because he is nothing more than a Big Pharma puppet on the screen.

"Part of the other $2 million a year probably comes compliments of U.S. taxpayers via the FBI, CIA, and other slush funds," one viewer of The Liberty Daily wrote about where, perhaps, the rest of Cooper's salary is derived.

"RFK Jr. is a reminder of how far the Democrat Party has fallen," wrote another about how the Democrats of yesteryear used to all be like Kennedy, especially when it came to calling out Big Pharma control over the media.

Pfizer Caught Funnelling $10 Million to Anderson Cooper to Promote mRNA Jabs to Americans

Saul & Skyler
Can we Check the politicians like Jacinda Ardern

Human Being
Humanity is lost...Or is it?
There are still some of us who do not have a price...Why?
Because we are still human and want to see our species thrive.

Nothing says "safe and effective" like covert media payoffs.

DD Denslow
Pfizer paid them all off, they sold their souls.

Nuremberg Code violators should be arrested!!

Thats info that we are all now aware of thanks to alternative news sources but saying it like that real puts it into perspective. Part of the other 2 milion a year probably compliments of US taxpayers. Via fbi, cia ect. slushfunds

This liberal born with a silver spoon in his mouth is not worth a dime on propaganda TV.

I wish the day would come when in order to put a roof over their head and food on their table while the government takes a big percentage of their meager salary all media elites, career politicians, and leftist Hollyweird nut cases were forced to perform an actual job. One requiring actual manual labor coupled with common sense and ability to function on their own without their daddy's or George Soros's help. They would no doubt all die of exposure to the elements or starvation within a matter of weeks.

And that's why toe fungus is the leading cause of bad breath for the mask nazi's & Phar-maniacs who; blistered friendships and cut family ties over the obedience clot shot.

I'm guessing there is already 50 hit / aka whackamoly orders on Kennedy from most DC abc criminal agencies & of course the wef/who/.nwo uniparty currently destroying America & it's kids!

RFK Jr. is a reminder of how far the Democratic party has fallen.

Pfizer bought the medias silence. Should be criminal.

Isn't he a Rockefeller, as well? John D Rockefeller start at all of this 100 years ago.

Then who is paying what at the other networks?

These globalist mouthpieces and traitor politicians need to be handled appropriately, or this country's dead. You've got less than a year or we're done.

Max Headroom!

The removal of the ban on pharmaceutical tv commercials has allowed this to happen.

Why are the drug companies advertising to us?

Download here: Lunacy-Firefighters-still-banned-from-working-for-not-taking-Covid-jab-in-NSW-and-Victoria-2023-06-04.mp4 - 15,886 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 4th June 2023
'Lunacy': Firefighters still banned
from working for not taking
Covid jab in NSW and Victoria

Australian Firefighters Alliance's Steve McDonald says firefighters in NSW and Victoria are still being refused work due to the "health issue" of not wanting to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

"This is lunacy; we want the best fire service that we can have, bring them back to work," Mr McDonald said.

It was never about health or safety. It was about COMPLIANCE - and STILL IS.

I worked in civil construction in Australia for 10 years and left the country 2 years ago as I couldn't get on-site without the poison jabs. Best decision I've ever made. Best of luck to these men. They're up against one of the most ludicrous bureaucracies in the world.

Thank you Sky News for standing up against morons.

When these nasty, vindictive and pointless mandates persist, I really hope that those responsible are those who suffer consequences.

In Germany during the pandemic they dismissed first responders who didn't take the jabs. Now that no masks, tests etc are needed, they are crying out for them due to the shortage of manpower. Honestly, I ask myself how many politicians refused the jab but still worked.

Firefighters, medical staff, pilots and probably others. About time someone highlighted this. Well done Sky News.

It's not about health. It never was.

There are still Bans here in Qld also. As a front line worker who was fired after 30 years service because I refused to get a shot, I'll never go back to work ever again for this State Govt. The Govt wonders why there isn't enough qualified people to fill vacated positions. NEVER FORGIVE NEVER FORGET

I have no words for the decline, spiritually, mentally, physically and educationally, of the country I love so much.

Why were MPs excluded from the mandates yet fire fighters were not ??

I worked as an Anaesthetic Healthcare Practitioner and I was first suspended without pay and then sacked in Nov last year for not taking the vax. I worked in this role for 30 years and have no other skills outside of this industry that forced me out

Download: PLANDEMIC-3-THE-GREAT-AWAKENING-FULL-MOVIE-2023-06-03.mp4 - 272,983 kb
By: Coronavirus Plushie - 3rd June 2023
The Great Awakening
Full Movie

The Great Awakening is the third installment of the Plandemic series. This documentary experience assembles forbidden puzzle pieces to reveal the big picture of what's really happening in America and beyond. The Great Awakening is intended to be a lighthouse to guide us out of the storm and into a brighter future.

Klaus Schwab: You will own nothing...

Download here: Spinners-Compilation-Of-Spin-and-Spasm-Covid-Vaxx-Fatalities-2023-05-29.mp4 - 38,368 kb
By: LavaFox - 29th May 2023
Spinners: Compilation Of Spin
& Spasm Covid Vaxx Fatalities

#spin #vaccination #deaths

Their body reaction looks similar to the way a person reacts when tasered . Could wireless technology ,using Ai be randomly selecting like a lottery, individuals to kill ?. Can this tech fire a beam of energy into a person that has been injected or not and shut down their brain and nervous systems to kill them ? I think most critical thinking people already know that this is very possible and most likely what's going on. Spread out the death so it doesn't draw to much attention from the public . One thing though , what the hell are they seeing as they starting spinning around to the right , just before they hit the ground and pass away ?. I don't think I want to know .

I'm not Covid Vaccine Injured - so there's no conspiracy!
I'm Covid Vaccine Injured - so there is a conspiracy!

Download: Millions-were-killed-with-Covid-19-for-profit-Dr-Martin-International-Covid-Summit-European-Parliament-2023-05-25.mp4 - 31,730 kb
By: Kim Dotcom - 25th May 2023
Millions were killed with Covid-19 for profit
Dr Martin, International Covid Summit
hosted by the European Parliament

This is the most important video you will watch this year. Millions were killed with Covid-19 for profit.

"Covid-19 was an act of biological warfare perpetrated on the human race. It was a financial heist. Nature was hijacked. Science was hijacked."

This is from the recent International Covid Summit hosted by the European Parliament. So far 766 million Covid-19 infections have been recorded worldwide with over 7 million deaths, excluding vaccine deaths. This is the biggest crime against humanity perpetrated by the US Govt.

The evidence suggests that Covid-19 was intentionally released by the US Govt in Wuhan, China with the goal to trigger a global pandemic to raise public acceptance of US Pharma vaccines. Every nation should condemn the bio-terrorist, pipeline terrorist Govt of the United States?

Thank you for your robust efforts to bring the truth to light. I appreciate you.

Download: The-UNVACCINATED-are-MURDERERS-and-KILLERS-Nobody-is-Safe-2023-05-22.mp4 - 32,754 kb
By: Matt Orfalea - 22nd May 2023

"Nobody is Safe!"

We're facing a pandemic of the unvaccinated. The numbers prove it....

"They're killing people," Biden said. "I mean it, really. Look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated and they're killing people."

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says that the Covid-19 vaccine is 100% effective at preventing Covid-19!

Some excerpts from the transcript:

"...if you know you're vaccinated, you're the Smart Ones. But you know those people out there who aren't listening to God - what God wants! You know who they are - the unvaccinated people!

My message to unvaccinated Americans is this, if you are the unvaccinated you are the problem!

Shame them. Blame the only people that you can blame - the unvaccinated!

Frankly, we can't trust the unvaccinated! They should not be part of polite Society!

The lunatics who won't take our vaccines, walking around lawfully unvaccinated - that's psychotic!

If you're willing to walk among us unvaccinated, you are an enemy!

You have no right not to be vaccinated! You don't have the right to contaminate someone! You can't go around pointing a gun in somebody's face, which is what it is when people are unvaccinated!

They are the losers! This is a real movement of the unvaccinated!

Jennifer Aniston is cutting non-vaccinated people out of her life!

Unrepentant unvaccinated - they should be removed from the hospital! Those who refuse to be vaccinated should be denied Health Care!

Vaccinated person having a heart attack? Yes, come right on in - we'll take care of you. Unvaccinated guy - rest in peace Wheezy!

Some doctors are saying they'll refuse treatment for people who choose not to get the shot!

Why are hospital and ICU resources going to them [MORONS!] who will not get the shot?!

The unvaccinated clowns, idiots, who think that they can do their own research. Don't do any of your own research! Doing your own research is associated with conspiracy theory circles!

This going alone approach, doing your own research, they can have serious consequences - you should get prison time for even questioning the vaccines!!!

Can we all stop saying I need to do my own research?! That phrase do your own research is four words, four little words, that are hurting America! Doing your own research hurts America! Everybody has a super computer in their hand that empowers them and do their own research; and that's the problem, you must not do your own research!

I need to do my own research??!! I don't even understand what that means - doing my own research? You can't do your own research unless you're a scientist!

Hey, do your own research. Maybe you've told yourself you're playing it safe, you just want to wait and see since this is a new vaccine. Get yourself vaccinated - that's just all there is to it!

There's no excuse, no excuse for being unvaccinated! There's no rational and no emotional argument that adds up against getting your damn shot! There just isn't. But you made a conscious decision not to get the vaccine - I also have natural immunity, so for me personally, this vaccine poses a greater risk than a benefit... I'm also not a risk to any of you.

Let's look at the science. So we see that the natural infection is given greater protection or slightly greater protection than vaccination. This is a vaccine that was created to prevent severity of disease and to prevent hospitalizations, but the vaccine does not prevent you from getting Covid-19, and does not prevent you from transmitting Covid-19...

..the virus stops with every vaccinated person. Do it so you stop spreading terrible disease!

That vaccine, a key goal is to stop the transmission, so that you get almost no, almost no, uh, infection going on whatsoever! Expectations for vaccines is not to get infected. A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus, the virus does not infect them! The virus gets to you, you stop it, you're not going to catch it, you're not going to get sick, you're not going to transmit it, the vaccine is,absolutely bulletproof, vaccines block you from getting and giving the virus! 100 effective at preventing...

Vaccine prevents you from getting infected. It is to keep you from getting it and then spreading it! We have the ability to stop covid! You're not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations. I didn't test positive for covid-19. When people are vaccinated they can feel safe that they are not going to get infected!

Dr fauci tests positive for covid-19!

Anthoney Fauci tests positive for Covid-19

Vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don't get sick!

CDC director tests positive for covid-19! Advisor CEO test positive for covid. Advisor CEO tests positive for covid again! CDC director tests positive for covid again!

..the majority of these cases (tested positive for Covid) are among the vaccinated and this area is the most vaccinated part of Massachusetts! So many fully vaccinated people are testing positive, so people here are a bit angry! We are all really concerned about what this means long term!

I was vaccinated and I got Covid-19 and almost everyone we know with vaccinations had at least one bout of it!

Our vaccines work better than we could have possibly hoped they would work!

Uh, we are not the problem, the problem are the unvaccinated, the unvaccinated threat! Unvaccinated people are a threat, a direct threat, the threat to all of us being vaccinated! Our risk to all of us!

People have a right to be protected from the unvaccinated! Maybe there should be laws that allow them to be kept out of the building!? So at least, thankfully, they're not breathing the same air! Their freedom to breathe will diminish! Start firing the unvaccinated! You don't vaccinate - you'll be fired!

Time to come down on the unvaccinated! They should be banned from the VA! Banned from restaurants! Banned from other businesses and colleges! Place unvaccinated people under house arrest! The unvaccinated that has put America in the place that it is! We are losing freedom because people are unvaccinated! I'm furious at the unvaccinated! Frustrated with Americans still not vaccinated! Not to be vaccinated seems criminal! Suspects face years behind bars for coughing on police officers! Fuck their [unvaccinated] freedom! Charged with terrorist threats! They have no individual rights when it comes to the vaccine! Really you're killing other people! You're being attacked by unvaccinated!

Unvaccinated who aren't wearing masks! It's the unvaccinated who aren't social distancing! It's the unvaccinated going to crowded indoor events! It is not your right as an American citizen to catch and transmit a potentially fatal infection! So screw your freedom! We can coerce you! You're not going to be able to travel to see your family! If someone in your family isn't vaccinated, should you ask them not to show up? Yes! You really shouldn't have anyone unvaccinated come to dinner; that's just a huge risk! If you want to come out into public, if you want to live your life, you need to get the vaccination! It's time for people to see vaccination as literally necessary! You should have to show that you're vaccinated in order to go places! You can't travel to the US if you're not vaccinated! If you're not vaccinated, yo're not welcome! Our patience is wearing thin! Why hasn't the president focused more on scolding the unvaccinated?!

The refusal has cost all of this! Continued damage the unvaccinated are doing to themselves and the country! How come migrants are allowed to come into this country unvaccinated - but World class tennis players are not?

..and uh, back to our lead story, uh, the pandemic of the unvaccinated! The fact is this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated! Experts call it a pandemic of the unvaccinated! The disease of the unvaccinated! It is the unvaccinated who are the problem, period, end of story! Unvaccinated also put our economy at risk!

This is a tyranny of the unvaccinated right now! The unvaccinated, not the vaccinated, the unvaccinated, that's the problem! That's the pandemic! The unvaccinated! Pandemic of the unvaccinated! All this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated!

When you get the vaccine, you will not die! That's right, that's right, it's a simple basic proposition - if you're vaccinated, you're not going to die! If you're vaccinated, you don't have a risk! It's as simple as black and white! You are not going to die if you are vaccinated! That's it, full stop!

You're unvaccinated, you're at risk! You're vaccinated, you're safe!

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla tests positive for Covid-19 AGAIN!

A majority of Americans dying from coronavirus are vaccinated! Covid-19 isn't in the pandemic of the unvaccinated anymore! We didn't really understand the fatality rate you know, we didn't understand that it's a fairly low fatality rate and that it's a disease mainly of the elderly, kind of like flu is, although a bit different...!

We have two Americas - an unvaccinated at-risk America - and a vaccinated America! I wear my vaccinated necklace all the time to say I'm vaccinated! You, the vaccinated, are the last best hope to overcome the unvaccinated minority! I need you to be my Apostles! I need you to go out and talk about it! We are seeking to enlist you in a benevolent conspiracy, to join in the unfinished war, against the sins of the unvaccinated! It's a war, forever war! The war against covid-19!

The vaccine hesitancy on Earth 2 has the potential to compromise all of the hard-fought progress that we've made here on Earth 1! This is the greatest threat to life that we have ever faced! Metropolitan areas are now banning all private Gatherings! This bar owner arrested for reopening illegally! I'm vaccinated; we are looking at a Winter of severe illness and death, death, death for yourselves, your families! If the unvaccinated are not to blame, who is?

If only we had a vaccine against bullshit! A vital part of preparing for hurricane season, is to get vaccinated now! Everything is more complicated if you're not vaccinated in a hurricane..."

Never let them forget the lies they told.

After Skool
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer

Natural immunity is the best! They need to be held accountable for their fear mongering for profit. Thank you, Matt, for documenting all of this!

What's scary is how many people were willing to jail us, send us to camps, prevent us on seeing our sick family members, take our jobs from us, they All need to be held accountable

This is a real masterpiece. Shout out to all the fellow purebloods who successfully resisted one of the greatest psyops in world history.

The Barbell Lifestyle
My wife's father practically disowned us for not getting the shot. Two years later and we've gotten sick and recovered from it and haven't gotten it since and are doing great health-wise. Meanwhile he's gotten all his boosters and now has chronic joint problems and heart problems. Yeah I'm gonna say we made the right choice.

Adam Korytko
The corporate-led condemnation of anyone questioning the lies was more frightening than the disease

Carol Schotter
I consider myself VERY SAFE! Their big mistake was thinking that most of us are sheep. We are not..

Nellie Melba
Their evil desperation tells us everything we need to know! Never, ever forget or forgive the lies!

Nobody is safe as long as psychopaths rule.

Thank you, Matt, from the bottom of my heart. These people were vile and vicious. People forgot that, for generations, the human immune system served us well. I never had Covid. I early encountered Zelenko's protocol. This is what "doing my own research" meant. I'm unvaxxed still, and I'm 74.

brian tyler
Purebloods. Most sensible people on the planet.

Thank God for all who stood up against this lie

Robert Scotton
And most of those people are "still" in positions of authority or's mind boggling

1 Hour Escape
I can't believe we lived through this. I didn't get the jab, and I'm terribly happy about that .... but I lost nearly everyone in my life. It hurts, but STILL no regrets.

S Dingo
Anybody remember when so many people were acting like jack offs about people making their own medical decisions?

New Zealand Government
Free Sausage if you will please
By: Te Ngaakau-aa-Kiwa Charitable Trust - 20th May 2023
New Zealand Government - Free Sausage if you will please GET VACCINATED: FLU / MMR / COVID-19

Go New Zealand! Get your FLU / MMR / COVID-19 BIOWARFARE WEAPON SHOTS now & receive a free sausage!

No need to do any research into the efficacy of the poisons, as YOU ARE THE RESEARCH!

As recommended by software salesman Bill Gates & an uneducated protester called Greta Thunberg!

Download: Plandemic-3-The-Great-Awakening-Trailer-2023-05-19.mp4 - 23,734 kb
By: PlandemicSeriesOfficial - 19th May 2023
Plandemic 3
The Great Awakening

Premiere on June 3rd -

Nuremberg 2.0 needs to happen in some fashion. All the want-to-be dictator need to be charged and locked up!

Im so looking forward to this documentary

Mikki has a most awesome soul. Thank you so much!

Did you know that our own government is financing the Illegal Alien Caravans with your tax dollars, that we are spending 150 Billion per year to support Illegal Aliens, that Fentanyl imported from Mexico is killing over 100,000 Americans per year. What we are seeing is Biden's "Great Replacement" of Americans. Finally did you know that Universal E-Verify and other measures could send all 6 to 15 million of Biden's Illegal Aliens back home. With millions of Americans homeless and struggling it is time to do just that: send them all back home.

Open Borders are just another part of Biden's Globalist Plan to destroy the United States and the rest of the developed world
Biden and the Democrats are putting American Citizens last and footing us with the bill

eye opening

Should be shared.
Not enough views, very good trailer.

Powerful Trailer. Will be watching on June 3rd.

How many times has Rumble deleted comments here? WTF where is our free speech?

I can't wait to see this. Fantastic job!
Share share share!

Thank you for posting this video. Definitely want to see the actual full documentary.

Love to you all!!!

Thank You!


So many will even refuse to watch. They cover their eyes! It's so weird to see….

They trained the Skinner lab rats ( humans) for years, till 2020. They knew what they were doing.

Download here: Covid-Lies-Are-Funny-CNN-Admits-LYING-About-Joe-Rogan-and-Ivermectin-2023-05-15.mp4 - 10,047 kb
By: The Jimmy Dore Show - 15th May 2023
Covid Lies Are Funny
About Joe Rogan & Ivermectin!


Sometimes comedy can cut through the bullshit faster than a dozen expert opinions. A great, tight bit that entertains just as well as it informs.

Kevin Bell
Nice to hear an informed crowd

Drake Santiago
The interaction between Joe Rogan and Dr. Sanjay Gupta proves that no amount of credentials from illustrious institutions is a match for critical thinking and unvarnished honesty. This is why a "pothead comedian" could beat a physician in an argument about health. Dr. Gupta had the unenviable task of having to defend a lie based on extremely flimsy premises.

Joe Rogan is real , Gupta plays a Dr on CNN. Joe announces fighters, Gupta reads scripts . Joe knows nature , Gupta reads pharmas scripts .

I love the standup version of this and how the crowd loves it. Wonderful.

Lucas B
Carlin would be so proud of this. Well done Jimmy

The only thing lower than CNN's ratings is its level of journalistic integrity and credibility....

Jay the Automaton
I feel like a Jimmy Dore show is a place where people could get along with one another regardless of who they voted for.

Michael Gawthorn
Jimmy, the doctors tell me I am a dead man walking, cancer, but you made me laugh this morning and I badly need to laugh, thanks mate.

"I'm not a doctor, but i humiliate them on TV"

~ Joe Rogan (probably)

Art vs Machine
I thought Jimmy wouldn't be as good of a comedian as he is a news commenter. I had it backwards. I love his political comedy. He makes honed arguments, he's really funny, and he explains things so you can easily understand them. I love finally seeing his comedy after years of encountering him. I think I originally saw him on TYT. Funny! Lot of George Carlin level bits.

ron mailloux
The last three years hopefully has taught us to follow the money and beware of big pharma.

Jake Baker
Love the purple text highlighting this a stand up bit.
Well done Jimmy! Happy for your success and your literal journalism.

Tom Mackling
Truth censored and squelched on corporate and government media outlets finds grateful ears in commedy clubs. What times we live in! Bravo Jimmy!

Getting some sentimental George Carlin vibes here. Well done jimmy

Jeff C
Please keep posting live comedy like this. Awesome Jimmy.

Madam Vonkook
I am wondering why the company that makes Ivermectin didn't sue CNN?

Should I Get A Covid Vaccination?
Critical Thinkers vs Mainstream Normies
By: Rayne - 14th May 2023

Always do your own research.

Should I Get A Covid Vaccination? Critical Thinkers vs Mainstream Normies

My nephew went unvaccinated because he believed the right wing media. He caught covid. He spent over 2 months in the ICU, roughly half of that in a medically induced coma due to the pain. He lost several fingertips and is now tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt.

Download: Mainstream-Media-The-Unvaccinated-Are-Scum-Covid-Retrospective-Series-Vol-1-2023-05-13.mp4 - 6,996 kb
By: Tom Elliott - 13th May 2023
Mainstream Media:
"The Unvaccinated Are Scum!"
Covid Retrospective Series Vol-1

Elon Musk
Until the Supreme Court struck down Biden's vaccination decree, he tried to demand that we fire all unvaccinated personnel - some of our finest people

It's going to be real embarrassing for these folks as more and more info comes out.

End Wokeness
They waged all-out war against anyone who was skeptical of an expedited vaccine

The covid cult was so fanatical that half the nation was prepared to fine, imprison, and confiscate children from the unvaccinated last year.

Bohemian Travelers
I almost lost my job over it but last minute was able to get an exemption through. Still have to wear a mask at work because I'm not vaccinated! It's insanity. I won't forget easily how nasty and cruel people were about it. So glad I never caved on that. Thank you for continuing to discuss this because it cannot repeat!

Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis
Linda Yaccarino promoted fake, lethal 'vaccines'.

Gain of Fauci
Dr. Fauci lied.
Joe Biden lied.
Rochelle Walensky and the CDC lied.
Rachel Maddow and the MSM lied.
Bill Gates lied.
Albert Bourla lied.

The Redheaded libertarian
The US government demanding Americans sacrifice our body autonomy to an injection many didn't trust, in order to feed our families, was arrogantly sinister.

Save Our Republic
They will rot in hell for what they did.

Truth Justice
THE TRUTH: This was the only time Fauci spoke the truth. The fully Covid vaccinated have severe disease. Israel Health Minister makes this statement to the FDA safety panel "60% fully vaccinated in severe and critical condition. 45% fully vaccinated DEAD."

COVID was certainly a litmus test that divided those that think critically from those compliant and willing to suspend common sense and blindly obey authority. When was avoiding going outdoors and being in sunshine taught in medical school as a prophylactic. I still remember the idiocy of putting a mask on to walk in a restaurant to walk 10 feet to a table where it could be taken off. It was theater of the absurd.

Now they (the media) wonder why we stopped listening to them. I don't regret not taking the shot, in fact it was the best decision I ever made. My younger sister who took it with 2 boosters now has myocarditis.

This is a dark time for Americans. Let's see what happens. History will not be kind to these people.

And three years later, I'm still unjabbed. I also never social distanced, I traveled all over the place, and still to this day never got COVID. I refused (& still do) to participate in activities that required testing, masks, and jabs. I never gave into the fear. Life is good.

The media wants you to hate each other and they would do this all again in a heartbeat

East LA Latina 2.0
Three years later, my dad still does not speak to me for the unforgivable sin of being a pureblood

Truth Justice
They deliberately lied to the world and now millions are suffering and dying because of their intentional lies.

Michael Richey
And now that the truth is coming out, the vaccinated are dying of whatever conditions the vaccine has caused. Are we, the unvaccinated, vilifying them? No, what we feel for them is pity.

Truthfully, I'm not even interested in an apology for the heinous names I was called.

Captain Logic
I will never forget how we were made to hate one another.

I will never forget what they became.

I'll never forget that those who control the data, control the reaction to it.

This era will be looked back on, in future generations, with utter disgust, and rightfully so.

Shawnna Raines
I was never vaccinated for Covid. And I have never had Covid. Thank God for that, my mother on the other hand was vaccinated and boosted and she still caught Covid four different times. She is now a case study for Covid. And we live in the same house so I was around her each time.

What's more appalling is how little effort it took for people to attempt to create a 2nd class citizenry. It didn't take much.

Aaron Black
I took the stuff…nine months of side effects later…I knew the risk I was taking.

After several months I was in so much pain I went to see if I had cancer…the technician said many people were coming in for the same thing.

No way I was letting my kids take them…especially after my side effects

Download here: Watch-The-Water-2-Closing-Chapter-2023-05-13.mp4 - 112,146 kb
By: Stew Peters - 13th May 2023
Watch The Water 2: Closing Chapter

They called it a conspiracy. They ignored the evidence.
But they can't change the truth.
Dr. Brian Ardis returns in this closing chapter to Watch The Water, reinforcing the research behind the groundbreaking documentary.
From venom peptides to blood clots, Dr. Ardis and Stew dive deep into how the Covid-19 bioweapon was made.
There is evil in this world, and it is trying to snuff out God's people by any means necessary.

Snake venom - The Vatican of Rome

I believe this is true about our water. I grew up in the country and we had our own drinking wells of our farm. We tested them every year for any contamination. We would get a detailed list of all minerals or farm chemicals that were present in our water. The wells in my area were at least 200 plus feet deep. My children never had fluorinated water or chlorinated water until they went to college. Today not one of my children will drink tap water or have ice from a restaurant . They won't even give it to their pets to drink it. They have water filters in there homes. If you grew up on well water you will get sick every time you drink city or municipal water. Country people understand that the reason you have all the junk added to water systems is that you are drinking recycled sewage water!

If a women wants to get pregnant that didn't take the jab. But may have had the other vaccines in early womanhood you spoke of like, the Gardasil vaccine. Can they use the nicotine patch to get pregnant? What dosage would they need to maintain to during pregnancy to birth?

This video is so uplifting! It's such a great reminder to stay positive and enjoy the little things in life. Keep up the great work!


This video provides an excellent overview of the topic. It is very informative and clearly presented. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource.


crazy sh*t!

][ ]O[ ]O[ ]L
This is some wild shit... too many things he discussed that makes sense and coincides that fit together.

You read "new to all this". If so, if not doesnt matter. New is preferred. However theres alot more entangled than this. It is only one aspect. And only one of the methods

A proposition to consider. This will present itself down the road.
Lets say we have the tech to modify microscopic parasitic entities. Lets say we were able to take the microscopic larvae and egg cysts and aerosolized them. You breathe them in,, for years to decades now through chem trailing. The eggs are controlled through frequency. They have been laying dormant , mostly inside of you for years now. But now,, they are switching frequencies and these parasites are taking over your body.
The shots are a similar deal except it is "active" upon entry. Same deal, but much more effective.
Same exact effects!!!!!!!!! The proof is still in the labs but the proof is also in IBM. Owned by blackrock

If you don't look,,,you won't find it

Atheists, how can you not believe there is a creator?

Everyone who believes officidums story of c19, gets a turd.

" The union of the snake is on the rise" Duran Duran

Radiologicaly broadcasting from comms towers simulating envenomation of the masses. Using toxic radio-isotopic signatures of said toxins to trigger white lymphocyte killer T cells to attack organic tissues that begins cytokine storm?


Not a terribly far removed idea at all in connection to this given the relentless push for 5G and additional towers that went up near nursing homes and hospitals like in Kirkland where the alleged patient one was lock down in the USSA--very near to Microsoft HQ as well.

Download here: Sue-Grey-On-Recent-Damning-Official-Information-Act-Requests-The-Government-LIED-2023-05-12.mp3 - 15,725 kb
By: Paul Brennan, Reality Check Radio - 12th May 2023
Sue Grey On Recent Damning Official
Information Act (OIA) Requests
The Government LIED!

The following is a commentary by Robert Bruce:

Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, Ashly Bloomfield etc forced millions of people via lies, coercion, threats and menace, to receive experimental medical treatment (poisonous, weaponised, bio-warfare Covid Vaccinations) - purportedly to 'prevent the transmission' of Covid-19, despite the FACT that the manufacturers had NEVER PROVIDED PROOF THAT THE VACCINES PREVENTED TRANSMISSION!

Eventually the drug manufacturers admitted that they had not only:

  1. never tested the Covid-19 Vaccine drugs to see if they prevented transmission of Covid-19 (also man-made),
  2. but that the Covid-19 Vaccines do not stop people from getting Covid either!

The main excuse and reason the New Zealand Government gave for illegally forcing this medical experiment upon those that they swore to serve and protect, was that they had 'HOPED' that the vaccines MAY prevent transmission - during this 'man-made' medical emergency.

'Hope' is a faith based word often used to describe a person's spiritual or religious beliefs.

In more recent times, government officials such as Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, Ashly Bloomfield etc, all 'claimed' that they had based their forced medical experiments upon millions of New Zealanders (Crimes Against Humanity via coercion, threats and menace) - on nothing but a RELIGOUS 'HOPE' that the poisonous drugs will work! The reality is that they had all LIED - and they damn well know it!

Subsequently, thousands of doctors, nurses and employers etc are COMPLICIT in Crimes Against Humanity by illegally forcing medical experiments upon those in whom they were supposed to protect, based on nothing more than lies and a RELIGOUS 'HOPE' that the poisonous drugs will work.

One of the biggest clues to the tyranny of this situation is when the government repeatedly claimed that only the government was the 'single source of truth'; whilst actively mocking and persecuting those who dared to investigate the 'facts' for themselves, in order that they could 'make a fully informed decision.'

This would be no different to calling a person a 'Conspiracy Theorist' - simply because the customer asked the salesman about the car he was looking at purchasing!

The conclusion of the matter is that Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, Ashly Bloomfield etc have all received 'orders' from above (World Economic Forum, United Nations, Bill gates, Pfizer etc), and in the true spirit of tyranny, have all wilfully and knowingly committed TREASON; to which - each and every one of them - will in due course - be dealt with in a Court of Competent Jurisdiction. Numbers 32:23 But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out.

The day New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hid the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, it confirmed she would kill us to appease her paymasters at Pfizer and the WEF. Never forget the evil we are fighting.

Download here: Thousands-lining-up-for-compensation-claiming-the-COVID-vaccine-made-them-sick-7NEWS-2023-05-13.mp4 - 4,557 kb
By: NZ and the MRNA - 8th May 2023

Thousands lining up for
compensation, claiming the
COVID vaccine made them sick!

Australians are collecting big compensation payouts over COVID vaccines. One Victorian has been awarded $2.2 million, and a Melbourne man is fighting for a multi-million dollar payout, claiming a rare side-effect from a mandatory jab left him in a wheelchair.


Download here: Where-Did-All-The-Trust-the-Covid-Science-People-Go-2023-05-07.mp4 - 18,708 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 7th May 2023
Where Did All The
"Trust the Covid Science" People Go?

Where did all the "trust the Covid science" people go? Haven't heard from them in a while...

How do you feel about the AMAZING changing science? Does science change or do we just find out we were wrong, best not to think to long about that, SCIENCE!

I have started telling people they sound Vaccinated.

"Trust the science" is the most anti science thing ive heard, questioning science is how science works

We are WAAAAAAAY overdue for a SEVERE public shaming of EVERYBODY that pushed this garbage. As always, thanks JP!

I knew this would happen. I knew that as soon as the "science" changed, people would act like the past three years never happened; that they would simply move on with their lives, never to apologize for their disgusting actions, never to speak of it again.

I love the line, "I'm just always trying to help people by intimidating them with safe and effective science."

After the birth of our last child, they offered my wife a life jacket. She chose to accept it. However, they took too long to get it, and we left without it. Best decision ever.

When science is misinformation, comedy is truth, and the truth is a comedy

I cringe to the fact that my husband lost his job over his refusal to get a freaking life jacket.. it was a remotely position in which he would never ever have to meet any clients or ever go to an office.. still happy and proud he refused it!

My family stopped talking to me for not getting the life jacket and I haven't seen them since 2019. To this day they have never said anything about this "new science", never apologized, and they don't seem to think anything about their actions was questionable. It's somehow like they just don't see it....their eyes are completely closed to the reality of it all. It's quite sad actually, I feel like an orphan now. I have no family anymore.

Covid-19 Vaccinated Australian
DJ Ian Bell dies suddenly in Paris
(2nd May) before he was due to attend
the Eurovision Song Contest
By: Amy Denman, Mirror - 7th May 2023

Australian DJ Ian Bell, who was a nightclub DJ and pop culture expert, was due to attend the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool next week but died suddenly.

Australian DJ and music writer Ian Bell has died days before he was due to travel to the UK for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The 60-year-old had reportedly been on holiday with his family in Paris when he suffered a heart attack.

It is understood the DJ died on May 2, during his family's first stop in Paris in a trip that was meant to conclude with the group heading to the Eurovision in Liverpool, which takes place next week, according to Adelaide publication The Advertiser.

Ian, was a versatile nightclub DJ and pop culture expert as well as a music shop owner, music writer and photographer.

He is survived by his wife Jordan as well as their daughter Ruby and his sisters Susan and Janet.

The sad news was confirmed by a friend on Facebook, who wrote: "My special favourite man Ian Bell has passed away unexpectedly. I'm absolutely devastated..."

DJ Ian Bell - Boosted as fuck baby! - Died suddenly...

DJ Ian Bell - Boosted as fuck baby! - Died suddenly...

DJ Ian Bell - Boosted as fuck baby! - Died suddenly...

Jacqui Deevoy
Australian DJ Ian Bell dies suddenly. Are there still people out there who truly believe all these sudden deaths are a coincidence?

Aidan Joyce
What you mean is he died of a coincidence. These coincidences are happening all over the western world.

Jacqui Deevoy
Coincidence is now one of the biggest causes of death in the world.

Art Cruddup
I'm afraid I'm beginning to not care less about these people who boast about being jabbed and then dropping dead. The only ones I feel for are those who were forced - no jab, no job types. The rest deserve whatever they get.

Jacqui Deevoy
I disagree. I know lots of lovely people who got jabbed for all kinds of reasons. Yes, they were stupid not to do their research and stupid not to listen to us but they don't deserve to die. Sadly, most of them - the ones who got the poison and not the placebo - will be dead soon

Abhijit Joshi
And he is even wearing a mask in this image and appears obviously proud to be "boosted"
Unfortunately many of my colleagues will simply not accept the vaccine are killing millions worldwide
That the #covid1984 scamdemic was fabricated
Vaccines and lockdowns didn't save lives

Jacqui Deevoy
Just because people won't accept it doesn't mean it's not happening. These people seem to think that poking their fingers in their ears and saying "I refuse to believe it's happening" means it actually isn't. The same is true about @IsabelOakeshott and the Midazolam murders.

Michelle Kinsella
Too many addicts sadly
They where chomping at the bit to get injected as much and as often as possible.
They rolled the dice and for too many it's not going well.

Jacqui Deevoy
It does seem addictive. Not sure if it's the jab ingredients that make people want more or if it's the virtue signalling that's addictive.

We're talking about sudden deaths in the young. Excess deaths are up by over 20% in many countries. Of course people sometimes die young and people die suddenly but not at this rate and never so many.

Download here: Experimental-Covid-Vaccines-Save-Lives-JAIL-the-UNJABBED-Testimonials-from-the-vaccinated-DEAD-2023-05-06.mp4 - 4,673 kb
By: OurVoicesMatter - 6th May 2023
"Experimental Covid Vaccines
Save Lives! JAIL the UNJABBED!"

Testimonials from the vaccinated DEAD

There's one group you're not going to hear an apology from...

Testimonials from the vaccinated DEAD

El BobBobbie
But people died young before covid. How do you know which ones of these were vaccine related and which ones would/could have died regardless?

The same thing could be said for all the people who died from "covid"

Maybe take another booster and find out

i can't believe somebody would find this to be "funny" or an "i told ya so moment". people died thinking they were doing what they were supposed to do? it's not funny. nor is it something to make a point out of, unless that point being anything less than tragic

The soundtrack used was written, produced and distributed by UNC Health to promote the jab. I used their propaganda soundtrack to prove my point
Stayin' Alive: A COVID-19 Vaccine Parody
A Stayin Alive Song by the Bee Gees ParodyThis video was created for UNC Health Southeastern 2021.Lead Vocalist:Dr. Robin PeaceBackground Vocalists:Morgan Jo...

Dan A
This is the best shit I've ever watched

Tshepo Ditshego
This is so sad. May their souls rest in peace.

K this vid was actually crazy. How do people defend this!!?

Kal Verahda
Easy. They simply dismiss it and rationalize it away.

It's easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled.

Uzecraeden Ferden!
This is an argument I wish I was wrong on. May they Rest In Peace. No one deserves to die over their views. I just wish they would have listened

These are tragic. I hope people have learned from this very expensive lesson.

that feeling when u already vaxxed but didn't get boosted - I hope I make it...

Neurotic 1
I got the vaccine AND the booster. I'm still waiting to die my dude! Tf is taking so long?!?!

Jennifer Eagle
Unfortunately, there are people who tune into MSM and think they are now informed & you will never be able to convince them otherwise.

Download here: Politicians-and-health-bureaucrats-trying-to-rewrite-history-about-illiberal-COVID-rules-2023-04-30.mp4 - 4,511 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 30th April 2023
Politicians (Justin Trudeau) and health bureaucrats trying to 'rewrite history'
about 'illiberal' COVID rules

Politicians and health bureaucrats are "trying desperately to rewrite history" and convince people they never advocated for "crippling illiberal lockdowns", vaccine mandates and school closures, says Sky News host Rita Panahi.

"Canada was right up there for COVID madness," Ms Panahi said.

"But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now claims that's just disinformation, he says he never insisted that everyone, young and old, healthy and infirm, get vaccinated against COVID - that's just fake news."

Everyday mishaps blamed on Covid

Toning Tony
Trudeau Needs to go to Jail.

Dylan Kalonji
As a Canadian is truly amazing how much a tyrant Trudeau acted like during the pandemic

Garth ODowd
It boils my blood after I was treated like a filthy leper for two years, lost a job and other "privileges" by the sanctimonious jabbed, only for them to now pretend none of it happened and to be one big happy community.. Screw them, I'll never forget.

They ALL need to be made accountable for their crimes against humanity

Zach Merrill
What happened was beyond disgusting. Trudeau is counting on people developing amnesia. He is a horrible man and I hope he pays dearly for what he and others did to our neighbors and friends and family. Unforgivable.

Lets not forget our Australian criminal Premiers trampling all over our Constitutional rights . There must be no law higher than the God given Constitutional rights of the individual to exist freely on this planet . May they never ever ever forget it .

Kris Norman
Yes trudeau needs to be held accountable


Dennis Henry
Every Australian premier needs to go down over this for a start

David Le Maitre
The deeply worrying aspect in all of this is that these evil people possess such a level of arrogance that they appear to believe that the general public lacks the intelligence to see them for the evil devils that they are; my attempt at trying to be as polite and as gracious as I can. Never should we forget the evil they have wrought upon us!

Never forget , what they did - we need to continue to expose them and in reality there should be a Nuremberg trial similar to WWII and bring these politicians, health officials, etc to trial and penalty of death.

Dave K
Liars forget that we have what they said on tape, but most of us have memories of it as well. The thing about liars is that they forget what lies they previously told.

Download here: Australians-seeking-compensation-for-being-allegedly-injured-from-COVID-vaccines-2023-04-30.mp4 - 18,742 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 30th April 2023
Australians seeking compensation
for being 'allegedly injured
from COVID vaccines'

Australians are seeking compensation for being "allegedly injured from covid vaccines," says Sky News host Rowan Dean.

"500 Australians have joined a class action lawsuit … the landmark lawsuit has been launched against the federal government, against the TGA and against the Department of Health and alleged negligence by the TGA in its approval and monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines," Mr Dean said.

Lee Van
Politicians will NEVER ADMIT wrong doing with these injections and will deny injection injury because at the end of the day POLITICIANS MANDATED THIS EXPERIMENTAL DRUG!!!!!!

The only quite fair compensation they should receive is to see those who promoted the poison in jail.

Neil Chaplin
Covered up is an understatement!

we should have a class action lawsuit against the federal government for being forced to put at least two untested vaccines into our body to keep our job or just get over the border to see our elderly parents.

Joe Mama
Thank goodness for these people standing up against these poison shots

Celine Healy Stress and Wellness
And we want the list of politicians who voted for mandated vaccines to be circulated daily so people know who to sue next. They need to be jailed.

Samuel Dell
Those who mandated it should be jailed!

Keith Samuels
Dr Melissa McCann, you are a real life hero. thank you for your honesty and bravery, respect!

Michael Allen
I want to see all state premiers held accountable

A bit of everything
i fully support them! My grandfather was as fit as could be, got the vaccine, woke up the next morning and couldnt feel or move his legs. Died in hospital that night. The people that pushed this should never see daylight again!!!!

Compensation is not enough. Prison for every single person who was involved in pushing these cups of tea and lockdowns onto us all, starting with the politicans and so called health experts. NEVER FORGIVE NEVER FORGET

I recently saw a video from Dr John Campbell, on what the TGA knew in January of 2021 before the vaccine was rolled out. Interesting ! Somebody got it through the freedom of information act and it was passed on to him. My father in law had his fifth jab in late February and felt ill afterwards, he was sick for four days and had a stroke on the fifth day and passed away. He was a fit, healthy active man for his age. My inlaws thought it was the "right" thing to do. I know of other family and friends who have had blood clots, heart attacks, breathing difficulties, stroke like symptoms and flare ups of their autoimmune disease. And some of them have been told by their doctors not to have anymore. Meanwhile in England it is only available to the over 75s now. The media were absolutely rabid during the height of the pandemic, calling for harsher lockdowns and restrictions, while vilifying hesitant people who would like to choose what medications they wanted. It's been an absolute disgrace by the government and the media alike. Keep asking the questions until they have no choice but to tell the truth.

Download here: People-queue-up-at-a-vaccination-location-as-a-guy-who-has-been-jabbed-is-taken-away-on-a-stretcher-2023-04-08.mp4 - 3,615 kb
By: The Red Pills And Rabbit Holes - 8th April 2023
People queue up at a vaccination
location as a guy who has been jabbed
is taken away on a stretcher.

People queue up at a vaccination location as a guy who has been jabbed is taken away on a stretcher. You can't make this shit up!

#VaccineDeaths #VaccineGenocide #DiedSuddendly #VaccineDeath #IYKYK

Erika Marzanna
this is literal natural selection and Marzanna laughs at these clowns

Gordon L
And yet people still stood in that line with blind faith in what?!?

Maria Leonard
How is this not heartbreaking and people still not questioning the "science" ?

Brian Dodd
When I took my 13yr daughter to get vaccinated (begged her not to, but she wanted to go shopping). As we sat in the waiting room. A boy maybe 15yrs old came to the waiting room holding his chest. Luckily a nurse ran over and grabbed him before he fell talking him to a bed. I thought, so I'm that unfortunate to see the only young male have an episode in this facility. What are the chances of that!

The All in One Team
Nothing to see here! Move along! The booster cult!

I'm convinced most people are beyond reach. They would voluntarily walk in a gas chamber. No hope.

and still they wait in line.

Richard Davies
Line up line up for the greatest show on Earth.

Ethics Matter

Mass formation's real even in my family.

Steel Edge
Lol yep, just no clue. The lights are on but there is no one home.

Queen Rawr

Green Eggs-n-Sam

Fake Court ®
I love their sense of urgency...

mark santillanes
Cattle being lead to the slaughter

They stay in line still while they point at others and accuse them of being in a cult

But because they were all programed by News ,late night shows, breakfast tv shows, movies they will continue to line up because they are all told its safe and effective

Jimmy the Blackfella
Do they have their loyalty cards on them ready to be stamped

Download here: CBN-News-A-Spike-in-Mysterious-Deaths-Why-are-Young-People-Suddenly-Dropping-Dead-Worldwide-2023-04-06.mp4 - 13,483 kb
By: CBN News - 6th April 2023
CBN News: A Spike in Mysterious Deaths
Why are Young People
Suddenly Dropping Dead Worldwide?

Shocking statistics have insurers on Wall Street alarmed. Edward Dowd says it's time for a national discussion over the latest threat to American's health.

#cbnnews #christiannews #christian

I lost my grandson, a month ago, and he had the vaccine. He was 22. He was always worried. Now he's gone and no answers. Because I'm sure they're not gonna tell us anything. Our family are broken hearts

"The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense." ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

My doctor told me NOT to get it. The medical licensing board tried to take his license. The hospital revoked his hospital privileges. He didn't budge. Thank God he still has his license and his own practice. I don't trust the healthcare system anymore, but I trust my doctor completely.

I was bullied, mocked, judged and isolated because I saw what they were doing and openly refused to get the shot. I truly felt like a leper.. also, many people would confide in me that they lied about getting the jab to avoid this. I'm heartbroken to say that a handful of people I knew, and 2 relatives, either passed away soon after getting the shot or are now living in regret for getting it. I begged my relatives not to, but they made the choice...

I was in the hospital for cancer much of 2021-2022. The number of people who were paralyzed, or had neurological problems after being "vaccinated" was disturbing. The number of RNs who quit because other RNs got sick and or died after vaccination was also alarmingly high.

2 of my cousins have died suddenly from cardiac arrests in the last 3 months. One aged 37, the other age 24. Both were fully vax'd

Here in the UK a Member of Parliament tried to raise these issues. The whole house cleared before he began and the MPs went off to hide in the bars and tea rooms! He delivered a very reasoned explanation of this disaster to an empty chamber. Our MPs are beneath contempt.

I regret getting vaccinated bitterly. my father wanted us to all get it. In 2021 before I got it I was in perfect health and now I have been suffering from mysterious illnesses for 6 months like increased heart rate, shortness of breath chest pains neurological and thyroid problems. Im 22. I'm still angry about it, I should never have gotten the stupid poison jabbed into me

The fact that Big Pharma were immune from liability made me skeptical of the vaccines from the start.

Download here: The-Progression-of-Mandating-The-Pfizer-mRNA-Kill-Shots-in-New-Zealand-2023-03-02.mp4 - 7,548 kb
By: Coronavirus Plushie - 2nd April 2023
The Progression of Mandating the
#Pfizer mRNA Kill Shots in New Zealand

The Progression of Mandating The #Pfizer mRNA Kill Shots in New Zealand (originally aired in May 2021)

Explained in their own words, primarily using sources approved by the 'single source of truth'

Credit to @Questions4Kiwis for this video.

Coronavirus Plushie
It's clear from Jacinda's own words that sanctions like 'No jab, no job' mandates and vaccine certificates were not really about protecting the vaccinated from the unvaccinated, they were about coercing as many Kiwis as possible into getting jabbed

Traitors working for a foreign identity = WEF/UN/GATES . They must be brought to justice for crimes against humanity NOW , Why is the opposition , Courts , Police , Military allowing this heinous act to perpetuate ?

From you won't get sick or die to worst deaths toll in a century due to covid

Twist - it's not covid

New Zealand is such a shit country for allowing this

Coronavirus Plushie
Penalties for those who chose not to get vaccinated were not about health, they were about coercion.

In a previous video (which I have attached), I showed that it was known months before the introduction of 'No jab, no job' mandates, that the #Covid mRNA shots didn't stop transmission.

As well as mandates, another way in which the unvaccinated were penalised, was the requirement for vaccine passes, or vaccine certificates as they were called here in New Zealand, in order go to bars, cafes, restaurants, libraries, close proximity businesses like hairdressers, etc.

But if the 'vaccine' didn't stop transmission or infection, then of course penalties like vaccine mandates and vaccine certificates cannot really have been about health.

So what was the actual reason for such penalties?

Here in New Zealand, as is no doubt the case in every other country, it's clear from Jacinda Ardern's own words, that it was really all about coercing as many people as possible into getting vaccinated.

Download here: NZ-PM-Chris-Hipkins-gets-fake-COVID-19-bivalent-booster-after-study-shows-hundreds-of-French-citizens-suffer-cardiac-events-after-bivalent-boosters-2023-04-02.mp4 - 11,725 kb
By: Coronavirus Plushie - 2nd April 2023
NZ PM Chris Hipkins gets fake COVID19
bivalent booster after study shows
hundreds of French citizens suffer
cardiac events after bivalent boosters

New Zealand Prime Minister @chrishipkins and Health Minister @drayeshaverrall get the #COVID19 bivalent booster just three days after a study in the NEJM shows that hundreds of french citizens suffer cardiac events after bivalent boosters. @P_McCulloughMD reads from his recent Substack on the study, and @DrAseemMalhotra on @RCR_NZ warns Kiwis: "Unequivocally, don't do it! Just say no!"

#VaccineDeath #vaccineinjuries - Stroke, Myocardial Infarction, and Pulmonary Embolism after Bivalent Booster

Southern Judges
Although the CEO of Pfzer, most members of WEF and politicians Globally have not received any Covid-19 mRNA vaccines, we still recommend that you 'get all your' mRNA vaccines when instructed - in the interests of public safety. Whilst it is true that the mRNA vaccines do not prevent you from becoming ill; nor stop the transmission of man made viruses such as Covid-19; they do however give you warm fuzzy feelings as well as a choice of a free bag of chips or a sausage sizzle! As elitists, we believe in the importance of vaccinating as many useless eaters as possible, that we have even forfeited our mRNA Kill Shots and received SALINE INJECTIONS instead, to help encourage you to take that shot! So please take that shot...

Coronavirus Plushie
.@PAlexanderPhD on 7 Dec 2022 warns that continuing with the #COVID19 vaccination programme, including giving the bivalent booster, will only create more variants.

Coronavirus Plushie
Jan 17. Rapid, mass vaccination at a time of tremendous infectious pressure will only make things worse. If you keep this bivalent program going (the new booster) you are going to keep this pandemic going for many, many more years.

Ahhh, but did they? Really?

Coronavirus Plushie
You can only say so much in one tweet. I dont know for sure if they did or didn't, but wouldn't surprise me if they didn't.

Like Fork that's NOT Saline #WeSeeYou

Peter Dunn
Crimes against humanity.

Jackie Lloyd
Cos chippie got saline

Donna Kamp

you are responsible for these types of deaths.

Hail Gromit
I don't fully trust that these government officials are really taking the vaccine.

I very much doubt any NZ PM or parliamentarians took 'the jab'

Influenza has been produced synthetically since 2002, to keep the failed influenza vaccine industry alive.

The bigger question is how is it distributed?

Answer that and you answer "COVID".

Ricky Bobby
The Pfizer CEO hasn't even had the first shot of his own vaccine

No way! The vax is poison. 5 months now I've been suffering with an enlarged heart, more than likely due to covid and vax. Docs originally said heart attack, but with no blocked arteries,and all other blood tests saying normal for everything. Eliminated everything else.

He's probably getting vitamin shots

Chris Webber

johnny sol
Crimes against humanity

Download here: British-funeral-director-seeing-influx-in-young-dead-vaccine-recipients-2023-03-29.mp4 - 5,293 kb
By: Mark Steyn - 29th March 2023
British funeral director seeing influx
in "young, dead vaccine recipients"

"I'm seeing more people now under the age of 40 pass away suddenly from a mixture of sudden, very aggressive cancer, heart attack, and stroke."

Funeral director John O'Looney tells all with Mark Steyn.

Watch the full episode here:

Clint Franklin
I've watched and listened to John O'Looney since 2021! I personally know people who know him. Keep up the truth telling!

Just Smashing
We need a new Nuremberg trial for crimes against humanity

Dex Ine
Was talking to a police officer the other day, and he said he'd never been called to so many sudden deaths of young/middle-aged people. Mostly cardiac/stroke deaths (obviously, police don't attend cancer deaths unless they are very unexpected). He found it disturbing, but was convinced covid itself was to blame - which is what most people think, because that's what the MSM tell them - or they don't want to think about, because they've all had the jabs and are now hearing all the horror stories. Very glad I didn't have it myself.

John Davis
John O'Looney has been telling us the truth from the start, a real hero.

My friend is dieing from a sudden aggressive cancer and it started AFTER he got the jab. Can't be saved, it is all throughout him. He was healthy before the jab.

Slack Hoffman
I remember John speaking out on YouTube a couple of years ago in the thick of it ……thank god for people like brilliant Mark Steyn and dear John O'Looney

History will be kind to people like you two.
I can't imagine how people will react when they find out what this is all about, how it was planned, why & what the end game is but it won't be good.

CBC Sucks!
I work in Cancer Care and I have pointed this out to several co-workers over the last six months.

Melanie Bliss
Love John O'looney. Great guy.

Mark, thank you to you and your guest for your honesty, logic and common sense.
I hope you keep well Mark , take care of yourself.

Lost Avatar
Our worst fears are coming true. Let's hope the experts and authorities get onto this urgently.

Jim Smith
My mum told me the same story a couple of weeks back. She met the funeral director in the shop and he said he has never seen so many young folks dying as he does now.

So pleased to see Mark bringing these truths into the open. His voice is essential. Much appreciated.

Nice to se Mark Steyn up and running again, and of course John O looney. This should be known as the Honesty Channel. Thank you fellas!

Free spirit
So sad to hear about these young lives ending so quickly

Michael Gautreaux
Go :) my condolences to the families in the UK & Wales.

Inquiring Minds
Thank you Mark! One of the few trusted news sources!!

Download here: Dr-Roger-Hodkinson-Clot-Shot-latest-Data-at-least-20-Million-Dead-2-Billion-Adverse-Effects-2023-03-28.mp4 - 21,152 kb
By: UNDERSTANDING THE LIES - 28th March 2023
Dr. Roger Hodkinson
Clot Shot latest Data - at least
20 Million Dead - 2 Billion Adverse Effects

Dr Roger Hodkinson - The Best Estimated Numbers are In... Global Deaths attributed to the "Clot Shot"

Dr Roger Hodkinson - "20 million global deaths directly attributed to the COVID-19 Vaccines and 2.2 billion serious adverse reactions. These numbers are best estimates using government data."

Plus comment by Dr. Paul E Marik

#hodkinson #vaccine #deaths

Waking the World up
Dr. Roger Hodkinson says latest figures indicate that at least 20 Million people have died of the jabs and 2 Billion have suffered Adverse Effects.

The Swine Flu Vax was pulled off the market with 35 deaths. So, we have something coordinated going on here. They still are pushing the shots, even though 97.5% recover without treatment and have natural immunity.

Cancer and other diseases are skyrocketing and will contribute to the accumulative deaths.

This is what happens when you decrease immune function.

I don't know if we ever discover all the toxic sh*t in them, but from what people around the world are finding, it's horrific.

Flu is your bodies way of getting rid of your toxins

Where is the true outrage over what they did to us and to this world?
20 millions deaths sounds plausible, but 2.2 billion serious adverse events ? That'd mean 30% jabbed people, almost 1 out of 3
I don't think we're there...yet

This interview took place some months ago; deaths and injuries are going to continue to increase.

Great video/ information . Thank you

Download here: Former-Pfizer-VP-Dr-Mike-Yeadon-Do-not-take-vaccines-especially-mRNA-or-via-an-emergency-2023-03-28.mp4 - 5,709 kb
By: Chuck Callesto - 28th March 2023
Former Pfizer VP Dr. Mike Yeadon
Do not take vaccines, especially
mRNA or via an emergency...

Former Pfizer VP Dr. Mike Yeadon: "Do not take anything with the word vaccine on it. Especially if it comes with emergency or mRNA..."

Chuck Callesto
Sick of the B/S..

Follow: @JRobFromMN

He's cutting right through the fake narrative..

James James
Do, however, take ivermectin. Big pharma tried to censor it while pushing the jab, and now lots of people died suddenly even without the jab like Diamond did. Don't let them get away with it. Take a dose of ivermectin regularly every day. It works.

Can you imagine how much flack he is receiving from @pfizer and the government for daring to tell the truth?

Truth Justice ™
A warning to humanity. The vaccines are killing innocent people.

VACCINES ARE KILLING: Covid vaccines cause Autoimmune self attack on the organs of the vaccinated who died suddenly. These vaccines are killing the young and the old and they are killing our children. Politicians and authorities have killed these innocent people and our children.
Show this thread

you wore a mask that was completely useless simply because they scared you into believing it worked.

dave langley
Dr Yeadon was the the Pfizer VP in 2013/4 in respiratory a very talented gentleman & made a lot of money away from Pfizer & he called all the uk professors out from may 2020..amazing what hes doing with RFK Robert Kenedy Junior

Download here: This-new-footage-of-Dr-Anthony-Fauci-the-Liar-is-amazing-Your-campaign-is-about-inciting-fear-2023-03-23.mp4 - 13,138 kb
By: Fox News - 23rd March 2023
This new footage of
Dr. Anthony Fauci the Liar is amazing
"Your campaign is about inciting fear..."

Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo provides reaction and analysis to newly released PBS footage of Dr. Fauci speaking with D.C. residents about the COVID vaccine. #foxnews

Marsha Munger
I applaud the gentleman who stood his ground. The woman at her front door had questions and made clear statements.

Bill Farmer
God Bless that man and his household who stood his ground.

This man should be given an award for common sense.

Victoria Lewis
The blatant disrespect Fauci showed to them when walking away, or ignoring them when they asked perfectly logical questions and disagreed reasonably, is shameful. How rude and corrupt to try and peddle this stuff door to door.

The Tyson Draper Show
Please give this man on the porch an award!! That was incredible!!

Scott McCleese
The fact that Fauci and the camera crew walk away from the "poor citizen" while he's spitting truth, tells you EVERYTHING you need to know.

Yesi Trotamundos
If they can't scare you, they can't control you. Props to that guy

FM 1959
This guy is my hero. "The smartest Doctor in the world" being schooled by just a normal Dude.

The Otherme
Respect to that man for thinking and speaking his own mind.

OMG !!!! LEGEND !!!!!! That man is an absolute legend - standing up to Fauci and calling him out straight to his face !!!!!!!! Same for that woman saying what we all have been saying quietly to those who agree with us! Love to these legends ! This made me so happy !!!

Them turning their backs on him when he hit them with truths says everything about how these people feel about us Americans!

Vwlss Nvwls
I had a friend in high school who was a straight A student, but had zero common sense. It never ceased to amaze me the kind of stupid crap he would do and say, despite how book smart he was. Education is important, but it should never replace good old common sense.

Download here: Vaccine-injuries-part-104-2023-03-22.mp4 - 12,646 kb
By: Covid vaccine injection damage / Covid snake bite injuries - 22nd March 2023
Vaccine injuries compilation part 104

covid vaccine exposed join telegram at
Category Health & Medical

#covid #vaccine #injuries

fight back with handing mini flyers from this sjte www.virusTruth.NET
there is no virus. no contagion ! All shots deadly if not saline.
chemo killed your wife. all pharma poison.

Most people I know got the jab and swear by it. Even the ones who lost their periphial vision, became magnetised, myocarditis, strokes, vertigo, lost their health and jobs and even those who died. As many politicians said in the beginning, "If the Covid-19 vaccine saves just 1 life, it will be worth it!"
I have even heard vaxxed families speak of the deceased vaxxed that "They were protected right up until they died..."
How could so many be so damn wrong??!!

Download here: The-cost-of-the-UK-vaccine-booster-programme-is-8.3-BILLION-2023-03-22.mp4 - 7,851 kb
By: Concerned Citizen - 22nd March 2023
The cost of the UK vaccine
booster programme is 8.3 BILLION

MP Andrew Bridgen @ABridgen

"The cost of the UK vaccine booster programme is 8.3 BILLION £££"

Add this to the £37b Track & trace scheme, plus a few billion in furlough payments & this scam has helped bankrupt our nation & steal our children's futures.

#COVID_19 #vaccines

Absolutely right!!!!!! Clearly #Boris was let down very badly by his advisors. #Sunak was responsible for furlough. #Hancock, #Javid, & a host of civil servants for the #vaccine mess. And someone needs to account for the #vaccineinjuries!

Meanwhile they think they can increase the pension age to 68 !
People we must do as the french do and tell these employees of ours WHO ACTUALLY IS THEIR BOSS

Steve Williams
Andrew Bridgen is my modern day hero. I salute you Mr Bridgen. You have more morals in your little toe than the rest of the political, parasitic elite.

Lianne Campbell MSc
And there will be more to pay with VAERS
The Covid pandemic drives Pfizer's 2022 revenue to a record $100 billion
Sales of Paxlovid surged to $18.9 billion in 2022, which was the first full year the antiviral pill was available.

David Warren
£37b to write an app that a spotty herbert could have written in an afternoon for £1000?

Katherine perry
The taxpayers of this country are not responsible for this debt. Those responsible are: Sunak, Johnson, WEF, BIS, IMF, UN have I missed one?

Dugg Pinner
£37000000000 for the track and trace scheme.

This should be investigated.

Ringo Beck
Publish all MPs+ civil servants shares- interests in big pharma- big tech. " Scamdemic"- " failure" well acheived " depop" thus inheritance tax grab- wealth transfer for billionaires through cash transfer+ inflation destruction of wealth for poor- mid class.

nikki jones
It was money laundering to the elites …follow where the money went's not rocket science
It's a form of money laundering,from government to companies with MP's as shareholders, follow the money,
Politicians, government are using UK as their personal bank,cause inflation to pay it back

All on that banker Sunaks watch!

What happened to all the MPs that claimed C19 restrictions lockdowns,masks and the vaccine where about your Safety

Download here: David-Wolfe-If-you-are-vaccinated-do-you-regret-taking-the-covid-shot-2023-03-21.mp4 - 1,241 kb
By: David Wolfe - 21st March 2023
If you are vaccinated,
do you regret taking the covid shot?

Take Ivermectin. It will stop the spread of the spike protein. This should be known by everyone. Selenium will help as well. 2 good sources of selenium are eggs and sea moss. Also, take liquid vitamin D your level up to 80. Most importantly, eliminate sugar and fast for 7 days.

I got 5 , 2x AZ, 2x mRNA, 1 x experimental protein based vaccine. no regrets. just had quad valent flu jab, and getting another c19 mRNA in 3 months time.

Love Liberty
No, no regret about being vaccinated

A reasonable risk assessment for a person of my circumstances

I 'did my own research' as they say, and continue to read studies on the effects of the vaccines

Crypto Ninja
Glad I never fell for this scam, I was scared to death of the vaxx. I was the only person in my family that did not take it amen ! I warned them but they not listen to me.

100%. Even worse I had covid before vaccines were discovered. So built a natural immunity. Fell for the media fear manipulation. So pleased my son is not vaxxed..

Tara S.
Totally. I know several people like this. It's so true and so so sad what we were forced to do. And although some of us withstood the shot, I know that many were in positions where they just could not.

Phil notBill
Hopefully, some technology will come to the forefront to help the vaccinated with problems. I didn't get it, but I have family members who did. Healthcare will have to change, that's the big problem, there is so much money involved to keep it the same.

Meredith Lee Carlson
Kind of. I've had no evident after effects from the one I had, and my fingers are crossed it stays that way.

Ken Braget
Yes. The more I read and see from the companies and the politicians who pushed this I'm extremely embarrassed I didn't wait to see more. I've had weird feelings in my chest and neck ever since and no one can figure it out.

Ric Wonders
Yep, a friend of mine got two doses of the apocalyptic experiment, despite her friends' warnings, because she wanted to travel. Her resting heart rate baseline (coincidentally) is now off the charts, and she's so full of anxiety and fear that she can barely function.

In a way, yes. My job mandated it. Did not take the boosters though

I have a CRYAB anomaly. I only know because my daughter at 12 weeks went into heart failure. Not sure what to make of it, but the CRYAB gene if you google it has bad heart issues. Boston Childrens has assured me it has nothing to do with my daughters heart issues.

Fear is the worst thing you can do to your immune system. It's done, you have to now try and convince yourself that you got a placebo or deteriorated vial, and even if not then believe you're a survivor and you will definitely survive

Claes Berggren
I still find it strange that so many people fell for the propaganda and took those experimental injections

My mom did. Within hours she lost range of motion in her arms. Within days her COPD &CHF was exacerbated. Gone 3mo and 3 days later.

Christine Chick
I saw TOO much to go easy on ANYONE who at one time, wished me harm for simply following my GUT instinct, and not taking the injection.

charles patten
i talk to a lot of people in my daily travels for work, at least one person per week over the last two years tells me they regret taking any injections for covid

Moot Mouse
Go easy? G'OK but what do her choices have to do with my life? I stood up and lost pretty much everything. I didn't ask for understanding, because there was none to be found. I worked hard and earned my place and I still have my health.

Rat Madness
Paranoia should be taught in High School

Mich Van
Yes, I absolutely regret the jab. We've been lied to.

Pin-Man. can't be undone..Tic-toc..Tic-toc....

Tom Sohng
I feel compassion/empathy towards you like many of my family that chose the same as well. Remember as we descend into chaos and suffering: AUTHENTICITY is the strongest emotion - and you were living this emotion as you made your way through life. There is nothing to be ashamed of

I regret it yes. But I can't live in the past. Just gotta learn from our mistakes and move on.

Download here: Vaccinated-People-Dropping-at-the-Speed-of-Science-2023-03-20.mp4 - 3,025 kb
By: Banned Youtube Videos - 20th March 2023
Vaccinated People
Dropping at the Speed of Science

Correlation does not equal causation - YEH RIGHT!!!
Enjoy this compilation.

#speedofscience #journalists #media

These are the ones who didn't pass the IQ test.

Nothing says "Trust the Science" like asking for the data to be hidden for 75 years!

Most people I know in day to day life were so proud to 'do their bit' and get jabbed for the common good. Life has moved on now and most never discuss the jabs anymore, other than proudly boasting: "I have Covid again..." - despite having 5 Covid-19 kill shots! Ambulances are extremely busy carting vaccinated people hither and thither and life just goes on for the vaccinated - until it doesn't...

Psychopath Billy Gates is cumming in his pants over this.

i always wished I could hack and make videos. I'd love to make it a life goal to hack every tv phone tablet game system electronic device in america and display a video depicting the truth of our world presented in a way that would wake everyone up guaranteed. somewhere in it I would play the msm saying how safe and effective it was and how reassured they were about the vaccine playing in the audio and then the video having people dropping dead. have joe biden wisper safe and effective then have someone pass out. I would make such awesome videos if I knew how...

Sebastian FX
The gay Brazilian news anchor and the Danish Health Minister are my favorites so far. Many more to come...

What makes ppl think that adding overly dramatic, gay music to a video makes it better?

I can't quite figure it out but something makes me think that you would whinge if your ass was on fire because it was burning the wrong way....

She blinded me with "science"......"SCIENCE!"

All the drag queens and transgenders and ANTIFA and BLM got the shot, probably more than one. We're gonna see them all drop. Try to loot a store when you're keeling over from the clot shot! Bye!

Safe and effective? More like dangerous and ineffective.
All for a so-called virus with a 99.8% recovery rate. Idiots walk among us in VERY large numbers.
Edited 38 minutes ago

How many have to die before those responsible are brought to justice?

I don't think you get it. A man in NYC spent hours asking people if they would get another shot and almost everybody said yes.

It's sad how the media has convinced so many that the only way out of this Pandemic is to accept the shots believing they are a cure.

why would sheeple risk your health and trust criminals liar's ? health is the most valuable thing you have and now its to late for many many sheeple because they are not grounded in themselves and follow right into a pit'

Download here: This-News-Broadcast-was-Sponsored-by-Pfizer-Putting-profit-before-people-2023-03-19.mp4 - 7,131 kb
By: Wolsned - 19th March 2023
This News Broadcast was Sponsored by Pfizer
Putting profits before people

Sponsored by Pfizer.

A shame that it has to happen on camera to go on record.

Mysterious Fizz
If only we were all as brave as the French!

It is like being awake and living out an actual nightmare.....

Okay I'm ready to be pinched now.

It's disgusting that we have to go to this length to this extreme for people to understand to really actually make the connection like as if this is really that hard to understand. Like why are people so &$@"%# *%#!!!
Followed by some Tweeters you follow

Random Romania Videos
collapsing at the speed of science

Horrid..:( I pray every day for my loved ones who were injected.

Bit late now... no one is being vaccinated, & it only seems to be American news people that are Fainting..

Just try to google ...
How many reporters faint live on TV yearly?
I could only find one in 2017, and it was due to overheating in her costume... sure was rare before 2021 vaccine roll-out, wasn't it...

Der Rattenteufel
Heather McDonald is my favorite. It was the best joke she ever made. All of the audience laughed about her great joke.

There is a strong band of high pressure coming in from the north west, expect to see myocarditis, Bell's Palsy, blood clotting, and unexpected collapsing. In other areas it's gonna be sunny. Have a great day folks

So sad to watch this tbf, especially when we know they were all duped.

Triggerhappy Ranch
Look at the bright side, an unvaxxed population will be a more intelligent population.

Peter Heinrich
Got Covid Nov 9th 2019. Had it until February of 2020. My body beat it. I'm thankful. When the vaccine was released my family said I should go and get it because even though I had it and beat it I could still transmit it and relapse. I never got it. And I'm glad.

Eddy Noe
Sorry but I was laughing during the video, not being worried as I should have.

Brunella C.
the "elite" have no victims post vaccinations !?

Gary Andrews
Absolutely NOTHING unusual about this whatsoever - used to happen all the time before 2021!

Survival of the fittest, I think we, of sound minds who rejected the narrative will be just fine.

Download here: Weather-Report-Brought-to-you-by-Pfizer-The-outlook-is-for-people-keeling-over-2023-03-18.mp4 - 1,039 kb
By: Banned Youtube Videos - 18th March 2023
Weather Report
Brought to you by #Pfizer
The outlook is for multitudes of people keeling over...

KCAL News Weather Report - Brought to you by, #Pfizer.

"The calm before the storm..."

CBS Meteorologist Alissa Carlson Faints on Air

By: Joshua Vinson

Alissa Carlson Schwartz, a TV meteorologist in Los Angeles for CBS owned and operated KCAL, fainted Saturday morning on air.

The incident happened at the beginning of the 7 a.m. broadcast. Anchors Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim were tossing it to Carlson for the morning weather report, when Carlson rested her arms on the desk, her eyes rolled back, and she leaned forwarded before falling out of her seat and onto the floor.

Both anchors were shocked and immediately asked to cut to a commercial break.

KCAL-TV never returned to their live newscast but instead aired pre-recorded and promotional programming before leading into their coverage of the NCAA men's basketball tournament, TMZ reported...

These are the ones who didn't pass the IQ test.

Not a g a i n ? Oh she):(slams down on her head a lot.
Don't worry about her.

LOL.....Happy Death Day to you!


DARPA did it

The Reflecting Pool
Los Angeles is a multicultural hellhole.

I bet when they "went to break", it started off with a Pfizer commercial.

Not again, no

Safe and effective.

"safe and effective"! "get your booster".

"Not Again"!!!

Rezifp strikes again with Divoc.

hummer wisdom
Eff Phizer and the kikes behind them.

Download: Pharmaceutical-Executives-boast-about-their-profits-while-tax-payers-pay-120000-per-Covid-Vaccine-DEATH-2023-03-18.mp4 - 11,097 kb
By: Mark Steyn - 18th March 2023
Pharmaceutical Executives boast about their profits
While tax payers pay $120,000
per Covid Vaccine DEATH!

Big Pharma needs to pay up for vaccine injuries

The "experts" are finally acknowledging the vaccine-injured, but no one's apologizing for giving the vaccine companies complete immunity from liability, Leilani Dowding points out.

We must never forget when they emotionally blackmailed the children for use as paper shields to temporarily and marginally protect adults.
Thou shall not use pregnant women as Granny shields, risking the young to "save" the old was a very bad idea.

Bellows Main
Our government is still denying any harm and promoting the message of saving millions of lives.
Thank all the Gods for you and MPs like Andrew Bridgen and Christopher Chope who are persistent in seeking justice.

Karen Young
Big pharma should pay.
Not the UK public by way of our taxes.
That is absolutely wrong

I would say that as the pharma companies falsified their "tests" (or lack of) I would say that the immunity contract should be null & void as a result.

Sean Delap
Absolutely they all must be held accountable all of them

Derek Mills
The real culprits are the NHS. They aided and abetted the convid situation in 2020 and beyond, subjecting US, who pay THEM, to ludicrous, unscientific 'rules' and restricted, or even denied, treatment.
The truly galling aspect of all of this is the staff of the NHS now want lots of money, when their behaviour during the convid period was, quite frankly, shabby.
I live next door to a woke (and not very bright) person who actually went outside to 'clap for the NHS' at the behest of that idiot so-called 'prime minister'. I was gardening at the time and asked "why, nobody is listening especially ME." I got no answer.

CHECK IT OUT! have one of the Best Channels on YT with the most Interesting Subjects
and I have to say you have the Best Looking, Common Sense Guests as well. Looks like a Winning Combination. Stay Strong and God Bless !!!

They are afraid to apologize as they will admit they were wrong, so open them up to lawsuits.

Bobby K
Accountability is what's needed.

Weyer Weyer
Keep up the great work all of you and Mp Andrew Bridgen.

Judy S
Only by holding big pharma accoubtable insures they won't be so cavalier with our health going forward. FREEDOM

Stephen Dooley
The mass walkout of MPs from the House of Commons when Andrew Bridgen started his Covid discussion this week is very telling!

Just Smashing
Where are the full episodes? Mark is a true truthteller…

Mahat Macoat
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has links to a Pharmaceuticals company that only has one product - Covid-19 'Vaccine'.

Sunak invested heavily in a Moderna, one of the Pharmaceutical companies who created the Covid MRNA 'vaccine', their first, and only product. His involvement in the company was reported in the Guardian in 2020 whilst he was still Britain's Chancellor, but has come under renewed scrutiny as more questions about Moderna emerge.

Rob Moore
The government will "draw a line under it and take the lessons learned to improve". So very glad that I didn't get jabbed.

Andrew Dutton
Disgusting! And Andrew bridgen in parliament mentions this today. And all mps walked out ,was truly sickening to the stomach

No apology because of the fear being sued. Cheers Rosemary Perth Western Australia 72yrs

Keith Entz
If something were to happen to Fauci or Daszak, I'd have a new hero.

Download here: Excess-Deaths-in-Australia-could-it-be-the-jabs-2023-03-14.mp4 - 18,638 kb
By: Reignite Democracy Australia - 14th March 2023
Excess Deaths in Australia...
..could it be the jabs?
Most people on the street oblivious to
excess deaths caused by the Covid mRNA Kill Shots

This is episode two of our new project. More videos on the way.

Last week we asked more open-ended questions about the excess death rates in Australia. Watch episode one here: Do Australians know about the 16% increase in deaths?

This time, we asked a specific you think vaccines could have caused excess deaths?

Samantha Theriot

"Possibly , .....maybe",.....sheep will be sheep!

Your task of dragging people away from their lethargy must be quite exhausting, but without people like you things would be much, much worse.

Thanks a lot, keep up the good work in service of mankind, cheers from northern Germany

I told people about excess deaths in my workplace. They looked at me like I was insane and walked away

Tomass Cully
It would be interesting to know the shot status of those who died to determine if the excess numbers come from the non pure bloods. That would solve the 'puzzle' and that is why they didn't want a control group. Thanks Monica.

Zayne Van Bommel
Monica's so lovely she really is an inspiration to young girls a real role model

I'm sure the commercial networks and the ABC will be on to this as soon as they get tired of reporting on the rainbow people, climate emergency, gender pay gap, lost dogs, footballers being called names by kids.....

Peter Bajada
Great work Monica.

Kathy R
Thank you Monica! It is amazing that people are still fairly ignorant as to the dangers of the experimental thing.

"Until you get to be my age and you realise everyone's lying to me." great work Monica keep up the fighting spirit!

Matthew Hargraves
HIT STREET MEDIA should be the only media people of Australia should listen to nowadays,
Monica speaks her truth with integrity and honesty something mainstream media knows nothing about.
I admire your determination and applaud your dedication to the Australian people Monica.

Love your work Monica

Awesome work Monica, keep going :)

Pandora Productions
Excruciating to watch!!

Great job at disarming people so they are willing to countenance that it might be the toxic shot..
3 years in and so many are still blind

Education is the key

Audrey Smallcombe
Absolutely brilliant! More of us must must do this survey! Keep up the great work please!

Terry Harrison
4 weeks ago
The ignorance and gullibility of the average Ozzie is unbelievable

Viv Rowe
This is unbelievable that people just don't know. Some maybe, but just don't say!

Download: Police-back-anti-vaxxers-against-Canberra-man-claiming-vaccine-deaths-are-misinformation-screaming-Hit-me-Hit-me-2023-03-13.mp4 - 7,510 kb
By: Aussie Cossack - 13th March 2023
Police back anti-vaxxers against Canberra man
claiming: "Vaccine deaths are misinformation"
screaming "Hit me! Hit me!"

Local Canberra freedom protesters staged a rally highlighting adverse reactions to the vax in memory of those who died between the Government's medical coercion campaign of 2019-2023.

When a lone woke pro-vax counter protester rushes in screaming: "They have not died mate!... You people - you people should not be spreading bullshit!... These are not true people... You're just making shit up... Come on hit me, hit me right here!... Come on hit me right here... It's bullshit and they're spreading misinformation mate... I don't like misinformation..."

Pleasingly, Police back the anti vaxxers!

Queensland Biker
Well done protesters, he's just been red pilled! Mate, it is time for you to embrace the sometimes painful truth of reality.
What a sight to behold, a man awakening from an intense governmental / mainstream media / pharmaceutical slumber - to the reality of life.

Begging to be a victim of a punch in the face.......
That's next level victim culture.

Henry Benedict
What's been really frustrating about all of this is witnessing those who've been in denial slowly come to the realization that they've been lied to and knowing they didn't listen in the first place.

Ian Baker
Good on them for doing the right thing on this occasion. The truth needs to be told.

I had to pinch myself.
Cops actually doing their jobs.

Linda Law
It was lovely to see Aussie police doing a good job.
Well done to the stall holders for remaining so calm .

That is a very frightened man. He's like a man who knows he's in a marriage that is irreconcilably broken and is about to end after many years. But he's been invested in the marriage for so long, he's scared to let the illusion go.

Terrence Odgers
The Truth is going to be so very hard for many to accept.

Lord Mclovin
Poor little bugger. Emotional to a fault after years of being spoon fed fake news.
There is no saving some people.

Lulu's Heart Centered Alchemy
Shout out to the freedom front Canberra .., they have been holding the line strong for along time now; people are going to get very stressed , like this man when they finally see what has been before us this whole time !

Obscure Sampology
This guy can't believe the government would do such a thing ...

accepting the truth will make him realize that he was dupped and he has now put himself and those he loves in serious jeopardy. you can see the panic in his eyes.

Download here: Bill-Gates-Fauci-and-media-exposed-as-complicit-in-major-Covid-19-cover-up-The-vaxxed-were-duped-2023-03-09.mp4 - 23,501 kb
By: James Morrow - 9th March 2023
Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci & media
exposed as complicit in major Covid-19
cover-up. The vaxxed were duped!

Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and sections of the media have been exposed as being complicit in a major coverup of the origins of Covid-19.

Sky News host James Morrow said the American Government through Dr. Fauci's National Institute of Health was likely 'in on' the gain of function research used to 'amp up' the Covid-19 pandemic.

'For a long time, this was dismissed as something of a conspiracy theory, anyway, fast forward to 2023. The pandemic is all but over, the republicans have control of congress, and the TRUTH is coming out,' he said.

'Sounds like a coverup to me … one which far too much of the media participated in.'

Fashionable Ropes
I can sum this up in 3 words "Hang them UP!" Or as Joe Biden would say in 'I can sum this up in 2 words...'

They investigated themselves, realized they could lose a lot of money if they were honest, and so decided that they actually did nothing wrong

"This was called a conspiracy theory, but as I like to call it, coming attractions."
- James Morrow
Im spreading this one everywhere. Bravo sir!

There are at least 9 million reasons for the cover up. Follow the money trail.

Covid was just an idea that we were all expected to believe... without question.

CiganyWeaver and her periwinklebluespacecaravan
Being proven 100% right after enduring a loud constant rumble of derisive snorts and general snotty, smug academic-style hostility from over-educated, virtue-signalling gasbags (both online and in person) for almost 3 years is unbelievably satisfying. I never waver from my convictions and I've been right about so much-- I hang in there and take the abuse knowing I'll be vindicated in the months or years to come on a variety of issues and when dealing with certain characters in the public eye whom I don't trust. I don't care how I'm coming across in this comment. I'm tired of being modest, resilient and polite to my enemies. I write in the hope just one person is quietly smiling to themselves, going 'mmmm, me too-- I know just what you mean'.

Johnny Duplantis
This was only a debate for the fans objecting to a penalty being called by the game officials against their team. Those of us who are rational and making the "call" based upon what we witnessed with our own eyes (minds), for or against our 'team', never had a doubt what the truth was. The recent REVELATIONS are boring news to us. We knew this already.

Carol Brian
This administration is putting families into difficult situations, I pray for our country, we need compassion for the American people, I appreciate your advices Amber Harris, Imagine investing $1000 and receiving $8,230 in 4days.

Did he say. That covid and HIV are installed at the same spot on RNA?

Billy and faucet were college roomies before billy dropped out.

Daniel Wallace
Oops now what are the sheeple going to do?

Keith Robinson
James,we love your enthusiasm at revealing the lies & ridiculous narrative of all involved in the deadliest scam murder & maiming of so many innocent, trusting people. We,from now on will question 'Authorities' every word! If they cry wolf again I fear 'lynching will become fashionable again!

Nick Pollock
The matketing strategy could not stay alive for ever.

Juan Pla
follow the money

Henry Diaz
It did not leak. It was opened up and spread around intentionally by these bi-valves.

Download here: Pfizer-Whistleblower-Debbie-Bernal-Speaks-Out-at-CPAC-2023-Introduced-by-James-OKeefe-2023-03-05.mp4 - 73,965 kb
By: Mike Osip - 6th March 2023
Pfizer Whistleblower Debbie Bernal
Speaks Out at CPAC 2023
- Introduced by James O'Keefe -

James O'Keefe Speaks at CPAC / James O'Keefe IS Project Veritas. Without him there is no Project Veritas. Let's make them lose more. God bless James and the brave whistleblowers out there. We must never give up the fight! March 4, 2023

Probably the second most anticipated speech at CPAC was the attendance by James O'Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas who came under attack from the DeSantis aligned manipulative dirtbags within his own board of directors.

Wolverine Bloodline - James O'Keefe brings Pfizer whistleblower to the stage at CPAC/James O'Keefe

Debbie Bernal Pfizer insider who helped expose Tristan Walker, went public today:

"I was worried I would end up in a body bag, or a 'car accident'
I realized the spirit of fear is not from the Lord.
We all need to learn to not be fearful"

As the masses wake up to the gross Crimes Against Humanity (e.g. Genocide) - we enter the inevitable 'RATS FLEEING THE SHIP' phase - which manifests in several stages of entrepreneurship:
1) former employees turn whistleblowers - to redeem what is left of their souls;
2) mainstream media personalities switch narratives - and with absolutely no shame whatsoever - repeat what conspiracy theorists have said all along;
3) key pharmaceutical personnel responsible for the manufacture, disinformation and distribution of poisonous drugs - suddenly retire from public view - with extremely wealthy severance packages;
4) megalomaniacs in the form of politicians and their puppet masters emulate #2 and #3 above and suddenly drop off the World stage, stating: "I just want to spend more meaningful time with my family..." as they flee from the scene of the crime;
5) doctors, nurses, police, councils and business owners all justify their culpability in mandating heinous laws and their persecution of those who stood for truth - by claiming the historical Cowards Lament: "I was just doing my job"
6) erstwhile the blood of millions of innocent people who were maimed and euthanized, screams out for justice. Note: THERE WILL BE NO MERCY FOR THE GUILTY!...

Laurie J
Thank you to everyone who has decided to be brave and do something.

Stephen Cox
It's great people like debbie & O'Keefe that gives humanity hope of a better world, where truth & real justus rule & that good will triumph over evil! Kudos to you both! Ultra MAGA!

Danni Hardy
Thank you Mike for posting this, they have tried to bury this

Jeff Honeyager
I can't wait for O'Keefe 2.0.

More need to see this

Maria Spaducci
I gave my job up in the NHS three years ago, I didn't want to be in that horrible mafia that kills people instead of saving lives. Hat off that lady, it takes enormous courage and integrity to do that. Thank you.

Andrew Ryan
The only thing one should fear is abdicating their moral responsibility. Debbie gave up her livelihood for her morals and our safety. Legendary move on her part, support her like Colin told you.

Tara Lynn Hoffmann
I was so shocked when the plandemic happened and I saw how stupid and manipulable the vast majority of people were where I lived in Quebec. But I was also amazed at the vigor of the very few courageous people who stood up, some losing everything and even being imprisoned, for what is right.

Steve Leach
This country needs many more like her right now!

Theresa Leinen
God bless her, and she hit the nail on the head... more people need to speak out and speak the truth!

J London
Praying to keep James safe. Thank you for all you've done and still yet to do.

"Fear is how the enemy controls us" exactly true.

Thomas Simmons
That was one of the most, in a sense, understated, but powerful speeches I've ever heard...filled me with such hope.

luigi vincenz
the lady who spoke with James is 100 times braver than Damar Hamlin. She went to the podium and spoke out. Instead of saying ":I dont want to go there" after being asked by Strahan what did the doctors say. Please pray for her safety and family. There is a special hell waiting for those director at Pfizer.

Darin Glover
The world could definitely use more people like her

K Raven
It blows my mind that ANYONE could hear the things she brought to light, and not take them seriously enough to look into it. They just jump to destroying that person, and making them a liar.

What are we doing???

How that evil company is still in business after what has been revealed is beyond comprehension! Where are the investigations?

UK officials discussed when to 'deploy'
new Covid variant to push lockdown,
WhatsApp messages show
Source: New Zealand Herald - 6th March 2023
Conspiracy Theorists were RIGHT AGAIN!

Former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock plotted to deploy the new variant to frighten the pants off everyone, leaked messages show. Photo / AP
Former UK Health Secretary (and monster) Matt Hancock plotted to "deploy the new variant"
to "frighten the pants off everyone", leaked messages show. Photo / AP

The UK's former Health Secretary plotted to "deploy the new variant" of Covid-19 to "frighten the pants off everyone" into complying with lockdown, leaked text messages show.

The damning messages between Matt Hancock and media adviser Damon Poole in the run-up to Christmas 2020 show the behind-the-scenes planning to use "Project Fear" to prepare the British public for another Covid lockdown.

They are part of a massive trove of more than 100,000 WhatsApp messages obtained by the UK's Telegraph, dubbed the Lockdown Files, showing how government ministers and officials used scare tactics to force compliance at the height of the pandemic.

In the conversation on December 13, revealed by The Telegraph on Saturday, Poole informed his boss that Tory MPs were "furious already about the prospect" of stricter Covid measures and suggested "rather than doing too much forward signalling, we can roll pitch with the new strain".

Dr Anthony Hinton commenting about the evil motives of Matt Hancock

"We frighten the pants of [sic] everyone with the new strain," Hancock agreed.

"Yep that's what will get proper bahviour [sic] change," Poole said.

"When do we deploy the new variant," Hancock asked.

Poole then warned they needed to be "cautious", saying the "big risk with the variant" was that "right wing papers go for a renewed push for let it rip on the basis the vaccines strategy is undermined."

"That's why we reassure on the vaccine," Hancock replied.

At the start of December 2020, the UK had emerged from its second national lockdown, a one-month "circuit breaker", and entered a tiered system which saw different areas of the country under different restrictions.

One week after those messages, Hancock did the rounds of national TV to spread the message. "The new variant is out of control and we need to bring it under control," he told the BBC.

"This news about the new variant has been an incredibly difficult end to frankly an awful year, and it's important for everybody to essentially act like they might have the virus. That's the way that we can control it together."

In another interview with Sky News he warned Covid cases in the "tier four areas" had "absolutely rocketed." "So we've got a long way to go to sort this," he said.

"Essentially, we've got to get that vaccine rolled out to keep people safe … I think given how much faster this new variant spreads it is going to be very difficult to keep it under control until we have the vaccine rolled out."

British authorities' use of so-called "nudge" tactics to scare the public into Covid compliance has previously come under fire, with a group of psychologists last year describing the behaviour of civil servants and government scientists as "grossly unethical."

During the pandemic, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government denied it was scaremongering, with Hancock's department describing those accusations as "misleading."

But the devastating leak of Hancock's messages in the Lockdown Files has revealed UK officials explicitly plotting to do just that.

In one conversation during the third national lockdown in January 2021, Cabinet Secretary Simon Case said the "the fear/guilt factor" would be "vital" in "ramping up the messaging."

The Lockdown Files have broadly called into question decision-making behind the Covid response - from lockdowns and school closures to social distancing and face masks - showing that "despite public claims to always 'follow the science', key decisions were made on the fly for political reasons," The Telegraph writes.

In one set of messages, Case and Hancock mocked members of the public who were forced to isolate in "shoebox" quarantine hotels.

"I just want to see some of the faces of people coming out of first class and into a premier inn shoebox," Case wrote. "Any idea how many people we locked up in hotels yesterday?"

Hancock replied, "None. But 149 chose to enter the country and are now in Quarantine Hotels due to their own free will!"

"Hilarious," Case wrote back.

The revelations have sparked outrage.

"My mate who had to spend two grand to be locked in a shit hotel room in Heathrow for ten days so he could get home to see his terminally ill father before he died did not find this anywhere near as hilarious as Case and Hancock did," wrote digital consultant Sharon O'Dea.

"Hotel quarantine was disastrous for families who paid thousands, those with disabilities and the travel industry. Plus it was found to do sod all in stopping Covid spread. Good that [Matt Hancock] and Simon Case thought it was a jolly old laugh then," said The Times journalist Ben Clatworthy.

Former NHS surgeon Dr Anthony Hinton wrote, "Look at the date. Remember the Kent variant - that's why I got locked down in Switzerland having arrived from UK. All just made up theatre. These people should be in prison."

The WhatsApp messages, which have not been independently verified, were provided to The Telegraph by journalist Isabel Oakeshott, who co-authored Hancock's book Pandemic Dairies.

In a statement last week, Hancock slammed Oakeshott for the "massive betrayal and breach of trust."

"I am also sorry for the impact on the very many people - political colleagues, civil servants and friends - who worked hard with me to get through the pandemic and save lives," he said.

"There is absolutely no public interest case for this huge breach. All the materials for the book have already been made available to the inquiry, which is the right, and only, place for everything to be considered properly and the right lessons to be learned. As we have seen, releasing them in this way gives a partial, biased account to suit an anti-lockdown agenda."

He continued, "Isabel and I had worked closely together for more than a year on my book, based on legal confidentiality and a process approved by the Cabinet Office. Isabel repeatedly reiterated the importance of trust throughout, and then broke that trust."

Hancock said he would not be commenting further "on any other stories or false allegations that Isabel will make."

"I will respond to the substance in the appropriate place, at the inquiry, so that we can properly learn all the lessons based on a full and objective understanding of what happened in the pandemic, and why," he said.

In response to the leaks, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said last week that the official Covid inquiry was the "right way" to investigate the government's handling of the pandemic, rather than relying on "piecemeal bits of information."

Hancock resigned in disgrace in June 2021 after being caught on camera having an affair with an aide, in breach of his own Covid restrictions.

Download here: Vaccinated-model-Claire-Bridges-lost-both-legs-from-Covid-complications-2022-03-25.mp4 - 7,058 kb
By: CNN - 3rd March 2023
21 year old fully vaccinated model
Claire Bridges lost both legs
from Covid 'complications'

21-year-old model becomes double-amputee after severe illness!

#CNN #News

Claire Bridges was a 20-year-old model with a genetic heart condition who caught Covid-19, lost her legs and nearly died. A rare surgery and her own resilience have given her hope.

21 year old fully vaccinated model Claire Bridges lost both legs from Covid complications

21 year old fully vaccinated model Claire Bridges lost both legs from Covid complications

An aspiring model from Florida who had her legs amputated after being infected with Covid-19 has returned home from hospital in time for her 21st birthday.

Claire Bridges, from St Petersberg, Florida, was admitted to hospital in Tampa on 16 January this year with severe leg pain and coronavirus, according to a GoFundMe page set up by her family.

Though fully vaccinated, she was born with a serious heart condition, leading to grave Covid complications that stopped her heart and eventually forced doctors to amputate both her legs.

But now her father Wayne Bridges has told Newsweek that she had been able to go home and spend her birthday on Saturday with her loved ones...

Claire will be so glad to be fully vaccinated with the mRNA experimental drugs - otherwise it could have been so much worse! (as the vaccine centres warn)

She will not be alone either, as millions of vaccinated people Globally are having medical events in record numbers such as: amputations / turbo cancers / heart issues / brain issues / lung issues / AIDS and suddenly dropping dead etc. It will also be encouraging to hear how many governments who accepted gifts from Pfizer etc, are totally on to it and now calling most of these events as 'Cause Unknown.'

I have my own opinions as to the cause of these 'Coincidence Deaths', but Big Pharma and Big Government are certainly not giving me the same warm fuzzy feelings that Claire is experiencing!

Such a strong young lady. She's been through so much hardship in her life but keeps smiling and rolling with the punches.

Florida model Claire Bridges had both legs amputated due to the vaccine? .... just look at what this poor girl has had to go thru due to "science..."

Heads need to roll. This is digusting genocide.

Safe and effective.

so sad watching these people having serious side effects

Download here: Gates-Foundation-Insider-Admits-COVID-Vaccines-Are-Abortion-Drugs-To-Depopulate-the-World-2023-03-03.mp4 - 77,520 kb
By: The People's Voice - 3rd March 2023

Gates Foundation Insider Admits
COVID Vaccines Are 'Abortion Drugs'
To Depopulate the World

Covid-19 mRNA vaccines were designed as "abortion drugs" to quietly and deceitfully sterilize vast swathes of the human race, according to a Gates Foundation insider who has admitted that Bill Gates' vaccine trials in Africa and India, in which thousands of children were sterilized, were trial runs for the mRNA vaccine roll-out in the Western world.

Many people are still refusing to see the globalist elite for what they really are. They want to believe Bill Gates is a philanthropist and if he accidentally sterilized half of Western Africa and India, then it must have been an accident. They want to believe the World Economic Forum are committed to improving the state of the world.

#Bill Gates #Covid jab #dangerous covid vaccine #covid vaccine depopulation #covid vaccine abortion #bill gates sterilize women #dangerous vaccines #World Economic Forum #WEF #Own nothing be happy #abortion drugs

So arrest them all....this has gone on long enough.

Kind reminder that the full name of the Gates Foundation is 'the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Population Control'.

And that Bill's daddy was a massive eugenetica supporter.

On Ted-X Bill Gates stated that in order to save the planet the population should be reduced by 4/5ths and that he wanted to make that happen with vaccines.

They're saying it all out loud and in people's faces but when I state this, I am considered a conspiracy theorist.

Bill Gates needs to be brought to Justice!

Congratulations Africa. Agape

Why is Bill Gates still alive?

We need your important videos to be subtitled in Spanish.I bought an application to translate your videos but must of the time doesn't work and you know why.
So please if you subtitle your videos it will reach a bigger audience,
Thank you and keep up the good work and saving the lives of the humanitiy.
The hell with Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a woMan in drag & its husband/wife is a man in girl drag!

The fallen ones (angels) need these transverted beings, soulless vessels to inhabit, so THey feel right at home when being intergrated back into lifeform!

Then, use these masonic 'trans' puppets to push THeir Transhumanism agenda...

Formulated in usa, made in China.

Thank you for covering this, this is very important news!

Crimes against humanity

People in the UK need to wake up , because we are in the front line , wave goodbye to freedom or start to fight back.

Download here: Dr-John-Campbell-apologises-for-advocating-for-the-use-of-masks-The-MASKS-DO-NOT-STOP-VIRUSES-2023-03-03.mp4 - 6,739 kb
By: Coronavirus Plushie - 3rd March 2023
Dr. John Campbell apologises for
advocating for the use of masks.

In light of the Cochrane review, Dr. John Campbell apologises for advocating for the use of masks.

Now will @AshBloomfield @jacindaardern, @Michael Baker et al, who many of us knew all along were misleading people about masks, also apologise?

Of course they won't.


By: Dr. John Campbell
RCTs did not show a clear reduction in respiratory viral infection with the use of medical/surgical masks.
There were no clear differences between the use of medical/surgical masks compared with N95/P2 respirators in healthcare workers, when used in routine care to reduce respiratory viral infection.

Isobel Lickes
Thank you for having the humility to admit you were wrong. Pity others couldn't follow your honesty.

Jay Clark
Don't be too hard on yourself mate. Your vitamin D advice was spot on. I shared that info with my brother and when he got his doctor to check, to find out he was critically deficient. Saved his life even without Covid. You're a good bloke, and I hope you feel all the love and respect that people have for you.

Richard Charlwood
Thank you for your honesty. To be fair, the data was changing daily early on. As someone who works in a hospital, I have been telling everyone for a long time that masks are useless, especially on Twitter. The amount of pushback I got was unreal, and to think of all the people who screamed at others for not wearing a mask.

Susan Taylor
Thank you Dr Campbell for your reports. It's refreshing to have someone reporting on these peer reviewed papers and studies that otherwise, we the public, would be completely ignorant to. You have been and continue to be a great help in understanding. Thank you.

Your willingness to admit this just proves how much integrity you have, Dr Campbell. Thank you for being so human and humble and sharing your journey with us all

John Morley
Thank you for leading from the front and making it plain when you see a reason to change your stance on something. It's remarkable how rare it is for someone in the public eye to just say, "Hey, we got it wrong." It's never a sin to be wrong, that's science! It's wrong all the time, but glad to see it moving forward and hopefully less of these silly things in the public moving forward. Keep up the excellent work and thanks for your continued dedication good sir!

Julius Fuick
This is how a real human being apologizes! Thank you, sir.

Free One
True respect to you sir... a fine professional in your field whom I have followed well before anyone in Australia even knew what C0nvid was.
Thanks you so much for not only all your knowledge but also the way you relay it. A great teacher! Love you x

Julia Windstar
The world needs more doctors like you Sir. Thank you for the apology. I'm very happy I was right all along and I'm so happy I never wore one but I fought the battles in the stores . I'm glad I did.

Download: A-Message-to-the-Jabbed-You-SHOULD-blame-two-groups-1-Doctors-who-gave-the-jab-2-Mainstream-media-2023-03-03.mp4 - 41,003 kb
By: Dr Vernon Coleman - 3rd March 2023
A Message to the Jabbed.
You SHOULD blame two groups:
1. Doctors who gave the jab
2. Mainstream media

It is March 2023 and this is video 324. Congratulations if you've watched all of them though there are no prizes I'm afraid. Maybe we'll have badges if I ever get to 500.

The bad news, I'm afraid, is that anyone who allowed themselves to be jabbed with the fake, pseudo vaccine which was fraudulently promoted to prevent people catching or spreading covid-19 – the rebranded flu – then I'm afraid the evidence strongly suggests that they're more vulnerable than those who aren't jabbed. In many respects we must now regard the vaxxed as members of a different species. We have no idea what the long-term consequences will be but it is absurd not to think that there will be long-term consequences. Official figures show the triple jabbed made up 92% of covid deaths. And the mortality rate in 2022 was lowest among those who rejected the lethal jabs.

Their circulatory system, including their heart may be adversely affected. They may be more likely to develop infections. They may be more likely to develop cancer or, if they've had it, to develop metastases, and their brain may be affected.

You may not have known all that because the truth has been suppressed by the medical establishment, which was bought, lock stock and syringe by the pharmaceutical industry, and by the mainstream media, which was bought by your government. When advertising dried up during the lockdowns, governments spent huge amounts of taxpayers' money placing propaganda ads in the media and kept newspapers and TV stations alive.

Later in this video I'll give some simple, practical advice for those who were tricked into accepting one or more covid-19 jabs.

Now that the truth is out that the covid-19 jab doesn't stop transmission of the rebranded flu but can cause a wide range of serious and deadly health problems, the jabbed are justifiably angry. They are angry that they were tricked and threatened into accepting a dangerous and experimental jab with unknown long-term consequences and they are angry that their health has been compromised. They were repeatedly told by health experts in the mainstream media that the jab was safe and effective. But then when countless millions had rolled up their sleeves they were told, whoops, fooled you, the jab doesn't actually really stop you getting covid-19 or spreading it if you do get it.

More and more people are beginning to realise that they were lied to. Many are directing their anger at the medical profession for failing to provide a proper warning. I agree with them that more doctors should have found the courage to speak out but although there were a number of us offering warnings we were suppressed and banned by the mainstream media. I spoke out about the dangers of the jab long before the jabbing began but the mainstream media banned me and scoffed at me. Wikipedia and Google spread lies. They did it so that no one would listen. I went from a best-selling author with books published in 26 languages and a TV presenter and national newspaper columnist to being a blogger, self-publisher and discredited conspiracy theorist. References to my novels were even removed from internet pages – out of spite I assume – and lies appeared everywhere.

The people the jabbed SHOULD blame fall into two groups:

  1. the doctors who gave the jab without doing a little research and without telling their patients the truth,
  2. and the mainstream media who suppressed the truth and published lies: in particular the four most evil propaganda units of modern times Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and the BBC. The staff of these wretched, discredited organisations are all mass murderers for their part in suppressing the truth and demonising the truth-tellers. I had one of the fastest growing young YouTube channels, never monetised incidentally, when after just months I was banned from putting up videos which told the truth about the covid-19 fraud. Eventually, even though I wasn't putting up videos they didn't like, they took down the channel anyway and banned me from ever having a new channel or from looking at anyone else's channel. They did this simply to stop people hearing the truth.

In the summer of 2020, I published endless videos and articles (on Brand New Tube and my websites) warning that according to the Federal Drug Administration in the US, a long list of short-term side effects were linked to the covid-19 jab. Because the jab was experimental no one knew what the medium or long-term effects might be.

I repeatedly warned that according to the FDA, the covid-19 jab could cause stroke, heart attack, myocarditis, auto-immune disease, pregnancy problems, allergy problems, clots, convulsions and deaths. All this information was available before doctors started injecting people.

The mainstream media didn't just ignore these side effects and deny that they existed – they also suppressed anyone trying to tell the truth. Lie after lie was told on TV and in the rest of the mainstream press.

None of this was much of a surprise because the authorities were desperate to hide the truth. For years, the mainstream media had been demonising those who opposed vaccination. The BBC announced that it would not allow anyone questioning vaccination onto any of their programmes. 'Right or wrong', they said. They boasted that they would not allow the truth on the BBC.

Five years or more before the roll out, they started putting defibrillators up in town centres to make sudden heart attacks appear normal.

Today, sudden adult death syndrome is commonplace, and media doctors compete to find bizarre excuses for this. Doctors and journalists pretend that daily unexpected deaths are normal. The one cause they never blame – the covid jab.

Doctors are still injecting healthy people with the covid-19 jab – the most deadly pharmaceutical product in history. It doesn't do what they said it would do but it does do what I said it would do – it kills people.

Doctors knew, before they started to give the jabs, that the pseudo vaccine would cause heart problems, strokes, blood clots and so on and so on. They knew, or should have known, because I certainly knew the dangers long before they started jabbing. They knew and yet they deliberately went ahead. It was their professional and legal responsibility to know that these jabs would cause numerous serious problems. Any doctor who didn't know exactly what she or he was injecting into people is also guilty of a massive crime against her or his patients.

And if doctors and nurses didn't warn the poor souls they were jabbing of the serious side effects, then they were in breach of every ethical code in existence including the Hippocratic Oath which famously includes the line First do no Harm. Sadly, but not surprisingly, of course, the General Medical Council in the UK got rid of the Hippocratic Oath because they said it was too old-fashioned.

Actually, when you look at everything that has happened it is clear that they knew years ago what they were planning – when they started putting up defibrillators in public places. Now,of course, no school would dare not have a defibrillator fixed to the wall. They probably have them in junior and infant schools. They'll need them in nursery schools – for the teachers too, of course.

Every day they seem to dream up more reasons for people to have the jab. The latest ploy is to say that those who aren't jabbed are more likely to get type 2 diabetes. If it's true, do you know why that is? There are two reasons. First, the jab screw up your blood sugar and if you get jabbed you're probably going to get type 1 diabetes which is much more deadly. And then there's the fact that the jab has killed so many. It reminds me of some daft researcher who claimed that smokers are less likely to get Alzheimer's disease. Researchers got terribly excited. There was talk of everyone being encouraged to smoke because it was true. They are less likely to get Alzheimer's. The snag, which I spotted and the researchers didn't, is that smokers are mostly dead before they reach the sort of age when Alzheimer's usually develops.

The truth is that vaccinators were very well paid to help sustain the lie. They got their huge fees through fraud and deception.

I'd arrest anyone who ever worked for Pfizer or any of the evil, blood soaked, greedy organisations. I've been writing about their fraud for decades. And I'd arrest all those who promoted, endorsed, defended and gave the damned covid jabs.

Since the whole vaccine fraud was built on lies I can't help wondering why the deal the drug companies negotiated – at the insistence of their cheerleader Bill Gates – would stand up in a court of law – in the unlikely event that you could ever find an honest court of law, of course. Everyone involved in that fraud – drug companies, regulators, advisers, doctors and journalists – should be legally liable though I realise that justice is not something of which the conspirators approve and is not, therefore, going to be available for the time being.

I promised some advice for those who were tricked or frightened into being jabbed with what I firmly believe is the most toxic pharmaceutical product ever produced. I don't think any drug in history has caused anywhere near as many deaths or injuries.

  1. First, you need to boost your immune system to protect yourself against infection. If you want practical information take a look at my book Superbody (

  2. Second, you need to avoid strenuous activity which might put your heart under too much strain. Just look at the number of super-fit professional athletes who have collapsed since being jabbed. If you really think those were all just coincidences then I can't help you – and nor can anyone else. You also need to avoid excess stress because too much stress can put a strain on your heart.

  3. Third, get your heart tested to see what, if any, damage has been done.

  4. Fourth, have your blood pressure checked.

  5. Fifth, have your blood glucose levels checked.

  6. Sixth, have your blood checked for clotting risks.

  7. Seventh, get your kidneys checked to make sure everything is OK.

Doctors may complain about this extra work but they gave the jabs, and were well paid for doing so, and they now have a responsibility to be prepared to help.

There are, inevitably, all sorts of people out there flogging magical remedies which are supposed to protect you against problems caused by the jab. I do not yet know of anything which I would recommend.

We need to stay alert. The latest danger is that they are planning to make it a crime to tell the truth about vaccines, of all kinds, or about global warming. Telling the truth is going to be a crime – branded as terrorism and a crime against humanity.

Please watch my good friend Colin Barron's wonderful videos, often educational and always entertaining. And please look at my websites and - where there is new material most days – and share what you find with everyone on social media. I'm banned from everywhere except my own websites and those sites and channels of kind people who carry my material. Any social media sites which you see in my name are fraudulent.

Please remember: when you see something bad happening you have to stand up for what you believe to be right. If you don't then you might as well be dead. Sadly, most people have turned their faces to the wall and given up. There is no free speech anywhere in the world.

But you are definitely not alone. More and more people are waking up. And once awake they don't go back to sleep.

May God be with you and remember: they want compliance, let's give them defiance.

Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies. That's as true now as it was when I first said it nearly three years ago. And if you want to save yourself, your family and your friends please share this and my other videos with everyone you know and many people you don't know. I can't share anything because I'm banned everywhere for the curious modern crime of telling the truth. But I'll be here on and for as long as I can.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair.

I'd arrest anyone who ever worked for Pfizer or any of the evil, blood soaked, greedy organisations. I've been writing about their fraud for decades. And I'd arrest all those who promoted, endorsed, defended and gave the damned covid jabs.

Dr Coleman speaks out:

"The jabbed are justifiably angry.
The jabbed SHOULD blame two groups:

1. Doctors who gave the jab
2. Mainstream media

He says "The staff of these wretched, discredited organisations are all mass murderers."

Download here: BEYOND-THE-RESET-Animated-Short-Film-about-the-not-to-distant-future-2023-03-02.mp4 - 57,949 kb
By: 3D Epix Inc. - 2nd March 2023
Animated Short Film about the
not too distant but dystopian future

A 3D animated short film about not too distant but a dystopian future. It speculates on the potential consequences of the infamous Great Reset, medical tyranny, woke culture, and green agenda. Everything, that World Economic Forum (WEF) is planning for us. If you'd like to buy me a beer, here is my PayPal address:

Spoiler: you will get to see an animated Klaus Schwab.

My Rumble channel:

If you'd like to support my work, you can become my Patron at
All Rights Reserved 3D Epix 2023 ©

The World leaders who worked hard to create a dystopian future for all of us, that included creating an illness, then a cure that kills us slowly, lockdowns, concentration camps then death camps - literally.
The World leaders who worked hard to create a dystopian future for all of us, that included creating an illness, then a cure that kills us slowly, lockdowns, concentration camps then death camps - literally.

3D Epix Inc.
I would like to address the most common and re-occurring comments here:
1. Many thanks to everyone who made a donation!
2. I have never watched I Pet Goat II until people started mentioning it here. The music is not from there.
3. Plants release oxygen only during the day. At night, when photosynthesis doesn't happen they release CO2. Here are some links to prove this statement:
4. The QR code on the door was randomly picked from the internet, never checked it before using it in the animation.
5. The sequel is possible, but I haven't come up with the plot and it will take time to accomplish.
6. SPOILER! Yes, the main character escaped in the garbage truck.
7. Russian and Spanish subtitles are available now.

Free Thinker Films - Jesse P. Watson
I can see a huge amount of work went into this, well done Oleg, one man productions are no small achievement.

rasta ralph
This is the scariest horror movie I've ever seen because if people don't stop complying we will all be there

Ice Scorpion
This is gold. Pure genius. What a masterpiece!! I've watched it like 5 times and shared it to everyone I know. The fact that one person creates this is insane!! The animation.. the soundtrack.. the concept and story.. incredible!

Karolina Szczudlo
It's scary how this animation would be considered hilariously funny and irrational few years back , now it's nightmarish reality...

Masa Mainio
This is a masterpiece and should be conserved for the generations to come.

If someone says "that can't happen here", show them this and remind them of the last few years. Everything that we were called "conspiracy theorists" for has turned out to be true.

Mal Function
A lesson from history, don't get on the bus.

Tony Storton
Horribly accurate for the dystopia we are being forced into. Resist at all costs.

"The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense." ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

It's frightening how close we already are to this potential future.

Thank you for creating this video. Sometimes, I think that I'm the only one feeling like what's portrayed in the video. I stopped complaining out loud, but still feel this way inside. Ty ty for letting me know I'm not alone in my observations and concerns. Great job with the video. So many details!!

Gary Foss
Extremely well done video! The powers that be (like the vile excuse for a human being that was shown in this video) would love to get rid of almost all of the what they/he calls "useless eaters" on this planet. If we don't stand up for our freedoms, this is pretty much what we have in store.

Jonny Gawdzik
Probably the best video on youtube since I Pet Goat II. Love the reptilian shapeshifting eyes when Klaus says ' and reset our world '

Tim Coolican
An exact representation of what our future holds.

Hairey Homestead
GREAT JOB! A sequel to this please.....- I have been writing scripts in my head on events like this happening and a new world order being rolled out. The reset is coming, there's no doubt in my mind. My imagined stories have people who "escaped" the lockdown. These people are called "the unlisted", "the runners" "the moles" and "the lost" which make up randomly formed communities that have developed an underground lifestyle of people with different but necessary life skills. All dreaming of the past to become the future again.

This is exactly how the dystopian future could look like if we stay safe, compliant and isolated! Thank you for making this brilliant film. Now we have something to share to the world. This is the best warning even though the message has been repeated all over the internet.

Download here: Woody-Harrelson-Tells-Truth-About-COVID-Tyranny-On-SNL-2023-03-01.mp4 - 17,395 kb
By: The Jimmy Dore Show - 1st March 2023
Woody Harrelson Tells Truth
About COVID Tyranny On SNL!


Actor Woody Harrelson hosted Saturday Night Live this past week and during his monologue took a shot at Big Pharma, suggesting that the entire industry is one big "drug cartel." Of course he was roundly attacked in the media as an "anti-vaxxer" and excoriated by blue check Twitter for failing to toe the narrative line on COVID.

Jimmy and Americans' Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss whether Harrelson was speaking from prepared remarks or off the cuff.

Calling them a cartel is perfect

He never said covid, pandemic, lockdown, vaccine or any sacred word. Genius.

Woody is one of the few who isn't afraid to point out the Elephant in the middle of the room.

the fact that they knew exactly what he was talking about without saying anything specific, speaks volumes

I love how people are calling this a joke. This wasn't even a joke...Woody was just explaining the last 3 years of his life.

Woody Harellson is of sound mind and certainly not suicidal.

What a genuine hero, I'm proud of Woody.

Gotta love Woody. He just doesn't care if he dies "accidentally". He's tired of playing their little game. According to his career, if you observe carefully, you can see WHEN he was on probation. And when he was being a good boy. I think he's finally reached the age where he knows he can go at any time and he's going out with a bang. Stay strong Woody. Continue on and let it all out.

Woody is the only one with the balls to say on live TV ... He deserves the Medal of Freedom.

Woody's got steel ones and we should all stand with him. He used the perfect moment to tell and spread truth. Genius and we should all stand with him.

THEN-You-Are-A-Conspiracy-Theorist-If-You-Believe-Covid-19-Originated-From-A-Lab-Leak-In-Wuhan-NOW-MSM-Says-It-Started-From-A-Lab-Leak-2023-03-01.mp4 - 8,901 kb
By: Blaze News - 1st March 2023
THEN: MSM Said You Were A Conspiracy Theorist If You
Believed Covid-19 Originated From A Lab Leak In Wuhan.
NOW: MSM Says It Started From A Lab Leak!

#Facui #LabLeak #Covid #AnthonyFauci #News #TrendingNews #BlazeNews

Amigo Carlos
It's an honor to be called a conspiracy theorist and be right everytime.

Tom Smith
It's a time that people know more truth than the news media

mrgazpacho 33
These news outlets are either incompetent or complicit.

Guitar Lessons With
What these people did is more than disgusting. It borders on crimes against humanity. Hundreds of millions of lives where destroyed because of their intentional lies.

Fauchi's words were so very carefully chosen, the words of a liar trying to deflect the truth.

Donald Mousseau
The fact that these"Journalists" wrote it off so easily and didn't offer a neutral opinion tells you everything you needed to know!

Flawless Strategy
What's the difference between the truth and a conspiracy theory? About 6 months...

Big Daddy
Now if only these people would be held accountable!!

How is Fauci still a free man?

Pure Blooded Patriot
I guess I'll say it again…the best part of being a conspiracy theorist (critical thinker) is not having blood clots.

If the man told me I needed oxygen to breath, I'd try holding my breath for a while just to make sure.

Gary Huart
The best part about being a conspiracy theorist is not having myocarditis

Michelle Bryant
Talk to Doctors that aren't bought by the govement and drug companys. Not those that are allowed to lie to the people.

"There is absolutely no evidence that COVID-19 originated in a lab."
"Has there been any investigations into COVID-19 having been developed in a lab?"
"Of course not, that would implicate the US government."

Mike Morris
He doesn't care if he was right or wrong because he's going to get away Scott free and laugh all the way to the bank.

Joe Collazo
I am so glad to be a tin hat CONSPIRACY THEORIST!

Download here: Another-woman-with-a-magnet-stuck-to-the-location-of-her-vaccination-2023-02-27.mp4 - 2,035 kb
By: UNDERSTANDING THE LIES - 27th February 2023
Another woman with a magnet stuck
to the location of her 'vaccination'

I feel sorry for this young girl...
The vaccine has ruined her life.
Plus she has had cancer....most likely from the jab....

#vaccine #magnet #cancer

Happy Easter Everybody. Enjoy your time off!
Spend time with family!
Celebrate what is good in the World!
Don't forget the REAL MEANING of Easter!!

...I'm sorry for you but at least you have the gumption to speak up. Unlike the medical ignorant. Bonny Lass such a shame

You cant blame her for being a moron, the hospital she was born in had her vax666inated at birth, the mercury in it lobotomized her.
just like it does to every baby they give it too!

Buddy of mine got fired for not being vaccinated 2 weeks ago. Pandemic is over yet company policy remains

Shouldn't have gotten the kill shot. She wasn't even threatened to lose her job even. hmm no fux given. It was her choice and no other

What's her kids going to be ? A bunch of freaks


Tattoo says it all.
Culture of death, honey.

CockleKlepper. not a butterfly, not a dolphin. No. Death is her choice

The problem is my dear you didn't get a vaccine. You had a genocide shot, just like everyone else that fell for their lies. Good luck.

The " problem " is idle shitposter........ hardly anyone, certainly not the non achiever idle shitpistets on theKIKES social media sandboxes, who is aware that there is an extermination program going on is DOING ANYTHING TO TAKE THE FIGHT to the cunts carrying out the crimes. And here's some news for you loser - shitposting is not fighting...... What fucking garbage people you all are...... keyboard cowards.
Don't listen to anyone who says you are beyond redemption as long as the light of GOD shines upon you. Have all of your sins forgiven; your slate wiped clean!

Download here: Huge-News-Report-concludes-COVID-19-likely-arose-from-a-lab-leak-2023-02-27.mp4 - 13,302 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 27th February 2023
'Huge news': Report concludes
COVID-19 'likely arose from a lab leak'

There has been "huge news" with a classified intelligence report handed to the White House saying the US Energy Department has concluded COVID-19 "likely arose from a lab leak", says Sky News host Sharri Markson.

"We already knew that three workers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were hospitalised with COVID-like symptoms around October or November 2019," she said.

"My sources tell me the new part is that those scientists were working directly with bat coronaviruses."

Ms Markson said in May 2020 a US laboratory which the Energy Department oversees prepared a "bombshell classified report" making the case COVID-19 may have originated in a Wuhan lab as a result of "synthetic and serial passage gain-of-function biological research", but this was dismissed at the time.

"What's new now is that the officials at the top of the Department of Energy have come to the same conclusion as the experts working for them did nearly three years ago.

"There are now two US intelligence agencies that say a lab leak is the most likely cause of the pandemic."

Able Danger
Just imagine my complete and utter lack of shock.

English Terry
And yet they criticised trump for saying it , proving it , and now the msm are trying to give Biden the credit ffs ….

David Desrosiers
I'm old enough to remember when saying this would get you branded a "conspiracy theorist" by the media, the government, and get you banished from the digital town square.

I'll go one further…it was 100% deliberate.

Pam McLean
Fauci has a lot to answer for as he was involved with the Research Center, wicked what happened

rnupnorthbrrr SM
It wasn't leaked, it was distributed around the world !!!!

Persephone Maeve
You're just insulting our intelligence at this point.

Quaesitor Luminis
So now that the bleeding' bloody obvious has been confirmed, what happens to the perpetrators?

Able Danger
The American government knew this all along because it was collaboration. America and other countries get around gain of function and bioweapons treaties by carrying out the work in countries with looser laws... the only problem with this is those countries also have looser standards of safety.

My own mother called me a "conspiracy theorist" for suggesting the evidence supported a lab leak origin.

Nirvil Chigs
All the 'best brains in the business' took over three years to stumble on what joe public could see right in front of their noses.

Eric At Last
Moderna had the patent in 2016 for the genome for covid 19. So yes, we already knew it was gain of function by big pharma etc.

Download here: Suspending-Covid-vaccine-is-a-no-brainer-Doctors-must-HARM-patients-when-the-State-demands-it-2023-02-23.mp4 - 7,905 kb
By: Mark Steyn - 23rd February 2023
Suspending Covid vaccine is a "no brainer"
Doctors must HARM patients when the State demands it!

You can't give informed consent if your doctor cannot give you honest advice. Here's Mark Steyn, Leilani Dowding, and Dr Aseem Malhotra on vaccine harms and the need for an inquiry.

Meanwhile, 75% of the UK adult population don't believe there is a problem because the BBC and Sky haven't told them about it. How totally gormless is that?

Les N
Well done Mark for reporting on the biggest criminal act ever

Keep going Mark, we need brave people swimming against the tide as never before. Stupid (*&9 world we live in

Larry Dykes
Dr Malhotra is a hero of real medicine against real tyranny !

Harold Hadradi
I told everyone that said I should get it, I am not having a drug/vaccine that has sidestepped the set course of tests. They told me it wouldn't be given out if it wasn't safe, I said "oh yeah, tell that to the thalidomide babies. They professed to knowing what they were doing then, as well.

Ann Foster
So glad I never gave in to pressure and refused the jab. But I feel so sorry for the people who were threatened with the loss of their livelihoods and means of supporting their families if they refused. Shame on all politicians responsible for this crime against humanity.

Keith Emery
You guys are on the right side of history - Thankyou

Brave Dr. Most are indeed frightened into silence... including my own who was once very open and honest with me.

Brendan Hayes
If only more good people like that doctor would have courage to speak out

It's hard to figure this no-brainer if you haven't a heart. These globalists are soulless.

Download here: Tucker-Carlson-Today-Sudden-Death-Epidemic-40-percent-increase-in-deaths-after-Covid-Vaccinations-2023-02-23.mp4 - 113,164 kb
By: Tucker Carlson Fan - 22nd February 2023
Tucker Carlson Today
Sudden Death Epidemic!
40% increase in deaths after Covid Vaccinations

Even post-COVID, there's been a historic spike in sudden deaths among younger Americans. What is going on, and what is causing this? Author Ed Dowd has looked into this, and joins Tucker to share the shocking truth he discovered.

So frustrating. I try to control my anger towards these murderers in the Big Pharmaceutical companies and the Beauracrats and Governments and try to enlighten my family that fell for the lies and got jabbed but their sleep is unbroken and I end up arguing with them when they insist I'm losing my mind. Let me say my mind has never been clearer and I will try again to get them to watch this show but won't hold my breath. Thank God I think they only had one shot before the madness here in Perth Western Australia sort of stopped with the mandates so I can only hope that they didn't suffer too much damage but like Doctor Vernon Coleman said today we just don't know what lays ahead. The Governments here are still promoting the boosters so they are mass murderers of that I'm certain.
There can be only one outcome for those responsible and that is the death penalty.

I know the guest from "The Highwire with Del Bigtree".
He got a very interesting approach to the topic. Of course "the vaccines" are the reason for the mass murder.

when is ppl going to wake up and know that this was mass genocide and it global

Active Holocaust in Progress! Those who want to fool themselves Keep Trusting Big Pharma That your demise is Coming

But the CEO of Pfizer is a Jew!
The director of the CDC also.

If this guy is supposed to be among the smartest of us, we are Fucked.

He has done an important service. He doesn't claim to be "among the smartest of us" but he is smart enough.

Never got the death shot, never will!

Thank you for posting this!! Can't get TCT here in Canada

Scottish Tam
Treatment of all those vax-damaged prospective punters...
blood thinners
...brought to you by Pfizer.

What about the WEF? I do think that they were sitting in a room planning to unleash evil control of the masses.

Epstein, Weinstein, Maxwell, Kissinger, Rosenburg, Bankman-fried, Madof, Soro, Polanski

What is the pattern??!?!

Number of Covid-19 deaths,
by age and vaccination status
(within 28 days of being reported as a case)
Source: New Zealand Ministry of Health - 21st February 2023

Note: the following charts and data does not include all the vaccinated deaths that are reported as: Cause Unknown, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Phenomena, AIDS, Cancer, Aborted Foetuses... etc. These are just the 'symptoms' of the actual 'cause of death' - i.e. Covid Vaccinations.

Since the introduction of the mRNA Covid Vaccinations, the NZ Government, Medical Institutions and Mainstream Media have all coluded to dramatically downplay the actual 'deaths by vaccinations' to reflect only 1% to 10% of the actual deaths caused by Covid Vaccinations!

Please keep in mind that these deceptions are simply inline with the genocidal dictates of The World Economic Forum, which is an 'enemy combatant' to all New Zealanders.

The following information was sourced from:

Deaths by Covid Vaccines / Boosters - Source: New Zealand Ministry of Health

Deaths by Jacinda Ardern's Covid Vaccines
Deaths by Jacinda Ardern's Covid Vaccines

Vaccination Status of All Cause Mortality per 100K of each Vaccination Status during 2022 in NZ

As the New Zealand Enemy Combatant and ex Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern frequently remarked: "Experts says the benefits of vaccination continue to outweigh the risks of any side effects."

This is definitely true if genocide is the primary objective!

Download here: Dr-Arne-Burkhardt-Confirms-Sperm-Has-Been-Almost-Entirely-Replaced-By-Spike-Proteins-from-Covid-19-Vaccinations-2023-02-20.mp4 - 6,406 kb
By: 333VISIONS - 20th February 2023
Dr Arne Burkhardt Confirms Sperm Has Been
Almost Entirely Replaced By Spike Proteins
from Covid-19 Vaccinations

Dr Arne Burkhardt shows a medical slideshow of confirmed spike proteins replacing sperm almost entirely

28 year old man who died 140 days after injection.
Spike protein is in the tests shows almost no spermatocytes in here.
"If I were a woman in fertile age, I would not plan a motherhood from a man who was vaccinated."

#spike #protein #sperm

I'm not vaxed and no one is getting my sperm. I will not allow the world to turn one of my children in to a tranny homo pedo nut job

Christina Miyuki
This news is not surprising when in 2020, Japanese scientist confirmed that spike proteins migrate to the reproductive organs in male and females. In fact the 2019 Pfizer clinical trials shows 16% decrease in infertility in the lab rats they tested mRNA on. The reason that is problematic is because rats are the most reproductive animals on earth for the reason they are utilized in medical experimentation. #MRNA #Infertility

Dr. Iver Mectin
Nobody ever said global depopulation was going to be pretty.

Stop Chasing Oblivion
My new dating line …. "I'm not vaxxed"

Depopulation was always the end game...

Cornblossom Redux
Glad our kids have all the kids they intend to. Wondering what happens with my grandbabies though....

So the Vaxxer's have been chemically neutered, and they are good with it. Well, funny how figuratively can to reality so quickly. They probably all have long covid as well!!!

Download here: Senator-Babet-Asks-The-Government-About-Excess-Mortality-2023-02-20.mp4 - 10,684 kb
By: Senator Babet - 20th February 2023
Senator Babet Asks The Government
About Excess Mortality

I ask the Minister Katy Gallagher about the increase in mortality post covid. The Minister responds...

Is Katy Gallagher in the right building? She sounds more like an aggressive saleswoman from Pfizer! There is NOTHING honorable about her!

N McLoughlin
If she believes what she is saying she is not qualified to be health minister.

Bolge Norman
Thankyou Senator Babet for allowing us to witness such lies and dribble first hand..

I can't believe how easy these politicians lie…

He let her off the Hook. Everyone knows it's not the unvaccinated who are dying. The more jabs you get, the closer to the Pine Box you get.

I can't believe she's carrying on about protecting others when we know that's bs. And she's pushing a 5th shot too! Insane.

Richie M
Wait what, how can she say that we oight to get number 5 for the community to keep everyone else safe when its a matter of fact that these jabs were not tested to prevent transmission???
Utter madness

Andrea McGuire
She should resign for giving us false information.

lance duke
Great questions, what should have been mentioned that there is no unvaccinated person in hospital in NSW , yet there are 896 people with 4 shots in hospital according to NSW weekly health reports

Sally Jones
I pray for Australia. One of the countries that went absolutely bat shit crazy with Covid and tyrannical politicians.

Absolute no accountability. She has further broken the trust of Australians.

Vinay Vashisht
Instead of answering the questions appropriately, she was focussed on advertising the safe and effective thing.

These people need to see the gallows for their crimes. Keeping others safe ? I guess she must not of got the memo that it DOES NOT PREVENT TRANSMITTING OR CONTRACTING COVID.

Download here: Australian-Senate-shuts-down-discussion-about-the-Covid-Vaccine-Killing-Children-Senate-cover-up-2023-02-20.mp4 - 2,594 kb
By: Aussie Cossack - 20th February 2023
Australian Senate shuts down discussion
about the Covid Vaccine Killing Children
Senate cover up!

TGA covered up vaccine deaths of a 7 & 9 year old
Senator Gerard Rennick

Would you vaccinate your child if you knew that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) were hiding the deaths of two children, aged 7 and 9, in March 2022, following a fatal Pfizer vaccination?

Last year an FOI was lodged that asked for the one page causality assessments of reported deaths to the TGA of young people.

The Adverse Event Following Immunisation Assessment Team prepares these reports and can be considered the government's version of the truth.

There were ten reports provided in the FOI. Two of these reports had the outcome of "causality." They were for a 7 and 9 year old boy.

The TGA refused to publish this data on the FOI log. The person who lodged the FOI then took the TGA to the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) to get the information released, but like every other bureaucracy in the country, the AAT took the side of secrecy rather than transparency.

The deaths haven't been reported in the fortnightly Covid reports either. This decision has clearly been overruled by the bureaucrats looking to protect the narrative rather than our health.

I've been trying to get a mainstream media organisation to run this story for the last two months as this level of deceit needs to be exposed outside social media.

Unfortunately they pulled the story last Friday morning.

If the TGA can cover up the deaths of children from the vaccine what else have they covered up? I suspect quite a lot.

I will pursue this issue this week in estimates.

The Australian Government and Mainstream Media tell grieving parents: You can all go fuck yourselves!

The Australian Government and Mainstream Media tell grieving parents:

  • "You can all go fuck yourselves" - as science proves that...
  • "A few benefits outweigh the multitudes of risks!"
  • "That the bereaved are all just bloody far right wing Conspiracy Theorists!"

Lyndel Dunn
On what grounds did the chairwoman suspend the meeting? How dare she!

Any plausible deniability of Crimes Against Humanity / Genocide that the chairwoman had - just went right out the window! The Wheel of Justice maybe turning slowly woman, but IT IS STILL TURNING!

mama pillow
She clearly understands that she is guilty. Don't let her get away with it! This was intentional.

Rick Drescher
There you go folks, that's what a corrupt senate looks like.

Karryn Bishop
The committee suspends any discussion - no truth shall be shared here...

Glenn Llewellyn
The TGA was lent on, to push this crap into our veins.

Danielle Somerfield
God bless our Senators.

lisilucy inski
I listened to the whole thing. She suspended it 5 or 6 times (lost count). Would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic. Shakespeare bow in shame, the Australian government wins hands down.

Who on earth injects their 7 and 9 year olds anyways? Feel sorry for those brainwashed parents and even more so for their innocent kids..

Brian Regan
If the TGA is anything like the FDA and British equivalent, they get over 80% of their funding from big pharma. 32% of the FDA committee has ties to big pharma its probably no different with the TGA

joanna freedom
Pure evil, all of them involved.

Download here: Idaho-lawmakers-introduce-bill-to-make-it-a-misdemeanor-to-administer-mRNA-vaccines-2023-02-18.mp4 - 6,641 kb
By: 4 News Now - 18th February 2023
Idaho lawmakers introduce bill
to make it a MISDEMEANOR
to administer mRNA vaccines!

Some Idaho lawmakers are now looking into adding criminal charges for anyone who administers an mRNA vaccine, like a COVID or flu shot.

HB 154, if passed, would amend Idaho state code, by adding a new section to penalize anyone from administering an mRNA vaccine in the state, with a misdemeanor.

In Idaho, a misdemeanor offense is punishable by jail time or a fine.

"We are seeing more and more concerns rising because of the mRNA vaccine," said Sen. Tammy Nichols, a republican from Middleton.

Nichols, one of the lawmakers sponsoring this bill, says she's had concerns about the COCID-19 vaccine, because it was administered under an emergency use authorization, before receiving FDA approval.

The bill would essentially make it a misdemeanor for anyone to administer an mRNA vaccine, in the state of Idaho.

"We have issues that this was fast tracked. There's no liability, there's no access to data. The risk benefit analysis has not been done. There's no informed consent," Nichols said.

But other lawmakers in the bill's hearing pointed out that the COVID vaccine, did get a full FDA approval after being fast tracked.

"They ultimately were approved under the ordinary approval process and did ultimately, you know, survive the scrutiny of being subjected to all the normal tests," said Rep. Ilana Rubel, a democrat from Boise.

An mRNA vaccine uses "messenger RNA", something we have in our own cells, to protect us against illness.

"It's almost like a set of instructions. So your cells use these instructions to make proteins that your body needs, whether it's just to basically function or it's to protect itself against illnesses like COVID," said Malia Nogle an epidemiologist with the Panhandle Health District.

Some examples of other mRNA vaccines include flu, rabies, zika shots, and scientists are even studying these vaccines to treat cancer.

But Senator Nichols says she'd like Idaho to go a different route.

"There's multiple types of COVID shots that are available. The state of Idaho has used other types, there are other shots that we can utilize that do not have the mRNA in it," Nichols said.

So far, the bill has just been introduced. It will still need a hearing and future vote in committee to make it to the house floor.

Shout out to the news crew reporting on this while also being up to date with all their mRNA shots.

Suburban Karen
Dang, that is HUGE considering the push to make these jabs sound effective and "safe". Happy for Idaho.

Michael Chavez
"We don't want government making decisions about our healthcare but also, we want government making decisions about our healthcare..."

This needs to happen in DC but that would interfere with their kick backs.

Jacob Moore
How about an act of attempted murder, if they try to mandate it. I'm not talking about doctors either.

Chin Up Duck
i wonder if this bill will in effect prevent those who have already administered it from being charged with manslaughter or worse.

Lawrence Stovall
Great move and hope you can lead the way in doing what others should have done.

Ebony Lamb
i don't live in Idaho but i do not trust mRNA technology.

Love it !!! Needs to be done !

Ask Why
Anytime there is zero liability for the product maker - expect the product to cause harm - up to and including vaccines - mRNA or all of the others.

Erma Gerd
I remember recently in Canada when they were about to stop the unpoked from buying groceries, and the poked were in full support of this. Nice people huh?

Peter M. Abraham, BSN, RN
Thank you! I've had a patient die after their 1st dose. A family member die after their 3rd booster. A 30-year-old niece who may have permanent lymphatic/vascular injury from the jab.

Download here: Stunning-CBS-Propaganda-Blaming-Adverse-Reactions-and-Deaths-Upon-Healthy-Unvaccinated-People-2023-02-17.mp4 - 3,402 kb
By: Another Stupid Week - 17th February 2023
Stunning CBS Propaganda Promoting
Blaming Adverse Reactions and Deaths
Upon Healthy Unvaccinated People!

Theodore Barkley
The best thing about being a conspiracy theorist is not having myocarditis.

Mark R
Unvaxxed pureblood and proud of it!

S Burgos
The fact is that we saw no players and children dying of heart attacks like we see today when, the original and supposedly most deadly strain was running rampant. It was only after the shot was introduced that this started happening and only in countries where large numbers of people were getting them. The data is available and backs this.

Freddy Gorgas
These people are clearly evil and need to be stopped and brought to justice immediately.

David Ullman
That's the 50 million dollar question and 10% for the big guy, of course.

midnight rider
I'll always remember the saying I learned during covid:
"Never let a good crisis go to waste."

Al Jay
I still see people driving their vehicle alone wearing a mask. I instantly think.....there goes another Democrat.

Based on media logic it seems athletes should exercise more

Sur Som Satan
They say less likely to wear masks but that's beside the point, since the masks used don't stop airborne viruses or bacteria.

It's such a sad thing to see someone lying when everyone knows it's a lie, and that they think everyone believes their lie. So sad

Phuck nuts.
If you are a pure blood, you knew better!

John Mcnatty
Well you've got to admire them for being able to sit there and say stuff like that without a trace of embarrassment

I never met an unvaccinated person who regretted not taking the poke

The people I know that have had heart issues or blood clot issues within the past 2 years are all vaccinated… they didn't have these issues before receiving the vaccine and it has honestly terrified me.

Moh Moony
A couple of months ago, I think it was British news article talking about the rise of heart problems in younger people, and they blamed playing video games as the cause. All we need to remember is who sponsors the media.

John Savage
The gaslighting is epic.

Daniel Bradford
Sweden, which never did lockdowns and had a lower mortality rate than countries that did, stopped vaccinating people under thirty. Sweden (and Denmark) did this because of alarming reports of myocarditis among males under thirty as a side effect of being vaccinated. Since Sweden never locked down, people continued their daily routines, including exercise, of which the Swedes are quite fond (especially outdoors).

Soul Warrior
Yeah just like all the "Break Through" cases of people getting the coof after the Jab.. Its 1 in a billion chance they said.. Turns out there is a 99% chance you get the coof after the jab.

By: pureblood - 17th February 2023

Mass Suicides Expected!

The Punisher
Willingly and knowingly depriving patients of making an INFORMED DECISION comes at a price!
Willingly and knowingly participating in GENOCIDE comes at a price!
All you pro Covid Vaxx doctors and Nurses are so absolutely FUCKED!

Great Dane
Expect MASS SUICIDES amongst millions of the 'friendly, caring' doctors and nurses, as more normies wake up to how the medical professionals and doctors WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY KILLED them! As it is many politicians / members of parliament are not in their offices and security is tightening in banks and media outlets Globally. Yes, the rats are fleeing the ship as Judgement is rolled out.

Great sue the doctors sue the government bankrupt everybody. That's the whole point of what the bad guys are doing. What do you think is going to happen in the US when 80% of our workforce files for disability? Everything they are doing is intended to bankrupt us and force us into a communist totalitarian system. So maybe don't do a victory dance quite yet. When those doctors are out of a job and lose their licenses, guess who gets to feed them and house them? The taxpayers. Guess who takes their property when they can't pay their bills? The government.

we are now fighting our grubberment over [ 15 minute cities ] the RATS/AUSSIES love it, they love jabbing their kids, only 1% of our ppl fight and the pigging normies stand with their killers BTW our troops help put our freedom fighters in the camps. and yes the death camps are very real, but the pigging normies love that too.. GOD BLESS RUSSIA, may they come here SOON and free us.

Australian here, i feel happy if the doctors face charges, in fact i hope ALL Australian doctors and nurses hang, living here i promise the Australians are 98%vaxxed and are a RACE OF RAT TRAITOR DOGS. pure assholes

Correct. But they all know who won Big Brother. Simpletons deserve everything they've got coming.

All pharma Contracts null and void as they knowingly rolled out toxic poison shots with the help of governments ,doctors ,media,etc,etc...if we sue our governments we are basically suing ourselves, their day in the peoples court is coming .
We need to seek and destroy and hold the UN,who,wef, and every ngo involved in this genocide accountable.. and bring their house of cards down,before it turns to all out war against us.

Yeah, right...cause they held a gun to yer halfwit heads

In some cases.... they did
Lose your freedoms or get poisened

Heard of mandates dimwit??? Clown. Congratulations...

As Nurse in America while Obam Care was in transition, I saw this all coming. I was told that Flu shotswould be mandatory or we would be terminated. I was dodging out every time I was told to go get mine. Sad, I left that Hospital.

I have zero sympathy for these medical 'professionals '. They were the last line of defence against all the propaganda and coercion. Through their weakness and cowardice they miserably failed in the duty they volunteered to do.

You musta took the bait huh fish? Blame everyone but yerself for failing a simple iq test


Our hospitals have become havens for NWO end of life protocols

"Informed" consent… a MASSIVE amount of people were NOT informed so ???? Did they give their consent ???

nope. without full disclosure there can be no consent, just deception.

so no full disclosure but take the death jab anyway right halfwits

no government has any right to deny a person right to seek redress if they are harmed, by indemnifying pharma, government took that liability on to their shoulders.

their insurance wont pay out, at least not while there is a pandemic of book passing and hand washing going on.
nobody wants to catch this steaming hot rotten potato.

Many are to blame. But whoever puts the needle in somebody's arm bears the ultimate responsibility.

who made the poison that went into the needles? who approved them? or gave them emergency use authorisation? who made the mandates.
yes those who injected it are guilty of harm, but many did so under duress and threat of termination of employment.
those who made the poison and authorised it are more guilty, nobody put them under pressure to do any of that.

Honest Doctors are speaking out !! exposing the deadly vaccines. Canadian Medical Association states Doctors under 50 are dying at 12X the normal rate after taking the COVID booster.

If only the doctors spoke out and said No at the start none of this would have happened - theyre coming for them but of course with the NHSX and AI just around the corner theyre not going to be needed anyways so there goes their big pay cheques - no sympathy

Whoever took part in it, instead of standing on the picket line, smiling and demanding massive pay-rises, they should be standing in the dock....

All the useful idiots who joined in on the coercion deserve everything they get! why do you think we had walk in vaccination centres so there is no accountability from your local GP surgery!...but now mRNA is being genetically modified in our food.

Download here: It-Is-A-Miracle-Billions-Of-Lives-Saved-By-Man-Wearing-Mask-While-Alone-In-His-Car-2023-02-17.mp4 - 13,111 kb
By: The Babylon Bee - 17th February 2023
It's A Miracle!
Billions Of Lives Saved By Man
Wearing Mask While Alone In His Car!

Meet Carlos Renaldo, Jr. Experts believe he has saved over 3.8 billion lives by heroically wearing a mask alone while in the car. Is he a hero - or a superhero? You decide.

Marco Dash
I saw a guy weaving through traffic on a bicycle without a helmet, but wearing a mask. I used to think he was an idiot until I realized he wasn't wearing a mask for himself, he was wearing one for me and everyone within a two mile radius whose lives he literally saved. A true hero.

CeO VIDeos
not the hero we needed but the hero we were told we deserved.

Chandra Coats
At Costco on Sunday two guys wearing masks kept walking right into other shoppers and banging their carts into others. Definitely the epitome of safety & social conscience.

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear masks. A true masked crusader!

Tokyo San
Takes me back to 2021 when I was walking next to some empty sports fields one fine morning, not another soul to be seen. Except, I came across one lady, wearing a mask, out for her walk. As soon as she saw me, she swerved off the path and walked almost out to the middle of a soccer field to avoid me. Hilarious.

Basement Berean
That's nothing. I live in the Seattle area and we've got people who wear masks while walking alone in the wind and rain. Those are the true heroes.

Jack Watkins
RIP Carlos, looks like a water droplet of someone's sneeze broke through your barrier. 3.8 billion people will miss you and your mask.

People who wear their paper masks are only exercising their civic duty. I for one am grateful. It allows us all to quickly identify them as clinically insane. That way we can avoid interaction with them at all cost. Thank's Maskies! We appreciate the heads up

Tina Fogarty
That explains why he spends so much time alone. He's saving lives!

Thank you for your service. I owe you my life and the lives of others I care about.

Joe Mac
When I pick up my kids from school there's still one dad who does this. Sits there alone, masked, waiting. Gets out, gets his kid, gets back in the car, and then takes his mask off when she's in there with him. The behavior is perplexing.

Download here: Why-is-Civil-Aviation-Safety-Authority-changing-the-cardiac-health-guidelines-for-pilots-2023-02-15.mp4 - 22,451 kb
By: Malcolm Roberts - 15th February 2023
Why is Civil Aviation Safety Authority
changing the cardiac health guidelines for pilots?

In my questioning of CASA they have always denied that jab mandates introduced any kind of risks to pilots in the cockpit. Mysteriously however, changes have been made to cardiac ranges, we're waiting for more information on exactly what those changes were.

I'm not satisfied CASA is doing it's due diligence, that it's Medical Officers are properly dedicated to the job or that they are actually looking after pilots. I'll share more of the details on my website when my questions on notice are answered.

Frank Gapinski
Australian bureaucrats are world champions at passing the buck, taking it on notice and rolling their eyes when asked to explain their brand of tyranny.

Sen Roberts is a sharp chisel in parliament .

Useless bureaucrats

asharn. y. gee
I love that, at the opening, Senator Roberts asks the most direct question any simpleton could understand- and then the [alleged] "stooge" asks him to repeat the question as an automatic defense to buy more time- clearly showing that he expects to be required to carefully answer the question, and this is a non-verbal que that he intends to act deceptively within the context of his answer. Just saying :)

Telle M
Oh my gosh!! How can that dude not know that it's AUSTRALIAN pilots leading the charge against safety issues worldwide!! They're bringing legal action for around the world. I think these two reps for CASA need to be replaced and find out how to do their jobs!!!

Excellent Senator now let's take a look at those 100 declined cases

Damien Milk
Congratulations Mr Roberts, you are a true Australian, Thanks for your efforts.

Deon Brunette
These casa people need to stand trial and face punishment when found guilty.

Eleanor Jones
Great video, yet again. Would be great to have his level of integrity here in the UK. What a gem he his - a breath of fresh air.

Thank God for Malcom Roberts.

Les james
It's all starting to fall apart thanks to people like Sen Roberts, a good man

The Laughing Prophet
FAA had the same response when asked about heart conditions on the increase in US pilots…even when reminded about Bob Snow who had a heart attack in his cockpit as PIC straight after landing….he knows it was the Injection but FAA haven't even bothered to contact him. I find that the CASA being unaware of the changes FAA have made to pilot Heart ECG testing a little bit strange. The CASA do everything the FAA does, heck we changed our Regs to match FAA and EASA when ours worked just fine. They will deny any knowledge because they never stepped in when they could have, instead remaining silent and adopting the 'safe and effective' stance. That fellow sitting next to you Malcolm was a real piece of work too, both of his brain cells were obliviously having a rest. Keep up the good work mate.

Download here: Australian-Liberal-MP-Russell-Broadbent-talks-about-horrific-vaccine-injury-stories-2023-02-11.mp4 - 9,023 kb
By: The Canadian Independent - 11th February 2023
Australian Liberal MP Russell Broadbent
talks about horrific vaccine injury stories

Liberal Australian MP Russell Broadbent speaking in Parliament says, "The hour I spent yesterday with three vaccine injured people are the worst most horrific stories I've heard in this place as a Federal member for all this time."

So now they speak about vaxx injury and death. Why? 3 yrs all of it has been MISINFORMATION. Only reason is the next so called pandemic/disaster is getting geared up to be released. FFS

Now the government speaks out about vaccine injuries!!....... keep your eyes on the ball - the more the people are distracted the more damage the hidden hand will do.

Download here: Vax-pushing-Internationally-Renown-Virologist-Dr-Oveta-Fuller-dead-as-a-fart-she-rushed-covid-shot-for-children-2023-02-09.mp4 - 1,881 kb
By: Jim_Crenshaw - 9th February 2023
Vax pushing "Internationally Renown Virologist"
Dr. Oveta Fuller DEAD AS A FART
She rushed covid shots for children...

The only regret I have is I live too far away to go and pee on her grave. Nothing but a child murdering fool. Pushed the vaccine. Said it was safe for kids. How many children did you help kill you sorry bitch? The only thing she said that was true was that the covid vaccine was as safe as any other vaccine. BINGO! None of them are safe you idiot.

"They are safe for getting it but we don't know the long term affects"...WHAT? WHAT A STUPID THING TO SAY. She says she "guesses" it is safe but nobody's done that science ignorant ass. One stupid thing comes out of this dumb asses mouth after another. "They won't do any harm because they are just RNA!" She does not even know what it is. It's mRNA you idiot. I have lost all trust, confidence and faith in the medical community. They scare me more than Lorena Bobbitt drunk and pissed off while holding a sharp object.

They say she passed away from a mystery illness that "was not covid related"...if it was not then it was covid vaccine related I guarantee you. She clotted up and choked and stroked on out. She got the big Fauci Ouchie. She was a temporary voting member of the corona committee and died right after her last vote. They were done with her. They turned her off like Damar Hamlin. Bye bye dumb ass we don't need you any more.

Senate-Bill-2384-prohibits-the-use-of-mRNA-Vaccine-technology-Medical-world-untrustworthy-as-they-LIED-to-the-people-2023-02-08.mp4 - 6,885 kb
By: KX News - 8th February 2023
Senate Bill 2384 prohibits the
use of mRNA Vaccine technology.
Medical world untrustworthy as they LIED to the people!

Live Free or Die
Jacinda Ardern, the queen of kindness and "We are one" had instructed New Zealanders that 1) she is the single source of truth, 2) you must only listen to her, 3) do not listen to conspiracy theorists, 4) discard everything else as mis and dis-information. Fast forward to the present and New Zealanders are now awakening to the fact that their pretty dictator was a LIAR and source of mis and dis-information herself! Oh, and Jabcinda created medical apartheid, discrimination, division, bankruptcy and extreme medical misadventures. Imagine the surprise of all those Kiwis when they discover they backed the wrong HORSE!

How horrible is it that you use mrna in children against a disease that is not dangerous for them. it's actually insane

When Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA tech and the most expert person on the planet about it says this needs years of testing before it's ready for humans, we should probably listen. When Dr. Peter McCullough, the most published cardiologist in human history, says it's causing heart attacks, we should listen. When both get censored, we should all pay attention, and hold those responsible accountable.

Chris Dean
Some of us were shouting from the rooftops from the early days that something was not quite right about this whole saga, but unfortunately very few listened.

Alma Braun
It's not a side affect..... it's a plan

My daughter has had several ear infections since getting the jab after never having them her entire life (she's now over 20). After my nephew died from a guillian-barre syndrome related illness that he didn't have prior to the jab and my spouse had both shingles and a seizure after the jab I'm concerned about the fact that this nurse mentioned ear and sinus infections (my spouse is fighting one right now while we all just had a viral, nonCOVID, illness last week). My spouse, like myself, is a healthcare worker. Yesterday another young patient died from the same rare guillian-barre syndrome like illness our nephew died from. This is incredibly concerning.

Scott Green
I lost my job for 5 months for not vaccinating, I have no regrets

Neil Chaplin
Immunity from prosecution can be reversed ! Every country should follow Thailand and null the contracts! It's been sold to the public under false pretences!

Truth Serum
A scientist can be bought just as easily as a politician.

Mrs. C
These health professionals should be given medals for speaking up, too little too late, but at least it may wake people up!

This is what happens when you let others think for you. Corporations and government entities DON"T have your best interest in mind. Shoutout to the purebloods

Andrew Reed
6 people I know had heart attacks (including my father).... one had 2 heart attacks (one after each jab.. he stopped at 2).... he was only 19 and completely healthy before, 2 had blood clots, one got a skin issue, one got bells palsy.... I then lost my job as a disability support worker, but my client had the right to refuse and kept his care support.... lucky the universe has a way of evening the odds one day.

Fran Gardner
This is a crime against humanity!

After taking the jab myself at age 59, I felt strange things: like feeling hot coffee as cold coffee, confused left and right, etc. Took 4 weeks to recover. They definitely lied about its safety

I will forever be injured from flu shots from 2010 eight months postpartum, through 2014 when I finally awakened and refused them. When I refused, I was dismissed for noncompliance of my health. Best thing that "practice", key word, could have done for me. It sent me on a holistic journey. Living with recurrent shingles is no joke but I fight it daily and encourage others to be more proactive in their own health. Allopathic medicine is rockefeller medicine and that fella was literally a snake oil salesman. I was fired for not complying in 2021 from a $30 an hour job. Nuremberg, anyone?

Mel N
Thank you for talking about this! What is happening is pure evil.

The fact that a large portion of people had this muck injected into them so they could have a 2 week holiday, is absolutely insane to me.

The Q
Really sad watching people slowly wake up, about 2 years too late.

It was a violation of the Nuremberg code there was no informed consent. They did not list all the side effects or any for that matter. Mandates are wrong.

Download here: Watch-Australian-Television-Presenter-Karl-Stefanovic-wake-up-on-air-From-FAKE-NEWS-to-OH-SHIT-NEWS-2023-02-08.mp4 - 16,409 kb
By: Reignite Democracy Australia - 8th February 2023
Watch Australian Television Presenter
Karl Stefanovic wake up on air

It's not too late for him to use his voice for the vaccine victims.

Today he spoke for the nation when he said he's "done with vaccines" and mentioned concerns re heart issues and sudden deaths.

Karl Stefanovic - Cause of Death: Covid Vaccines

Live Free or Die
Karl Stefanovic is beginning to sound like a Conspiracy Theorist!

Born Free
Blondie represented everything that was wrong with msm. She was rude and dismissive, shocking interview skills (but guess she is there for her beauty not her brains). Would love to know what Blondie thinks of Karl's comments now.

Good News!! Stay strong Karl and check out Graham Hood's recent interview with Matt Le Tissier, John Stockton, Trevor Hendy and Pat Cash plus an NFL Super Bowl winner. Every day more people wake up. Praise Jesus!!

thank God someone, somewhere in mainstream media is talking about this. I have nursing colleagues who were fired from their jobs for rightly refusing to take this "vaccine" given there were no long term studies. People have every right to decide what goes into their body - EVEN in a hospital setting. A nurse should not have to sacrifice their health for the sake of another - if a patient feels they need protection with a vaccine then fine, have one, the onus on responsibility should never be on the health professional. But like the 'white balloon" incident in the US this week, the media will distract the masses from focusing on companies like pfizer (see Project Veritas) who should by now, face lengthy criminal proceedings .

One and a half years for him to wake up into a semi doze meanwhile so much truth and justice needed to happen.

Tony Young
Put right off this smug woman. Good on you Craig.

Gutter journalism by Ellie. Miss Know it all who actually knows nothing. Keep keeping them honest Craig.

Sandra M
Ally is going to owe Craig Kelly a huge apology very very soon, she was so rude & dismissive in that interview.

Ralph Reilly
What an awful woman.

Divinus king
Pride comes before a fall,,, Craig Kelly is a legend standing TALL for HUMANITY

karen withak
That woman is just a rude slag. Good on you Karl.

Thomas K.
Karl, you have been on my shit list for the longest time together with most of your colleagues of the main stream / legacy media. For what it's worth, you are off it. In fact, you are not just off it, but you exited with flying colours. So, well done, mate and welcome to the right side of history. And to your colleagues I say: wake up or stay obsolete!

Van Dan Escobar
Ill never forget watching that first part live!! Ive never wanted to throw a tv so much in my life. SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Robert King
Im 49 had a cardiac arrest at age 42 i have a stent in my main artery not far from my heart ... and im unvaxxed and proud as fuck... ive never had covid ... stand strong all you clean blooded brothers and sisters .. god bless you all

Martin HOPKINS aka redneck rumbler
Fear is the greatest motivator for the feeble minded.

Wow the ignorance on that 1st clip, she has zero idea wtf is going on. Good slaveling.

Will-any-New-Zealand-politicians-support-a-Royal-Commission-of-inquiry-into-the-safety-and-effectiveness-of-the-vaccine-rollout-2023-02-07.mp4 - 6,704 kb
By: The Zeitgeist - 7th February 2023
Will any New Zealand politicians support
a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the
safety & effectiveness of the vaccine rollout?
Maori willingly and knowingly killing Maori

A very reasonable question asked at Waitangi yesterday:

"..The politicians are there. The politicians are there... My father, I buried him 6 months ago, of his VACCINE INJURY! Of his vaccine injury!... I want to talk to the Members of Parliament. You did not come out, in the occupation, for the vaccine injured, and and and people like my father who I buried 6 months ago, my husband's whanau, they buried 30 in one month! 30! They were all vaccine injured!

I want to know. I want to know, do you represent us? Are we part of your whanau? Are we part of your community as the vaccines injured?... WILL YOU SUPPORT A ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE SAFE AND EFFECTIVENESS OF THE VACCINE ROLLOUT?..."

Response by politicians: "Let's move to another tent..."

Made In New Zealand
Absolute respect to that brave Maori lady who spoke for her people and the whole country. Shame on all those present who were to gutless to support her; or worse, are complicit in the genocide programme themselves! She is part of the head, while the mainstream media and all those gutless wonders are the tail - plain and simple!

Cosmic Traveller
Who is this person in the hat trying to stop discussion on behalf of @MaramaDavidson
.....Maori Elites bullying Maori who have every right to speak.

Good on that lady

Good on the lady to stand her ground and say what's on her mind after being hushed like that. MP's tend to forget that come election time it's the people who vote for them.

Davidson disgusting that voices are being shutdown just because you don't like the question

Lydia Pearl
The way she was shut down was appalling. Just answer the yes/no question. No need to go to another tent ... when you're already in a flippin tent!!

It's the classic "let's take this offline" gambit to avoid answering a question. Just goes to show how open and transparent the Greens are.

Singing for there corrupt masters to close free debate - WHY

I Knit For Fun
Yes, this is about the corruption of the State, and its lack of accountability. MPs could not even answer a simple question - because they dont support a fair review of the C*vd approach.

How many times does Singing get used over the person they don't want to hear or answer , A very fair question coming from a place of loss. Safe and effective pushed aside yet again.

This is exactly why the people do not trust our politicians! Why is she being shutdown ? A simple question she asked and the response is move to another tent? This is a voice of that 90% majority just needs simple answers to straight questions without ducking around .

Good on this woman for speaking out (and holding her stand) against those useless politicians who tried to shut her up!

South Auckland Farmer
Classic response when challenged "let's talk in private" cowards can't be put on the spot in public for all to see how usless they all are.

Natasha & Russell
People should be seen and not heard. That's what they want us to be.

Power to this great lady for speaking up. I hope this gets followed up

Yes very reasonable. We should have inquiry so that we all can understand more. This was an unprecedented event and having open and honest reviews of it all is the right thing to do.

Bronwyn Cowen
Another person treated disrespectfully for asking a question

I love it how she just keeps going even though the stooge with the mike keeps trying to end it

Download here: New-Mask-Study-in-600K-People-No-Evidence-they-Work-to-stop-viruses-as-Promised-2023-02-04.mp4 - 26,656 kb
By: High Intensity Health - 4th February 2023
New Mask Study in 600K People:
No Evidence they Work
to stop viruses as Promised

New evidence suggest universal masking isn't as effective as experts said.

I got fired for refusing the jabb... Best decision I ever made!

I was fired for not wearing a mask this should help tremendously! The battle is going to arbitration

What Do You Think...?
"There's no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you're in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences — people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face." - Dr. Anthony Fauci

Steve King
We had to mandate masks for children in our school district or the state said they would take our funding away. We did so much harm to our children. We essentially used them as human shields closing schools and taking away sports. Heartbreaking!

Jennifer Marlow
At the very beginning, I checked the CDC site, and surprise! Viruses are too small for masks to be effective. One & Done. The mask was always a symbol of compliance. They still are, and it chaps my a$$ to have to wear one when I enter any medical facility. I shall pass this study and channel on to my GP. I've already put him on to IF and TRE, he's on board after watching lectures on the tube. Thanks so much, Mike! This will help many via my MD.

Dean Hollenkamp
I agree. Wearing a mask was all BS. I've been around this world and to several music venues. Never wore a mask. But I still see people riding a bike or driving in a car with a mask on. People are brainwashed.

As somebody who's went through mechanical and civil engineering and understand particle size masks were a joke from day one. PS I've also been in construction for 20 years, and dust particles are much larger than virus particles

Carlo Bauzon
Nurse here. N95 masks needs to be fitted on the persons face every 2 years. So buying them from stores without knowing your face size is pointless. We use n95 for patients who are immuno compromised and patients who have active viral illnesses like TB or covid. I myself not comfortable going to a room to a patient with active tb with just regular masks. Thank you

Sue Gentry
Thanks so much for talking about this. The last three years has been torture for those of us clear thinking folks. Truth always wins in the end

C Glow
The medical community can't seem to understand this topic. Makes one not want to go to the doctor for anything anymore.

Jann Fogle
Moved to Japan 15 years ago and I've been arguing the inefficacy of masks ever since. It's a psychological crutch to help them feel that they are doing "something" and therefore have some measure of control.

Martin Derbyshire
I saw a morbidly obese couple in Walmart arguing over whether to buy Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops. Both wearing masks.

cognitive chaos
It's easier to deceive someone then convince them they've been deceived.

Vide0 Eye
For the most part people have lost the ability to think critically! The scary part of this whole mandate was how mask wearers reacted to people who understand it was an ineffective method to protect them and others. I remember a time in history when people over Europe didn't question the things they were told about another people group. Bottom line most people just like to be told what to do, vs thinking!

Joe Tiger
You will never lose a subscribe from me for telling the truth.

Download here: Pfizer-Engineering-Wuhan-Virus-Mutations-Claim-Goes-Viral-Vantage-with-Palki-Sharma-2023-02-04.mp4 - 11,718 kb
By: Firstpost - 4th February 2023
Pfizer Engineering Wuhan Virus Mutations?
Claim Goes Viral | Vantage with Palki Sharma

Activist group Project Veritas has claimed that Pfizer is building Wuhan virus mutations in a lab to make more effective vaccines. Is this a conspiracy theory or a secret waiting to be busted? Palki Sharma brings tells you all about it.

#vantageonfirstpost #palkisharma #firstpost #worldnews #globalnews

Kate Hu
Honestly, I have theorized this for some time. I am curious to see if any serious investigations happen. Doubtful. This is the essence of "hero syndrome": create a problem just so you can take credit for solving it. Also, gosh I missed you Palki!!!!

ForFair Fair4

nagesh tagadur
when the disease is profitable,... the disease never ends,...will never ends,.....!!

Pfizer has not denied that this Walker character worked for them. Why not?

Anil Kumar B
He said dont tell anyone & he blew it on international TV ??

The true news channel ??
No extra drama. We need this type of news channel

Peter Ted
Love to see you are back palki, Cheer. Misses your punch For quite a while

Big corporations see humans as commodities nothing else.

Fred Zare
Welcome back Ms. Palki Sharma, you have been missed very much, Thank you for all your excellent knowledge and news, very much informative,

Disturbing and terrifying.

Anthony Lemkendorf
So glad the Fact Chuckers have weighed in. Now that Pfizer has denied everything,I'm totally relaxed..

Phillip Reed

Anu Fathima
"Chinese are suffering from home made virus"??????

Discover China????
Pzifer produces the variants of covid, so t will also be them to produce the original variant
Isn't it clear Palki?

Download here: The-United-Kingdoms-Great-Wall-of-Cunts-2023-02-03.mp4 - 41,171 kb
By: Abi Roberts - 3rd February 2023
The United Kingdom's
Great Wall of Cunts
It's a wall with 24 cunts on it.

Amazing stuff Abi ... we must never forget these utter bastards to humanity

Hear hear! These people tried to whip up a frenzy of hatred against a segment of society who decided to go against the grain for very good reasons. Luckily this frenzy never really got going, but that's no thanks to them. They represent the very worst of humanity and videos like this will help to ensure that becomes their legacy and that this kind of thing never happens again.

Gene Simmons from KISS- "If you're willing to walk among us unvaccinated, you are an enemy."

Clear, concise and straight to the point, great job. There should be a wall of shame for every country

Tim from Fair Play Now alerted me and others to your shocking bias. Those wonderful people with love and kindness for all of humanity vilified and treated like criminals plastered all over that brick wall. Abi, that is simply BRILLIANT. Would be great to see it on a wall or many walls in London to get the attention it really deserves. Well done Abi

Brilliant work Abi - keep it up.

Spot on Abi!

Thank you Abi, their evil needs to be remembered....forever!

Thank you, Abbi. This is powerful.

Well made

Biggest psyops ever perpetrated on human mankind great work, please share everyone.

Well said. We need more people to come out strong against this tyranny over the last few years. Never forget what they did and also what they tried to do. I can forgive Aseem Malholtra because he has done a complete 180 on his position and acknowledges that these jabs do harm and should be stopped.

Going to need a bigger wall.

Send Welby a NoCA asking him to prove when Jesus told him that. Public Statements are there to be challenged.




a Brilliant video. indeed, make sure their words were never forgotten. so much for people of the "free world".

Work of art Abs

Great video. Lest we forget.

Just came across your podcasts on Podtail and would like to thank you for the superb energy and content therein , it is a real uplifting experience to listen to you , God bless

I hope she makes another one of these there are many others not mentioned in this film who also said evil things against those of us who don't want the poison clot shots.

Download here: More-on-the-above-story-from-Us-for-Them-who-took-action-against-Pfizers-lies-about-vaccine-safety-and-kids-2023-02-03.mp4 - 1,658 kb
By: Nowadays Reality - 3rd February 2023
More on the story from Us for Them
who took action against Pfizer's lies
about vaccine safety and kids

Pfizer's CEO has been FOUND GUILTY of misleading parents about the Covid vaccine for kids.

Download here: The-Simpsons-The-Death-Prick-A-Parents-Guide-To-Vaccine-Shots-Gone-Wrong-From-2004-2023-02-03.mp4 - 14,233 kb
By: Sunfellow On COVID-19 - 3rd February 2023
The Simpson's - The Death Prick
A Parent's Guide To
Vaccine Shots Gone Wrong (From 2004)

The Simpson's - The Death Prick: A Parent's Guide To Shots Gone Wrong
From Season 15, Episode 21, Bart-Mangled Banner, which aired on May 16, 2004.

Childhood Vaccines

"What I learned from the Covid Vaccine debacle is that regulators approving COVID vaccines, and childhood vaccines, are crooks, and the same people approve all those vaccines. They are approving COVID vaccine applications that any serious regulator, who cares about infants, would have laughed out of the room. This is all I need to know about them. If these crooks are approving 'Covid Vaxx' for infants, I cannot believe their assurances about other childhood vaccines. I will not believe that 'they are safe', or that 'they are effective' unless it is proven without the involvement of these people or the greedy companies financing fake research."

-- Igor Chudov

They knew the game back then obviously… why so many remain silent now is a tragedy.

great find! LOLZ

Tragically funny. Like how the "black on black violence" narrative was being pushed back then.

I'm a big Simpsons fan, but this cartoon is as barbaric as inoculations!

Jacinda Ardern's COVID Dictatorship
caused a 3203% increase in Excess Deaths
following her Mandatory COVID Vaccination Laws

By: The Expose - 2nd February 2023

The year 2021 was one of hope and promise for New Zealand, as the world began to recover from the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But according to official figures quietly released by the Government of New Zealand, the opposite happened.

Jacinda Ardern's COVID Dictatorship caused a 3203% increase in Excess Deaths following her Mandatory COVID Vaccination Laws

The island suffered 2,169 excess deaths in 2021 and then a shocking 5,286 excess deaths by week 49 of 2022. These are terrifying figures for a small island with an estimated population of just 5 million.

Especially when compared to 2020, when no excess deaths were suffered and 160 fewer deaths were actually recorded than expected at the height of the Covid pandemic and prior to the rollout of the Covid injections.

Jacinda Ardern's COVID Dictatorship caused a 3203% increase in Excess Deaths following her Mandatory COVID Vaccination Laws

This means New Zealand suffered a shocking 3,203% increase in excess deaths in 49 weeks throughout 2022 compared to 53 weeks throughout 2020.

The figures have been provided to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) Government of New Zealand. So these aren't independent estimates. They are official Government-authorized figures. And they show that the Covid-19 vaccination campaign has been an absolute disaster and official UK Government data support this.

The very thing that you were told would end the alleged pandemic and put a stop to the alleged colossal rise in deaths across the world in 2020, has ended up having the opposite effect.

Instead of reducing deaths, COVID vaccination has increased deaths exponentially.

The figures that prove this can be found in a report titled 'Deaths by Vaccination Status, England, 1 January 2021 to 31 May 2022', and it can be accessed on the ONS site here, and downloaded here.

Table 2 of the report contains the monthly age-standardised mortality rates by vaccination status by age group for deaths per 100,000 person-years in England up to May 2022.

And that table reveals that mortality rates per 100,000 are lowest among the unvaccinated in every single age group.

The following two charts show the monthly age-standardised mortality rates by vaccination status for non-Covid-19 deaths in England between January and May 2022 for each age group:

Jacinda Ardern's COVID Dictatorship caused a 3203% increase in Excess Deaths following her Mandatory COVID Vaccination Laws
Jacinda Ardern's COVID Dictatorship caused a 3203% increase in Excess Deaths following her Mandatory COVID Vaccination Laws

These figures prove that the Covid-19 vaccines are not effective and are causing side effects so severe that they are resulting in increased mortality.

This should be of grave concern to everyone, especially those who have been vaccinated.

And it should be on the front page of every newspaper, and the main topic of discussion on every news channel.

The science is definitive, and authorities and Governments should withdraw the Covid-19 vaccines immediately from future use.

If they do not do this then they are proving to the public that they have an ulterior motive to reduce the world's population.

Because this is precisely what will happen if the repeat rollout of these experimental and dangerous injections is allowed to continue.

Download: NHS-Worker-in-UK-witnessed-vaccinated-patients-suffer-No-pandemic-near-empty-wards-false-diagnosis-governments-lied-2023-02-01.mp4 - 193,767 kb
By: Vobes - 1st February 2023
NHS Worker in UK witnessed vaccinated
patients suffer
. No pandemic, near empty
wards, false diagnosis, governments lied!!!

I speak to Sue who worked in an National Health Service hospital in the West Country during the beginning of Covid 19, from March 2020. She saw the so-called effects of the virus, and later, the dreadful harms and death from the Vaccine.

Every unvaxxed knew it was complete bs from the word go

I'm a nurse in the U.S., in Kentucky, and we were the same. All the elective surgery was shut down and our unit was primarily a post surgical unit. We were so empty! No overwhelmed units. Our unit had 15 beds and we were lucky to have 4 or 5 patients. Even though we were a designated 'COVID' overflow unit, we never had more than 3 or 4 COVID patients the whole time....meaning that the small satellite campus that was designated the primary COVID center was not filled up. It was such a farce.

The BBC is complicit in silencing stories of vaccine injury and death across social media platforms. The BBC took in at least $23.7 million from the Gates Foundation to parrot vaccine propaganda that has ruined countless lives. The BBC's relationship with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has come under scrutiny in recent years, particularly in regards to their coverage of the Gates Foundation's funding of vaccine injury and death stories. Critics have argued that the BBC's coverage of vaccine injury and death stories has been biased and incomplete, and that the network has failed to report on or acknowledge the potential dangers of vaccines. Additionally, some have accused the BBC of downplaying the potential harm of vaccines, and of even promoting the Gates Foundation's agenda. While the BBC has denied any wrongdoing, the network has faced increased pressure to be more transparent in its reporting of vaccine injury and death stories.

Medical Payola: Pfizer paid doctors USD35M to "educate" other practitioners and market its drugs
In April 2010, Pfizer disclosed payments to doctors and other medical professionals for the development, marketing, consulting, representing and sponsorship of its clinical drug trials.

Covid Vaccines and its efficacy is the subject of this candid interview with the MP for North West Leicestershire, Andrew Bridgen. by Richard Vobes.

Biggest con since 911...

Thank you Richard you are a breath of fresh air bringing truth to light.

If only more came forward like Sue then more lives will be saved. The government sneakily lowered the booster age to 18 years old. Only a short while ago they promised it was 50+ only.

Was it a 'good thing' to be told to go home, because that's better than being admitted, and given Remdesivir, and put on a ventilator. Most did Not survive that so-called treatment from what I understand?.

Don't ever say that you were doing basic nursing as a HCA. HCAs do ALL the nursing. I was an HCA in a nursing home during Convid as I lost my job at the beginning of lockdown. I lost this job in November 2021. I have many reasons for not having the jab. Mostly because I'm vegan. Yes, hello fellow vegan. I also felt something in my soul, that this was wrong, plus I'd watched the Gates TED talk in early 2019. I also worked as a paramedic from 2001 to 2013 and left with PTSD. I was still in contact with old colleagues. They said that they just went to deaths from strokes and heart attacks because folk didn't want to call an ambulance and also a massive increase in suicide. My life was made hell at work as I wouldn't have the jab. After staffhad the jab, one nurse had a massive heart attack, another nurse had a bleed on the brain and a HCA died, from a stroke. Residents also started to get ill and die after having the jab. I've lost everything because of this plandemic. My family disowned me and even pushed for my two children to live with their father because of my views. I then lost my job, had to sell my house and I'm now considered homeless as I live in a 50...

One thing you can do for your country is to vote for anybody that has nothing to do with a mainstream political party. Apathy in public affairs lets evil stupid people into powerful positions

My friend works in aberystwyth hospital and there were only 8 covid patients at the most. I see jeremy vine had a propaganda show on radio 2 today as well!!! (Tuesday)

I refused to take the 'vaccine'. My uncle died from it many in my family took it and I worry about the delayed effects on their cardiac health, especially the children. How many have had subclinical myocarditis? Meaning, they had it and never knew because they didn't have any chest pain (completely possible, according to Dr. McCullough) and now may have heart damage they know about. It's all very worrisome. So many have been vaxxed....

Its a cult! I've never seen such a blind following & blatant push for anything like this ever. Every job, school, Hospital world wide incentivised & pushed the jab through posters, emails, exclusionary measures....... how there hasn't been more outrage in the past 3 years is dumbfounding!

Keep up the great work Richard!!

Pfizer Exposed For Exploring "Mutating" COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines Via 'Directed Evolution'

"Skep Doc" Harriet Hall wasn't just "skeptical" of vaccine skeptics, she was critical and insulting about their very existence, referring to them all as stupid idiots who should be analyzed for their irrational thinking. She capped all vaccine skeptics as propagators of social media myths, regarding the clot shots causing heart attacks, vascular clots, and infertility. No, don't you go worrying about all those social media myths, because Dr. Harriet Hall just got three FREE Covid jabs at the grocery store and there was no line at all. Step right up, parents and children of all ages, and get the free EXPERIMENTAL gene-mutating, toxic-spike-protein-prion-creating clot shot that is only the most dangerous "vaccine" ever created.

Karma's a bitch.

19 Year Old Swimming Instructor 'DIES' SUDDENLY from CARDIAC ARREST?! This is on the heels of Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin suffering a cardiac arrest on MNF. Henry Anderson a player for Carolina Panthers suffered a stroke.

Thank you both for the interview,

Download here: Many-Aussies-refuse-the-3rd-booster-5th-Covid-mRNA-Kill-Shot-2023-01-31.mp4 - 2,235 kb
By: Clown Planet Australia - 31st February 2023
Many Aussies are refusing to get the
3rd booster (5th Covid mRNA Kill Shot)

Paulie Varady
Imagine getting a1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th & now a 5th booster for something the original vax didn't fix.

Live Free or Die
Originally the pharmaceutical companies and politicians said: "The Covid mRNA Vaccines are totally safe." Later they said that the jabs gave protection right up until the recipient got sick or ceased breathing.
Presently trials for all those complicit in Crimes Against Humanity are being arranged...

Natalie Doyle
Unvaccinated 60 year old and I still haven't got Covid. When the pandemic was declared I was recovering from an autoimmune illness. I was not going to risk my recovery by being injected with an insufficiently tested gene therapy. Came under pressure from my son who gave in to all the fear mongering, fortunately not from the doctors or nurses during my hospital visits . I stood firm, even when I had to drive to NSW from Melbourne to be able to have a haircut! Switching off the television for good in 2020 really helped. So did regular vitamin D and zinc.

As an Aussie I resisted all the jabs, pure blood for life!

Carmen47 Freixas
I am a 76 year old Aussie, have never had a jab, not starting now, I was born at home
my late dad did not believe in jabs, so, I went through life without, I did the same
to my 4 kids, at least until they decided for themselves, I have never asked them.
At least their infancy was free of poison.

Stuart Fury
the fact that only 6% resisted is truly terrifying.

Shaun Nichols
Great to see Australians are finally waking up. Knowledge to the people!

Thomas Mason
Good to see Australians seeing through the lies.

Tea Marsh
Got 2 because I was facing homelessness and needed to work. Got fired from that work when I refused to go along with the fascist laws they implemented (vaccine passports).

Faced homelessness again as a result. Stay strong people. Don't give in to hate and oppression. I regret nothing and now I know who my real mates are

Red Hammer
I feel sorry for the 70% of Australian's who were mandated with a gun at their heads, take this or your kids will be on the street. I feel sorry for the parents, especially those who's English is poor who went with blind faith and lined their little one's up for this media driven nightmare. The Health Department didn't even identify myocarditis or pericarditis as a side effect even though there were multiple papers available stating it was a serious threat to young people. I feel sorry for the unvaccinated because that was as close as Australians have ever come to seeing people made to wear a yellow patch to declare them as social outcasts unclean and you never thought it would happen here. You would never forget if you were at the Shrine that terrible day. And I feel sorry for the few amongst us the 6% who are sitting now in the sidelines going nah na nah na. There are absolutely no winners and nor will there be any by time this all ends, accept the cashed up press core. Slowly the deck of cards falls and as it does I see confusion and chaos in the community like we have never seen before But then doesn't confusion and chaos come hand in hand with evil design? Left or right or rightious which motivates you ? Read broadly, keep your mind open and think for yourself and you will make an informed judgement.

Still sticking to the independent research institutes studies and have done all along. The prosecution case is already there in the science for all to see, you only have to look.

Queen Bee
It took the 4th dose for my family to believe that I was right about the vaxxine. Pure blood here.

Rob Stone
In other words, when you don't threaten people with vaccine passports and losing their job, they don't want to get a jab.

Debbi Tippett
After the 4th shot, I felt wonderful, invigorated, brimming with vitality and full of life. I will be taking my fifth booster shot .... just as soon as the bartender gets back from his break

happy joy
They call it "resisting" but in reality it's REFUSING.

Stephen Ryan
So many people I know have had strokes heart attacks bleeds on the brain constant minor illnesses and won't accept the vax as a problem. My wife here in England is the only one at her doctors surgery to not be vaxed and she has not been off work once. She is 61 years old all the others keep being ill and all have had the big C 2-3 times along with all the other illnesses. The only people I know who are not scared of the big C are the unvaccinated. I am so proud of my wife who is such a meek person, she hates confrontation.

Homosexual-Pfizer-Director-Assaults-James-OKeefe-and-Veritas-Staff-Destroys-iPad-Showing-Undercover-Recordings-2023-01-28.mp4 - 59,452 kb
By: ProjectVeritas - 28th January 2023
Homosexual Pfizer Director Assaults
James O'Keefe & Veritas Staff; and
Destroys iPad Showing Undercover Recordings

LiveFreeOrDieTryngjust now
If anyone still believes and trusts in the money worshiping drug / gene altering company Pfizer, then they are a SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID!!

This video brought me so much joy, bless you project veritas!

If we don't take a stand now we accept absolute tyranny. It's time to make a stand

"I feel very unsafe right now"

A few moments later: "Don't let them leave!"

"I was on a date with a guy, and like normal men..."
Sir, I'm gonna stop you right there.

I can't believe this guy's excuse was "I lie about making viruses to sell the vaccines like a f*cking Bond villain to impress my dates" hahaha

He's reinforced the stereotype of LGBTQ+ community being overrun with psychotic mentally ill people. A gay man acting like a victim while being the aggressor, attacking & accusing others.
wow. queirdo

Nothing worse than a pissed off Fag.

Best response ever. What it really says about that person is that he knows what Pfizer is doing is evil and illegal. He knows, yet he keeps collecting a check and even brags about it. Guilty.

What he admitted to, is willingly participating in illegally weaponizing a biological agent with the intent to release it to the public. That's biological warfare. The things he just admitted to are considered crimes against humanity, are banned in every country, and as a Pfizer executive I think he just demonstrated that Pfizer cannot be allowed to have legal immunity from liability, and really shouldn't even be permitted to exist if the attitude of the executives are this malicious. Everyone in that company needs to be arrested immediately.

Be safe James and Veritas crew. God bless y'all!

oh muh gawd! I lied, you're white, I'm gay and black blah blah blah. bwahahahah! fanfuckingtastic Project Veritas!

James O'Keefe is like Chris Hansen coming into the room.

I don't know who you are!
You had someone mock me by going on a date!
You don't even know my position at this.
I'm a liar!

Anyone see Blues Brothers?
The scene where Carrie catches up to Jake in the sewer?
Honest! I ran outta gas!
I had a flat tire!
I didn't have enough money for cab fare!
An old friend came in from outta town!
Locusts! Floods! It wasn't my fault! I swear to GAAAADDD!!!!

Deputy-Director-of-CDC-Vaccine-Task-Force-Tom-Shimabukuro-just-admitted-Covid-19-Vaccines-are-causing-debilitating-illnesses-2023-01-28.mp4 - 2,603 kb
By: News Watch - 28th January 2023
BREAKING: Deputy Director of CDC
Vaccine Task Force, Tom Shimabukuro,
just admitted Covid-19 Vaccines
are causing debilitating illnesses...

Deputy Director of CDC Tom Shimabukuro: "We take vaccine safety, um, very seriously. Uh with, with respect to um, reports of people experiencing, um, debilitating illnesses, um, I mean we, we are, we are aware of these um, reports of people experiencing long-lasting health problems [aka DEATH] following Covid vaccination.

Uh in some cases the clinical presentation of people suffering these health problems is variable and no specific medical cause for the symptoms have been found. Um, we understand that illness is disruptive and stressful, especially under those circumstances and we acknowledge these health problems of substantially impacted the quality of life for people, and have also affected those around them, and we hope for improvement in recovery. And we will continue to monitor the safety of these vaccines and, and work with partners to try to better understand these types of Adverse Events..."

Lies directly from the CDC's own website:

"The United States currently has the safest vaccine supply in its history. The nation's long-standing vaccine safety system ensures that vaccines are as safe as possible.

As vaccines are developed and become available, the public's knowledge of their safety, both initially and during extended use, is an important part of a successful national vaccination effort.

CDC's Immunization Safety Office works to communicate timely and transparent information about the safety of vaccines to public health officials, healthcare providers, and the public. The office conducts vaccine safety monitoring and clinical research to help keep vaccines safe."

elena1111ful thy kingdom come3
Fat job since they have already screwed up millions of people...

King of Hearts
These organisations can no longer hide the fact that their 'vaccines' have and are causing the cessation of health and life (death) for many millions of people Globally. Add to that confession the sobering fact that many of these perpetrators are disappearing due to being exposed, hunted down by angry mobs and even through suicide.

Red Rose
Now they tell us??? So many of my vaccinated family and friends are sick or died of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. I thought it was a "Pandemic of the unvaccinated" that was killing us? What is really going on? What about Fact Checkers and Google? They all said that the vaccines are totally safe! Has the government being lying to us all along?

I thought they were safe and effective. why would they lie to me? Who should be held responsible for this tragedy? the doctors playing to be politicians or the politicians playing to be doctors? Journalists playing pharmacists? I demand answers!!!!!

Mike B
There was no informed consent 2 years ago. The whole CDC and FDA needs to be held accountable for the injury's he his talking about and tried for murder for all the deaths

Catherine Russo
That's it! Not stopping until they figure it out? An experiment must be stopped when the risks outweigh the intended outcome! They are required to do more than monitor! They must treat these side effects (used loosely) at the experiments expense! That is written in law by the way and no disclaimer outweighs the law!

Download here: Bill-Gates-MRNA-Grift-EXPOSED-Billionaire-TRASHES-Jab-Despite-Reaping-MASSIVE-Profits-2023-01-26.mp4 - 15,010 kb
By: The Hill - 26th January 2023
Bill Gates MRNA Grift EXPOSED?
Billionaire TRASHES Jab
Despite Reaping MASSIVE Profits
Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Bill Gates' recent comments on the mRNA vaccine. #Covid #coronavirus

Live Free or Die
Bill Gates of Hell makes great drugs that really work - at making him extremely rich. As an added bonus, I know so many of his customers who imbibed in his potions who are now incapable of working or are deceased. If making money and reducing the World's population were the primary goals, Bill is a very successful man (or lizard..., or whatever he is)

Miss P. Buttons

As time goes by the conspiracy theorists are turning out to be absolutely correct.

Calling Bill Gates a "philanthropist" is like calling Epstein a "financier."

Deborah Rendon
The law which denies anyone to sue pharmaceutical co. has to be changed

Sue Elliott
I love the truth that is finally coming out. It was not a conspiracy, it was a spoiler alert.

El Evans
This interview would only be of value if it will be aired in the mainstream media for Everyone to see.

Unboxed Character
It's a badge of honor to be called a conspiracy theorist nowadays

Shane Stoecker
You can tell Bri is worn out. She now has realized just how wrong she has been about vaccines this whole time.

It was a huge giveaway when they were labelling something new & never used before & not tested & trialed with such strong conviction as, safe & effective. It was just ridiculous & implausible to do so

2 years ago we were called conspirainoics and antivaxxers. We demand an apology

I'm a career scientist and have always had to deal with the slow and rigorous research processes that were utterly rushed during Covid. Seeing that these mRNA methods had never been able to pass the standard scrutiny, and had failed repeatedly before the pandemic's emergency use authorization, I understood that we were just using the population to test the drug. Unsurprisingly, after around 2 years (normal for drug testing to take well within 2-12 years to be approved as safe) we are starting to see data that would have come out before approval.

Bart Bartell
I'm so glad that my family and I didn't participate in their experiment

"A pandemic of the unvaccinated" I'm still waiting for my apology Brandon.

Jason Alexander
I don't know if I am more shocked by Gates or that Brianna is finally seeing the truth

By calling those with critical thought processes "conspiracy theory kooks" Robbie is really showing his true colors. Those kooks were the only ones who held steadfast to their principles and didn't allow an unprecedented level of censorship and propaganda to corrupt their moral compass.

To all my fellow 'kooks' out there, I have nothing but admiration and respect for all of your courage under fire. Cheers

Isabella Creates
I love when it says "government paid" when it's citizens paid and we are literally being taxed to death.

When the masses start to realise and think as a group then it's ok to talk about. Those who can see patterns early and voice those concerns are always an enemy to them. It's almost like they can't think for themselves

kevin greer
"I don't mean to sound conspiratorial" really means "I don't mean to provide the facts and then use logic to understand the possible motivations of this person for doing what they did."

Christina Gavi
Why do people listen to this man like he's a renowned scientist or doctor? He's essentially Mr. burns from The Simpsons. Other countries want him dead they see him as a monster, a murderer, but we just listen to him like he's the messiah.

Download here: Why-Did-Not-The-Unvaxxed-Warn-Us-2023-01-26.mp4 - 35,460 kb
By: Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen - 26th January 2023
Why Didn't The Unvaxxed Warn Us?

Now the unvaxx'd are being told they should have "said something!"

But we did! And we were cancelled, silenced, ridiculed!

0:00 - Intro
0:34 - Article
5:43 - My reaction
6:42 - We did warn you

#bjornandreasbullhansen #bushcraft #viking

Why Didn't The Unvaxxed Warn Us?

firebird77clone firebird
The best part of being a conspiracy theorist is NOT having myocarditis

Robert Olsen
Being insulted, verbally abused, and losing your source of income is one thing. Not being able to be there with your loved ones, when they are dying, brought this abuse to a whole new level. It will not be forgotten, any time soon.

Lorraine Brown
It has been a life lesson - the modern generation have certainly had a wake up call. After my father's experiences in the second world war his philosophy on life - a lesson he drummed into us: "trust no one, just go by your own instincts and question everything". Thank you dad

James Ramirez
"It's Easier to Fool People, than to Convince Them that They have been Fooled" Mark Twain

Brockton Blockbuster
People who had it were not angry at those who didn't, they were just angry with themselves because they weren't strong enough to stand strong

Phoebe Bee
Thank you Bjorn for continuing being the voice for us . I have lost family, friends and colleagues due to myself,refusing to be inoculated .I tried to warn them. It is just sad and there is no repair.

"People will forgive you for being wrong, but they will never forgive you for being right, especially when events prove you right while proving them wrong" -Thomas Sowell

Ronald Gartner
I was shamed by my family. They couldn't understand why I didn't get the jab. They were handing out gift cards if you got jabbed. I call that a red flag. Like most things in life, I don't trust anyone. Thanks for your videos

Yvonne Oakley
My 36 year old son has cut me out of his life because I refused to be jabbed. Yes, we paid a high price for not going along with the lies.

Gary Van Binsbergen
I was ridiculed by my family for refusing to get the jab. I warned them about it and in return was told I was paranoid and stupid. I had one family member have a small stroke, another lost vision in one eye, two lost hearing, and one died suddenly.

Crested Owl
"There are two ways to be fooled: one is to believe what isn't true, the other is to refuse to believe what is true."-Kierkegaard

Angela Lorenz
It's psychological coherent : always being the victim and to consider the other as responsible. It's the same mechanism of obedience. Thank you for this spot.

Christian DM
WE 100% DID!! Few listened. Many mocked those that stood strong and resisted.

Myst 1
Jaw on the floor - we were chastised, ridiculed, shamed and "Silenced" - how the hell were we suppose to help them?? Love your channel :)

Download here: Pfizer-Exposed-For-Exploring-Mutating-COVID-19-Virus-For-New-Vaccines-Via-'Directed-Evolution-2023-01-26.mp4 - 23,866 kb
By: Project Veritas - 26th January 2023
Pfizer Exposed For Exploring
"Mutating" COVID-19 Virus For
New Vaccines Via 'Directed Evolution'

"The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense." ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Aeon Parker-white
Why are we still exposing and discussing criminal behaviour that not just puts lives at risk but the entirety of humanity. Start jailing these cretins before we decide to exact justice ourselves.

"Don't tell anyone" I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to Project Veritas and alcohol for exposing these monsters.

The real depth of the corruption doesn't end with these corporate villains, it ends with the politicians and judiciary who deliberately aren't investigating and prosecuting them.

Rick Jones
It's sad to see the depth of corruption in every aspect of society.

Der Brandmeister
Project Veritas might be the most important thing in the world of journalism today. Insane. Thank you so much for your work!

This is better journalism than the whole mainstream media has ever done.

The MGTOW Infinium
This is exactly why the calls for covid amnesty, forgiveness, etc are unacceptable. This is one of the greatest crimes ever committed against humanity. And as such, the only option is justice being served to it's fullest extent and the people who were complicit in this horror being held fully accountable for their actions.

Leslea Witter
Wow, I am stunned! I can't believe how immature that guy is for having such a high level position with Pfizer! I completely agree with Dr. Malone, and I fear for humanity!

Intoxicated or not... the fact that >anyone< could sit there and openly laugh while admitting to something like this... is the epitome of being evil and a sociopath.

Bobby Jay
Okay, so find out who these "chief scientific officers" are, expose them to the public, and bring them to justice! This is insanity that we're hearing this, watching this, and sitting on our hands.

This is what News is ACTUALLY supposed to be! Not the edited puppetry that has been crammed down our throats! Bless all of you for being brave enough to stand up for the people! And thank you for giving us a little shred of hope.

This should be on the front page of every newspaper in the world tomorrow and the start of every so called newscast - so sick!!!! Thank you Project Veritas!

Charli Star
Keep exposing the corruption PV… the world is beyond grateful for what you do

Nick Ramero
How is this not being investigated? This is insane.

Download here: Pro-Vaxx-Dilbert-Creator-Scott-Adams-Admits-Profusely-The-Anti-Vaxxers-Win-2023-01-22.mp4 - 8,608 kb
By: CosmicStellar - 22nd January 2023
Pro-Vaxx Dilbert Creator
Scott Adams Admits Profusely
"The Anti-Vaxxers Win"

A regretful Scott Adams says, "Antivaxxers are the winners & I think it'll probably stay that way. The thing they're NOT worrying about is the thing I have to worry about.

Antivaxxers were distrustful of big government. That's never wrong. I DIDN'T end up in the right place. The right place would be no vaxx"

Pro-Vaxx Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Admits Profusely that The Anti-Vaxxers Win

"All of my fancy analytics got me to a bad place; all of your heuristics ? don't trust these guys ? it's obvious, totally worked."

Note that according to Scott, the anti-vaxxers "won", but in many cases we also lost. See for example this tweet by Tyson Taylor:

"How have I won? My 37 year old friend died after the booster, my Dad got sick and ended up in hospital twice after the first shot, the whole world turned against me for 3 years and I'm left no longer trusting society or the people in my community. Yeah, feels great to 'win'"

Others rightfully point out that since none of the COVID injections conform to the rightful definition of a vaccine, refusing the injections does not make one an anti-vaxxer, regardless of how liberal or strict you define the term.

Instinct, heuristics (rules of thumb), observation/awareness, common sense (which is not common at all) somehow FEEL inferior, but they ARE actually superior to science, especially The Science™.

Some examples of basic heuristics that are relevant to the COVID jab:

A. The pharmaceutical companies have an asymmetric risk-reward which does not bode well for the injected at all. The pharmaceutical companies have a huge incentive to push the jabs, because mass injections will make them obscenely rich regardless if their product is necessary, safe or effective. If their product turns out to be harmful and/or ineffective/counter-effective, not only are they not liable for damages (unless you can prove fraud in court), but they may get even richer from the additional medication they will sell (possibly life-long) to the vaxx injured. So they have no disincentive to refrain from selling an unnecessary defective product.

B. The pharmaceutical companies have a strong informational advantage: They know a lot of things that the public can't know, partly because the public are not (medical) experts and partly because data and contracts have been kept confidential.

C. Pharmafia have a long track record proving that they care nothing about public health and everything about their bottom line.

D. Government institutions such as the FDA and CDC and institutions like WHO have proven that they do NOT work for public health, regardless of their ostensible mandate. Instead they are corrupt and sometimes also incompetent and rigid. They protect pharma interest, political interests, and personal interests (money, power, ideology, dogma, status, etc.).

E. It could be known that countless things did not add up when the authorities kept insisting on measures of mass destruction which did nothing to prevent the spread, when they prevented early treatment, when they ridiculed harmless prevention measures (clean air, optimal humidity, adequate vitamin D, healthy diet/lifestyle), when they threatened doctors from speaking out, when they insisted on injecting 7 billion people (even the low/no risk group), etc. We did not and could not have known each detail and we might not have been able to articulate everything perfectly, but we knew something was amiss.

However, we knew enough already in 2020 to justify the anti-vaxx position with "fancy analytics":

  1. There was no severe all-cause excess mortality in 2020, especially when you consider the mild flu season of 2018-2019 (dry tinder effect) and the additional mortality caused by 24/7 fear porn and measures of mass destruction (such as social isolation).
  2. It was clear from the very beginning who the risk groups were. Severely overweight, comorbid, old men were the very highest risk group. Even for these people, COVID was not necessarily a death sentence. Young, lean, healthy people had negligible statistical risk of severe disease, mortality and long COVID.
  3. Natural immunity is durable, robust and significantly reduces transmission (so it also protects others). (This is if you believe in the existence of pathogenic viruses.)
  4. The already very low risk for most can be significantly reduced to almost nothing with a combination of: (1) adequate clean air, (2) optimal humidity (40-60%), (3) vitamin D blood levels above 50 ng/ml, (4) early intensive combination therapy when sick, (5) healthy diet and lifestyle.
  5. In the mean time, newer 'variants' such as omicold were significantly less virulent (disease causing). (Again, this is if you believe in the basic premise of the pseudo-science known as virology, which may or may not be right, but definitely stubbornly refuses to follow scientific mandates.)
  6. Vaccination cannot work for the immunocompromised, because a trained weak immune system is still a weak immune system. However, you *can* (1) support a weak immune system with early intensive combination therapy, (2) strengthen the immune system (with healthy diet and lifestyle), and (3) unburden the immune system with a healthy environment (clean air and optimal humidity).
  7. An injected vaccine can never significantly reduce transmission of a respiratory pathogen, because the immune system of the airways and gut is completely separate from the immune system of the tissues. If you want to reduce transmission of a respiratory pathogen via vaccination, an oral vaccine is strictly required.
  8. Mass vaccination with a non-sterilizing, non-robust vaccine (susceptible to variants) combined with a fast-mutating pathogen is guaranteed to cause escape mutants. This is the vaccine equivalent of antibiotic resistance. The solution to this is to use as LITTLE of the vaccine as possible, not as MUCH as possible.
  9. Despite much effort, no one ever succeeded in making a safe and effective vaccine against corona viruses. The vaccine candidates that were tested only made the outcomes significantly worse.

In summary, we knew even in 2020 that mass vaccination was unnecessary, even for the high risk group and especially for the low risk group, because (1) the risk was low to begin with, (2) the risk had gotten even lower in the mean time, (3) there was a known, harmless, highly effective integral protocol with positive side-effects to reduce the risk to near-zero.

Since the risk was already so low, the absolute benefit of the jab could only be extremely low. However, the known and potential risks of this barely tested experimental injection based on a genetic technology never used in humans at scale before, are unlimited and almost certainly higher. Said differently, a thorough risk-reward analysis clearly showed that NOT vaccinating was almost certainly the best option from a MEDICAL perspective.

NB: How to deal with coercion and exclusion (i.e. non-medical analysis) is a whole different discussion.

New information that became available daily after the start of the 'vaccine' roll-out continued to add proof that the anti-vaxx position was right.

Regardless of whether you come to a position using instinct, heuristics, observation, logic, common sense, "fancy analytics" or combination of these, the anti-vaxx position was the only right conclusion.

This wasn't about winners/losers. No one wins because many of our loved ones took the jabs as well and we are watching others suffer as a result. Prayerfully, your podcast will slow the booster roll and I thank you for voicing your change of mind.

We don't want anyone to suffer. This has been the most awful time of my life watching friends and family become Ill and die. These poor people are ticking time bombs and apparently there are 12 more boosters on the way. There are no winners. This is so sad.

Another misconception I might help you clear up Mr. Adams.

This is not really a contest between "pure bloods" and "vaxxholes".

When some of us are fooled into this false narrative, there is no "winner" but those who set out to fool us.
The Devil roams about seeing whom he may devour.

It is not "us" verses " the rest of us", it is "all of us" verses Satan.
God have mercy.

we didn't win...we exhausted ourselves WARNING all of you ignorant people who refused to see it from a 30,000 foot view. this isn't about sides its about humanity literally surviving.

Our position was ALWAYS the strongest.

Scott Adams position was NEVER the strongest.

Fixed it for you Mr. Adams.

Won?! How do these people think? Wow

Yeah, we're the winners that get to deal with our families dying or becoming immobile, that get to watch our hospitals and health insurance companies get pushed to the brink, and have to deal with the BRICS nationals that didn't take the mRNA poison. We have a lot to look forward to, cleaning up this mess!

Pure blood for life

My decision not to line up to be SHOT was not based on my lack of confidence in the government or the Medical System. It was based on my awareness all of the various methods and vectors of depopulation chemicals, toxins and metals that have already been thrown at humanity through the food, furniture, flooring, non stick pans, mercury fillings, fluoride in the water, BPAs in the plastic containers and wraps, Monsanto GMO crops, geoengineering and Wi-Fi Death Towers everywhere. Why in the HELL would I think for any reason that the Powers That Shouldn't Be wanted to save people from a common cold with Nuremberg Code defying forced injection?

The fact that dude thinks its a contest over correctness and NOT survival is worthy of absolutely no sympathy when consequences become painfully real in the jabboed possible futures. Sir, sir… sir…. We the unJabbed were the ones called every nasty dirty name their sorcerered minds could manufacture. deuceOut bruh.

The way he says this is VERY unsettling to me. I don't know what it is about it.... but it sits funny with me. Not like he's lying or being an asshole or anything like that. I think it's the disconnected, emotionless, defeated way he says it. It wouldn't surprise me to hear of his un-aliving himself in the future. It is so stunningly insane what it happening right now. Sometimes I still just CANNOT believe it's real...

Don't be so gullible! Scott Adams is a trained persuasionist and hypnotist. He is a DS agent. (MK Ultra?) He now says we were lucky we chose not to get vaxxed not smart. That is, we were right for the wrong reason. He has not actually changed his tune. This is a psyop to get his viewers back. He has been ratioed to death for months after Amazing Polly outed him months ago.This Scott Adams retread is all over the online media all at once. Do a search for Scott Adams today. Ten channels on Rumble! 42 channels on Bit Chute so far. It is fake

I really liked this guy until Covid showed up. I thought to myself why would he not see this? Like the crazy guy yelling at us from his balcony overlooking Central Park, HE WAS AFRAID!!! Fear is deadly, don't ever fear anything.

Download here: Children-of-the-COVID-Low-risk-of-catching-Covid-so-jab-em-all-with-poison-anyway-2023-01-18.mp4 - 14,613 kb
By: Jeffrey Pedersen - 18th January 2023
Children of the COVID!
Low risk of catching Covid... jab em all with poison anyway!



"Approving vaccination for babies and toddlers by the FDA in the USA and by the Ministry of Health in Israel, breaks all records of the theater of the absurd and raises deep doubts about the conduct of the regulators in the USA and Israel." --Dr. Granot

Live Free or Die
Don't think - just get Covid vaccinated! It's that simple! Yes, simple minded people get Covid vaccinated...

The risk of Covid among children is extremely low, so Big Pharma, MSM & Politicians insist that children must be poisoned and masked - even if it kills them!


Download here: Sudden-Deaths-Continue-to-Explode-at-the-Beginning-of-2023-2023-01-15.mp4 - 27,552 kb
By: HealthImpactNews - 15th January 2023
"Sudden Deaths" Continue to Explode
at the Beginning of 2023

"Sudden deaths" of children and young, previously healthy people, continue to be reported here at the beginning of 2023.

From celebrities to athletes to children, those who trusted in the COVID-19 shots continue to drop dead in unprecedented numbers, while the corporate media and the U.S. Government continue to try and dispute that these deaths have anything to do with the "vaccines."

There is one thing that is certain: if you refuse the vaccines, you cannot die from being injected by them.

Download: Lisa-Marie-Presley-DIES-SUDDENLY-Sudden-Deaths-Amongst-Covid-Vaccinated-Surge-Too-Frequent-To-Ignore-2023-01-14.mp4 - 80,088 kb
By: Stew Peters - 14th January 2023
Lisa Marie Presley DIES SUDDENLY
Sudden Deaths Amongst Covid Vaccinated
Surge - Too Frequent To Ignore

Americans are "dying suddenly" - including Elvis's daughter who has also DIED SUDDENLY!

Dr. Ben Marble is welcomed back to detail the death of Lisa Presley, and how the shots are a mass-poisoning campaign!

It's time to stop the shots!

Clot shots and microwaves. That is what you get from the JEWS.

Speeding To The 7 Year Tribulation >>>

They're ACCLIMATING you to IT ALL.

A great quote from Mark Twain..."no amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot"

We only hear about celebrities dying that's how we know or find out! How about all the John and Jane Does???!! You'll never read ,see, or hear about them unless they're one of your close friends or relatives!

No, a real doctor doesn't wear a mighty mask and force them onto his patients. Only criminals wear masks.

He is correct.. to reiterate....You don't have to be vaccinated to have these effects because these people who are vaccinated can shed on you, you need to be able to protect yourself from these people and stay away from them as much as possible as well we don't know they can make excuses "oh he wasn't vaccinated" and now you have a gray area was he/she shed on? however does she/he have that Spike protein in her blood and they'll never do that work up so it could be shedding now you never know I know how to neutralize it but nobody wants to listen to what I have discovered on an age-old remedy made by mother nature but nobody cares so I don't I don't reveal it anymore but I know one thing it ain't going to get me "don't shed on me" is the new saying it is replaced "don't tread on me"

She took the shots. And...those who also did will remain in denial as long as they can, and the media/med mafia will help them to stay in denial.

Michele Shannon
On twitter, March 12, 2022, Lisa Marie stated, "I chose the vaccine." She clearly stated she took the Covid 19 injection, and she encouraged others to get it as well.

Download: The-CDC-plans-to-investigate-reports-of-adverse-COVID-vaccine-reactions-after-several-years-of-strokes-2023-01-13.mp4 - 1,867 kb
By: Fox News - 13th January 2023
The CDC finally plans to investigate reports of
adverse COVID vaccine reactions
after several years of strokes...

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel discusses why the Center for Disease Control in planning to look into the COVID vaccine reactions.

The vaccine kills. #vaccineDeaths #vaccineInjuries #vaccineGenocide

The CDC is pointless and there opinion worthless

Everyone: They say a lot of people are dying, from the vax.
CDC: Oh, I guess we cold take a look at that in a few years.

Download here: Look-at-all-these-vax-pushing-anti-vax-mockers-dying-and-falling-over-YEEEE-HAWWWW-2023-01-13.mp4 - 15,468 kb
By: Jim_Crenshaw - 13th January 2023
Look at all these vax pushing anti vax
mockers dying and falling over...

What happened kiddies? Fauci got your tongue? Did the devil get your soul? Are you waking up? Oh, my bad, some of you are dead.

Some famous last covid words of the dead mockers:

  • For those that won't get the shot for selfish reasons I won't cry at your funeral (Response: I would like to piss on your grave)
  • Maybe if the nurse pretends the syringe is a Choo Choo train the anti vaxxers will take it (Response: Did the nurse give your mouth an enema)
  • Mandate the vaccine and jail anyone who refuses (Response: They did mandate the vaccine, I told them to fuck off. I would tell you too, but you're dead!)
  • Get vaccinated you dumb asses (Response: Look a dead genius)
  • I'm caffeinated vaccinated and freshly masturbated (Response: she came and she went)
  • It's important for us to stand together against the anti vaxxers (Response: You can't your dead)
  • Parents should be brought before court and their children removed from their custody (Response: I would have liked to watch you die asshole)
  • We will be wearing masks and getting vaccines for the rest of our lives because of the unvaxxed idiots (Response: was not that long was it)
  • If you don't believe in vaccines I genuinely think you are an idiot (Response: I would debate you on that but I can't as you're dead)

Download: Remember-when-they-were-doing-this-Vienna-brothel-providing-Covid-19-vaccinations-and-30-minutes-of-Sex-2-23-01-12.mp4 - 1,257 kb
By: John Talks - 12th January 2023
Remember when they were doing this....
Vienna brothel providing Covid-19
and 30 minutes of Sex

Come for the vaccine, stay for a little something extra.

A Vienna brothel is providing Covid-19 vaccinations and giving those who take up the offer, a 30-minute session with a quote 'Lady of their choice' if they get the vaccine at the on-site Clinic.

"I would have gotten vaccinated anyway but the 2G rule has certainly accelerated things a little. I think this is perfectly okay, because we can achieve a better immunization rate this way and that's necessary to end the pandemic at some point..."


"I would have gotten vaccinated anyway..."

Elvis Lives
Just imagine what bribes and gratuities the WEF will bestow upon us - if we adhere to their Climate Change Lock-downs - which are soon coming to a town near you!

jcf536 Farrier
So sex is ok but you must stay six feet apart and wear a mask?

Silenced Maxim
That was one of the most awkward stare downs in history

Frank Conrad
Literally living a scene out of idiocracy… holy hell we are falling as a society…

My Surfing
I am so intrigued by people's emotional attachment to pretending masks work.

I sadistically await their next move into wedging us into compliance. The suspense is unbearable!

This is like a cutscene out of a video game.

Well I got to admit that is clever marketing. Have someone poke you, you can poke someone else

Carl Chapman
They were also giving out free prescription drugs and take-out food vouchers which was a major warning sign. If this pandemic was actually dangerous or deadly they wouldn't need to bribe people with sex, drugs and other prizes because people would have been kicking down the doctors door demanding the 'Fauchi Ouchi'!

If the government had a track record of being accurate and trustworthy, I may have taken their proposals more seriously. As it is, I just sit back and wait until I see what the real story is.

We're products Not consumers
"I woulda got vaccinated anyway" cracks me up every time.

Matt Daugherty
Now he has to get another shot for an entirely different reason!

Samael Sandalphon
What a strange time to be alive. A time of raging hedonism.

Better than a free Waffle fries that the NYC mayor was offering

Download: Ultimate-Covid-19-Flip-Flop-Compilation-Fauci-Vaccinated-people-ultimately-get-infected-and-transmit-the-infections-2023-01-11.mp4 - 24,137 kb
By: edubba83 - 11th January 2023
Ultimate COVID-19 Flip Flop Compilation
Anthony Fauci: 'Vaccinated people ultimately
get infected and transmit the infections...'

This is out of their own mouths! Undisputed documented proof from mainly Anthony Fauci during this whole saga to date!

#fauci #covid #vaccine

Download here: Kaufman-Institute-for-Coincidence-Where-we-treat-the-symptoms-and-ignore-the-CAUSES-2023-01-11.mp4 - 5,044 kb
By: Banned Youtube Videos - 11th January 2023
Kaufman Institute for Coincidence
Where we treat the symptoms...
..and ignore the CAUSES

Are you or a loved one suffering from a medical coincidence? You want proper medical care, but you don't want people sniffing around asking a whole bunch of questions about what might be causing your problem.

At the Kaufman Institute for Coincidence we won't look into the cause of your heart or other problem, we'll just fix it. That's right, we promise to only look at your symptoms. We won't get all curious looking for causes, because that could get your employer, or your doctor, into some legal hot water. And nobody wants that!

At Kaufman, we understand that coincidence is now the leading cause of death. And if we want to operate at the speed of science, there's no time for looking for causes. That's right, no pesky questions about drugs or vaccines you might have been given. At Kaufman, we specialize in the effects and leave the causes to the conspiracy theorists. And let's be honest, we know the cause anyway. It was a coincidence, right?

For each new patient, Kaufman's talented team of doctors strap on their blinders and look directly at the problem area, usually the heart, just like the CDC recommends. Our main campus now treats the following coincidences:

-blood clots
-heart arrhythmia
-heart attack
-magnetic skin
-difficulty breathing
-full body blisters and burning
-kidney failure
-memory loss
-sudden death
-and much much more

Give your coincidence the attention it deserves, but not the wrong kind of attention, at Kaufman. Schedule your appointment today at and receive a doctor's note with a real sciency sounding explanation to provide to your anti-vax friends, proving to them it was definitely not the vaccine that caused your coincidence. Kaufman: Because coincidences happen… pretty much all the time.

Official Medical Coincidence partner of the NFL.

My Cat Rules
Very well done! Not only were business owners and heads of institutions deceived into coercing their staff to get the kill shots; the long term plan of genocide has also provided a form of future indemnity, by disallowing any genuine identification of death by vaccine. Thus even more injuries and deaths will ensue, including most Covid restriction compliant business owners - who will also succumb to the very same causes of death as they have inflicted upon their staff. Erstwhile, the organisers of this war and ethnic cleansing will enjoy a form of diplomatic immunity, unless the people wake up from their slumber and DO SOMETHING NOW! Otherwise our grandchildren will have absolutely no future.


Great step on the wake up process which will lead to the masses fully recognizing that the "virus" is a 100% hoax (since 1866). Eventually the propaganda machine will self destruct, as we are witnessing now


Not anti vaxx here, just anti dead. Especially a coincidental death.

???????????? this is the best video of the year

Is this guy setting up Dr. Andrew Kaufman to look like a straw man?

FUNNY AF!!!????????

That is just brilliant!!!!!!!!

I like how they mocked the medical mafia shit.

Take the jab..................................... and have a high likelihood of doing the croak.

Download here: 20000-unapproved-Monkeypox-Kill-Shot-vaccines-ready-with-a-catch-No-advertising-allowed-2023-01-09.mp4 - 10,931 kb
By: 1News - 9th January 2023
20,000 unapproved Monkeypox
Kill Shot vaccines
ready, with a catch
No advertising allowed!

There have been 41 cases of Monkeypox in New Zealand since the outbreak started, and now, a vaccine will be available.

Dolly Pardon
So MSM is 'advertising' by directing all idiots to demand the Kill Shots via their doctor! Duh!

Download: Genocide-Sudden-Death-Compilation-Pfizer-making-a-KILLING-from-Largest-Global-Vaccination-Trial-ever-2023-01-08.mp4 - 77,290 kb
By: UnmaskMaine - 8th January 2023
Genocide: Sudden Death Compilation
Pfizer making a KILLING from
Largest Global Vaccination Trial ever

Pfizer - putting PROFITS before PEOPLE!

All the smug "intellectuals" saying "get the vaccine," and people have no idea what to do when these serious adverse events take place. Bioweapon victims going into convulsions; and the brainwashed are clueless, stand gawking, keep walking out of fear the person might have "covid," or they do something stupid that could further endanger the individual.

There should be nowhere to flee for those responsible for this ongoing nightmare.

#depopulation #vaccine #genocide

Common sense is not so common - Voltaire

That was well done. Did you make it?

These motherfuckers were all in on the plandemic for decades!!!!!

Download here: Bombshell-documents-reveal-Covid-19-COVER-UP-goes-straight-to-the-top-Everything-is-a-lie-2023-01-08.mp4 - 30,041 kb
By: Redacted - 8th January 2023
BOMBSHELL documents reveal Covid-19
COVER-UP goes straight to the top
Everything is a lie!

A BOMBSHELL new report claims shows that the Department of Defense - meaning the Pentagon - controlled the COVID-19 Program from the very beginning. If true, it means that everything we were told was political theater, right down to the FDA vaccine approval process. Our guest today is the former executive of a pharmaceutical contract research organization Sasha Latypova and she shows what she has found due to her searches based on instinct that the Covid vaccine was not exactly on the up and up.

#redacted #claytonmorris #natalimorris

Who in their right mind would put their child into a trial for vaccines??

Gov Loves You
I think being called a conspiracy theorist is now a badge of honor .

Birds Aloud
We MUST declare a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in worldwide leadership

Mr. T
What angers me even more is the fact that most (if not all) of these bastards not only walk away with no liability, but with a vastly increased bank balance via their corruption.

Stephanie Kaye
I hope she has plenty of protection! Brave woman. Thank you for standing up and speaking truth!

Doug G
She's a hero and should be all over the news. Think about the older generation that only get their news from mainstream media and not from shows like this.

Cultured Anime Waifu [The most cultured account]
Calling the vaccine safe is like calling Fauci a health professional.

Colin Stewart
Bravo Sasha. In a world of lies, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

Lynne Posada
Imagine parents who put their children in trials? I could never understand why a parent would do this. They should be arrested for child abuse.

Miklos Brauner
Last year here the government made mandatory vaccinations for all hospital workers. Half of them quit and the government had rescind the order after a few months. Now, those who went back to work see that their vaccinated colleagues are calling in sick every day in huge numbers. It will be an interesting new world without doctors and nurses...

Download here: Jimmy-Fallon-Performs-a-Tiny-Song-for-COVID-Variant-Kraken-XBB.1.5-The-Tonight-Show-2022-01-06.mp4 - 4,529 kb
By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - 6th January 2023
Jimmy Fallon Performs an Insane Song
for COVID Variant Kraken XBB.1.5

William Wallace
What a nutter! Or is this a COMM? Judgement is coming.

john Mycroft
He is literally a possesion of the state.

David Breen
It's like watching television in the Soviet Union.

Finger Board
Jimmy just officially killed the late night show. This is the worst thing I've ever seen ever..

Jack Russillo
That was awesome Jimmy. Next do a song about max vaxxed people getting calamari pulled out of their veins, discovering they have 8 kinds of cancer and kids going into cardiac arrest. That's gonna be fire

Codi Ellis
I feel bad for you, jimmy. This is one of the most hideous and pathetic things I've ever seen. They just can't let the covid go.

Imagine being so brainwashed by the echo chamber... I looked up to this guy and enjoyed his show as a kid.

I have lost all respect for the tool. What an absolute disgrace.

Henry Barney
I still cannot believe the majority of my family fell for this

I'm sure your puppetmasters are proud of you Jimmy.

Everything but the Girl Fan 76
What's even more shocking is that the writers wrote this and they rehearsed this.

Adam G
Can you imagine being forced to perform this and take it seriously? This is what it looks like to be owned

his face at the end says everything you need to know about whats going on

Jake Koenig
Just when you think mainstream media propaganda can't get any more cringe, one of the talk show morons comes along and raises the bar. Every time.

Michael Cameron
I hope everyone realizes what moments like this on these shows are. This is very sad, hope your audience realizes what you are doing to them and moves on. Getting to see how far celebrities are willing to go to continue to keep fame right now is very sad.

This must be a humiliation ritual jimmy has to pass to really get on in

If covid was so bad we would not need a song like this

David Martone
It's interesting to watch the end of this. I could be wrong, but Jimmy Fallon seems legitimately disgusted by himself immediately afterwards.

I survived XBB.1.5 ,but I am writing my last words after being exposed to the cringe from fallon. I will not survive.

Download here: Japan-Orders-Investigation-Into-Covid-Vaccine-Deaths-as-MSM-Admit-The-Jabs-Are-Killing-Us-2023-01-05.mp4 - 75,462 kb
By: The People's Voice - 5th January 2023
Japan Orders Investigation Into
Covid Vaccine Deaths as MSM
Admit "The Jabs Are Killing Us"

Advertising enquiries:

In another case of yesterday's conspiracy theory becoming today's fact, mainstream media is finally reporting on what we have known all along. Biden, Fauci and Gates have been sharing misinformation with us. There was no "winter of severe illness and death" for the unvaccinated.

In reality, this is a pandemic of the vaccinated.

Official investigations are being launched and lawsuits are being readied. But before we get to that, let's take a look at an incredible phenomenon occurring closer to home. In the US, mainstream media outlets are beginning to quietly and tentatively report on the truth.

Seems the Japanese whom many of us in the west see as robots do have cojones and do stand up and push back against the BS.

Shame on our "scientists" for staying silent.

Excellent footage! It's interesting to hear how doctors are reacting to ("Vaxx") injection injuries in countries that do not shut down professional inquiry and open discussion. A big hat tip to Dr. Fukushima, for demanding action when it is clear that lives are in danger! It is very unusual for open displeasure to be expressed in Japanese culture, but the doctor is not willing to tolerate bureaucratic obstruction as people are injured and dying. It's too bad the pencil-pushers have complete control of health policy here in the USA.
Thank you for compiling this important story!

The VIRUS was never isolated so where is the proof there was ever a deadly virus? That was the first LIE. Question everything, the COVID NARRATIVE is just the catalyst for giving the jabs which then are causing all the illness. The talk of variants of a virus that was never properly isolated and identified is lunacy! A variation of a figment of their events l imagination is still imaginary!!! No doubt it is possible unvaccinated people have been sick with a severe influenza but they have the immune system to fight it! If the vaccinated and boosted get the flu their immune system collapses!!

The so-called variants are vaccine-related. There will be wave after wave of vaccine-related deaths around the world. Africa will be the only area that will have limited deaths because of the low vaccination rate. The only action that can be taken now is to stop all of the COVID vaccines immediately.

Yes 2023 is going to prove very interesting.

I think and hope 2023 is the year things turn around and the truth rises to the surface.
But unfortunately, It's a little too late for billions.

Really great Report. It is shocking what klaus schwabb's WEF has got away with. Population reduction in plain sight!

Every (clot shot) is just slow killing poison labeled as safe and effective cure.

lol who woulda thought taking a hastily concocted experimental vaccine, for which pharmaceutical companies made sure they had no liability, would be such a troublesome affair?

"But politicians and big pharma executives told us it was fine! How could this have happened?"

Take your darwin prize, d!psh!ts xD

many are dying now

The heated bodies makes me think they were subjected to Microwaves. Perhaps people are getting sick from the JAB, but don't forget

WE LIVE in a Network of Directed Energy Weapons / Active Denial Systems that can see if you've moved a pencil on your desk.

Viruses are un-scientific. There is no evidence for them. No contagion proved. Go to Dr Tom Cowan.

The ongoing COVID-19 nonsense here in the United States exists solely and exclusively because our governments have failed to use the correct treatment. They used so-called "vaccines" when Japan has just proven, in less than ONE MONTH, that Ivermectin can wipe out the disease. IVM was awarded the Nobel prize for medicine in 2015. One of the 3 most important drugs in human history: Aspirin, Penicillin, and Ivermectin. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

I think people need to wrap there head around the fact viruses dont exist...this makes alot of sense to me.

The deaths are becoming hard to hide,so now they will make it look like they care.
Wake Up

Download here: Healthy-Womans-Fingers-Turned-Black-And-Fell-Off-After-Receiving-The-Covid-19-Vaccine-2023-01-04.mp4 - 1,141 kb
By: COVID VAX INJURIES - 4th January 2023
Healthy Woman's
Fingers Turned Black and Fell Off
After Receiving the Covid-19 Vaccine

#covid #vaccine #injuries

On a positive note, our fake Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will be proud of this woman's sacrifice for all humanity, er, sorry, I meant the World Economic Forum.

The other hand is alright , what more do you want ! BTY , nice backing music.


Good thing is that at least she is sort-of protected from mild flu for short time.

if thats what it did to her fingers..what did it do to her brain

Vaccinated have become disabled and or will die.

Unvaxxed will become labeled as conspiracy theorist or extremists.

WHO and the UN will still have people fighting a war amongst the people in the masses over nothing.

Keeping them distracted while also pushing out Agenda 2030 sad part is these people don't know they mean nothing more then a crash test dummy.

There isn't a punishment great enough for the evil our governments have done to its citizens.

Hell at judgement.

truly sad.......

Race related ? Hmm

You see how many DIFFERENT people walking around with a cast, limp, wheelchair, and cane?? Different ages and race?

Download here: Argentinian-Reporter-Carlos-Ferrara-Collapses-On-Air-While-Broadcasting-From-A-COVID-Testing-Site-2023-01-02.mp4 - 2,871 kb
By: COVID VAX INJURIES - 2nd January 2023
Argentinian Reporter Carlos Ferrara
Collapses On-Air While
Broadcasting From A COVID Testing Site

Heart attack - Vaxxed

#covid #vaccine #injuries #VaxAttack


What a loss Carlos .

Solve Et Coagula.

Carlos, the fat bastard and masktardian, injected up to the eyeballs with poisons. Take back the microphone and bring him his final resting box.

Are they having heart attacks or are they just trying to burrow into the ground while their body turns into a cocoon for some hydra-zombie-locust thing to grow?

They're rael serious about taking their siestas. When it's time, it's TIME.

Sooo do we still have to pay him for the full shift?

Word of Mouth
Lol you can't make this up. How many will it take for the last imbecile to understand they really want to kill us?

Some just won't get it . . . . .
Proof to them is a word in the dictionary that nobody needs anymore . . . .
They GOOGLEed it . . . . . . .fact checked as untrue but real.

did an unvaXXXinated person walk past him???

Famous-Spartacus-actor-Barry-Duffield-shares-how-his-physical-and-mental-health-have-collapsed-since-taking-the-Covid-jabs-2023-01-01.mp4 - 2,603 kb
By: CounterspinMedia - 1st January 2023
Famous Spartacus actor Barry Duffield
shares how his physical & mental health
have collapsed since taking the Covid jabs



Barry Duffield is an actor known worldwide for his strong, masculine roles.

In this heart-breaking interview, Barry shares how his physical & mental health have collapsed since taking the jab.

There wasn't a dry eye in the studio as he shared his story.

Duffield acted in numerous TV shows like Young Hercules, Xena: Warrior Princess and Spartacus.

In 2004, he played the Dr Poulton in the second movie Treasure Island Kids called The Monster of Treasure Islands.

In 2010, he played the voice of a bodyguard in Yogi Bear with Justin Timberlake.

Help Barry recover with ozone therapy:

Background: The TRUTH-A-THON aired on December 4th

Famous Spartacus actor Barry Duffield shares how his physical & mental health have collapsed since taking the Covid jabs

Pfizer are on a whole new level of deception in that:
1) they have over 150 different experimental Covid Vaccines (hence so many different adverse events);
2) 80% of the 1st Covid Vaccines were just saline solution, 50% of 2nd jab was saline; 20% of 1st booster was just saline; 0% of 2nd booster was saline (unless you were a politician receiving your Covid Jab on the Mainstream Media - for reasons of blatant propaganda.)
Together our politicians and Pfizer have pulled off a brilliant scam of minimising adverse events in the initial rollout; which creates an illusion of consumer confidence - at least until you 'luck out' and receive a non saline kill shot and suffer the consequences of eventual sickness and death. At this 'awakening' stage, the vaccine injured experience a paradigm shift in their life and automatically join the ranks of Conspiracy Theorists. One incredible bonus is that you quickly learn just how many friends you really have...

The doctors 'baffled' yet again. This is evil.
Absolutely heart breaking. Share this folks, drown their feeds

The Worst Drug in the world without a shadow Of a doubt Before the death jabs rolled out was peroxetine (paxil)I seriously. I would never wish this drug on my worst enemy!!!

FAU$CI, ARDEN, et al should be hog-tied, forced to watch this anguishing testimony, and then jabbed!

He's actually lucky to get out of hospital alive, these people are actually evil.

Barry is another victim of these disgustingly toxic synthetic mRNA shots. They need to be stopped IMMEDIATELY! The NZ health system is now so f$%ked in their heads they can't even connect obvious dots and direct causes of these horrible conditions people are getting from the what should be ILLEGAL injections! So f$%ked, poor guy...

What Life Felt Like In 2022
Yes, you are all wrong!

By: Unknown - 1st January 2023

What Life Felt Like In 2022. Yes, you are all wrong!

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Some people wouldn't know tyranny if it bit them on the ass!

Doctors - Putting Profit and their Job Before People!
Doctors - Putting Profit and their Job Before People!

This is a question that stupid
people & traitors cannot answer:
Q: Where did Influenza go in 2020 & 2021?
This is a question that stupid people & traitors cannot answer: Q: Where did Influenza go in 2020 & 2021?

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
WHO leader, Liar and Genocidist!
30th June 2023
Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO leader, Liar and Genocidist!

Being awake isn't cool. It means having to dumb down 98% of your conversations every day, so you don't sound like a lunatic.

Attitude to monsters after putting up with their shit since late 2019...

Plan F - The Fuck Off plan!

When people you don't even know hate you, That's when you know you're the best.

mRNA jabs are doing the job
slowly and quietly. Hardly anyone knows it is a holocaust!
30th June 2023
mRNA jabs are doing the job slowly and quietly. Hardly anyone knows it is a holocaust!

20 - 10 - 5 - 1 Minute Cities
It's called GENOCIDE!
13th June 2023
20 - 10 - 5 - 1 Minute Cities - It's called GENOCIDE!

"A Social Contract to Transform Our World by 2030"
It's called GENOCIDE!
12th May 2023
A Social Contract to Transform Our World by 2030 - It's called GENOCIDE!

World Economic Forum - Committed to Enslaving the Whole World

Nothing says "Trust the Science"
like asking for the data
to be hidden for 75 years!
18th March 2023
Nothing says Trust the Science like asking for the data to be hidden for 75 years! Shhhhh....

Superheroes bow down to the
Big Pharma / Businessmen / Doctors
11th February 2023
It is a lot easier to tell yourself that you are a hero, than it is to realize that you have been complicit in the biggest fraud in history! MEDICAL APARTHEID and GENOCIDE!

It is a lot easier to tell yourself that you are a hero, than it is to realize that you have been complicit in the biggest fraud in history! MEDICAL APARTHEID and GENOCIDE!

Break free of all the WEF / Political /Media BULLSHIT
26th November 2022
Break free of all the WEF / Political /Media BULLSHIT

The jabbed telling the unjabbed to get
jabbed is like sending a post card from
the Titanic saying: "Wish you were here!"
20th November 2022
The jabbed telling the unjabbed to get jabbed is like sending a post card from the Titanic saying: Wish you were here!

Ten Stages of Genocide
As taught by WEFers Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau etc - August 2022

Ten Stages of Genocide

The Good Reset
Not Satan's, Klaus Schwab's, Jacinda Ardern's,
Justin Trudeau's etc Great Reset

28th July 2022
The Good Reset - Not Satan's, Klaus Schwab's, Jacinda Ardern's, Justin Trudeau's etc Great Reset

Covid Variant / Booster
The Merry Go Round From Hell
22nd December 2021

Covid Variant / Booster - Merry Go Round From Hell

Experimental Injections
Multiple Dose Infinite Carousel
13th November 2021

Experimental Injections - Multiple Dose Infinite Carousel

Death is coming for you stupid!

I am fully Vaccinated and Boostered, and just tested positive for Covid-19. I am grateful for the protection my vaccines continue to provide.

The 5-Step COVID 'Vaccine' RISK / BENEFIT ANALYSIS - September 2021

Trump's swamp draining service

When the population understands this picture, it will change everything.

"You can fool all the people some of the time.
You can fool some of the people all the time.
But you cannot fool all the people all the time!"

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Attributed to Edmund Burke. Also by John F. Kennedy in a speech in 1961.

The Great Cow Analogy

Donald J. Trump - They should never have touched the children!
'They should never have touched the children!'
Donald J. Trump - President of the United States of America

'They should never have touched the children!!' President Donald J. Trump

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Abortion: Modern Day Child Sacrifice
Psalms 106:37 Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils
Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Freedom of Information Alternatives to YouTube
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